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Me and Matt. Me and Matt, always. We’re terrible, like really terrible when we get together. And then one of us will go and that’s the other one gone and then we’re gone for about an hour and then we’re behind and everyone gets pissed at us. It’s a real issue when one of us laughs, especially when we like improvised a little bit so we kind of like bounce off each other, sometimes that can be like real… I think he got me in, in 2.14, when they were talking about Kaelie and who Kaelie is, and I was like ‘book club,’ and he kind of made that face and I caught it out of the corner of an eye, and I was like, 'that son of a bitch, that’s going to make me laugh, that’s going to make me laugh, and I just have to try really hard to keep it together.’
—  Dom Sherwood answering, “If there was a blooper section at the end of each episode, who would always show up?” (x)
Cold As Ice

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Peter Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After discovering their powers and wanting to save a troubled citizen, the Reader is left to dealt with the consequences, but ends up finding out a certain secret from a certain spiderling instead.

Word Count: 3,180 (omg)

Warnings: Language, cuteness, discovery of powers, fluff, fight scene, shy!Reader, *slight* assault scene, suck-ass ending (bc I’m trash and I suck at writing), (Please let me know if I missed anything).

A/N: For some reason, I had such a hard time making a summary for this ?? Hopefully the anon that requested this thinks it’s okay. :// I’m slowly moving through all my requests (I have a lot lol). Anyway, let me know what you think as always and enjoy reading!

Walking into Midtown High, you cautiously grudge towards your locker in order to get your books for today’s classes.

These past few days have been strange, to say the least.

Despite it being almost the end of the school year and the hot weather finally arriving, you somehow felt cold to your bones.

Instead of wearing short sleeves and shorts, you started dressing in sweatshirts and pants.

Maybe I’m getting sick…?

Maybe it’s just the chills…?

You kept making excuses like that, but the coldness never seemed to go away.

It’s been happening for a couple weeks now, but you didn’t know what to do.

You didn’t know what this was.

Well, not until today.

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One of my majors is english, so I do a lot of reading. Having to read an entire novel each week is rough, but it really helped me refine my annotating methods. Here is how I annotate fiction and nonfiction books! 



I’m someone who has a lot of trouble with keeping track of characters, especially if there are a lot of them. To remedy this, I use one of the blank pages in the front of the book to make a list of each of the characters, and sometimes I’ll write something about them so I can place a name to a character. Here’s a quick example: 


If you aren’t someone who likes to actually write in the book, you can obviously use different colored post-its for this instead. I typically use three different colors when highlighting, and this is what the colors mean for me:

Pink - Character introductions: I use pink to highlight any time a character is introduced for the first time. You will often be asked to write about characters’ personalities, so this makes it easier to find descriptions of characters later. 

Green - Important plot points: I use green to highlight any important things that happen that I think I’ll need to look back at. 

Yellow - quotes: I use yellow for important quotes, or anything that is important but doesn’t fit any other category. 

Extra - Purple: After you finish reading a book, your teacher will usually point out important passages too. When this happens, I use purple to highlight those sections to denote that my professor found them important, because this probably means they’re worth talking about in an essay. 


To make sure you really understood what you just read, it is a good idea to write down a brief summary on the last page of the chapter. This helps with remembering what you read, and it also makes it much easier to go back and find events in the plot that you want to talk about.


I’ve pretty much had to write an essay on virtually every book I’ve had to read in both high school and college, so I’ve made a habit of using post it notes to bookmark pages with content that would be helpful in making arguments in an essay. Make a short note on the post it so you remember what point you were planning on making with that passage. *This is especially helpful for timed essays during which you’re allowed to use the book as a resource. That way, you can have essentially your entire argument planned out ahead of time. 


I use similar methods when annotating nonfiction, but instead of paying attention to plot points, I try to focus on main arguments and ideas. 


Like with fiction, I like to use a blank page at the front of the book to summarize different sections of the book. This makes it easy to remember all the main ideas without having to flip back through the entire book.


When I read nonfiction, I care much less about color-coding my annotations. I typically just use whatever I have around me at the time. What really matters about nonfiction is making sure you really understand the content, so I write down summaries in the margins on nearly every other page. 

As you can see, there’s a lot of different colors going on. They mean nothing. Honestly, my yellow highlighter was just going dead so I was going back and forth between that and my purple one. The red pen was the one I was using during my initial read-through, and the second time I read these pages, I just happened to have a blue pen, so don’t worry about the colors.

Anyway, what is really important about this is my short summaries in the margins. Doing this not only helps you dismantle the arguments being made, but it also forces you to become an active reader. 


Like i just mentioned, engaging with the book by writing summaries frequently makes you an active reader. It is difficult to get anything out of a book if you aren’t actively engaging with the material, especially if it’s nonfiction. To fully understand the ideas being presented in the book, you need to find a way to actively engage with it. You can do this by using my ‘writing summaries in the margins’ method, or you can do whatever it is that makes you really focus on the content of the book. Anyone can zone out and look at words on a page, but if you want that A, you need to really dive into the book! 

bts ➸ as boyfriends

• a prince who’ll definitely treat you like his princess
• loves taking you out to eat
• thats basically what most of your dates are
• likes to go out during midnight, to also get more food
• wraps his arms around you and pulls you close to him so your face is in his chest
• never wants to let you go when he hugs you
• takes nonstop selfies bc he thinks you guys are too cute
• waking up next to him would be so nice
• you’d see his sleepy face, and a tiny grin appear when you tell him good morning
• and he’d get up immediately to make you guys breakfast
• sometimes while he cooks you’d see his toned back when he doesnt have a shirt on
• which you never complain about
• kisses all day !!
• he loves kissing you
• every kiss would be sweet and soft
• always always always makes sure you’ve eaten
• if not he’d be super worried and frantic bc he wants his baby to be well fed and healthy
• “have you eaten today ?”
• “no, not y-”
• “WHAT - give me sec i’ll make you something really quick !!”
• then lectures you to start eating more often and that it’s unhealthy to skip meals, etc
• when he gets upset he comes home and pretends nothing is wrong
• but you know something is up, because he isn’t as smiley as he usually is
• so you give him the biggest hug and tell him how much you love him repeatedly
• and he always wonders how he ended up with someone as wonderful as you and how lucky he is

• days would usually be spent at home or in the studio
• loves it when you stay up with him while he works even though he knows you’re tired
• finds it cute when you’re sleepy
• likes sitting down with you and sipping on coffee
• a smol softie when its just the two of you alone
• a huge cuddler and loves snuggling in bed and being really close
• just likes having you in his arms in general
• and if you fall asleep in the studio while he’s working on some things
• his eyes always glance back at you every 2 sec to make sure you’re sleeping well
• his gummy smile never fails to appear when you do something incredibly cute
• “what are you smiling for ?”
• “you can be really cute sometimes.”
• likes making you blush bc he finds it amusing
• gets flustered and blushes even more when you compliment him back tho
• when he writes lyrics, he always tends to think about you to inspire him
• sometimes writes letters to give to you to write in words about how much he loves you
• he fave place to kiss you is on the lips or the back of your hand
• loves holding your hand
• tries to hold back a smile after every kiss you have

• having namjoon as your boyfriend would be so wonderful
• very aesthetic
• would have you take his kim daily pics
• does anything with you
• like is down to do whatever, as long as you’re having a good time
• casual & cute dates
• he’s a really selfless person so he tries to be the best boyfriend
• holds your hand tightly when you walk side by side
• hugs you so tight and tells you about how cute you are to him and how much he loves you
• he’s soooo smiley with you around
• your presence just makes him so happy that he can’t help but smile
• the two of you could literally be watching something he doesnt really find interest in, but you did and he sees that you’re interested in it
• and smiles bc you focusing intensely on it is adorable to him
• deep conversations or meaningless topics
• there was no in between
• reads you his favorite sections of his favorite books
• kisses on the cheek, bc he thinks your cheeks are really soft
• shares his hoodies with you, and is never surprised when they’re missing the next day
• he’s really clumsy, so when he hurts himself he hesitates to tell you bc he doesnt want you to worry about him
• even tho you find out anyways
• finds you irresistible as you try to aid his wounds
• “how did you even manage to trip and fall like that ??”
• “i guess i cant stop falling for you”

