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Hi, as someone emotionally abused by a parent and who doesn't read Catelyn as abusive to Jon, what are you basing this on? Particularly considering GRRM has essentially said (with the exception of the incident with Bran caused by grief and sleep deprivation, which he calls a special case) that she wasn't abusive towards him?

This is a case where I think GRRM doesn’t get it. That scene with Jon and Catelyn by Bran’s bedside tells us a lot about what the usual interaction between the two is like, and has been for the years before this moment.

He reached the landing and stood for a long moment, afraid. Ghost nuzzled at his hand. He took courage from that. He straightened, and entered the room.

Lady Stark was there beside his bed. She had been there, day and night, for close on a fortnight. Not for a moment had she left Bran’s side. She had her meals brought to her there, and chamber pots as well, and a small hard bed to sleep on, though it was said she had scarcely slept at all. She fed him herself, the honey and water and herb mixture that sustained life. Not once did she leave the room. So Jon had stayed away.

- Jon II, AGoT

It’s not Bran’s illness he’s afraid of, it’s Catelyn. He’s afraid of Catelyn to the point where he doesn’t feel he can visit his comatose brother. That sort of fear doesn’t arise in a vacuum, nor is it a one-off due to Catelyn’s grief. That’s the previous status quo talking.

Something cold moved in her eyes. “I told you to leave,” she said. “We don’t want you here.”

Once that would have sent him running. Once that might even have made him cry.

So, we know that Catelyn’s spoken to Jon a bit like this before, and that it has frightened him into leaving before - frightened Jon out of a room in his own home. It emphasises to him that it’s Catelyn who controls space in this house. Where he can go in his own home is dictated by whether or not she’s present in any given room (unless, presumably, his father is also present). No wonder he feels like an outsider in Winterfell.

The fact that her rebukes can make him cry is also quite telling, as we know Jon doesn’t burst into tears at the drop of a hat.

Also take note of the “we.”

That morning he called it first. “I’m Lord of Winterfell!” he cried, as he had a hundred times before. Only this time, this time, Robb had answered, “You can’t be Lord of Winterfell, you’re bastard-born. My lady mother says you can’t ever be the Lord of Winterfell.”

- Jon XII, ASoS

From this we know that Catelyn’s spoken to Robb about how he plays with Jon. This sort of thing is aimed at Jon’s relationship with his siblings, as is the “we don’t want you here.” We get more in other parts of Jon’s PoV.

Robb and Bran and Rickon were his father’s sons, and he loved them still, yet Jon knew that he had never truly been one of them. Catelyn Stark had seen to that.

- Jon IV, AGoT

“I have no sister. Only brothers. Only you.” Lady Catelyn would have rejoiced to hear those words, he knew.

- Jon VI, ADWD

Catelyn doesn’t want her kids to see Jon as a brother, nor Jon to interact with her kids as their brother; while politically understandable, this mostly failed attempt at relationship sabotage is still emotional abuse.

Back to Jon II, AGoT, and here’s one of the big ones.

“Jon,” she said. He should have kept going, but she had never called him by his name before.

Yep. The woman who knows the name of every stable-worker in Winterfell has never addressed Jon by his name. This is flat out dehumanising and cannot be attributed to Catelyn’s emotions in the moment. That’s explicitly a pattern of behaviour that went on for years before this moment of grief, stress, and sleep deprivation.

I don’t think Catelyn had duties to Jon as a parent. But this isn’t cordiality, bare politeness, or absence in Jon’s life. Quite the reverse. We see from Jon’s PoV that Catelyn was very much present, making sure he knew what she thought of his life in Winterfell, and trying to make Winterfell as little of a home for him as she could manage.

With her deep blue eyes and hard cold mouth, she looked a bit like Stannis. Iron, he thought, but brittle. She was looking at him the way she used to look at him at Winterfell, whenever he had bested Robb at swords or sums or most anything. Who are you? that look had always seemed to say. This is not your place. Why are you here?

- Jon XII, ASoS

Sansa and her “Stark connection”

Since the fandom is always saying how Sansa is not a Real Stark ™    I wanted to  make a post in which I explain why Sansa, born in the Winter (unlike Arya or Bran or Rickon born in the long Summer), in Winterfell (unlike Jon or Robb born in the south) will always be a Stark ( no Lannister or Baelish or whatever…), no matter who she is forced to marry (to survive I might add..). 

 In AGOT Sansa (before her father died, and when she was meant to marry joffrey) is already very proud of her Stark origins. 

Alyn carried the Stark banner. When she saw him rein in beside Lord Beric to exchange words, it made Sansa feel ever so proud.

While prefering The Seven (like her mother) she does admire the poetry of the old gods. 

Besides, even if she could leave the castle, where would she go? It was enough that she could walk in the yard, pick flowers in Myrcella’s garden, and visit the sept to pray for her father. Sometimes she prayed in the godswood as well, since the Starks kept the old gods.

By the time she reached the godswood, the noises had faded to a faint rattle of steel and a distant shouting. Sansa pulled her cloak tighter. The air was rich with the smells of earth and leaf. Lady would have liked this place, she thought. There was something wild about a godswood; even here, in the heart of the castle at the heart of the city, you could feel the old gods watching with a thousand unseen eyes.

While she is called little bird, or little dove (when people want to undermine her), she is called wolf  too.

Tyrion found himself thinking of his wife. Not Sansa; his first wife, Tysha. The whore wife, not the wolf wife.

“Your Grace has forgotten the Lady Sansa,” said Pycelle.

The queen bristled. “I most certainly have not forgotten that little she-wolf.” She refused to say the girl’s name.

And Sansa herself when she is in put  a hard position takes courage in her Stark origins. Its something that gives her  strength:

Do as you’re told, sweetling, it won’t be so bad. Wolves are supposed to be brave, aren’t they?

“Brave. Sansa took a deep breath. I am a Stark, yes, I can be brave.

"Winterfell?” Robert was small for eight, a stick of a boy with splotchy skin and eyes that were always runny. Under one arm he clutched the threadbare cloth doll he carried everywhere.

Winterfell is the seat of House Stark,” Sansa told her husband-to-be. “The great castle of the north.”

“Do you require guarding?” Marillion said lightly. “I am composing a new song, you should know. A song so sweet and sad it will melt even your frozen heart. ‘The Roadside Rose,’ I mean to call it. About a baseborn girl so beautiful she bewitched every man who laid eyes upon her.

I am a Stark of Winterfell, she longed to tell him. Instead she nodded, and let him escort her down the tower steps and along a bridge. 

 Petyr put his arm around her. “What if it is truth he wants, and justice for his murdered lady?” He smiled. “I know Lord Nestor, sweetling. Do you imagine I’d ever let him harm my daughter?

"I am not your daughter, she thought. I am Sansa Stark, Lord Eddard’s daughter and Lady Catelyn’s, the blood of Winterfell.

"As was bringing me here, when you swore to take me home.”She wondered where this courage had come from, to speak to him so frankly. From Winterfell, she thought. I am stronger within the walls of Winterfell.

I will tell my aunt that I don’t want to marry Robert. Not even the High Septon himself could declare a woman married if she refused to say the vows. She wasn’t a beggar, no matter what her aunt said. She was thirteen, a woman flowered and wed, the heir to Winterfell.

.His seamed and solemn face brought back all of Sansa’s memories of his time at Winterfell. She remembered him at table, speaking quietly with her mother. She heard his voice booming off the walls when he rode back from a hunt with a buck behind his saddle. She could see him in the yard, a practice sword in hand, hammering her father to the ground and turning to defeat Ser Rodrik as well. He will know me. How could he not? She considered throwing herself at his feet to beg for his protection. He never fought for Robb, why should he fight for me?

From the high battlements of the gatehouse, the whole world spread out below them. Sansa could see the Great Sept of Baelor on Visenya’s hill, where her father had died. At the other end of the Street of the Sisters stood the fire-blackened ruins of the Dragonpit. To the west, the swollen red sun was half-hidden behind the Gate of the Gods. The salt sea was at her back, and to the south was the fish market and the docks and the swirling torrent of the Blackwater Rush. And to the north …She turned that way, and saw only the city, streets and alleys and hills and bottoms and more streets and more alleys and the stone of distant walls. Yet she knew that beyond them was open country, farms and fields and forests, and beyond that, north and north and north again, stood Winterfell.

but personally my favorite line about Sansa being always a Stark and belonging North in Winterfell  (Never a Lannister! , no matter who she marries) is this quote by Ned: 

When it was over, he said, “Choose four men and have them take the body north. Bury her at Winterfell.”

“All that way?” Jory said, astonished.

“All that way,” Ned affirmed. “The Lannister woman shall never have this skin.

Sansa whole story (to me) is about her journey retaking her Stark origins which were stolen from her in the worst of way, just like they killed her wolf Lady. But just like Lady remains, Sansa place is and always will be in the north, as a Stark of Winterfell. 


Inspired by this post, a small fic on Bad Bob just trying to be the best dad he can be. Could also be seen as a companion to Coach. Also on AO3…  

Bob had grown up in locker rooms. The majority of his life was spent surrounded by the sweaty stink of post-game adrenaline, the raucous laughter, the camaraderie. And he loved it… for the most part.

There was the part of it, however, he didn’t like, didn’t particularly care to join in on. Prejudice of any kind had no place in Bob Zimmermann’s heart. When a distasteful joke was made, he retreated into himself. Excused himself to go shower or meet his parents – and later, Alicia.

Alicia was quite vocal many times saying, “If you had been a stereotypical jock I would never have given you the time of day.”

Bob nodded, and didn’t think he was being or not being anything in particular. He just preferred to judge people by their actions and their heart – and nothing else.

Alicia loved his gentle nature, which was a stark contrast to the person he was on the ice. While he was Bad Bob Zimmermann on the ice, off the ice Bob opened doors for little old ladies, he stopped to pet random dogs on the street, he called his parents every Sunday, made corny jokes, and enjoyed cooking for the people he loved.

When Jack came along one hot August morning, Bob held his newborn son as tears flowed freely down his face.

“He’s perfect, Alicia,” Bob murmured as he pressed a kiss onto the baby’s head.

Alicia hummed and closed her eyes, full of exhaustion and bliss.

