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lol I drew this because I always draw realism and I wanted to practice line work for once because I suck at it, this was hella good practice!! mashed up my favorite comic book character (constantine, if you haven’t seen the movie, comics, or show i 1000% recommend it tbh) with spn

Also finally decided to try out redbubble!! you can buy a print of this work at my store here , come check me out!

I know there’s a bit of speculation going around about whether the girl at the very beginning of chapter one is Bum. I think most of our first impressions was that it was a typical ‘manga-esque’ trick where the reader is intentionally misled in order to make the narrator’s introduction more impactful and surprising. Then the chapter 14 spoilers were leaked where we see that Sangwoo finds nail polish and a bra at Bum’s house, which has contributed to the idea that Bum was that girl, dressing up to stalk Woo.

I think there’s definitely a possibility that it could be true! Perhaps Bum did cross dress to stalk Woo (or for other unknown reasons). That’s defo valid, and would be vv interesting. But my feeling right now is that it isn’t Bum, and that our original impression is correct. Mainly bc i’d argue that the bra and nail polish are stolen items from the ex-object-of-his-affections. We already got a direct hint about his tendency to steal in the very beginning:

The way this woman is crouching, talking to Bum - he’s probably a young kid at this age, and already stealing. So bum does steal from the people he obsesses over. Suddenly this other stuff makes sense, because the photo looks like a whole bunch of random trinkets and bits and bobs that he wouldn’t own himself. The keys, for example, have these love heart key rings that are very…not bum lol. It makes me think that this is where he keeps his stolen items, maybe as some sort of weird self-pitying shrine. So yeah my guess is that he stole all this other stuff too, which indicates that he has obsessed over both women and men in the past - not that that’s surprising (im not implying all of these were romantic obsessions, we can’t know that yet).

Also when Woo returns the bra to Bum he allegedly says ‘perhaps you stole it from your dead mother’ (trusting internet translations on this one). So he himself seems to understand that Bum is stealing shit. There’s also the fact that, unless i’ve missed something, we haven’t seen any disguises as part of Bum’s stalking tactics. This could change with new info tho. Bum probably primarily wanted to break into Woo’s house to steal something of his as well, given that his obsession had reached it’s peak.

Like i said, it’s too early to tell and usually i’d wait for the whole chapter but there seems to be some discussion so i thought i’d throw out my two cents! Let me know what you guys think. @yoonbumprotectionsquad @0hsangw00 @tastes-salty


Joonyoung’s message to congratulate his favorite hyung on his special day.

Jongmin was crying so much.

Taehyun was crying so much.

The staff was crying so much.

The whole 1N2D fandom was basically just bawling their eyes out at this moment haha…. ha…. aaaah… T_T

This show really managed to stay on air for so long because it was made by and with such a lovely bunch of caring people!

1N2D is ♡
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Hello, friends!

It was requested more than once so here it is: my YouTube channel!

I’ll be posting a variety of content: speed drawing videos (both digital and traditional), tutorials, art tips, drawing challenges, q&a videos in my pajamas, etc. Maybe even a random vlog here and there. And, of course, suggestions are always welcome!

So please do subscribe if this sounds appealing at all :D

And enjoy this simple self portrait speed drawing video!


“I have to disappear to make you smile. This is the decision I have to make. I have to end my life”

Canada: You have annoyed all of us with your Christmas music, your hallmark movie marathons, your ridiculous Christmas themed outfits and sweaters, you focused waaaay too much on just one holiday, you misused the mistletoe and-

Canada: It’s Christmas. So, America, in the spirit of family and giving… You have till midnight. 

America: Woo!!  

England: What have you done? 

France: I’ll get the presents~ 

[fic] An S&P-Approved Tentacle Encounter

(Shows up one week late having drunk all the Starbucks herself)

Stanchez, 1408 words, warning for crack, some mature language and one really suggestive situation

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Merlin is Done and I’m tired!

Hello everyone! After a very scary election, I channeled my motivation into the Merlin script, and it is now done and it is 15 pages long! That’s about the size of the Scorbus script, but it’ll probably be longer since with a TV show, you have to play clips and stuff. I’m aiming to keep it around half an hour…and I think it’s pretty good. I’ll try to narrate this weekend but I also have a project to work on, so we’ll see. Thanks for being patient guys, and I hope you’re all doing okay, and if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always send me a message. Thanks!!


…“the hair” is near! 😆 And I’m not even going to say anything about the rest of the photos. 💋

…and why does looking at a bow and arrow make me nervous???