thinking they would all die at the end LOL

Omegaverse AU

There are a lot of variations of Omegaverse that nobody seems to agree upon…Should everyone be more of a were-animal type human? Or is everyone strictly human? Do female Alphas have dicks or do they just have the Alpha scent and instinct? How many dynamics are there?

Well, for this month I’m going to use my own form of Omegaverse so that requesters aren’t confused as to what kind of Omegaverse to use! Buckle the fuckle up *evil laughter*. In the Haiykuties variation of the Omegaverse, the humans are strictly that. There are no werewolves or other type of were-animal.

What is Omegaverse?

Omegaverse is a alternate universe where humans in society evolved to have the social/biological hierarchy of wolves. The hierarchy is as follows, from highest (or most dominant) to lowest (or least dominant); Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

Alpha- The Alpha dynamic is the most dominant dynamic. They are the ones with the most aggressive and protective instincts. They are larger and stronger, and they are the most dominant in bed. Their scents are usually strong and tend to make those less dominant than them want to submit.

Beta- Betas are basically considered to be like the “normal humans” of Omegaverse. Their dominance tendencies vary like regular humans. Male betas are large, but not as large as Alphas and same could be said of Female betas and Omegas. They are generally the middle ground and are more abundant than Alphas and Omegas. Their scents are usually softer than Alpha scents but still kinda sharp (think “fresh rain”)  and can calm down scared Omegas and enraged Alphas.

Omega- Omegas are the most submissive of these roles. They are the ones who are timid and nurturing. You’ll often find that the other dynamics gravitate toward them, not just for their personalities, but also for their scents, which are naturally sweeter than the other two.

(A little side note/disclaimer: These traits I listed are just traits that the dynamics tend to lean towards. Timid Alphas exist and so do Fiery Omegas)

What is the difference in biology?

The biology in Omegaverse can get a little confusing because instead of having one sex, people have two; gender and dynamic. The gender of a person is either female or male ( if they want to be nonbinary that’s fine too), which is used for how they present themselves to the world, and the dynamic is either alpha, beta, or omega, which is how they reproduce.

First thing first, parents usually can tell the gender of their child at birth, and they could pay extra to find out the dynamic of their child early. If they don’t want to do that, dynamics usually present themselves 2-3 years after puberty, after pubescents grow into their “adult” bodies . Scents will change, Alphas will have Ruts and Omegas will have their first Heats.

Beta biology is pretty black and white. Since they are closest to what a “normal human” is, they reproduce how a straight couple reproduces; men have penises and women have uteri. Betas do not have Heats nor Ruts, as they are fertile year-round.

Alpha and Omega dynamics are a little more complicated in biology

Alpha- Alphas are guaranteed to be pumped full of testosterone (hence, why they’re so aggressive), but depending on their gender, their penis will either be prominent (males) or retractable (females). Female Alphas do still have a uterus, but they’re usually smaller, while their penis is located where a normal clitoris is. Female Alphas can get pregnant, but it is super rare as their uterus is smaller with less of a chance of a fertilized egg to stick. An Alpha’s penis in general is larger than a Beta’s, and it is the only kind that will “knot” during sex (which means that the base will enlarge and keep them inside an Omega after cumming). This gives them a better chance for reproducing. Alphas also go through a Rut, meaning that their testosterone is at its highest. This is similar to an Omega’s Heat in that it heightens an Alpha’s sex drive, but it also makes them more aggressive and possessive than usual.

Omegas- Omegas are the ones who have the most estrogen in their body and are able to get pregnant and give birth. The difference between female and male Omegas are where their vagina is located. A female Omegas’ entrance to their vagina is through the vulva (so basically like a Beta female), while Male Omegas have a cloacae that leads to both their vagina and their rectum (which is closed off during their Heat). Male Omegas do have a penis and can impregnate another person, but it is super rare as their sperm are weaker than their eggs.

(side note: A Cloacae is a common cavity at the end of the digestive tract for the release of both excretory and genital products in vertebrates. Yes, it is a real thing. Yes, I’m shocked too.)