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Arya Stark Appreciation Week - Day Two (Favorite Familial Relationship)

“I think [Arya] must be dead too.“ When she said that, it felt as though a giant hand were squeezing her chest. (ACOK)

And her lady mother, what would she say? Would she still want her back, after all the things she’d done? Arya chewed her lip and wondered. (ASOS)

arya and catelyn’s dynamic has been my favorite among the starks since the very beginning. i remember when i read a storm of swords i almost threw my book across the room as i got to the part where arya pulls cat’s body out of the river. and the first asoiaf graphic i ever made was a really ugly arya/cat picspam. its not exactly a warm fuzzy relationship. its complicated. arya worries her mother would not want her back because she didnt feel she could be a lady and cat does despair of arya at times (while still loving her as much as the rest of her children)  they dont even interact on page. but its my fave all the same. i think one of the reasons i love it so much is because they’re actually so similar and neither of them realizes it. on the surface they’re very different: cat has always comfortably embraced her role as a lady while arya has struggled to conform to it. but deep down? they’re both practical, intelligent, outspoken, no nonsense women with pragmatic minds. they are assertive and capable leaders. they act instinctively and boldly.they’re fiercely protective of those they love and vindictive against those who wrong them. it might be silly but i love how they both stan for the direwolves too. arya’s bond with her wolf (and her wolves) runs deep and catelyn has a great respect for their power. she “loves” summer for ripping out a man’s throat to save bran’s life. which feels a lot like something arya would think as well. 

“She is a fierce little thing, my lord. I have never seen such anger in a girl.” (AGOT)

“Give me Cersei Lannister, Lord Karstark, and you would see how gentle a woman can be,” Catelyn replied. (AGOT)

the most important (and underrated) similarity between them is the devotion they show to their family. they are two of the most family orientated characters in this series. cat’s words are family, duty, honor and arya’s personal motto is the pack survives. this is what motivates them: the desire to get their family back. and they will do just about anything to accomplish that goal. they value this above all else, including vengeance. but when their families are completely gone they will come for those responsible. 

I am a creature of grief and dust and bitter longings. There is an empty place within me where my heart was once. (ACOK)

It was a hollow place, an emptiness where her heart had been, where her brothers had lived, and her parents. (ASOS)

on a narrative level they are so deeply intertwined that i cannot believe its a coincidence. they share a strong water motif. arya spends a majority of her time in the riverlands which is not only catelyn homeland but its her current location too. arya fights so hard to reach riverrun, and her mother and robb. without knowing the other is fighting just as hard to find them. but the red wedding is where it all comes crashing down. inside the castle, cat has to watch as her last son is betrayed and murdered before she is killed by the freys. outside, arya finds herself in the middle of the slaughter too. she runs for the castle, to save her mother, but sandor clegane knocks her unconscience. this tragedy ends with arya and catelyn stark blacking out and when they awaken they are changed. 

I’m not his daughter, Arya might have shouted, if she hadn’t felt so tired. She was no one’s daughter now. She was no one.

“She don’t speak,” said the big man in the yellow cloak. “You bloody bastards cut her throat too deep for that. But she remembers.” (ASOS)

arya is stricken with grief. her last hope to return home and be reunited with her family was destroyed. arya feels as if she is no one. her identity was built upon her pack and without them she is more lost then ever. catelyn stark never truly wakes up. arya and her wolf pulled the three day old corpse out of the river and beric dondarrion gave it the kiss of life, in a possible attempt to fulfill his oath to arya. lady stoneheart’s existence is a direct result of arya’s will. 

The white thing lay facedown in the mud, her dead flesh wrinkled and pale, cold blood trickling from her throat. Rise, she thought. Rise and eat and run with us. (ASOS)

“The Freys slashed her throat from ear to ear. When we found her by the river she was three days dead. Harwin begged me to give her the kiss of life, but it had been too long. I would not do it, so Lord Beric put his lips to hers instead, and the flame of life passed from him to her. And … she rose. May the Lord of Light protect us. She rose.” (AFFC)

but she is not the woman she once was. she is a creature driven by nothing but revenge. she has no objectivity or remorse or sympathy. all she wants is to see hanged men. arya is also driven by revenge. its all she has left. this and the fact she has nowhere else to go brings her across the narrow sea to the house of black and white. there she begins to train in assassination and espionage. one of her responsibilities is caring for the dead. its a hard, bloody thing she’s doing. but she has nowhere else to turn. she’s lost and afraid and grieving. she takes on catelyn’s name as one of her aliases and mercy is also a nod to stoneheart who is known as mother merciless. arya is capable of violence and ruthlessness just like her mother’s revenant but she still has a heart. it is not gone or made of stone or even as hard as she likes to think. its still hurting and loving. 

Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile. He used to mess my hair and call me “little sister,” she remembered, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes. (AFFC)

lady catelyn stark is dead but arya is still alive. arya does not need to go down this road that lies before her with the faceless men. or even one outside of them where she pursues those on her list. she still has a life and a future and those who will love her. all she needs is to find that path again. and i think lady stoneheart will help her realize that. i very much believe they will cross paths. when they do it will be both a climax and a closure. arya will finally understand how much her mother loved her. many of her self doubts and fears about where she belongs will be conquered. she will finally be able to save her mother too. thats what she wanted more than her own life. the arya who walks away from this will be stronger and more confident. and lady stoneheart will finally be given her own mercy. she is a soul in torment but her daughter will be the one to give her peace. i can think of no better ending to this storyline. its a culmination of the themes in their both arcs coming together in one heartbreaking and cathartic event. 

Baby Rogers - Captain America x Reader

Summary : Reader is pregnant, and she has no idea how she’s going to tell Steve…The other Avengers try to help. 

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Shit. Shit shit shit shit SHIT.  You knew there was nothing to be afraid of, that he was going to be great as usual…but you were scared shitless. 

Were you ready to have a baby ? You didn’t really know, the only thing you were sure of was that if you ever wanted kids, it was with Steve. He proposed to you a few months ago and you were suppose to get married the coming summer, a child wasn’t really part of the plan. However, the more you thought about it, the more you smiled…But was he going to be as happy ? You were totally freaking out, alone in your bathroom, glad that he wasn’t home right now. He would have totally understand that something was wrong with you…it was fairly obvious really. So you were glad to be alone. Well, not really. You wished you had someone to tell, someone that wasn’t your fiancé. 

You bolted out of your bathroom, grabbing a jacket, and went to the Avengers’ Tower common room, hoping to find a friend there. While you walked to the common room, you started to panic. You knew Steve, he would never hurt you…So what if he didn’t want a kid, but just to please you would act as if it was OK ? What if he decided that he didn’t wanna marry you anymore, and you suddenly found yourself raising a kid alone ? Granted, it wouldn’t be that difficult, you being a Stark, but…You were never so glad to see your brother, chilling in the common room with your friends. They were all there. Wanda, Natasha, Thor, Clint, Vision and Bruce. 

You came in awkwardly, and they didn’t notice you right away. 

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GoT Afterthoughts 7x04 The Spoils Of War (Jonsa Edition) SPOILERS

Ugh …so much drama with the leaking of this episode. It was extremely hard to keep myself unspoiled, but I managed (mostly). I know a lot of you have been waiting for this recap, so let’s get down to business …..

Wow. This episode felt so rushed! For the life of me, I will never understand D&D’s logic for cutting this season and the next short, for all the content they need to cram into them.

So, with that being said, we start this weeks episode off in High Garden (or is it Highgarden?). The Lannister and Tarly soldiers have cleaned out High Garden’s riches and food supply and have a caravan headed back to Kings Landing. Jamie gives Bronn his big bag of gold because “a Lannister always pays his debts” but Bronn still wants his castle. lol After poking fun at Jamie’s sour mood despite their victory, Bronn goes with Lord Tarly and Dickon to assist in getting the rest of the harvest. Winter is here, and food is needed.

Side note: I love Bronn. Jamie and Tyrion should totally adopt him when this is all over.

Back in Kings Landing, Cersei is again meeting with the Iron Bank dude, who’s happy to continue supporting her ventures, as long as they get their money. She assures him his gold is on the way.

We head to Winterfell (yay!) where LF is busy being fucking creepy, as usual. He gives Bran the dagger that the cutthroat tried to use to assassinate him in the first season. He proceeds to blow smoke up Bran’s ass about how he will always protect Cat’s children and blah blah blah, sweet Jesus Petyr, we are tired of hearing the same lame shit come out of your mouth! (at least, I am). He tells Bran it’s the dagger that essentially started the war of the 5 Kings and that in a way, it made him what he is today.

Some very interesting things I gleaned from this scene:

  • When Bran asks him if he knows who it belonged to -I believe this was a rhetorical question. I think Bran knows exactly who it belonged to.  
  • LF is shook when he says the word chaos and Bran claps back with “chaos is a ladder.” Mmhmm.  
  • That is the weapon LF will die by. Without a doubt. (and it’s sweet poetic justice).
  • “I’m not Lord Stark” -another reminder that Sansa is the heir to Winterfell, as Bran will probably slip further into his 3ER role until that’s all he is and Bran no longer exists.  

Meera interrupts. She wants to go home and see her family before the Others come. Meera is hurt by how cold and distant Bran is after all she sacrificed for him, and Bran confirms what I said last week -he’s NOT Bran anymore. The more he hones his powers, the more the parts of him that are Bran will disappear -which is why he’s so void of emotions. It’s not trauma (although he’s been through and seen some pretty traumatic shit), it’s just the part of him that was Bran is literally dying as the 3ER takes over.

And Arya is home!!!!! Omg omg omg!!!

What is it with poor Arya and gate guards keeping her out? Okay, just seeing Arya’s face as she glances around Winterfell and looks at the banner -it made me so emotional, my husband laughed at me. He’s a dick, what can I say?

The guards let Sansa know about the girl at the gate, and how she’s gone now, and once Sansa hears who the girl asked for, she knows it’s really Arya and exactly where to find her. She heads to the crypts and there’s Arya in front of Ned’s statue.

This was a beautiful reunion! I know it wasn’t nearly as emotional as Sansa and Jon’s -and frankly, I don’t think any of them are going to be, and I believe that’s intentional, but for the Stark sisters -it suited them, and who they are, and who they’ve become. There’s no hate or animosity here …they even tease each other a bit, and it’s just so lovely and ashgdhjxugyfkcufyskfjcjcaa I AM SO EMOTIONAL!!!!! And we got not just one hug, but two!!! TWO!!!! I said before that D&D had better make this reunion worth while, and for me, they delivered. I love how Arya said that their stories aren’t over yet.

