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I think it's important that you know that one/serveral of your groupies almost drove someone out of the kylux fandom today. They sent a person a lot of hate about an au that's the same as one you've written for, getting defensive and horrible that it was your au and your au only. I was asked not to say anything but I'm betraying trust to built bridges. You have to be aware of what some of your fans are doing to other writers. I'm sorry. For what it's worth, you're nice.

Can you give me the hate-sender’s username(s) so I can personally ask them not to do this? Do you have a link to where this happened so I can step in?

If it’s anon sending someone hate I’m not sure what I can do except to say this depresses me and is currently making my heart pound with horrible anxiety. It’s the opposite of what I want fandom to be. What AU are they even talking about? Regardless, I’m not sure what I am I doing to make them think I would care, but I beyond don’t care if someone writes similar stuff to me or even the exact same content with their own take on it…. that’s what fanfiction is. They could post the summary as “this is that thing Holly wrote, only mine is better” and I would not care. Lots of different takes on the same basic content = fandom. No one owns an AU or anything. That’s the fun part for me.

This is really distressing. If whoever is doing this is someone who actually likes my fic: hi, this is the kind of thing that will make me want to step way back from a fandom, so stop doing it. If you’re just invoking my name to make me feel like an asshole… congrats, I guess.

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Do you think Mafia!Yurio has a kink for wearing lingerie?...Cause I cant unsee it.


That boy LOVES wearing pretty little things for Beka behind closed doors. Lots of silk and lace, lounging in his ridiculously oversized bed with a silk kimono and lingerie on. Sending Otabek photos of him in it when he’s bored and Otabek is off talking business with Yakov, just to mess with him. 

Also, you can thank @llyn-on-ice for the hc about Yuri wearing body chains too in the mafia AU because that’s infested my mind lately and must be drawn

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Hi lovely! I hope Ji is getting the necessary rest he needs. The interaction between them when Ji was telling Ks about his tummy ache was precious. Ks cares a lot about Ji and it shows. When Ji touched Ks on his stomach, it seems he was telling him where it was hurting and then Ks told him to press on his pressure point for the pain to subside. <3

Hi cutie^^ 

I think he was fine after getting some rest yesterday after the concert :) he was really happy today, and said his tummy was much better! I think we can all relate to that feeling when you eat too much yummy food, and gets a really bad pain afterwards.. 

But we don’t have to worry too much about nini, anon ^o^, cause I know he’s got Soo next to him who always takes care of him whenever! <3

That’s the beauty of kaisoo tbh, cause they stick up for each other and supports the other night and day! So they’re never alone :)

Yesterday was a perfect example of that~~!

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since it feels like we'll never get anywhere with twitter... or at least i feel that way... what do you think comes next? another attempt next weekend? or wait until march eighth?

we did AMAZINGLY today. much better than the last attempt, and i think everyone that joined in should feel immensely proud of that fact. i think we will be trying again, yes. we’re talking about it now and we’re going to try and be a lot more organised timewise/date wise. there was a bit too much confusion about the date and what counts and what doesn’t etc so we’re going to do our homework and tackle it head on. 

hopefully third time will be the charm


“Anyway, I thought you were coming to the pub with me and the Diva today. But you never came, what happened?”

Daria let out a long yawn, finding her head on the sister’s shoulder and answered with her eyes closed “Camil called, we went to the park with Joel and the twins”

“I know we’ve talked a lot about this but you shouldn’t spend so much time with Camil.” Dalia took a long pause, thinking carefully about the next words she would say, “I just wanted to tell you that I worry about the way you let others take advantage of you and your life, those girls just want you near them because of our dad’s blog”. 

She waited cautiously for an answer but it never came “D?” Dalia asked worriedly. It was only then that she realized her sister was already asleep and let her thoughts wander

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What changed your opinion of all ace people being accepted in LGBT+ spaces? I've been following you for a while and I can remember you reblogging posts about cishet aces and allowing them into LGBT+ places so I was wondering why you changed your mind?

Honestly? A better understanding of LGBT+ history and an acceptance of myself as trans.

I think a lot of the reason I advocated for cishet aces being part of the community was because I WANTED to be part of the community but was too scared to accept myself as being anything other than cis. I guess that’s why the A historically stands for Ally, huh? (Though, I think today that’s become another way to let non LGBT people into the community, y’know? But that’s another conversation.)

And I also had a fundamental misunderstanding of what the LGBT+ community actually is. I didn’t think oppression was what mattered but I understand now that I was wrong about that. It’s a community, yes, but it’s also a safe space, a political movement, and an alliance.

But mostly it was my own internalised transphobia that changed and for that I am extremely grateful.

