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The Teeny Tiny Ponies Come to Ponyland

One morning, the ponies found a wicker basket on their doorstep. Inside the basket, four tiny ponies sat on soft, lacy cushions and smiled up at the delighted ponies.  The pretty babies were the smallest ponies they’d ever seen, and were soon named Teeny Tiny ponies because of their cuddly size.  They happily brought the babies inside and gave them warm bottles, then tucked them into cribs for their midmorning nap.  That same afternoon, the ponies had a big party to welcome the Teeny Tiny ponies to Ponyland, with lots of tasty food and surprise for everyone–and warm bottles for the little ponies!

I DON’T WANT TO WORK ON THIS ANYMORE so here is my version of the mural my Lavellan used to work out some of her issues. She basically attacked her bedroom wall with paint. Not fresco, because she does not have the skill or patience required for that. I’m pretty sure she gets over bad days by working on her family and/or lying on the floor painting foliage. Tiny happy flower, ignore the fact that you don’t know how to convince your boyfriend not to murder everyone you’ve ever known, tiny happy flower, ignore the desire to throw idiots off the battlements, tiny happy flower. Bob Ross therapy did not actually work for her, alas.

All problems are created because we think, we conceptualize, we fabricate symbols and images, including images of ourselves. But no image has any actual substance, and if this conceptualization stops by being seen for what it really is, an astounding change cannot but take place.
—  Ramesh Balsekar

“We are part of nature, a product of a long evolutionary journey. To some degree, we carry the ancient oceans in our blood. … Our brains and nervous systems did not suddenly spring into existence without long antecedents in natural history. That which we most prize as integral to our humanity - our extraordinary capacity to think on complex conceptual levels - can be traced back to the nerve network of primitive invertebrates, the ganglia of a mollusk, the spinal cord of a fish, the brain of an amphibian, and the cerebral cortex of a primate.”
― Murray Bookchin, Defending the Earth: A Dialogue Between Murray Bookchin and Dave Foreman

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Now that the Sundowner updates are down 5ever, I feel like asking about character details. Like, what species is Suzu (and others seen earlier in the comic), or what species is she inspired from? I heard that she's a crab girl? yes?

gats killed his tablet by blunt force trauma but got a new one a few days ago so ostensibly thatll be up soon. if you want there to be more updates complain to him about it 

suzus not really inspired from/by anything. most of the species are just ‘gats draws a thing’ so far as a visual standpoint, and then i just backfill details into that design, though for a few (the current crop of potential recruitable characters, some secret things later) i would say this or that thing and then hed work that into the process. nothing is really based off/inspired by anything from my own end, i just think of weird conceptual things and attach that to a design, and gats process is usually just assembling random shapes and making it into a person so i dont imagine hes pulling from the zeitgeist too much either. i forget where the crab thing came from, honestly for a lot of the early stuff i just assumed she was like a bug

tara and suzu (and the rest, becoming part of THAT crew was one of the alternative choices in the beginning so they were all designed/named/etc) are from a species called the ina. suzuviera is actually suzu’s last name, and it just means ‘daughter of suzu’, because her mom is also named suzu. they have a lot in common really. lineage and patronage is fairly important to their species, and its organised along feudal lines. technically suzu’s full designation is Suzu Suzuviera ina-a Vaneius; Suzu, daughter of Suzu, person of Vaneius. tara was also under dominion of Vaneius, whos something like a count but not in the way people would interpret it off the cuff

depending on how things go we might end up seeing any of tara, suzu’s mom or vaneius, or none of them. who the fuck knows! people always pick the things i dont expect them to pick. its basically all always on the table. so much is on the table. SECRET THINGS

i have a ton of things in my notes but im not going to spoil any of it unless it has a 0% chance of happening. we havent even gotten to my favourite character yet! youll love her shes adorable

This pure mind shines forever with the radiance of its own perfection. But most people are not aware of it, and think that mind is just the faculty that sees, hears, feels, and knows. Blinded by their own sight, hearing, feeling, and knowing, they don’t perceive the radiance of the source. If they could eliminate all conceptual thinking, this source would appear, like the sun rising.
—  Huang Po

A really good and well-balanced introduction to the Common Core.

Onision is a dipshit


Okay, rant time. First, let me say this: I’m not a Melanie Martinez fan. I don’t consider myself a part of the ‘crybabies’. I’m very indifferent about Melanie Martinez. I think she’s conceptually very different from mainstream artists, as she doesn’t sing about love, break-ups, sex, parties, etc, so there’s an obvious originality to her content. But I also think that the stuff she sings about doesn’t do anything for me, personally. Her music isn’t particularly exceptional, even though she has a nice voice. So I think she’s an okay artist, but I’m not a huge fan or anything. So prepare to back the fuck up, Onision fans. I’m not butt-hurt because Onion-bitch insulted Melanie Martinez. I’m upset because he’s a dipshit. When you make a parody, it is okay to cruelly insult an artist’s talent, or lack thereof. If you feel like Justin Beiber has no talent, feel free to mock his singing skills and his songwriting skills to no end. That’s your opinion. Nobody has the right to close your mouth when you’re expressing an honest thought on a person’s book, music, acting, etc. Eg: I think the book Twilight sucks. That’s a proper opinion. Similarly, when a person did something publicly that you felt was rude, arrogant, homophobic, racist, sexist, etc. You have the right to voice your thoughts on their behavior. If a person is a fucking asshole, say so. That’s what you feel about their actions, so why not let the whole world know? Eg: I think Donald Trump is an asshole. You don’t, however, have the right to call someone an asshole just because they don’t act, sing, dance or draw well. Why the fuck would you even do that in the first place?Just because you don’t enjoy a person’s music, it doesn’t make them a bitch or an asshole. A person is not their art! Criticize what a person produces, not the person themself! Which brings me to Onision. In his video, this fucker called Melanie Martinez a crackhead and a gross human being. He said her teeth looked ugly, and that Melanie is an idiot because she hasn’t fixed it yet. He also proceeded to say how she looked inbred because of her front teeth and that she was not attractive at all. Now, here’s a side-note. I know that this is supposed to be Onion-bitch’s trademark sense of humor. I know that he does this in every single one of his videos. I’m commenting on the Melanie Martinez one alone because this is the only video of his that I’ve seen recently and completely. This applies to all of his videos, so don’t think I’m defending Melanie Martinez alone here. Her video is just an example for an overall rant on Onision. The main reason why I fucking hate Onision is because he’s not honest. He’s not blunt. He’s so basic and so familiarly offensive, he could pass off as a bully. Yes, you guys. Onision is no more than a twelve year old bully. If he wanted to parody Melanie, he could have mocked her musical abilities. He could have mocked her singing. That would have been an honest opinion, because every body feels differently about everything. But no. Instead, he had to cheaply target her appearance. He completely ignored this woman’s career, only to superficially mock her level of attractiveness. How disgusting can you get? Commenting on someone’s appearance, something they have no control over, is never, ever, ever okay. The only time that he actually made some sense was when he was commenting about Melanie’s somewhat rude behavior to fans. Even that wasn’t very redeeming at all, as I felt like Melanie was actually right about the purse issue. So fuck you, Onision. Fuck you and your stupid juvenile sense of humor. Rant over.

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I love your mind... One day I would like to hire you for your conceptual thinking expertise.... :) OH P.S. Do you think I'm ugly? I can send you my photo. Here's my email address janeblaze@me.. Cheers!

To be hired for conceptual thinking is literally the definition of my dream job. So yes. I hope one day you can hire me to do that.

The rest… I’ll let you know once you hire me. Boom. Nailed it.