A few things that stood out to me in this scene:

  • Arya telling Sansa that being Lady Stark suited her. I’m not sure this is foreshadowing or just Arya giving her sister some kudos. Either way, it warmed my heart.  
  • Sansa bringing up Jon, and not only how excited he was about her reunion, but how thrilled he’ll be to see Arya too -this served two purposes: Sansa again, bringing up Jon at a time she feels vulnerable/safe, and at the same time validating Arya and how important she is to Jon.  
  • Arya mentions her kill list, and Sansa thinks she’s joking.  

Sansa tells Arya that Bran is home too, and we head out into the Godswood. No matter how unemotional Bran is, it’s beautiful to see my Starklings all together in one place again! ❤️ My heart literally grew three times its size!

After a brief hug, Bran tells Arya that he saw her at the crossroads and that he thought she’d go to Kings Landing. Sansa offers that Bran has visions now, and Bran says that Cersei is on her list of names. The look on Sansa’s face puzzled me for a minute -because she looks a bit worried, but then she kind of smirks a bit when she asks Arya who else is on her list. Now, I think that the writers want us to think that Sansa suspects she *might* be on that list, but I’m telling you now that’s utter bullshit. Lady Stark has taken over her new role in every aspect and that includes mothering her two younger siblings. I believe her look comes more from a parental place of worrying, and I bet the next few episodes will prove me right -ahem, did I not call the whole Bran is no longer Bran thing last week? Thank you.

As Bran pulls out the dagger and gives it to Arya, this only further confirms my feelings. Immediately, Sansa is suspicious. Why? Because she knows LF better than anyone, and she knows he doesn’t do anything that won’t benefit himself. I suspect she is both worried for her siblings, and thinks LF is trying to sway Bran into taking the Lordship so that he can ask for Sansa’s hand in marriage while Jon’s away. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me in regards to LF visiting Bran earlier in the episode. I also think this is all more fodder for fake ass Starkbowl too -to confuse the viewers.

Some things that stood out in this scene:

  • Bran gives the dagger to Arya. Arya is going to be the one who kills LF -Bran knows, he’s seen it, and that’s why he gives the dagger to her.  
  • My heart -when he says it’s wasted on a cripple and Sansa looks down sadly.  

Okay, our Starklings are headed back within Winterfell, and OMG my heart is exploding! And Brienne’s heart, too! Podrick tells her she kept her vow to Catelyn and she should be proud, and you can tell that she’s not used to being complimented. As usual, LF is creeping in the shadows like the human embodiment of a bloodsucking tick.

Another side note: Podrick is also a precious dewdrop! Put him in the same category with Davos.

Now we’re at Dragonstone ..dun dun dunnn. Sigh, well come on, let’s get it over with. We start this scene with Missandei insinuating that GW kissed the kitty and Jon interrupts them from below to bring Dany into a cave. Well, how clever. *eyeroll* I mean, you seriously have to laugh at that.

Jon wants to show Dany the dragon glass before they begin mining it, and it is quite lovely. Jon tells her he wants to show her something else, and the two of them head farther into the cave alone. Cramped quarters, and Dany seems winded from the walk up, because she’s literally panting. Wtf??

Maybe the airs really thin?

Jon explains that the hieroglyphics on the walls are from the Children of the forest, and Dany seems awed to be standing in the same place. She passes the torch by some stick figures resembling the Children and the first men, and Jon narrates how they fought together against the common enemy, as her torch falls on the drawings of the WW’s.

Ummm …….. no?

I mean, I’m pretty sure the Children made them to kill the first men originally, right? But Jon doesn’t know that, and he needs Dany on his side, so go ahead and improvise Jonny baby. 😉

Now, I’m assuming that this scene was meant to be romantic because of the sudden romantic music playing in the background and the open stares between them in the soft torchlight. Kit’s doing that soft half puppy/half fuck me stare, as Dany sashays slowly towards him.

“I will fight for you. I will fight for the north. When you bend the knee.”

Annnnnnd there goes Jon’s erection. If he had one … hahahahah! He tells her again that he can’t, and then Dany drops the BIGGEST hypocrite bomb EVER - “aren’t his people more important than his pride?” Really? No seriously, REALLY? Who’s prideful here? Someone get that girl a mirror because she has some serious soul searching to do!

But here’s the thing -I went into this scene expecting to be beat over the head with romance tropes and vibes (according to what I’ve seen you all post over the last few days) and I truly didn’t see/feel it. It’s not that I didn’t want to … I was really actually trying to, but I felt more like they were once again trying to show us a juxtaposition on who these two people really are.

They emerge from the cave and Tyrion and Varys have good and bad news -they’ve got Casterly Rock …but not really. Naturally, Dany is pissed. She demands that Jon and Davos remain while she has her tantrum. She implies that Tyrion is working against her, then gazing ominously out to sea at her Dragons says she’s going to fly them to the Red Keep. When Tyrion advises her against it, she asks Jon’s opinion. He doesn’t want to be involved but she insists.

Jon gives her really good advice, actually. He tells her to BE DIFFERENT. He tells her to be what her people think she is, and not just more of the same shit they’re used to. He tells her not to use her Dragons.

Now we’re back to Winterfell and Brienne is training Podrick again. Where’s Brienne’s cheerleader, Tormund? I half expected him to pop out from behind a wagon with heart eyes. lol  Arya wants to train with Brienne -she obviously admires her, and I ship them -my new brotp. 😍

They quick shoot up to Sansa and LF on the battlements and the grain is brought up again. Food is a big theme in this episode, as it’s mentioned in the beginning with Jamie, Dany also mentions feeding her army during her tantrum, and now Sansa, too.

She stops in mid sentence to watch what’s unfolding below with Arya and Brienne. She gets a worried look and side eyes LF when Arya mentions Brienne swore to serve both of Cat’s daughters (again, more writers bait to instill fake mistrust between the sisters -it’s more likely that Sansa mistrusts LF and what’s currently motivating him).

This fight scene is AMAZING! Two strong, beautiful women -individually talented in their own ways …this is the shit I live for!!! Arya looks and moves strikingly like Jon (before he took on Ned’s persona) -(wo)man bun and all!

Again, Sansa with her odd looks, and her side-eyeing of LF …they are laying it on thick.

Also, Gendry better watch out -Podrick’s got some serious heart eyes for Arya.

We head back to Dragonstone, and Davos and Jon are strolling the grounds (aren’t you supposed to be mining, mofo???). Again, I’m going to break away from everyone on the romance vibes here -I think that Davos is being facetious. When he asks Jon what he thinks of Dany, he never tells us what he feels, and when Jon says “she has a good heart”, Davis replies with “yeah, I’ve noticed you’ve been staring at her good heart”, implying that Jon’s been looking at her tits. Where’s the romance in that? That’s not love -that’s physical attraction. Let’s not mix the two just yet.

Jon immediately rebuffs Davos with -“There’s no time for that” the convo switches gears to the NK and how many men they’ve got up north. And then Davos jumps back to “good hearts” deliberately and LOUDLY, as they approach Missandei. This seems odd to me … I’ve already speculated that Jon may go undercover lover on Dany as he did to Ygritte, and many have disagreed with me -but I kind of feel like that might be what they are setting up here …

Missandei greets them “Ser Davos, Lord Snow” -and immediately Davos puts the brakes on that shit, “it’s King Snow, or is it King Jon?” (I love Davos).  We go over the concept of bastard, which leads to how Missandei got to be an advisor to Dany. And here again, I feel is another play on words to show how distrustful of Dany both Jon and Davos are (yet managed to fool everyone into thinking it’s ringing romance bells and trying to convince Jon how precious the D is) -Davos reminds her that she’s still “serving” Dany (reminiscent of what the Masters in Meereen said to GW) as to which Missandei replies that she does it freely. Jon is skeptical (and really, so am I) and asks if she wanted to leave and sail home to Narth tomorrow …? Missandei is insistent that Dany would drop her on a boat and wish her good fortune.

Jon (still skeptical): “you believe that?”  

Ohhh, he struck a nerve. Missandei very passionately declares “she knows it” and says that all who followed her (Dany) from Essos followed her because they believe in Dany and chose her as queen (ya know, except for those who didn’t). Davos says “would you forgive me if I switch sides?” And again, I can’t help thinking  how deliberate that line is -Davos is smart and he’s a good talker (as shown throughout the entire series), and I really feel like he’s playing them. I could be wrong, but my gut is really just telling me that something is off here.

Ahhh, and the scene I’ve been waiting for that conveniently comes after all this fake Dany romance BS -a Greyjoy ship is spotted just off the coast! Props to both my boys here, because they played up the tension and emotional angst nicely. Jon moves forward slowly, and then Theon too.

T: Sansa ….she alright?

The minute her name is on Theon’s lips, Jon’s chest begins to heave and he lunges forward and grabs Theon by the front of his shirt, vehemently stating that “what you did for her is the only reason I’m not killing you.”  

WOOT WOOT the murder kitten strikes again! Kit is sooooo good with these emotional facial scenes, my God! Do any of you really doubt this ship????

Jon is fucking in love with Sansa -it is so clearly evident that when he realizes his Starkcest is showing, he abruptly releases Theon, and shoves him away -just in time to zoom in on Davos, and guys -HE KNOWS! DAVOS KNOWS!!!

He (Davos) cleverly shifts the subject to Theon’s fleet and Yara. Euron’s got her. Theon asks where Dany is and they inform him she’s not there.

We jump back over to Jamie and his troops. They are finishing gathering up the harvest (food again) and Lord Tarly suggests flogging any slackers. Jamie is against this -the writers emphasizing yet again that he’s a good man/leader -which is emphasized FURTHER when he chats with Dickon about his feelings on his first battle. Dickon admits it was hard killing people he literally grew up with, and Jamie shows empathy -“they didn’t deserve to die, but Lady Olenna decided to support the Targaryen girl, so here we are”. Jamie may have been a great warrior, but he despises killing innocents, and in essence, that’s what a lot of these soldiers are -men forced to fight for the ones who rule them, with really no say in the matter. The scene with Arya and the Lannister soldier boys makes so much more sense now.

