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“Seriously? With the chips again?” Eliot asked as he walked by you at the Brew Pub. You were just tapping away at your computer, occasionally breaking to put a handful of chips your mouth. Parker had her chocolate, and you had your chips.

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Comatose-Chapter 5

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression

You startle awake. There is a warm heavy weight hampering your movement, and you freeze for a second before your mind catches up with your situation. Logan is draped across your chest, legs intertwined with your own, mumbling incoherently in his sleep. Moving slowly, you begin the arduous process of detangling yourself from the bearlike man.

Careful as you can so you don’t wake him, you finally manage to slip out of bed, making your way to the bathroom. Taking care of your needs, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you recoil in shock. You don’t recognize the person staring back at you. Your eyes are dull and red-rimmed, with bags heavy beneath them, and your skin is pale and drawn. Sighing to yourself, you draw a brush through your hair, resolving to at least pretend to be able to deal with this. What was that old adage? Fake it till you make it, right?

Satisfied with your appearance, you make your way to your closet, earning a mumbled, “Mornin’,” from a groggy Logan.

“Morning,” you reply as he eyes you warily.

“How ya doin this mornin?” he inquires.

“I’m fine, wolf man. Stop stressing.” You fake a smile in his direction, if he doubts you he doesn’t let on.

Settling instead for a wry chuckle and a, “Shut up, Bub,” he gets out of bed and makes his way to the bathroom.

While you strip out of your night attire, donning a pair of faded jeans and a T-shirt, and pulling on a pair of converse, you make your way to the kitchen to start breakfast. You were leaving that afternoon, and a solid breakfast would take you a long way. Reaching into the cupboard to retrieve the batter you would need for pancakes, you stall halfway when a knock sounds at the door. With a frown on your face, you make your way to the source of the noise. Pulling open the door, you come face to face with none other than James Buchanan Barnes.

“I thought I made myself clear, Barnes,” you say duly. He flinches at your emotionless tone.

“I need ta talk ta ya. Please, doll,” he pleads.

With a sigh you relent, ushering him inside, waiting patiently for him to say something, anything. He gives you only silence as he fidgets nervously under your intense scrutiny. When you’ve finally had enough of his stalling, you huff, “Out with it, Barnes. I can’t stand here and watch you flounder all day. I have shit to do.”

“Yeah, um, right. Can I sit?” he asks.

You gesture to the couch, giving your permission, and take the seat opposite him.

“I know I fucked up,” he starts. “I know what I did was as bad as it gets, especially with your history, and I have no excuse.” He sighs, dropping his head into his hands. “You’re my everything, (Y/N), and I can’t watch you walk out.” He’s crying, tears leaving translucent tracks down his cheeks. “I’ll give ya all the time you need, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t leave,” he begs, growing increasingly agitated. “I’ll stay as far away from ya as you want, just stay here!”

You hold up your hand, cutting off his tirade. “What I need is to leave, James. Something is fundamentally broken inside me, and staying here isn’t going to help me fix it,” you quietly explain. “I can’t bear to be near you, or Natasha. I don’t want to be. You did the one thing you promised never to do.” Gripping the armrest of the couch tightly, you can feel yourself quake, and gave a mirthless laugh. “You took everything we were, everything we could have been, and threw it away!” Rising from the couch, you move away from Bucky, toward the door.“I’m not saying I won’t ever be able to forgive you, but right now, I’m walking a thin line between love and hate, and I need to go before you destroy me completely. So please, get out. Give me time. Respect me enough to leave me alone. If I want to talk to you, I know where to find you.”

Bucky draws in a shaky breath, swallowing down whatever smartass retort was building there. “Fine,” he relents begrudgingly. “But I ain’t giving up on you, doll. Or on us.” His words ring with promise as he heads for the door. Stopping briefly, he hesitates before dropping a kiss to the crown of your head, then exits the apartment, leaving you standing in the middle of your living room floor, contemplating your lack of response to the world around you.

Shrugging your shoulders, you continue with your plan for making breakfast, returning to shuffling around the kitchen.

Logan clears his throat loudly, suddenly inches from you, and pulls you back by the waist. “Move over. You were always a shit cook,” he grumbles, grabbing the spatula and shoving you toward the vacant seat at the kitchen counter. “I heard voices.”

“Yeah.” You shrug. It really didn’t matter.

“You wanna talk about it?” he says, sneaking glances at you from his peripheral.

“No, thank you, Logan,” you reply, staring dead ahead.

It’s then that Logan starts to worry. He knows that look. The dead eyes. The emotionless voice. You are slowly chipping away at the very foundation of who you are, and it sends a sharp sting of fear up his spine. He doesn’t want to think of the havoc you could bring to the world if you give up on your humanity.

She might just destroy us all, he thinks as he loads pancakes onto your plate.

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cheater cheater (l.h.)

I looked over my appearance once more, not quite as satisfied as I could have been with myself, but figuring it was just Calum and he had seen me at my absolute worst.

I had on an over sized white Blink-182 shirt, considering all we had planned was a movie day in, maybe even a few of the boys might stop by, so I didn’t feel the need to get dressed up or anything. Leggings clung to my legs as I struggle to squeeze my vans onto my feet in attempt to avoid retying the shoelaces.

My phone buzzed next to me on my bed just as I had finally gotten myself recomposed, from Calum.

