thinking they would all die at the end LOL

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I had this crazy dream that I was in columbine, or seeing through the eyes of each victim as I saw Eric and Dylan point and shoot. Cackling, tormenting, etc. But then whenever I met eyes with the boys, they still had this bit of life in them. Then bang bang. I was gone. Then I woke up. I always wonder what they thought before they killed themselves. What the last looks they exchanged were. If they said anything to one another at the last few moments that we don't know of.

i used to have reoccurring dreams about the library shooting all the time except i was myself rather than one of the victims and i always ended up dying lol. i’d always feel myself die too, it was so weird like the dream would fade to black but i would still be thinking “oh my god im dead” and then i would wake up, it was so weird.

but yeah i wonder the same a lot myself. personally i don’t think they said much, because i think they were defeated and exhausted and just wanted it to be over with so i dont think there were any poignant last words or anything, but i do wonder if they looked at one another of gave any body language cues or anything. i also wonder a lot about what dylan was thinking after eric shot himself. like did he look at the body or did he actually see it or? i know he was sitting with his back to eric but i wonder if he did that so he didn’t see or so that he wouldn’t have to look any more. theres just so many unanswered questions and it fucks me up that we’ll probably never know.

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I think the most characters I've ever seen die during a soap disaster was four and one of those four wasn't even a member of the main cast. So for this accident I'm thinking 3 at the most. But 17?????LOL isn't that like everyone.

Yeah I’m thinking 4 for this disaster, and obviously not all 4 will be major. 17 is a joke lmao no way. The show would end.

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Wait, nisha, I just thought of something- so because of this sleeping beauty thingy for Elena, Bonnie can't become a witchpire anymore :/ she obviously won't die bc they can't have Nina back in the show. Possibly if she did transition, both she and Elena would die because it would count as a "loophole" like Kai said? I feel like this might be a possible ending... Damon losing both of the women he loves, laying in the street alone. Idk, I'm thinking out loud lol

Yeah, JP tweeted a reply to someone that basically said turning Bonnie would be one of the “workarounds” that Kai mentioned that would end up killing them both. 

Alas poor witchpire!Bonnie theory. We knew ye not all that well, bc canon is vague on the specifics of the siphoning ability and now you’re a total impossibility.