• will make you happy 24/7
• his bright aura shines so much when you’re together
• and he gets 10x happier when you’re around him bc he’s just so in love with you
• always gives you kind words of affection
• likes to bring you into the studio so he can show you new choreographies he came up with
• and gets shy when you compliment the dance and tell him how much you loved it
• “omg hoseok that was so amazing !!”
• “do you really think so?” *face turns to a tomato*
• isn’t afraid to be himself around you
• when he’s self-conscious about himself, he has that pouty face shown
• and never wants to talk about it so you two always end up cuddling with you telling him how great of a person he is and that he shouldnt worry if people try to say otherwise
• likes it when you play with his hair bc it feels nice
• library & cafe dates for sure
• cuddles are so nice and warm
• likes being the big spoon, bc he loves hugging you from behind so much
• matching pjs
• noSE KISSES !!
• like you’d both give each other gentle pecks on the tip of your noses
• and it’s so cuteeee even strangers in public would admire the love they see you have for each other
• but also neck kisses in private
• always shows skin ship and is never afraid to show it
• before you two go to sleep he’ll sometimes offer to sing to you
• and ofc you accept bc hoseok’s singing is beautiful

• so. many. giggles.
• like that one cute little laugh that comes out ?
• yeah that’s the one
• you’ll ALWAYS hear it bc he just thinks you’re so dang adorable and cant help it
• loves back hugging you and resting his head on your shoulder
• and then he tends to kiss your cheek in the process
• his camera roll will be filled w a bunch of pictures of you together
• he likes to cherish every moment you two spend together
• cuddles are the best with him
• when he’s away, he always makes sure to call you every morning and night
• deep conversations always somehow end with him explaining all the things he loves about you and how he wouldn’t know what to do without you by his side
• ice cream dates !!!!
• midnight runs just to go get ice cream tae tags along sometimes
• also walks on the beach to watch the sunset
• is so overly sweet to you, it’s like impossible for him to ever get mad at you
• “please don’t get mad, but i lost your favorite hoodie”
• “ahh, i’m not mad. it’ll give us a reason to get matching ones now !!”
• “omg jimin”
• he’s very touchy with you, so he’ll have a hand on you at all times
• sneakily grabs your butt from time to time
• in the morning you’d wake up and see him sleepily laying there with a smile on his face as he says “good morning beautiful”
• and then he lightly brushes his lips against yours and gives you a morning kiss

• big hugs every time he sees you
• he’s such a teddy bear that he’d be the best cuddler ever
• likes caressing your cheek softly
• in the morning when he wakes up you’ll be able to hear his super raspy voice
• when you’re laying down he tries to be as close as possible to you
• feels the need to always be around you
• when he’s away he’ll video chat you and text you every day if he’s not busy
• he’s really into art and photography at the moment
• so expect loads of candids of you on his phone
• and most of the time you don’t even realize how much he takes pictures of you
• he does it bc he finds it your beauty so breathtaking
• “why do you have so many pictures of me tae?”
• “because you’re the definition of art in my eyes”
• staying up late playing overwatch together
• just staying up late all the time in general
• they’re usually spent with you two laying next to each other in bed and sharing your deepest thoughts and wonders about the world
• or maybe late night walks while holding hands and enjoying each others presence
• loves kissing you anywhere
• but while hugging you from behind, he’d kiss you on the neck
• lots of laughs between you two over nothing
• but its cute
• your favorite songs would be playing in the background and he’d grab you by the hand and start singing to you
• reminds you how much he loves you everyday
• you’d be so important to him, that he’d always make sure you were okay when he’s not able to be with you

• you would be like best friends
• very competitive when it comes to games and sports
• so when you did either of the two, he’s not gonna go easy on you
• sometimes lets you win bc he loves seeing how happy you get when you finally beat him at something
• bowling dates for sure
• loves loves loves kissing you
• loves it more when you kiss him
• if you kiss his nose, he’ll smile widely and his nose would scrunch up
• very protective of you
• he’d get jealous if he saw you getting too close with another guy and then do that tongue thing
• or if another guy was getting too close to you, he’d step in right away and take you away from him
• he wouldnt get too mad over it bc he knows hes better
• sings you to sleep !!
• before you two go to bed, he’d be holding you in his arms
• and then he’d start singing your fave slow songs softly until you fall asleep
• hugs would be gentle as he wraps his arms around you
• caresses his thumb against your skin lightly as he holds your hand
• gets shy when it comes to saying his feelings out loud sometimes
• tells you he loves you whenever he plants a kiss on your forehead
• like he’d see you walking around one of his many white t-shirts
• and the boy will forget how to breathe
• “jungkook are you okay??”
• “yeah, i’m fine - totally fine. no worries.”
• but then a few sec later he’d be so egotistical
• “so you seem to like my shirt huh?”
• “i had nothing else to w-”
• “i happen to think it looks better on you than on me. you should wear it more often”

wonderbeccs  asked:

I know nothing about digital art but your blog makes me want to try something other than pencil and sketch book, do you have tips for beginners?

Hi there and thanks for your message! I’ve got some nifty tools and tips in my FAQ section that you can use:
Otherwise, I think the best tip I can give you is the one that almost every artist gives. Are you ready? Really, really ready? It’s practice. I’m going to be honest, I cringe whenever I say it because I think all artists say the same thing, like we’ve been programmed by the Gods of Art to parrot this advice and it just sounds so simple. But it is very true and even if you think you’re not getting any results, trust me: you’re improving, whether it’s in skill or just experience.
That said, I use Photoshop, so a lot of my tips are particular to that. Biggest tip for anyone making art in PS is that layers are your friends. Set all your colors on separate layers. Set your sketch on a separate layer. It makes things a lot easier (at least, for me it does)! Next, Layer Properties are your buddies, too.

These guys. You can apply them to your layers and use them to your advantage! Experiment.

I’ve found that linear burn and multiply are good for shadows, depending on the look you want.

Screen is also a good setting for quick highlights.

Play around with it and see what fun and…scary…things you can make! There are also loads of tutorials online on digital painting. Keep up with the pencil and sketchbook though! Traditional materials are really the backbone of your art; going digital is more like a finisher to me. Personally, I tend to struggle with colors, so I’m going to point you in the direction of this excellent site right here in case you’re the same! Much luck to your art adventures!

Mbti and their study styles

     *note, this is all theoretical and based loosely on function dynamics, it wont be 100% accurate*

ENFJ: auditory learner, you learn better by listening and taking detailed and generally pretty notes *example*
You: *listening to a history lecture* doodling a picture of Christopher Columbus on Plymouth rock holding a flag with the year “1492” on it

ESFJ: book learner, you learn best by reading through the text a few times, you probably use story association to remember things *example*
Text: the mitochondria is the PowerHouse of the cell
You: the mitochondria has to do all the work, its like the mom of the cell

ENTJ: physical learner, you learn best by doing more hands on things, or by figuring it out yourself, you tend to not do to well in lectures unless you’re taking detailed notes *example*
Computer class
Assignment: to create a webpage
You: “okay, so how do you do this” *looks at instructions* “okay, well, i don’t want to do this so we’ll try this instead and see what happens”

ESTJ: structured studier, you have a specific study pattrern that you stick to, most likely reading the text while taking notes, going through your notes to see if you’re missing any vital information, if you are, going back through the text to collect the information required

ENFP: visual learner, you learn best by focusing on the important things and disregarding the rest, you’ll read through the text highlighting the main points, and then focus on studying those points only

ESFP: hands on learner, you learn best when given free range to figure it out, you don’t do well reading from textbooks, and you’re probably better at computer stuff or stuff with your hands, trying to learn by the book, just doesn’t work for you *example*
Teacher: “do it this way”
You: *thinking* but this would work better, I’ll try my way *totally beats everyone else*

ENTP: Book learner, you read from the text and make mental notes about the main points, almost like leaving sticky notes all around your brain *example* 

You: *reading* okay, that seems important, better make a note of that *writes mental sticky note and sticks it in the science section* *mentally wanders away* *reads another important thing* “better make a note of that” *writes mental sticky note and leaves it in a random place*

ESTP: Hands on learner, you tend to do better when you are teaching yourself, you can learn from books, and make mental notes, but you do better when there is something physical to study, rather than theoretical *example*

You: *doing geometry homework* “okay, so, i have to remember to come back and divide this” “okay, i have to remember this number” “okay, i know the physical shape of this” *hands in the air moving around like you’re manipulating a physical object*

INFJ: book learners, you tend to read and make note of only the main points that have key importance in the topic, you don’t normally take physical notes, you tend to keep everything catalogued in your brain

ISFJ: hands on book learner, you learn by reading things and learning the theory and taking detailed notes to review and then applying that theoretical knowledge in practical applications till you have the technique perfected

INTJ: auditory learner, you tend to learn better hearing things from others, and then developing your own thoughts from that and making mental notes as well as physical notes, which tend to be in detail, you also tend to take everything people say with a grain of salt and prefer to do your own research to back up what you hear

ISTJ: hands on and auditory learner, you prefer to try things yourself until you figure it out but you’re also good at taking instruction from others and learning from that, although you’re not a fan of lectures, you tend to take a lot of notes, usually in detail

INFP: visual and hands on learner, you tend to learn well from reading and studying the text and taking explicit notes, although you can also be very hands on, and sometimes prefer to just take the lead and teach yourself, or have a person you know well who is knowledgable on the subject help you

ISFP: hands on learner, you tend to be very hands on, you prefer to teach yourself and don’t like people looking over your shoulder at your work, you also tend to write down a lot of your work, not exactly notes, more sentence fragments in a paragraph form

INTP: wikipidia counts as studying, right? jk jk

book learner, you make a lot of mental notes and only remember what you find to be vitally important to the topic

ISTP: associative learner, you associate everything with something else, if you’re reading and listening to a song, what you read will be linked to that song, if you’re listening and doodling, that doodle with forever be associated with the thing you heard

5riental  asked:

If I were to write a story that contained characters that were racially ambiguous or in a place where race didn't really exist (like with mermaids or human-like fantasy creatures) would the story be considered literature specific to my race even tho it doesn't necessarily contain race? I'm Korean and black.