Omegas all have Heats, which are when they’re at their most fertile. Heats (and Ruts) last for about 3-4 days, and they happen once every couple of months. When an Omega starts their Heat, their scent will get strong enough to make all Alphas in the vicinity go crazy with the need to mate immediately. An Omega’s Heat is probably more potent than an Alpha’s Rut, as Omegas will have a multitude of symptoms that won’t go away until they are mating.

Symptoms of an Omega’s Heat would be:

  • Sweating profusely
  • More natural lubrication (both can cause dehydration)
  • A strong urge to be dominated
  • Lack of rational thoughts (other than sex) called Heat Delirium
  • Hard cramps
  • Increased sensitivity to touch

Heats are usually very painful for an Omega when they don’t have a mate or even toys to help them through it. Omegas can take suppressants to skip their Heats, but that can come with a danger of becoming infertile if they take suppressants too often. Instead, most Omegas like to shut themselves up for their Heats and wade it out with some toys (or their mate if they have one). Every building (even schools and universities) has emergency sound and scent-proof “Heat Rooms” should an Omega start their Heat unexpectedly. They do have the option of birth control through the pill, which is popular among younger Omegas, but it does come with some side effects, such as a change in smell, less intense heats (only by a small amount), and mood swings (much like regular birth control, everyone reacts to it differently, so there are more symptoms).

Pair Bond

A unique part of Omegaverse biology is the ability to pair-bond with each other, meaning they’ll combine scents through a process to become permanently bonded with each other as mates. Everyone in the Omegaverse has a gland near their neck that produces pheromones and doubles as their way to pair-bond. The pair-bond usually manifests emotionally first before the couple can claim each other (through biting each other’s glands), otherwise the process wouldn’t work and no bond would be established. This prevents Omegas from being bonded against their will.

How does Society cope with these dynamics?

Historically, society hasn’t had a good handle on these dynamics, resulting in too many Omega rapes, sex trades, and arranged marriages, resulting in an abundant number of suicides. On the Alpha side, too many Alphas were murdered in an attempt to win over Omegas, brutal violence was commonplace, and their aggressiveness was encouraged as a sign of strength.

Timid Omegas and Aggressive Alphas were seen as the most desirable traits for those presentations, leaving no room for variation of personality at the risk of being looked down upon.

As society became more modernized, more laws have come about to make sure every person is safe. Alpha aggressiveness became less idolized in favor of self control, since controlling one’s instincts is harder than succumbing to them. Rape, arranged marriages, and sex trades were outlawed. Mental health is taken just as seriously as physical ailments.

In the event of Heats, there always has to be a Beta on scene to calm any tensions between Alphas in the vicinity (since Beta scent is naturally soothing). The Omega is questioned to see how aware they are, and if they are found to have already succumbed to Heat Delirium, then their families, friends, or mates (whatever contact of choice) are called to help take them back home. On site Betas are responsible for taking them to the closest Heat Room until the Omega’s contact shows up. Alphas are to be kept away from the Omega unless the Omega gives permission for an Alpha of choice to mate them.

In the event of Ruts, Alphas are restrained by any surrounding Betas and taken to a Heat Room to reduce the chance of an Alpha attempting to force themselves on any surrounding Omegas. They can either request a punching bag or a sex toy to help them through their Rut, but when they calm down they are escorted home. If an Omega volunteers to *ahem* help an Alpha through their Rut, the Alpha can either accept or decline their offer. Since Alphas don’t suffer from Heat Delirium, they are able to make (somewhat) rational decisions and show some restraint, raging hormones aside. These guidelines are taught to teenagers of every dynamic, both before and after they present.

In the event of a duel between Alphas because of a dispute, Alphas are to be supervised by other Alphas and Betas, so as they could be stopped before one of them dies. These duels have to be reported to the authorities beforehand by one of the supervising Betas/Alphas should the duel end in a stalemate, which then they would settle it legally. They also report it so that the authorities can provide the Alphas with an on-site doctor. If they don’t report their duel beforehand, it’ll be considered assault and all parties will be arrested. (I want to say that the duel guidelines follow a similar format to the “Ten Dual Commandments”….except it’s legal and without pistols lol….and they don’t die (hopefully)). Some people think this is barbaric, but Alphas seem to like this method better than have it drawn out for months until one of them snaps. Duels are more common among younger Alphas.