A side note: Bronn literally laughed out loud at Dickon’s name! lmao

Bronn and Jamie hear hoofbeats, the Dothraki army is coming, and sure enough, Dany’s leading them on Drogon. Now, I’ve seen people’s thoughts on this scene floating around Tumblr for days (TAG YOUR SPOILERS lol), but I was NOT prepared for how visually horrifying it truly was.

Another very important side note: the Khaleesi theme song that’s usually played for most of Dany’s inspiring scenes, has been given a VERY ominous twist. Go back and listen. It’s an important detail that many of you might have missed. 😉

The Lannister army scrambles to make a barrier of shields and Dany literally blows them away, ordering Drogon to dracarys the shit out of them. The Dothraki break through, and while they’re keeping the soldiers busy, Dany rides Drogon up the wagon line, literally torching all the wagons filled with food! WTF??

They have the giant crossbow with them, and Jamie tells Bronn he has to wield it, because you need two hands. Probably thinking that he doesn’t get paid well enough for this bullshit, Bronn races for the weapon, but a Dothraki develops a hard-on for him and gives chase through the burning camp. Bronn loses his horse and his gold, but makes it to the weapon.  Finally riding himself of his Dothraki admirer, he searches the smoke filled sky for Drogon, as Tyrion looks down at the carnage from an overlooking cliff. He has what I perceive to be a regretfully sad/shocked face, as equally sad music plays in the background. The Dothraki warrior beside him comments that “his people can’t fight”.

They zoom in on Jamie watching the soldiers around him burning to death, and then Drogon reappears and is headed straight for him. He yells for his men to take cover, as Bronn releases an arrow and just barely misses the dragon. He reloads, as Dany zeroes in on him, ordering dracarys as Bronn lets the next arrow fly and it hits Drogon under the wing, I think? Drogon is injured, but recovers just in time to stop in front of the weapon and bathe him in fire, as Bronn dives out of harms way.

Drogon lands and smashes the weapon with his tail, and Dany dismounts to pull the spear from him. Jamie sees an opportunity to take Dany out, and like a gallant knight, races towards her, while Tyrion watches from the cliff, pleading for him not to do it. NOT because he cares about Dany -no, his fear is all for his brother here, I’m sure of it.

Unfortunately, Dani and Drogon see him before he gets close enough, and dracarys again -but Bronn leaps out and knocks Jamie off his horse and they both fall into the water and sink below the surface.

The episode ends with Jamie in heavy armor, sinking like a rock to the bottom of the lake.

No guys, Jamie is not dead. Bronn isn’t wearing heavy armor and Bronn will save him. I promise. Jamie’s story isn’t over yet -he’s got a very important role to play in the coming battle ….

A few things to point out that should have been glaringly obvious:

  • Dany didn’t take Jon’s advice. If any of you have any doubts on dark!dany, you can toss them out the window -this episode was in NO WAY intent upon bathing her in a good light.
  • Tyrion is going to jump sides really soon -and probably Varys, too.  
  • Dany just burned most -if not ALL of the harvest, and now we understand the emphasis on food this episode, and the parallel of Sansa who, ya know -actually gives a fuck about feeding her people.  

I have more thoughts on this episode that I’ll share tomorrow, but I know you’ve all been waiting for this a long time. What can I say? I’m thorough, I’m sorry! Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you next week with more GoT Afterthoughts.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Sansa & Jon are going to have any more scenes, even if just like 5sec in the last episode? According to the spoilers (!! warning here) Jon has to find a wight as proof for Dany that the WW exist, so he'd have to go North again. &maybe make a pit stop in Winterfell? (spoilers end) In any case, what scenes would you like for them to have, especially indirect scenes (like, other characters mentioning Sansa & Jon having ~reactions~ & vice versa)?

I honestly don’t know. If the spoilers are true then Jon stopping off at Winterfell does seem like a reasonable speculation since it’s a hell of a long ride from Dragonstone all the way past the Wall, and there’s a likely chance Jon would have heard of Arya or Bran (or both) returning home as well. 

I do hope they have more scenes together this season, but I keep thinking they won’t until the very end and at that point Jon wouldn’t be coming home to a happy reunion. I feel if the leaks are true, he is bending over backwards for Dany, which won’t be received well by the Northern lords and ladies. They already disagree with his decision to ride south. I don’t think the reveal of R+L=J will happen this season publicly, only for the Starks, but I do think a Northern revolt will happen if Jon bends the knee and has some kind of tryst with Dany. 

These are foreboding words:

A Targaryen cannot be trusted.

“We called your brother king. And then he rode south and lost his kingdom. Winter is here, Your Grace. We need the King in the North in the North.”

And don’t forget this from Lord Glover:

“Taking up with a foreign whore, getting himself, and those who followed him, killed.”

In fact, Robb and Talisa’s whole relationship was a huge omen for what not to do as King of the North and could be seen as foreshadowing Jon and Dany and the negative impact it’ll have on Jon’s rule in the North.

So if there is a Jon and Sansa reunion, I feel it won’t happen till the end (if at all) and by that point the North would have rejected Jon as their king. 

With that said, however, I believe Sansa will be his biggest defender and supporter through it all. 

Jon entrusting Sansa with Winterfell held so much symbolic importance for her. It was the first time anyone’s ever shown her such unwavering faith and trust in her opinions. In that moment, Jon won her lifelong loyalty and unconditional love. The fierceness with which she wants to care for Jon and help him we also already saw in 7x01, but this moment strengthened it. 

Everything that has happened in Season 6 up until the last episode has been to demonstrate just how much Jon’s presence in her life has saved her. He not only helped her reclaim her home (Winterfell), but he’s also helped her regain her confidence. His trust and faith allowed her to believe in herself again, even in spite of how he acted in 7x01. 

Season 6 and part of Season 7 has been about that relationship, so now I feel like the end of Season 7 and Season 8 will be about Sansa saving Jon – helping him regain his home (ie. the trust of the North) and himself (as he would no doubt be questioning his worth, identity and place in this world). 

I know this is a very long-winded and roundabout way of answering your second question, but if this is what happens, this is how I’d want Jon and Sansa scenes to go in Season 7: 

The Northern lords and ladies arguing over Jon and questioning his loyalty to the North, bad-mouthing him, and Sansa fiercely defending him. However, while in private, perhaps with Arya and Bran, she admits to feeling conflicted and confused. She does not doubt Jon, but she does question his choices and wonder what exactly he’s planning and being frustrated that he’s making such dumb decisions. I want anguish and angst. 

I want Tyrion and Jon discussing Sansa. Perhaps she made a decision that saved the lives of their people or something amazing, and the two men are discussing how far she’s grown and how impressive she is as a woman. Then you get a shot of Tyrion looking at Jon, clarity shining in his eyes, and he asks Jon a question, poignant and direct about his feelings for Sansa. And Jon adamantly refuses, but Tyrion laughs and tells him something like, “you forget, Jon snow, I once lived under the same roof as Jaime and Cersei.” Cue Jon’s shame, regret and angst. 

I want Bran revealing R+L=J to Sansa and the subsequent turmoil that brings her because suddenly she realises how much danger Jon is truly in if anyone were to find out. The North would truly reject him now and the Dragon Queen would not tolerate another Targaryen with claim to the Iron Throne. She feels heartbreak that this man is not a Stark but a Targaryen, but also this kernel of hope and the surprise that comes with it because she doesn’t quite get it yet why that would make her hopeful. She doesn’t quite understand why knowing he is only her cousin makes her heart swell and yearn for something she barricaded herself from for years. And I want Bran to see this on her face and just know as well. 

I want Littlefinger baiting Sansa with Jon’s feelings. Never saying it explicitly but suggesting it and dangling it in front of her face. I want Sansa to get visibly angry, but also confused over what he’s insinuating.

I want Jon and Theon to reunite. I want him to forgive Theon and vow to protect him for bringing Sansa back to him. I want Theon to ask of Sansa and Jon to tell him with pride and love that she is fine and safe

When he’s beyond the Wall, I want a quiet moment before the big battle with the White Walkers and the Night King where Davos and Jon are discussing life after the war if they were to survive. I want Jon to talk about wanting a family and he’s describing his children and they have red hair. Perhaps Tormund is there and he mentions Ygritte, and Jon looks up, surprised, because no, he wasn’t thinking about Ygritte. And then that’s when he can’t hide it anymore that he is irrevocably in love with Sansa. 

Then if there is a reunion at the end of this, I want Jon to return to Winterfell worried and terrified of how he’d be received. I want everyone to be watching him with either anger or wariness in their eyes and then suddenly through the crowd, it’s Sansa running towards him and then she’s in his arms, and it’s a complete mirror of how they held each other at Castle Black. And I want her to whisper in his ear, “I always knew you’d come back home,” then the season to end. 

Basically, I want a lot of things, Anonny XD

queen in the north

The King in the North abdicates his throne and pledges allegiance to the Dragon Queen. However, the North remembers, and doesn’t follow suit. one shot 3k+

The walls of Winterfell and the people within them are cold and unforgiving.

This realization is something Daenerys takes to heart. For she is meant to be their ruler, and a good ruler is supposed to be beloved by the people. She cannot be like her father. She is no Mad King.

Keep reading

-an old love of mine (i)

Request: Hello there, I just wanted to know if you got my previous request: Could you please write a Jon Snow imagine the reader grew up with the starks and formed a romantic relationship with Jon during that time, but she had to leave winterfell because her father married her off to some northern lord (one of the reasons why Jon decided to take the black), fast forward to Sansa and Jon trying to gather allies for battle of the bastards, they meet again and they realize their feelings only grew

a/n: hope you enjoy the first part!

“Married!” the outrageous cry of disbelief rings clear and high throughout the room. It seems the syllables are the only sounds for moments after, for the great and hulking lord that sits before the raging woman remains silent and tight lipped. 

Sons had been hard to raise alone. Daughters were harder. 

The theory had proven correct when his daughter had been born wailing and thrashing into the world, the whole of Torrhen’s Square and possibly the entire north witness to her rage. She was fearsome to behold then, a small and tiny thing full of her mothers despair. And now was the same; discontent and unadulterated anger flashing in her eyes and the light of the candles hanging from the walls bouncing off her face and making it all hollow lines and sharp angles. 