Will my Literature be considered “[Insert Ethnicity] Literature” Despite Who/What I Write?

This could very well happen.

  • Libraries and bookshops may sort your fiction as “Ethnic/African American/whatever” literature no matter what the genre or subject matter because of your race alone. I’ve seen Authors of Color speak on this, that for having a diverse cast and/or just daring to publish while non-white despite genre or subject matter, their works are marked as “[insert group] literature”.
  • That isn’t a reason to avoid writing clearly defined racially diverse characters, as racial ambiguity is not necessarily proper representation (see Racial Ambiguity tag). Even human-like fantasy creatures can be ethnically coded by means of appearance, cultures, region, language, etc. something we’ve offered many resources for here as well.
  • You shouldn’t necessary feel you must publish anonymously or under a pen name for this reason either, if you don’t want to. You didn’t bring up this issue but it’s something worth mentioning.
  • In the case your work does get pushed into the “ethnic corner” and you’re uncomfortable with it, I believe you should reach out, and ask for it to be properly placed or labelled. I’d also suggest making your publisher aware of the issue too as they may have some solutions. I don’t have experience with this battle to offer much advice, unfortunately. Readers who do, feel free to share. 

For some really good reading on the subject, check out N. K. Jemisin’s article “Don’t Put My Book in the African American Section.”

~Mod Colette

It’s a symptom of “white as default” in mass society. Because you’re an Author of Color, you’ll run into challenges like people thinking everything you write is autobiographical. It’s the same deal with women authors who write about women— books about boys are gender neutral, books about girls are marketed only to girls and it’s not recommended boys read them.

It’s not fun, but unless a whole bunch of Authors of Color go through the process of fighting it and speaking out about it, nothing’s going to change. Right now there’s still a belief that diversity is some bold political statement instead of just part of life, so we’ve got to make them realize it’s part of life.

But things are already changing a lot! Of course, my point of reference is Canadian bookshelves, where I find diverse gene fiction semi-routinely, not separated out by the fact it’s diverse (mostly LGBT+, but some PoC-centric stories, too).

The more of us out there telling stories where we’re reflected, the more integration will happen.  

~Mod Lesya

How would the Boys react to a crush s/o asking them out..?

This is my very first ask! I hope you enjoy!

Korekiyo Shinguuji    

  • You are the slightest bit nervous when you initially come up to him
  • So is he
  • But you can’t tell under that goddamn mask of his
  • You shyly approach him with…
  • In you hands are not one, but two roses!
  • You knew he liked roses, but two was even better so you could match!
  • When you tell him your reasoning for the second rose, he can’t help but bring a hand to his cheek and sigh
  • He just sorta stays like that for a moment
  • You’re a little confused
  • Until you hear him say
  • “…How truly beautiful of you to think of that.”
  • You ask him about going on a date with you
  • He can’t hide his excitement
  • …and neither can you!

Amami Rantarou

  • Amami was browsing the books in the library on his own
  • Or so he thought-
  • “Ahah! Hey, s/o! What’re you doing here?”
  • You give him a shy wave from across the room and make your way over to his spot at the shelf - the romance section?
  • Amami notices that by your expression you’ve recognised what section you two are in
  • He blushes
  • He can see the lightbulb flash on top of your head.
  • You have no idea what you’re doing
  • All you know is that this boy is cute and single
  • And really sweet and nice and funny and caring and-
  • Before you know it, you’re standing in front of him and all these compliments are uncontrollably spilling out of your mouth all at once
  • You add a stammered “Do you want to go for a trip to the art gallery sometime?” as a cherry on top.
  • You hope that wasn’t too creepy-sounding - all he’d said was ‘hey’
  • Amami’s expression is blank for a moment
  • You can see the gears ticking in his head
  • Finally, he shows you his signature relaxed smile
  • He takes your hand in his
  • “That sounds pretty fun, s/o. I’d love that.”
  • The two of you spend the rest of your afternoon browsing the books the library has to offer…

Kokichi Ouma

  • You approach him at the vending machine, just as planned
  • He pays no attention to you, focused on punching in the correct digits for his Grape Panta
  • The Panta bottle doesn’t clank against the bottom of the machine because his hand was already there to catch it - he brings it up to his lips to take a sip
  • He glances at you
  • And immediately starts choking
  • Once he’s caught his breath, you hear him mutter
  • “C-crap…”
  • Oh no! You must look like such a stalker right now! Say something already!
  • Act natural, you told yourself
  • You had only practiced a 1000 times.
  • “Does Laser Force sound like your scene? I was wondering if you’d wanna go with me, Ouma.”
  • Well played.
  • He notices you giving yourself a mental pat on the back and smirks
  • “A soldier never goes into battle without a plan. What is yours, s/o?”
  • How ironic.
  • He’s absolutely stumped you, and he knows it
  • You tell him you’d be happy to come up with one, but only with his assistance
  • He smirks again, this time slightly more shy-looking. Is he blushing?!
  • “I suppose I have nothing better to do, s/o.“
  • The rest of your afternoon is spent strategising for your grand trip to Laser Force! Those 10 year olds will never know what hit them with you and Ouma on the scene!

Shuuichi Saihara

  • When you first approach him, he’s a blubbering, blushing mess already
  • He cannot believe that you, his crush, is talking to him
  • You’re worried you’ve done something wrong - his face is redder than a tomato
  • The poor boy starts sputtering even more
  • He assures you that you haven’t!
  • He blushes and stutters a little more, but you can make out his soft voice saying something
  • “A-as you were saying!?”
  • You tell him you’d like to see a new mystery movie that opens this weekend at the cinemas - it’s a sequel to one of his and your favourites!
  • Oh boy
  • Saihara.exe has stopped working
  • You have to ask again if you’ve done something wrong - did Ouma set you up by telling you Saihara’s least favourite movie? No, that can’t be right…
  • “I-I’d enjoy that a lot, actually!”
  • Saihara is ecstatic
  • You decide to take a seat next to him
  • The two of you rewatch the trailer and spend the rest of the afternoon theorising on who the murderer is together…

Kaito Momota       

  • You’d been planning this for weeks now     
  • You were finally going to ask your friend Kaito to go stargazing with you!  
  • How exciting!        
  • You were hoping, though, that by the end of the date you’d be more than friends.        
  • You find him in the dining hall, poking at his food        
  • The usually pumped up boy looks tired        
  • Until you approach him        
  • Now he’s looking at you like an excited puppy        
  • Weird, you think        
  • “You like stargazing, yeah? Wanna do it with me sometime?”        
  • You internally facepalm        
  • That wasn’t what you spent weeks rehearsing! Dolt!        
  • You pray your slight improvision goes unnoticed        
  • Looks like the odds are in your favour!        
  • “Me?! Stargaze? With y-you!?”        
  • Yeah man        
  • He’s back on his feet        
  • More pumped up than ever!        
  • You’re happy to see Kaito back to his energetic self·
  • The two of you discuss constellations on your way out of the dining hall… 


  • You weren’t entirely sure if this was a good idea
  • What if robots couldn’t feel emotions like love? What if they could, but he just didn’t like you? What if he doesn’t understand that you’re trying to get him to go on a date with you? What if-
  • Deep breaths, dammit.
  • You’re in the deep end here.
  • But little do you know, so is he.
  • When you walk up to him, you remind yourself that he’s just like any other boy!
  • There’s nothing to worry about!
  • The robot senses your presence and turns around excitedly
  • Hello, s/o! Iruma just taught me a new trick - Would you like to see me make my lenses brighten by a maximum of 70%?”
  • Iruma is cackling not too far behind him
  • She sees the look on your face and bolts
  • You blush at the robot’s random offer
  • “I’d love to see that, Kiibo!”
  • Just as he said, his blue eyes glowed like stars in the night sky!
  • Not to mention his cheeks
  • You remember why you’re here
  • “That’s amazing! Maybe you could show me even more of your tricks on a date, possibly?” you tell him
  • His eyes dim immediately
  • So do his cheeks
  • He’s resetting himself???
  • He suddenly comes back to life with a jolt, and is surprised to see you still in front of him - it wasn’t a 'dream’?
  • O-Of course, s/o! I would enjoy that very much!”

