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I'm sorry, I like Lena Luthor but I think Katie Mcgrath deserves something better than that show and the disgusting CW I'm praying for her to get a better contract in another series or movie, I'm sorry I'm also Supercorp but I can not do it any more with what they are doing with Kara and I am afraid that the amount of young girls who will have this horrible relationship as model. RIP Kara Danvers she deserved better.

Yeah no I was thinking the same thing yesterday. the show is going down to the pits of hell by now and I honestly think they want it to be like the other DC shows where its full of manpain and useless romance drama. I do hope Katie leaves eventually. 

Er… Okay, I accidentaly hit “delete” on an anon question I think I got yesterday night or so. Lags and random clicks aren’t a good combination.

The question was something about the children in Loss ignoring Sora when she leaves the group to collect wood, like they didn’t care about her or something along these lines…. I apologize if I don’t get this right because I only had a second to read it.

Anyway… I should start by saying I don’t think the children ignored Sora in Loss at all. It’s of my perception that everybody noticed Sora was unhappy. Taichi and Yamato don’t sleep, and they literally go check on her instead. 

I think it’s a bit too much to jump to the conclusion nobody else cares. Who’s saying Taichi and Yamato didn’t keep a eye on her, long before they finally joined her in that log? We don’t know. But if can make an assumption for the worst, we can certainly also make an assumption for the best. The background of these kids and their friendship easy tells us which assumption is the most likely.

About the issue of the whole group caring about Sora a lot more in Adventure, I’m not sure I understand what you mean…. (now I have to rely on my memory because I didn’t read the whole question before I deleted it, sorry again). But let me try.

The parallels between Loss and episode 26 of the classic series are there, I agree. But we should do well in remember the only reason the whole group goes after Sora at that point of the series is that they are trying to bring the whole group together after months and months lost and separated from each other (because 1. at some point they thought Taichi was dead but they couldn’t accept it, therefore, they left one by one, to go search for him and 2. PicoDevimon is an ass and did everything he could to keep them that way - separated from each other -lol).

In that episode, the group do try to find Sora. The primary goal is to bring the group together. Together they are safer. She’s the only one left.

Taichi, Yamato, and Takeru simply happen to reach Sora first, and they find out she’s running away from them while at it. They also find out the real reason Sora isn’t with them yet, is that she kept avoiding the group (but at the same time, she helped them). They find out she’s sad her crest doesn’t glow, all that stuff. 

Taichi, Yamato, and Takeru, are the only characters who eventually realise she’s depressed, they listen to her outburst by accident, and they are the only characters who see her cry that day. 

The way I see that episode, nobody else can worry about Sora anymore than a friend who wants another friend to join their group, because they don’t know nor did they ever see what Taichi, Yamato, and Takeru saw that day. We should do well in assume Yamato and Taichi never told them what really happened when they found Sora - because, honestly, why would they? It’s a dead subject.

About Loss, I think the situation is different. The Digital World may be weird - the children have noticed something is wrong about the reboot - but in their minds it’s certainly not as dangerous as those times. Did you notice Taichi goes look for the distortions alone and in the middle of the night? He takes the goggles and goes out there on his own, and everybody stays close to the fire calmly waiting for him.

He didn’t ask help, nor even to be safe. Assuming they didn’t want to pressure the digimon because of the memory loss stuff, if they really expected the DW to be really dangerous out there… then, I would expect their reactions to be different and I would agree with you.

In short: it’s true Sora is equaly depressed in both situations, but in my eyes the situation is nothing alike.

Then again, I’ve watched Digimon Adventure so many times I can almost quote stuff like this from memory, but that doesn’t mean my memory is flawless. I could be entirely wrong here, although I don’t think I am in this particular case. Sorry about the ramble. I hope this replied to the question even if just a little ‘xD

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Last time during first elounor push, bloggers got anons like "oh louis wants this!!! Respect him!!!" Even one of them call louis mr louis tomlinson or something which is LOL. (Hi rusty) Now we got another push, with fan pics because they really want us to believe it. Now we now they bring her back because of his iron closet but why do they need it when he has babygate? Because it'll end soon. That's why they are pushing it so hard. I believe after first push, babygate meant to end (part1)

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(Part2) but arrest thing happened, things were delayed for two weeks. Now they started again. Because why would they go to la for nothing? For a reason he went there with her. For a reason we saw doctor and lawyer pics. Ann marie was there, we know she is related to babygate. So i think things will start again, yesterday was instead of airport pics. That’s why cheryl can’t give birth, because they are waiting for babygate. That’s all theory for sure but yeah, i think last scene of bg started

I think most of us are thinking something between this lines. Lots of things are weird now and were before, the whole arrest thing certainly pushed things back, so now that it’s down and no one’s talking much about anymore they’ll pick up where they left (and hopefully, end it all and free my son) 

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I don't think Rebecca is going to have Rob's baby. I think it's all too neat and nicely gift wrapped. Look at how well they kept the ONS under wraps. I think they are giving us the worst possible scenario so that they can shatter it and make us all so relieved and hopeful for the boys again. It's the 'push and pull' that Danny was talking about. They do something horrible, they dangle the possibility of making it worse, but when they don't we are so relieved that the first thing seems better.

