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Heart on the Line (part 1)

part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4

You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: buckysbackpackbuckle
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1516
warnings: smutty smut smut and dirty talk (future chapters)

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Hi!! Can I request a bts reaction/fake text when you grind against them in public and they get really turned on


Tries to act like nothing is wrong and ignore the problem in his pants. He doesn’t say anything now because he’s pretty sure you did that on purpose to get a reaction out of him and he’s not falling for it.

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He wouldn’t be very pleased with your action whether you meant to or not. He’d be more angry with himself for reacting the way he did, but he’d still be slightly irritated with your for causing this. “What do you think you are doing?”

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“Baby, did you need something?” He knows you wouldn’t have provoked him in public this way for nothing.

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“What are you doing there, babe. Don’t you think you’re a little too close?” He’d panic, but probably use you as a shield to hiding his growing hard on.

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He’d would get so embarrassed and shy and not really no what to do, so he’d just end of floundering around until he asked you if you guys could leave before he makes a fool of himself (like he hadn’t already.)

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Tae would be another one who wouldn’t say anything. He’d just sit there and watch you trying to figure out whether you meant to do that or not, all the while getting even more turned until it got to the point that he had to ask you if you guys could leave to you could help him take care of his little (not little) problem.

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It wouldn’t matter to him whether you did this on purpose or not, the rest of the day he would think of all the possible ways to pay you back for putting him in this position and not being able to take care of it since you both were in public. As soon as you two were alone though, he’d push you up against the nearest wall, “Did you think you could get away with that little stunt of yours without any consequences, darling?”

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Oh We're in Love Aren't We?

 Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Requested by anon:  “Is that my shirt” for either Lin or Daveed where you guys are best friends and it gets awkward and cute. Please and thank you

Summary: Lin and the reader were best friends all through their teenage years and college days. Like so, life pulls them in separate directions for a few years, only to have them reunite for a special occasion.


Warnings: none, except fluff

A/N PLEASE READ SO THE STORY MAKES SENSE: The story goes back and forth between the present & past. The present is in italics. LET ME KNOW IF IT GETS CONFUSING. Roughly based off of Ed’s ‘Hearts Don’t Break Around Here’..enjoy :)

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Dating Min Yoongi/ Suga would Include

1. I don’t know if anyone has asked already… But could we get a “dating would include” for us Yoongi stans? Btw I absolutely love your blog😍

2.  May I request you a “dating Suga would include”? Thanks in advance :3

Note: You both requested on the same day, and it made me very happy that I can finally write for my bias wrecker this BTS members. I hope you will enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

In the Daytime

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  • This lovable man is going to be the best boyfriend on the planet
  • Waking up in the morning consists of you telling him that you both need to get up and his response being “five more minutes” for the next half an hour as he holds you in his arms.
  • Him not being able to function until he’s had a cup of coffee
  • Him kissing you on the cheek everyday before he leaves for work
  • Unless you’ve had an argument
  • That’s when you know shits serious when he doesn’t give you that “goodbye I’m off to work” kiss
  • Him having a busy schedule, but always making time for you in his day even if it means he loses out on sleep
  • Him working long hours into the night in the recording studio to write songs for BTS
  • It isn’t unheard of for you to go there to find him asleep in the most uncomfortable positions
  • You bringing him home because you don’t want him to have a crippled back before he’s reached 30
  • Him writing songs for you that no one ever hears except for him and you
  • Lost of humming, rapping and singing around the house. 
  • Especially while he’s playing the piano. 
  • Which you never get tired of watching because oml who can resist the way he looks so passionate when he’s playing music and his long fingers are pressing against every perfect note
  • If he’s feeling generous he’ll let you sit on his knee and teach you a few simple songs to play on the piano
  • Him being private about your relationship but still taking you out on dates because he knows you love it
  • Hates being teased, especially when you’re around
  • “J-Hope I will kick your fucking ass if you don’t shut up.” 
  • Him getting embarrassed when the others tease him about his sex life
  • “I saw {y/n} had a few hickeys on her neck earlier, there was like one or two… or ten.” 
  • “J-HOPE!”
  • Him making you playlists full of songs that remind him of you, the relationship or times you’ve shared together. 
  • Smiling when it brings you to tears of joy because nothing makes him happier than seeing you happy. 
  • Him holding your hand when he’s nervous. 
  • His thumb will rub the back of your hand and his clasp will become tighter as his nerves run high. 
  • Being the most supportive person on the planet.
  • “If you want to do that Jagi, I will support you the whole way through.” 
  • Him taking secret photos of you when you’re not looking because those are what real beauty is to him. 
  • Like his lock screen is a picture of you looking up in awe at a fireworks display and he treasures it more than life.
  • Min Yoongi being the best fucking boyfriend on the damn Earth. 

At Nighttime

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  • Since he’s busy in the day time most of the time your true hanging out time will more than likely be in the evening 
  • The two of you cuddling on the sofa and watching a film together
  • Except the film is long forgotten about since you started kissing
  • Him leaving small kisses all over your face and neck to show you how much he loves you in smaller gestures
  • You sitting between his legs as you play video games together
  • Him ticking your sides when you’re about to win to he can catch you off guard and take over. 
  • “You cheated!”
  • “N’aww c’mere Jagi~” 
  • Hugging you tightly until you’re over your grudge which usually lasts about 5 seconds let’s be honest, who can be mad at him?
  • Him taking you out to basketball courts in the dead of night because no one else will be around to see you two together
  • Him teaching you how to score a basket
  • His arms holding the ball with you from behind as he teaches you how to position yourself and aim the ball. 
  • Picking you up and spinning you around when you score your first basket on your own. 
  • Him taking you out for night time drives when there’s no one around
  • Blasting music out the windows because it makes you both happy and who is around to judge or give a fuck?
  • backsteat car sex
  • The two of you cuddling up in bed gives him life
  • But sometimes he needs to be more intimate
  • rough sex
  • You telling him you’d like him to be more dominant and thinking he’s forgotten about it until he pushes you up against the wall and starts showing you whose really in charge. 
  • marks, scratches and love bites that get you both into shit
  • “Yoongi, how many times have I told you to stop getting those ugly marks.” 
  • “How many times have I told you I really don’t give a fuck what you think about my ugly marks, Jin.” 
  • Smirking when he see’s the other member’s jealousy, or Jungkook’s blushing, because you’re his and nothing will change that. 

Summary: You’re Corey Graves little sister, but you secretly have a crush on his best friend, Baron Corbin. But Baron seems to hate you and always makes little comments to Corey about him always dragging you along. He wins his first championship and runs into you where another argument begins before some sexual tension is relieved.

*             *             *             *             *

Your brother was Corey Graves, and because the two of you were close, he would often bring you to WWE shows and events with him. So, of course, he had brought you with him to Wrestlemania, the biggest event of the year. You were standing backstage with Renee and a few of the other girls while Corey was at ringside doing commentary.

You saw Baron pass you on his way to Gorilla for his match.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes as he glanced at you.

“Did Corey really have to bring you along?”

“Do you always have to be an ass?” You retorted.

“Just stay out of the way.” He said as if he thought you were going to ruin the show or interfere somehow.

“Why don’t you just focus on Ambrose?” You said with a smirk.

“Don’t worry about that, princess, he’ll be a cake walk.”

You immediately shot him a glare. You hated when he called you princess. There were a lot of things he did that bothered you, but that one always seemed to get under your skin. You were not a child! But that’s all Baron treated you as. A child. Just his best friends, little sister. You hardly ever talked to him, and when he did, it was snarky comments or rude remarks. And you didn’t know what you ever did to make him hate you? You hardly talked to him? What on earth could you have possibly done to make him hate you so much?

“Is that why you got moved to the Pre-Show?” You challenged.

The smirk immediately left his lips as he looked down at you.

“You better watch what you say.” He said.

“Or what? What are you going to do? Hurt your best friend’s sister?”

“Corey isn’t here to fight your battle for you,” Baron said.

“I don’t need Corey to fight my battles for me. I can handle myself just fine.” You said.

“Corbin, five minutes!” One of the backstage producers yelled from down the hallway.

Baron rolled his eyes at you and then turned and continued making his way to Gorilla.

“God he is so annoying!” You groaned as you turned back to the girls.

“What’s with you two? You guys are always going at it.” Renee said.

“He’s a jerk! He is always like that to me. I don’t think he’s ever said one nice thing to me! It’s like he only sees me as Corey’s little sister like I’m a kid or something. He thinks he’s God’s gift to wrestling and he’s not!” You said as you let out some of your frustration.

“You sure it’s that? You sure seemed to eye his muscles there.” Becky said with a smirk and a nudge to your arm.

“Me? Eye him? Never. He’s so full of himself. What would anyone see in him?” You asked, hoping to cover your real feelings.

You had been crushing on Baron since you first met him. His long hair, his muscles, his tattoos. He was perfection. But you couldn’t let anyone know how you felt, especially your brother. You would never be able to look at your brother again if he found out you had a crush on his best friend. And besides Baron obviously had no interest in you what so ever, unless it was to pick an argument with you.

You stood backstage with the girls and watched Dean and Baron’s match. You knew that Baron was getting some steam behind him, but you were shocked when he hit Ambrose with the End of Days and hooked the leg for the 1-2-3.

He snatched the belt from the ref’s hands and held it above his head as he looked into the camera with a smug smirk.