Gonta Gokuhara     

  • You and him were admiring some flowers the two of you had come across
  • Whenever you pointed out a bug he’d start spouting random facts about it
  • It was pretty cute
  • The reason you were here is both of you had bumped into each other earlier
  • It seems your routes overlapped when it came to going for walks!
  • He seemed more than a little excited when this had happened
  • But Gonta couldn’t possibly have planned it, it just was not the gentleman thing to do
  • Your flower-admiring session is cut short when you hear someone call something out in the dining hall, so the two of you head over to investigate
  • Gonta is disappointed he didn’t get to admire flowers with s/o a little longer…
  • Suddenly, an idea pops into your head
  • You ask Gonta if he’d like to do this again sometime, but as a date!
  • Gonta is!!!!!! Screaming internally!!!!!!
  • He says yes!
  • You’re both so happy!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • ….
  • He’s a lot shorter up close than you expected
  • But you came here for a reason!
  • And that reason is to ask Hoshi on a date!
  • He turns around and sees you
  • You think you can see something light up a little behind his eyes?
  • But his expression overall is a bit…
  • Sorrowful?
  • A little more than usual, at that
  • Yikes, maybe I should come back later, you think…
  • “What is it, s/o?”
  • Here goes nothing
  • You ask him out on a date
  • You let him decide what he wants to do for the date because you honestly have no idea
  • The light behind his eyes shines a little brighter when you say that
  • And the look on his face is anything but sorrowful!

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heyy, as you said before, the last line of the book is filled with hope. do you think that elio and oliver getting back together at some point is an actual possibility since aciman makes it clear they still have feelings for each other and would go back if they could? i think it is but i don't trust my opinions regarding them lmao

I hate to be that person, but no. The temporality of their relationship is what gives the story meaning. If they just wind up getting back together then what is the purpose of the book? It would be like resuscitating Romeo and Juliet.   

The last section is called Ghost Spots. It’s literally and figuratively about death. The death of Mr. Perlman, Vimini and Anchise, and the death of Elio and Oliver’s former selves. The house is now haunted by their past. But it is also about how we experience time. Our bodies might be beholden to the passage of time but love is not. 

Elio’s father is dead but he is still with him. His relationship with Oliver is over but they are still together. 

“Twenty years was yesterday, and yesterday was just earlier this morning, and morning seemed light-years away.” 

They will always be together, they were never apart, because their hearts never left that house, that summer.     

“Your eyes are forever there, I wanted to say, trapped in the sheer curtains, staring out from my bedroom upstairs…”

That’s what I find hopeful about the last lines. That Elio loves Oliver as much at the end of the novel as he does at the beginning. That they have a love so profound it reaches across space and time.  

Dating Remus Lupin would include...

Requested <3

Requests are closed. xx

This is my first head canon so be nice lmao

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  • Okay, so like, you would always know of him. The boy who hangs with the marauders, trying to keep them out of trouble ( not doing a very good job of it but )
  • And of course you would think he’s cute because jfc look at him
  • In the library, you would always find your gaze on him, and not in a creepy way, you would hope. You would just look at his scars and wonder what caused them.
  • One day…. James fucking Potter would catch you. 
  • And of course, point you out to Remus but by the time he looked over you would be gone. Like fuck getting embarrassed you’ll deal with that shit another day. 
  • Since then you tried to distance yourself from the library and study in the court yard. 
  • Around this time, Remus started to notice you. Mainly cause James would point you out like, there’s your stalker Moony. 
  • He’d just shake it off, but secretly start to think you were the most beautiful girl he’d ever see.
  • You stuck to yourself most of the time, not having many friends and he noticed this. 
  • I could see you being a Hufflepuff, not that that matters but it’s worth mentioning. 
  • And one day, you’re chilling in the courtyard, reading some book and he shuffles over to you.
  • At first you don’t notice his presence, being too into the book, but he clears his throat causing you to look up at him. 
  • You think, holy shit he knows I stare at him, he’s gonna tell me to sod off.
  • And he just sends you a shy smile, commenting on the book. 
  • And that would just be the start of an amazing friendship.
  • You two wouldn’t start dating until after he tells you his secret.
  • “I’m a monster, and no one wants a monster.”
  • You would just kiss him, like stfu
  • CUDDLES 24/7
  • No one expects it, but Remus is horny like all the time. Especially before the full moon, Ill believe this until I die.
  • gentle first time, him constantly making sure you’re comfortable
  • after that tho, damn bitch you better be ready.
  • sex in the library. ( cough cough restricted section )
  • sex in the shack
  • sex in the forest
  • Everywhere!!!!
  • The Marauders walking in more than once.
  • “Didn’t think you had it in you, Moony.”
  • Being there for him during transitions. Or atleast after to tend to his new wounds.
  • being the smartest couple in Hogwarts
  • becoming friends with Lily and Marlene.
  • moving in together after graduating, a small but cute apartment in London filled with books and art and just things that make each other happy
  • comforting him after the news ( you all know what i’m talking about )
  • trying to convince him to visit Harry.
  • “he’s with family. I’ll meet him when the times right.”
  • all in all just fighting by his side until the end

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I just love Remus Lupin.

See, the first time that Newt got lost in Asclepius’ hospital and ended up in Graves’ highly warded highly secret room, he could chalk it up to a strange set of coincidences. An accident, maybe. He took a few wrong turns, a couple of wrong staircases, somehow got an overly pushy snidget soft toy foisted on him by an insistent gift shop, and ended up explaining his theory of flight magic to a comatose director for… a while? He kind of lost track of the time. The charmed window had rolled over to a balmy sunset by the time the door reappeared and the snidget chivvied him out of the room, but Newt hadn’t thought it was that long.

But that’s beside the point. The first time it happened, Newt thought it was an accident. A one off at the very least - he was hardly in the habit of visiting the hospital and wandering off by himself. He wasn’t, in fact, anywhere near the hospital, and Graves wasn’t on his mind, and the door leading out of the gents on MACUSA’s third floor was not supposed to lead to a familiar room with a familiar occupant in the single bed.

The snidget - Steve, it was a stuffed toy but it was a remarkably animated stuffed toy and it deserved a name - wormed its way out of his pocket and chirrupped hopefully at him. He looked over his shoulder but without much optimism; the door he had just walked through was, indeed, gone.

“My apologies, Mr Graves,” Newt said to the sleeping figure. “I won’t be a moment, sorry for disturbing you.” He ushered the snidget away to the furthest corner and lowered his voice.

“Now, listen,” he told it as sternly as he could manage. “You can’t make a habit of kidnapping people like this. I can’t make a habit of being kidnapped like this. I got in enough trouble last time, thank you, so take me back.”


“Back, Steve. I’m not leaving my case in the Auror department by itself.”

Steve gave a low, despondent whistle and landed back on his shoulder, but at least the door rematerialised. How, exactly, it managed to drop him off halfway across the city at the Woolworth’s building Newt didn’t know, but it seemed petty to question it at this point.

He quashed the feelings of guilt about leaving Graves behind. The man had the best care MACUSA could give him, and really, Newt was a complete stranger. He shouldn’t be interfering. What he should be doing is reporting the hole in the wards to Tina or at the very least working out exactly what magic was powering Steve and how it was connected to the hospital. Somehow Newt was never very good at doing what he should, and somehow it was strangely difficult to put Graves out of his mind and focus on the various forms and legislation Tina needed him to run through.

Somehow he wasn’t surprised that walking out the door an hour later with his coat on and his case in hand did not, in fact, lead him to the apparition point.