(I’d like to add that I by no means hate ace/aro people - I mean, I’m still acearo, I think - but I don’t think asexuality or aromanticism is what makes you inherantly LGBT+)

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C'mon people, Im gonna be clear now: i don't fucking care if you thing that karamel is abusive or something like that, you can choose if you like it or not, if you want to watch the show or not, its up to you. But Rachel is having a hard time, and i consider her my friend and im passing through a lot too and really makes me upset when people keep complaining about that. Idk, I think you should try to help her and not bring her down. Thanks

THIS IS SO NICE I REALLY NEEDED THIS im honestly tired of standing up for myself today thank you for doing it for me I LOVE YOU :’)

Thanks a lot to @jinhobbit for tagging me! <3

How old are you?

What’s your current job?
Shop assistant, but only part time because it’s not my main thing.

What are you talented at?
I don’t really know.

What’s your aestetic?
Namjoon’s hair. Tae in the Not Today MV.

Do you collect anything?
Oh yes. I love collecting stuff like cosmetics and albums. I think there’s more but I don’t remember right now.

What’s the topic you always talk about?

Good advice to give.
Don’t concentrate on worrying but rather live for a bit. (I try to advice this to myself the whole time.)

Three songs you would recommend:
BTS - Not Today (this is not only a good song but also a motto! xD)
K.A.R.D - Don’t Recall
Jooheon - Rhythm

I tag  @princessyeolie @humingyayyy @royalfatale @suga-peach @efawn @yutoandwooseok if you want to do it. :)

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hey i just wanted to comment towards your post about the fracturing of the asexual community. i think that has to do with the history the ace community has on tumblr. two, three years ago, the argument wasn't whether aces belonged to the community; the argument was 'you aren't asexual if you aren't sex-repulsed', which was debated and disputed for a very long time until terms like grey-, demi-, that sort of stuff started to come out and become more popular and accepted. the discourse used to be

‘a is for asexual, not allies’ and about being sex repulsed. and i think that the struggle to find validity in /their own community/ has caused a lot of splintering that has affected how people treat the ace community today. NOT to say they are to blame for how they’re treated, by any means, i don’t want it to come off that way. but god, the discourse of years past have really affected things. exclusionists have made way for more exclusionists today and have made it harder for the ace community and i dont think people realize how different it was a few years ago on tumblr. it was more policing individual people rather than an entire group. and when that happens, it’s so much harder to reunite as a whole. in retaliation to ‘you can only be ace if…’, people had to find new ways to find validation. (mind you, i doubt that tumblr is responsible for the various terms that have come out of this discourse; some of the terms, but not all of them). but yeah. just thought i would add my 2 cent

(re: this post)

hello, anon. :) thanks for adding your two cents. i hope you don’t mind if i follow it up with my own.

it’s certainly true that things that have happened in the past on Tumblr factor into the state of the ace community on Tumblr today, but do bear in mind that my post was not specifically about the ace community on Tumblr and the history that has affected and continues to affect the Tumblr ace community extends beyond Tumblr itself. there were sharp divisions among aces when i first stumbled across asexuality in 2002 / 2003 and there continued to be equally sharp divisions among aces when i rediscovered asexuality 10 years later in 2012. the landscape of the community may have changed, but divisions have existed within the community since before there even was a community proper, let alone discourse, and i have existed within those fissures since discovering asexuality the first time some 15 odd years ago.

i understand that there is actual rhyme and reason behind the current state of the ace community and tried to acknowledge that in my original post. that said, as important as that rhyme and reason is, it is of little to no consolation to me. not only do i have to navigate the fissures present in the community, i literally exist within them and that renders my entire experience with the community uncomfortable and exhausting at times.


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

[#HYUNGWON] The Minhyuk that I love. You’ve received a lot of congratulatory messages today, right? Because to you, I am not someone with a small existence (The thought of thinking that I’m not is a trap). I wanted to congratulate you at the end of your birthday so I’m writing this at 11:59.

When we took this picture, I think we were around 20. The time we have spent together has already passed by like this. As long as we’ve known eachother, we don’t have anything we don’t know about eachother. But I want to spend more time with you while being close to you, like how we are now, and for us to learn more about eachother.

I sincerely wish you a happy birthday and let’s finish our promotions together without getting sick. I’m always thankful for you. Lastly I’m wishing you a happy birthday again.

translated by kinghyungwon ϟ take out with full credit.

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So, you think Louis is gona stay and help look after the kids now while Lottie and Tommy are on holiday

I have no doubt that Louis will help with the kids, but I need to say something because I’m confused by a lot of stuff I see about Louis, Lottie, and the twins (including other asks I received today). This fandom realizes they have a dad, right? Dan is a person who exists. So is Fizzy, the older twins, Dan’s sister, their grandparents, and probably other family members and friends who can help out if needed. I realize that Lottie and Tommy help with the younger kids a ton, but this fandom sometimes seems to have the misguided belief that they are single-handedly raising Doris and Ernest and that’s quite insulting to Dan and the other members of their family who help too.