Cal: Hey (Y/N), the doors open for when you arrive :)

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I saw that you rebloged something that is a edit of the book I'll Give You The Sun. And i wanted to ask you if you could explain to me what the book is about? Because like i've tried to read it idk 5 times but im always soo confused and it makes no sense to me? Like the words dont match y'know i dont know if its because english is my second language or what but yeah hahaha thank you xxx

Hey darlin that’s a really interesting question!! idk precisely the way the story feels for you, bc the metaphors are odd and the characters are even more so

It’s also a lil confusing in the way it’s set up, bc the use of language and plot in general is very like…… unusual??

It’s essentially a back and forth between two twins before and after a traumatic event, and there’s a lot of strange tradition and art woven into it, so there are sort of magical “bible entries” used as a device to relate to the story for jude, and painting titles used in the same way for noah

it’s the fast-paced mind of a thirteen-year-old kid struggling with his awkwardness and sexuality and drifting sister and father, and then it flashes forward to a sixteen-year-old kid struggling w something terrible that’s happened and her drifting brother and father, and there are a bunch of fantastically strange coping mechanisms and beautiful recoveries along the way

this probably isn’t….. helping that much lmao, but it’s a sort of wonky family portrait that hinges on 2 twinned stories that chip away at each other until the story comes into focus

basically – brother and sister share the world – brother and sister lose the world – brother and sister didn’t need the world anyway, they have each other, and more importantly, themselves

but yeah I think it might just be the weirdness of the characters’ idiolects that makes it difficult? 13yo boys are hard to relate to tbh, don’t be afraid to skip ahead or take breaks if it’s just not clicking :))

Effy Stonem Back to School Guide

This is mainly based on Effy in school in season 3 and season 4. All pictures are not mine, however all of the edits are so if you use any please give credit! Hope you enjoy, if you have anymore questions my ask is always open :)


Here is a list of all outfits Effy wore to school that I recreated. But, Effy basically wears the same type of clothes no matter where she goes. So if you want more inspiration you can find more outfits on my outfit recreation page which can be found here.

Also here are three outfits for school that I created inspired by Effy’s style: 

What would Effy wear to gym class?
This is probably the time where she would wear leggings. Go for black leggings, a graphic muscle tee or tshirt, and converse. 

How can I wear Effy type clothes if I have a strict dress code?
Modify the outfits to your dress code! You can replace fishnets and sheer tights with darker matte tights, leggings, leather/disco pants, or jeans. Look for longer dresses and skirts. You can also cover your shoulders with a flannel, leather jacket, denim jacket, and cardigan.

How can I make my school uniform more Effy?
Focus on jewelry and shoes! For shoes stick with combat boots and converse. Wear lots of jewelry such as gold and silver long necklaces and black plastic bracelets, chunky bracelets, and studded bracelets. Occasionally Effy wears hats like a gray knit beanie and black fedora, so you can also wear those!

School Supplies

We only see Effy wear two types of bags; a black and white tote and a leather purse. Now in the world of Skins, that size of a bag might work, but I prefer larger backpacks that will fit all of my supplies. Here are some Effy inspired backpacks! Also here you will find Effy school bag essentials.

 Effy strikes me as someone who doesn’t bring a lot of supplies. Just very light weight items that are necessary for school. Most of her supplies have black and white geo print on them. Here are some more inspired items.

In the show we only get these short looks at Effy’s locker. The only stuff she has in there are a few pictures and her books. Out of experience this is the best way to go. The more stuff you have in there (like a locker shelf, mirror, magnets, containers, etc) the harder it will be to clear out at the end of the year. So like Effy keep it simple!


Season 3:
Effy’s makeup in season three was more intense (although not as intense as her party looks) and more put together. Usually she would use a black pencil liner to line the top and bottom of her eye, put on a good amount of mascara, and top that of with a little gray eyeshadow. For the days she’s feeling more girly (picture on right) add some lip gloss and some blush. 

Season 4:
In season 4 Effy became more vulnerable and it shows in her makeup. Her dark makeup that she used as a shield became lighter. For me, I think this a better everyday makeup look since its easier and doesn’t take as much time. She still uses a black pencil liner but only a little on her top lid and on top of that the only thing she wears is mascara. 


These are the main hairstyles we see Effy wear at school. On the left she keeps her hair down and naturally wavy but she takes the front hair pieces and pins it back in a slight poof. In the middle she keeps her hair down with it parted to the side and straightened. Occasionally she’ll wear this style with a headband. On the right Effy’s wearing her hair down and parted to the side, it is also in its natural curl, but for those with straight hair like me it’s probably a good idea to invest in a good curling wand or braid your hair the night before.

Gym hairstyles
Although we never see Effy in gym, I would assume she would wear her hair like this. The middle picture shows her hair in two messy fishtail braids, if you don’t know how to do this style, there are a ton of great tutorials you can find on youtube. The other two pictures show Effy with a ponytail. It’s almost the same style as the left picture above, but this time instead of her hair down it’s up. Also she keeps a few strands of hair out. 


Would Effy join school clubs or sports?
Effy isn’t the type to really join anything. But please don’t let that stop you from trying new things and doing what you like. Colleges/universities love to see students participating in extra curricular activities. So please please please don’t not join clubs or sports just because Effy wouldn’t. 

