thinking of buying the book

  • me: has a very long book wish list
  • also me: goes to the bookstore and impulse buys like 5 books that aren't even on the list
  • also also me: goes home and adds three more books to the list
  • me: wow this list just keeps growing i have no idea how this happen

you think just because i buy books means i actually read them? what a laugh ! i’ve never read a single thing in my whole life


My sister and I found these AMAZING book-inspired tins at the book festival this past weekend and just had to buy them. They’re by “Novelteas” if you’re interested! 

And yes they have tea in them!!! (But I think you can also buy just the tin if you want). 

- m

If i could recommend a book to everyone would be any book in this series 📖🌿
~ I have had this book since i was 16; i had just learned a little about LOA & wanted to learn more on my own terms. On my 16th birthday my father came home with this book (i did not tell him about my newest interest) he said “i saw it & had an urge to buy it for you” at this point in my life i was not a reader, you would never see me read a book unless it was for school so it was odd for my father to buy me a ‘book'🙈 but once i realized what book it was i was utterly amazed & shocked. This was my very first experience with The Law of Attraction & I have been educating myself & believing ever since 🙏

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Top 10 (or 5) quirky habits Yuuri and Viktor love about each other and find really adorable

Top Quirky Habits Yuuri and Viktor Love About Each Other:

10) Yuuri loves dancing and he’ll usually automatically start swaying to a beat when Viktor puts on music in the apartment, or just straight up start dancing if he feels like it. Viktor has been pulled into many many impromptu dance sessions by Yuuri and he loves getting spun around the apartment by his husband

9) Viktor is a massive book collector and has a huge amount of his apartment dedicated to his bookshelves. He loves old editions of classic books and reads a lot for fun. Yuuri thinks it’s really adorable and buys him special editions of books a lot for his birthday

8)  Yuuri keeps a lot of photographs around the apartment which was a habit from living away from home for so many years (he kept a lot of pictures of his family and old friends in Detroit and updated it all the time as everyone was growing up). Viktor takes lots of pictures but they all stay on his phone and he didn’t used to put up personal pictures in his apartment as it often reminded him of how lonely he was. Having Yuuri come in and start hanging up pictures of the two of them together and their friends and family made him really happy and made the apartment feel much more like a home

7) Yuuri eats katsudon every time he wins and Viktor loves the habit of coming home after a competition and helping Yuuri make it to celebrate

6) Viktor talks in his sleep. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen. Usually it’ll happen when they’re cuddling together and he’ll often say things like Yuuri’s name, which Yuuri loves

5) Yuuri loves the sun and whenever it’s a sunny day he’ll drag Viktor out to go on walks or even just sit in the park and soak up the sunlight. Viktor is usually much more absorbed by how gorgeous Yuuri looks in the sunlight than in enjoying the sunshine himself

4) Conversely, Viktor loves the snow and every time it snows he drags Yuuri out to enjoy it which often develops into a snowball fight or tackling each other into the snow. Yuuri loves how carefree Viktor is like that and how much fun they always have

3) Viktor speaks in Russian a lot when he’s tired or just woken up and his brain isn’t fully switched on yet. It’s usually a lot of incoherent mumbling, even when Yuuri is fluent in the language, and Yuuri finds it adorable

2) Yuuri sings under his breath all the time when he’s not thinking about it, in the shower, when he’s cooking, sometimes even when he’s running or skating. Viktor loves it because he loves hearing Yuuri sing

1) Both of them turn into cuddle monsters when they’ve been apart for long periods of time. There’s nothing either of them love more than coming back from an event when they’ve had to be separated and running into each others arms, then going home and cuddling some more until they go to sleep

The police told me there was nothing down there. I know they’re lying.

(This story is very very long, be warned.)

I never wanted to be a mother. A child happened to me, I didn’t ask for it.

After you’ve had a child, you never get peace and quiet. I don’t mean that in a resentful way, just a fact. There’s the crying phase, the screaming phase, the yelling phase, the “NO!” phase, et cetera. And you never get time. You don’t have time for hobbies and distractions. Raising a child is two full-time jobs.

It’s not that I didn’t try to do everything I could for him. It’s not that I didn’t try and be a good parent. I did, I gave it everything I had. But deep down, I think he could tell that I didn’t want him. Kids know.

I had a part time job. I didn’t get paid very well, but it was enough. It was just office work, nothing exciting. My sister would look after him when I wasn’t around. I didn’t really have the money for daycare.

I knew that things weren’t working out like they should have. And I did what any self-respecting human being would do - I bought a book. I’d always heard that you should read to your child every night, and that doing so would make them smart and well-adjusted. Well, I had nothing to lose.

I’m not really an Amazon person, so I paid a visit to my local bookstore - a dark, slightly grubby independent place that shuns all but the most obsessive of bookworms. Standing in the narrow, dimly-lit aisles, surrounded by towering bookshelves jammed with volumes at every angle, I wondered, briefly - what do people normally buy for their kids?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

He was a bit old for that. Besides, I think that’s one of those books that parents buy because they think it’s kitschy, not because their kids will actually enjoy it.