You know, it’s funny you say this anon, because I was thinking yesterday about this idea yesterday - of how what we’re really reacting to, for the most part, right now is that tiny little last scene on Thursday.

If it had ended at Robert going in for a kiss and Rebecca walking away… well, my first instinct when I saw that scene was like… this hilarious level of relief. And then 5 seconds later I realised the episode wasn’t over and it was like being punched in the face.

(And then I sat there hiding behind a pillow muttering “NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE” to myself while I made this face 😬 lmao)

Anyways, my point being - everyone had been going on about them sleeping together for so long that the relief I felt at Robert still fully trying to sleep with someone and getting rejected was so strong. Like. In that scenario, Robert has STILL MASSIVELY FUCKED UP. The difference between that scenario and the one we actually got was Robert being manipulative and probably some actual p in actual v. But ultimately… in terms of Robert character development is it really that much worse than what we were expecting?

It was worse for us to watch, worse for us to have to experience the fallout of, but… the best case scenario for us was still going to be horrifically bad for Robert. I don’t think it would have felt that way though, because of the sheer relief everyone would have felt at little Robert not getting action with anyone whose name doesn’t begin with ‘A’ and end with ‘aron’.

Like. The idea that I was ready to basically celebrate Robert drunkenly trying it on with his ex and getting rejected is… sort of hilarious to me lmao.

It’s just so weird that such a tiny, tiny little scene could cause this much carnage, isn’t it? Idk I haven’t had coffee yet so I don’t know if I’m explaining myself properly. But. Yeah.

If they could just. Not go with the worst possible options going forward that would be much kinder on my heart 😂 I like your thinking though 😌

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Iwa Sketchpage! Pick/Tag your fav. Mine’s bottom left corner for some reason.

Heat Headcanons

-With a mate, an Omega’s heat will usually only last a week. But without at least the scent of an Alpha, the Omega could be forced to suffer for up to three weeks

-During a heat the desperation to be knotted comes in waves. The length of breaks between these waves depends entirely on the pace set at the beginning of the heat. If the Alpha starts trying to knot the Omega before the heat has even really taken hold, the continuing duration of the heat will be more intense and exhausting with hardly any breaks between waves. But if they wait until the Omega is completely slick and ready for it, the heat will be easier and more relaxed for them

-An Omega’s first time going through heat with a mate and being nervous about everything. Worrying that being knotted will hurt, that the Alpha won’t find them attractive enough, worrying that their nest won’t be good enough. The Alpha picking up on the anxieties and despite how badly they just want to rut into the Omega, they take the time to snuggle into the nest and praise the Omega for how cozy and well put together it is, before gently coaxing their overheating mate from their clothes and slowly getting them to open up for them, and it’s all very nice and gentle…until the Omega arches and starts pleading for more

-During a heat is when bonding usually occurs. A couple bonds by biting into each others scent glands hard enough to draw blood and scar, doing it while being knotted helps distract the Omega from the pain of it

-Between waves of heat the Alpha will try to force the Omega to eat and drink and occasionally help them wash up in the shower…just so they can get them all dirty again ten minutes later

-Omegas in heat like to taunt their Alphas and try to aggravate them, because on an instinctual level they want the Alpha to pursue and dominate them and that’s exactly the reaction they get when they rile the Alpha up enough to snap and pin the Omega down with their full body weight and bite the back of their neck harshly to make them submit

-An Omega’s heat being unusually intense to the point that their Alpha is too wrecked and breathless to even move so the aggravated Omega just pushes them to lie back before sliding down onto the Alpha and satisfying themselves…it only injures a small portion of the Alpha’s pride

-Most Alphas love heats because they have a bit of a slick fetish and will happily spend a ridiculous amount of time licking up the excessive amount if slick their Omega mate is producing

-Alpha and Omega that are best friends and they are both fully aware that they are in love with each other, the Omega is waiting for the Alpha to initiate something but the Alpha is too nervous but one day the Omega goes into heat and pleads for the Alpha to help them out because it hurt so badly…a whole mess of instincts later and the Alpha is deep inside the Omega waiting for their knot to go down and freaking out because “oh my God I haven’t even asked you out yet! I’m so sorry, was this okay? Oh My God did I just take advantage of you?!” and the exhausted Omega telling them to shut up and that they’d arranged it all because the Alpha was obviously a scared little shit that needed a shove in the right direction

-An Alpha and Omega couple arranging to spend the Omega’s heat together, a few months in advance to ensure they are both level headed when discussing it (because consent is important) but the Alpha is too nervous once they actually go to do it. The Omega is literally all spread out and submissive in front of them and suddenly the Alpha is just like “Are you sure the heat wasn’t affecting you at all when we made this decision?” and the Omega is just so done “we’ve been planning this for months and if you don’t start fucking me right now for the love of god I will walk right out that door stark naked and get another Alp-” and that’s all the threatening encouragement the Alpha needs to start possessively latching on to the Omega’s neck and sliding themself right in

“I was a fool addicted to your sweetness.

I didn’t want to let go of the devil’s hand…

Too bad but it’s too sweet, It’s too evil.“ x 

  • Me: *sees a 80k word fic with 42 chapters*
  • Me: *slowly moves mouse towards it*
  • Me: Nope..Nope nope no! Don't click it!
  • Me: *clicks it*
  • Me: Oh my god look what you've done.

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