How can I act like Effy at school?
Walk the halls with confidence. Observe and know what’s going on. And don’t give away too much about yourself. Ultimately when you’re a teenager it’s the time to figure out who you are. So getting inspiration from someone like Effy isn’t always a bad thing, just don’t try to be an exact copy of her and don’t adopt her bad traits.Take her confidence and brains!

Would Effy get good grades? Would she raise her hand? 
Effy is smart. We know that because she was in a private school that would expell her if she didn’t meet grade expectations. The reason she didn’t get good grades in season 4 was because she was really struggling with her mental illness. Short answer, yes she would if she is mentally well. Effy is quiet and observant she’s not really the type to raise her hand unless she needed to leave the room. But hey, if you know the answer to a question and you’re not afraid to raise your hand go for it! 

What would Effy eat for lunch?
I think she would eat something really simple. In Naomi’s episode in season 3 we see Effy eating some sort of a sandwich. Besides a sandwich she would probably also have a bag of chips and for some reason I’m thinking an apple haha. Go for what you like to eat just keep it simple!

What books would Effy read for school?
We see Effy reading “Georges Braque: A life” by Alex Danchev and “The Demon Headmaster” by Gillian Cross (but that’s a children’s book). In school the skins kids were reading “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. Also Effy in season 2 read greek myths to Tony, you might be able to get away with reading that. 

Again if you need help with anything specific or feel as if there is a topic I didn’t cover feel free to leave me a message. Soon I will have more back to school advice from my personal experience on my own blog so keep an eye out for that :)x

Fluffy headcanon time: One time Dipper and Mabel are just chilling in their room, Dipper reading on his bed and Mabel doing some scrapbooking on the floor. At some point, Stan calls Mabel downstairs for something, and as she hurriedly gets up and runs out the room, she knocks the scrapbook to a different page without realising. Dipper meanwhile puts his book down and hops off the bed, intending to go grab another can of Pitt or some such thing, when he notices something on the scrapbook out of the corner of his eye. Turning to look at it, he sees the words “Dipper Appreciation Section” written across two pages. He kneels down to take a closer look, and what follows is a series of pages that Mabel has filled with pictures of her brother and has written down all the things she loves about him. Dipper reads the whole thing through, and by the end he’s on the verge of tears. Mabel runs back into the room, and she spots what Dipper is looking at. She briefly freezes, afraid that her brother is going to be super embarrassed by it, but when Dipper turns around she just sees his eyes full of tears. His face goes red, and he bats away the tears, awkwardly apologizing. Mabel smiles as wide as she can and rushes over to Dipper, throwing her arms around him and squeezing him in a hug. “Don’t apologize bro-bro”, she says, “I’m glad you liked it”.

@choc-chip-pancakes Figured I’d tag you in this because I think you were looking for happy headcanons the other day? I might be remembering wrong, but either way, enjoy XD

crazy-fruit  asked:

I spend like most of the day reading RC fics and oh boy do I still ship them hard. In case you haven't read it I'd suggest you to read "Lucky Charm" by Kyberchronices. (all their fics are great) I don't want to spoil anything but it might include a thing you like. I also got hit by K2 and Jyn feelings because I really think that they actually care deeply for each other. (I JUST WANT TO GET HOME AND DRAW THEM SMOOCHING ALREADY!!!!)

A thing that I like? Hm. Is it BAGELS? 😂😂😂

But I have not read it, but I will check it out! I should really compile a huge to-read list and chip away at that because I also want to post a new fanfic rec list soon!

Also can’t wait to see all the drawings from you once you get back home!

Home, Chapter 4

AUTHOR: Losille2000
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: Tom returns home grouchy and exhausted from a cramped flight after four months away for work. Unfortunately, there’s already someone sleeping in his bed.
RATING: M (sex, language)
AUTHORS NOTES: What is this? A quick update? The world must be ending! Please enjoy this update, and thank you for reading, reblogging, liking and commenting! :)

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You’re My Hero. A Daddy!Dan Howell One Shot.

Dan was only twenty when his girlfriend told him he was gonna be a dad. At first he was completely terrified but when baby Howell was born he couldn’t have been happier. He never knew it was possible to love someone so much, but when he looked at his baby girl’s face he felt his heart explode with love. Each day he falls more in love with the little girl he helped create. She had has his curly brown hair, his chocolate eyes, she even had his dimples, but she was the complete opposite of his personality. From a young age Jennifer was bursting with life, always had a smile on her face. She was the light of his life.

When Jennifer was three years old her mom, Christy broke things off with Dan. She claimed she wanted a future that didn’t involve youtube paying their bills. She agreed to a joint custody, and wished him well with his life. Dan got to see his daughter for two weeks out of each month, Christmas eve, the day before her birthday, the day after his birthday, and father’s day. Today was father’s day and Dan was waiting for Christy to drop of Jenny for the night, trying to stay busy by editing a video.

It had been nearly two months since he last saw his daughter. She spent the night with him the day before he left to America for his live show tour. He came so close to canceling at the sight of crying for him as he went to board his plane. It broke his heart. Twice he’s almost flown home after she called him in tears because she missed him. It took a lot of convincing before his ex agreed to fly out so he can spend father’s day with her.