There is an anger in her that is both wild and beautiful, and is something Lord Tallhart has been witness to only a certain amount of times. But it is not common for members of his house to hide such carnal rage within them. She should not be so familiar with such wildness. Perhaps being raised among the Stark children has finally made her into one of them, and now she holds in her an undomesticated vexation akin to a wolves. 

“I will not be married father!” she is pacing now and the clink of her boots and the steel sword by her hip ring off the stone walls of Lord Tallhart’s chamber. Y/n had never been content with posing as a lady, and her attire that would rather be suited to a male made that fact all too clear to any one who set eyes on her. But her hair is still kept long and her face is far too beautiful to be kept behind the walls of Winterfell. 

“You are a Lady and therefore you will fulfill your duty and marry a Lord. I have received almost close to thirty marriage proposals and suggestions from every corner of the North, and even one from Lord Randyll Tarly who suggests a fine and strapping young son Dickon as a husband for you” his words are quick and rough, and they do not comfort her in any way but rather irritate her further. 

“I will not be sold to someone named Dickon! Or anyone for that matter” she is a graceful whirl of thick hair and clinking steel as she rushes towards her father who sits watching with eyes that are dimming with age each day “please father, you can’t make me. I want to stay here at Winterfell” 

“You can not!” the words are harsher than he had intended them, but there is a truthful anger in them that he knows he has been holding back. His daughter may be young, perhaps a year or two younger than most are when married, but a union with someone of high birth is almost paramount at this stage. 

Jon Snow watches with those black eyes that are deep with a love Lord Tallhart can not bear when he sees him watching his daughter, and it is this reason he must sell her off to someone of legitimate birth. Jon is not the only one who has a deep buried desire that seems to radiate from ever crevice of his being when he eyes y/n. Tallhart’s daughter seems to reciprocate the feelings that the Stark bastard all too plainly displays while in crowded rooms and beneath weirwoods at prayer; their eyes always meeting no matter the place. 

“This is my home, and I belong here!” y/n cries, the barrier between childishness and maturity blurring as she yet again becomes a little girl in front of him. He wishes she were small enough to cradle and kiss and young enough to believe in stories and in her fathers promises. But she is not a child any longer but a woman, graceful and beautiful and fearsome to look upon and she must fulfill her duties. 

“Torrhen Square is your true home, and when you are married some castle or holdfast will be your new one” her Lord Father tells her and there is a flash of something so sad within her eyes that he is reminded of her mother all too painfully. 

“I never asked to be raised here, but you brought me here for Lady Catelyn to foster alongside Robb when mother died and when you went and fought with the King. You made this place my home by sending me here” she tells him, a dangerous softness replacing her tone of anger that had previously seeped her words with rage “but I do not wish to leave it” 

“If it pleases you I will let you read these letters” her father gestures towards the now crinkled and folded letters that are covered in different scrawls all in black ink. Y/n can notice some of the sigils that are marked on them with wax, and some are too obscured for her to recognise, but she does not care. Names and sigils and house words do not matter to one that is already in love and marriage proposals are altogether shunned from her mind if it is not one from the only man she wishes to marry. 

But you can never marry a bastard.The words are seething and sharp as they are whispered in her ear by her demonic, stalking conscious and she imagines a cloaked and hooded figure standing behind her with a cutting grin put there by her inner torment. 

Jon Snow is all that matters but he is all she can not have. He is what the gods promise all maidens and what her mother would have wanted for her since he is so gentle and honest and good. But the gods have not listened to her prayers in years and her mother is dead. She can not imagine clearly her face anymore and can not begin to remember if Jon Snow would have been the type of man her mother would have wanted by her daughters side. 

“I do not want to read them” her voice is rough and thick with Stark stubbornness. Sometimes she thinks the direwolf is the real sigil of her blood, but then she is reminded when everyone calls her Lady Tallhart, and whenever her father reminds her. Perhaps wanting to be a Stark so much is just another commonality she and Jon share; another lie they can convince themselves of every time they kiss. Like how they convince themselves they’ll somehow end up as man and wife. 

“It would ease your mind a little if you were to read them, my dear. Some of the young men sound promising, if you were to read them yourself then you could choose more easily” 

“I do not wish to choose any man because I have already chosen someone” there are tears upon her cheeks now that trail from her eyes in the utmost betrayal. Her eyes weep sadness from them as a weirwood weeps its blood red sap, but unlike a weirwood tree the person before her weeping eyes is not bowed in prayer. He is a raging figure of a lord; a shadow of the kind eyed man she used to cry for whenever he rode to battle. She will not weep for this man however; for his eyes are filled with too much rage. 

He stands now, rough and huge hands placing flat on the table as they push himself from his chair. His shadow is large against the stone walls as the candlelight throws it against the grey and white like paint on an artists canvas. His eyes are bright and dangerous and she is suddenly filled with a great desire to stare at them as hard as she can manage, but he is much better at it than she is. 

“I will not have you choose any man without my consent, and especially a man with such low birth as the one I know you are thinking of. You defy me by consorting with him in the godswood night after night to play out whatever fantasies you may still cling onto. You loved him as a child, I saw that I did, and I regret not stopping it sooner. But boys and girls tend to strike up feelings at that age that often temper with maturity. I recall young Robb once declared you his true love at the age of eight, but that changed and I had hoped Jon’s feelings would have too” there is a kindness in his tone at the end that contests with the anger on his face but she does not stop staring at him with discontent. 

“But they haven’t” she tells him, her words wavering and flickering just like the candlelight as it burns around the room. Her fathers shoulders slump then and his grey eyes narrow as they drop to look upon the heavy oak desk that is littered with her marriage proposals. 

“No they haven’t” Lord Tallhart once again looks at his daughter, her ethereal beauty magnified by the light of the room, but the sword at her hip contests with any claim she has to ladylike traits. 

“Bastard or not father, I love him” she is pleading now she knows, something that she detests more than crying in front of people but is yet another thing she is doing as she feels the hot tears leak from her. She wipes them hurriedly from her face but it is of no use, they come as fast as she rids them “I won’t love anyone else” 

“Your mother did not love me, she did not love me for many years in fact. She bore your brother out of duty for our marriage and even after he was born I could tell she only loved me a small measure for making her son. I loved her from the moment I saw her, red hair and a smile men would kill for and a heart just as sweet” he does not look so grim and formidable when he talks about her mother, and it softens her somewhat to hear it “but she did not love me, not until Benfred was four and was taken with a fever and was almost lost to us. I stayed with her by his bedside for almost a fortnight, and after that she loved me something terrible. What I am trying to tell you is that you may not love the man you are married to but you can learn to” 

“I will never learn to love any other man” her words are ice; the very frost that coats the grounds of Winterfell and it is hard and dangerous and everlasting. Winter has come in the shape of her promise, and she knows as she looks at her father, that she can never take it back. 

a/n: this is short and jon isn’t in it yet but he will be! more parts to come! and please send me in requests. at the moment I only write for Jon, Robb or Jaime so send requests for them please!

Take the Reins

Requested:  Hi! Can you make a Jon Snow imagine? They are children, like 4 or 5 years old. He wants to play with the Starks but lady Stark says he cant and the boys make fun of him. He leaves and the reader (the daughter of a maid) finds him crying, and comforts him. Then, when they are older they are still friends and she is his maid, but they love each other. One day she defends Jon from his mother, so she throw her out in the wild. Jon go after her and run away together? Sorry, its too long:/

Not long at all my love! The more detailed the better and more what you wanted! Thank you for your request lovely.

Fandom: Game of Thrones 

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Warning: Anger, crying, kissing

Tag: @ lachicadelamanzana

Originally posted by mhysaofdragons

You hid behind your mothers skirts as she spoke to the baker asking what was needed to be cleaned and changed before she ran to the market to receive inks for Lord Stark. You were a timid child always keeping your chin down, and your nose out of things, but the Stark children caught your eyes. Rob was wrestling with his younger brother Bran. Jon was nowhere to be seen among the boys. Which you found quite odd, Jon was normally always running after the eldest Stark child. But not today, your head whipped the other direction when you heard the sharp voice of Lady Stark, the other servants, maidens, and varies castle staff bowed and went back to their duties when Lady Stark walked by, with Jon’s arm gripped tightly in her thin hands, Jon looked disgruntled. When Lady Stark reached where your mother and you were stand, your mother bowed and you stood behind her still holding her shirts. She intimidated you beyond belief, she shot you a scornful gaze when you didn’t bow to her, your mother smacked the back of your head and you instantly bowed to the Lady of your house.  

Lady Stark kept pulling Jon away, while berating him and scolding him for wanting to play with his brothers, he looked like he wanted to cry, but he kept a straight face. Soon you saw him struggle and he got his arm free and ran off into the woods, Lady Stark growled but turned her nose up and kept walking away. “Y/n! Are you even listening to me?” Your mother barked, you turned your face to look at your usually mother’s soft face, now it was creased with sharp anger lines. You flinched at that look, “how many times do I need to tell you. You have to bow when you see the Lord or Lady of the house.” I looked at my shoes, and kicked a peddle.

“Sorry mama,” she sighed and ruffled your hair.

“Go on and play with the other children,” she waved as she left to go to the market.

But instead of running off to play with the other maids children you ran in the direction Jon ran moments earlier. He wasn’t far into the woods when you caught up to him. He was beating a tree with a stick causing splitters to dig deep into his fingers. Your mother was training you to be a nurse maid, but you would rather be a hand maid for one Lady Starks daughters or maybe the foot maid for one of her sons. But your mother believed that it was best to become a nurse maid. “Jon,” you said quietly not to startle him. You didn’t want to feel the rough wood smack you in the face, he whipped around stick held tightly in hand, his gaze softened when he noticed you. “Oh, its just you,” he said deflated. Jon was a year older then you, but he looked much more mature then the others boys his age. You believed that was due to how harshly Lady Stark treated him.

“What happened my Lord,” you bowed slightly. He barked out a loud laugh, “don’t let Lady Stark hear you say that, she would for sure toss her lunch,” you scoffed at his remark.

“You are a son to Lord Stark, so you are a lord, I shall refer to as such,” he shook his head, and placed his hand on your shoulder. “Please, not around my Lady, she would sure as the morrow to punish you or your mother.” I looked down at my shoes.

“Yes M’lord” he shook his head.


