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“You’re the one in class who has tattoos all over their arms and piercings and everybody’s scared of you and one day I catch you watching cat videos and doodling in the middle of a lecture and wow you’re a dork” AU. With lawlu?

“Did you know everyone’s scared of you?” 

Luffy sat next to the student covered in tattoos and piercings with a grin, and the student looked up from his notes in irritation. 

“Are they?” he said. Luffy nodded. 

“Good. I don’t want to talk to anyone.” He returned to his notes and Luffy frowned. 

“I was just gonna say,” he persisted, “that maybe you’re not as scary as everyone thinks you are?” 

“And what makes you say that?” 

“Instinct,” Luffy said proudly. “What’s your name?” 

“… Law.” 

“I’m Luffy! See you around, Law!” 

Luffy was out the door before Law could blink. 

As usual, Law sat in the back of the room by himself. He had his laptop open and, with a quick look around, made sure the volume was muted before doing a quick search and pulling up a video playlist. He checked his notes and began scribbling in the margins, looking up at the videos and the professor every so often. 

“I was right!” 

The triumphant whisper made him slam his laptop shut guiltily and he turned to see Luffy grinning at him. 

“What kind of scary guy watches cat videos?” Luffy whispered. He pointed to the doodles. “And those are really good drawings!” 

“I am too scary,” Law protested, aware of how nonthreatening he sounded at that moment. “Go away.” 

“We’re gonna be friends. I decided.” 

“Excuse me?” 

“You’re gonna come to my place and we’re gonna watch cat videos and have a great time,” Luffy declared. “I’ll give you the address after class.” 

“I never agreed to this!” 

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dude!!! you have Tourette's?? you just mentioned it on the stream and i was like "holy shit" because I do too. Quick question: have you ever been gotten into trouble teacher or family member or smth for them? my teachers never knew and always thought I was rolling my eyes at them. I got kicked outta class once.

Yes I do have Tourette’s! I have a couple different tics and unfortunately a good chunk of them are in my face so showing my face in video and stuff is a little uncomfy for me?? Like I just do a lot of heavy blinking and weird mouth movements. But hopefully I can get more used to it with streams and such!

And!!! I can’t think of any time that I actually got in trouble for my tics cause they’re pretty subtle most of the time, i just do a lot of tiny movements with my jaw then my blinking people just think has to do with my eyes being irritated or something. And then every other one just kinda involves scrunching up my toes or my hands in some way. But I’m sorry that people didn’t understand for you!! I’m glad that I can relate with this stuff!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but some days I like it when it’s quiet. It doesn’t mean that everything is okay, but it’s better than utter chaos.

Sadly, some people (i.e. a certain team) don’t like it when it’s too quiet. They have to do something to keep the games going and to make sure that none of the fans forget. Not forget about the existence of a person, but about everything surrounding that person - and that they are so straight that nothing could bend them out of shape. And if there is nothing new, they dig out the old stuff again. Nobody cares how old it is, right? As long as it does the job. Or so they think…

At this point, it’s already beyond ridiculous, so why are you even still trying? I mean, seriously, everybody has seen the old things already from every possible angle - no matter what it is - and it didn’t make any of us even blink or stop what we were doing - except for rolling our eyes a couple times. You aren’t helping anybody with this. So, why now? Another round of payback like the last time you made sure an old video got posted? [sarcasm]Yes, that went really well then. [/sarcasm] Well, at least I won’t get out of practice with rolling my eyes. So, thank you for that!

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i saw you complaining about yg stans inserting themselves everywhere, well blinks are at it now. i keep seeing that they should've picked jennie for his MV and they already started shipping him with all of blackpink and i cant do anything without seeing them on every corner

Good lord…

Honestly, Lee Hi would have been good continuity. Because in her video they get married or something right? That would have been cute. But I think the girl who was in the MV (both) did a good job. So why say they should have picked someone else? And Jennie was more than likely busy doing her own shit with BP anyway, making JPN versions and making her new comeback song and MV

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Does Sofie know about the time Callie was the cutest person ever and made her moms breakfast in bed for mother's day?

Oh, I think Rachel and Quinn make sure they share every cute, embarrassing story (and photo and video) of Callie’s childhood that they possibly can. 

But–Santana and Teresa do the same thing with Sofie’s childhood stories, so Callie doesn’t have to be the only one who’s embarrassed. 