Nowadays, all the dynamics are welcomed to be themselves, whether an Alpha is naturally timid or shy, or an Omega is fiery and aggressive. People are complex and they should not be completely reduced to their instincts.

Additional Info

Heat Rooms are fully stocked with water (that risk of dehydration tho), snacks, blankets, sterilized sex toys, and they have a bathroom with a shower.

(I might have missed things, so send me specific questions about Omegaverse if you want to know!)

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Dean shouldn't grieve how we expect, the beer and girls, that's what the GA has seen.But Dean ignoring when Sam brings up Cas, like he didn't die? Pretending everything is fine, but he's clearly numb? That's what would make the GA sit up and take notice. And then when Dean finally faces that Cas is dead? Have the fallout worse than anything before. Because he watched the man he loved die, there's no normal after that. This is what I want, fuck me up Dabb.

Lol. It could be a bunch of things right now, they could take it in a lot of different ways, but it would all end up at the same point, to make it obvious to the GA that it is romantic distress. I’m going to add here, after a recent conversation that yes of course it will start out as grief for both Mary and Cas, but I absolutely think it will and should evolve past this, perhaps Mary comes back first and Dean is still grieving or there are a multitude of MotW romantic partners to parallel the loss or… whatever, there has to be a difference between the mission to get Mary back and the utter grief at losing Cas.

Really, I think Dean has to channel a bit of John here, given how much we are subverting season 1 and going back to the beginning and given that Dean literally just told Mary that John was a shell. I think we need Dean to be a shell and for Sam to tell him he’s acting like John at some point, probably in the depression stage of grief, which is further towards the end. Dean also told Mary that he’s made deals for the people he loves in the past… which I can’t help but link to the bargaining stage.

However BEFORE this, I do think it would potentially make a lot of sense for Dean to revert to the past, in the denial stage, because yeah we might see it as a coping mechanism but I don’t think the GA necessarily do, they really don’t realise how much the waitresses and porn star and the amazon for example come particularly at a point when he’s in deep emotional distress, often about Cas. A lot of them think Dean is a bit of a womaniser, jeez, the dude has less than 1 one night stand a year and every time he’s sweet, gentle and caring, give a guy a break.

From what I’ve seen on twitter they just don’t see it, I even saw someone saying Dean is a RAPIST because he lies about his JOB to these girls, I mean JFC… A lot of people think he is just after sex and don’t realise he’s an emotional mess on these occasions and just needs affection and human contact and he’s so good to these women, they all leave happy and satisfied. 

So it makes sense that they make it blatant now, that he’s hurting and needs sex/drink to dull the pain and feel loved and cared for for just a moment, in order to make them think about the times before, to mirror them. That is what Dabb has been doing for a ton of season 12 and he loves mirrors to the past to show character traits and growth so… I wouldn’t be surprised if we did and I kind of look forward apprehensively to my inbox blowing up if we see promos of Dean getting with 3 different girls in a run of a few episodes and everyone being like “nooo they’re no-homo-ing it again!” and I will be here rocking with glee because it’s precisely the opposite.

But hey, who knows, it’s just wild speculation and like I say, they may not, but either way I think whatever they do it should lead to making it clear that he has used this as coping mechanisms in the past and they’re no longer working and he wants to get past it now. 

So, for me, it does make sense either for it to happen off the bat, for him to react totally differently to before thanks to 12x22, OR he has to go through this regression to make it blatant to the GA, to through these things, then realise it’s not working… THEN it’s time for Dean to finally address how he feels and fall apart.

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What did you think of Mona's ending? I know a lot of people are happy about it but I'm a bit disappointed. I wanted Mona to succeed in the real world and be free of the A game. She does have worthy prisoners, but it just seemed like the show wouldn't ever let her fully recover, which I feel like is especially problematic as they revealed that Charlotte was never truly reformed either. And Alex was unabashedly evil. It just seems that if you're bad once you're bad forever- unless you're Ezra.

