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Rowaelin Soulmate AU Part 4

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I’m really sorry that this took so long, but thank you for everyone who inquired and was patiently waiting!! Enjoy <3

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love & letter repackaged - new tracks

Paper Faces on Parade pt. 2 (A Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction)

(Part 1)     (More Miraculous Ladybug fanfics)

A/N: Welp, here’s part 2 as promised. You guys know how to make a writer feel loved.  217 notes on part 1 and I think I about fainted.  Also got really scared to post part 2 because I feel like everyone has such high expectations for it.  As always, this is probably OOC and very AU so proceed with caution. 
Words: A little more than 6,000 (because a lot of you didn’t want me to cut any of it)
Summary: The museum is having a masquerade ball.  However, when Marinette fails to ask Adrien to it she accepts Chat Noir’s invitation to go.  It’s totally not a date!

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“I did it!  I did it!” sang Adrien as he poked Nino in the chest with both hands.  "You didn’t think I could do it but I did it!  I’m going to the masquerade with Ladybug!“

"I never said that you couldn’t do it.” Nino told him exasperatedly.  

“You totally doubted me.” Adrien continued in a singsong voice despite the fact that Nino looked like he was moments away from smacking him.

“Will you quit poking me!” snapped Nino.  He stepped out of Adrien’s reach.  "How does anyone look at you and think you’re cool?“

"I don’t know honestly.” Plagg replied, “He’s just a giant homeschooled nerd.”

Adrien rolled his eyes but wasn’t able to keep the smile off his face.  "You two are real killjoys.  You know that right.  Anyways, I need your help.  I’ve got come up with a masquerade worthy Ladybug costume by the end of the week.“

"Ladybug…” Nino repeated.  He shot Adrien a raised eyebrow.  "You’re serious?“

"Believe me, he is.” sighed Plagg.  

“What!” Adrien threw his hands in the air.  "It’s a good idea!“

"Keep telling yourself that Adrien.” Plagg snickered.

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Very important observations while watching Not Another Happy Ending:

First off- What is this?

(I woke up like thisssss… trash)

“DID YOU MAKE AMY POND CRY???” (shhh trust me this is real dialogue)

I think he just watched the med pod scene?….

His mum made him this jumper I am like 50000% sure.

(also, I know I’ve asked this many times, but who allowed his eyes to be so blue?)

And here you can find Iain wearing a vest covered in buttons (did he have to provide his own wardrobe for this???)

Now to the most concerning(?) part of the movie:


“Wordsworth was, of course, the first of the Romantics to use a macbook pro” (this was the actual dialogue I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING).

Alright now- important question: Is this Fitz on a covert mission or did someone (let’s say Skye) give him pot brownies? 

Answer: We just don’t know. 

And now….

“WHO LET HIM NEAR FIRE,” Simmons yells somewhere off in the distance (in an alternate [marvel] world). 

No but really he made dinner, lit some candles, and then started playing a motivational tape? Like what? (and his friend is like “One of us really needs to get laid”… And I definitely heard that in Hunter’s voice… just saying…)

Then he makes a bus joke… and hits on someone by offering her food…

(you are lying to yourself if you think this is not on Fitz’ list of ways to pick up girls….)


Yeah, someone let him coach, too…..

(buddy, we are all concerned)

Please look at his shorts. ARE YOU A 14 YEAR-OLD GIRL CIRCA 2004???

(Those say Scotland, don’t they?… sigh… Fitz owns a pair of those shorts I will fight you on this)

Then he breaks out his American accent to try and trick someone… (pretty sure he says he’s looking for someplace affordable with large portion sizes?)… all while wearing those gosh darn Scotland shorts. 

Later he kinda sorta kidnaps Amy Pond (Fitz, you are taking your fangirling a little too far).

Stunning disguise, Sir. 

“Which is why Shakespeare never left New York again.” (THIS IS ANOTHER FOR REAL QUOTE WHO LET YOU TEACH???).

Please stop your dumb stupid face and/or make out with me kay thanks bye.

And finally, perfect idea for a field trip: take the kids to a publicity event (fake funeral) and try to teach them about how Charlotte Bronte designed a hovercraft… give Iain/Roddy/Fitz all the teaching awards, folks.