thinking it's bc of my selfies


I have arrived! For @xbrokenbutfabulousxstuff ’s Semi Formal! I left any good clothes in Alabama sooo I went with this!

I don’t really have any good shoes so I kinda just

Boots. Can’t go wrong there

Also I think this is the first time I’ve had a “full body” picture woah…

Sorry for the bad quality >~< Tried using my laptop to take the picture, didn’t turn out very well…

Anyways, I’ll probably sit in the corner and watch everyone dance, sing, or do what ever!

Feel free to come talk to me ;^


ok im finally getting around to doing all those selfie tags i got ages ago lol so this is for anyone who tagged me in anything selfie related in the past ?? 3 months i guess lmao ill put it under a cut bc i tend to ramble :/

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the closet (n.) — 1.) absolute fuckery, 2.) an important right of all non-cis and/or non-hetero people because we don’t owe you anything (ง’̀-‘́)ง

ya boi was feeling okay about the fem™ today (he/him or they/them)

Mike mignola answered my questions about dealing with anxiety as an artist with “haha im still 90% anxiety” and went on a long tangent about it and i got a selfie with him and he signed my books and when i showed him my portfolio he was like quote unquote “ YOURE 19??!? i couldnt do JACK SHIT when i was 19” and he looked me dead ass in the eye as he shook my hand and told me im amazing at my passion

He also told me most of his ideas are bullshitted and he makes up half of everything he does if its “stupid enough to sell”

Also we have similar ways in thinking, he did art bc he couldnt do anything else and he cant even drive a car, and similar ways of drawing things out bc u dont know what theyre gona look like…
Tfw your childhood hero looks u in the eyes and tells you youre amazing…..i cant even comprehend what just happened to me…i told him that he inspired me since his work on atlantis when i was little and he was just like DAMN IM OLD….
Uhm im so happy i could die? I never ever thought i was ever going to meet him..and i made new friends too…WOWOWOW


The summertime and butterflies
All belong to your creation
I love you, that’s all I do
I love you..


♥ first and last selfies of 2015 ♥ I feel like I’m in my second pokemon evolution bc I’ve learnt so much about myself and grown quite a bit this year, but I got a long way to go lmao


anyways i already did the top selfies of 2015 BUT i wanted to do smthing to highlight my transition so far
bc im a lot happier w who i am now & im possibly starting hormones rlly soon i think its important for myself 2 look back & see how far i have come
but anyway from getting my haircut the first time to actually buying clothes that matched the gender tht i am, i have never once looked back & regretted any choices ive made