He was nearly done with editing when a knock at the hotel door had him jumping off the bed and lunging for the door. “Daddy!!” As soon as he opened the door Jenny had her little arms wrapped around Dan’s legs. “Hey princess,” Dan leaned down and picked her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I missed you daddy.” Dan smiled at her while taking her bag from her mom. “I missed you too princess, so so much.” He looked at his ex with a smile. “Thank you Christy, this means a lot to me.” She nodded and kissed Jenny on the cheek. “I’m staying two floors down if you need anything. Have fun Dan and happy father’s day.”

After Dan had put Jenny’s stuff away and called Phil, who was at the pool, they went to the dinner across the street. “Daddy can I have milk shake?” She looked up at him with a pleading look, knowing it was Dan’s weakness. “Of course princess. Chocolate?” She nodded happily and told Dan what she wanted to eat. “So Dan what do you and Jenny have planned for the day?” Phil smiled at his bestfriend and his daughter, who were drawing on the kids menu with the crayons that the waitress gave her. “I think we might just stay in the room and watch some movies. Would you like to join us?” Phil happily nodded and joined in on their coloring.

Once their food was finished they went to a store to pick up a few snacks. “Daddy can you get me some cheetos?” Dan nodded and turned to look for the chips, missing his daughter and best friend sneak away from his side. They quickly dashed down another aisle and hid from his sight. When he went looking for them they made a bee line for the object that Jenny wanted to buy. Phil went to pay for it while Jenny ran over to her dad and wrapped her arms around his legs. “Where did you and uncle Phil go to?” Jenny lied and told him she and Phil were looking for candy.

Dan paid for everything and the all headed back to the hotel. Phil and Jenny picked a movie, more than likely they picked A Bug’s Life, while Dan set up the snacks. He laid on his bed and patted the spot next to him for his daughter to lay. She jumped on the bed and crawled to Dan, she sat on his lap and laid back on him. Placing her hand behind her head she looked up him and smiled. “Comfortable?” Dan smiled down at her, laughing when she nodded her head. Phil laid on the other side of the bed and pressed play after shutting off the lights.

Four movies later all the snacks were gone, Phil was falling asleep, and Jenny was fighting to keep her eyes open. “Time for bed princess.” She was so tired she just nodded her head climbed off of Dan to get her pajamas. Dan helped her change before changing into his own pjs. When he came back from the bathroom Jenny was under the blankets falling asleep. Dan turned off the movie and woke Phil so he can change for bed, then he climbed in next to Jenny. “Goodnight princess.” She opened her eyes and sat up. “I almost forgot daddy.” She climbed out of bed and walked to her suitcase. She pulled out a gift bag and walked over to Dan, handing it to him “Happy father’s day daddy.“Dan sat up and pulled out its contents, one by one.

First thing was a hand made picture frame, it was made of popsicle sticks and cardboard. Written on the frame was "Me and Daddy”, and it had a picture of Dan with cake all over his face kissing Jenny on the cheek. It was taken last year for his birthday, she smashed a piece of cake onto his face after singing happy birthday to him. Second was a small stuffed llama that had a heart on it’s side. Third was a jar filled with small paper stars and a note stuck to it. He opened the note and read it out loud.

“In this jar is 365 stars. Each star has a reason why I love my daddy. Pick one a day and read it. Love Baby Howell Is Not On Fire.” He smiled at her. “Go ahead daddy, pick a star.” He nodded and opened the jar, reaching in he pulled out one of the stars and opened it. After a second he was able to read the words. “No matter what you are always there, when I hurt my knee, when I was scared of the monster under the bed, and when I needed cuddles cause I was sick. No one is better than my daddy, you’re my hero. I love you daddy, from here to Pluto. (which is a planet)” Dan chuckled at the end before placing the star back in the jar and closing it. He leaned over to his daughter and lifted her on to his lap. “You’re my hero princess and I’ll always be there no matter what. You can count on that. I love you.” He gave her a kiss and hugged her close. The gifts forgotten as she clung to him. “I love you too daddy.

Stiles loves cooking, okay? He does. His mom used to cook all the time. She was just as restless as he was and she’d just bring him into the kitchen with her and cook all day long for fun. (So much of the food would have gone to waste, but luckily her friend Talia had many children who were always hungry. Talia herself liked to come over for coffee and gossip and Claudia’s famous chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies. Talia made sure to help out with the cost by bringing by fresh food from the farmers market every couple days too, because she felt bad about the Stilinskis giving them so much food) And after Claudia died, Stiles stopped cooking for a while. It hurt too much to remember.

But then his dad’s doctor said a lot of things about blood pressure and heart attacks and diet changes and this was something he could do. This was something he could help with. So he started cooking again and experimented with all kinds of recipes. But a lot of it goes to waste because it doesn’t always turn out right and he figures out what fits well together and what doesn’t. And things get better. He has an outlet for his nervous energy and he gives some of the meals to Scott’s mom because she needs to eat too, okay and Scott is a terrible cool and Stiles wants to help her out too.

