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Legolas reports back to his father.

Quick warm up to get the hang of drawing Takumi


The Jedi Shmi AU by MirandaTam ( @mirandatam)
   It’s grown since I last recced it! Follows Shmi Skywalker through
   the plot of TPM and beyond. Five complete fics and nope, I’m
   two behind; looks like the 8th is currently in progress.
 Gen, all audiences rating, canon pairings (+looks like a new one
   coming up in the next installment, Adi Gallia/Shmi Skywalker),
   190,000ish words.

The problem with receiving a Good Classical Education is that I’m going to college in a few weeks and this is going to be my fourth time reading the Lattimore translation of the Illiad for school.

i’m i the only one that has a hard time starting new books because you know they will never top those books you loved so you spend half the time rereading those books and the other half wishing you could read them all over again for the first time


“Arguably, the first being the most important, read it for us, Mr. Simms.”

College Textbook Lifehacks

Okay so it’s not the beginning of a semester but whatever. While I’m thinking about it, let me, a bonafide degree holder learn you some knowledge about college textbooks so you don’t have to take out a mortgage or try to short the market just so you can have a $1,000 paperweight that you never read.

Rule #1 I don’t care what your syllabus says or what your pre-semester welcome email from your professor says or what the bookstore website says, don’t buy the book before classes begin. Show up the first day and ask the professor if the book is necessary for passing the class. Sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes the professor teaches from his or her own memory and never consults the course textbook. If this is the case, unless you just love reading textbooks or want to keep them for whatever occupation you pursue once you have your degree, don’t get the book and save yourself some money. If he or she can teach the course without a book, you can pass it without a book.

Rule # 2 If your professor’s response is yes, you absolutely do need the book, ask him or her how different the required issue is from previous issues. Book publishers are dirty swindlers and will release a new edition of each book every year or two. Often times the new edition has minor changes like maybe now chapter 14 is split up into two chapters or they changed a couple of the review questions. If an older edition will suffice, just like iPhones, they will be a lot cheaper than the newest edition and you have a better chance of finding an even cheaper used copy which brings me to rule 3.

Rule # 3 Don’t buy the books from your university. Like publishing companies, universities also tend to be dirty swindlers. Copy the ISBN listed for your textbook and paste that shit into a site like or where you will find discounted versions of most every textbook. You could also try to torrent them off of those sketchy russian sites that are listed under that post with the “Leak college textbook PDF’s not nudes” tweet but when that doesn’t work, you go to those sites I listed. Now you have to choose what quality you want, this is important because it can affect the resale value which I’ll talk about later. Obviously the higher the quality (New, Used-Like New etc.) will give you book without creases, markings etc. but will be more expensive. If you don’t care about this (again I’ll explain why you might care in rule 4), maybe go for the rental if the rental is cheaper than purchasing a high quality book-ONLY DO THIS IF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT RESALE AND DON’T TEND TO MARK IN YOUR BOOKS. Otherwise, the choice is yours. Now you might ask, what will I do for the two weeks it takes to ship my book? This is where making friends in class comes in handy, just ask them to borrow their book for the time being, or better yet, if you have a close friend already in the class, split the cost of the book 50/50 and share it. If neither of these options work for you, visit your professor in his or her office hours, give them some BS like “I’m so sorry professor, I think I mixed up the shipping and billing address so it’s taking forever for the book to get here boo hoo feel bad for me.” Usually, professors have no problem photocopying the first chapter of the book for you or will be a little lenient with deadlines for the whole class if you’re not the only one. This is fun because not only do you get away with not buying the book right away, but you’re a hero for your class.

Rule #4 Even though it’s the beginning of the semester, think ahead to the end of the semester. Your university is going to offer to buy back your books at the end of the semester. Do not sell them your books, I repeat DO NOT SELL THEM YOUR BOOKS. Those dirty swindlers that sold you an overpriced book a few months ago? Yeah they’re going to buy it back for $5.00 or less. I don’t care if it’s a 10 lb, 700 page biology textbook that’s still in the plastic wrap, you will get jipped. Sell them on amazon. Seller accounts are free and though you aren’t likely to get 100% of what you paid for it back, you will make much more money selling there than you would to the school. If you bought the higher quality book and kept it in decent shape, you’ll get some good beer money. If you went with the $0.99 acceptable condition book, maybe don’t try and sell it on amazon because you’ll pay more to ship it than you’ll receive profit this is why it’s important to take into consideration whether or not you think you will mark up your book. Rentals are cheaper than buying new but you can’t mark them and can’t sell them but don’t worry, there’s other places you can sell your book if you bought a crappy one. Find out if your school has a student run for sale Facebook group (hint, it probably does, especially if you’re at a large state-school), advertise your books on the page and sell them for cash to a fellow student. 

Rule #5 Sorry to say, but these rules don’t work for every course. You might have that dick of a professor that wrote his or her own book and makes you buy it which means you can’t find it on any third party website. When this happens, the most you can do is see if someone who has already taken the course still has their book so you can buy it from them. You can also leave a scathing review during evaluations at the end of the semester and on which may not do much but is good for the soul. 

Also, especially for labs and beginning language courses, you may need to buy a workbook. Used ones are hard to come by but they do exist thanks to people like me who do their assignments on a separate sheet of paper so they don’t have to mark up the textbook and can resell it later (I advise doing this). This works for language courses, I don’t know how well it works for labs since I am not a science student, if it does work-sweet and if not-I’m truly sorry.

