thinking about the approaching autumn and winter days

Hi, I’m Sam/lbriscoe. I finished my undergrad studies last May, and I’m starting a master’s degree in September. For two years now, I’ve lived in a 16m² (~170 ft²) studio at my university, and it’s not easy to stay organised in such a small space so here are my tips (accumulated through four years of university, and three different types of accommodation).


  •  If like me your place is already furnished, you can work around that. First, if possible, move your furniture around! The arrangement your place offers is either done by your landlord, or the person who rented the place before you. These settings won’t obviously fit to your lifestyle. If you’re ready to go all the way, grab a measuring tape and go to work. The moving will be easier if you already have a plan you can rely on, so you won’t have bad surprise like a piece of furniture not fitting where you planned on having it. 
  •  If you only have one surface to eat/work/etc… try leaving enough room for two chairs around it. It is always useful, to either have someone over, or to simply not always sit at the same spot (I’ll go back to this later on).
  •  Non-retractable bed? Turn it into a sofa! Try placing the long side against a wall, and get some cushions or pillows to place against the said wall. It’ll feel less like you’re lounging on your bed during the day. Also, if you have someone over, they will less likely fee like they’re standing in your bedroom, or sitting on your bed.
  •  If you have to furnish your own small place – for university of not: get thinking now. Folding table? Sofa-bed? Loft bed? All these sound really attractive when you think about them. But, pause. Do you see yourself folding that table every day (several times a day)? Do you see yourself folding that sofa bed? (Which will not be as comfortable as a real bed, except if you actually pay the price for it.) Do you see yourself in a loft bed? Not really practical for making your bed, and looks kind of imposing nonetheless. Now, it all depends on your needs and what you want, but before buying any piece of furniture, think well about it. Also, think of your place as a whole. Kitchen, bedroom, study, living room – everything will be mashed together, and it is always nicer when everything fits together.

Your table/desk

You only have one surface to work on, or eat on? Get organised!

  1.  Don’t overcrowd it! And don’t leave it bare, neither. Getting your supplies out every time you want to study will only work for a time. Only keep what’s necessary/daily used. Your pens and highlighters, for instance, can remain there in pen cups – tidy and practical. You want an easy access to, say, your bullet journal, agenda, or on the paper you’re working on? Get one or two magazine files. It will look less messy if your stuff are in ‘boxes’, and they’ll still be easily accessible. Store the rest, you don’t need it so close to you. 
  2.  Get enough room for two chairs if possible. First for what I said before (having people over), but also for yourself. Being at the same table every day for everything will get boring easily, and it is not good for your diet neither. Studies show that the feeling of repletion is less likely to be felt when the person does something else while eating. Use one chair/one side for studies, chilling on your laptop – everything! – and use the other for your meals. It will also feel good, when you’re studying all day, to change spots sometimes. It’s silly, but having a different 'view’ feels nice.
  3.  Lighting. Your room is bright during the day? First, you’re lucky. Second, what is it like during nighttime? You’ll most likely have a not really bright ceiling light. Getting a desk lamp is not a surprising tip, but get a big one! Because you have to keep in mind your brain focuses more with light, and not only with a small spot lit. Plus, you’ll certainly move to your new place by the end of the summer, or beginning of autumn, so the days are still pretty long. But think of the winter days approaching fast. You’ll need all the light possible to not feel like it’s midnight when you’re barely back from class. Also, you might as well kill two birds with one stone depending on your settings and have only one added lamp for both your work place and as your bedside lamp.

That’s all for today, but I will gladly share more tips about living alone, living in such an accommodation, and maybe smaller ones (I experienced the 8-person flat with private bedroom/bathroom in the UK last year).

Thanks for reading, xx

Every day as I drive through wine country, I just think about how lucky I am to live in the most beautiful county in California. Honestly, though, Sonoma County has the vineyards, the oak woodlands, the redwood forests, and the coastline. Oh and my favourite, fog. A few weeks ago I drove over to Glen Ellen and went down a windy side road for the sole purpose that it was autumn and it was foggy. While many of the vineyards are still reaching peak, this one tree had lost almost all its leaves. This one vineyard was so full of life even though winter is quickly approaching. To see the fog return after so many days of smoke from the fires really warmed my heart. While this vineyard was lucky, ones on the same windy road were not. But as winter arrives, so does a season of stillness and rest. A season of waiting for new life next year. A season of hope.

Request: Perfect For Us

Request: one where the reader and sam (theyre best friends) have a really relaxed day, telling jokes and play fighting with each other, and then when theyre out for a walk he tells her he loves her for the first time? thanks!