After that day in the woods, you and Jon became quite good friends. You bonded over being social outcasts, and as you got older you mother became much busier tending to the needs of the house leaving you to your devices. By the time it came for you pick out what kind of maid you would be, your mind was already made up. When you told your mother you wanted to be Jon’s maid, your mother gave you a saddened look. But agreed and got you a meeting with Lord Stark.

Jon was to be present at this meeting along with Lady Stark, that made you nervous beyond belief. Jon had no idea that you wanted to be his maid. He would tell you not to bother, but its what you wanted. You and your mother arrived a moment early to the meeting, you could hear the hushed voices of Lord and Lady Stark. Your mother n=knocked sharply on the door and it was opened by a servant, you immediately bowed. “My Lord,” you nodded at him, “My Lady you look lovely,” Lady Stark raised her eyebrows, and her husband a look, he shrugged and smile at you. A few minutes later Jon arrived to his fathers’ office, covered in something. Lady Stark exhaled and shot a deadly gaze at him. He impishly bowed and stood with his back against the wall.

“So, it has been brought to my attention that you would like to request to be Jon’s serving maid?” You weren’t looking at Jon, but you knew he was about to reject the idea immediately. Lord Stark stared intently at you, you looked down not wanting to meet his gaze. The man scared the shit out of you if you being honest. You took a deep breath, “Yes,” you spoke with the most confidence you had ever heard escape your lips.

“Why would you want to be his maid? You could be any of our children’s maid, you would be perfect for Sansa,” Lady Stark stated staring through you.

“Now Cat, Sansa has already taken a hand maid. Rob has also taken a maid. The other children are to young for a personal maid. Jon has yet to get one.” Lord Stark said sternly to his wife.

“Yes, because nobody wants to be a bastards maid,” you flinched at her mean words, but refused to show weakness.

“Cat!” Lord Stark’s voice raised slightly. She simply shrugged. “Then, with that being said” Lord Stark shot his wife a look, “this young maid would be prefect for Jon” Lord Stark seemed pleased, Lady Stark look disgusted. She threw her hands up and said something under her breath before she hastily left the office. Lord Stark shook his head and rubbed his forehead. “Well this we be a headache tonight,” he took a sip from his mug. “So, Jon are you okay with this young maiden being your personal maid?” Jon stepped forward, “thank you father, she will be fine.”

“Well, congratulations, I would recommend your first task should being fetching a bath for my son here,” you bowed deeply and exited the office, but not before you caught Lord Starks final remark. “She’s a pretty little thing,” you blushed at his words. Your mother gushed with gratitude at his comment.  

A few moments later, you were pouring Jon a bath in his chambers when he burst through the door like a wild boar. “By the seven,” you clutched your hand over your heart. “Sorry M’lord,” you composed yourself quickly. Jon scoffed, and started to take his dirty clothes off and once he was down to his smalls, you were done with the bath water, and turned your back to him. You heard the water slush over the tub. You were walking around the tub to the pile of dirty laundry, when Jon took hold of your wrist making you look at him.

“Why would you do this Y/n?” he asked his eyes not letting you look away. “You were becoming a wonderful nurse maid, you would deliver babies and take care of the sick. Why would want to be my maid?” It hurt to hear the sadness in his voice, he believed that he was not worthy of maid, that he was nothing but a lowly peasant. But at the same time, it made your blood boil to know that reason he thought so lowly of himself was because of Lady Stark.

“May I speak openly M’lord,” Jon rolled his eyes, “by the seven Y/n, of course you can.” You cringed. “Do you really think that lowly of yourself that you undeserving of a maid?” you asked softly. Jon looked down at his hand and his curly hair touched the hot water, he shook his head. “Yes, but if this is how its going to be, please in private just call me Jon,” he looked back up at you. You nodded, “okay,” you paused, “Jon,” he smiled.


A few years had passed since that day, and now the castle was preparing for our royal guests that would be arriving in a few short hours per the raven that was sent ahead. You were accompanying Jon to get his hair cut. Jon bulked up in those few short years and you had filled out to look more womanly. Robs maid, was wonderfully funny girl, you and she were quite close and always ran errands for the boys together, was standing beside you quietly while she waited for Robb to be finished. Jons turn did not come without teasing remarks from Greyjoy and Robb. “I’m sure you wouldn’t complain with Y/n was trimming you curls little brother,” you blushed.

“I don’t know why she isn’t, she’s always trimmed it before,” Jon stated and shot you a smile.

“Maybe because she won’t shear that massive amount of curls. Seriously are you sheep?” Greyjoy teased. You couldn’t help that his head of curs were hot, you loved them, so when it came time to trim them, you did the bare minimum. Not that Jon minded, he liked when you ran your fingers through his hair.

The royal party came and that was yours and Jon’s cue to leave, before Lady Stark could send spiteful words in your direction. You and Jon retreated to the stables where Jon would practice his sword fighting you would try and learn to read. Maids were not normally permitted to read and write, but Jon refused to allow that and in secret he would teach you how to read. In those moments of silence while you struggled for words Jon would gently encourage you to keep trying and then if you got past it successfully he would give you a sweet kiss. It was true you and Jon had grown from close friends to lovers in the privacy for his bed chambers.

You were practicing with a children’s book that Jon had swiped from the Stark library. The sound of a sword slashing a dummy stopped, and you heard Jon chuckle, but he was a lot closer to you then you remembered, and it startled you. He was inches from your face, a sweet smile and loving eyes met yours. “Interesting book M’lady,” you blushed deeply at his words, you hated when he called you Lady but also you loved it. You shook your head, “are you having trouble with a word?” he asked earnestly.

“No, no, its boring,” you giggled and he caught your mouth with his and he slid his tongue across your lower lip, only to be interrupted by the one and only little Prince of the lands. You instantly dropped the book to your feet and stood up.

“Well, what do we have here?” he sneered, looking you up and down, it made you feel sick. “The bastard and his lovely little maid,” his hound swiped the book up from your feet. “What is the peasant learning to read?” The Prince laughed loudly. You looked down and didn’t say anything, only for chin to be taken by rough hands and made to look in the eye of the Prince. “You will look at your Prince when he speaks to you, peasant,” you were shaking. “You’re, you’re,” he laughed again. “Come now, what? Use the little amount of words you know.”

“You’re hurting me My Prince,” he chuckled and squeezed harder. “Surely, you’re used to worse,” he then tilted your head up and put his other hand on your throat and squeezed. You coughed and swiped his bare hand and scratched him, he yelped and dropped his hand and clutched it. He then slapped you hard across the face you fell into the mud at your feet. Then without thinking Jon reacted and punched the Prince in the jaw a loud crack echoed through the stables and the Prince glared at Jon with fire in his eyes. “You will pay for this bastard,” he threw at you and sulked out of the stables.

Jon crouched down and helped you up, your throat hurt as well as your chin. Jon cupped your face gently and placed soft kisses on the corner of your eyes to clean the tears. A few moments later Lady Stark was stomping through the stables and gripped Jon tightly around the wrist, “Your fathers’ office now,” she hissed. You followed Jon and Lady Stark though the castle to Jon’s fathers’ office. The Queen and the Prince were waiting there and Lord Stark sat at his desk, his head in his hands.

The Prince’s jaw was swelling and looked hideous. The Queen looked like she was going smite Jon where he stood. Then Lady Stark tore into Jon, she was cussing him out, the Queen and Prince looked pleased. Your heart beat was pounding, and it hurt to watch Jon be berated and told off always killed you inside. “Lady Stark,” you spoke, regret followed your words, when her steely glare met your soft eyes. “It is my fault, I scratched the Prince, and he hit me as he should.” You bowed deeply, trying to hold the tears back from falling.

“Well at least someone in this damned place knows their place,” The Queen scoffed, shaking her head. Lady Stark glared at you, her gaze would turn you stone if she willed it. “Well, then get out, leave. I don’t care where. I do not need maid disrespecting me in my home.” You stared at her wide eyed, tears brimmed your eyes. Lord Stark stood to protest. The Queen planted him back into his seat. The Prince seemed pleased, Jon look destroyed. You begged her with your eyes to change her mind, “Out!” she barked. With haste, you left the room and went to the maid chambers and gathered the small number of things you owned, tears fell freely. Your mother would be furious with you, but thankfully she would find out after you were long gone. You felt a pair of arms grip you tightly around the chest and heaved you too its chest.

“Shh, shh, it’ll be okay. Father will change her mind.” You tore out of his arms and sobbed. Jon hugged you from behind.

“No, I’m leaving. The queen will surely have me killed if I remain.” You said and stood up straight and lifted your chin.

“Where will you go?” Jon asked taking your head in his hands making you stare at him.

“I’ll find a village far away from here, now let me go Jon.” You seen the guards standing at the door way, waiting to escort you out of Winterfell. You shouldered past Jon and met them, they handed you small bag with some water and bread and cheese. It was morning by the time the guards left you, you guessed it was give you a far chance to get somewhere before nightfall.

Jon yelled, he was tired of crying, tired of being pushed around by Catelyn Stark, he made his choice. He saddled his horse and rode with haste out of Winterfell hoping to catch up with you. Lord Stark saw him riding off, his heart started to ache, Catelyn laid a stiff hand on his chest and shook her head. “Leave him Ned, let him and maid be happy together,” she had a saddened look in her eyes. She did fell bad but it was duty to the crown and she had to stand by her choice. She knew it was hurting Ned. But what was done is done.

You stopped walking, the sound of pounding hooves on stone scared you, you jumped off the road so you weren’t in the way of the rider. But the rider, dawned in a large black cloak stopped next to you, he smiled down at you. It was Jon, your stomach tired itself in knots and your heart pounded against your ribcage. “Jon,” you said softly he reached his hand down and offered it to you. You took it, and he pulled you up on to the horse.

“M’lady, you’ll freeze with out a coat,” he said, as he wrapped his arm around your waist and held the reins the furs of his coat cloaked your arms. Jon’s dire wolf Ghost followed obediently behind us. “Where were going?” he asked with a chuckle.

“I was following the road,” You said quietly pressing back into his chest, he kissed the said of head.

“Well, we’ll ride until we find a village far away from Winterfell and we’ll start a life. I’ll be a guard, or a farmer. Whatever so you can live a somewhat comfortable life.” You blushed at his words.

“I love you Jon Snow,” you whispered, clutching his gloved hand and giving it a squeeze. The little ring that sat on your ring finger, given to you by Jon, who given it by your mother. It was a symbol of your love; your mother may be furious you got kicked out. But she would be proud that you Jon would have a free life together.

