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I think 2D is the type of boyfriend to bring you breakfast in bed but the eggs are overdone and your toast is burnt but he’s got such happy puppy dog eyes because he did this unprompted cute thing for you that you have to eat every bite in front of him to make him feel happy and appreciated

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If Sangwoo has any STDs...he better get himself tested, I mean in South Korea they do have a pretty good health care system, universal health care where pretty much everyone is covered

I’m like 100000000% Sangwoo wouldn’t allow any chance of STDs to sneak up on him like have you seen his house:

IDK if Sangwoo my man is just clean by nature or if he’s deliberately living like this just in case he needs to escape but I don’t think he’s the type to be careless when it comes to sex. 

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Boyfriend Katsuki dating a patient girl Scenario

this actually took a while to think about + sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted!!! ♥

You sigh for the nth time as you see your boyfriend, Katsuki, start blowing up and yelling again.

“I don’t fucking get how someone, with no quirk, managed to be beat me, again! Fucking Deku, when I see him-” you stop your partner’s rant/tantrum and calmly countered,

“Well, maybe if you focused on yourself and your strength, I’m positive you’ll beat Midoriya the next time.” Katsuki’s shoulders relax and he gives his infamous smirk.

“Fuck yeah I will! Deku won’t even know what hit him!” he exclaimed, “you’ll help me right? Spar with me and shit, yeah?”

You let out a giggle, while nodding your head.

“Of course!” you gushed. Katsuki was then over the idea of beating the shit out of his childhood arch-rival, for now, and snaked his arm around your waist as you two made your way home. And boy was he lucky having someone who’s not tired of his shit. 

I’ll admit, I’m really not the best at anatomy (i’m still learning) but one thing I’d have to nit pick is when people draw the guys will large hips and curves n’ shit. Again, I’m not the best at anatomy but I’d advise maybe trying to make their bodies a little more masculine. Most men don’t have such large hips. It just makes them look like women with a man’s head sometimes. 

Of course, I’m not saying men can’t have curves but it isn’t that common, I think. 

Just my opinion. Not being rude, just offering my piece of mind. 

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i just accidentally read everything you have oops. anyway how would the sdr2 guys react to their s/o being a super popular and cute school idol (something like nico yazawa from love live) thank you and love your writing!!!

1. Wow. Congrats to you. Like omg. How did you read it all!? Congrats congrats!

2. Right right I literally watched the first season of Love Live today to get a good idea on the character… I hope this is okay for you!

SDR2 Boys & Fem Popular School Idol S/O

Hajime Hinata

  • He hadn’t known that you were an idol when you first started dating
  • It wasn’t that he didn’‘t think you were the type to be an idol, it was more he hadn’t really asked you about your passions
  • But then you asked him to meet you at a concert
  • And he saw you on stage
  • Honestly he was amazed he hadn’t found out somehow
  • But when he saw you perform he was so proud
  • And afterward he was astounded to see all the people admiring you
  • Like he knew why they admired you but
  • How had he never noticed your fanclub
  • And he was so touched when you walked through the crowds to be with him

Kazuichi Soda

  • He would tell everyone about it
  • “Did you know, Y/N is an idol?!”
  • He would go to every concert with you
  • And post on all social medias
  • Selfies galore
  • He would video you too
  • Honestly was so in awe of you
  • Your confidence on stage was just breathtaking
  • And it’s so hot
  • Especially your persona
  • Would probably learn some of your dances with you but nobody’s gunna know that

Nagito Komaeda

  • He knew you were an idol, and was pretty sure he didn’t stand a chance with someone of your talent
  • He’d watched you from afar, as your perfomances on stage seemed to empower the crowds around you
  • And honestly they empowered him too
  • One day he managed to pluck up the courage to speak to you in the corridor
  • When you started dating he admired you even more
  • And to begin with he was kind of envious of your confidence
  • But then your confidence on stage made him feel confident too
  • He admires you so much and the effect you have on everyone around you

Nekomaru Nidai

  • He knew right away that you were an idol
  • Call it his intuition
  • Once he had comfirmation though he would be helping you
  • Physical training he would conduct
  • And learn from you about what made a good performance and what didn’t
  • Once he knew he would be able to help you improve
  • What can I say he’s a team manager
  • He would offer to be the trainer for the whole group too
  • Though he would probably well up at your performances from his pride and start crying

