thinking of hashtags is really boring

The signs on Instagram

Aries- Competitive over likes/followers, will unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow back and will note when people don’t like their pic so they can return the favour

Taurus- Ig’s every meal they have or really boring shit, like their room, but somehow still makes it aesthetic 

Gemini- “You get a like, you get a like, everybody gets a like!!!” comments on everything, even people they don’t know’s photos

Cancer- 20k photos of their pets, or their family members/friends, and possibly candles

Leo- professional photoshoot-level selfies, with hashtags, posted at peak time for optimal views and likes

Virgo- Has the picture perfect feed, the type of person who deletes something cause it didn’t get enough likes/was not ‘perfect’ enough

Libra- makes everyone think, ‘does this bitch have a job??? how are they always on holiday?”

Scorpio- 10 weeks into their ex’s new gf’s cousin’s dog’s friend’s instagram. Making fake accounts just to snoop 

Sagittarius- Says goodnight but likes everyone’s posts on ig including the person they said goodnight to an hour ago 

Capricorn- The selective liker. “You have to earn my like. Oh, you ran a 5k this weekend? Not good enough Karen, try a 10k if you want any of my precious hearts.”

Aquarius- They only post that arty hispter shit like a sign on the road, or gravel, a pic of them reading some surrealist book and you’re like, what’s going on?

Pisces- Those ‘god will guide who you need into your life,’ and ‘there’s a difference between boys and MEN’ posts after a bad break up 

Congrats, I guess, to BTS and their Melon roof hits for “Blood Sweat Tears”, but I really, really wish the fandom did not use “#downwithballads” as their hashtags because as someone who loves ballads, it saddens me that many people think ballads are boring/not worthy to listen to and that many ARMYs don’t acknowledge Park Hyo Shin as one of Korea’s top male singers (and it’s clear they were making a jab at him with that hashtag because Park Hyo Shin was no. 1 on MelOn before BTS dropped their comeback album, and everyone knows that PHS mainly sings ballads).

sometimes you go to msparp and you find

really bad rpers, here go the rude people who are generally assholes in general, the way out of character ones.

bad rpers, probably those who have a ridiculous OC or just try to impose their rp to everyone, or just roleplay really bad.

regular rpers, the ones you get to have some fun with

really good roleplayers. they who are skilled in the arts of interpretation, it feels good to talk with them

and then there’s the people who are so fucking accurate in character, you are left perplex and then you go tell your friends something like

“yo i think i found andrew hussie on msparp”

anonymous asked:

Do you think TMZ is really trying to tell us they don't have the exclusive and we just don't take the hint? This is fustrating.

no, because if they had nothing coming up they wouldn’t *still* be publishing and talking about the same boring video from three weeks ago.

ask yourself why tmz would still be hashtagging #endbabygate and constantly bringing it up if there’s really nothing else going on? if we find it annoying can you just imagine how tedious and boring regular tmz reader and viewers find it?

they *created* the interest in this story through all of their inane coverage immediately following the ‘birth’ when there really was no story there and they’ve continued to feed it by breaking the ‘custody battle’ angle (and they were the first ones to bring up the idea of the baby being fake).

you do not go through this much build up and redundancy only to then drop the story. try to take your fandom goggles off and view this from a business perspective; why on earth would they spend this much time and resources covering a non story? how does that make any sense business-wise?

When being really bored turns into a quick search of the hashtag “futureman” and reveals an actor’s shot of this on Friday along with a comment about costumes…

I think it’s safe to speculate with some certainty that the reason Josh was there on Friday was, in fact, for work on his new show.

Commence happy dance.