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Hey (mom? Idk if I can call you that, I haven't been adopted yet)! Just wanted to say that you seem like the coolest professor ever. I'm a 16 yr old in college(should be a high school sophomore, actually a college freshman) and I think my professors are so dull & uninteresting but you seem like such a great one from your posts about your students & stuff and I high key wish I was in your class because maybe I'd actually enjoy learning then. That's all I wanted to say I hope you have a good day!

Oh sweetie, consider yourself adopted!!!! And I’m sorry you haven’t had great experiences with professorly folks yet – I hope you will soon! You rock and you deserve the most amazing classroom experiences!!! I’m sending you so much love!!!! ♡♡♡

ouma is already a problem, but I’ll never get over little kiibo;; hang in there saihara! 

therock After we feed her, Jasmine just loves looking at daddy’s tattoos. I think it helps her digest😂. Can’t wait to one day explain to her what all this means. Chat about her cultures (Samoan, Armenian, African American and Italian). And while these symbols may appear to be primitive, unsophisticated and crude - they’re extremely sacred, thousands of years old and very powerful. My mana (strength). Ironically enough the symbol she’s fixated on is our ATUA (our God) protected by the small building blocks of my life and then by shark teeth.

Yuuuuup, we gonna have some good daddy/daughter chats. Until then she’ll continue to use daddy’s tattoos as a place to scratch, drool and spit up
. #Tatua #PolyCulture #FaaSamoa #Respect #SpitUpOnDaddy #Yay

So admiral Kirk can’t shut up about how much of an old romantic his husband is. And the entirety of starfleet is so done with him, they’re like “A romantic vulcan? It’s probably just kirk being smitten af”. They just think it’s because they’ve been married 20 years and kirk’s judgement is completely clouded.

That is until kirk starts sharing the little things Spock does for him throughout the day on his blog/social network/whatever. Sometimes it’s a little card, “Good morning, Ashayam. This Neruda quote reminded me of you” with a rose beside it. Or a message saying “I knew you had a tough week, so I booked our favorite restaurant”. Or vip seats at the opera for their anniversary. But also ordinary things; his clothes ready for him in the morning, breakfast in bed, Spock stopping to the store to get jim’s favorite ice cream.
And starfleet’s like “shit, kirk wasn’t kidding”.

And this is how Spock gets exposed as the most disgustingly smitten and romantic husband in the galaxy.

I saw this on my instagram feed just only because i don’t have a twitter account but i’m triggered af right now so let me tell you why Mark Lee deserves EVEYTHING and ANYTHING to have debuted . I know i have no rights to be saying all these but honestly get your salty ass back home and stop insulting him when he’s out there chasing his dream while you’re here making comments about him which you have no rights to be making too . And i’ve covered this person’s account’s name to avoid any problems .

1. If you really think he’s in every unit for no reason , sorry but sm thinks differently because obviously , they made him debut three times because he HAS potential and they want every unit to be equally as good so they placed Mark in every one to show his talents . I haven’t been there since his rookie days but watching his old videos , i can tell you right in your face that he has improved a whole lot and he’s determination and perserverance to become a better artist/rapper is so admirable , he DESERVES to be in every unit .

2. I can’t rap myself and i’m not some professional , but i can honestly tell you that out of sm , i see the most potential in him and his rapping style is much more different as compared to the rest . Sure , he may not be as good as other rappers but after all he’s only a rookie and he still has plenty of time to improve . Why would you criticise when you haven’t seen him at his fullest ?

3. He doesn’t ’ steal ’ parts away . The parts in songs are normally given by the producers , recorders and what else . Not every idol has the right to just choose their parts in songs that easily . I know about how you feel about Ten’s lines in 7th sense but truthfully , Ten’s in charge of dancing ( he’s the main dancer for a reason ) and Mark’s a rapper , Ten uses his body more to express the song and Mark likewise , needs to rap to show his position in the group .

4.What in the world is a ’ punchable face ’ ? Just because you don’t like someone’s face you don’t have to go into detail in insulting his talents and hard work . Sure , he may not be the best looking out of NCT and he may be ’ ugly ’ like what you said but being an idol isn’t all about looks only . If that’s the case what’s the point of long years of training just for debut ? You could just be good looking af , sign with the company and debut the next day , that easy . I’m fine with your opinions on how he looks and that he isn’t ’ good looking enough ’ but sorry , it isn’t a reason why you should hate on him and insult him because people need to recognise him for his work , not fully on his face and looks .