“I love you Y/n Snow,” he nuzzled his nose into your hair. 

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Robb x Reader

Robb smiled and lent on the door frame as he watched you and Rickon sword fight with wooden swords. Rickon whooped as he almost made you drop the sword and scrambled onto his bed, dogging your retaliation with a wide grin.


“I am not one to ruin my brother’s fun but Lady Stark sent me to see how Rickon is settling down for the night.” Robb muttered after he cleared his throat.


“My apologies Milord, we got carried away.” You blushed and smiled at Robb when he chuckled.

“I won’t tell anyone, but he needs to rest we have a big day tomorrow.” Robb smiled as you ruffled Rickon’s hair and tucked the boy up.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Myranda Royce knows that "Alayne Stone" is actually Sansa Stark, or at very least that she isn't who she says she is?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

“Soon or late you must meet Myranda Royce,” Petyr had warned her. “When you do, be careful. She likes to play the merry fool, but underneath she’s shrewder than her father. Guard your tongue around her.”

When Petyr Baelish, a man who fancies himself intellectually superior to most everyone he meets and has to show everyone just how smart he is, feels the need to warn Sansa about a character’s cleverness … well, I think that’s good indication that she truly is clever. Myranda has reason to be suspicious of “Alayne Stone”: from seemingly out of nowhere, having never mentioned one before, Littlefinger has conjured for himself a bastard daughter, obviously highborn (Myranda could not have failed to note how many times Sansa called her “my lady” as they descended to the Gates), of just the right age as that Sansa Stark who disappeared so suddenly from the court of King Joffrey. Is it any coincidence, then, Myranda mentions this off-handedly during their ride?

“Why must mules be so bony and ill-tempered? Mya does not feed them enough. A nice fat mule would be more comfortable to ride. There’s a new High Septon, did you know? And the Night’s Watch has a boy commander, some bastard son of  Eddard Stark’s.”

“Jon Snow?” she blurted out, surprised.

“Snow? Yes, it would be Snow, I suppose.”

Myranda is no fool: her “thick chestnut curls” are as full of gossip and secrets as the hair of Gretchen Weiners. She’s evaluating Sansa during that whole ride, seeing what she knows and how she reacts to news, and Sansa “blurting” out Jon’s name gives her a rather huge clue. Why would Littlefinger’s bastard, supposedly raised in a Gulltown motherhouse to be a septa, have any idea of the name of Eddard Stark’s bastard son? Combine that fact with the “real” Sansa’s sudden disappearance, and I think at the very least Myranda suspects Alayne Stone is not what she seems, if not actually Sansa herself.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)


We’re finally four episodes down, with only the final three remaining and there’s heavy foreshadowing for both targbowl and targcest. *Spoilers plenty*

 It seems pretty obvious that they’re headed the targcest way for it’s after a conversation about Missandei and Grey worm that Jon and D enter the cave that contains the dragon glass alone, without anyone else. They look way too much into each other’s eyes and all the fire that’s glowing in their faces, like burning passions and really we know where this is heading. But unlike the jonsa hand-grab, when Jon holds D’s wrist, the camera doesn’t pan on it, nor does D look at it. Again, in contrast with Jonsa, Jon initiates the physical touch while in his scenes with Sansa, except for the forehead kiss, Jon almost never initiates physical contact. (like he is scared of touching her??) Yet when he issues a threat to LF and promises to protect her from Ramsey, it’s always “TOUCH”.

D and Jon come out of the cave after almost looking like they are going to walk off together, hand in hand into the sunset. I’d like to point out here, that when D asks Jon if he is going to let his pride get in the way of saving thousands of lives I almost asked myself, but if she really wants to be queen of the seven kingdoms, and considers the north as one of them, shouldn’t she prove herself worthy by saving thousands first and then asking Jon to bend the knee. Isn’t she letting her pride come in the way of ruling over people’s hearts too?

Anyway they come out together and bad news hits D and here came my first favourite moment in the show,


Of course I felt bad for Tyrion. The hurt is reflected on his face. Here’s a man who planned the destruction of his own birthplace, his own family because he was loyal to his queen and his loyalty gets questioned in front of people who won’t even bend the knee. I get it. She’s angry that his plan did not go down as well. But shouldn’t a leader take responsibility for all the good and bad that happens? Plus, one plan fails and she’s already questioning Tyrion’s loyalty?? I found that a little extreme. Next came another moment that I loved.


They’re contrasting Dany’s urges and Jon’s urges for the viewer’s benefit, maybe even for Tyrion and Varys’s. At least that’s how I read it.


It was a small scene, YES. But it did it’s job. Jon would’ve killed Theon if not for his part in Sansa’s escape. No- you betrayed Robb, you betrayed House stark, nothing. It’s implied obviously but we know that the only thing that stop’s Jon from driving longclaw into Theon’s gut is his role in Sansa’s escape. I wonder if that is the exact reason why Theon brings up Sansa when he first sees Jon. Maybe he knows, that Sansa is his life boat when it comes to Jon.

Jon as usual, lets his instincts get the better of him. Goes straight for Theon’s collar. Again, we get a glimpse of how Jon forgets himself whenever Sansa’s name is mentioned. He side eyes Ser Davos observing this exchange and remembers quite what he’s doing. He lets go of Theon and we get a close up of Ser Davos viewing this whole exchange (with suspicion?? Curiosity??) Before we can ascertain if we imagined this, Davos asks Theon about Euron and that thought is lost.


Bran effectively manages to get LF’s balls up his throat with this single line. I whistled and screamed! I am not kidding.


So the winterfell plot is increasingly becoming my favourite storyline. (Dragonstone is becoming boring with the “we already know who’s the rightful heir and who’s going to bang who” plot. Citadel-“Please show us something other than BARF” plot ) So After that highly emotional scene with Meera where we do get to understand that Bran is the stark who has changed the most and probably will never be the same again, we see him look outside towards the window because he knows who’s coming home dearies. YES, it’s Arya fucking Stark!!


What a moment that was? Sansa, beautiful Sansa, knows exactly where to find her little sister.

Should I call you Lady Stark now?

Yes. You Should

I wish Jon comes back soon. (AWWW Sansa, so do we! SO DO WE!!!) He was so happy to see me. I think if he were to see you his heart would stop.

See what Sansa did here people? She realises and recognises the fact that Jon and Arya shared a closer relationship that she ever did with him. She’s telling Arya how much Jon loves her and it’s graceful, unselfish and totally kind of her to do that. Again, we as an audience are probably being told that Jon and Arya shared a closer relationship as siblings than Jonsa. And once again we have Sansa wishing Jon were here. (My Jonsa heart is very happy)


Arya wheeling Bran in and Sansa walking by their side entering the gates of Winterfell, a proud Brienne looking at them SIGH, I could watch that scene everyday and yet never tire of it. It was beautiful, emotional and Brienne and Pod’s exchange was just perfect!! PERFECT


So this “I’m Arya Stark of winterfell” music is stuck to my head forever and won’t come off. Hats off to Maise Williams for so beautifully executing that duel scene with Brienne. It was priceless. And in the end when Brienne asks her, “Who taught you that trick?” (or something like that) and she says “NO ONE!” YES, I whistled and I wolfed and I’d do it again. I don’t know why LF looks so happy in the scene because looks like at this point everyone else other than him must know that Arya is going to chop off his B@lls! Some wise guy he is!!


Love her or hate her, but it’s impossible to not love this scene. Dany riding Drogon into battle with a look of pure intent to roast and that kickass music playing in the background is so spell-binding, that you can’t help but say “DRACARYS” with her at the exact same time that she says it. It gives you goosebumps. You know very well the minute she flies in that the Lannister army is fucked, so do they, actually. And the show runners have made a brilliant point of showing it by focusing on that Lannister soldier cowering and shivering with fear the exact second before Dany goes into full on destruction mode. She burns everything and everyone. You can feel it in your bones, that in spite of this looking like an  impressive sight, you are not meant to root for it to happen.

Burnt soldiers are shown, their bodies turned to dust, the dothraki massacre the ones who saved themselves from being burnt. It’s not a fair fight. It was never meant to be. We as the audience, reflect the sentiments playing so clearly on Tyrion’s face when he sees the barbecue party. You feel bad for him. You begin to wonder who the real enemy is. And then when Jamie rides with a lance in his hand, you echo Tyrion’s thoughts “NO, you fucking idiot”

But you know what, this was such a call back to the battle of the bastards. Jamie lance in hand riding fearlessly towards Dany and Drogon , Jon Long Claw in hand facing the entire cavalry. We knew it was a suicide mission then and now, yet we were rooting for both of them to survive in spite of the odds. And miraculously they did.

It left me with numerous thoughts, that battle did. Is Dany’s quest for the IT really different from Cersei’s? Is Dany even a good ruler? She burnt tonnes and tonnes of good food which she could have very well used wisely. Is Jamie going to be captured? What’s going to happen to Dickon Tarly, who seemed so reluctant to kill? Anyway, this was a thoroughly entertaining episode and I really hope the next one will not disappoint either.


Cute and Interesting

Request: Can you write a Peter Parker x chubby reader where the reader is Sam’s niece and they meet at an Avengers party and they both like each other but don’t say anything and then over text a month later Peter confesses and the reader is surprised and just fluff please 💓            

“Why am I coming along?” you asked as you got in the car.

“Because you’re mom asked me to keep an eye on you,” he sighed as he sat down. You frowned, so you may have gotten into a bit of trouble with your mother, but some passions couldn’t wait for legislation, and to be honest you considered yourself more of a cyber vigilante than a troubled youth.

“Listen, you can’t say those guys didn’t have it coming. How can I sit back and let them get away with hurting that girl when I knew how to find the evidence?”

“I’m not saying it was wrong, in fact I agree with you, but what if those boys wanted revenge huh?”

“Well I’d tell them good luck  finding the person who hacked into their messages,” you grumbled.

“Anyway,” Sam rolled his eyes, looking over at his niece where she sat pouting, “This isn’t a punishment. It’s a party.”

“Yeah, with all of your old Avengers friends,” you sighed.

“Not all of them are old-”

“Uncle Sam, you’re old. It’s okay.”