Word Count: 981

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

“No.” You shove the laptop closed, finally having had enough, “It’s not a demon, or a ghost, or a vampire or a werewolf or anything else.”

“Wha – how do you know?” Sam asks, raising an eyebrow at you. You tap your foot impatiently, glaring at the laptop.

“Because sometimes, people get angry and kill people. That’s all it it. I’ve had it with you – you too, Dean – thinking that every damn thing is demons!” You groan exasperatedly, “You’re obsessed, the both of you!”

“Y/N…” Dean’s eyes widen at your outburst, “We gotta check. It’s worth a drive up there…”

“No, it’s not! It’s like a thousand miles away at best and I can’t be bothered! You know last month when we ended up working with those other hunters? Michelle and Tony, right?”


“I was talking to her and she told me that the two of them take a week off every other month and that that was nothing compared to some hunters. We haven’t taken time off in…” You shrug, “Forever. Literally.”

Sam looks over at his brother and then back to you. Your arms are folded and you know fine well you’re going to get your own way because, let’s face it, you have both guys wrapped around your little finger.

“Fine,” Dean relents, “Just a few days. Until something slightly more solid comes up.”

You whoop in celebration, running from the room while yelling something about ‘finding movies and junk food’.


As it turns out, Dean felt more like heading to a local bar than staying at the bunker with you and Sam. Neither of you mind – it means more time spent just the two of you.

You’ve known each other for the better part of a decade – how did you meet?

That depends on who you ask.

Your story (the right one) goes that they were getting their asses kicked in a vamp’s nest while you were undercover (because you’re a damn good actress) and you swooped in and saved the day, thereby blowing your cover. You made your escape together, hit it off, and ended up hunting as a team.

Their story, on the other hand, is that you’d been taken prisoner, of all crazy thoughts, and they rode in on their white horses/ugly mules and saved their damsel in distress.


“Are you even watching this film?” Sam asks, raising an eyebrow at you. You shrug.

“It’s kinda crappy.”

“You picked it!”

“I’m not saying I always make good choices!” You giggle, making Sam laugh out loud.

“Tell me about it.” He teases, and you shoot him a playful glare.

“Fight me.” You point a finger at him, and he smirks, mischief lighting up his face. Your eyes widen.

“Oh, no.”

“Oh, yes.”

You dart out of the way, rolling onto the floor as he dives into the space you once occupied. You don’t even allow yourself a sigh of relief, however, as he’s on you again almost immediately. You scramble out of the way but he manages to grab a hold of your ankle, laughing with victory as he yanks you towards him.

“What was that about bad decisions?” He asks, hanging over you. You roll your eyes.

“It’s not over yet, Winchester.” You grin, aiming a well-placed tickle to his ribs so that he moves his arm, allowing you an escape. You hurtle out of his grasp, but yet again, don’t get far before his arms close around your waist.

“A tickle match? That’s what this is?” He murmurs into your ear, and you feel yourself blushing a deep red. Internally cursing yourself, you stay stock still.

Sam is your friend. Nothing more. And he doesn’t even think of you like that.


Later on in the afternoon, the pair of you take a walk through the woods outside of the bunker. It’s suck a lovely autumn day and with winter soon approaching, you enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. You’re walking down a small bank; a river trickling at the bottom. Sam goes in front of you, which you’re grateful for, as you make it about three steps downhill before getting your shoe caught up in a tree root or nine and going flying.


You’re totally braced for the impact when a pair of hands grabs onto your elbows, keeping you upright. You open your eyes slowly to see Sam grinning down at you.

“Hey, there.” He says quietly, and you laugh gratefully.

“My hero.”

“Glad to be of service.” He grins, but he doesn’t let go like you’d think he would. You don’t mind – hell, you relish the contact.

“Y/N…” He whispers, staring at you, utterly mesmerised. Your eyes, wide and beautiful, reflecting the afternoon’s sunlight. Cheeks marked rosily from the cool air and lips slightly parted as you look up at him.

Oh, those lips. How he’s fantasised about you letting him kiss them – so soft and supple. He watches, during hunts, and he knows when you genuinely are scared because you tug the soft skin between your teeth, sometimes drawing blood.

And then he goes for it, because you’re not pulling away and he just can’t wait any longer. He leans in and presses his lips to yours – gently, at first, but when you slip your arms from his grasp and clasp your hands at the nape of his neck to pull yourself closer to him, he presses harder; the kiss becoming hungrier and more passionate.

Maybe it’s weird – a couple of thirty-something year-olds making out in the middle of a forest that probably hasn’t seem humans in fifty years, but it’s perfect for you. Both of you. Anywhere that you’re together is perfect.