Amongst the slightly destroyed second-hand Roald Dahl books and Dr. Seuss anthologies, I found a book that stuck out. It was old, and bound in what looked like real leather, but it was in surprisingly good shape. It wasn’t too long, but it proclaimed its suitability for for children aged 4-6 (he was five). It was called ‘The Trap Door’. No author, no other details. I picked it up and skimmed through the first few pages, and it seemed an ideal fit. It was written in an irregular rhyming meter, and it was festooned with colourful, scratchy illustrations that depicted a boy strikingly similar to my son. The picture was already forming in my head - we’d read it, we’d bond, and we’d smooth over the cracks.

I know it was just a book, but for the first time in my life, I realized I was excited to spend time with my son.

That night, after I’d tucked him into bed, I sat down on his shark duvet (he liked sharks), and I sprang the book upon him.

Once, long ago and far away

There lived a boy of five or so

With a rounded face and hair like hay

And a mind that yearned to learn and grow

The boy lived in a mud-flecked land

Of rolling hills and sheep and styles,

And brooks and trees and miles and miles

Of hinterlands and ranch hands

Long ago there was a war,

Of petty kings and border-lords

The earth did drink the blood of those

Who died for honor or a rose

The boy was happy as could be,

In the cottage on the hill

His mother his only company,

Who loved that boy with all her will

It’s challenging material for a five-year old. But it was educational, it was stimulating. I had only a faint idea of what the war of the roses was actually about, but I did a good job of pretending that I did.

We said our i-love-yous and I closed the door. Things were going to be okay.

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Have you ever thought about how most TBS readers are female? Are you concerned about the lack of male readers, or indifferent? Would you write differently to attract a male audience? And do you know why TBS has attracted such a female majority?

This questions taps into many veins of frustration I have with society at large. It’s a big issue, so I’m not going to be able to answer it very well in one ask, but I’ll try and summarise. 

I should begin by saying that I do have male readers and have been reviewed favourably by men, and I don’t have statistics on whether more men or women are buying my books. From the demographic at my events, however, I think it would be fair to assume that more of my readers identify and/or present as female. And I think this is probably true of most authors. Studies have concluded that women read more than men and are more active in the literary world, e.g. book clubs and libraries. 

Personally, I don’t think the scarcity of men in the audience at my events has all that much to do with what I’m writing. Firstly, I think it’s simply because women read more than men. 

Second, I think it’s because I myself am a woman.   

Joanne Harris often talks at events about men who have come up to her and happily proclaimed that they don’t read books by women. That they’ve cut themselves off from a wealth of literature just because the author presents as female. I’ve heard stories like this from many a female author. Some men Just Don’t Read Books by Women. And they are apparently proud to declare this to the world. Shannon Hale has also spoken out about the fact that schools have stopped boys from coming to her events and only sent their female pupils. 

The problem begins at an early stage. Frustrated booksellers try to get books about girls into the hands of boys, but find themselves stopped by the parents, who clearly live in terror that their kid is going to grow up gay (which they would hate) and/or bullied if he touches a Girl Book. Like femininity is some sort of contagious disease. 

Society tells men and boys that it isn’t cool to read books by and about women and girls. The same doesn’t apply to books about boys. Girls loved Harry Potter, but the world didn’t judge them for it. Because it’s okay for girls to empathise with boys, but not the other way around. This is a symptom of the deep-rooted misogyny bubbling away beneath the polite face of society, and it plays into why I have such a fervent dislike of the Strong Female Character archetype. She’s praised because she displays traditionally masculine forms of strength.

I want men to feel comfortable reading my books. I want everyone to feel comfortable reading my books. But even if I did change what I wrote in the hope of attracting more men to my work – which I wouldn’t – I doubt it would have any significant impact on the demographic of my audience. Women are happy to show up to my book events and buy my books because they don’t think it’s uncool to read books by and about other women. Until society changes its attitude, many men – especially young men who are afraid of judgement from their peers – won’t feel comfortable doing the same. Hence why female authors are still using androgynous pseudonyms to this day. And why men still feel comfortable declaring to women that they don’t read books by women. 

(Side note: It will be interesting to see if The Priory of the Orange Tree attracts more male readers than The Bone Season, as it has two male POV characters. My suspicion is that it won’t, and that my audience at events will remain pretty much the same.)

I’m not going to change what I write to attract men – not only because I love my existing audience, and I don’t think there’s any reason to shy away from the fact that my work is enjoyed mostly by women, but because I’m not going to tailor my creative output to pander to a toxic system. I don’t think this particular issue begins with creators. It begins the first time a little boy is told to put down that copy of The Princess Diaries, because that book isn’t for him. 