So, I’m really torn. On one hand, I think it was amazing, I think that was one of the best parts of the finale too, but at the same time, I agree. For me, her winning would be having a successful life in the real world, having friends who love her and cherish her and treat her the way they should. I think she was kind of robbed of that in the end. So I don’t know, on one hand it was fitting but on the other hand it’s not exactly what I was hoping for Mona. I think I was mostly happy she didn’t die that I just didn’t even think about it tbh lol 

But you’re right, the only villains who have ever been redeemed in like a “he was bad once but we all forgave him” kind of way have been men. Really primarily Ezra.

Autostraddle mentioned, and I think they’re spot on, that somewhere along the way, as the show got more and more popular, the network wanted to stray away from the lgbt storylines, the deep character storylines, and it was kind of all about making sure people like Ezra get redeemed. And I said it to Jordan after the finale, what they did to Aria’s character was horrendous.

She started out as a three dimensional character, someone with personality. And by the end of the show, she was stripped of almost all of that. Her sole purpose in the finale was to worry about Ezra and cry about him. She was made the love interest on her own show. She was Ezra’s love interest – he was no longer hers. And I think that just goes to show what the network wanted. 

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What would happen to Grell if William or Ronald died?

Oh boy what a sad one (I love it! 😆)

If Ronald died, I think Grell would miss him a lot seeing as he was her only real friend (in my opinion, Grell is kind of abrasive and obnoxious to others- not always meaning to be!- and Ronald is easygoing and just a good guy who likes to include everyone, who grows very fond of Grell). She would mourn for him for a length of time, visit his grave every now and then.. I think their bond was like a mix of bffs and mother/son.

If William died tbh I don’t think Grell would deal with it well at all. She would withdraw completely and maybe even lose touch with all reality. I can see her stretched across his grave, refusing to eat. I could also see her suffering a psychotic break that won’t end, claiming William is still alive and not giving up his body 😰. lol I think William might actually pray she’d die first because he’s afraid of what Grell will become or how she will fare after he passes (even though Will’s life after Grell dies would be really bleak :( )

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What do u think abt all the Ke/ith x lo/tor ships happening now? Personally I'm ?? Bc clearly ke/ith hates him?? And they've never had any interaction? Is it bc he prevented ke/ith from sacrificing himself?

lotor is still a villain like he clearly has a plan, did u see his fucking face at the end of s4? bitch isn’t going to have a redemption arc. he’s cunning and manipulative. it’s not like he even KNEW that keith was about to die, it was just perfect timing lol. even if he did, he would have only done so because it’d be useful for him to manipulate the team. all paladin/lotor ships are garbage.

Bullied (Jimin)

Originally posted by mn-yg

Genre: Angst Angsty angst angst

Word Count:1,397

Request: Can I please have an imagine where y/n is getting shit ton of hate and its the worst its ever been and she calls jimin saying she loves him and hangs up, and when the guys show them the comments they rush back to basically stop her from whatever she was trying to do to herself? Its angsty and triggering i know and im sorry

A/n: I hope you enjoy reading it! Sorry it took so long to write, and I hope it was exactly what you hoped for!~Joy

Warnings: Mentions of attempt Suicide 

Your phone kept ringing at work today, you knew what you should have done, shut down your phone and just continue to have a peaceful day at work, but you left it on. Some of your co-workers started to notice, asking  you about how your phone kept vibrating but you smiled and lied to them, saying it was just your boyfriend, Jimin, who was on a day off trying to get your attention. You wished you could tell them what was really going on, but they would just scold you saying that you were a child and not suitable to work at such a professional place because of drama you got stirred up in. They just laughed back, and smiled “Boyfriends are always so hectic” Minhee giggled, you only gave her a smile.

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Miss Jess, may I please ask which characters from Discworld you would most like to see pop into Middle Earth for a crossover? (or vice versa!): also, might one please ask where you think this/these crossover(s) should take place?

I thought about this for way too long, and then I realised - it’s obvious.