These are my rules and I promise they work. If any one else has additional hacks that they’ve figured out I’d love to hear them! Seriously, doing these things saved me an ass-load of money. 


Merlin + Arthurian quotes

“Have you really been locked in a cave for eleven hundred years?
"Thereabouts, yes.”
She whistled. “You must be the horniest bastard on the face of the earth.”
The expression on his face did not change, but he said, “Gwen, would you mind waiting here a moment?”
Arthur stepped back and went into another room. She pricked up her ears and heard the sound of pages turning. She heard him mumble “Horn…horned…hornet,” like someone skimming through a dictionary to find a word he did not comprehend. She stifled a desperate urge to giggle. There was a momentary pause in the page turning, and then she heard the book close. She fought to keep a straight face but felt the sides of her mouth turning up involuntarily.
Arthur came back into the room and faced her, looking deadly serious. “Gwen,” he said with great solemnity.
“Yes, Arthur?”
“You’re right.”
They both dissolved into laughter.
Peter David | Knight Life


So it’s true. When all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.E.A. Bucchianeri

Aaah i finally have holidays too for the next two weeks!
Im kinda proud at myself bc in the past half a year i was only missing work like for two days when i was sick, but when i was in high school i missed almost every week bc of depression anxiety sickness etc.. and now im not even feeling that much stressed comparing to when i was in school…

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Hello~ love your blog btw. It's 11:03 pm and I'm getting ready to try and taking a cleansing bath. Too much negativity lately. Thinking about reading up on my patron deity since I got a new book in regarding her recently :D Hope you can sleep well ~

Ohhhh, that sounds lovely. I hope good things come to you ~

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Do you think they are really switching/signing to Azoff or ?! What are your thoughts on that subject if you don't mind me asking :)

I really think they are.

Everything to me has been pointing in that direction (excuse the pun). I’ve been noticing the patterns since Midnight Memories got released, and since then, anything that has continued to happened, has reassured me of that fact. 

I’ve been a part of a transfer in power many times before. You notice certain trends. For example, the old will continue to hold on to what is theirs and make as many irreparable decisions as possible. I don’t know where you’re from, but it reminds me of the time before a new president comes into power, he’ll appoint a good number of people to different positions or sign new legislature that has been sitting around, all because the new person will have to deal with it. It’s not necessarily damaging, just bothersome to deal with if the new person doesn’t agree. 

The term power struggle has been popping up more frequently lately, and I think it captures what I believe to be happening behind the scenes quite nicely. There is a shift in image, marketing, music, tweeting–everything really. I remember when Zayn tweeted “ask me if I give a motherfuck” and earlier in the week (I believe) Liam tweeted something with a curse word, and I thought, that’s different.

Things are happening that haven’t occurred since early 2012. One of the biggest things, has been the articles coming back out. Wether it is PR or Modest, they are loosing the hold they used to have on the media. Starting this year, articles were being published linking Harry and Louis’ names together, even in the annual we saw that, when Louis mentioned that he loved poking Harry’s face. 

Understand, I am not trying to say that Modest is homophobic, what I am saying is that they are seeing their prized act leaving, and they are trying to get as much from them as possible. Which is why we got fragrances, a make up line, a new book, blah blah blah. I think between September of last year to this year, we’ve had 3 perfumes, 2 books, 2 annuals, and a make up line…oh don’t forget the cool colorful shoes! That’s all me discounting albums, movies, and a tour. All of this shoved down our throats because it all comes down to money!

This is a classic buyout, in my opinion. When that is happening, some things slip through the cracks. An article here, a tweet there. And in a buyout, there are any compromises–think PR Stunts and Elounor. For example, I’ll let you go to Jay’s wedding, but only if you have a date and you get pictured with Paige later, or we can keep Eleanor busy and away from you, but only if you have lunch with her in a public place and she rides up with you to the hotel. 

At the same time, the boys are not faltering. They are under advisement, wether that is Azoff or someone else, we can only infer, but a very long answer to your short question: yes I do think we can remain optimistic in a change.

Jimmy Palmiotti on Harley Quinn: Publishers Are Learning That People Want Comics to Be Fun Again"

The June sales numbers were published today and to no one’s surprise the new JRJR/Geoff Johns Superman reboot was in the top 5 comics. But what may be a surprise to some is the comic that was in the slot above it - Harley Quinn. Despite a controversial start last year, the book has climbed the charts each month and has become a huge sales hit for DC Comics. I chatted with Jimmy Palmiotti about the book as well as Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego which is out Wednesday.

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this girl in my class became a total Sherlock fan last week and that’s basically all she talks about now, and today I heard her say how she right after The Reichenbach Fall watched The Empty Hearse because she couldn’t bear the cliffhanger of s2


I felt like trying out some things and found my inner villain along the way

When I first read Originals I couldn’t help but take notes. What I jotted down was essentially a to-do list for how I could be more creative, how I could think up and then communicate new ideas.

But the book — written by Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania — is not just a guide for adults.

Its pages are littered with interesting advice on how teachers and parents can encourage and cultivate their kids to be original, too.

Grant writes about the importance of getting kids to take risks, to embrace their own curiosity and to be confident in where their minds wander. So how can adults create spaces and cultures of originality to breed these new ideas?

How Adults Can Encourage Kids To Be Original Thinkers

Illustration: Sam Rowe for NPR

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I always loved Brandon's works, what's the illustration you loved the most in TLOS4? thank you, i love you!

All the covers in the series are spectacular. There have been a few illustrations that have made me tear up. I think the cover of my new book “Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty” is pretty amazing.