“Hello again, Mr Graves,” he greeted with a feeling of cautious relief. He’d hoped to be able to come back, but it never did to count on such things. “I’m sorry for leaving so suddenly earlier, but I’m free for the evening if you don’t mind me staying.” He slipped his coat off and hung it on the hook that materialised from the wall and walked over to his chair by the bed without needing prompting. Steve, whizzing in lazy circles around his head, looked insufferably proud.

“I brought my notes this time,” Newt said conversationally as he opened his case. “I won’t be a moment.”

It was… nice, would be the best way to describe it. Newt had his notes, had Steve trying to make a nest out of his hair (and Newt really needed to check on Steve’s animation charms, this was getting ridiculous), Pickett sat on his shoulder and fussily untangling Steve’s work, and Graves’ sleeping form as his patient audience. He was mostly in the editing stage by this point, condensing entire notebooks of research down into a short entry for each creature he’d come across - 

“ - but I was thinking, maybe, of leaving this one as a sort of quick reference encyclopedia book and writing more in depth books on each species, what do you think? Or maybe not each species but maybe the groups of them, each continent perhaps - no those books would be too big. Maybe I should just make the entries longer and stick to one book. One giant book. I could put expandable charms on each section so you could tap your wand to the creature’s name and get a whole chapter dedicated to them, how amazing would that be? A mite impractical, but maybe for special editions… “

It was nice to talk it over with Graves. It helped Newt organise his thoughts, and let’s face it, he liked talking about his creatures. He just very rarely found someone who would listen, and maybe it was a bit unfair to be taking advantage of Graves like this but… Well. It was nice.

So the first time was an accident, the second time lasted all of a minute, and the third time went long into the night before the sleepy snidget started tugging Newt towards the door. He left reluctantly, still juggling papers on lethifolds and wondering whether to include the eyewitness account he’d been given or stick to his own research.

“Oh stop fussing, I’m going, I’m going - I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr Graves, have a good night - good grief Steve calm down - “

The door closed behind him with hurried but silent force and Newt blinked owlishly at the deserted alley he found himself in. It seemed to be one of the back exits to the MACUSA building; the sunken cellar door behind him was layered with enough muggle repellents to give him a headache just standing there. He peered suspiciously at Steve. “How, exactly, are you managing this?” he asked the stuffed toy. If it even was a stuffed toy. Steve tucked himself into Newt’s pocket with Pickett and refused to answer.

He didn’t answer the fourth time, when Newt stumbled through a door in his flat and arrived in Graves’ room half dressed with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, or the fifth time when Newt carried a steaming mug of tea and a sandwich through to what should have been his living room. By the sixth time, Newt had started keeping his notes shrunk in his pocket rather than his case; times seven and eight he’d added an expansion charm, a thermos of tea and a portable cooking stove and regaled Graves with stories of misadventures in local cuisine as he put together a basic stew. Chili, that’s all Newt was saying. Entirely unreasonable quantities of hot chili. 

“You know,” he remarked, somewhere around time ten - eleven? - that he’d set up camp in the corner of Graves’ room, “I think I spend more time here than in my actual flat. Between here and the case, I do wonder why I’m paying the rent on it.” He lent forward, chin resting on his knees and wrists loosely crossed over his ankles. Graves was - as ever - still and silent, but Newt had managed to add a few bits and pieces. Weightless charms, to reduce the risk of bedsores. Tweaks to the lighting charms on the ceiling, to better mimic the sun and the rhythm of the day. A bit of a breeze. Smells, outdoor smells - people tended to overlook smell, but it was one of the most important senses. If Graves was even a little aware of his surroundings, Newt thought he should have some better smells around than sterile hospital linen.

He could do more, if he wasn’t worried about tripping the monitoring wards. Turning artificial spaces into natural habitats was what Newt did, what he was good at, and Asclepius’ hospital was all but overflowing with ambient magic that existed to heal - Newt could have turned the cramped room into open Savannah plains if he could convince the hospital it would help Graves. He itched to, occasionally; maybe not plains, but maybe New York? Maybe Graves would prefer the feel of his city, the sounds of busy streets and the rumbling grind of daily life. Newt would like to ask him.

Steve perked up suddenly, interrupting Newt’s thoughts as he took wing and hovered by the door that melted out of the wall. And there, ultimately, was the only thing stopping Newt from moving in: the irregular check ups from Graves’ doctors and guards. Technically, Newt wasn’t supposed to be there. Even if he was eighty seven percent sure that it was the hospital itself that kept dragging him back, Newt doubted that the aurors would take kindly to his intrusion.

“I’ve got to go,” he told Graves regretfully as he moved over to the anchor stones he’d placed around the bed. A wave of his wand collected them and cancelled the atmosphere charms he’d been running, and he felt the walls sigh as Asclepius’ resettled the usual window illusions and wards into place. “We need to talk about your sentient buildings when you wake up though, because I’m starting to lean towards your hospital being possessed. In a good way - did I tell you about the Lares spirits I met? You’d like those, I think.”

He stopped for a moment, staring at Graves and wondering if Graves would, in fact, like them. Newt knew nothing about Graves. He could infer a lot from the auror’s near devotion to him - from Tina’s devotion - and from the harsh persona Grindelwald had pulled on to impersonate him, but.


Graves was pale, in a way that said he was usually tanned but had been kept away from the sun for too long. His hair was dark brown, not black, and it fanned around his head on the pillow. There were furrows etched into his forehead and the beginnings of crows feet at the edge of his eyes, and Newt pushed a stray strand of hair back and wondered if they were from anger or stress. If you worry you suffer twice, but even Newt can’t help but worry when his creatures are in danger and if what Tina said was true - well, maybe Graves worried for his aurors the same as Newt did for his creatures?

“If you’d only wake up,” he whispered, allowing his fingers to rest in Graves’ surprisingly soft hair, “I could ask.”

Steve flittered urgently at the door. Newt couldn’t hear the footsteps on the other side of the wall, but he knew better than to push his luck. He picked up his case and slipped through the door and into an innocuous back street just as the wards peeled back to allow the aurors into the room.


So there technically is no poll feature on Tumblr so I’m doing this instead. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I was wondering if it would be helpful/if there would be anybody interested if I created a diamond guide? I recently used up the last of my diamonds in one of the books and it was a poor choice like totally not worth it. So I was thinking that I would make a worth it/not worth it walk through for some of the books. What do you all think? Sound off in the comments section/reblog/like this post and let me know!

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Night at the museum au maybe?

At first I though this was weird but then I saw how cOOL THIS IS AND IM WRITING MORE OF THIS AU I PROMISE


Prompt: Night at the museum Au


Patton couldn’t wait for nighttime.

He just couldn’t wait.

As the museum’s doors closed and the night came, he jumped out of his exposition and rushed through the hallways as quickly as he could, grinning from ear to ear.

It was time, it was time!

He entered the main section of the museum and grinned as he saw the other three coming closer: Roman, from the medieval section, holding his sword and riding his horse; Logan, from the science department, wearing his lab coat and fixing his glasses; and Ann, from the fantasy section, with his magic book and dark clothes.

“Friends!” Patton said, happily, rushing to them as Roman got out of his horse and smiled at them.

“My lords” the royal said, bowing, and Logan moved his glasses as his salute while Ann just waved.

“What is the eagerness about, Pat?” Ann asked, raising his eyebrow, and Patton squealed happily.

“I overheard today that there will be a new night guard! His name is Thomas! Today is his first night and I think we should make a good impression!” The father said, eyes sparkling. “Let’s go to the door! I want to be the first to greet him!”

“I don’t have anything better to do” Logan said, and other two nodded, following Patton to the door, waiting for the guy to arrive. They didn’t have to wait for long, and the door opened slowly, and a small man walked inside, closing the door behind him and turning on the lights.

When he turned around, he gasped and jumped back, seeing the four men in front of him.

“Hello!” Patton said, happily, waving his hand. “I’m Patton, from the modern day section! It’s a pleasure to meet the new night guard! Thomas, right? Oh I’m so excited! What’s your favourite part of the museum? Do you like it? Or it’s just a job?”

“Patton, that is quite enough. You are scaring him” Logan said, firmly, looking at the man that was pressed against the door. He was breathing hard, his eyes wide, scared.

“You… You… You…” Thomas stuttered, and Roman rolled his eyes.

“Typical” the royal said, shaking his head. “Yes, we are reanimated at night” he explained, raising his eyebrow. “One would believe you, night guards, talked to each other”

“They… Said something… Like that” Thomas breathed out. “I didn’t believe them…”

“Yeah bro” Ann said, shrugging. “We are alive. Big deal. Patton wanted to say hello” he nodded to the father that was still grinning.

“Yes. Hello” Patton squealed, and Thomas chuckles quietly, a little breathless.