I would like to see Discworld Death show up at every single Silmarillion death.

Fëanor’s death:


Fëanor: I absolutely REFUSE to die quietly!! I will end in flame or not at all!!!


Fëanor: Nope.


Finrod’s death:


Finrod: Thank you.


Finrod: Lol, probably.

Túrin’s death:


Túrin: Wait…you know me?


Túrin:…you’re welcome?

Beren and Lúthien‘s deaths:


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Got7 mtl to be the first one to die in a zombie apocalypse lol

Omo .. they’d all .. I’m dying ..

Jackson (He’d probably wouldn’t even know a apocalypse was going on)

BamBam (He’d dab himself from all the zombies thinking it’ll protect him)

Youngjae (poor baby would run in circles thinking ‘didn’t I just see that rock ?, probably not’)

Yugyeom (Omg he’d try to set a payback hidden camera and end up being eaten)

Jinyoung (He’d probably overthink everything and like try to set up a trap only to forget about it and walk into it himself)

Jaebum (He’d try to fight all the zombies tbh)

Mark (He’d actually hide somewhere and look for help logically)


Feelings about the Izetta Finale



-The battle scenes were super intense and COOL AF, lots of fun to watch even as I was SCREAMING at the TV “SHE BETTER NOT DIE I S2G”

-The continuation of the scene from ep. 11 on the mountain was SO EMOTIONAL.


-Okay, ALL of the scenes where Finé is v. emotional and crying about her wife GUTTED me.  It was almost too much, I didn’t bargain for lesbian tears on this level, guys.  But it definitely cements how strong their emotional attachment is, so I guess that’s something?  Even though I can really only take so much in the way of sad lesbians ;0;

-Bianca is always insanely attractive and her black suit was not fair.

-I was v. mad before the end scene we get, I thought she had died.  I know that was the point, to scare the ever-loving shit out of us, but like damn.  Ya’ll are gonna give me a queer heart attack.

-Slightly sad we didn’t get a kiss or that the ending scene wasn’t a little more sweepingly romantic.  But that wasn’t super likely in the first place.  AND we do still get a lot of romantic scenes in other episodes (EP 11!!). The conversation with Izetta and Sophie is pretty clear as well, they’re actively talking about their attachments to the people they love.  So.   The show has really only built on the connection between Izetta and Finé, and the writers build HEAVILY on it.  There’s no hint of any other love interest for either Izetta or Finé, which is AWESOME. AND THEY DIDN’T DIE.  So like I can always hope for it to be more gay, but it ended a lot more positively than I expected.  (let me have my gay trash, it’s all I got)  I think it’s still so heavily implied (is it really only implied?  More like basically canon with plausible deniability only for assholes) it would be VERY difficult for someone to claim they’re just gals being pals.  I mean, an asshole could still claim “LOL THEY’RE NOT GAY” maybe, but it would b a huge stretch at this point.

-Sucks a little that our only on-screen gay kiss is v creepy and violent and about the villain character weh.  



-UM.  Is that corgi Dorothée or one of Dorothée’s corgi descendants?  Because if it’s Dorothée  THAT IS A VERY OLD AND VERY SPRY CORGI.

-My wife and I SCREAMED so loud when we saw Izetta and her lil red hair and dumb naruto shoes that our roommate came out to see if we were okay and if any of the characters had died because we warned him we were going to be watching a v emotional and gay finale.  

-So like.  Is it implied that Finé lives at the cottage most of the time when she can?  Does she just visit frequently?  I refuse to believe she visits infrequently absolutely not.  She has a suitcase?  This was three years later, maybe now she’ll have even more time there since the war is done and stuff?  I JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH TIME SHE GETS TO SPEND LIVING HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH HER WIFE I KNOW SHE’S A HEAD OF STATE AND HAS WORK TO DO BUT THEY DESERVE TIME TO B HAPPY LESBIANS THEY’VE DONE SO MUCH.