N: N would be that one villain that disguises himself as a friend or ally to the protagonists, that way he can easily pull of his mastermind plan by putting curses on people. “I put a spell on you! And now you’re mine.” Classic Halloween character: Sorcerer

Leo: Go watch that collaboration video with Leo and Lyn. That’s the answer in a nutshell. Except he wouldn’t be doing for love as he would be doing it for evil reasons. Plus, Leo would be that one villain that when you blink you don’t see him, but when you blink again he would be all in you face smirking and whatnot. “I think…it’s time for you to go…forever.“ Classic Halloween character: Dracula

Ken: Ken would be ghost. A really scary ghost that would randomly mess with you, and give you the heebie-jeebies every time he passes through you. Yeah, you’d feel that mess. “Now you see me…now you don’t!” Classic Hallowen character: Still would be a ghost.

Ravi: Ravi would be that one villain that has the ability to morph into anything; however, it would be uncontrollable and triggered by rage. “I thought you would have been alive a little longer, but you have angered me. So, say your goodbyes while you still can.” Classic Halloween character: Werewolf

HongBin: HongBin would a sadistic villain, who has a chamber in his basement for his poor victims. He’d have these crazy powers that are used for torture.  “You thought that hurt? You have no idea.” Classic Halloween character: Mummy (got to perserve that B-O-D-Y)

Hyuk: Hyuk would the evil, mad scientist who takes people’s bodies apart so he can make evil new things. He would have all his dissected body parts organized on his evil shelf next his evil books that focus on how to be evil. “This is going to hurt. But, don’t scream. I simply cannot tolerate screamers.” Classic Halloween character: Frankenstein

Das Creepy! Thanks for asking shineehearts and Anonymous!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

P.S. - Leo in that Mirotic cover gave me goosebumps.

Roomate!5SOS Series: All Nighters

MICHAEL: You closed your laptop and checked your phone for the time, it was well after 3AM and your eyes were burning. You decided you should get some sleep because you had to work in the morning and you knew you’d be cranky if you didn’t get at least 4 hours of sleep. You made your way from your bedroom to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth, you could hear shooting sounds coming from Michael’s room and you sighed. When you finished up in the bathroom you knocked on his door hard enough for him to hear you before you opened it. He paused his game and looked over at you, “What’s up?” He asked, rubbing at his eyes. “Shouldn’t you be heading to bed soon?” You asked, holding back a yawn as you did so. “I tried… it’s one of those nights.” Michael sighed, you knew that sometimes he couldn’t turn his brain off and it kept him up at night. You sighed and walked into his room more, closing the door behind you. You picked up a controller and sat down beside him. “Well, then let me keep you company.” You smiled at him. “Are you sure? You… don’t have to you know.” Michael said appreciatively, but you could tell he was concerned because he knew you had to work in the morning too. You nodded as the two of you continued playing video games, he switched the game to Mario Kart eventually, knowing that both of you get unnecessarily competitive when you play. You could feel your eyes start to droop every so often and your head nod, but it wasn’t until you heard Michael laughing that you realized you had fallen asleep. “You’re driving into a wall!” He laughed as you sat up straight, laughing with him as you tried to brush it off, “Nah, I was just giving you a head start!” The two of you laughed as you continued to play for a little while, but when you kept falling asleep Michael insisted you head to bed. “Nah, I’ll just shower to wake myself up more, if I went to bed now I’d have to get up in about 40 minutes anyway… just be ready because when I get out of the shower I’m going to actually kick your ass.” You both laughed as you went to your room to get some things for your shower. You had to admit the water didn’t really wake you up, it just made you more relaxed. When you got out you did your hair quickly and got dressed that way you wouldn’t have to do much later before work. You made your way to Michael’s room and opened the door, your froze at the sight of him passed out on his bed and you smiled, glad he had finally been able to fall asleep. You turned off his TV and took the controllers out of his bed before leaving his room. Sighing as you figured you’d get breakfast on your way to work you were a little bummed that you hadn’t gotten any sleep, but you knew that you could tease him later about not being able to pull a successful all nighter.