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Hey! Could you do one where the reader is dating Tim and whenever she visits the manor, Damian clings to her because he has this huge crush on her and basically just Damian sneaking in between the Tim and reader's fluff? Thanks! Love ya! ✨

Hi, sorry for the long wait! I feel like I diverted a lot from what you wanted… but nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy this!

The moment Damian hears the front door open and Pennyworth’s voice greeting you, he casually gets off the sofa he had been laying on and walks out from the living room, just in time to see you. The smile on your face when you see him is very bright – he feels smug about it – and you pad towards him.

“Hello, Damian.” You wrap your arms around him and Damian smiles in to the hug before wrapping his own arms around you too. If this was somebody else, Damian would have hiss and scowl at them, before threatening to take off their hands permanently for even thinking about touching him. “How are you?”

Damian pulls away to answer your question. “To pass time I read a few books just now.” In other words, he had been bored while waiting for you to arrive. You knew Damian well enough to understand his roundabout way of telling you about his feelings honestly. You laugh warmly at that.

“Can you show me what you read? I finished the book you recommended a week ago and now I am itching to get another book.” You tell him excitedly – surprisingly (though by this point, you really should not be surprised by anything Tim’s family procures) Damian has some really good tastes in books.

Damian huffs his chest with pride and nods his head. “Of course – we should go to the library! Father managed to buy me a few more books too. I think you might quite enjoy the new readings as well.” You nod your head and glance at Alfred who is watching the exchanged with bemused eyes. You wave your hand at him and he nods his head at you. The two of you left for the library, with you forgetting the first reason you came to the manor.

That is how Tim finds you a good half an hour later. You were supposed to meet up with him so the two of you can spend some time together and then have hi-tea but when you did not come knocking on his door the moment you texted him you had arrived, that is when he knew something was up.

This lead to him leaving his bedroom to look for you. He had been about to go to the garden – because that is also one of the places you like to go to whenever you visit the manor – when Alfred had kindly led him to the library, keeping a small smile on his face when Tim finally realizes just who had taken away all of your attention.

The moment you spy him though, all of his worries, bubbling annoyance and little tinge of jealousy disappear because the smile on your face looks incredibly bright and there is just something about the way you look at him that made him extremely happy. “Tim!”

Damian shoots him a glare and Tim does his best to ignore the youngest Wayne and heads to his girlfriend instead. He presses a kiss at the top of your head before putting an arm around you, sneakily giving Damian a smirk. He can see Damian gritting his teeth before picking another book to give to you.

Your attention is immediately back on Damian. “Oh, I have heard great reviews about this one; are you sure it is alright for me to be borrowing this much?” You look away from the book Damian handed to you to the growing pile of books. You are so going to have your hands full for the upcoming weeks.

“Tt.” Damian nods his head affirmatively. “Of course – father would not mind and Drake certainly would not stop you from reading.” Damian looks at your boyfriend. “He knows how much you love to read.” He smirks knowing how he had just effectively cut short any possible interactions he would have with you.

This was probably one of the reasons why Tim and you got so well together. You were obsessed with reading books, books in general just as much as he is with his work and his technology.

You laugh. “Thank you, Damian; I will make sure to return all of them in one piece.” You tell him as you gather the books in to your arms. Tim, seeing how you are struggling with the amount of books, took a couple with him. “Thank you, Tim.” You press a kiss close to Tim’s mouth.

“Should we ask Alfred to make a few sandwiches and head to the gardens?” Tim asks you as he stare at you. You smile brightly and nod your head. “The weather is really good too. Come on.”

Damian huffs and crosses his arms quietly. He knows your time with him is coming to an end.

You turn to look at Damian and smile before ruffling his hair with your free hand. “Thank you for this, Damian! Come see me later before I leave yeah?” You tell him and when he smiles at you, you grin back at him happily. Damian is such an adorable little kid; really makes you miss your own little brothers.

Tim wraps his arm around your waist and pull you closer to him, sticking his tongue out cheekily at Damian.

“Tim, love, stop aggravating Damian and let’s go.” You swat playfully at your boyfriend – it’s not like you were unaware of this weird rivalry the two of them have got going. You just choose to ignore it most of the time.


Write-A-Thon: Day 1 (AU Day)

Pairing: John Laurens x Alexander Hamilton

[ 80s bookstore AU // John is an art hoe who thinks the shop is good inspiration and Alexander is the cashier who won’t let anyone in if they don’t buy a book ]

Warnings: swearing

Words: 1772

A/N: I’m gay for this,, its not got much in the way of an actual plot line but its cute and they’re awkward and i loved writing it, also my computer autocorrected flames to lams at one point so basically i hate myself

Perhaps sitting behind the counter of a run down bookstore wasn’t how one would typically find love. Alexander Hamilton certainly never presumed that it would be the case for him. He’d grown content with the idea of hiding safely within the walls of the store, allowing the world to pass him by, a flurry of excitement just out of reach.