As much as you hated to admit it to yourself, seeing him with that title in his hands and that smug grin on his face with his hair pulled back and sweat dripping down his chest over his tattoos and muscles made you wet. That attitude of not giving a crap what anyone thinks of him made you more excited than you’d liked to admit.

You were standing backstage talking to Natalya when you saw Baron making his way down the hallway with the IC Title slung over his shoulder and that smug smirk still plastered on his face. You were hoping he would just keep walking so that you wouldn’t have to have another argument but he stopped in front of you with a smirk.

“Told you Ambrose wouldn’t be a problem.” He said.

“You think you’re so great, don’t you?” You challenged him.

“I don’t think. I know.” He said before flashing you another smirk.

“Guys, I’m out of here. I can’t take listening to another argument between you guys.” Natalya said as she turned and walked away.

That left you and Baron alone for the first time all night. You had no idea what to say. He looked down at you expectantly like he was waiting for something? What was he expecting from you? A rude comment? Congratulations? One thing for sure was that you knew you couldn’t let him know how turned on you were from the sight of sweat running down his chest and the Intercontinental Championship hanging off his shoulder.

You opened your mouth to say something, but he cut you off.

“Save it. I’m not in the mood for this right now, Y/n.”

“Really? You just won the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania, and you’re still in a bad mood, Corbin? You’re so ungrateful! You know how many guys would kill for that?”

“Whatever.” He shook you off as he turned to walk away.

“Such a dick.” You muttered under your breath.

You didn’t mean for him to hear you, but he did. And you saw his head snap up and look at you and when you looked into his eyes, there was a fire that you had never seen before.

“Don’t test me, Y/n.” He said as he took a step towards you, causing you to back up until your back hit the concrete wall behind you.

You swallowed and then decided that you weren’t going to back down. You weren’t going to let him do this to you.

“Or what, Baron? What are you gonna do? You gonna hit me?” You challenged as you put your hand on your right hip.

“I think you secretly want me.” He said.

Your eyes widened at his words. Where did that come from? You weren’t sure what you were expecting him to say, but it definitely wasn’t that!

“And your face tells me, I’m right.” He said with another smirk.

“In your dreams Corbin. You’re crazy if you think I want you!”

“I think I make you crazy. I see how nervous I make you. How you always look down when I’m around.  I think you want me. I think you want me to shove you up against a wall and kiss you just to shut you up-“

You didn’t mean for it to come out but you couldn’t stop the little whimper that escaped your lips.

He took a step towards you closing the gap between you. He put his hands on your waist and leaned down. His lips were just inches from yours when his eyes moved to yours.

“Just say the words.” He whispered.

“Kiss me.” You said.

Within a second his lips were on yours, and he was pushing you up against the wall. His lips were soft, but the kiss was rough. You had imagined what kissing Baron would be like for so long. And now it was happening. He pulled away from the kiss, before lifting you up and throwing you over his shoulder as he walked down the hallway to his locker room.

He shut the door and immediately pushed you up against it before putting his lips on yours again. His tongue slipped into your mouth as he reached down and grabbed the back of your thighs and you wrapped your legs around his waist. Your hands moved to his hair, lightly tugging on it.

He let out a deep groan and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of you pulling on his hair. His lips moved from your down to your neck where he started sucking on the skin.

“Take your shirt off for me, baby.” He said as he pulled away to catch his breath.

You reached down and pulled your shirt over your head leaving you in just your bra.

“Fuck,” Baron said as he eyed you before his lips made their way down to your chest, lightly nipping at the soft skin of your breast that wasn’t covered by your lacy strapless bra.

He reached behind you and unclasped your bra with one hand letting it fall to the floor. He put his hands on your ass for support as he carried you over to the couch in the room before laying you down and climbing on over you.

His lips went back to your breast as he slowly kissed down your chest again, one hand massaging your right breast, his other hand holding tight on your waist.



“Touch me. Please.” You breathed out.

“Yeah? You want me to touch you, baby?” He said as he pulled away from your chest.

He reached down and unbuttoned your shorts before hooking his fingers into them and the waist of your panties. He slid them down your legs, and you saw him lick his lips as he looked down at your exposed pussy.

“God, you’re perfect.” He muttered more to himself than to you.

He reached down, and you felt him run his finger up the wetness of your pussy, teasing you.

You lifted your hips up to meet his hand, hoping to relieve some of the tensions.

“Baron please-“

You were cut off by him sliding a finger all the way into you. You closed your eyes and laid your head back against the armrest as you took in the feeling of his finger pumping inside you.

“That feel good, baby?”

“Y-yes,” you moaned out. “S-so good.”

He then slid a second finger inside of you, causing another moan to escape your lips. He pumped his fingers fast and hard and then leaned down and softly sucked on your clit.

“F-fuck Baron…d-don’t stop!” You moaned out as your back arched off the couch.

“I’ve been waiting so long to see you squirming under me. Fuck you’re so sexy!”

“I’m so close, Baron.”

He added a third finger at your words and started to flick your clit with his tongue. It was enough to send you over the edge as your head rolled back and your back arched off the cushion as you came on Baron’s mouth.

He licked up all of your juices and helped you through your high until you calmed down.

“Think you can do that one more time for me? Only on my dick this time?”

“Yes. Please fuck me, Baron.”

He laughed before he stood up to take his boots and ring tights off. You expected him to climb over you but instead, he sat down and grabbed your hand.

“Want you, to ride my cock,” he said as he pulled you onto his lap. You straddled him and took his cock in your hands. It was hard, and the tip was oozing precum.

You slowly slid down onto him, feeling him stretch you as you sunk down further. Baron let out a deep groan and grabbed your ass as his head rolled back. You lifted your hips and then sunk back down, starting slow but quickening your pace.

Once the uncomfortable feeling went away, you began to bounce quickly up and down his cock.

“That feel good? You like fucking yourself on my cock, baby?”

You nodded as you bit your lip to hold back your moans.

“Don’t hold back, baby. Wanna hear you say my name.” He said as his hands helped guide your hips faster.

“Baron,” you moaned out.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Baron said as he thrust his hips up to meet yours.

“Come on baby, you gonna cum for me?”

You nodded. “I’m so close.”

“Come on Y/n, cum for me. Cum all over my cock.” He said.

He then reached down and ran his thumb over your clit. You felt the knot in your lower stomach burst as your orgasm hit you. Your muscles clenched around Baron and he came with a loud groan just a few seconds after you.

You collapsed onto his body, your forehead resting on his shoulder as his arms wrapped around your waist. The only sound in the room was your heavy breathing as you both struggled for air.

“Shit, Y/n, didn’t know you had it in you.” He said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked as you pulled away to look at him.

“Thought you were an innocent good girl.” He said as he looked into your eyes.

“Well, you were wrong.” You said.

“I like you, Y/n.” He said.

“I like you too, Baron.” You said as you felt the blush creep to your cheeks.

Your eyes widened as you realized what had just happened. You had just had sex with your brother’s best friend. Corey would kill both of you if he found out.

“What? What is it?” He asked.


“He doesn’t have to know,” Baron said.


“It’ll be our secret, okay? And if he finds out, I’ll take care of it okay?”


“Shh, it’ll be fine.” He said as he leaned forward and pecked your lips to calm you down.

“So you don’t hate me?” You asked.

“No. I’ve always thought you were cute. Just didn’t think I had a chance. Thought you hated me and you were my best friend’s little sister…” he said.

“I thought you hated me. You’ve never said anything nice to me.” You said.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’ve treated you like shit. And you didn’t deserve it.” He had said before he gave you another peck. He then reached up and put his hand on the back of your head deepening the kiss.

He pulled away and looked at you with a smirk, “round two in the shower?”

“Definitely.” You said before you kissed him again.

“Try to keep it quiet this time you filthy animals!” You heard Sami Zayn say from outside the door.

“Shut it Zayn!” Baron said with a smirk before he stood up with you in his arms and made his way to the shower.


request: “draco x reader with prompt 3 & 9 from the list please” — by anon

a/n: sorry if this was kinda short. hope you like it x

3. “Hypothetically speaking, of course.”
9. “For a minute there, I thought you didn’t know how to smile.”

Masterlist + Request here! 

     There has always been an unknown reason why both you and Draco loved annoying each other. Well, he didn’t try to get on your nerves as much as he did with Potter — which was a good thing — but he did exert great effort to piss you off until you snapped and screamed at him. And as payback, you began to do the same; thus, that was the beginning of your love-hate relationship with him throughout the years of your stay in Hogwarts.

     You were fuming as you rush down the steps on the moving staircases, praying that they won’t change direction or else you were seriously going to hex someone in anger. It was one of times when you were obviously not in a good mood, and right now, the culprit who could be blamed for your sourness was Cormac McLaggen.

     Just as you were about to enter the Great Hall for dinner, Draco Malfoy blocked your way, his sidekicks nowhere in sight which was unusual.

     “Not now, Malfoy.” you gritted your teeth with your forehead still wrinkled.

     He blocked your path when you marched forward. “Y/L/N, what has gotten your knickers in a twist this time?”

     “Not now.” you repeated.

     “What is it?”

     “Malfoy, what part of not now do you not understand?” you glared at him.

     Draco only chuckled. “Let me guess, McLaggen’s pursuing you again? Well, let me tell you, he doesn’t have great taste if he began courting you after he was tired of Granger.”