5.Last but not least , there are reasons why every korean artist has STYLISTS , these people style their clothes and accessories for then and they have to obey it because it’s part of their job . You have to respect what they are doing because i’m sure sometimes they themselves don’t even want to wear the clothes given to them . But again back to the point above , does his fashion sense really matter at all ? I know it may change your impressions on him but honestly would a piece of cloth affect his rapping ? Would it change his voice or something because apparently to you , it matters a lot . He’s human too and he can wear whatever he likes , he doesn’t need to wear clothes to suit your liking and please you , sorry , no it doesn’t work that way .

I’m so pissed and people may find this over-exaggerated but i’ve seen how hard Mark hurt and him constantly getting tired after all these schedules , yet people like her aren’t appreciating his efforts . Please support every member as much as you support your bias , all of them deserve better .

P.s she stans nct but hates Mark

  • Sakura: Guys, I was wondering... what's your favourite flower?
  • Naruto: I like sunflowers. They are just so bright and happy.
  • Sakura: That's cool. I think like daffodils the best. What about you, Sasuke-kun?
  • Sasuke: Sakura.
  • Sakura: Yes?
  • Sasuke: Sakura.
  • Sakura: I'm listening, Sasuke-kun.
  • Sasuke: Tch, you know what, nevermind, that was a stupid question. (storms off)
  • Kakashi: Yo! What are you kids doing? Where's Sasuke?
  • Sakura: I was asking the guys about their favourite flowers and suddenly, Sasuke-kun got angry and left.
  • Naruto: Yeah, he was acting really weird. He kept saying Sakura-chan's name all the time and then ran off.
  • Kakashi: He was repeating "sakura", I see... so what could his favourite flower be, then?
  • Naruto: ...
  • Sakura: ...
  • Kakashi: ...
  • Sakura: (blushing) ...Oh!

You know it’s a problem when Yuri is ultra tired during the performance and literally falling out after a performance.

He’s supposed to have great stamina, as said by many, and this shows just how hard he tried and just how much energy he put in to nail one jump that ultimately failed. Just think about how torn and conflicted he was after he put so much faith and work into that one jump just to have it end up being a bust.

It reminded him of his old Grand Prix days, and ultimately brought his anxiety up from his fear of starting to believe he was wasn’t good enough for Victor, yet again.

ok so there are two possibilities for the scene where the beast suggests places to check out in paris, and they both make me sad

1. he’s so excited to be in paris with belle and at the prospect of sightseeing with her that he’s temporarily forgotten that he can’t go out in public, and is currently thinking about what a nice day they could have together in the city


2. he’s aware he can’t go, but wants belle to go out and have a good time, while he waits alone in her old house for her to come back and tell him all about it

replying to comments

So I always reply to AO3 comments, because in the good old LJ days not replying was rude, and I am Old. Buuuuut I am also an awkward loser and bad at talking to people, so here is my standard bank of comment replies:

  • Thank you! - I am glad you commented and cannot think of anything to say.
  • Thank you very much! - You left a LONG comment and it made me so happy and I still can’t think of anything to say.
  • Aw man, thank you! - This comment made me emotional.
  • Aw man, thank you very much! - I am STILL CRYING about how happy this comment this made me.
  • Thank you for reading! - Your comment included the phrase ‘thank you for writing’ and I feel awkward just saying ‘thank you’ back so I have to clarify.
  • I’m glad you enjoyed it. - You quoted your favourite lines of the story and I really appreciated it.
  • omg ty - either I am drunk or I have known you for years
  • ❤ - I’ve known you for years 
  • Sorry not sorry - I am genuinely quite proud of this story and really touched that it affected you.
  • I’m flattered you want more! - I am never, ever, ever, writing any more.
  • Thank you :) - Your comment made me slightly uncomfortable
  • [an actual reply] - You managed to catch me at the sweet spot of ‘invested enough in this fandom not to be self-conscious’ and ‘feeling chatty’
  • [no reply and it’s been several weeks] - I am going through a freakout about how many comments I haven’t replied to
  • [no reply and it’s been more than a year] - Your comment included a request that I write less gay shit, or a compliment because my gay shit wasn’t too gay, and either way you’re an asshole and I refuse to respond to you