Alexander worked at the bookstore, the one tucked away on the corner of the lane. Everyone in town knew the one. Small: one room, and cluttered from wall to wall with shelves upon shelves of aged books.

And the smell: old candles, cigarette smoke, and a century old family dinner. It was unmistakable, the rotting floorboards and the yellowing walls. But despite the run down appearance, the shop gave off a distinct aura of homeliness.

It was the sort of place which seemed to draw out a smile from almost anyone, even Alexander. The store brought out the best in him, as much as he denied it.

Bells jingling, the heavy wooden door swung open, causing clouds of dust to form in the air before dissipating right before Alexander’s eyes. With it, came the curly haired boy, fatigue evident in his darkened eyes, a sketchbook clutched tightly in his left hand.

The smirk melted off of Alexander’s face as he found himself face to face with the boy. “If you don’t plan on buying anything,” he snarled, narrowing his eyes menacingly, “you can fuck right off.”

Smile worn across his lips, the boy simply shrugged off Alexander’s words. “And what makes you think I’m not buying anything?” he challenged, pulling himself away from the door, moving with a new life, as if his spirit had ignited a fire inside his chest: ever burning and forever ardent flames.

“You think I don’t recognize you?” Alexander remained firm and insistent, arms crossed over his chest, even as the boy picked a book up off the shelf. “I’m not stupid.”

“Really?” Eyebrows raised, a smirk dancing across his face, the boy seemed to be mocking Alexander.

“You’re that artist,” Alexander continued, spurring up the softest laughter, as though the idea of this boy being an artist was ridiculous. “You’re always here, and you never buy anything. So you can get out.”

“What does it matter to you if I’m here?” He pressed on with such insistence, yet with only the slightest bit of confidence to back that up.

“What does it matter to you?” Alexander replied quickly, repeating the boy’s words as so to spare him the energy of thinking up a witty comeback. “All you do is draw,” he continued. “You don’t even read anything.”

The boy gave way to a shrug, daring to hold Alexander’s gaze for a few moments more as the air seemed to decay around them, leaving them as nothing but mere statues in the dust where there had once been a bookstore and two boys whose worlds had just begun to fold into each other’s.

“I’m John Laurens,” the boy offered up, looking up at Alexander expectantly: the Laurens family was well known for being the most wealthy in their pathetic little town. John clearly seemed to think that because of his last name, he was entitled to whatever he wanted.

“I see what you’re doing.” Alexander narrowed his eyes, glaring pointedly at John. “You think you can just hide behind that name and I’ll give you what you want.”

John’s cheeks flushed red and he drew his gaze to the dusty floor. He nervously brushed a hand back through his hair, pushing billowing chestnut curls away from his face.

“It won’t work,” Alexander continued. “See, I only care about your money if you’re using it to buy a book, which you’re very obviously not. So give me a reason to let you stay before I kick you out.”

“It’s good inspiration- the store,” he explained, gesturing at the walls around them. “It’s so full of history, so colorful-”

Alexander let his gaze sweep throughout the store. “I can’t see any color besides brown, so unless there’s something I’m missing, you’re full of shit.”

On the surface, it seemed as though Alexander was right. Dusty brown floorboards, walls, even the book covers seemed to be tinted brown in the flickering lighting.

“Not the visible colors.” John continued, voice dripping with the utmost assurance that Alexander wasn’t stupid: from the almost bored tone in his voice, he reckoned that this was a conversation he’d had many times. “Like… there’s this… this aura.” He searched helplessly for some sort of understanding in Alexander’s eyes, but was met with no reassurance whatsoever. “The sound of the fan-” he waved his hand towards the fan that sat in the distant corner of the shop- “the sound it makes, that’s green, a deep forest green. And the smell of the shop, that’s this soft yellow shade, like a sunflower. And the walls-”

“I get it.” Alexander cut John off, despite not understanding what he meant in the slightest, but he didn’t have any interest in listening to him ramble on indefinitely. “But seriously, this is a book store. Not an art studio.”

Drawing out a sigh, John held a book up for Alexander to see. Ironweed by William Kennedy. “And if I buy a book, will you let me stay here?”

“Ironweed?” Alexander struggled to hide a smile. He fell back against the back of his swivel chair and crossed his arms over his chest. “I suppose I’d let you stay, but Ironweed isn’t the place to start, in my opinion.”

John arched his eyebrows in response.

“It’s part of a series, see.” Alexander pushed himself up off his chair and wove his way through the maze of bookshelves. “The Albany Cycle.”

Finally finding what he was looking for, Alexander plucked the book off the dusty shelf and held it out to John. “This is the one you’re looking for.”

“Legs?” He read off the cover, a note of disbelief in his voice. “What the fuck kind of name for a book is that?”

Alexander cracked a smile, staring down at him through dark eyes. “It’s the name of a character,” he explained. “Which you would know,” he added, “if you’d bother to read the back of the book.”