Gundham Tanaka

  • Honestly, he wouldn’t quite know how to react
  • He has plenty of confidence and can recognise yours within you
  • But he never placed you as an idol
  • When he finds out he watches you in a trance
  • He is literally mesmerized by your performance
  • Afterwards he’s asking you all sorts of questions
  • How long you’ve been at it
  • When your next performance is
  • And if you’ll adopt your persona more at home

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • He’s speechless
  • Like he doesn’t really notice/pick up on a lot of tings
  • So when you take him to a concert he’s confused when he can’t find you
  • But then the curtain comes up and
  • Oh damn
  • He’s speechless
  • But then smirking at the people who all clearly love you
  • Yeah she’s mine tho
  • Though he’s just taken aback at how at home you look on stage
  • When you finish he can’t find the words
  • Just ends up saying breathlessly that you’re amazing

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter)

  • He is familiar with all talents
  • So he is another one to notice right away that you’re an idol
  • And he loves it
  • He’s a bit too self conscious to go to your shows so he changes his persona for each
  • But he loves your persona when you perform
  • Something he discusses with you a lot
  • Honestly he probably would ask you if you’d adopt more personas like him
  • But he would go to each concert
  • And cheer you on depending on who he was playing as

Teruteru Hanamura

  • He is in love
  • It’s so attractive
  • Would have you practise before him all the time
  • Loved all your outfits
  • He would be the biggest fanboy
  • And have the biggest nosebleeds
  • He is another one who would brag
  • And announce that he was your biggest fan
  • He would probably learn some of your routines too
  • But honestly the whole thing is just such a sensual experience to him

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Hc's for Sidon, Link, and Revali's reaction to finding out their s/o has a tattoo?


1. He honestly doesn’t even mind or pay attention to it

2. Until you explain you had it put on you

3.Now he’s curious why you would put ink like patterns on your body

4. He thought they were normal because more Zora’s have unique patterns

5. Doesn’t mind that you chose to get them, but telling how you got them is a different story




9. He’s embarrassed now ‘cause he realize you standing there, you’re completely fine

10. He once tried to get one after that, but his hard skin broke the machine


1. Didn’t think you were the type, but doesn’t dislike it

2. He is not a fan of needles in any regard so he pats you on the back for being so brave

3. Will gauge the meaning and when you got the tattoo

4. Pretty much will let it be after that

5. But now whenever the two of you lounge together he makes a point to run his fingers along the abrasion 

6. It’s honestly his favorite thing to do now

7. But will every now and then think of needles jabbing your skin

8. You will be confused when he shudders out of nowhere


1. Never understood the appeal of tattoos

2. He thinks that everyone’s bodies should be as they were born

3.But that’s coming from someone with THE most exquisite feather patterns

4. But understands that tattoos are meaningful so he won’t put it down too much

5. He just likes to make his displeasure known

6. But after while being exposed to it, he likes looking at all the details

7.Then he starts seeing it as art 

8. He’s not that against them anymore..

9.Just don’t over do it all he asks

10. But he does understand he cannot tell you what to do

11. Get a feather tattoo that resembles his and he’ll turn to mush

12. He will never admit that tho

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Hey! fellow INFP here, and I was wondering what you think the difference between INFP and ISFP is, bc i have gotten ISFP a couple of times, and I can relate to both sometimes. Love your acc! Have a lovely day! :)

Hello Fellow INFP

Thank you so much! I am so glad you like it :)

Fortunately I am lucky enough to have an ISFP blogger as a friend and our own ISFP Admin on our Introvert Chill blog to help me know the difference so we can get it from both side of the coin. 

Big shout out to @unlimited-goldfish for helping me out on this one and teaching me about the ISFP type. I definitely learned  :) Thanks Love <3
Be sure to check out her ISFP Blog, it is awesome!

From an ISFP perspective:

“ I often think of IxFP as sister types in a way because they’re so similar I think one of the main differences would be that ISFP is more prone to be realistic as opposed to idealistic. Daydream as we might, we tend to come back to and stay relatively grounded in the world around us. For example, where an INFP might prefer a fantasy novel, I might go for a realistic fiction instead. Or I might prefer photography to abstract art. We’re also more likely to be physically engaged with our environment, in order to activate our aux Se. Finally, ISFPs are more likely to be more direct, literal, and factual in the way they speak, being very attuned to small details.”

