thinking of atsushi sakurai

Honestly, I hate myself and I can’t do anything about it. Of course, the self-complacency is also inside of me. It makes me very happy when people say I am attractive, but when I catch myself thinking like that, I want to mock myself. Again, this is the balancing of my internal disagreements. It‘s the source of injury inside of me. Furthermore, I even think that’s a driving force of my self-realization. It has always been a part of me and it will never change, I think.

Atsushi Sakurai (Rock & Read 042, 2012)


I finally managed to put my hand on the Climax together live. Hot damn that’s a nice live…. I certainly did not watch it 3 time in one evening..ahem well  shhhhh.  Anyway… As I watched I got inspired to draw so here have some B-T studies…

Thinking about it, Etching and Sketching are kind of similar……Only two letters of difference….huh…I need sleep I think. 

Many years ago there was a flashmob on Japanese blogs consisting of 69 questions to fans about their favourite celebrities. Of course, I came across a dozen questionnaires filled in about Sakurai Atsushi and decided to pick out some interesting answers. If you’re apt to idealize and idolize people or have a poor sense of humour, pass this post by, please.
I chose answers by different fans, so this isn’t a list completed by only one person; some questions have multiple answers by several people. […] - my comments.

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