And then Scott gets bit and he stops cooking again because he’s suddenly running around trying to stop people from dying. But then things calm down a little and he can breathe again. Except now there’s a little too much air (too much space, nothing to do, and he can’t stop shaking) so he starts cooking without even thinking about it. And okay, he’s a little out of practice and he’s home alone and he accidentally burns the food. (It’s mac n cheese, his go to comfort food) and suddenly Derek is there and holding the fire extinguisher that his dad keeps under the sink. But Stiles jumps in front of the food and takes the fire extinguisher and reassures him that it’s all good. After Derek finally decides that there’s no more danger, he calms down, and they eat the mac n cheese together. (Stiles is a little surprised, but says nothing. He really feels a little safer with Derek here because his dad is working all night) And Stiles pulls out the cookies, his mom’s recipe because it’s his favorite, and gives some to Derek with a joke about being a knight in shining leather. And Derek knows these cookies, okay? He remembers them and a woman with a big smile and warm eyes. But he doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to upset Stiles with memories.

And then it’s like a floodgate is opened, Stiles can’t stop cooking. But now he figures that he might as well put the food to good use instead of throwing it away, and he gives it to the pack instead. (Because no one is dead and I love thinking about a big happy whole pack) and then the wolves just start coming for dinner every night, and he’s happy to cook for them and to teach them how to cook and they all chip in and bring over groceries because they know how much they all eat okay? And he learns all of Derek’s foods and makes them whenever he sees Derek getting sad because he thinks Derek has been sad for long enough.

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George and Olivia, screen cap from Living in the Material World.

On 23 October 1974, George Harrison held a press conference at the Beverly Wiltshire Hotel, confirming his upcoming North American tour… and it was sometime in October 1974 that George and Olivia Trinidad Arias met in person for the first time.

“Olivia came into the picture at just the right time, a crazy, dark time. She is a strong person, and when he fell for her we all agreed that was a good thing. It wasn’t good for him to be on his own, and without her things would have got worse.” - Jim Keltner, Mojo, November 2014

Q: “Was it love at first sight?”
Olivia: “Pretty much. We felt it in our hearts from before we met. Even on the phone, we seemed to have some understanding, like you do when you meet the right person. And he was a charmer, such a charmer!” - The Sun, 2009 [x]

* * *

“I fell for her immediately. She is a very calming influence. She has been very supportive and we are blissfully happy together. I told her I didn’t want her doing all that typing. We started going with each other, and four years later we married.” - George Harrison, The Mirror, 1 December 2001 [x]

* * *

“The lyrics to I Me Mine were known to me long before the October evening in 1974 when I met the man who wrote them. George and I had spoken by telephone many times because I worked for his Dark Horse record label in Los Angeles. Still that first face-to-face meeting, followed by twenty-seven years together, is just as vivid today as the last time I saw his face.” - Olivia Harrison in her introduction to the 2002 edition of I Me Mine [x]

* * *

“I never even thought about the fact that he was a Beatle. George was so humble that honestly when I met him it was just like meeting any other person. He wasn’t a Beatle at that time, and so I never saw that. I only ever saw the person, George. I don’t think we’d have been together so long if it had been any other way.” - Olivia Harrison, The Herald Scotland, 2009 [x]

* * *

“When I first met him, he said, ‘I don’t want you to think you’ve discovered something about me I don’t know. I’m not claiming to be this or that or anything. People think they’ve found you out when, you know, I’m not hiding anything.’
For whatever his, you know, faults were and his… He had karma to work out, and he wasn’t going to come back and be bad, he was going to be good and bad and loving and angry and everything all at once. You know, if someone said to you, ‘Okay, you can go through your life and you can have everything in five lifetimes, or you can have a really intense one and have it in one, and then you can go and be liberated,’ he would have said, 'Give me the one, I’m not coming back here.’” - Olivia Harrison, Living in the Material World [x]

* * *

“When George and Pattie separated in 1973, Harrison began having phone conversations with Olivia Trinidad Arias, a young woman who worked at the LA office of his label, Dark Horse Records. 'He told me that he had his chart done and his chart told him that he would meet a dark woman and he assumed it would be an Indian woman,’ says Chris O’Dell. 'So when he met Olivia it was almost ordained by the gods. The first night he flew [to LA] that was it. I don’t think they were ever apart after the first night.’” - Mojo, November 2011 [x]

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Pitch Black ft. T.O.P

Genre: slight fluff, mostly angst

Pairing: readerX Tabi

Word Count: 1,330

(a/n: I really hope you like it anon I’m happy with it! I love fluffy T.O.P. I live for that man I swear! Anyway I’m still taking gif reactions and I decided to take a few more scenario requests so send me some good vibes! XD)

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July 2012 - August 20, 2014
Rest in peace.

If you have enough rats, you’re going to see similarities in some of them—Fell likes to pancake like Ears did, Baldor bounces around like Ivan, Vincent walks just like Howard. That’s one of the main things I love about rats: they’re individuals, but at the same time, when you lose one, it often feels like they never truly left you, because one day, you’re going to get another that reminds you so much of them in some small way, and you have these bittersweet moments where tears come to your eyes, even as you’re laughing.

That’s true of most rats—the vast majority of the ones I’ve had shared traits with at least one other that I owned at some point. But not all. I’m never going to have another Wyatt (this is a good thing. my fingers thank me daily for their lack of flesh wounds). I’m never going to have another Darcy (I love you, my dear sweet Bug). And I’m never going to have another Courage.