“So… Everything has life in here?” He asked, looking around at the empty main hall. The four nodded, Logan fixing his glasses.

“Indeed. All exhibitions gain life at night. They usually stay inside their section, but since we four are somewhat friends, we always meet to talk about our day” Logan explained, and Thomas smiled a little, calming down.

“Ah… That’s cute” he said, smiling softly. “So… Wanna show me around? I didn’t have the time to see the museum, I moved here last week” he said, and Patton quickly nodded, taking Thomas’ hand.

“Yes! Come with us! Oh we have so much to show you!” He said, tugging Thomas around as the other three followed, ready to explain everything around the museum.

Until morning, they talked and showed the museum around, presenting Thomas to some of the biggest characters of history or yay showing exotic species of animals.

It was a fun night overall, and they couldn’t wait to see Thomas again when the sun rose.

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hi! me and my friend have long considered Gamzee more as a plot device/deus ex machina than a character with an actual personality that makes logical sense. we were looking up Whistles (see MSPA wiki) and think that Gamzee is... apparently just a giant callback? A private joke? A character moved to the wrong universe, warped to fit the narrative? we're going to get our hands on the actual book ASAP, but I figured if any blog could start meta discussion over it w/ owners, it was yours.

I will say that my friend @hussianphilosopher made some points about Gamzee I thought were compelling, and on my agenda is moving that little Tumblr post over to Medium with a few expanded sections on Gamzee and Damara.

I’ve known about Whistles, and yeah I agree that Gamzee is definitely a giant callback to that in many ways. But honestly I really don’t like the idea that any character in homestuck is just a plot device/makes no sense–Equius is an extended humanimals reference in a bunch of ways, but he’s still also a character who has depth and intrigue and a coherent personality, as Tex Talks breaks down excellently here:

HOWEVER, If I were to accept that any character in Homestuck is contrived and nonsensical and exists only to be a joke, it would be Gamzee. It’s just that I believe that perception is intentional, and in itself part of his character arc. Tex Talks may help get across why I think so here, as well:

College Advice


I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned in college so far (in no particular order) 

1) Understand the Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting. Basically, constantly revise your notes or else you’ll forget all of what you learned from the previous day/week/etc. Plus, it’ll be easier come midterms and finals season when you’ll have to review all the material anyway. 

2) Don’t cram. The brain is not built to process a lot of information very quickly. All cramming does is make you overwhelmed and stress, and stress won’t do you any good. Going along with this, used space repetition, and keep revisiting your notes.

3) Use active recall. When reading from a textbook, don’t take notes. Once you finish a section of the chapter, close your book, and write down notes from memory. Then go back and fill in the gaps. Forcing your brain to think this way best consolidates memories. 

4) Don’t overlearn. If you feel like you understand it well, you probably do. Don’t over-revise, that may sometimes make you more confused. This tip is best if you have an exam coming up soon and you’re worried about it. You’re going to do fine :D

5) Figure out your music situation soon. If you like listening to music in the background, listen to instrumental music, but not music you already know. 

6) Take practice tests. I can’t stress this enough. Ask your professors for some. Google some. Do whatever you have to do, but definitely do them. 

7) Study before sleeping. Sleep consolidates memories.

8) Do you have test anxiety? Write your concerns on an index card/post it note/loose leaf paper/etc! If you put your concerns on paper, it clears your mind so you can focus on the test. :D

9) Vary your study locations. Everyone needs a little change and sometimes this can make recall easier. For example, say on a quiz the question is, “What is Hofstadter’s Law?” You can link the information to a specific place, as in you studied that at a library as opposed to your usual studying spot, homeroom.

Speaking of Hofstadter’s Law…

10) Hofstadter’s Law states that things will always take longer than you expect them to. So, make a home-stretch schedule. For example, if you want to do homework from 12-3 thinking it’ll only take three hours, add an extra half hour to one hour. You’ll more than likely find something else to study. (but don’t forget to take breaks!)

11) Find out what study methods work best for you (flashcards, mind maps, concept maps, etc.) but don’t forget to vary them, and tailor them towards the subject(s) you are studying. Also, if something isn’t working for whatever reason, don’t be afraid to fix it, even if you think it’s too late. It’s better to realize something isn’t working and change that before you actually lose any points. This could be applied to note taking as well. :D 

12) Don’t be afraid to use apps! There’s nothing wrong in utilizing sources. Rather, you should take advantage of all resources, that’s how to optimize your learning, whether that’s school related or general life related. 

13) Go to Office Hours. I did an entire post on this. It will save your grade :D

14) Get a planner and organization system down the first week of classes. This will help you to not fall behind. Especially with research projects. (Post coming soon!)

15) Don’t constantly study. Take a break, go out, have a good time with loved ones. You’ve got your whole life to study :D

I could use some input.

So if you don’t know, hi, I’m a Jew-in-process and also have a very hard time focusing on things. Like, you know, sermons, and occasionally long prayers (Chatzi Kaddish I love you why must you hurt me in this way). So one of my friends gave me a set of misbaḥah, Muslim prayer beads, to use as a fidget in temple. They’re heavy but not obtrusive and the texture is easy to play with. (And this particular set is lovely!) But even though they were given to me by a Muslim, for a purpose similar to the original intended one (concentrating during prayer), I feel kind of weird about using them.

So I had the thought of making my own fidget that’s not a semi-sacred object from another religion, but has a similar setup and use. I’m thinking of a string of 18 blue and white beads for chai with the colors taken from the tallit (or the flag of Israel if you prefer that interpretation) separated into six sections of three each by silver beads with the letters בְּ  שִׁ וי ב ד  on them to represent the five books of Torah, and a blue tassel at the bottom to represent the mitzvah of wearing tallitot. Put together, it would provide a variety of stims to help keep the hands busy and the mind on prayer (or whatever the rabbi might be talking about). But beads are kind of expensive when you’re buying them for a single item.

So Jumblr: would you use such a thing, if it were available to you? (It’s fine if the answer is “I’m neurotypical but that seems like a good way to focus on prayer.” That counts as yes.) And if so, how much would you be willing to pay for it? (I need to know if the general consensus would even cover the cost of beads and thread before I can decide if I’d put them on Etsy.)

Journal Prompts for Self-Compassion

From various internet sites

1.       Write about yourself as if you were describing a character in a book. Highlight sections that give negative descriptions and ask yourself whether this is how others see you or how you see yourself. Avoid incorporating personal information or anything that would not be evident to someone describing you from brief observation. Reflect on the differences between this description and the way you actually feel about yourself. 

2.      Think of someone you know and admire. Write down the things that make them less than perfect. Highlight their flaws and vices and reflect on why you are able to admire them despite these shortcomings. You may find that they are a lot more flawed than you expected, but for different reasons than yourself. You may also find that you succeed in many of the areas where they fail. Write a bit about why you forgive their flaws but have trouble forgiving your own. 

3.      Write double spaced and let it all out. Write about why you’re feeling sad, how it feels, when it started. Write about yourself and the things you’re struggling with. Challenge yourself to write the most personal things that are troubling you, dig deeply and don’t censor yourself. With a different coloured pen, write in the lines you skipped by double spacing. Answer the line above as though a friend had confessed it to you and asked for help. Give advice, regardless of how feeble. Be as kind in your responses as you would be to a friend going through trouble. Don’t criticize, console. Tell yourself it will be alright. You might find that it’s easier to forgive when it feels like you’re forgiving someone else. 

4.      Answer the following questions as objectively as possible: 

Why do you criticize yourself and your life more than you criticize other people?

What is the standard you’re holding yourself against? Would you hold anyone else up to that standard? If no, then why? Is it an impossible standard?

Does anyone have all the positive qualities that you have, as well as the ones you wish you had? 

How many of your own qualities might be envied by others?  

What would you tell someone who wishes they had your positive qualities instead of their own?

5.      List the things that make you happy. Don’t include people you can’t see, things you can’t have, or places you can’t go. Only list things that are conceivably available at any time. Look back on this list next time you’re bored, sad, or lonely and try to surround yourself with the things you have listed. Focus on how happy you are that you have these things in your life, and don’t let yourself stomp out the warm feeling.

6.      When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is…

7.      Make a list of the people in your life who genuinely support you, and who you can genuinely trust.

8.      What would you do if you loved yourself unconditionally? What would that look like? How can you act on these things whether you do or don’t?

9.      Name a compassionate way you’ve supported a friend recently. Then write down how you can do the same for yourself.

10.  Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to.

11.   Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.