Eyes narrowed in defiance, John flipped the blood red book over in his hands and began to read aloud. “‘Legs, the inaugural book in William Kennedy’s acclaimed Albany cycle of novels, brilliantly evokes the flamboyant career of gangster Jack ‘Legs’ Diamond.”

Alexander clapped his hands in mock pride. “You can read!” he exclaimed. “And here I thought you’d never picked up a book in your life.”

He continued to scan the back of the book. “It takes place in the 20s?” He sounded shocked, perhaps even the slightest bit disgusted by the notion.

“And the 30s,” Alexander supplied, almost mechanically, continuing to stare John down from behind gold rimmed glasses.

“It’s 1983,” he pointed out, causing him to receive an overly dramatic eye roll from Alexander in response.

“So?” Alexander challenged, growing defensive despite having never read the book. “The 20s were much better than now, in my opinion.”

“Well, your opinion doesn’t matter much, as you’re not the one buying the book.”

Alexander gave way to the softest laugh. “I don’t think you’re buying the book either.”

He slammed the book on the counter with quite a bit more force than Alexander reckoned was necessary. “How much?”

“3.99,” Alexander supplied without having to think. The prices were almost ingrained in his head after over a year of working at the store.

John dug a crumpled dollar out of his pocket and tossed it onto the counter beside the book. He held Alexander’s gaze for a few moments, seemingly daring him to accept the partial payment.

“Fuck, fine.” John folded his arms over his chest, somewhat disheartened.

“You’re rich.” Alexander didn’t bother trying to hide the incredulous tone in his voice. “What does 3.99 matter?”

John dug around in his pockets for the rest of the money. “Shit,” he mumbled as a handful of coins slipped from his fingers and rolled in every direction across the floor. He set his sketchbook on the counter and knelt to the floor, chasing the dozens of coins.

Alexander took advantage of the opportunity to flip through the pages of John’s sketchbook. He couldn’t deny that the art was incredible: graceful lines merging with perfectly selected colors, but even so, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Turtles?” he asked incredulously, flipping through the pages. That was the last thing Alexander had been expecting to find in the notebook, and there were hundreds of them. Every page contained a new turtle, some with even two or three.

John emerged from the other side of the counter, cheeks burning red. “I like them,” he admitted defensively, setting the remainder of the money in front of Alexander.

Giving way to a light chuckle, Alexander stuffed the money into the cash register and slid the book across the counter to John. “They’re quite nice, actually.” Alexander gestured down to John’s sketchbook. “I wish I could draw like that.”

“It’s just a matter of practice.” The corners of John’s lips crept into a genuine smile.

“Yeah, well…” Alexander trailed off, unsure of what he was supposed to say. “I used to want to be an artist. Then I realized I was pretty shit at it.”

John raised his eyebrows as though he couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing. “You? An artist? I wouldn’t have guessed… you don’t seem the type.”

Alexander shrugged, letting a small storm of silence overtake them. It crept in from the darkest corners of the room, slowly blanketing the whole shop in a world of quiet. “Well, look at you here, buying a book. I wouldn’t have pegged you as the type for that either.” He smiled as though that cleared everything up. “I suppose we’re all full of surprises, aren’t we?”

John’s cheeks flushed an obnoxious shade of pink. “You know I’ve got no intention of reading it.”

“I know,” Alexander assured him, slipping the book into a brown paper bag and handing it over to John. “But maybe you’ll surprise yourself as well as me.”

John smiled. “Maybe I will.”

He took the bag and tucked it inside his coat, making a mental note to try and get through at least a few pages in the book. If not for himself, then for the hopeful cashier who had laid the world out for John in a language that he didn’t quite comprehend, but at the very least, he would try to learn.

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I don't know if you do imagines, but if you do, could you do an imagine for dating Draco Malfoy? Love you!

Originally posted by nellaey

*I’m going to do this based on house*


- You met in potions when Snape paired you two together 

- He asked you out when you were studying in the library 

- He walks you to class either holding your hand or his arm is around your waist

- Everyone thinks you too are cute

- Draco likes to buy you books and art supply 

- You don’t have money to buy him things so you draw him things or write him little stories. Sometimes you make him scarves and hats. 

