thinking they would all die at the end LOL

moms officially a walker

and by that, i mean a fan.

my mom finished the series. she loves richonne and  Sasha x Abraham (sasham?) she knew he loved her before they got together, too so she has a great sense of shipping lol. she still adores daryl and has an on and off affection for rick. but her faves are michonne, sasha, abraham, eugene, gabriel, glenn, and her absolute favorite of all is morgan (which is one of my faves, too). 

but anyway, i showed her the audio from the season 6 finale that ended up not being in the actual episode  and she thinks she hears “rick” and “dad” being screamed (all i hear is maggie screaming glenn) but negan says feed carl’s other eye to rick if anyone does anything so i know thats wrong lol. i asked her who she would prefer to die and she cannot pick at all. she’s a spoiler fanatic so she doesnt care for spoilers at all and has been looking up who’s been on set and stuff and she knows people are saying it’s down to glenn and abraham.

i have been steering clear of spoilers pretty much this whole time so im not sure how legit those claims are but i really really hope they’re wrong


can’t wait for season seven’s start. its been just me and my sister watching since 2013 and now with my mom watching it’ll feel like a family gathering again