Rogue Fantasy: an anaysis and overview

So for my second term of high school (I do clonlara school, basically an online high school) I decided to give in to nerdery and do a summary on the Rogue Fantasy subgenre. I know, I know, it’s crazy. But here it is.

*Deep breath*

~Rogue fantasy~

Introduction and general overview

Fantasy is an incredibly rich genre, but since it’s birth, it has grown enormously, new subgenres evolving seemingly endlessly. Fantasy as we know is fiction whith otherworldly, unnatural and/or magic elements incorporated to the story and world.

To name a few genres;

There’s High Fantasy & Epic Fantasy – great stories that take place in entirely fictional universes, often letting the reader follow several protagonists’ points of view.

There’s Urban Fantasy, which is fantasy themes applied to an urban, often steampunk setting.

There’s ‘Grimdark’ where the name almost speaks for itself, dark worlds filled with evil and disaster, where the morality of the characters are in most cases questionable.

I’ve recently been reading a lot of Rogue fantasy. Like the name suggests, it’s subgenre about thieves and rogues, where the criminal aspects are key to the story.

However, I’ve had a hard time defining the genre. The books I’ve read during my work with this genre have all fit into different subgenres according to other readers, and because of that, I’ve been able to see connections between different subgenres.

For example, I read a series called the Gentlemen Bastards Sequence – a story of thieves and conmen in a world which is not entirely dissimilar from our own rennaisance world. Someone classified those books as Grimdark fantasy. I read another book, a classic, the Princess Bride, just to realize that this book is more of a 'Swashbuckler’ fantasy novel. Swashbuckler fantasy is mainly about heroism in a world full of adventure, with swordfighting and pirates and whatnot. And then I realized that I could absolutely fit the Gentlemen Bastards books into the Swashbuckler genre as well as the Grimdark genre. And so on.

I think that this particular genre, although it’s a very popular one – with thieves more or less dominating the Young Adult section of fantasy – is rather 'unclassified’. Or maybe that’s the wrong word. Rather that the books can fit into several genres, which would make more sense.

For example, I could see the book 'The Princess Bride’ as a rogue fantasy book because it shares the Swashbuckling action and adventure that many other 'rogue’ fantasy books I’ve read have. I think it’s very important to realize that when talking about different Fantasy genres, it’s often a personal case of classifying it.

1: The Rogue

If I had to name one thing that makes Rogue fantasy Rogue fantasy – it would of course be the rogue herself. But there isn’t just one rogue – there are different kinds. Especially in this genre, the types of rogues are many. I’ve made a list where I describe the different kinds of rogues I’ve found in fantasy fiction.

First off, the word 'Rogue’ means 'An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal’.

This means that a rogue doesn’t have to be a thief although most of us probably think of an assassin when we hear the word rogue (courtesy of World of Warcraft) but that’s only one of the many things a rogue can be.

The different kinds of Rogues

The first thing that springs to mind when we think of Rogues is probably the Thief.

The Thief

There are many kinds of thieves just as there are many kinds of rogues, but a thief is always a person who steals, if not, they’d be called something else. The thief could be anything from a professional housebreaking burglar to a lowly orphan pickpocket to a corrupt politician working to fill his coffers on the work of others, But in the end, it’s still a thief we talk about. The fantasy thief we get to follow is often an orphan, either working alone, a miserable soul alone in a dangerous adult world, or they could be a member of a gang, where the orphan works together with others. Often, these gangs have distinct hierarchies where the bigger, tougher orphans keep the younger ones at bay with violence and threats, with the younger ones doing the hard work just to have their stolen goods confiscated by the ones higher up in the ladder. But a Thief can also be adult, of course. Then we’re looking at burglars and pickpockets who could either have grown up doing their job, or have become thieves as a result of for example poverty or bankrupcy. In the end, anyone could be a thief, if there are no other choices.

The Assassin

Another of the most well-known types of Rogues is the Assassin. Just like the case with thieves, there are numerous forms of Assassins; From the lowlife cutthroat waiting in the alley for someone to kill and rob to the professional hired killer that hunts down people in exchange for payment. The typical fantasy Assassin doesn’t usually hold any personal grudge against her target – she simply kills because whoever paid her told her to. For this, the assassin has to be cynical and resistant to emotion. The idea of killing anyone – young or old, king or peasant – has to be acceptable for the ideal assassin. The Assassin is known to work alone. She rarely have friends or close contacts, maybe because she has a habit of not trusting anyone she’s not threatening with a dagger. However, assassin guilds are not entirely uncommon in the world of organized crime. An important thing to remember is that not every assassin is a specialist trained to kill kings and politicians, quite the opposite actually. Being a professional assassin takes a lot of practise and a good pinch of skill, so simple cutthroats and stranglers are common in gangs, working along with burglars or other thieves to achieve a common goal: money.

The Bandit

A disclaimer: When I say bandit, I don’t mean the same kind of criminal as the Thief. The bandit, to me, is a criminal with an adventurous spirit. Think Robin hood, or Captain Jack Sparrow, for example. The Bandit usually has slightly better morals than the thief or the assassin, but that doesn’t mean they are kind members of society. Bandits steal and pillage too. But the bandit is in some occassions almost a folk hero. He steals from the rich and (sometimes) gives to the poor. There are many kinds of bandits. There’s the forest bandit, working in gangs together, robbing kings and dukes and then withdrawing to the safety of the deep forest, there’s the heroic but scumbag-ish pirate, who is the most 'evil’ kind of bandit, there’s the highwayman – an almost ghostlike bandit who appears out of thin air on the roadside to rob you of your belongings. There’s the steampunk freebooter, much like a pirate, often a member of an often dysfunctional criminal gang dedicated to adventure and treasure-seeking.

To summarize the bandit;

Where the thief does it because she has no other choice, the Bandit does it just because she can.

The Trickster

This is a tricky one. See what I did there? No, but seriously, this is where the lines start to get blurry. From the corrupt aristocrat to the orphan street actor, the Trickster is a thief who swindles others. Also often called a conman, this is one of the more interesting types of thieves according to me because it involves so much play. The Trickster carefully plans his jobs, wether they involve the swindling of a wealthy aristocrat or a simple street con. The Trickster is often a richer kind of thief, who can afford costumes and disguises which he or she can use in their jobs. Example: The Gentlemen Bastards book series is about a gang of tricksters. The first book involves them playing a heist against a rich nobleman, seamlessly weaving a totally fake story to get his attention, and then, spinning the web even wider, they begin hauling off bags of money right in front of their eyes. The Trickster often enjoys his job. A personality trait common to many tricksters is good charisma. The Trickster can convince and bluff anyone with a little time and perhaps just a little bit of luck, wether it be that rich, influental lady down in the Ballroom or the paranoid duke in his well-guarded office.

The Bruiser

This is another kind of weird type of rogue because the Bruiser is often not just a bruiser. A Bruiser is a strong person who has experience with weapons and can handle themselves well in a fight. For example, the Bruiser might be a war veteran or ex-guardsman. The Bruiser is a teamplayer, definitely. She is very important in a gang of Rogues. A Bruiser can rough people up while the Thieves empty their treasury, or if something goes wrong in a job, one can always rely on the Bruiser to be there with either her fist, swords, or in Jean Tannen’s case – his two hatchets. But as I said, the Bruiser must not be limited to just fighting and brawling, in many cases, a Bruiser is skilled in the arts of stealth and pickpocking as well

~The Rogue Character~

In Rogue fantasy, the main ”element” is the character, without doubt. What I mean with this is, in for example, Epic fantasy or High fantasy, the world is the focus. Worldbuilding is key. But Rogue Fantasy involves getting personal with the characters. Very personal.

The rogue is a lawless person, who steals money or valuable property from others for their own gain. The morals of a rogue are always a relevant topic in Rogue Fantasy. What separates a heroic ”steal from the rich – give to the poor”-bandit from a lowly murder? Both are criminals, right?

For a rogue fantasy story to be interesting and enjoyable to read, the rogue character has to have some human side that can be understood by the reader. This can and will of course vary from reader to reader. I’ve seen reviews of books with ”evil” characters where I really don’t agree at all – and vice versa. It’s a tricky thing to know who’s going to enjoy the book and who’s going to disagree with the mission of the main characters. Sometimes one can both enjoy the book and also disagree with the characters mission, as I said, it’s a very personal thing.

Gender equality

This is also something that varies from author to author. But the Rogue fantasy books that I have read have actually surprised me. I would have loved to see even more female main/important characters but I will have to give this genre a pass on the gender equality test. Sexism was actually very sparse in the books I read, even Goldman’s 'The Princess Bride’ from the 1970’s, which did include some sexism, but that was in the 70’s and from what I’ve seen and read, Rogue fantasy and Fantasy in general has more or less grown past sexism. But again, this varies. Not all authors are the same of have the same views on society, but I’m very happy to see that the authors I picked for this analysis haven’t dissapointed me.