-I don’t, unfortunately, think we’ll get another season and another chance at seeing them be even more gay together.  They’ve removed Izetta’s reason to be involved in conflict since magic is now not a thing anymore.   And since the whole thing was set during the war and the war is over, I don’t think there would be anything to go on.  I think any scenes implying future conflict is just to display that hey war will always happen, there will always be other wars and stuff.

-I do like the way they’ve arranged everything, though, it makes sense.  Izetta has to be hidden, like the rest of the world can’t know she’s still alive.  And I love the dialogue we get where Izetta knows that Finé, as a head of state, has to make decisions that look out for the safety of the entire country, not just one person. So Izetta will have to live separately to a) ensure her safety and b) allow Finé to govern since there will b times she has a lot of shit to do. So the way the ending deals with everything makes sense.  And cool that Izetta is understanding of that?  Doesn’t hold that against Finé?  Finé also understands that she’s asked a lot of Izetta and never expects her to do all the stuff she did and like?  The separation of the lil cottage in the woods will allow them to have a relationship without the wellbeing of the state being involved in it anymore?  THIS RELATIONSHIP IS SO HEALTHY MY GOD.



It’s been so long… since I saw that smile.

*SPOILERS below for anyone who hasn’t finished Birthright/Conquest*

So I was thinking to myself, “Wow, am I glad my favorite prince is the only prince that didn’t die, because man, if Leo died in-game, I would be such a sobbing mess!”


Pretty much all of the dialogue came straight from the game, save for a couple of tweaks and additions.

But wait! There’s a part 2 if you want a happy ending! like I do bc my own comic made me sad

Part 2

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"Shin indirectly saw Eun-tak’s future through her teacher, but what was most important was the “first-person” view of Eun-tak behind the bouquet of flowers. What’s significant about this is that Shin is the one who is looking at her from behind those flowers!" I dont understand this. Please help me to understand.

Hey there, of course I’ll help, lol… but just to let you know that this is my own analysis and interpretation so it might be different from what others think. Let’s start from the beginning, “Shin indirectly saw Eun-tak’s future through her teacher…” It’s been stated by Shin that he can’t see her future; therefore, I personally think Shin has been seeing her future through other people’s futures such as the thief, the bus people, her teacher, and maybe that Canadian waiter. I think the reason why he can’t see her future is because 1) she’s his bride, 2) it’s part of her fate being a “special soul,” and 3) her future is his future. Shin can see everybody else’s future (even GR’s) except for Eun-tak, but the interesting question is has he ever thought about seeing his own future? It may sound like an insignificant question for a Goblin, but it’s a legitimate question for us to think about.

So after Shin walked pass by the teacher and recognized her face, we get a flashback to Joseon era when he first saw her future from her past life. Aside from all the cute stuff he was doing, what’s really important to note is what he saw and from what perspective.

So for the flashback, we (and probably Shin) assumed that when he saw the teacher’s future, it is what the teacher will see/be apart of. 

He saw girls taking selfies in a classroom, two ladies exchanging a bouquet of flowers, and then a blurred image of a girl behind those flowers.

BUT WAIT, THE BEST PART!! Back to present-day, when the scene is actually happening (the teacher’s future), the teacher is NOT IN THAT SCENE! Instead, from whose perspective is this “future” experienced by?!? It is by Shin! :O

He sees girls taking selfies in the classroom, two ladies exchanging a bouquet of flowers in front of him, and then a clear image of EUN-TAK behind those flowers.

So, do you understand where I’m going with this? Shin can see people’s futures, but for this particular future… it was actually him who was in it but he didn’t realize this until 1) seeing the teacher again and 2) seeing that the girl was actually Eun-tak.

Lastly, the reason why I stressed the bouquet of flowers is because it’s the only scene from the flashback and present-day that is ‘different.’ In the flashback when Shin saw the teacher’s future, the bouquet of flowers was “clear” and Eun-tak was “blurred out.” In present-day when Shin entered the classroom, the bouquet of flowers was “blurred out” and Eun-tak was “clear.” This is important (other than revealing that the girl was Eun-tak) because this made Shin realize that he had already seen Eun-tak way before he actually met her, “So you did come and go for a moment in my life, I see,” therefore confirming that he was fated to meet her in the future and particularly be at her graduation. Btw, this line of Shin is very symbolic of his fears of not being apart of Eun-tak’s future and her forgetting him.