     He was at least right about something. Cormac had tried to hit on you, backing you up against the wall thinking it was pleasing when you were actually very disgusted by his actions. He then tried to ask you out on a date, which you politely declined, but since he was so full of himself he didn’t take it well.

     You blankly stared at Draco. “Are you done insulting me because if you are I’ll be going now.” you tried to walk pass his way again but this time he held onto your elbow quite firmly.

     He locked his eyes with yours and for a minute there, you thought it showed concern. “If there’s something more that I hate other than mudbloods —” you scoffed at that “— it’s knowing someone out there annoys you more than I do. So, I’ll ask again, what is it?”

     “It doesn’t matter.” you pull away from his hold. “Let’s just say if I had to choose between you and Cormac, I’d choose you. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

     “Is that supposed to be a compliment?” mused Draco.

     You slowly felt your anger fading away, “Yeah, I guess.” you snorted, a small smile creeping on your features.

     The boy in front of you raised his eyebrows, “Well, will you look at that. For a minute there, I thought you didn’t know how to smile.

     “Funny. Don’t push your luck too much, Malfoy.” the smile was still there.

     Draco tucked his hands inside his pockets. “You never answered me, though. What happened?”

     You shrugged. “Nothing. He just got mad I didn’t say yes when he asked me out. Couldn’t take the shame of someone rejecting him, that no good wanker.”

     The both of you chuckled shortly before you looked at the Great Hall, your eyes landing on your house’s table.

     “Well, I’ll get going now. Your friends are probably waiting for you, anyway.” you started striding inside.

     “Y/L/N,” he called just as you were about to walk any farther, one of your eyebrows raising up in question. “If McLaggen bothers you again, tell me about it, would you?”

     You were surprised by what he said; nonetheless, you chuckled and nodded. “Planning to tell your father about it?” you teased and it was his turn to roll his eyes this time.


     Draco then walked inside the Great Hall as well, sitting down beside his cronies at the Slytherin table while you successfully joined your own group of friends. Though just as you sat down and helped yourself with some food, you swore you could feel your blood rising up to your cheeks because of what just happened, resulting you into shaking your head in amusement.

Extreme Measures

Anon Requested:  I’m a little confused, are drabble requests open? If they are can I get a Yoongi one with #73 and #99 please? Sorry if requests are closed

Drabbles are currently open :) (I know you sent this a while ago but the requests were open then too ) I tried this in First Person POV instead of Second for once so I hope you like this! Feel free to give me criticism :) Good, Bad, Any criticism is good criticism! 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Warnings: Insecurities, weight problems, body issues, self hate, depression, slight mentioning of an eating disorder

Word Count: 1770

“Show me what’s behind your back.”

“I can’t stand seeing you like this.”

There’s nothing tragically beautiful about depression, the fools who believe it is haven’t truly had depression in their lives. It’s not sad songs and poetry, shy glances or drowning in the bath. It’s not ghostly white skin tainted by charcoal circles under sad eyes and large purple bruises stretching viciously up your arms. It isn’t lonely walks, vacant coffee shops or smoking dusty cigarettes.

Depression is unwashed clothes and flaking skin. It’s over eating and the inability to even get out of bed and then hating yourself for eating too much and not doing anything that day. It’s giving up on yourself and not taking pride in your appearance anymore because when you feel like this who do you really have to impress? You don’t care about relationships, you don’t care if you’re late to work or end up getting kicked out of school. You just don’t care anymore. Its empty inboxes, bursts of anger and late night tears. It’s a feeling of disgust within yourself that makes you want to tear off your own skin just so you can feel clean because you feel like you’re the lowest and filthiest piece of scum there is in the world. Its uncertainty and confusion. It's losing weight, long showers and greasy hair or even gaining weight, not showering and feeling awful. It’s trying to starve yourself to lose the weight and the only way to stop yourself from eating is to sleep. It’s constantly wishing you could be somewhere or someone else. It's losing the will to even live.

Depression is not tragically beautiful, it’s just tragic.

Sometimes I feel like there is something eating me up from the inside, as if my conscience is telling me I’m not good enough. It’s probably right, I’m not good enough for myself let alone my boyfriend, but I try and be the girlfriend he deserves, the one who isn’t too heavy, the one who has a flat stomach and toned legs and the one that every guy wants to be with. Every day I plaster my face with makeup, wear loose clothes and fake a smile; but some days I can’t take it anymore. I miss dinner one day and then again and again and after one fateful day of passing out at work and Yoongi having to come get me I realized there were other ways to do this. Better ways than starving myself.

I’ve tried it all, I’ve tried working out and I didn’t see the results after a month so I gave up on that. I’ve tried starving myself and well…we all know how that turned out. I even tried making myself throw up, disgusting I know but I ended up cutting that out when Yoongi had to force me to the doctors because he assumed I had a bun in the oven. I had to just tell the doctor I had food poisoning just so he wouldn’t get suspicious.

But now here we are! My latest and most fulfilling way to lose weight, pills. Some pills work wonders if you have enough money for it, thankfully my family has always been on the wealthier side so I’ve always had enough to get me by and then some.

The pills were never a problem for me, within two weeks I shed fifteen pounds just like that, no exercising necessary and no more throwing up. It was just hard to take the pills whenever Yoongi was home, this is the longest break he’s had since he finished tour and of course he wants to spend time with me, I’m not making that out to be a bad thing but the pills are what’s most important.

I end up having to sneak away for a few minutes just to go to the bathroom to take the pills. I take them three times a day and thirty minutes before I eat, though the only thing I ever eat is maybe half a banana and if I’m feeling a tad bit more snackish maybe a cup of ramen.

Closing the bathroom door quietly I opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out the cylinder shaped pill bottle labeled ‘ibuprofen’ I had it mislabeled so just in case Yoongi finds it and looks up the actual pill name he doesn’t freak out. The cap came off easily and I easily took two pills out. 6 pills a day. That’s not really a lot if you think about it, besides, there are people that are addicted to painkillers and all I’m doing is taking pills to lose weight, weight that I feel like I don’t need. That’s perfectly normal, that’s-

“What are you doing?”

Shooting my head up to stare at the mirror I saw Yoongi, his eyes were on my hands and I instantly turned to him, pills in hands and pill bottle still on the counter, my hands were behind my back but I knew he could see the pill bottle in the mirror. “Show me what’s behind your back.”

“It’s nothing.” A smile appeared on my face, I was usually pretty good at lying, lying to Yoongi was a lot harder for me though, I always regretted lying to him about if I was fine or not but some things just didn’t need to be brought to his attention, he had enough stress on his plate my weight problems didn’t need to be one of them.

Yoongi didn’t fall for my smile, he instantly took a step closer and I took a step back, but only to find me pushing myself against the sink counter. His eyes narrowed and his hand gripped my arm yanking me towards him. A small yelp left my lips from the sudden physicality but my hands still stayed behind my back, hands squeezing tighter so he wouldn’t see the pills. “(Y/N). Show me.” He growled, his voice growing deeper as his eyes stared into my eyes with something I’ve never seen before. All I could do was shake my head at him refusing to show him the pills. I couldn’t, it’d break him inside. (Y/N)-”

“No!” I cried, tears soon filling up my eyes before I let them fall with a blink. “I-I can’t. Just go out of the bathroom and pretend you didn’t see anything then everything will be fine.”

Yoongi looked at me incredulously, his eyes slightly widening from my outburst but the seriousness came back almost instantly. “Just show me what’s behind your back.” His eyes flickered to the mirror again and saw the pill bottle, with a light and simple shove I was pushed to the side and Yoongi grabbed the opened bottle and grasped it in his hands. His eyes scanned the label and before I could even react he dumped the whole bottle in the toilet and flushed them down.

I stood on the brink of something I couldn’t describe. The weight of everything seemed to press down on my shoulders and I struggled to take even a single step forward. It was too much. All of it. And somehow, I kept moving. But every step cost me. The darkness grew darker; the pain grew sharper; all of it seemed to only grow in strength and I began to wonder if things could ever get better. The pills were gone, the only thing that seemed to give me hope and happiness on being the perfect girlfriend was now gone and flushed down the toilet.

Only once it resonated with me that they were gone did I finally break down, and I don’t mean I cried, I was now angry, angry with him for flushing down my hope, angry at him for not even noticing how sad I was, but most of all I was angry with myself. I pushed him back, his back hitting the bathroom wall and a screech of my voice coming at and colliding with his eardrums. “How could you!” My hands came back again to push him but they were only caught in his hands. His hands tightened around my wrists and quickly walked forward backing me up against the wall opposite to him. “Do you think I’m stupid? Do you really think I haven’t noticed how much you’ve changed? God, I can’t stand seeing you like this!” Yoongi’s hands only tightened as he got more frustrated. “You know I was waiting for you to tell me. I thought we’ve been together long enough that when you’re hurting you could tell me.” His eyes bored into mine and his hands tightened even more now to the point of hurting. “You’re hurting me.” My voice was small, quiet and frail but he heard me none the less. His hands still stayed around my wrists but loosened up a tremendous amount. I looked up at him but his eyes were now squeezed shut and his head was hanging low. I didn’t know what was going on in his head, how could I know? He knew what I was doing this whole time, I only kept it a secret because I knew it would tear him up inside, but in reality he had to suffer alone and silently waiting for me to come clean to him. “I’m sorry.” My voice picked up in pitch but it was more of a whisper still.