The Female Rogue

I’m only doing this paragraph because even though the sexism I found while reading was sparse, it existed. I’m writing this to sum up all the positive depictions of female rogues I got while reading.

The female rogue is every bit as skilled as the male one. There is no difference between the sexes. I’ve met tall, brutal killers and short sneaky assassins among the women in Rogue Fantasy stories. Just like their male counterparts. Badass female rogues are very common in todays Rogue Fantasy, which I think is epic.

One of the main characters in Scott Lynch’s 'Republic of Thieves’ is Sabetha Belacoros, a total criminal expert and con artist mastermind.

In 'Red Seas over Red Skies’, in the same book series, we meet the ruthless and widely feared pirate Drakasha, ruler of the Sea of Brass, and her swashbuckling sidekick Ezri.

In Brandon Sanderson’s 'The Final Empire’ (Mistborn series), there’s Vin, the assassin/crook who uses ancient metallurgic magic to gain superhuman powers as she helps ignite the flames of revolution in an autocratic country.

In 'Retribution Falls’ by Chris Wooding, we meet all sorts of steampunk pirate women. There’s the navigator Jez who is hiding a secret which has kept her running across the country for many many years. Most notable character in this entire book: Trinicka Dracken. Bounty hunter. Captain of a huge airship. Cold-blooded traitor and killer. Former lover of the main character. A great character!

Another character, this one from a non-Rogue Fantasy novel is the debt collector Devi from The Name of the Wind. She’s definitely malicious and tricky enough to earn an honorable mention in this list.

2: The Goal

Crooks want money. That’s common knowledge. Often, the goal of the Rogues in a story is a pile of gold, but like most fantasy heroes through ages of epic stories, many Rogues seek adventure. This is especially seen in Swashbuckler fantasy, closely related to Rogue fantasy.

But that adventure is often achieved on the road to that big pile of gold.

Most thieves become thieves because of two reasons: 1), They have no choice, or 2), they have a great greed for wealth and power, and achieving it the lawful way is too hard and takes too much time. To complete this goal of wealth and/or power (the two often come together), some things are essential. Brains are the number one components in the plan, second come nimble fingers for picking locks and cutting purses, muscles for breaking open doors and immobilizing guards and also, very important, cunning. The rogue must be able to think quickly, and act quicker. She needs to be able to make important decisions quickly and under pressure if the situation comes to that.

That’s why it’s important to the rogue to either be all of this things herself if she works alone, or assemble a trustworthy and qualified gang where everyone is assigned their role. Both work. Both have their pros and cons.

Back to the goal.

In many rogue fantasy books, the goal is achieved and the rogues live happily ever after (until someone catches them and they meet a swift end at the edge of an axe or a not so swift one at the end of a noose) but sometimes that goal can be quite nasty to reach. It may take a few books (or seven, as Scott Lynch allegedly plans for his Gentlemen Bastards) but at least in most completed Rogue Fantasy book that I have read, the main characters reach their goal and all is well. It takes a lot to write a story where the main characters fail their goal and still have readers praising the book.

3: The World

Just because I stated above that Rogue fantasy is built on character development doesn’t mean that the world is less important. For the story to be interesting and believable, the world has to be as well.

Rogue fantasy is incredibly adaptive. It can take place in an urban setting. It can be set in High Fantasy worlds like for example ”The Way of Shadows” by Brent Weeks. It can be set in a world historically similar to ours, like in ”The Lies of Locke Lamora” by Scott Lynch, where the world is similar to our own Rennaisance Venice.

I like to think that while High Fantasy worlds are vast and with many different countries and provinces, Rogue fantasy worlds are often smaller and more focused on a few places, usually. Of course, there are exceptions but the Rogue fantasy books that have really stood out to me and been the most enjoyable have been that way.

The rogue fantasy world is often somewhat evil. I don’t know if that’s the right word, but it certainly often has a dark undertone. I think it is there to amplify the dark theme of Rogues and crime, and Victorian Steampunk is a classic theme for these stories.

For example, not that the Sherlock Holmes stories are thief stories – it’s the other way around, but they’re criminal stories set in a kind of dark Victorian england. That kind of world is perfect for rogue fantasy, as seen in the video game Dishonored, where one plays an assassin in a huge steampunk city.

But as I said, High Fantasy worlds suit Rogue Fantasy perfectly. This is seen in Swashbuckler fantasy stories for example, like ”The Princess Bride” and even sometimes, although the world is darker and grimier, in Brandon Sanderson’s ”The Final Empire”.

The world plays a great role in Rogue Fantasy. The character is the main element, while in High Fantasy, the worldbuilding is key, more often than not. But for the story to be alive and functioning, emulating a living society where the Rogues do their play, the world has to be seamless. Who lives in that huge city where the thieves roam at night? Who’s that baker and what’s he hiding in his basement? That rich aristocrat in the fancier neighbourhood, I heard he’s got a stash of gems that could easily be lifted with a little tricking. People play huge roles in fantasy stories. Where they would usually be more ”good” in stories like ”The Hobbit”, they might be more cynical, ”evil” or otherwise wicked in some way. This is especially seen in the High Fantasy series ”A world of Ice and Fire”. That kind of world, like in Martin’s novels, fit Rogue Fantasy extremely well.

A hostile world is a perfect environment for Rogues.

The world has to be functioning like our own in order to achieve as good a story as possible. I’m not saying everyone has to do that, I’ve read stories where the world isn’t really that well-crafted and unique but the story hasn’t suffered from it at all.

Other than those few points like darker undertone and ”strange” people, a Rogue Fantasy world could be just like any other fantasy world.

Summary: Rogues are awesome and Rogue fantasy is the best thing for rainy days, best enjoyed with chocolate and a cup of tea. (based on personal experience)

How to Get Started Smash Booking When You’re Broke

Since some of my most popular posts are about my smash book I figured I’d make a little tutorial post about how to smash book on a budget and show what’s in my box that I keep my smash booking supplies in! 

Long post ahead under the cut!

The Box:

it’s nothing really pretty to be honest, but I might decorate it in the future. I work in an ice cream shop and I snagged it there before it was thrown in the recycling bin lmao. I’d recommend something pretty big. I know some people use photo album boxes to keep their stuff in, but I prefer this because I can keep everything in it and my stuff is relatively contained and not spread out everywhere around my house. 


I know the point of a smash book is the patterned pages, but I often like to put down tissue paper, leftover wrapping paper, paper bags, etc. just to tie things together a little bit. I never buy this stuff, it’s all recycled from other things I get (like most things I smash book, as you’ll find out if you read the rest of this post lmao), it’s cheaper and it makes things a little more sentimental that way too!

Pretty Paper:

I do buy scrapbooking paper from time to time, but I only do when it’s on sale or under $5. Pages from catalogs (like the Lush one pictured) can often be used here too! Take advantage of free stuff. 


Stickers are one of my favorite things. I buy most of mine from the dollar store and the clearance aisle at craft stores. There are also lots of places to buy them for really cheap on etsy! Be sure to check that out too! Letter stickers in particular can be really useful and I suggest getting some of those and building up a collection c:

Die Cuts:

Basically the same thing as stickers as for what I have to say about them. I have a lot of them tbh… But clearance aisles, dollar stores, and specifically the Target dollar spot are really good places to check out.

Sentimental Things - and the most important thing - Trash: 

(no picture because I’ve used up most of what I have in this section) Obviously the bulk of your stuff in your smash book is going to be with things you get while out and about and doing things. My best advice for this section is to not throw stuff away. Save pretty wrappers. Save receipts. Save pictures and postcards and letters and maps, basically just anything you find that makes you happy or is tied to a good memory or you think looks cool! My friends all think I’m a pack rat because of my smash book tbh.

The best thing to do to get started smash booking is to get out of the house and do stuff, and to find beauty in little things while out and about. Press flowers! Take pictures! Save receipts and wrappers! Smash booking doesn’t have to be expensive at all, it’s all about using what you have and arranging it strategically so it looks cool. That’s it! 

So thanks for reading this whole thing! Hope you got something out of this and either keep on or start smash booking!!

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“your face is extremely close and i cant concentrate” au. I can so see the potential for some soma :3

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We’re All Scrambling
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Summary: Soul hates the library, but he loves naps. Unfortunately, Maka needs a very specific book, and he’s in the way.

ok here have this awkward library UST two-shot:

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