Summer wind blows in again
Sometimes we wonder where we lost it
My good intentions were your fateful weapons
Still I’ve yet to learn my lesson
Oh oh oh
Though i don’t need much for anything
But a shady tree and a couple pours of whisky
To write my songs of love and life and loss
And just a few about you
So if you’ll hear me out

Stay with me we might never have to leave
You’re my southern king
We’re living for the day dreams
So don’t you laugh
He’s a good good man there’s something’s
he just wont understand

You know my old man is out of town for a couple days
I think that you should
Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover
Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

So come on down i will show you how
Us mid-west boys like to party
So grab a beer and get over here
Summer straw and air don’t wait another year

Stay with me we might never have to leave
You’re my southern king
We’re living for the day dreams
So don’t get mad
Whats past is in the past
We can make this last if you just give me that chance

So when my old man is out of town for a couple days
Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

Stay with me, all summer
Stay with me, under the covers
Stay with me, be my lover

It’s St. Lucia’s day today! :D

Not many people celebrate St. Lucia (or St. Lucy), and I personally love it, so I thought I’d make some Lucia themed ot4 art :)

Unexpected ~ { Draco x Reader }

Word Count: 1124

Characters: Draco x Reader, Pansy

Summary: You are bullied by Pansy because you have a crush on Draco. You begin to believe you aren’t worthy until an unexpected turn of events.