Yoongi never opened his eyes or raised his head. His hands dropped from my wrists and hung by his sides. “I- I should’ve-”

“Talk to me (Y/N). Just talk to me when you’re depressed, don’t worry about how I’m going to feel.”


“No buts, I have been going out of my freaking mind seeing you like this and I could barely stand let alone watch you do this to yourself.” Yoongi’s hands now came up to my face cupping my cheeks in his hands.

“How long?” You whispered knowing he would be able to hear what I had just said. He gave a confused look so I spoke again. “How long have you known?”

It didn’t take long for him to answer. “Four months ago.”

“So when I started…I’m sorry.” I breathed out letting out the few tears that have been building up behind my eyes. Yoongi shushed me once I spoke those two words. His lips met my forehead and when he pulled back tears were now welling up in his eyes only making me feel more upset and a small cry left my lips. “Yoongi…I-I’m-”

“Shh, it’s okay. We’ll get through this okay? You just need to talk to me when you need help with all of this okay? You’re going to get better…you will, I promise.”

distraction | tommy shelby

I’m not sure if you’re taking requests but if not please ignore this. Could you do a Thomas Shelby imagine of Tommy and his childhood best friend who he always loved acting like a couple to throw the cops off from looking for them and use the line ‘you’ve got some of my lipstick on you’?? idk If this made sense, I’m sorry. Thank you either way.

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erieann19  asked:

Can I request #5 with Zach and a female reader?! (Can he be a little shit and flirts hardcore during this and the only way the reader gets her pen back is because she has to kiss him?!?)

yay, i’m excited for some zach!! thank you for requesting, i hope you enjoy (: x

#5: “Give me my pen back.” “What’s the magic word?” “Now.”

You were in the library with Zach studying, him doing bio and you doing a mixture of things. But, Zach being Zach, he decided he was going to be a lil shit today and try and distract you from working. He was trying to kiss your hand as you wrote notes, not caring that he looked like a total weirdo chasing your hand with puckered lips. You laughed, nudging him with you elbow.

“Zach, stop.”

“No, this is fun.” He chuckled, finally capturing your knuckles in a light kiss.

“You’re weird, and Clay is taking a photo.” You looked as Clay and Hannah sat across the room, Clay oh so obviously holding his phone facing toward you and Zach and then laughing while showing Hannah.

“You don’t know-”

Zach was cut off when Clay began imitating what Zach was doing. I laughed loudly, watching as Zach pouted beside me, grabbing my pen out of my hand.

“Hey!” I scolded, reaching for the jocks hand. “Give it back.” 

“Sorry, no can do,” He sniffed, holding the pen behind his back. “Not until you give me some much needed attention.”

You rolled your eyes and gave the boy a flat look. “I don’t like you.” You lied.

“Well, I love you, and I think that you need to apologise.”

“Yeah, and how would you like that? On a silver platter? Wrapped in seaweed?” You sarcastically bit back, reaching forward to grab his sides - his most ticklish spot.

He squealed and jumped away from you, standing up. “I’d actually really like it wrapped in you.” He smirked, causing you to narrow your eyes at the tall boy. You sighed, standing up too, before inching your way towards him. His face dropped. “Y/N, don’t, I’ll give it bac-”

You jumped the last few feet, causing him to back up against the wall. You grinned up at him, your hands secured to his waist.

“Now, I’m not for stereotypes, but I think you should be the one backed up against this wall.”

Your cheeks flamed crimson at his comment. “Give me my pen back.” You changed the subject, reaching around to his hands that were still behind his back.

He shook his head. “What’s the magic word?”

You pushed into him harder. “Now.”

“Not to be crude, but if you keep pushing into me like that I am going to be very embarrassed.”

You rolled your eyes at his sexual insinuation. “If you give me my pen back then I’ll leave you alone.” You tried to reason.

“What if I don’t want you to leave me alone?” He countered back.

“What if I say the magic word?” 

“Go for it.” He challenged, a cocky smirk lifting his lips.

And so you did, by reaching up and gently pulling his head down in order for his lips to meet yours. Oh God, Zach was a good kisser.

Conor Maynard Imagine - Crazy (SMUT)

It wasn’t until you were right in front of your wardrobe than you realized you had actually nothing to wear. You had just finished filming some kind of weird, fun challenge with Conor in your flat, and while he cleaned up all the mess in your living room, you were stressing out about what to wear to that goddamn date.

Suddenly, Conor’s head popped from behind your door “Y/N” he called, and seeing that you were fully clothed and just standing there, chewing your nail nervously, he walked in “Hey, what’s the nervousness all about?”

He gave you a side hug and a tender kiss on top of your head. You leaned against him, considering that maybe that black cocktail dress in front of you wasn’t a bad idea at all.

“I’m just stressing over my outfit” you told him, releasing yourself from his touch to grab the dress “Nothing new” you held the piece of clothing in front of you and showed it to him “Opinions?”

Conor’s mind flirted with the idea of actually seeing you in that dress. Every time you wore something like that, you always caught him giving you a look from head to toes, admiring how the fabric hugged your curves. But you ignored him, as you weren’t supposed to notice his lusty stares.

Your relationship with him was rather strange. Sure, he was one of your best friends. Yet he wasn’t like Josh or Oli; you actually wouldn’t mind banging Conor if you had the chance. 

You were playful with one another. Any time you could, your hands would travel to each other’s body, half of the time in a soft, friendly way. But the other half of the time, you could actually feel his fingers burning on your skin, his grip tightening around your waist in the roughest way you had ever seen. But you liked it.

“Why would you need to wear that for?” he asked, and you realized you hadn’t told him about your date.

The truth was, even if your heart ached for him in ways you would have never imagined, you weren’t made of stone. He never made a move, never let it slip that he actually wanted to be more than friends. So when this cute boy hit on you through Tinder, you weren’t going to say no.

“Tinder date tonight” you simply said, turning back to the pile of clothes you had behind you.

You bent over to grab a white blouse, and Conor’s eyes couldn’t help but wander towards your hips and downwards. He licked his lips. 

Conor wasn’t the ladies type of man, at least not as intensely as his brother. Sure, he had brought this and that girl home for some night fun, but he kept it all for himself. Every time he was with you, his insides melted. You were his only girl friend after all, and as time passed by, his friendly feelings towards you increased until he found out they weren’t so friendly anymore.

The first time he looked at you with different eyes, you were celebrating Joe’s 25th birthday. You were wearing a simple tight black skirt with ankle boots and a white blouse with stripes. Yet every time he landed his eyes on you, all he wanted to do was to pull you closer and never let go. He realized he wanted to protect you, to see your smile every day, to hold you while you slept. He drank to ease the unexpected pain of seeing you dance with another guy.

The second stage overcame him not soon afterwards. It happened while you were alone at his flat, watching some silly cartoon movie which always made you laugh, because you were on your period and all you wanted to do was to die.

But when he saw you in those ridiculously short pyjama pants and a loose t-shirt that once belonged to him, which also accidentaly revealed that you had no bra on, he had to control himself. Having you all cuddled up against his side wasn’t helping either. While the silly little chicken on TV was running around, all he could think of was how hot you’d look if he pinned you up against a wall and thrusted into you until your throat couldn’t take more screaming. He took a cold shower afterwards.

“Oh, alright” you heard him say as you stood back up again. His tone made you raise an eyebrow “Have fun then”

You turned back to him, frowning “Is there any problem with it?” you asked him, but you immediately noticed he wasn’t looking at you. Well, he was, but more specifically he was looking at your uncovered stomach and how bad he wanted to uncover the rest of it.

“Earth to Conor” you called him, waving a hand in front of you.

He snapped his eyes back up to look at you “Nothing’s wrong” he said, as if nothing had happened.

Still not convinced, you turned around again, getting on your tiptoes to reach the top shelf “Shit” you mumbled, not being capable of reaching it whatsoever. Suddenly, you felt a pair of cold hands on your bare skin, lifting you up. With no effort, you grabbed the bag you were looking for.

“Thanks, Con” you said once your feet touched the ground again. But his hands, now warmer, were still on your waist “You c-” before you could finish, you felt Conor’s lips on your neck, making you drop the bag with a loud bang.

His grip tightened around you. You moved your hands on top of his, suddenly wanting to feel his touch more than ever. You tilted your head back as he sucked on your neck, working his way up and down. You didn’t know what was going on, but you sure weren’t going to stop it.

Eventually, you turned around to meet Conor’s lusty eyes staring right back at yours. You licked your lips before attacking his heatedly, not even waiting to slip your tongue in. His hands travelled to your bum, squeezing it as you jumped and wrapped your legs around his torso. You sucked behind his ear, making him groan.

“Someone was jealous after all” you managed to breathe out as he kissed your neck again. You thought he was bound to leave a mark.

He hit that spot behind your ear, and you let out a small moan as your grip on his waist tightened, your legs unconciously pushing against his hips “Fuck” he whispered, and you thought it was the sexiest you had ever seen it.

He pushed you against the wall, a knee pressed between your legs to hold you as he rapidly took your top and your bra off. You felt the warmth of his mouth on your chest, and it was making your lower parts ache with anticipation.

You took his jumper off and attempted to remove his belt when he grabbed your hand and put it above your head “And to think that you were about to go out with that idiot” he breathed on your ear “When I can make you feel ten times better” he finished, and you smashed your lips against his again.