Courage was very small, but he packed a lot of spirit and personality into his tiny little frame. He managed to be full of life even though he was, like many males, somewhat lazy—it was a strange combination, you had to meet him to know him. He was very intelligent, but picky about things to the point that it was idiotic. It was Courage’s way or the highway, or, to put it less metaphorically, it was Courage’s way or loud, shrill shrieks coming out of Courage’s mouth continuously until whatever was stressing him stopped doing so. He liked some rats and (inexplicably) he didn’t like others. He was quick to let you know if a rat he didn’t like approached him. “EEK! EEK!” squeaks Courage;” “Courage is an angry rat,” “See Courage scream”…his whole life reads like a children’s storybook. 

The main downside to having so many rats is that sometimes I forget small details, memories might be triggered a year or two after the rat’s death, and they’re always accompanied by a pang in my heart, sadness that I had forgotten something that seemed so integral to the rat’s personality when he was alive. It is one of the main reasons I blog about them, because on the internet, nothing ever goes away, and I could always go back and read entries about Jagger or Wesley or Finch, they’re there forever, even if they’re gone in physicality.

When Courage was happy, he was very happy—he had a very expressive face; the sight of him sitting atop a mountain of food could have been in the dictionary as the definition of joy.  He hoarded food obsessively; every time I dumped a lot of food into the bowl, he’d spend all of his time running and grabbing as much as he could to make a little pile for himself. All the while, his cagemates would be gobbling down every piece they could reach, and when they inevitably finished, they’d run over to Courage’s stash and start scooping it up with eager paws and teeth. He’d scream and scream, standing over the food like a dragon hoarding gold—I have had a lot of rats, and never one that used his mouth as emotively as Courage did, he’d bare his teeth and hiss at anyone who tried to take his food. He hated Howard, I don’t know why, as Howard was a very mellow rat who didn’t cause any problems, but every time Howard came near him, Courage would scream. Howard seemed to take great joy in this and would frequently approach Courage, not at all in a malicious manner, but he was always greeted with a scream that sounded like an elderly woman surprised by a visitor when she was in the shower…I don’t think any rat I’ve ever had has made me laugh nearly as much as Courage did.

He was kind, though. He loved snuggling under shirts, he loved licking hands, he loved tortilla chips, he loved Alan, he loved his hanging basket. He had a strange fascination with young rats, he would immediately befriend any baby rat he came near. A friend came over one day and he spent quite some time hiding under her long hair as she fed him Sour Patch Kids candy. We couldn’t figure out how he was eating them so quickly—just a few seconds after handing them to him, he’d come back empty-handed and empty-mouthed, begging for another. We then realized he was licking the sour crystals off and placing the gummy sticky candy into her hair.

He suffered from severe eye problems the last half of his life—they’re not at all uncommon with hairless rats, and I doubt I’ll ever own another or recommend them to people after I saw how much trouble he went through. He looked awful for the last year. I rarely posted photos of him because I didn’t want people to see him like that and I didn’t want people to feel he was suffering, because he only seemed uncomfortable a few times. Over the last couple of weeks, he had lost a tremendous amount of weight, and over the last few days, his eyes looked worse than they ever had. He was still fighting, but he was in pain, and I didn’t want him to suffer any more.

I left work to have him euthanized today, and the only thing that kept me from bawling my eyes out when I had to come sit back down at my desk and get back to typing and filing and answering the phone was the image of Howard the angel rat running up to Courage in rat heaven and the look of shock and disgust that would come up on Courage’s face. I don’t claim to know where souls go, and I’m not religious, but I don’t think I would be able to deal with animal deaths at all if I didn’t think they went somewhere nice.  I hope that Courage is with Ollie now, he always loved Ollie, and I hope he has a hanging basket. I do hope Howard is giving him some peace, but knowing Howard, he might be making up for lost time. I hope there is a big bag of tortilla chips and a force field to keep all the other rats away from his stash. I hope for a lot of things, but mostly, I will just miss him, screams and all.

Rest in peace, buddy. You were special. You brought a lot of people a lot of happiness and a lot of laughs, and you were just a tiny little rat. Thank you.

I have been crying off and on all day and these made me smile while I was flipping through looking for a good shot to use. I will make an exception to my one photo obituary rule; after all, he was an exceptional rat.

There’s been some awesome meta about femslash floating around, and it’s made me think more about my own engagement with it, and how much more important it’s been to me than I’ve perhaps realised. I’ve read a lot about how femslash can help young fans come to terms with their queerness, but the truth is, it isn’t just them.

I was late, very late, coming to an acceptance of my own sexuality. Too much internalised homophobia, I guess. I’m still in the process of chipping away at it. But when I had my first inkling that I might be interested in other women, the first thing I did was read femslash.

I was a fanfic reader already - never m/m, always het. I just couldn’t get interested if there wasn’t a woman involved. In retrospect, that might have been my first clue. And so exploring my attraction to women through fan fiction felt natural. It felt safe. I could have read lesbian erotica of course, but there was a comfort in reading this stuff between characters I already knew, characters who’d all been living seemingly straight lives, just like me.

Look, these stories seemed to be saying, it worked out OK for them. It can work out fine for you too. Reading about lesbian relationships between characters I could see on my TV every week normalised them for me, in a way nothing else quite could. It made the desire I’d been so slow to acknowledge seem ordinary.