“First of all, rude, and secondly I wasn’t gonna say that. There’s a newbie around your age. I got a feeling you two might get along. You both like to get on my nerves,” he turned on the car and put it in drive before looking back over at you. You were still pouting, he thought mentioning the Avengers and a possible new friend would have been enough to make you drop the sour expression. The opposite was true, you would rather it was just the Avengers, because that would meant you’d probably get a few words out of Steve who was like a second uncle to you, and keep Bucky occupied so people didn’t feel the need to bother him, but other than that you could watch Tony Stark get drunk while you sat quietly in the corner of the room. If there was somebody your age then they’d try to talk to you, or even worse they wouldn’t, and you wouldn’t be able to attribute it to the fact that you were just too young to warrant their attention it would simply be because they had zero interest in you. You huffed at the thought and reached for the aux cord. Sam let you choose the music as he started driving towards the tower.

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Sansa x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine Sansa getting jealous when Joffrey ‘flirts’ with you at a feast.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from @pointlessgirlvibes /

Can I request an imagine where Joffrey is being very sexual towards the reader at the feast not realising Sansa was listening. When the reader asks Sansa what’s wrong she says she heard and was upset because she likes you? Maybe some smut idk?

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Sansa is 17 name days in this imagine.

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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You Had Your Chance

Was it requested: Aye!! Find it right here!

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Robb Stark/reader

Your gran will slap me with a tea bag, multiple times.

Warnings: Smut, swearing.

Summary: [the request itself] Hello lovely, I’m back with another request of your fantastic writing. Could you do a part 2 of the unrequited story, but with the reader being all depressed about being rejected and Robb notices, smut time, and they get together and Jon gets a teeny bit jealous so he tries to talk to reader, but she’s like no bitch, you had your chance, and now it’s gone, and Catlyne just loves the reader. I just went through something similar to the request sadly, funny that my new bf is named Rob…

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Just Gals Being Pals // Natasha x Reader

A/N: my first request ayyyyy also this is Gay as hell because I’m bi so I’m all for wlw

Word Count: 1003

Warning: slight sexual mentions and a tiny bit of hot and heavy stuff

Originally posted by widowshields

Sunlight was streaming in through the windows, indicating that it was time for you to get up. You groaned, blearily blinking open your sleep ridden eyes and rolled over. Gently, you shook Natasha’s shoulder. She shot up, eyes wild but they softened the second they landed on you.

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First Day of School

Word Count: 1653

A/N: If you wanna be tagged in stuff, send me a message! I don’t catch all the comments on my posts! 


hello how r u!! i absolutely love your writing i was wondering if you could do an x reader were peter and the reader are both on the avengers and dating but the reader is very well known and loved by the public. the reader transfers to peters school and everyone is in awe that she is there and the only thing she cares about is being all cute with peter and everyone is jealous?? Xxxx

You don’t have a superhero name. At least not one that you’ve confirmed. You were just too busy trying to keep your city safe (more importantly, your little sister safe) to come up with some fancy nickname. Besides, you were in the shadows, the public didn’t know about you. They didn’t care about you. All that was noticed was that crimes were going down, the police and the newspapers didn’t know why.

Then suddenly, you were thrusted into the public eye by none other than Tony Stark. You help a guy out once on a mission and then you’re a part of his rag tag team. Not that you minded, it was nice to be able to count on adults for once in your life and for people to understand what it was like to put your life on the line every day.

The newspapers got a hold of you then and didn’t let you go. They’ve called you the ‘Shadow-Lady’, ‘Mona Lisa’, and even ‘Black Angel’. You think it’s because of your “mysterious smile” and your all black attire to blend into the shadows. Thankfully, you’ve been able to keep your name out of the papers. All they know is what you look like.

Of course, that’s enough for them to hound you on. You get bombarded by photographers more than you like. That doesn’t stop you from enjoying life though; flirting with boys, acing tests, hanging out with friends, ect.

You met Spider-man while you were out fighting. You’ve heard whispers of a new hero in town, which you didn’t hate the idea of. Then maybe you’d be able to take a break every once in a while. You were trying to take down a guy with a very large and very dangerous gun and it was getting a little hairy. You may have crazy good fighting skills and the power to make people very angry (angry enough to start a riot and murder, for example), but that doesn’t stop bullets. So when Spider-man suddenly saved you from getting a hot one in the side, you were grateful.

You met Peter when you were trying to convince Tony to let you borrow the private jet for a day. Peter ran in yelling about some criminal he took down. You recognized the voice and the body build and broke out into a grin. “Spider-man! Oh gosh man, you really saved me a week ago!” You yelled, shaking his hand and thanking him. Of course, Peter blushed and tried to brush it off like it was no big deal but from then on you two were heart eyes and lingering touches.

The first time you noticed Peter had some serious heart eyes for you was when the group had a movie night. The two of you had been talking for a good amount and were friends, yall even hung out when your busy schedule allowed it. During the movie, the two of you sat close to each other, too close for just friends. You shared a popcorn with him and your eyes wandered to him during boring parts. He couldn’t help but stare when you laughed at a comedic scene or sniffled at a particularly sad part.

The second and third and fourth time happens when you were “studying” with him. Which really meant cuddling and watching movies.

The fifth time is when he asked you to be his girlfriend.

And you’d be lying if you said it was like a dream ever since. The two of you fight sometimes. Mostly about his worries of you being a superhero and your worries about him being a superhero. Both of you understand what it’s like to put yourself at risk night after night and both of you don’t want that life for the other. Of course, both of you wouldn’t give up the hero life for the world. Well, maybe you’d give it up for him.

But it hasn’t been all bad. Peter is one of the most kind and sweet hearted boyfriends you’ve ever had. Not that you had many. He’s the best though. He always brings you sweets if you’re craving them and he cuddles you without you having to ask. He helps you with homework and doesn’t mind sharing his sweatshirts with you. Peter really is too good for you.

Peter believes that same thing about you. He’s told you once or twice that you’re out of his league and that he can’t believe he ended up with someone so amazingly sweet.

When your mother told you that you’d be switching schools, to Peter’s, you weren’t sad. You’d be leaving behind some friends, but to be able to spend the entire day with Peter sounds like a good trade. The two of you don’t get to see each other nearly enough.

You’ve been preparing for the first day of school for 2 weeks. You’re just so nervous about meeting all of Peter’s friends and about meeting your own teachers. You’re a little worried that people wouldn’t like you.

You lean over to lay your chin on Peter’s shoulder as he types something up, “Peter, do you think all your friends will like me?”

“(Y/N)… I don’t know how you got it into your head, but I don’t…. have many friends. I have Ned.” Peter tells you, embarrassment coloring his cheeks pink as he glances at you before typing once again.

You sigh and snuggle your head into the crook of his neck. “You keep telling me that, but I love you so much so I don’t understand how others couldn’t like you just as much.”

He flushes an even deeper red. That’s always his reaction to you telling him how much you love him. Almost like he won’t ever believe you when you tell him.

Peter shrugs, moving your head and then whispering an apology. “Well, I think everyone is going to love you, (Y/N). But not as much as I do.” He presses a quick kiss into your head before Aunt May peeks her head into Peter’s room.

She smiles at the sight of you two before looking at you. “(Y/N), as much as I love having you over…”

You nod, standing up, “No spending the night, I understand Aunt May. Besides it’s a school night and my parents will kill me if I go home any later.” You give Peter a kiss on the cheek and hugging him before waving good bye to the two you now consider your family.

You say hello to your parents when you finally get home and jump into bed, eager for school the next day.

Your morning was uneventful, you got up, got ready and ate breakfast. You almost jumped for joy when Peter finally texted you that he was outside your apartment complex. He told you the day before that he’d walk to your building, which is about 5 minutes away and then the two of you could walk to school together.

You skipped down the stairs in front of your building and wrapped your boyfriend in a tight hug, kissing him briefly. “I’m so excited!” You tell him, smiling and holding his hand as the two of you walk.

Peter laughs at your behavior and swings your arms as the two of you walk together. Thankfully, no one interrupts your morning asking for a signature or a picture. The two of you finally reach his school and it suddenly intimidates you. It’s so big and there’s so many students streaming into the building. You squeeze Peter’s hand for reassurance and he squeezes back. You have your first period with him, which is awesome.

As you’re walking into the building, you hear a few whispers and notice a few girls pointing at you. You smile at them and walk a little closer to Peter, who has been holding your hand a little more protectively around the other students.

He walks you to your locker and the two of you chat about this and that. When suddenly a guy, about your height with black hair and tan skin walks up to the two of you. He looks you up and down before clapping a hand onto Peter’s shoulders, making him tense up.

“Peter, my best friend, who is this here?” The boy asks, eyeing you.

You smile at him, “I’m (Y/N)! It’s nice to meet a friend of Peter’s! I just transferred here and I’m so excited to be here!”

Flash smiles at you, “Oh yeah, Peter and I are best buds. We hang out all the time. He hasn’t told me about you, though.”

This stings a little, but suddenly a light bulb clicks in your mind. Peter told you about a guy named Flash who harasses Peter a little during school. If Peter only has Ned, and you know what Ned looks like then this must be Flash. That little asshole. Your smile turns icy. “Best buds, hmm.. He hasn’t told me about you either. I’m Peter’s girlfriend.” You turn to Peter and give him a gently kiss before walking away towards your first period with Peter, leaving Flash behind in shock.

The rest of the day was spent holding hands in the hallways, sharing whispered words and almost always touching each other during class periods. It was almost like the two of you were in your own world and didn’t want anyone else to come into it. You of course met lots of people, mostly people who knew what you do for the city. You met Ned, who you loved the moment you laid eyes on him. He’s just so likable.

Peter wraps an arm around your waist and leans his head onto you. “So, how’d you like your first day of school, babe?”

You smile at him, love clear as day in your eyes and nod, “I loved it.”

Jonsa/Gendrya: Bastard Kings and their Northern Queens

The War for the Dawn is over, but another war is brewing. Bickering over which line of succession is the true one, the great houses are divided in their support of Houses Targaryen and Baratheon. Jon and Gendry, brothers in arms from the war, want nothing to do with the conflict—or the crown. Exasperated by the silly traditions of the kneelers, Tormund finally suggests an alternative that will make everyone happy: Just share the bloody thing!

The Bastard Kings, as the smallfolk call them, take the Iron Throne and immediately their small council starts suggesting marriage offers. But both the kings have their eyes set North.