His hand roamed the elastic of your jeans until they made their way inside them and under your underwear. Conor stuck his middle finger inside you, the sudden feeling of something inside you making you groan “You’re so fucking wet already” Conor whispered, indroducing yet another finger inside you. You let out a high-pitched scream as he thrusted in and out quickly “I’m gonna have to dry you up”

Before you could blink, your jeans and underwear were flying across the room. Conor held your hips and pressed your body against he wall as he kneeled down in front of your entrance. You pushed at his hair once his tongue filled you, your legs tembling on his shoulders. 

“Fuck, Conor” you shouted, hoping the neighbours were not at home or it’d be extremely embarrassing to run into them ever again. You screamed his name again as you felt your high approaching, not being able to hold yourself back.

Seconds before you were about to come, Conor’s mouth left your lower parts, making you groan in annoyance “Conor, I swear to god” you mid-screamed “I can’t take it anymore”

He sucked on your neck again, his favourite spot of yours “What do you want me to do, baby?” he asked on your ear. Your hips pulled against his even more.

“Just fuck me already, Conor” you groaned, and before you knew it, his pants followed yours as he pulled himself inside you. You whined. He didn’t give you any time to adjust to his width, as he started banging you against the wall roughly, something you had never imagined he was capable of. He always looked so sweet and inoccent. The thought of him being rough and dominant just to you turned you on even more.

He groaned in pleasure as your walls clentched around his member, only making him pound you faster and faster. You were a screaming mess. Your bodies were sweating as you held to one another, making each other feel as if nothing else in the world mattered besides what was happening on that wall.

You came seconds before he did, the sloppiness making you feel dirtier than ever. When Conor rode out his high, he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a hug like the ones he always gave you. Only this time, he was also inside you.

“That was…” you said as you tried to catch your breath “Something else”

His head was on your shoulder as you rubbed his hair “I fucking loved that, Y/N” he spoke, rising his head to give you a soft kiss on the lips.

“I guess I’m not going to any dates tonight” you smiled, brushing your finger against his sweaty cheek as he smiled back at you.

“You are” he said “But with me”

You smiled again, kissing his fully lips as if it were the first time you tasted them “You’re crazy” you said.

His lips went to your jaw. He kissed it sweetly, making the butterflies of your stomach go insane “That’s why I like you” he said “Because you’re fucking crazier”


Part I of ??? Will be continued I promise! 

     He hadn’t meant to let it go this far. It was supposed to start with a drunken kiss and end that way. A dare, a mistake, a crazy memory that they could reminisce on later, like, “Remember that time Nursey and Dex made out at that Kegster?” It wasn’t supposed to happen again the next week in the solitude of the coat closet, or a third time in Nursey’s dorm room, or a fourth time in the supply closet in Faber, or a fifth time at a sorority fundraiser (giddy and covered in pink paint and bubbles). They were making a habit of something that was never supposed to happen, because Dex hated Nursey and letting this happen again and again was going to end messy. Nursey was going to end up telling Dex that he’s been in love with him since January of their freshman year and Dex would never speak to him again and it would ruin the entire team dynamic. So he tried to roll with it, when they would pause mid argument and Dex fisted his sweater and pulled him for a rough kiss, or when they would get way too far into each other’s space while studying and Dex would press a soft kiss against his neck, then his mouth pushing for more. Because it was fun and it felt so good to be close to Dex, and he was sure it didn’t mean anything to the other party. But now they were in the pantry again, while a kegster pulsed on around them, pressed from their ankles to their foreheads. It was different this time, both of them slightly buzzed but not drunk, and Dex had one hand glued to Nursey’s ass, the other roaming up the back of his shirt. The heat never let up, as Nursey pulled away to kiss his neck, as Dex reached to move Nursey’s hands from where they rested on Dex’s hips up under his shirt, as Dex rocked their hips together hard. And before Nursey’s coherent thoughts could register what his body was doing, he was playing with fly of Dex’s jeans and whispering, “God, I wanna blow you so bad.”

     Dex seemed to tense slightly, his breath catching in his throat, but then he nods and Nursey is pushing down the fluttering feeling of ‘Oh God this is actually happening’ and sinking to his knees. He feels Dex’s hands fist his curls immediately, but as he starts to fiddle with the zipper Dex is speaking quickly, “Just- don’t make fun of me if this over really fast, because I’m really new to this and I would never live it down if-“

“New to what?” Nursey doesn’t mean to cut him off, but Dex looks like he’s going to hyperventilate, “Getting blow by a guy?”

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Eva Mohn is horribly upset. 

She’s tired of the lies being thrown her way. 

“I can’t today, Eva,” he said. 

“Sorry, just going to hang out with the Riots, tonight,” he said. 

Fine, Chris Schistad can do whatever the fuck he wants but she doesn’t want him lying to her. She doesn’t want to find his tongue down another girl’s throat at a party when he said he wasn’t going to any.

Eva and Chris aren’t dating. Eva knows that. But lying is another thing. 

Why did she take this so personally? Eva could not possibly have feelings for the despicable Christoffer Schistad! Eva is Noora Saetre’s best friend and Noora has taught her that ‘fuckboys’ aren’t worth it. 

So, why does her heart crack under the pressure of her feelings when she sees him with someone else? 

Why is her mind plagued with the thoughts of her not being good enough as the other girls he makes out with and him not wanting her and her not being good enough for him? Should Eva just stop? 

Out of anger, she believes she should slap Chris and end whatever this is between them. But then she tells herself that it’s better to talk it out.. see where he’s coming from. See if there’s a reason? 

Eva is still staring at him, from across the room. 

He said he was not coming…

Chris’s hands are over a girl, as his lips roughly press kisses to her body. The music isn’t loud enough to block out the negative feelings crawling inside her. 

Nothing is enough. 

The alcohol coursing through her system isn’t enough. Girl Chris cracking her usual jokes isn’t enough. 

She sees red and she sees blue. 

Ugh, she thinks. He’s wearing that stupid t-shirt

The girl drapes across him is playing with the zipper Eva always plays with. 

And that’s when Eva looses it. 

She’s not even going to apologize for wanting to be the only person who gets to play with that zipper. 

And as she’s storming her way to the other side of the room, her feelings finally become clearly. 

Eva Mohn likes Chris Schistad and she’s fucked because of it. 

Chris wasn’t expecting Eva to be here. he really wasn’t. So, when he felt her hand turn him around, her Eva smell filling his nostrils, he freaks out. The girl he was with left as soon as Eva came. 

She knows better than not come in the way of Eva and Chris. 

He freaks out completely because she is so going to murder him. 

And being Penetrator Chris, he smashed his lips to hers, pulling her jeans clad body to him. 

The fireworks are instantly set off between them and, fuck, why? 

When Chris was kissing that other girl a few minutes ago, it didn’t feel half as good as this. So, why? 

His lips do things to Eva. It makes her mind fog up, so she’s not even able to comprehend the situation. Her judgements become so clouded, she’d take drugs in an instant, if given. 

So, yes, that’s what it’s kind of like to kiss Christoffer Schistad. 

Or is it only kissing him? A voice makes her overthink. 

But, no! She’s supposed to be furious with him! Yes, that’s what she’s supposed to do. 

So, mustering enough strength - Chris makes her weak at her knees- she shoves him off her. 

“Eva . .” Chris mumbles, trying to kiss her again. But Eva swats his hands away and then grabs his wrist, dragging him down the hallway, where drunk teenagers are desperately making out. 

She quickly pulls him into the - thankfully - empty room. 

Not understanding where she’s coming from - except for the fact of her catching his lie - Chris smirks. “I thought that Friday nights were reserved for making out only. .” 

“DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE, CHRISTOFFER!” Eva yells, shoving him. “You lied to me! You fucking lied, you asshole!” 

Chris looks at her shocked. Tears brim her eyes and he feels something churn him. 

Suddenly, Chris understands that feeling as concern. He doesn’t want her crying over him. Especially him. But girls have cried before him . . Iben cried when they broke up but he didn’t approach her. 

What is it that Eva Mohn has of him? 

“You told me you were going to hang out with your friends,” Eva accuses, her voice much softer now. Her voice trembled as her brain replayed what she’d seen. “I don’t need you, Christoffer.” 

And when she said that, it wasn’t one heart that broke . . it was two. 

They both feel as if a sudden weight had been dropped on their shoulders and there is a fierce ache spreading across their chest. 

“You should’ve just said it, alright. I don’t need you,” Eva says, poking a finger at his chest. “I don’t need you or your stupid lies. You played me.” 

And Chris opens his mouth to say something. But his throat feels dry and he hoarsely whispers, “Eva, I –” 

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Eva raises her voice a little. “You think you can play me and walk away? Guess what, you can’t! You can’t fucking lie to me and expect I won’t be mad at you!” 

“I lied to you for a reason, Eva Kviig Mohn, alrigh’!” 

“I don’t need your pathetic excuses right now, Schistad!” 

“Oh, really?” taunts Chris, grabbing her waist. He turns their bodies and slams her straight up against the wall, his hips digging into hers. “Didn’t you think there would be a reason for my lying?” His lips are now pressed softly against her jawline. 

“Don’t fuck with me, Chris,” Eva hotly whispers into his ear. 

“I needed to get away from you.” 

“By lying?” 

“The only way I wouldn’t directly hurt you.” 

Eva pushes him away for the third time. 

“You fucker! ‘Wouldn’t hurt me’! What? I fucking saw you with that girl and you thought that I wouldn’t directly be hurt?” 

“I lied for a good reason, okay!” 

Really? Oh, please, do tell me!” 