CALUM: Rubbing your eyes as you tried to keep them open you glanced over at Cal, he seemed to be doing just fine. You checked your phone for the time and it was already well past 4AM. You sighed as you got up from your spot on the couch and went to the kitchen, grabbing yourself another energy drink out of the fridge your cracked it open and took a big gulp. You were pretty sure that energy drinks actually giving you energy was a myth, this was your second one now and the first one didn’t do anything at all. You went back into the living room and sat back down beside Calum as you took another drink. “You know, technically I shouldn’t even let you drink those, it’s cheating if you think about it.” Calum said with a smug grin and a cocky raise of his right eyebrow. “I asked you when we first made this bet if I could drink energy drinks and you said it was fine! Besides… that’s like your fifth cup of coffee.” You rebutted, staring at him harshly as you took a nice long swig from your energy drink. Calum laughed and leaned back into the couch to get more comfortable, resting his head on the back of the couch to look up at the ceiling and think “Alright, alright. You can drink your energy drinks… but what should we do now? We’ve already watched every episode of ‘Stranger Things’ and I’m not playing another video games because you keep winning… so what should we do?” Calum asked as he lazily turned to face you.  For a second you thought maybe you caught a glimpse of him looking tired, but he blinked and went right back to looking wide awake. You sighed as you thought about what you two could do next, “What about some scary stories?” You suggested, knowing that when you would stay up reading them on your own you would always be afraid to go to sleep. Calum laughed for a second before he realized you were serious, “What, like campfire stories?” He asked with his brows raised now. “No, idiot. I mean like… urban legends and stuff like that. Come on, it’ll be good.” You said grabbing your phone and googling some urban legends. When you found a few good ones you two started to go back and forth reading them. You could tell that he was getting wigged out when he got up to turn on an extra lamp and you laughed. He smiled shyly before returning to his phone to continue reading them. After a few more stories you were both too uncomfortable to continue as you put your phones away. “…so,” Calum said quietly. “See… I told you.” You said softly as the two of you looked at each other in the dim lighting. A thick silence fell around the both of you. “Well, I still think I’m going to win.” Calum said loudly, trying to lighten the mood, “All you have to do is give me 20 bucks and you’re free to go to bed.” You looked at him wide eyed and got up from the couch, you walked over to your closet in the hall and grabbed your bag and your wallet. You pulled out 20 dollars and made your way back to Calum, “Here,” you said, thrusting the bill into his hands. “I thought this bet was more than 20 dollars, but if that’s all it is then I’m going to bed.” You laughed as you turned to make your way to your bedroom. You stopped when you heard Calum turn on the TV and your turned back around, “You know you can go to bed now too, right? I gave you the 20 dollars.” He looked over at you sheepishly and smiled, “Yeah… but, I think I’m just going to stay up. Not sure if I can go to sleep now anyway.” You laughed lightly as you made your way to your bedroom, but honestly, you weren’t sure if you were going to be able to actually get any sleep tonight either. 

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All of Me

If you haven’t heard John Legend’s All of Me, listen to it here.

Liam: “Cards on the table: we’re both showing hearts. Risking it all though it’s hard.”

His gaze meets yours. Brown eyes, normally confident, sparkle with a thin film of wetness as he desperately awaits your response. You have to say something, and soon, otherwise the moment will be lost: lost in the silence, lost in the space between words where insecurities hide, lost like he will be to you if your damn lips don’t start moving. His words hang in the air, those three little words. How long had he been holding them in?
They had come out in a tumble, as if they couldn’t be held in any longer. You take a deep breath, slipping your hands into his, giving them a squeeze of reassurance. “I love you too, Liam,” you whisper. “I love you.”

Louis: “You’re my end and my beginning. Even when I lose I’m winning.”

He slips into your shared apartment sometime in the early morning before the sun has risen. He was out late, an after party for some award show at which One Direction had lost in every single category they were nominated. Normally, he wouldn’t mind, but he had put so much effort into the last album. He had given heart and soul, so the loss was crushing, so crushing he decided to lose himself in the bottom of a few glasses. But he eventually realized that wasn’t the answer, sobered up slightly, and decided to come home to you. With great care to stay quiet, he silently pads down the hallway to the bedroom where you’re sleeping deeply, having given up hope of him coming home last night. He watches you sleep, face buried into his pillow wearing one of his old t-shirts. His heart pounds in his chest, threatening to burst as you mumble his name and reach out in the empty darkness for him. What does a stupid award matter, he thinks, shuffling over to you, when I have this prize to come home to? Gently, he nudges you over and slips into bed, wrapping himself up in your warmth.

Niall: “My head’s under water, but I’m breathing fine. You’re crazy, and I’m out of my mind.”

“Sometimes,” you whisper, “I feel like this is just a dream and I’m going to wake up and you won’t be by my side.” You look into his eyes as he waits for you to continue.“Sometimes when I wake up and you’re actually not here, it scares me.” You reach out and his hand catches yours, pulling it in closer to his chest. “In those moments, I feel like I’m drowning, like I can’t breath even though I’m just lying in bed and everything’s fine.” You blink back your tears, surprised you even admitted this to him. “You probably think I’m crazy,” you laugh, turning your face away from him.