So basically, it all boils down to my theory that Shin will be apart of her future when she’s 29 yo because the first time he thought he saw her future was maybe the Canadian waiter’s future (that’s assuming he’ll be working at that restaurant in 10 years still, lol). The reason why he didn’t see himself in her future is because HE WILL BE THERE (like in this scene)! And I think that he cannot see his own future because 1) that’s too over-powered (lol), 2) he’s suppose to be “fated to die by Eun-tak’s hands,” and 3) it would ruin the ending (lmao).

I hope this helps you understand a little better and just hit me up if you need more help ^^ (post where question originated)

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With all these theories, I feel like a dungeons and dragon player…

Dungeon Master: “Your queen” is locked up in an iron box and can’t get out.

Fandom: sure she can, she knows wyrd marks - rolls die.

Dungeon Master: hmmm it seems she can get out.

Dungeon Master: I’ve trapped “your queen” by placing her mate in a volcano, she cannot destroy “that bitch Maeve” without fear of killing her mate.

Fandom: Nah she can use the volcano

Dungeon Master: no, that’s not possible

Fandom: rolls die.

Dungeon Master: you always ruin my fun. Ok, ok, the volcanos power is used to destroy “that bitch Maeve” but not your mate and your mate provides your queen with an attack bonus. *shakes head*

Fandom: ok now we want everyone to have a happy ending….

Dungeon Master: you have to roll amazing rolls for every. Single. Character. I am not letting you win this without causalities.

Fandom: keeps rolling the best damn rolls in the history of the game.

Fandom: k, we done now. Thanks for being our dungeon Master!

Dungeon Master: yeah whatever, I swear you’re cheating… you have to have loaded dice or something?

Fandom: sorry what did you say? I can’t hear you over my characters all getting happy endings.

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why do you like Kenny so much he doesn't even talk it makes no sense

why do i like kenny so much

you’re asking me why do i like kenny so much



he listens and actually cares

when kyle was about to die and stan was really fucking down, kenny sat there and listened to him. sure, he didn’t sit there long but he tried. he got upset and offended by stan but he tried to listen. in the movie, he asked satan, the guy who tortured him just five minutes earlier what’s wrong and wanted to listen. when he tried to pretend that he was fine and strong and evil, kenny insisted that he told him what was wrong, and helped him.


have you seen the episodes where he dressed up as mysterion?? he said, and i quote;

“I could no longer sit by and watch as my city became a cesspool of crime. I have lived in South Park all my life. I decided it was up to me to keep this town safe. Nobody at school knows my double life. To them, I’m just another fourth grader, but tonight, I am Mysterion.”

he became mysterion to save his town from crime and bad people. he never expected anything in return, he never told anyone about mysterion. he didn’t want any thanks or praises, he wanted to help. later he uses mysterion to comfort his little sister karen, and saving her from bullies.


like i said earlier, he uses mysterion to protect his sister. while he gives no shits about his parents fighting or his brother drinking, he wanted to protect his sister and tell her that she never is alone. in the poor kid, when they’re in their new school, karen asks him if she’ll see him at recess, which to he replies that he’ll be there. you must be thinking “that’s no big deal whatever” but that is a big deal. my brother would never be with me at recess, no matter how alone i would be. kenny already had new friends, he could hang out with them. but no, he chose to be with his sister instead. then later on he saves karen from a bully, and later gets them all out of the abusive home.


in the jeffersons, he dressed up as blanket jackson to help kyle and stan save him. i know that it probably was just the makers getting a character that could be killed off and it not be a big deal, but still. he knows how easily he dies, so going to a house of a crazy man who didn’t care enough for his son to even treat his wound [kyle did that lol] wouldn’t be the best idea. but he did it anyways, because his friends needed help. he died in the process, but i’m sure when he woke up it was okay since he helped his friends.