And, maybe even more importantly, it introduced me to a whole community of people just like me - not only queer women, but geeks, passionate about and playful with the same things I’d always cared about. Intellectually I knew those people existed. I knew what I felt wasn’t wrong and that I wasn’t alone. But femslash helped me to feel as well as know, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

Weekly challenge 9/14-9/20

This week, we’re going to be chipping away at the projects/areas we’ve been avoiding. Whatever it is that first comes to mind that you really don’t want to do around the house (crafting supplies! the garage! that box of junk mail you never got around to shredding!), that’s what you’re working on this week. Just 20 minutes every day, and then stop and get on with your life. You might not be able to finish it all this week, but any progress will be a huge improvement.

My project is my spare bedroom. I seem to think that if I can close the door, it doesn’t exist. My 20 minutes starts now. What’s your “I don’t wanna” area?

Request: can I get a imagine where your newts sister but he doesn’t recognize you and so you don’t tell anyone, but one day he has a go at you and you get really upset and You run into the maze and Thomas follows you and he kisses you maybe then newt ends up finding out?


When you opened your eyes, you knew two things. One; your name and two; that the blond boy in front of you was your brother.

“Bloomin’ hell, it’s a girl.” The blond boy said.

“Of course I’m a girl, don’t you know who I am?” You asked.

“No.” He replied.

You noticed all the other boys staring down at you. Your head exploded with a million questions; where were you? What was going on? And why was your brother looking at you without a trace of recognition?

You decided in that instance to not tell him – if his memories of you had been taken away then there had to be a good reason.

So what with one thing and another six months passed and you never once told Newt that he was your brother.

Life in the glade sucked for you – you didn’t have any friends. Well expect for Thomas, but he spent all day in the maze, meaning that you spent all day alone working in the kitchens.

Late one afternoon, just before dinner time, you and Frypan were making chicken and chips for all the gladers. Frypan left you in charge of the chips while he did the chicken in the room next door. You weren’t a great cook. You’d had many disasters and served a lot of inedible food – you were one mistake away from being downgraded to a slopper.

Unfortunately for you, Gally knew how precarious your job position was, and he had always hated you.

“Hey y/n.” Gally said from behind you.

You span around, turning your back on the nearly cooked chips, wondering what abusive comments Gally had for you today.

“There’s more grease in your hair than there is in those chips.”

You rolled your eyes. “How long you been planning that one Gally? Did you come up with it on your own or did all the builders work together to come up with it?”

“Have you ever wondered if the reason that you’ve got no friends, is that you’re too sarcastic and bitchy?” Gally snarled.

“I’d sooner have no friends than spend time with you.”

“I wouldn’t be seen dead being friends with a slopper.” Gally retorted.

“I’m not a slopper.” You replied.

“Oh I think that by the looks of those chips you might be.” Gally replied before turning and leaving you alone in the kitchen again.

Shit. Smoke was pouring from the oven, and when you pulled it open you found nothing more than blackened shapes.

You looked at the clock – the runners would be back soon and then dinner would be served, so you didn’t have time to make another batch. To make matters worse, Newt entered at that moment.

“Y/n I was just wonderin- what the hell are those?!” Newt said gesturing to the cremated chips.

“I’m so sorry Newt, I looked away just for one minute!”

“Were they supposed to feed everyone tonight?” Newt asked. You nodded. “You had one bloody job! Anyone could watch chips – correction; anyone but you. Why the hell did you turn your back on them? Now everyone is going to go hungry tonight! All the boys who have actually worked hard today! If the creators had to send a girl, why did they have to send such a bloody useless one?!” Newt shouted.

“Newt, I’m sorry.” You whispered with your head hanging low.

“No y/n! You ain’t getting out of this one, you can apologise to everyone later.”

It was rare that you let your emotions run away with you, but at that moment you just couldn’t contain them. You ran past Newt and into the glade. Boys turned to look at you.

“Hey, it’s the new slopper!” Gally shouted. Laughter erupted everywhere.

You looked for somewhere private to go. Gally and the builders were by the deadheads, Newt was still in the kitchen and Alby was in the homestead, so you couldn’t go to any of those places. Your feet began moving but it wasn’t until you were in the concrete corridors that you realised that you had headed for the maze. You ran and ran around the twists and turns of the maze. Until you ran straight into someone.

“What the hell- oh my god, y/n?” Thomas asked. “What the hell are you doing here?”

You looked up at Thomas and he saw your tears. “What’s wrong love?” He asked hugging you.

You told the story while he ran his hand through your hair. He stayed quiet until you had finished.

“I don’t get it, you usually put up with Gally’s bullshit, what was so different this time?” Thomas asked.

“I don’t care what Gally said, it’s what Newt said that’s upset me.” You sobbed.

“Why? He wasn’t as bad as Gally – unless, y/n, do you fancy Newt?” Thomas asked.

You laughed at the idea. “No, ew, no. He is my brother, so I thought that maybe he wouldn’t speak to me like that.”

“What? Newt’s your brother?”

“Don’t ask me how I know. I just do. I’ve always known it.”

You looked up at Thomas, he was grinning.

“Why are you smiling?”

“I’m just glad that you don’t fancy Newt, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

Thomas tilted his head down and pressed his lips against yours. Instantly all your worries disappeared. It was the most glorious minute of your life, but finally Thomas pulled back.

“We need to get back to the glade – the doors close in five minutes.”