“Because being around you does things to me! Things I can’t handle! And staying away from you was helping!” 

Eva stops, her eyes wide. 

Chris has no idea what he said means. He has no idea that he just admited to liking her - implied, of course. 

And Eva tries to ignore the jumps in her heart. She tries to ignore the smile breaking onto her face. 

Chris is confused. . what did he say? 

But before he can have any realisations, Eva’s grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to her. She quickly angles her head and kisses him, trying to help relieve herself of the feeling building up in her heart. 

Chris doesn’t think much, on his part. He hoists her up and presses her against the wall. Groaning, he rocks his hips forward, eliciting a well-earned moan from Eva’s mouth. To satisfy himself even more, he repeats the action, earning the same response. 

With his hips holding her firm in place, his hands push her t-shirt up and he kisses her right above her heart. 

Eva takes her t-shirt off and throws it across the room, not caring. Getting back on her feet, she unbuckles his belt and unbottons his pants. She doesn’t have time to pull them down because Chris steps into the space between her legs and crafts a love bite onto her neck. 

“You and me, Eva,” Chris growls, leading her to the bed. 

Eva’s heart flips. And he isn’t giving her false hope. No, he’s actually saying something true. And she’s so grateful. 

Eva didn’t expect to be the girl to change Chris. She just wanted the countless amounts of good sex. But . . things change. 

Just as he sets her down, Eva chuckles, whispering, “Do you have any idea what you’ve just said?” 

I don’t know dude. Um…do you mean on the show? I don’t know. You know, I like all those little awkward moments up to the hook-up. I’ve said it before: I don’t think Daryl’s the kind of guy that’s going to throw you up against a wall and be, like, dun dun dun da dun! I think he’s gonna be like [makes fumbling sound against microphone], you know, which is more interesting to me. But, I don’t know.

Norman Reedus, EW Radio (10/Feb/2015)

I would like to know, when you are gonna finally hook up with Carol?

** Since he’s making the “on the show” joke that implies McReedus, I’m tagging it that way, too.

Princess (M)

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: namjoon x reader
word count: 2.6k
request: If it’s not too much to ask~ Can you do a Rap Monster smut where he’s dom and there’s lots of dirty talk?
a/n: uhm ANON WHY would you ask me to do this i’m honestly so done rn and I just want Namjoon all over me wOW

⚠️ ~ smut warning ~ ⚠️

You knew that look. The look that Namjoon gave you whenever he was thinking about having his hands tangled in your hair as you made him feel so, so good , or when he was thinking about pinning you up against the wall and making you beg him to make you feel as good as you made him feel. Oh, and did you beg.

But you knew the look only because Namjoon would sometimes just stare at you as his mind wandered when he wasn’t talking to anyone around him and you were near to him. He especially loved to think about these things when over people were around. On this occasion, it wasn’t all of BTS, but just the people who would tease you about Namjoon’s lust until the end of time. Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin. They didn’t dare tease their hyung, which was why you were at the centre of their periodic banter.

This time, however, it was a little different. You weren’t so much concerned about having Jungkook and Jimin tease you, but instead the only thing you could think about was Namjoon’s hands in your hair, as well as him pinning you against the wall. So the moment that Namjoon snapped back into reality, you were sure to make it known to him just what you wanted. “Joonie, baby.”

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The Safe One

Simon Lewis/Raphael Santiago, Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood (mentioned), Meliorn/Raphael Santiago (mentioned), Simon Lewis/Clary Fray (mentioned)
summary: Simon thinks that Raphael is dating Meliorn and Meliorn figures it ut and starts being a little shit and Simon’s a little bit jealous.
notes: co-wrote with the amazing and co-captain of the saphael ship, @soft-saphael

Simon can’t ask Raph this so he asks Meliorn even if they’re not that close, they’re  not even close  at all and Simon feels a little weird asking Meliorn about this but he needs to know. So when he sees him, he grabs him by an arm and takes him away from the others. Meliorn frowns in confusion. Raphael’s fledgling had only ever spoken to him a few times.
“I know this may sounds weird and creepy but i really need to know… are you and Raph… mh.. a thing?” Simon knows Meliorn is enjoying this conversation way too much.
“Define a thing” The seelie smirked.
Simon regrets speaking to Meliorn, but there’s no turning back now.
“Are you and Raphael dating?” Simon asks, nervously.
He fidgeted with the zipper on his jacket, a habit Raphael had scolded him for time and time again.
Meliorn smiles. “I don’t know if he’d like me telling you.. but we spend a lot of time together, yes. But what do you care? Aren’t you dating valentine’s daughter?” Meliorn says and then he leaves Simon alone with his thougths. For the first time, Simon doesn’t correct that nickname with “Clary” and he wish it was the first time he drops a tear for Raphael Santiago, but it’s not. Too many tears had been shed over their ‘maybe’ and ‘what if’s’.

Meliorn walks into the downworlder meeting and smirking at Raphael.
“I think your  baby has a crush on you” Raphael stares at him with wide eyes and Luke and Magnus nods in unison.
“It’s true” Luke says and Raphael turns to stare at the warewolf.
“but he’s dating Clary” Raphael states and Magnus slaps him in the head.
“he’s only with Clary because for years that’s all he’s wanted but he’s not in love with her nor is she in love with him” Luke points out.
“Was the slap really necessary?” Raphael asked and rubbed his head, double checking his hair in the process.
“Yes, it was.” Magnus says. “Because you two are so stupid and blind and need to talk.” He adds and summons four glasses.
“He’s in the boat house, go Raphael” Luke urges him.
“What about the meeting?” Raphael inquiries, or rather stall.
“Valentine is a bad guy, his son is an evil asshole, shadowhunters still don’t know what they’re doing” Meliorn summaries.
“Except for Alexander. He always knows what he’s doing.” Magnus says with a fond smile and Raphael rolls eyes and hopes he doesn’t sound like this when he talks about Simon. 

Raphael uses vampire speed to get at the boat house and once there, he doesn’t have the gut to knock. What if that’s not true? What if Simon doesn’t want him anymore? What if everyone is wrong? He can’t lose Simon again. When Simon betrayed him and left him he thought his heart was going to explode. He trusted him and Simon betrayed him. Raphael’s thoughts ran wild, the fear was crippling.
“HOLY SHIT RAPHAEL I WILL PERSONALLY DRAG YOU IN THERE” Maia yells from out nowhere and Simon hears and rushes to open the door. When they’re finally face to face and they don’t try kill each other, Raphael doesn’t know what to say and for the first time in his life, Simon is speechless. With the silence between them it physically hurts to think about the pain they caused each other. Simon can’t face Raphael without thinking about the betrayal. He knows they were so close to become.. something. And he knows Raphael felt it too. He’s been a stupid and a coward. He’s not in love with Clary because he never felt the feelings he’s feeling right now for Raphael for her. Raphael is the first to apologize, it’s a choked out “I’m sorry” only audible to Simon because of the enhanced hearing. It’s always a start, right?
“I’m sorry for the killing order on you. I’m sorry for all the pressure, i’m sorry for.. i shouldn’t have went to your mother. I’d have never take a hair from her head, i want you to know that.”
“I actually want to thank you for going to my mom, now she knows I’m safe” Simon looks at his shoes like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.
Raphael doesn’t know what to say because there is so much to say and they both don’t know where to start.
“Would you.. i mean, would you like to come in?” Simon asks and Raph nods.
“Listen um Simon about me and Meliorn” Raphael began but pause, he doesn’t know how to say what he wants to say but he thinks this might be the best way to get a reaction from Simon. Suddenly Simon turns to face Raphael. Raphael can see in his face that he’s worried about what he can say next but he’s also full of hope and a part of Raphael would like to tell him that yes, he and Meliorn have… something? That they’re a thing. A part of him wants Simon to suffer like he suffered when Simon chose Clary instead of him. But haven’t they suffered enough?
“We aren’t together, we’ve been friends a long time, he’s one of my best friends” Simon deserves to know the truth and that’s exactly what Raphael tells him.
“Oh” Raphael can see the relief on Simon’s face and he really hopes it means something. “Mh, that’s.. good. I mean, you and Meliorn being friends, that’s really cool. You should have a lot of friends and Meliorn seems nice. So yeah, it’s definitely really cool. Friends. Friendship.. isn’t a wonderful thing? I’m happy you and Meliorn are friends. Like super bros, you know.”
“Mh, what?” Simon asks, nervously. “You’re babbling.” Raphael says and tries to hide the smile on his face.
“Yeah, you’re right. Mh, sorry.”
“Don’t be, it’s” Raphael paused and vaguely waved his hand around “endearing.”
After that, the silence again. It never was like this with them and it’s kinda.. weird.
“Mh” Raph says and looks around embarassing. “Maybe i should go. Yeah.”
But when he turns around, Simon vampire speed in front of him and blocks his way.
“That’s why you came? To tell me you’re sorry and that you and Meliorn are besties?”
“I was hoping you’d have something to say” Raphael grunts and pushes him aside “have a nice life with your shadowhunter, I can’t believe I’m love with you” Raphael spits out angrily, he doesn’t realize what he had said until it’s too late. Raphael closes his eyes and curses himself mentally. Fuck, he whispers.
“You what?” Simon asks, shocked.
“I what what?” Raphael is nervous and he knows Simon can smell it.
“You’re in love with me?”
“No” Raphael shakes his head and crosses his arms around his chest. “That’s not what i said.”
“Yes" Simon says “That’s totally what you said” and he.. smiles. Wait, is Simon smiling? Why is he smiling?
“No. I said 'i can’t believe i’m still here with you’.” Raphael says in a grumpy tone.
“Well I guess I won’t tell you that I’m in love with you too” Simon smirks.
“You.. you what?” Raphael says and his voice is so low Simon couldn’t hear it if it wasn’t for his vampire hearing. Something grows in Simon’s chest.. Raphael asked it like he couldn’t believe it. Like.. he can’t believe someone loves him and Simon cannot not think it’s in part his fault too. Simon slowly backs Raphael up against the wall.
“I am in love you Raphael Santiago, I don’t know when but I know why, because you’ve been there for me, helped me even after I hurt you, helped me when you didn’t need to, gave me a home and a position by your side.”
Raphael looks at his shoes. “What about.. what about your redhead shadowhunter?” Raphael says and stifles his nose when he mentions Clary and Simon can’t hold back a smile.
“I broke up with her. We talked a lot and we decided it was for the best. Also, i knew she wasn’t in move with me and she just wanted someone to replace Jace. And of course, i was the easy and safe choice since i’ve always been there for her. Thay’s ok, by the way. I wasn’t in love with her either.”
“Then it makes no sense, why’d you choose her over me?”
“Because she was the easy and safe choice for me as well. I’ve known her since my whole life but i didn’t realize until now that she’s not who i want.”
“What if it’s too late? What if I can’t love you after everything you’ve done?” Simon is shocked. He didn’t expect this answer so he steps back.
“Y-you can’t?”
“Don’t ask stupid questions, kiss me” Raphael said and grabbed the front of Simon’s jacket. Simon smiles and kisses Raphael. He puts his hands on Raphael’s neck and feels Raphael’s hands on his waist. The kiss is so soft and they don’t know how much they’ve stayed like this.