Disclaimer: Bullying & some language 

~~~~~~~~ Indicates time change

A/N: It’s been forever since I have written so I really hope you enjoy! I am very sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes I have made. Feel free to leave me a request or some feedback! (All characters belong to J.K. Rowling) 

You stare at the ground as you walk from Muggle Studies, and try to not to think about Pansy teasing you. You know it shouldn’t bother you, but she does it every single day and it gets old. She already knows she makes you jealous when she’s around Draco. Every time you walk near her she sneers and hisses horrible things. You can hear her nasty words in your head now, “Do you really think your hair looks good like that?”,  “Draco would NEVER go for an ugly rat like you, so don’t even think about it.” She always warns you to stay away from Draco, but you never go near him. You can’t help the fact you have a huge crush on him. In the back of your mind you know she’s right, but you can’t help but think about all the times you swear you saw Draco looking at you. No, you shouldn’t give yourself hope like that. Draco will never go for someone like you.


 In Herbology you were writing down your notes down so fast that your pencil flew out of your hand. You reached down to get it and noticed someone standing there had already picked it up. “Oh poor (Y/N), I’m sorry but it looks like I’ve stepped on your pencil.” Pansy stated as she broke your pencil in half. She practically threw it on your table as she turned to go to her friends. You felt tears prickling at your eyes as you heard Pansy’s clique giggle. Silently pulling out another pencil, you tried to keep yourself from bawling.


Later that evening in your room you started telling your best friend, (Y/F/N), what had happened. “Oh, (Y/N) you shouldn’t have to deal with this.” She said while going to sit down. As she pulled you into a tight hug you started to bawl. You managed to mumble out, “I know, but i don’t want to be a coward and tell on her.” Your friend let out a heavy sigh, “You are not a coward. I will give you until the end of the week if she doesn’t stop by then, we are telling.”


 Over the next few days Pansy didn’t stop. It was getting worse. She moved on to actually getting violent. Every time you were near her in the hall she tripped you. If she had the chance she would take your books or pencils. This all was becoming way too much. You could hardly sleep at night. It has even got to the point where you fear she’ll will hurt you badly. 

At the end of Potions you quickly grabbed your things and left to go to your commons room. You turned down a dark silent hallway. As you were speed walking you felt like someone was behind you. You glanced back and instantly saw Pansy and two other girls right behind you. 

Pansy grabbed you by the hair and slammed you into the wall. “(Y/N) I thought i warned you to stay away from Draco!” She yelled.

 You slid to the ground holding your head. “Pansy.. I-I swear I haven’t done anything..” You managed to say despite the throbbing in your head. 

“Yeah right, you dirty slag!” She yelled as she slapped you. “Then explain why I hear Draco talking to Crabbe and Goyle!”

You could barely hear what she was saying with pounding of your head, and sobbing. As Pansy was pulling her hand back to smack you again you looked towards the ground. All of the sudden you heard someone yelling Pansy’s name. 

“Oi, Pansy! What in the hell is going on?” You heard a confused Draco yell. 

As you looked up all the color drained from her face. Pansy let out a nervous laugh, “Oh nothing Draco! Little (Y/N) fell and we were helping her.” 

You could see a look of suspicion cross his face as he said firmly, “You and your friends need to leave.” 

Pansy had a worried look on her face, “But-” 

“NOW!” Draco yelled before she could finish. At that they all turned and ran. 

Draco bent to crouch in front of you. You kept your eyes on the floor, wishing your tears would stop. 

“(Y/N), come with me, lets go talk about what happened.” Draco kindly said. 

Your cheeks went bright red as Draco took you hand and led you to the head of your houses office. While you walked down the halls your face was bright red, because of all the stares and whispers. Once you got to the office you went inside without Draco. 

Between all your crying it took a few hours to explain what had been happening. Finally it was time for you to go to the Great Hall for dinner. You took a deep shaky breath before you went out into the hall. To your surprise Draco was sitting there. You had forgotten that he was the one who helped you, and all of the sudden felt embarrassed. 

Hastily he stood up, “Oh, um are you okay?” he said nervously.

You gave him a small smile, “I honestly don’t know, but thanks for helping me. It means a lot.” 

“No problem.” A look of anger crossed his face, “I can’t believe Pansy had the bloody nerve to do that. Do you have any idea why she was being so rude?” 

Your face went red, yet again. “Oh I have an idea, but I’d rather not talk about it right now.”

‘Of course! Do you want to go to the Great Hall?” He asked. 

Shaking your head you said, “I think I’m to go to my room instead.’ 

He gave you a smirk, “Alright, I’ll walk you there then.”

You couldn’t keep the grin off your face, despite what had happened, as you walked to your room.


Unexpectedly you spent a lot of time with Draco over the next few months, he insisted he walked you to all your classes. Since you two had became friends he didn’t trust Pansy, even though she had gotten into major trouble. Your crush on Draco had been growing steadily. 

“Hey (Y/N), I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” Draco said. For some reason he seemed super nervous. 

You grinned at him, “What is it?”

He took in a deep breath. “Its just I’ve liked you for awhile (Y/N). Like a long time, and I think it’s time I tell you.” Draco mumbled out. He was staring at the ground. 