yep, you read right, the mostly faceless mccormick kid has feelings too!! wow what is this he’s not a just a faceless character that’s only there to be funny!! haha what a wonderful world we live in!! but yes, kenny has feelings too. jumping back to section one, he gets offended and hurt by stan never remembering him dying. in coon vs coon and friends he gets mad at kyle for thinking that not being able to die is cool, since it really fucking hurts to go through the most brutal deaths known to human kind. yes, anger is an emotion too, keep that caps unlocked. when cartman ate all the skin from the kfc chicken, he started sobbing [which was pretty fucking adorable and hilarious i must say] while stan and kyle just stared in disbelief at the skinless chicken peaces. when his parents were getting a new baby, he was immediately worried that his parents would care more for the baby than him. he died in the episode though, and the baby ended up being him lol


in the movie, he went back to hell so everything would be fine again. in jewbilee he sacrifices himself by smashing his head, in the same time freeing moses. he has sacrificed himself several more times, but i’m kinda lazy to look up what episodes they were lol tHE POINT IS, KENNY SAVES EVERYONE ELSE BUT HIMSELF VERY OFTEN AND THAT SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN

kenny’s a character that doesn’t need to talk for me to love him. he doesn’t need to do much for me to be able to want to be friends with him. good characters don’t need to talk all the time, or have a tragic past or even be in all the episodes.

kenny’s a wonderful and a complete character, with his obsession with sex, kindness, loyalty, and with his mysteries.

now, that i have gotten that explained, have a great day and please don’t question my love for characters again, because everything i love has a reason why i love it.

look at this cutie i mean c'mon

ruinandcreationspassage  asked:

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this interpretation of JxHQ AND your headcanons but why do you think Joker left Harley in the car?

Thank you :)

The theory I like the best is that Joker knew Batman would save Harley and assumed he would take her to Arkham. It would take 5 seconds for Joker to do the same thing he’s likely done a thousand and get her back home.

She ended up being taken to Belle Reve and threw off his entire plan. He didn’t know where she was, so I think it all adds up of why he was so distraught about her being gone. He didn’t plan on leaving her to die at all, he thought she’d just be taken to Arkham and he’d go get her as soon as he could.

gemeauxvierge  asked:

Jeffrey in that black turtleneck and grey suit............ Is he trying to kill us? I caaaaan't

I have a thing for turtlenecks and men should always wear them LOL Yes, Jeff was looking rather fine in that outfit! But the thing that really got me was his hair. I loved the little curls in the back, it was like the cherry on top! Yummy…. ohhh and the tongue thing. Someone should warn him that everytime he does that his fans die! lol

I can’t stop thinking that Jeff was looking exactly like I imagine John Winchester would if he had become a MoL.

anonymous asked:

an ESFP, ISFJ, ISTP and an ENFP during an apocolypse? ps your blog is rad


*they’re stuck in a meteor shower*

ISTP: Yep. This is the end….we’ve got about 20 minutes left.


ENFP: ESFP, when we first met, I thought you were the chillest bro I’d ever seen……I was so terribly wrong….


ENFP: Chill out! Oh my god!!!

ISFJ: This is not a time for arguing guys!!! And ESFP’s right, we’re seriously should be worrying about this.

ENFP: I’ll worry in a few minutes….I’ve got other things on my mind….

ISFJ: Like what?

ENFP: Idk…stuff….

ISTP: Guys, I think I know how to fix this….

ENFP: Whoa…that was fast….I’m not even done thinking about eggs…

ISFJ: Why are you thinking about eggs at a time like this??

ENFP: I’m a philosopher.


ISFJ: How do we fix this, ISTP?

ISTP: …….a really big slingshot.

ENFP: Hey….cool idea….

ISFJ: We’re all gonna die….

ESFP: I’M SO YOUNG!!!!!!!!!

ENFP: *finally looks up at the sky* Whoa…..oh man…’s starting to sink in now…..

ISFJ: I never thought it would end like this.

ENFP: Oh man….this really sucks….

*all exchange somber glances*

ISTP: Lol. JK. I lied about the meteor shower

ISFJ: What?

ISTP: Yea…they’re just fireworks. Lol. I made a joke….why aren’t you guys laughing?