thinking it's bc of my selfies

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would you be willing to post a bunch of your fave taeyong photos like you did with mork™?


NAH i’m playin u better call me kim yugyeom bc my ass is #ALWAYS READY with some ty track. Grab ur edges, have a seat, get a drink, a blanket, holy water and lets get it crackin:

imma start off with a #bang bc binch, forest fairy tae aint a drill

then here he is looking like my rugged edgy vampire boyfriend with a dark past and even darker eyeliner

PRAISE god,,,..but moving on this day was blessed bc binch this fit???


I caught the holy ghost, but moving on pre debut photos are important




THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! ok moving on…SNAPBACK TAE? im throwing my assback - no questions, qualms or inquiries about the shit. DAYUM. 

he was absolutely GORGEOUS IN HERE ON THIS DAY!!! I rlly wanna recreate this entire look bc iconic…that face was beat and so wuz my meat (also taewin was THRIVING)


IDK WHY HE SHOOK TYRA BANKS’ ENTIRE PORTFOLIO BUT HE DID111!!! (notice me getting progressively louder)

and I think imma end this on this note. a godly selfie i recently collected of him and my beloved johnny

my baby is amazing, fine, talented, and he invented beauty. AMEN. goodnight.


tagged by: @jiguki and @yoonseok sobs thank u, you pretty and gorgeous ladies ;;

so here’s me w no makeup and glasses lmfaooooo sorz

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As a traditional artist, I really appreciated that post. I also use crayola, but I scan, and i find that it tends to separate the colors that I blend. I might try to start taking photos, do you have any elaborations on the whole light thing? How do you do it? -PS your stuff is super cute!

ohh yeahh haha i have learned that scanners are basically color vampires

they suck the life out of any colored piece u_u

tbh i would only use a scanner if the drawing is monochrome or maybe monochrome + red. red is so forgiving haha
its one of the only colors that looks great no matter how you scan or photograph it

and awww!! thank you so much!! QuQ

its a bit hard to offer tips for lighting things bc its honestly so much about experimentation! here’s a few things i can think of off the top of my head tho :0c

1. morning to noon sunlight!

if youre going to be using sunlight coming in from a window for your photos i recommend using light from 10am -12pm/1pm

imo this is the most flattering natural light!

also!! this is the most flattering light for selfies too ;D

it creates a very soft yet warm light that will bring out your warm tones but its still soft enough to compliment your cooler tones too!

very flattering all around (which is why it looks nice on your face too haha)

this photo was taken under morning light! the warmer tones (like the hair, tights and skin) are a bit brighter looking than irl and i love that! when you start learning how light works you can make your photos look even better than the original! the pinks in her ears are actually barely visible irl, but i knew that the soft warm light would bring it out just enough to look really pleasant in the photo ^u^

2. white light!

if you can find a light somewhere that is completely white i recommend trying this too! white light is super pure and wont really affect your colors at all except by possibly making them a bit pale. which, if your drawing is pastel or light/soft in nature is a very good thing!

besides morning light ive found white light to be the most flattering and most able to not affect my colors in any way which is good bc obv you want your photo to be as close to the original as possible!

this photo was taken under white light and it looks p much exactly the same as the original!

3. take a photo of white paper

your eyes can play tricks on you! a photo may look fine on your phone but once you upload it to your computer it looks incredibly dark, blurry or weirdly colored!

i recommend taking photos of what ever white paper you are drawing on in all light sources you are considering using, and then upload those photos and look at the paper. you might be surprised to see how differently colored your paper looks in different lights!

whichever photo is the closest to the original paper’s color is the light you wanna go with if you want to make sure that your color is barely affected, if at all, by the light (like the pic above of howlite and moon!)

if your paper looks yellow in the light that means it has a warmer tint. it will make your paper look a bit like parchment and give a sort of vintage feel to the drawing like this one:

this drawing is actually quite old but its the best example i have of the yellow light effect haha
tbh i dont really care for yellow light (which is why i dont have many new examples) bc im much more aesthetically drawn to the cooler or white lights but yellow can def have a neat affect!

i hope these tips help!! <3

ok honestly i went to see rose and rosie in glasgow yesterday with one of my best friends and i just want to say (again) how much i love being gay. i love it, i know i talk and meme abt it all the time but this time im for real, i cant imagine my life without this community? absolutely love that i get to meet all these amazing people, i love that when we went yesterday there were so many lesbians and bi and pan girls and trans girls and even some guys, and everyone was chatting and taking selfies and getting to know eachother and it was so comfortable and nice. one girl proposed to her girlfriend on stage!!! yk this is a thing that straights dont even have to think abt bc its just safe for them but for lesbians to be able to do that, and to have literally everyone in the room cheer and clap and scream?? i was ready to cry. i love the lgbt community, i love being a lesbian, i lov u all goodnight

Considering my recent coming out as a transboy I was wondering if you guys could help me pick out a name by giving me some ideas based on what I look like (selfies are linked in bio)


I was tagged by @nctreacting a few times for the bias selfie tag, i think that’s what its called? But yes thank you Flo for tagging me, and sorry it took me so long to do this bc i’m a shy bean. I mean idk, i guess this is my face? I can’t choose one bias because i’m a hoe like that, so i’d like to take this opportunity to sandwich myself in between my two biases Jaehyun and Ten. 

I’d like to tag my other hoe @cremethorns, Sheep aka @chipsandwaffles (if you don’t take the opportunity to post a picture of an actual sheep then i’ll delete you. Or you can post yourself ofc ☺️) @chani-babe, @yoonohsdimples@frxggi, @inseong-youngbin-hwiyoung-dawon and anyone else who wants to do this. Its optional of course!


I posted this baby pic(im like in kindergarten here) before but i think this is just a BETTER comparison also look how tan i was GOD and my wack bangs? Its because i cut them myself LMFAO i had a bowl cut till like 3rd grade!! NOT TO MENTION MY FCKING MONOLIDS EVRNTUALLY JUST LIKE DISAPPEARED
tan energetic baby >>> souless pale goth

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What's your favourite shirt that you own


You guys may have seen it before, I am using it in my most popular selfie!!

I like it a ton bc I think I look pretty cool in black, and its actually really pretty!! tbh I really don’t know what it says there, but I really like it! i wear it a ton, mom says i look like a photography bc of that

I know its getting late but my mom apparently bought me some new clothes today so I dunno thought I’d show off probably my favorite pair of clothes. 

Shirt’s maybe not exactly my style but man this outfit is comfy. 


a couple of Old Selfies bc I think I’m cute idk


@captbuccaneer tagged me (so have a lot of other people tbh haha rip) to post a pic of my lockscreen, homescreen, the last song i listened to, and a selfie!! The only reason i haven’t done this yet is bc i ….. don’t take a lot of selfies so i never have one to put here?? Anyway this one’s old but i think it’s kinda cute and also its my MIT sweater but it says TIM backwards and i think that’s appropriate

Thank u for tagging me ashley!!! I’m tagging…. @mayflydecember @thebatmanequation @captain-habit @yamitamiko and anyone else who wants to!!