It felt as if you had swallowed a million butterflies. You took his hand gently, “Draco, I feel the same way.” 

He immediately looked up at you with a disbelieving smile, “Really, (Y/N)?”  

Giving him the biggest smile you could you said, “Of course!”

Draco let out a nervous laugh, “Well that’s great, how about we go together to Hogsmeade sometime?”

“That sounds amazing.” You said blissfully.

Do you guys remember when someone could make a post like “lol asexulity is 10/10” and you wouldn’t get 50 responses like “She’s gay” and another 80 from anti sjw pos REGs like “kek get sweetie triggered space rekt logic” ? Those were the days. 

I am seriously concerned about the casting directors on Reign...

Guys, are they ok? Are they even trying? Do they think we’re stupid? Have they employed a script adviser to check the consistency of what they’re making? If they have, they need to fire them real quick, because whoever they are hasn’t seemed to realise that CATHERINE’S CHILDREN ARE ALL REAPPEARING AS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE who are WAY TOO OLD!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the good old days when Reign was kinda alright.

Remember this little guy? This lil’ cutie from Season 1? Lil’ Charles. Just in case this picture doesn’t make it quite QUITE clear that this person is a young CHILD, here’s another one: 

He’s tiny right, I mean Megan Follows is small, and he barely reaches her shoulder. Ok good, we’ve established that Charles in Season 1 was a young child of around eight years old. Good stuff.

Now I know Reign has a habit of stretching, embellishing and basically destroying history. Mary and Francis are supposed to be like 14 at the start, and clearly they’re older, but that’s ok, that’s fine, we’ll roll with it.

 The show begins in 1557:

Nice, some fluffy goats and fluffy clouds just to prove this. I’ve done my research people.

So in real life, ol’ Francie Boi was supposed to die in 1560 after being King for roughly one year

And sure thing, as I said, Reign likes to stretch history like, BEYOND the breaking point. So it’s entirely plausible that on the show Francis was king for a little bit longer, maybe we’ll give him an extra year or two. Which means the next time we see young dude Charlie he’ll have aged… hmmm around five years or so? He’ll be approx 12, right? 

WRONG! What the FuCk ma dudes, this guy right here is NOT CHARKLES I don’t know who he is, but Catherine and the rest of them should all be really concerned, they’ve been hella duped! He’s frickin old enough to fool around with this random chick

He’s aged like 10 years in 5, and NO ONE EVEN NOTICED, not Catherine, not Francis, not Mary, and especially not anyone in the writing or casting department apparently. 

Now let’s move onto Elisabeth, Catherine and Henry’s eldest daughter, dis chick from the pilot

Remember her? The one who married the Spanish dude, and then they had to have sex while a whole lot of old men watched, and Mary and her lil’ sweet naive buddies got all hot and flustered cos they were sneakily watching too? Yeah that one.

As you can see, this woman is clearly a BRUNETTE. Well, apparently Spain has really changed Elisabeth. Like, REEAALLY changed her. So good to see her back in 4x01! She goes by Leesa now, she’s blonde and older and basically looks like a completely different person…

Oh Wait.

I guess Catherine just has so many children she honestly can’t keep track and doesn’t even notice when they return to France looking like they’ve endured intense plastic surgery to reconstruct their faces, or somehow age them enormously.

Catherine has the names of all her children written in her bible, although her youngest son Hercule is missing, but I think the camera has just cut off the bottom of the page.

 At the end of Season 3, Catherine brings back this dude below to lowkey threaten Charles with MUrdEr (the most ooc Catherine has ever been, honestly this show is just…)

Now god knows who this one is, I mean it could be Lil’ Henry making a comeback from Season 1 when he was blonde and cute (see below) and got kidnapped by his insane potato-sack-wearing half sister

If so, he too has had a significant dye job at the castle salon. Except whoever this kid is in Season 3, he can’t be Henry because he’s considerably younger than Charles

I mean, what’s the deal? Charles gets hit by the ageifying-ray gun, but his little bro Henry doesn’t? How is that fair?? They never actually mention him by name, so possibly it is Hercule.

Which would mean that this hunky blonde dude Megan’s been posting on her Instagram and captioning with “My boys”… 


This makes absolutely ZERO sense, I do NOT understand. The casting directors and writers of Reign either don’t comprehend human viewer intelligence and the ability to pick up on the ENORMOUS INCONSISTENCIES THEY THROW AT US WITH WORRYING REGULARITY, or they themselves have serious memory issues. Or possibly they just don’t care. I really don’t know.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to watch Reign now is by ignoring these massively aged characters, ignoring the yawn storylines, ignoring when the only original characters we have left suddenly rewrite their whole personalities; I’m looking at you Catherine ‘I would literally die for my children’ de Medici, suddenly going, ‘Oh yeah Charles, I have loooads of other sons, don’t you forget that, I might just kill you to become regent again, k, love you, bye.’

I’ll just focus on the pretty clothes and Megan Follows’ profound talent to somehow make something out of this steaming pile of insanity.

Long story short, the only thing Reign is consistent at, is being inconsistent.

Even so, I’ll watch it every week cos I’m total trash. Rip me.

this photo On December 13, 2016 take photo and I wrote;