You are Mine

Pairing: JD x Male!Reader

Request: I really liked the JD x Male!reader and I was wondering if you could do another, but explaining what happened before and after the interaction in the classroom.

AN: Prequel/ Sequel to Lesson

Words: 358

Warnings: Swearing


“You think you’re tough you fucking punk?” Ram pressed you up against the brick wall of the school.

“No.” You said. Ram’s eye stared down yours, involuntarily going to your lips. Taking the opportunity you shoed him off. Grabbing his collar you swung him into the wall before smashing your lips to his. He instantly kissed back, grabbing your shirt, balling it in your hands.

Your tongue slid across his bottom lip, his mouth opened slightly. Your tongue’s tangled together. Doing this all you could think of is JD. Ram’s a good kisser but JD had this spark to him. You guys weren’t dating though. JD never established your relationship so why can’t you have a little fun on your own?

Ram’s hands traveled to your belt when he was suddenly ripped away from you.

JD did not look happy but he didn’t look completely pissed either which was scary. He roughly grabbed your wrist and dragged you away.


JD just left you alone in the classroom after your “lesson”.

You ran after him.

“JD wait!” You yelled running down the hall after him. JD stopped but didn’t turn around. “What are we? Because you confuse the hell out of me. One second you act like nothing happened between us and that you don’t give a fuck about me then when you see me with Ram you act like a jealous boyfriend. We just fucked in a classroom because I made you jealous. If you don’t want me seeing other people then say something about it instead of stringing me along!” You ranted. You were breathing heavily. JD turned and looked at you. He took 4 long strides towards you. Grabbing the collar of your shirt he slammed you into the lockers before smashing his lips onto yours.

“You.” He kissed your jaw. “Are.” Your neck. “Mine.” On the lips again. “You got that?” You quickly nodded, speechless. He released you. “Good. So no more make outs with football players none of that. You are mine and mine alone. Our love is god. You understand?”

“Y-Yes.” You stuttered. He gave you one more kiss before walking away.

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 6

Just have a little fun

Luke’s Pov

i had such a hard on, that moan Hailey made turned me on so much.

i was glad my mum wasn’t home so i could get myself off in my room.

i imagined fucking Hailey as i made myself cum, god i would fuck her so slow at first and then so fast making her beg me to stop and to continue at the same time.

once i was finished i threw everything in the bin and then i sat on my bed.

i don’t know why i invited her to a party, i don’t really feel like getting drunk tonight but the thought of Hailey dancing up against me is making me hard again.

she’s never been drunk before so this should be fun.

i hope she wears that red dress she wore the other night.

Hailey’s Pov

There is no way i can go to this party, i refuse to be laughed at.

i have nothing to wear to this party i’ve never been to a party before, how will i act?

i know i won’t drink so what will i do?

stand and watch Luke have fun all night? No thank you.

I don’t know why but i was overwhelmed so i started to cry and i mean cry.

I stopped when i heard a car door open and close great my mum’s home.

I looked at my wardrobe filled with clothes but i have nothing to wear.

Nothing for a party anyway.

If i went would Luke kiss me then?

In my mind i kind of hope he will.

I tore my wardrobe apart trying to find something to wear, i finally by 8:40 i decided this black dress that i never wear and just my converse. I don’t own heels and i don’t think i could walk in them either.

it’s warm so..

It is the best i can do for this party where i have no idea where it is or who’s party it is.

I felt like texting Luke for advice but then i remember who he was and put my phone down.

i wanted to text Lauren so much but she knows nothing about what has been going on with Luke and she would probably freak and then hate me that i’m going to a party without her.

I put as much makeup on as i usually do and i was finally ready.

i was glad i only had soup for dinner so my stomach wasn’t bloated.

I just hope no one from school is here.

My phone vibrated and i saw i had a message from Luke

From Luke

“I see you’re ready, meet me outside”

I should have shut my curtains, i hope he wasn’t watching me get dressed.

I walked downstairs shouting into the living room to my mum that was i just going out, i didn’t hear her repily but i didn’t care what she said.

She would be proud that i was going to a party tonight.

After shutting the door and i turned around to see Luke standing by his motorcycle looking hot.

Look what he has done to me, a couple of days ago the word Hot would not be something i would describe him with.

I started walking towards him to see him holding two helmets..

There is no way in hell i am getting on his motorbike.

Once i got close to him he handed me one of the helmets but i just stood looking at him

“ What is this for?” I asked Luke looked confused and then said

“ It’s for protection and so I don’t get pulled over by the police, get on” Luke said gesturing to his motorcycle.

I backed up and said “ Oh no I’m not getting on that thing”

Luke got angry and grabbed my arm and said “ Don’t worry you’ll be safe”

then he lifted me up and sat me on his motorcycle.

Okay I could do this I think, Luke got on in front of me and I put the helmet on and he put his on.

He started up the motorcycle and I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed I was so scared.

I’ve never held onto someone more than i have being on Luke motorcycle with him, it was scary at first but i started to enjoy the thrill of course i wasn’t going to let Luke know that.

I have no clue where we are, i have been keeping my eyes close i don’t think we have been on the road for long and then i felt Luke slow down so i opened my eyes to see a big house.

This house looks amazing, whoever lives here is clearly rich or their parent’s are.

Luke parked the motorcycle and got off, i was about to get off but i fell on my arse instead, i heard Luke laugh at me and i quickly got up embarrassed.

The place was filled with people, once i took the helmet off all i could hear was the music blasting from inside the house.

“ Where are we?” I asked Luke, he strugged and said

“ a bit out of town, no one out of school will be here” I was happy about that or he could be lying to me

“ I hope your not going to drink” I said to Luke I didn’t want to die tonight he laughed and said

“ Don’t worry I won’t drink” I don’t know if I believe him but I followed him anyway when he made his way to the house.

I didn’t know how to act at party’s because i have never been to one and now i know why.

The music was way too loud for my ears, the smell of alcohol is something i won’t forget for a while and i’m only here and i want to leave already.

We got inside and this girl came over to Luke he put a arm around her waist and she whispered in his ear, i don’t think she knew i was here, i was standing like an idiot behind Luke.

He whispered to her back and then she looked at him weird and then disappeared into the crowd.

Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me with him until we got to a kitchen.

“ Are you okay?” he asked i looked at him weird and said

“ Yeah sure” i looked around not knowing what to do.

Luke handed me a red cup, i looked down at it not liking the colour or the smell off it and i said

“ I’m not drinking that”

“Why not? just have a little fun” Luke said back

I hesitated but then i figured i didn’t want to look like a loser at this party so i took a drink from whatever Luke gave me.

It burnt my throat at first but then it tasted nice surprisingly.

“ I’m going to the bathroom” Luke said and he walked away and out of the kitchen leaving me behind

okay then i’ll just stay here.

this place is crowded, i can barley move and i keep getting pushed out of the way by drunk people and couples.

I finished my drink and i wanted another so i figured Luke poured me one from this bottle so i picked it up and poured myself another drink.

I decided to go look around the house, i didn’t know where i was going.

I ended up in the living room where most of the noise was coming from and i looked around and i seen Luke in the corner talking to some girl up against the wall, i think it was Luke anyway.

He told me he was going to the bathroom? I was getting pissed so i downed my drink really fast and i felt the alcohol hit me but i didn’t care Luke said to have some fun and that’s what i was going to do even though i don’t know how to.

I was on the dance floor dancing with some guy i don’t know.