The two of you set off hand in hand, but when you rounded the first corner you saw Newt stood there. He had clearly heard everything that you had just said.

“Newt?!” You asked.

“Y/n, I er, followed to make sure that you were okay. I er… Am I really your brother?” He stuttered.

You nodded.

“Bloody hell, I’m so sorry about how I’ve treated you.” Newt replied.

“It’s fine Newt.” You smiled.

“Awh, family reunions are the cutest, but we had best hurry up before we become griever fodder. Although Alby is going to kill you y/n, for entering the maze.” Thomas said.

“I’ll deal with Alby.” Newt replied, “But you Tommy, get your bloody hands off my sister.”


(loved writing this one! thanks for requesting it! I’m working my way through my requests, but please feel free to send me more!)

SnK 67 Thoughts

I chose the Titan that was most suited for battle.
–Rod Reiss, 65

You’ve never been in a fight in your life, have you?

That’s what I’d like to say, anyway. Without cheap opening jokes the whole reviewing system would fall apart, and everyone’s already done the chicken thing. Though with his head stuck in the ground, I could contribute by making ostrich jokes, but ostriches are really more likely to kick you.

Rod’s such a delight. The only thing that makes his presence tolerable is how good he is at manipulating people’s perceptions to his advantage.

He says he chose the Titan most suited for battle just when the possibility of a battle is imminent–the one between Eren and Historia. Survival of the fittest. Last Titan standing wins.

Rod’s a vassal of the Progenitor Titan, though. There’s no reason for his viewpoint to be that limited.

Battle’s a dramatic word for a prize fight, but in the grander scheme of the old guard versus the liberation of their regime… Hey, weapons of mass destruction are fantastic battle tools!

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@gjfalcon asked:

Hey! I know this is a bit of a broad question, but what do you imagine mining in places such as Casterly Rock is like in Westeros?

Hi there! Mining in Casterly Rock is probably one of the worst jobs in Westeros. People in the Middle Ages in England sent people to work down in mines as a form of punishment, which is what the Lannisters do to people in the Westerlands: “My lord father would call that insolence, and send you to the mines for impertinence.” And the Ironborn tend to use thralls / captives in their iron mines. 

The Lannisters and other western lords might also just round up members of the local population and put them to work in the mines, as people in medieval England did. Think of how the westermen behaved toward the local villagers around Harrenhal, taking them from their homes and making them servants in Harrenhal. That was obviously part of Tywin’s war strategy, but I think it’s worth considering how it might be applied at home in the west.

I’m not a historian, so perhaps one of the medievalists might be able to say more, but if you watch this video on medieval mining, it explains that miners used small picks to chip away at the rock, little by little. Fire-setting was also used. Medieval mines were very dark, cramped, and dangerous. Temperatures inside mines were extreme, either much hotter or much colder than aboveground. Cave-ins were a significant problem. Casterly Rock probably has the added problem of occasional flooding down in the tunnels. Being sent to work in a medieval mine was a death sentence. Prisoners didn’t live very long down in the mines. If you watch the video, medieval mine owners felt that “The cost in lives didn’t matter. Workers’ lives were cheap” which is consistent with the complete disregard the Lannisters have for the lives of smallfolk. 

Basically the Lannisters are killing people everyday in their basement, if mining in Casterly Rock is anything like what it was in medieval England. 

And if you want to think about mining in Essos, @madeinmyr has a great essay theorizing that mining in Old Valyria served their blood magic rituals:

The Dragon Lords did the Carthaginians one better by sending the populations of whole countries into the furnace-like mines around the fourteen flames. The official mission was to mine for gold, but there’s good reason to suspect this gold was strictly secondary and the real reason was to slowly cook the slaves to death as a colossal and continuous sacrifice. 

Mining in ASOIAF is horrifying. If you’d like to read more, I have tags for #mining and for #casterly rock, of which I am especially fond


He had been eating a hot dog, mask up just above his nose. Peter had been training with Romanoff almost all day today and he needed a break. His senses had lightly vibrated, letting him know Wanda was near, but he didn’t expect the tongue on his cheek. He made a surprised noise and looked at her. “And why did you do that? Are you really that hungry? I’ve got some chocolate chip cookies in my bag. Homemade.”

Wanda chuckled, taking a seat beside him. “I was just wondering what a spider tasted like. Apparently ‘hairy’.” She should really learn to stop sassing Peter but it was just too much fun. Steve had been helping her with drills out in the yard, making her levitate objects until her body felt like over-cooked noodles. Taking a large sip of her water she froze as Bucky entered the gym to spar with Natasha. “I think I might take you up on those cookies.” Frowning at the sparring soviets Wanda turned away, focusing her gaze on Peter. “I put the photos from the carnival in my room. The one of us biting the burger pillow is beside my bed.”

Weekly challenge 11/16-11/22

This week, we’re going to be chipping away at the projects/areas we’ve been avoiding. Whatever it is that first comes to mind that you really don’t want to do around the house (crafting supplies! the garage! that box of junk mail you never got around to shredding!), that’s what you’re working on this week. Just 20 minutes every day, and then stop and get on with your life. You might not be able to finish it all this week, but any progress will be a huge improvement.

My project is (still) my spare bedroom. I seem to think that if I can close the door, it doesn’t exist. My 20 minutes starts now. What’s your “I don’t wanna” area?