So it was confirmed that Adrien has learned how to flirt from movies and shows and anime. So I was just thinking about how one day Chat flirts with Ladybug like he usually does but then she actually flirts back with a cheeky smile and everything. And Chat just panics and is all flustered and is like “WELL WILL YOU LOOK AT THE TIME HAHA I THINK WE’RE DONE WITH PATROL FOR TODAY.”

And runs off back to his house and when he detransforms in his room he goes to his anime DVD collection and starts freaking out and Plagg is like

“What are you freaking out about?”


I Have Something To Tell You...

After seeing how everyone is coming together and spreading so much love, especially in the Jacksepticeye community, I’ve decided that today is the day… 

I have something to tell you guys…

I’ve wanted to say it for a while but I was worried about doing it… 

But I’m not so worried now and you guys are my friends, and so I think you should know this… Here goes… 

I’m asexual. At least I’m like 99.9999999999 (etc) % sure that I am. Yes, I have done a lot of research and reading about it to be sure, I didn’t want to rush to label myself. And the great thing about labels is that they can change. But this is what I identify as right now. And I’m proud to say it. I. Am. Ace. :D

So if you don’t accept aces and think they are invalid, unfollow me now please. But if you do accept me, then yay!! Thank you and I love you! ❤

This was pretty hard to post, but I thought that you guys wouldn’t hate me for being ace. You all seem too sweet for that and you’ve been so kind to me this far, which I’m very grateful for by the way :3

Announcement post over. Thank you for reading ^_^ ❤

  • Yuu: Hey Mika, what do you like about me?
  • Mika: what makes you think I like you?
  • Yuu: you diary is full of my name surrounded by a lot of small hearts
  • Mika: I-I don't have a diary!
  • Yuu: *opening the diary* "dear diary, today Yuu-chan said he was too busy looking at me to see anything else. Does that mean he thinks I'm good looking? Could this mean he likes me back?"
  • Yuu: Shinoa gave it to me
  • Mika: why?!
  • Yuu: something about her otp being canon

so listen how about this headcanon I got that Serizawa has read a billion stories because did you even see that bookshelf in his room and it was the only way for him to explore the world and Reigen picks up on this so to get Seri more confident at talking to strangers and out loud in general he gets Seri to come over to his place and read him stories and Reigen hasn’t had time to read in years so he ends up getting really into them and then it’s just like

a thing they do

so anyway

do you ever wonder if Simon is doing okay? If he’s staying hydrated or whether he’s happy today? Has he had a scone recently? When’s the last time he hugged his boyfriend? Then do you realise that he is just a fictional character who has never even existed and you’re just wasting your life away, thinking about someone who isn’t real because yeeeah I do that a lot.


Hey guys!! So i had an idea earlier today to make a whole post dedicated to all of my favorite writings i’ve read this year (and i’ve read a lot) a lot of them really stuck with me, like honestly I think about most of these everyday and reference all of them because they were so good. So thank you to all these writers for making an impact on my life and making me the happiest girl while I read these. (Like honestly the amount of times ive screamed, cried, laughed, and fangirled while reading this is too much) (There’s more imagines i’ve read that ive loved but i cant find them anywhere so to the stories i love that aren’t mentioned, i love you)

Punishment / dom-joonie

Morning Baby / ohbabyitsbts

‘Till You Can’t Walk / kinkybangtan

The Way You Lick Your Lips / noonatrash

Don’t tease / exobtssmutimagination

Yes, Oppa / monstaccato

Good Morning, Jagi / dom-joonie

Needing You / schmudt

Guilty Pleasure / jungkxook

Dinner Games / exobtssmutimagination

Tease / btsmutimagines

Make Daddy Proud / sseudanym

What Goes Around Comes Around / lovingthekpoplife

Baby, Can I? / btssmutgalore

Forbidden / btssmutgalore

Lollipop / btssmutgalore

When Stars Cross / jungkxook

Jimin’s Wish / bangtans-baby

Nothing Better / seokvie

The Sweet On Your Lips / brajinian-bootaelift

I ScReAm / bxngtansmut

Christmas Kookie / kpopboysimagines

J-Hope / coffeewithbts (This isnt an imagine but it literally made me so happy i needed to share it.)

Hidden Encounters / kcriture

I Need You / drquinzelharleen

Car Seat Treat / btsxyou (I literally freaked out when i saw this because i remembered how shook i was reading this ugh i love it so much!!!!)

Buzz / floralseokjin

Overstimulation / tayegi

Possession / bngtanah

That Time Of The Month / tayegi

I’m Not A Kid / drquinzelharleen

Finding Love In The Club / hobiandzeloaremyhubbies

Blogs Mentioned :) :

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