-Hi Taylor firstly ı want to tell you,nice to know you ı have known you for a long time and in a little time ı loved you so much.You are very kind and sincere i hope i will one day meet you or ı go to the concert ı really I’d like to in my opinion you are the most beautiful of the world and the best idol of the world. Ever if ı can not meet you even once ı would like you to like my photo and ı hope one day to see me. I would love you to see me so much I am sure your mother and father they are very good hearts like you and your mother and father, you too like themselves very kind hearted they raised a girl and you are now 27 years old you were born well good hearted girl I will love you forever and ı think about you all the time ı hope one day see how much ı loved you Happy and beautiful years. Happy birthday I loved you so much my heart is always with you!❤@taylorswift

-And hopefully someday you’ll notice me
I hope i can make you happy taylor… @taylorswift

pause when you see this. pause and breathe. it won’t take even a minute. please focus.

you may be going through a rough time right now. you also may be having a good time, but there is always that nagging feeling right there at the back of your head. shove it out. clear your head. forget about your assignments and your tests and your bills and your relationships, because this moment is about you.

think about yourself. how old are you? ten? fifteen? thirty? it doesn’t matter, the number of years you lived, but it DOES matter the way you lived.

you have the potential to be so happy. so happy. remember your birthday? remember your graduation day? remember the day you won your first prize? remember when you were so happy your ship went canon? remember when you just laughed and laughed and laughed and you couldn’t stop because you were so goddamn exhilarated, yes, you remember.

so tell me this - why are you so worried? you’ve got this!! you are so cool and awesome. turn that frown into a smile, fuzzy. easy on the eyebrows, now. slump your shoulders just a little.

and then you gotta be proactive. you’re cramming for an exam and you know you’ll succeed, ‘cause your confident! you’re studying, yes, and you’ll score full marks! you’ll run like the wind. you’ll jump so high no one can every get you. you’ll be like a kite, floating away, with ease.

you’ll be so happy. just keep working on your dreams.

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Uh, there's this thing called the hanahaki disease (its fake of course!!) but its where flowers start growing inside you and you eventually cough them up because you have a onesided crush on somebody. You can get surgery to remove it but it'll also take the feelings for that person with it. I think it would make a really good au for Tsukkiyama!

This is really cute and sad??? Man, if this was real…

Tadashi contracts the disease when he’s eleven. He’d been talking about how great Kei was to his mother when he suddenly bursts unto a coughing fit, and he can’t breathe. He spends the rest of the night sobbing as he vomits flower petals into a bucket. His mother gives him pitiful looks, as does the old lady in the apartment next door when she sees him emptying the bucket of petals into the backyard.

The next day at school is the worst since before he met Tsukishima. He’s exhausted; after a night of vomiting flower petals, and panicking about the fact that he loves his best friend and how he didn’t love him back, he really didn’t want to face Tsukishima, but he couldn’t just skip school for the rest of his life, as his mother pointed out, and so it’s routine like always.

Or, almost.

“You’re quiet today.”

Tadashi squeaks; he’d been trying to keep quiet, in case a flower petal slipped out, or something like that. He’s still new to this whole thing.

“S- Sorry, Tsukki…” He coughs, covering his mouth, feeling panic flood his veins as he pulls it away and sees soft pink flower petals sticking wetly to his palm. His eyes fall to Tsukki and he’s immediately filled with relief to see he’s looking away. “I’m just not feeling ok…”

“You should’ve stayed home, then.”

“Sorry…” Tadashi frowns, and wipes the flowers off on his jeans.

“Don’t apologize.”

Tadashi is about to apologize again, when he catches himself. “Yeah. Ok.”

Tadashi continues walking, the feeling of dread washing over him; Tsukki seems more hostile towards him today. Does he know somehow? He coughs once again, and he thinks maybe he does.  

“I heard Hazuki-san got the surgery yesterday.”

Tadashi’s fifteenth birthday is a month past now, and they’ve officially joined the volleyball club, and it’s getting harder and harder to hide the petals slipping in with his coughs. He has a cold now, and that makes everything worse, petals of red, pink, white, yellow slipping between the cracks of his fingers.

Tadashi startles, looking up at Tsukishima with wide eyes. “R- Really?”

“Apparently she was in love with her childhood friend; of course, no one knows for sure, but it’s everyone’s best guess…”

“I- I guess that would make sense…Being so close to childhood friends, someone’s bound to develop feelings–”

“I think it’s pathetic.”

“Oh…” Tadashi sneezes then, blue petals coming out of his mouth, and Tadashi feels his breath leave him. Tsukishima is looking right at him.

“Sometimes people get the disease when they think their love is unrequited, you know. Sometimes it just takes a little bravery.”

“Ts- Tsukki, what–”

Tsukishima takes a step closer, and Tadashi feels like his heart is going to jump from his chest.

“Tsukki–?..” They’re close enough that if he were to just lean forward–

Tsukishima beats him to it. In one swift motion, he leans forward and connects their lips in a kiss, tender and soft. When they pull apart, Tadashi is breathless and confused.

“Tsukki– You–”

Pulling out a baggie of red and pink petals, Tsukishima smiles softly. “I told you, sometimes people get the disease when they think their love is unrequited. I’m just glad I was right about your feelings for me.”