- He always calls you love

- You sometimes call him your feisty dragon (He pretends not to like it)

- You sit at the Slytherin table for lunch and he sits at the Ravenclaw table for dinner


- You helped him in charms 

- He get’s all flustered around you 

- And your friends tease you about it making you blush

-One day he just sits next to you at lunch

- You don’t really remember when you two started officially dating 

- He calls you babe

- You change between love and baby

-He likes visiting you in the Hufflepuff common room because he sneaks into the kitchens and brings you food

- He also likes playing with your hair until you fall asleep especially when you get stressed out


- It started with you two yelling insults on the Quidditch pitch 

- Then one day in DADA he asked you out (He actually yelled across the classroom)

- You said sure but dating didn’t stop you two from fighting on the pitch (But now it’s “filled with love”)

- You two don’t really use pet names 

-But you pass notes in class or in the corridor when you pass each other

- The bottom of your trunk is full of them

- You like to steal his scarf and or one of his ties (McGonagall doesn’t approve of your uniform changes, but she does like you and Draco together)  

- You like to sit by the lake and do your homework he always makes sure your warm enough

- On the train ride back to London you fall asleep with your head in his lap


- You ended up tutoring him in History of Magic

- But you had been somewhat friends for awhile 

- He finally asked you out while you talked about the Goblin Wars

- You always go to the Quidditch games and you wear his extra jersey or sweater

- He invites you and your family over for Christmas and he gets you tons of gifts

- At dinner, he always has a hand on your knee (You sit to his left) 

- He likes braiding your hair it’s something his mother made him learn how to do (Just in case he had a daughter) 

-He sometimes lets you do his makeup (But only if you promise to take it off once your done)

- You tell him he should always wear eyeliner 

Thanks for the prompt! Love you too :P hope you liked it.

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Humanity does not know what is in the esoteric heart of any religion. Everyone thinks that they know. You can buy a thousand books about “the esoteric secret teachings” Humanity does not know the secret teachings, because humanity has never been taught them. The real secret teachings have never been given in the physical world. For centuries and centuries, humanity has been kept in the antechamber, in the foyer of the temple, and has not been brought into the mysteries, because humanity is immature. The evidence is everywhere. This humanity loves war. That is why we have had a continual state of war for decades on this planet. See if you can find one year without war; you cannot! That is why this humanity has been kept from the heart of the mysteries. The real teachings are not in the physical world—not in the Gnostic movement, not in the Tibetan movements, not amongst the Christians, any other Buddhist group, any group anywhere. The real teachings are in the internal worlds. To access those teachings, you have to awaken your Consciousness and go to those places. Then, having proven that level of maturity, they will teach you there
—  Gnostic Teachings
Me and bf crushing each other's dreams

Me: You know, I do want to write at least one book in my life. Seems like a kind of thing I would enjoy.

Bf: I will sure let you write down my memoirs, when I’m one of the best performing fund managers.

Me: Are they going to be 18+?

Bf: No, they will be finance, companies, decision making etc.

Me: Meh, boring.

Bf: Well, I’m offering you to write a book about one of the most successful people in finance. This can be your breakthrough.

Me: what sort of fantasy tale is that?

Bf: It is going to be a memoir so..

Me: More like “never have I ever”

BTS Reaction To Falling For A ‘97 Liner


He wouldn’t mind the age gap if you were alright with it. He wants someone that cares and loves him like he does to others. He’d probably keep it his feelings hidden, unsure of how to address it in case it puts you in a weird position.

Jin called you over as a last resorts. He was feeling really sick and none of the boys knew how to make a decent soup.
“You should really teach them how to cook” you say setting the soup on his bed tray.
“I don’t want to die this young” he jokes. He coughs a lot after he tries to laugh at his own remark, You take a seat next to him and his heart does a summersault. “How’re the kids?”
“Jungkook and Tae are playing their video games. Jimin and Jhope are watching TV, Namjoon and Yoongi are at their studios”
“So the usual?”
“You should go” he sits up more comfortably leaning his upper body on the bed frame, “I’m sure playing with Jungkook is way more fun” he admits. His stomach tightens awaiting your answer, he suspects you have feelings for jungkook since you’re around the same age, but he can’t help but want you near him only.
“And leave you here all sick? No way.” He straightens himself out again and takes your hand into his warm ones.
“Um..I don’t know if you see me as a man or not” he starts, “And - don’t get me wrong i know how old you are - it’s just-” he gets cut off when you entangle your fingers in his and put another hand on his forehead.
“Get sick more often if it gets you to reveal your true feelings” you tease.

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Honestly he would not care, since age and other impermanent concepts are not on his requirements to love a person. Maturity and understanding of what he does is his upmost importance. The fact that you’re younger might actually amuse him since you would bring new sides out of him. He would wait (if you weren’t legal) to tell you how he feels.

