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Does Elias know about the Supernatural? Did he plant the books to make people think Prairie was lying?

The whole fandom seems to think that he did, but I don’t. This is probably just me being too trusting but I don’t think Elias is the guy we should be really looking at. Yeah he’s dodgy and probably significant but I still don’t know about the books. Prairie signs her name at the bottom of the note, so she must at least know a few English letters. I think she would be able to read the books, and I think if she really is interested in angels then why not buy books about it?
On the other hand, how would she order the books? She has no credit card, not really any access to the internet. She could have taken Nancys card and bought them using the wireless router I guess. I don’t think that they’re proof that her story is fake though.


ok SO APPARENTLY im participating in the @mp100zine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here are the linework that i unfortunately buried in the background of another drawing!!! and an actual preview!!!!

More on the John Valone Names, from the Amazon book preview

Enjolras> Ennis 
Combeferre>Casmire (?!?!?)
Courfeyrac > Mitchell (?????)
Feuilly>Mactier (WHY)


Cosette> Catherine (okay if I thought that reference was on PURPOSE I’d kind of like it but no) 
Fauchelevent >Franklin 
Jean Valjean > John Valone


(also PSA to anyone thinking of buying it, it’s a pro-Confederacy book,the barricade scene is the Amis facing the dastardly Massachusetts Militia. It’s. It’s bad.But here it is, if you want to check it out yourself. )

ETA: Gavroche>Gavin

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what's the cutest (gay) date you can think of?

browsing a bookstore and holding hands and buying my gf books about dragons and fairies and elves and shit!!!!!!

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I'm thinking about buying books but I don't know if I should preorder ACOWAR & Chaol's book or buy the Shatter Me series

Well, we still got two months for the ACOWAR book and longer for Chaol’s book. If there is a chance of you having the money near the release dates, I would buy the Shatter Me series. 

I want to read them, they look good

ahem fic writers…please…please write a fic about this. I am dying to know what happened.

(I feel like @wheeloffortune-design could make this amazing/hilarious, or maybe it needs a @for-you-and-bits treatment? I know @des-zimbits would kill it and I always want @tiptoe39 to write all the things all the time.) (no pressure y’all, I just know if I don’t tag you, you won’t see it and I’ll never get to know what happened!) 

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Would you ever use fan art as cover ideas for your books? (I'm thinking about buying both books when I go to Target with some of my tax return money.)

I sadly do not think up the covers for my books! That is done by designers who are MUCH more expert at that sort of thing than me. But I love fan art, it is one of the absolute most beautiful and awesome things about being an author. Hope you get a chance to read the books! <3 <3 

Ml prompt. (I'm sorry in advance. )

So you guys know those cheesy romantic/smutty books that the super market or bookstores have for lonely women to read. Like really cheesy fanfics
Usually with the cover having really attractive guy with his shirt off holding a woman and kissing her. An over dramatic tittle like (Ship of desire) or something.

So here is my idea.

So Alya and Marinette are at a book store. Alya finds one of these books and decides to read a passage to Marinette, they think it is hilarious.
They end up buying the book and reading it to each other as they laughed.

That night, Marinette joked to herself that the guy in the book was cheesier then chat noir.

She then has a dream of the setting in the book, where she was the lead and chat noir was the guy.

She woke up and was like
“That was weird.” And tried her best to play it off.
But every night that week she kept having dreams of chat noir. She began to notice she was thinking of chat noir in that light. And it is driving her nuts.

And of course just to add hijynx to this.

She falls asleep on her roof balcony. Chat noir just happens to roaming rooftops as he notices Marinette sleeping on the balcony. He didn’t want her to catch a cold. He quickly picks her up and places her in her bed. Tucks her in.
“Good night princess.”
This causes her to open her eyes, sure enough she sees chat noir and thinks.
“What is he doing here?” But her exhausted self reasons that it is just a dream.

She just decides to embrace it thinking.
“Maybe if I play along it will finally go away.”
So just as Chat noir is about to leave, Marinette takes his hand, catching him off guard.

“P-princess? What are you…”

She just kisses him! Not like a light kiss either.
Like this is a full tilt kiss! That was the Frenchest kiss you would see.
After she is done.
Chat’s face is red and so confused! Marinette realizes it wasn’t a dream.

Like chat is so off guard he can’t even think of a flirty remark. He is ears are steaming. He just mutters a quick ‘good night.’

He liked it a lot, but he was just so bewildered by it.

Marinette is just so damn embarrassed, mentally cursing Alya for finding that book.

The next morning, Marinette is just doing her best to pretend that it didn’t happen. Though Marinette asks for the book. Alya hands it to her, and Marinette tosses it out the window.

Adrien walks in to class. He turns to see Marinette and he just looks down and is red as a tomato. He stammers a hello and sits down.
Still vividly remembering the kiss.

sometimes i think we’re trying and sometimes i think we’re just addicted to the heartbreak. i don’t think we know how to live with our hands empty. we’re scared of being made light suddenly: what if we’re really just the rock and the mountain and who we are as a person means nothing? what if this is all there is for us: no ending, just journey?
—  atlas would say we have it easy (via inkskinned)
yennefer of vengerberg | for princemaedhros

“The earth which we tread. The fire which does not go out within it. The water from which all life is born and without which life is not possible. The air we breathe. It is enough to stretch out one’s hand to master them, to subjugate them. Magic is everywhere. It is in air, in water, in earth and in fire. And it is behind the door which the Conjunction of the Spheres has closed on us. From there, from behind the closed door, magic sometimes extends its hand to us. For us. You know that, don’t you? You have already felt the touch of that magic, the touch of the hand from behind that door. That touch filled you with fear. Such a touch fills everyone with fear. Because there is Chaos and Order, Good and Evil in all of us. But it is possible and necessary to control it. This has to be learnt. And you will learn it, Ciri. That is why I brought you here […]”

here are some adorable and affordable vday/general date ideas based on things my partner and i have done together:

  • bake a dessert: you get to work together and you find out if you’re compatible in the kitchen and also you end up with something really delicious 
  • go for a walk in the park: get bundled up and hold hands and point out cute dogs
  • go to a used bookstore: buy a book you think the other person will like and trade 
  • watch period pieces and drink tea: you feel elegant and fancy and also period pieces are great there’s nothing bad about this plan watch the 2005 pride and prejudice it’s beautiful
  • get temporary tattoos and put them on each other: stick art on each other’s bodies it’s silly and fun i promise
  • spa day:  primp and relax!!!!! try a face mask and paint each other’s nails or something idk but i highly recommend taking a bath bc baths are so nice 
  • run errands together: maybe not super romantic, but a v good way to spend time together and also get some of your laundry done
  • watch cartoons and eat cereal in your pajamas: revisit ur fave childhood movies and eat some breakfast 
  • go grocery shopping and make a meal together: you get to plan a meal and help each other cook and make fancy drinks and dance around the kitchen and it’s really romantic and rewarding
  • read to each other: this one is convenient bc you probably own at least one book already and that is all you need 

*in bed thinking about all the books I want to buy* *looks over at bookshelf, counts all the books i bought last year that i have yet to read*

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