thinking about shane

Shane headcanons shane headcanons shane headcanons SHANE HEADCANONS.

I got more for you lovelies, I’ve either already written about some of them or I plan to, so may not be surprising to see them here, but feel like for those not familiar with my writing but still like headcanon posts, it’d be nice to see!

These are mostly Shane and Jas headcanons, since I love to think about their relationship.

  • Shane has self-harmed in the past, cutting. He wears his jacket almost all of the time because of it, as he doesn’t like people questioning him about it and doesn’t want Jas to find out, since she already has anxiety issues with her young age.
  • Unfortunately, Jas did find out one day, when Shane felt a bit too hot to wear his jacket. He explained to her it was because of sadness he felt after having to quit soccer, but he fights the sadness so it doesn’t hurt him anymore.
  • Jas put bandages over the scars the first time she found out, in order to “help the owies.” Ever since then, Shane always wears bandages over his wrists.
  • The first time Jas got sick, Shane was absolutely panicked. He ended up rushing out in the middle of the night to get Harvey, even though it turned out to be just a simple cold.
  • Shane has slipped up quite a few times and called Jas his daughter before. He always catches himself and clarifies, but he does really care about her like if she were his own.
  • (Post that inspired it) Shane partakes in book clubs with Jas, which mostly involve him, her and her stuffed animals, though sometimes Marnie or Vincent joins in. It’s always kids books, but Shane always partakes when he has a chance to make Jas happy.
  • Shane’s favorite holiday is the Egg Festival, as he loves coloring eggs with Jas and watching her have a blast looking for eggs.
  • Shane will often read Jas to sleep if she’s having trouble going to sleep, or woke from a nightmare. He also always pampers her with sweets when she does have nightmares.

Now for some normal Shane headcanons!

  • (NSFW) Shane is an utterly filthy talker when he’s aroused. His filter is just completely gone, and often speaks without thinking.
  • Despite Shane being a firm believer that all things magic has a scientific explanation, he actually has potent magical energies within him he hasn’t tapped into yet. Indeed, Rasmodius is starting to take an interest as the energies continue to grow…
  • Shane actually has really bad balance. He tends to lose it without any provocation, though he rarely ever out and out falls. Part of it is due to his horrible leg.
  • Shane is approaching 29 in terms of age.
  • Shane surprisingly has a friendship with Elliott. While the two didn’t get along initially, due to Elliott’s dislike of the Joja Corp and how Shane was initially quite rude to him, the two bonded over their mutual hatred of the company and their love of good alcohol. The two have had drinking contests before, Elliott always fails at one drink.
  • Another surprising friendship is one with Emily, due to his frequent at the bar and how he’s such a regular. It’s gotten to the point some suspect there’s a thing between the two. Shane’s not interested in her that way though.