thinking of starting gif requests

guess who just hit a milestone?? 400 might not sound like a huge number compared to others but it’s really a lot to me, and most of all it’s my first milestone since when i came back from my hiatus, so i wanted to make something special to celebrate.

first of all let me say a huge thank you to all of you who for whatever reason decided to follow my mess of a blog. i feel so blessed, you guys are incredibly supportive, you’re always there when i need a comforting word or when i want to celebrate a happy moment. okay time to stop before i get too soppy

and an even bigger thank you goes to all of my mutuals, who not only put up with my madness but also fill my dash with amazing content. i know i barely interact because i’m an insecure and awkward mess, but you guys are amazing, i still can’t believe we’re mutuals, so a big shoutout (in alphabetical order, i really hope i’m not missing anyone) to:

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now, onto the real celebration. since at the moment my “thing” is moodboards i thought i could make some for you. i know i mostly post pj and dnp but you can request anything you want; if it’s something i don’t know i’ll do some research or ask you or whatever.


  • must be following me;
  • reblog this post (likes won’t count as you wanting a moodboard)
  • (optional) let me know what your request is, either in your reblog or in an ask. you can request a theme, a person/character, a colour, literally anything you want! if you don’t request anything specific i’ll base it on your url/posts/name/something i think you might like. i’ll probably start from those who make a specific request and then make the others.

i’ll tag them as #400moodboards if you want to blacklist them or whatever :)

i really hope you guys will like this idea! just, please be patient. i have no idea of how many people will want one, if there are a lot of requests it might take a while (i’m kinda slow at making them, plus i have an exam coming), but i’ll try to do all of them :) i hope it doesn’t flop too terribly because i’d really really like to do this thing!


shaun & neil + the trauma ward



Your master will come for you. Until then, you shall rest safely here. Although the Slumber of Restoration will most certainly deprive him of his memories, please trust me when I say that I know he will arrive before you yet again.
- If I may be so bold… what is it that are planning to do next, Princess?
- The Master Sword. I heard it speak to me. It seems that my role is unfinished. There is still something I must do.
- I sense there is great strength in your dedication.
- Great Deku Tree, I ask of you, when he returns, can you please relay this message… Tell him I-
- Now, then… Words intended for him would sound much better in the tones of your voice, don’t you think?
- Yes.


Untangle this headphones, fold up this map and neatly gift-wrap this egg while answering Alex’s questions. Fastest wins. Your time starts when Alex asks his 1st question.


Knowledge of extraterrestrials has long been denied by every strata of government, but denial does not mean they do not exist.  Mycroft Holmes, among his many duties, oversees the program responsible for ‘managing’ any evidence of otherworldly life.  This time, that evidence is particularly interesting… and for more than professional reasons…


2/??? bts social media/college!au in which jungkook is a little bit jealous of who his bf(f) spends time with
(part 1)

“Oh my god pretend I didn’t just say that holy shit I just said that”
“Jungkook shut up”
“I’m really sorry, I swear I didn’t mean it”
“You better have meant it”
“I really, truly am- wait what?!?”