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Do you ever plan to stop obsessing over Dragon Age? The art you make for it is beautiful, but man... I would love to see something different besides Overwatch occassionally...

thank you!! hahah I honestly don’t know!! I nurture and treasure my obessions a lot because they are hard to come by for me and they fuel me in a way that nothing else can 😖 I run more on inspiration than I do on discipline so jumping from one obsession to the next is the most reliable way to keep my head afloat, but we can’t know for sure what or when something will catch our eye so I stay in my cozy home obsession until the time comes 😣

///fedya is very pretty and so is kolya but like dazai’s got that look too. all them pretty boys, it kinda disproportionate to the girls. we need at least one of the angels of decay or whatever it is to be a girl. Granted my gay ass going an dead the second she revealed but i definitely dying happy. 

//She mask could be the one over she mouth? I mean if everybody have a mask then it stand to reason it have somebody with a mouth mask. 

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Is there anything that does bother you about Zack Snyder’s DCEU? I adore the movies, but (especially in Man of Steel) the Jesus imagery surrounding Superman really irks me, not in a thematic way, but just because I’m Jewish and want to see Superman’s Jewish roots referenced for once. Is there anything like that-from a critique standpoint or just personal preference-that you would change about the DCEU?

i love snyder’s vision for the universe, but i wouldn’t have adapted TDKR. the way snyder did it, in my opinion, is absolutely masterful - BvS is dripping with references, from the mechanical suit to robin’s case to batman’s characterization to the burned-out manor he doesn’t even live in - but that’s not what i would have done. 

i wouldn’t have wanted the first cinematic meeting of the two biggest superheroes on the planet to have been them beating the shit out of each other - the movie i would’ve written would’ve been called world’s finest, and i would’ve layered it with every tribute to the two’s partnership i could give it. TDKR, in my opinion, is about the furthest thing from a true world’s finest story a person could find; miller’s superman is a hollowed-out political criticism, gutted of the nuance superman could be potentially given. TDKR’s not a bad comic to choose to adapt, quite the opposite in fact, but my personal opinions on it make it a no from me. as much as i love BvS for all its depth and power, i’ll still always crave a true story of friendship between comics’ two greatest friends.

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Favorite fanfic tropes involving Shyan???

Listen,,,, someone came to me with a fake dating au months ago and i Love Those,,,,,

fanfic trope-wise i love any kind of slowburn/mutual pining tbh so whether it’s cool aus or semi-canon verse i love reading those kinds of things :-)