From an INFP perspective: 

I would have to agree with what my ISFP friend said. She is right, we INFPs do use out intuitive nature which makes us able to look at the big picture and kinda “color outside the lines” if that makes sense. I look at the what ifs and live in the future A LOT and as an INFP I do use a lot of abstract thinking. 25 different directions. BUT with that kinda comes distractions too and procrastination lol We speak in more metaphors as well. It is that view that also gives INFPs the ability to break a person down pretty quick by the way they talk and their actions and even the way their body language is, as we see patterns of behavior and we get a pretty good sense of when a person is good or ‘shady’. We trust our gut and that is what we usually stick with.  We also feel very, very deeply for other especially those that we let in a love.

I hope that helps Anon! You can always message me if you feel! 

-Best love <3

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I've been scrolling through your siblings au tag and i'm living wow it's so good :D just wondering though, is Maxine forever destined to be the single fifth wheel??

sfhjkhsf well I kind of think Maxine isn’t the type to stay tied down yet????

but like my friend Kuma rly lovves Maxine so Kuma is like making this OC gf for her, idk if I’ll make it canon to the actual AU tho but :v

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Fun fact! Genderbending was actually created by trans people, specifically, trans performers... Well thats the basic slap-dash summary, but if your interested I'm sure you'll easily find it on google~ All the same, don't worry to much about Anon, tumblr's made a mountain out of a mole hill due to not doing proper research. (Gotta say I agree with you though, most TV show writers don't do it well)

Oh cool~ Though I think this type of genderbending may be different than the one being discussed. That kind is more of a statement by the queer community which is pretty dope. This type of genderbending is a little less of a statement haha

The thing about Kaneki being uncomfortable during the talk when Touka mentioned it in a sexual way , I mean, who wouldn’t ? Obviously , if someone just come to you and ask/offer you such thing , anyone could feel uncomfortable about it . But most people disregard Kaneki personality and character itself .

 Do you think Kaneki is the type to just jump at people ? No , he wouldn’t because that’s not him . That’s not his character . Heck, if Hide or Tsukiyama or any other characters ask/talk/offer him the same thing , he would most likely give similar answers . 

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I feel like since dans fingers are so thick, he'd only need to use one finger to finger you cause it's so thick it would count as two.

I’m not proud that I just went on his insta to look at his hands.

But why would you only want one? Also anyone think Dan would be the type to finger you under a blanket in the lounge because he loves to watch your face as you try to look as normal as possible. “Something on your mind love?”

It’s morning for me guys! Why don’t you guys send me these things at night when I have been awake for more than five minutes.

When I think of their body types, I try to really make them kinda stick out a little. 

Not make them all lean and sexy. That’s kinda boring, honestly. I mean, think about it, Tom drinks a bunch of alcohol, kinda lazy, doesn’t give a fuck, watches tv a lot.. That lifestyle doesn’t equal lean and sexy to me, personally. 

Matt to me is tall and his upper body is kinda square. Kinda exaggerated a bit. 

Edd is pretty tall too but has a rounder body type. I also draw his face rounder too. 

Tord.. I’m not too sure. I kinda see him as the average guy when it comes to his body type. Nothing too special.

sorry, i’m just rambling.. i’m bored 

okay i dont handle caffeine well like i never drink caffeinated coffee and i Really cannot do energy drinks but my cute coworker messed up my drink order and got me a rebel which is a dutch bros energy drink and since im like too gay and in love with my coworker i drank the entire thing and now im VIBRATING and i cleaned like 5 tables in like 2 minutes and ate my sausage and eggs in like 45 seconds and I think i just typed this on my phone in like 20 seconds mu hearts beating a million miles a minute HOOOOOO i feel PRODUCTIVE

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"NEVER get involved with a drug user, they will never quit." says the ex drug user who himself quit !! Think before you type Einstein haha :)

You left out the 99% part haha :)

You know any druggies that have quit? I got into drugs in 1991 and only met maybe 3-4 people who went 100% clean. Out of thousands…