With his free hand, he turns your face back to his. “If you’re crazy,” he whispers leaning in to kiss you, “Then I’m out of my mind.”

Zayn: “How many times do I have to tell you: even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too? The world is beating you down, I’m around through every mood.”

You step into the living room, where he’s sitting on the couch, playing a video game. “Zayn?” you choke out between your sobs. Hearing the pain in your voice, he immediately drops the controller and turns towards you. Tears stream down your cheeks, a relentless torrent of sadness pumping through your body, finding escape where it can. “Zayn I’m… I’m not… I’m not good enough for you.” Your shoulders heave as a cry wracks your body.

“Babe,” he says, walking over to you. “What’s made you think that?” You glance down at your phone, still open to twitter. His face darkens and he rips the phone out of your hand. “This?” he says, volume rising. “This means nothing!” He throws the phone at the wall, shattering the screen causing you to jump and more tears to fall. “Those people don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t know me, and they sure as hell don’t know you. Look at me, y/n.” He takes your chin and tilts your head up to his. “You’re so beautiful and so wonderful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Harry: “‘Cause all of me, loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”

“Don’t,” you whisper as he reaches for the light. “Don’t turn it on.” He shoots you a questioning look, as if to ask why. “I don’t want you to see,” you answer, looking up at him from your position on the bed. A small smile spreads across his lips.

“I think I’ve already seen everything you have to offer, y/n, especially after what we just did.”

“I know,” you whisper, cheeks heating up. “But it’s different in the light, when we’re not… if you’re just looking at me… I…” Your words fail you, unable to explain how you feel about your body. It’s one thing when you’re in the act, but to be naked next to him, and his eyes on you… it was too intimate, too revealing.

With a swift movement, he peels the blanket off you, leaving you exposed. You cry out in surprise, reaching for the comfort of cover, but he grabs your hand and pins it down. “Harry what are you-” he cuts you off with a swift kiss to your lips. His lips trail down to your jawline, down your throat, over your shoulder. He skips over your chest and kisses the bottom of your rib cage that you feel is to prominent. The sides of your abdomen where you’ve worked to rid those love handles that never seem to leave. Your stomach that’s not as flat as you like. Your hips that are too narrow. The tops of your thighs with the stretch marks from your slight growth spurt in eighth grade. Then he comes back up, pressing himself onto you, and kisses the tip of your nose.

“I know you don’t love what you see,” he says. “I know you see flaws and faults, but when I look at you, I don’t see that. All I see is the woman I fell in love with, and I wish you’d see it too.”

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How do you think the Kane/Toews primer characterization is wrong? I'm curious as to your thoughts on Kane/Toews tbh

(I’m going through asks slooooooowly! Sorry, just really not much free time this week. T_T)

Sorry for the belated response - I wanted to do this when I wasn’t completely wiped from something or other, and then I realized that that probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon, so uh, here you go. :(

Note that the primer was written in July 2010, so it’s based on fairly old material. Not the fault of the author, but a fact. Also, the primer itself qualifies/disclaims some of the following views - it mentions that they’re BOTH extremely devoted to hockey, for instance, and that Tazer is not actually a complete hockeybot who doesn’t know how to party - but it feels like there were people who didn’t read those parts very carefully.

As a hockey fandom n00b, I personally found it a fun, enjoyable read that helped to hook me onto the pairing, so, y’know, clearly it was doing something right.

That said, these are my issues with the Kane & Toews & Kane/Toews characterization in the primer:

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Zoe is stupid for letting people get to her. She should do whatever the fuck she wants. All this crap makes her look mentally weak.

“Zoe is stupid for letting people get to her” woah hold on buddy that’s not something you say

(I’m assuming by the way you’re talking you never got any kind of online hate/hurtful messages)

Zoe IS doing something she wants, which happens to be youtube videos. Do you really think you read something that hurts you and you forget it in the blink of an eye? EVERY single comment you read you just don’t forget, specially the mean ones. They stand out the most because even if they are not true the little voices in your head make you believe they are. And even though you’re smiling sometimes you just remember things you read and it brings you down. It’s an endless vicious circle.

And it does make you weaker but Zoe is stronger than all the “mentally weak” people giving her crap because she can overcome it after a while.