He loved you, he thought staring at you.
You were comfortably laying down down on his studio couch reading through an article that you needed an analysis of for class next week. You were young - yes, but your age was one thing - maturity another.
“Stuck?” you ask suddenly, referring to his music productions. You looked up and Yoongi’s heartbeat quickened. His small smile appeared whenever he was around you and you just thought it was natural of him.
“We could use a break” He says stretching and sitting down beside your legs “When did you make my genius lab your homework station?” he teases, you put your article down and sit up so you’re face to face with him.
“Be nice” you tease back
“Only with you” he says bravely. you tilt your head - something he finds adorable and smile down. “So - um, i get an award for making this awkward” he says standing up. you grab his hand and he stays there staring down at you,
“I like you too” you say “Even if you do act like a grandpa”

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He does think his feeling over when it comes to dating someone younger than him. The last thing he wants is for you to feel like you need to act older or uncomfortable from the age gap. Once he sees your maturity, he’s easily begins to show signs of falling in love with you

You were in a constant game of chase with Hoseok. Whenever he ran up to you, you were afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop in time so you ran from him. Or when you accidentally hit him, you run before he catches you.
In one of your many chases, he grabs your waist and spins you around so you stop.
“Yah! Why do i always feel like i have to work out with you”
“Don’t run up to me” you laugh as you turn to face him.
He looks at you for a second and thinks over his words before saying, “How about we go get something to eat, only the two of us - the other guys kind bum out our vibes.”

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He wouldn’t even ask your age, but when he does figure out you were younger then him he’d just smile and nod. He wouldn’t want to make things awkward - the same as jin, but he’d probably be more direct.

“No way?” you say in disbelief as he hands you a box, “You did not!”
“Yup” he smiles, happy with himself “I got an extra copy just for you.”
You open the box to see the book you were just thinking about buying for yourself. “You’re the best!” you wrap both of your hands around him.
“No problem,” He takes your bag and you begin walking.
“I was thinking” he says after a while of walking “How about we read together this friday?”
“Read together?” you say not knowing the purpose of it
“Like sit in the same room and read, i mean i’d like to sit closer to you, but the same room is alright.” He cringes internally this attempts to ask you out, but he sees you smile and nod at his request.

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He falls in love and figures the rest out later. Being younger then him causes him to be more protective of you and take things slowly. 

he stares at you, slowly drinking his coffee. He has no idea how you manage to pull off school and work at the same time, but he admires you for it. He tends to order 3 coffees for himself and then orders extra to take to the guys. It’s no surprise to the rest of BTS that he has a major crush on you. Once he started going out for coffee and bring coffee over, they got the idea.
“The regular?” You ask, looking at him slurping up air. he looks up and smiles
“Um..When do you get off work?” your eyebrows raise in surprise a bit and he instantly regrets asking you “I mean if you’re free these day - um, it’s alright if you don’t want to…” he stops when he hears your giggle and begins to smile just at the sound of it.
“I get off in an hour, can you wait that long?”
“I’ve waited for a good 2 months - an hour won’t kill me”

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Being younger or being older is the same to Tae, it all depends on how you respond to him. Being born the same year as Jungkook will mean group outing with the Maknae Line, of course. He’d like to be your friend first even if he did fall in love with you at first sight.

“Taehyung, I don’t need another Gucci clothing item” you hide looking at the bag with the brand spread clearly across form it
“Y/n, it’s in anniversary of our friendship” he insist, he’s been working up the courage all day to ask you out and when he did - you took it as a regular friend hang out.
“Just buy me a number 2 pencil or something and i’ll love it just as much” as soon as he heard the words love come out of your mouth his smile maximized.
“Open it up and see” He insist, staring at your light blush. He’s never met someone as adorable as you. You didn’t even know that he already settled his mind on only you.
You tentatively open the bag and look up at Taehyung in surprise “Is this a dress? Taehyung! take it back, i don’t even know want to know how expensive this was” you say handing it back.
“Wear it tonight” he says unfazed by you urging the gift back into his hands “After you say yes to going out with me.”

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Not a problem for this guy. He usually just goes with his instinct when it comes to women he likes, not just age. The fact that he even likes someone makes him go into group pep talks with the others. The fact that you were born the same year as him is a bonus.

“I thought you didn’t like women?” Namjoon jokes over the phone to Jungkook
“Y/n is not just any woman” he states.
“You better ask her out nicely” Jin cuts into the phone
“He practiced all night” Jimin intervenes
“He even asked Yoongi hyung what a cool approach was” J hope laughs
“Don’t worry, jungkook - just be a cool man, even if she reject you” 
“Which she won’t!” Taehyung cheers. he rolls his eyes and hangs up.
He specifically asked all the members to clear out the dorm for today, he invited you over to finally be able figure out his weird feeling towards you.
He hears the doorbell ring and his heart hits the floor in panic. He opens the door and lets you in.
”I thought we were all watching a movie?”
”I ment all as in you and I” he says really fast. he takes a deep breathe to calm himself down “I…um - you see… I kind of..”
You see him struggling over his words and can’t help thinking back to when the boys were teasing you about jungkook liking you
You walk up to him and he stays silent early breathing from the closeness,“I kind of like you too.” he opens his mouth to say something but words don’t come out and he just smiles and nods.
He leans in slowly as if asking for permission, when you don’t lean back and stare at his soft lips, he takes it as a yes to press his lips softly against yours.

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Malfoy was a kid, socialized since birth by death eater parents, and grew up as his parents expected of him. Snape was not. He chose to be a wizard nazi.