This was really fun i don’t know why i never came to party’s before.

the alcohol is taking an effect of me but i didn’t care i was really enjoying myself for the first time tonight, i don’t know how many drinks i’ve had but i know it’s more than 2.

the guy whispered in my ear but i couldn’t really hear him because of how loud the music was and then his hands gripped my hips pulling me closer and i was dancing against him along to the music.

he moved a piece of hair away from my neck and then i felt his lips on my neck, they weren’t like Luke’s i only wanted Luke’s lips on me so i pulled away and took his hands off me and i walked away from him.

i looked back and he was already busy with another girl, typical boys.

i started feeling overwhelmed and warm so i walked outside to get some air.

i was almost outside when i was grabbed by the arm and dragged outside, i couldn’t get to see who the person was until we stopped and a very angry looking Luke turned around to face me.

“Where the fuck did you go?” he said quiet loud

i couldn’t really see his face properly, my head was spinning and i feel sick

“I was enjoying myself just like you were with that girl” i said back to him

i finally stopped spinning and could see him properly his face was screwed up and then he said

“ I was dancing with this guy, what’s wrong you told me to enjoy myself?” i said back to him

“Enjoying yourself? what were you going dancing with some guy? i wasn’t with any girl i was looking for you this whole fucking time”

my eyes widened at his words he can’t be serious, i really did think it was him.. maybe it wasn’t.

but then i remembered this is Luke hemmings.

Luke’s Pov

i walked up stairs leaving Hailey looking around the place like she was lost,maybe bringing her here was a bad idea.

i went to the bathroom because i really needed to go, i just hope Hailey doesn’t do anything stupid.

once i was finished i walked out and was pushed against a wall by some blonde haired girl who i didn’t know.

“Hey Luke.. ” she said

her voice was annoying, i didn’t want her near me. She’s one of those clingy girls at partys who i usually go for because their an easy fuck but not right now

i have Hailey downstairs waiting for me and i am looking forward to dancing with her.

did i just say that?

“i need to go” i said the girl as i pushed her off me and i walked down the stairs.

Hailey wasn’t where i left her, oh no.


she should have came with me, good one Luke.

i checked the kitchen.. No Hailey.

i couldn’t see her in the living room because it was so packed.

i hope shes okay, she wouldn’t have went home with someone would she?

i hope fucking not.

i walked into the kitchen in search for a drink and then i remembered i said i wouldn’t drink, i just leaned against the counter and then i got my phone out and texted Hailey hoping she would answer my text

then a girl was in front of me, it was the same girl from up stairs.

“What do you want?” i asked her uninterested.

she wrapped her arms around me pulling herself closer to me and then she leaned up and whispered in my ear

“It’s what i can do to you” she said

then she kissed me.

she was a good kisser.

Hailey’s Pov

“ Ha i bet you have been when was that after you were chatting that girl up in the corner? or after you fucked her?” i said to him

i felt like i was going to be sick, i didn’t want to be here anymore

“What girl? i haven’t fucked anyone tonight, i went to the bathroom and i have been looking for you since"Luke said

i don’t believe him

” Can you take me home i don’t want to spend another minute here or with you" i said to him

i’ve enjoyed myself way too much and now i need to go home before i do or say anything else.

i turned around and walked away from Luke, i felt him behind me as we walked to his motorbike.

He probably doesn’t want to spend another minute with me either.

We got to his motorcycle and i was waiting for Luke to give me the helmet.

He just looked at me and then he said “ Did you like grinding on that guy?”

What? why does that matter?

“I did” I said back because i did i was having fun, Luke got closer to me and i stepped back i wasn’t sure what he was going to do.

Luke gripped my hips and turned me around and pulled me against him so quick i almost stopped breathing.

He was holding me against him and then he moved my hair to the side just like before and then he kissed my neck and then he whispered in my ear

“ Did he touch you like this” and then he moved his hands up and down my sides.

“ Not like that” i breathed out.

Luke continued to kiss my neck and move his hands up and down my sides and then suddenly he turned me around so we were face to face.

He backed me up until i got to his motorcycle and then he lifted me up onto and he came and stood between my legs.

I had to wrap my arms around him because i was afraid of falling again.

We were so close, was he going to kiss me?

“ Was he this close?” Luke said but I smelled something in his breath I didn’t like it he promised he wouldn’t drink and he lied.

I pushed him off me and I got off his bike

“You prick don’t touch me, take me home now” I was beyond mad right now I just wanted to go home.

Luke looked at me weird and then he started to walk back over to me, i didn’t want him to touch me again so i slapped him.

Something i have wanted to do for a long time.

“Argh what was that for?” Luke said holding his cheek that i just slapped.

It felt so good but i did feel bad for slapping him.

“I want you to take me home now” was all i said crossing my hands over my chest not wanting to spend another minute with him

“I haven’t done anything wrong,you’re the prick for slapping me” Luke said as he lifted his helmet

Is he seriously that stupid?!?

“ You’re the prick if you think I don’t smell alcohol from you, you promised you wouldn’t drink I bet you weren’t even fucking looking for me” I shouted back at Luke and then I turned and walked away from him a bit but he followed me of course

he pulled me back and said “ I didn’t drink but I did kiss a girl and she had been drinking I told you I wouldn’t drink and I didn’t ”

So he kissed another girl.. why the fuck did he bring me here?

i felt so shit.

i have dealt with people not wanting me all my life and this brought back all those feelings.

I turned around to Luke and said

“ Can you take me home please” Luke didn’t say anything he just turned around and walked to his bike.

we got home within an hour,Luke pulled up into his driveway and parked, I got of his bike and i handed him his helmet, Luke looked at me and i looked at him while it took the helmet off me.

Luke looked like he was about to say something but i didn’t want to hear it, i just turned around and walked to my house.

it was late but i didn’t care that it was a school night.

once i got to my room i jumped onto my bed and cried into my pillow.

what a fucking night.

Luke’s Pov

Where the fuck is she..

i have been searching this house and i can’t find her anywhere.

she wouldn’t have went home with someone, she wouldn’t be that stupid.

i walked out of the living room and then i saw her standing by the door


i walked straight over to her, she seems really drunk but i didn’t care.

she can’t fucking disappear like that, i grabbed her arm and dragged her outside until we were alone.

“Where the fuck did you go?” i said to her not caring if anyone heard me

she started spinning and i was tempted to put my arms around her but i stopped myself from doing it.

“I was enjoying myself just like you were with that girl” she said

what the hell is she talking about?

“Enjoying yourself? what were you going dancing with some guy? i wasn’t with any girl i was looking for you this whole fucking time” i said to her

she stopped spinning and she stood up straight, i’m impressed i thought she would have been sick by now.

“ Ha i bet you have been when was that after you were chatting that girl up in the corner? or after you fucked her?” she said

what the actual fuck is she talking about? did she kiss that blonde girl?

i didn’t fuck her i only kissed her to get her away from me.

“What girl? i haven’t fucked anyone tonight, i went to the bathroom and i have been looking for you since"i said to her

she looked away from me and then she said

” Can you take me home i don’t want to spend another minute here or with you"

i didn’t want to go home just yet.

i looked down at her dress, god she looks so hot in this.

i hate that the fact some guy had his hands all over her, only i should do that

she turned away from me and walked away in direction of where my motorbike was, i wasn’t going to take her home just yet.

she turned around and stared at me once we stood at my motorbike and then i spoke without realising what i was saying

“ Did you like grinding on that guy?”

why did i ask that?

her eyes widened and she said “I did”

she’s mine.

i gripped her hips and turned around facing away from me, her heart was beating so fast i couldn’t help but smirk thinking about what i could do to her.  

i moved a piece of her hair away from her neck and then i planted a soft kiss on her neck making her close her eyes, god she is so god damn hot.

“ Did he touch you like this” i whispered in her ear

i kissed another spot on her neck and then she spoke

“ Not like that”

fuck her voice sounded so sexy

i turned her around not being able to take it anymore, i needed her lips on me now.

i backed her up until we were at my motorbike not breaking eye contact with her showing her i wanted her and then i lifted her up onto my motorbike and i stood between her legs but i wasn’t going to kiss her just yet.

she wrapped her arms around my neck and fuck me i could feel myself getting hard, her legs were wrapped around my hips making her dress move up her legs, i could almost see her knickers.

“ Was he this close?” i whispered to her

i looked down at her lips wanting to kiss her so bad and then she pushed me away from her and she jumped down from the bike and said

“You prick don’t touch me, take me home now”

what the hell?

i done nothing to her, i started walking towards her again and then she slapped me.

she slapped me hard.

“Argh what was that for?"i asked her

fuck my cheek hurts so much.

"I want you to take me home now” she said looking dead serious

“I haven’t done anything wrong,you’re the prick for slapping me” i said to her feeling angry.

i lifted my helmet so i could put it on, i didn’t want to be here with her any longer if shes going to hit me for fuck all

“ You’re the prick if you think I don’t smell alcohol from you, you promised you wouldn’t drink I bet you weren’t even fucking looking for me” she shouted at me

i was beyond pissed.

“ I didn’t drink but I did kiss a girl and she had been drinking I told you I wouldn’t drink and I didn’t ” i said to her

she didn’t look at me as i spoke and then she said

“ Can you take me home please”

i heard the sadness in her voice


i got on my motorbike handing her a helmet then i felt her get on, better than earlier.

once we got home and i stopped the motorbike she got off and i took off my helmet and she handed me hers, i wanted to pull her close but she turned around and walked away before i could.

i just watched her walked away and into her house.

i really fucked up.

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