You’re right - Snape was not socialized by a Death Eater family because, wait, he wasn’t socialized by anyone. He grew up alone, and he was probably beaten and resented and belittled on a daily basis, so, sure - that’s the ideal background for a good choice of who you want to be later in life. Abuse and neglect - the bedrock of free will, as I always say. And, yeah - I was talking more generally about the family, not Draco, because, like, you never see that kind of vitriol and righteous rage against Malfoy senior either, or Melania-like Narcissa, but it’s funny who we consider kids and who we want to be accountable at all times, right? Because sure, you could say Malfoy was just a kid, but didn’t Harry make precisely the same speech about Dumbledore? How Dumbledore had fallen in love with Grindelwald and gone along with his ideas to take over the world while Harry, Ron and Hermione, who were the exact same age, were off sleeping rough and fighting the literal Antichrist or something? And did you side with Hermione there? Did, like, anybody? Or even, you know, just a kid - every single week I see something about the Marauders, and how Snape was the creepiest creep to ever creep, because apparently we can forgive Draco ‘Best Hairstyle of the Year’ Malfoy for literally joining a death squad when he was fifteen and keeping his classmates in a cell so they could be killed by Voldemort and whatever else, but God forbid we had some compassion for 1970s!Snape, who’d grown up without any of Draco’s advantages - no chiseled profile, no money, no family name, no parents who gave a damn about him, no friends at all.

So, you know - I’m not defending Snape, exactly. If you follow my blog, you know I’m very clear on who Snape was, and there’s definitely no excuse for him terrifying his students and hating the hell out of Harry and refusing to even try and become a different person. He was a broken man, and his brand of broken made him a pretty awful person. But still - you can’t seriously deny that we are much less willing to criticize and hate villains when they’re good-looking and, if at all possible, members of the aristocracy. I’ve never heard a word against Loki, for instance, who single-handedly tried to destroy our planet twice and caused thousands of victims - I’m guessing the fact Tom Hiddleston is playing him counts for something? Same thing goes for Auror Graves, one of the most unsettling and disturbing characters in children movies ever, now the happy star of raunchy fanart with the (underage) kid he abused - because Colin Farrell, of course. And let’s not forget ‘He of the Tragic Past’ Erik Lehnsherr - I’m following several Cherik blogs myself and I’d probably give up a kidney for Michael Fassbender, so I don’t exactly have the moral ground here, but, again, I see more drooling than rational assessments where young!Magneto is concerned. And perhaps the funniest thing about all this is that it’s actually a theme in the Harry Potter books - that in The Chamber of Secrets, Snape is deliberately pitted against Lockhart so readers will take Lockhart’s side, mainly because, my God, look at him! - and then at the end the message is, Ha! Guess what! The ugly, oily teacher nobody can stand was actually innocent, and the Brad Pitt lookalike was ready to kill and maim three students just to get out on top.

So, yes - in the end, that’s what bugs me the most when I see this endless run of posts complaining about Snape - not only that he’s the only one they ever complain about, the only person held accountable in any way, but that so many people have apparently learned nothing from those books. The fact Harry named his son after both Snape and Dumbledore, two people who are deeply Problematic, was significant and moving and so, so beautiful. And instead of wondering what that means, and try to unpack that message, many are simply happy to bash Snape 24/7 (but not Dumbledore, never Dumbledore, despite the fact what Dumbledore did was, in a way, much worse than anything Snape could ever have done) and even complain JK Rowling disregarded Harry’s abuse at his hands or some shit. Like, uh?

And also: yes, Draco was a kid. He was also surrounded, day in and day out, by people and books he could have listened to - stuff that could have changed his mind, made him doubt his appalling beliefs (like, I don’t see much compassion on tumblr for teenagers who make memes for the alt right and hate on BLM and take part in KKK demonstrations, but maybe I don’t follow the right blogs?). He was scared and alone later in the books, sure, but he also preferred the option of killing another student rather than seeking asylum with Dumbledore. And also: he stood there and did nothing when people (a former teacher among them) were being tortured and killed in his family house; he barely reacted when Harry and the others were imprisoned in his dungeon and five minutes away from a messy death; he fought in the final battle - for the wrong bloody side. He snuck into the castle with the deliberate intent of killing Harry, and to the end, he never admitted he’d been wrong in any way, remember? After that Room of Requirement scene, he simply slumped against a wall, exhausted and unarmed and probably in shock, never offering a word of apology to anyone. So, whatever. Yes, he was a kid. He was also in a position to reconsider his life’s choices, much more so than Snape, who was also a kid when his destiny locked him in - and, unlike Draco, Snape was a dirty, badly dressed, unwanted working class kid and he grew up to be an unpleasant, angry, ugly adult and that’s why - despite his tragic past and the doomed love story thing and his wit and sarcasm and the fact he could actually fly - nobody gives a damn about him: because everybody is accountable, but some people are more accountable than others.