thinking about it this would also be day 5


Victuuri week - Day 5 - Crossover (Steven Universe AU)

‘So…? What was it? The answer.’


tbh i’ve always thought about a victuuri gem fusion AU (it would work so well)! and wouldn’t it be cute if they accidentally fused during their kiss tho ahaha~ their fusion would be a sweet, confident and sexy gem! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ aaa i even tried to draw them in a vaguely SU style but uhh it’s hard (⊙﹏⊙✿)

uhm….i really can’t believe that i already hit 500?? and i remade like a week ago?? thank you all so much for following me and making this such an enjoyable place for me to be i love you all so much 💘 i’ve been here since 2010 when will i leave

so i decided to do a follow forever and include all the amazing blogs that i follow, i hope you all have a wonderful day and know how much you all mean to me 💐

☼ - i love you with my whole heart
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[TRANS] Haru Hana Vol. 41 Issue ‘Interview with NCT 127′

Group Interview

NCT127 who were the last to appear on stage at the 68th ‘Sapporo Snow KPOP Festival’ held on the 12th of February. Because of their Japanese member, Yuta, we were able to hear their stories on their first time in Hokkaido.

Q: What did you do in Sopporo?
Taeyong: We saw the snow and everyone played like kids.
Doyoung: We haven’t seen snow in a while and everywhere we go there’s piled up snow, we played happily. We also wanted to show our fans this scenery, so we took photos and shared them on SNS.

Q: What did you eat?
Mark: Ramen.
Taeyong: Shabu-shabu and sushi.
Yuta: Can I speak Japanese? It was my first time eating miso ramen in Sapporo, it really is delicious, everyone all ate like they were possessed by a hungry demon.

Q: During your concert, Taeyong performed Kotori Yoshino’s gag, who showed it to him?
Yuta: I showed it to him, and he seemed to like it a lot, so he decided to do it once.

Q: Yuta also worked hard to be the MC.
Yuta: Normally it’s hard for me to express my feelings in Korean, but I can freely do so in Japanese, so I want to talk more and interact more, ad libs just comes out.

Q: How did the other members feel after watching Yuta?
Johnny: This was my first time coming to Japan with Yuta, and because he was so used to Korea, I thought he is almost a Korean. But after seeing him in Japan I thought ‘ah, (he’s) Japanese’.
Mark: That’s right, that’s right
Taeyong: He came to Japan and did various things well. (He) organised our food menu as well.
Haechan: When we arrived in Japan and asked about things we didn’t know, Yuta hyung helped us.
Jaehyun: During the show when we were doing the ment, I also asked questions, Yuta hyung overcame it all.

Q: I am going to bring up a unique fashion topic, what kind of style of plain clothes do you like?
Winwin: I like clothes that are clean (bright) and smart.
Doyoung: I like comfortable clothes. Casual clothes.
Taeil: For me, training wear. I really like being comfortable.
Yuta: I like (wearing) entirely black. Or all black.
Jaehyun: I like all kinds of colours. I also like anything monotone, simple but with a point.
Haechan: I like comfortable clothes~
Taeyong: I like baggy clothes. For example, a t-shirt that I have at home for 5 years.
Mark: It differs depending on how I feel. I pick clothes according to how I feel.
Johnny: I also wear clothes depending on how I feel that day, I pick clothes that can express my feelings.

Q: Which member cares about their fashion the most?
Mark: I think it’s Winwin hyung.
Yuta: Isn’t it fashion terrorist Winwin?
Doyoung: It’s high fashion (as in high fashion sense).
Taeil: You will be surprised when you see it.

Q: What goals would you like to achieve in 2017?
Taeyong: We would like to have more activities in Japan, and in Korea of course.
Yuta: There will be a lot of chances this year to come to Japan so please look forward to them.

Solo Interview

Q1:Food I can’t get sick of
Q2:If I could go on a one-day trip without any distance restriction
Q3: Member with who I want to always stay together
Q4: Song that I like
Q5: Praise for another member
Q6: A word for Japanese fans

A1. Samgyeobsal, Pizza (it has been my favorite food)
A2. Gangwon-do. I want to go to a ski resort for skiing and snowboarding
A3. Johnny. We talk well. Even if I ask strange questions, he answers well. It’s fun.
A4. NCT127 LIMITLESS. The more you listen, the better it becomes
A5. Taeil -> Johnny:  He is calm. He is tall.  Can communicate well with anybody.  Language Skills (English, Korean, Chinese). He is strong. 
A6. Thank you for always giving us your support. From now on we’ll work hard to be able to show you a cool stage and music. NCT fighting!

A1. Sandwich. You can eat it wherever and whenever you want, there are a lot of types as well.
A2. I want to sleep on my bed in our house in America.
A3. I like all of the members!!
A4. Coldplay – Yellow
A5. Johnny -> Taeyong: Really handsome. Knows for sure what he is looking for. It’s cute when he tries to look cool.
A6. I wish there were more fan signs where I can meet Japanese fans! Thank you so much for cheering (for us)!

A1. Sujebi. I have liked it ever since I was small, and I also like kneading.
A2. Youngsters’ street, Shibuya. I like fashion so I want to see what it’s like.
A3. Yuta. It’s comfortable (with him) because we’ve known each other for so long.
A4. NCT127 Limitless
A5. Taeyong (JT/N I think in the original text, it was misspelled as from Taeil) -> Yuta: a good friend who is joyful, cheerful, righteous, he always does his best, cool and manly
A6. I will always appreciate the interest and affection we get from Japanese fans. I will continue to do my best to make NCT 127 reputable!!! 

[ YUTA ]
A1. Takoyaki. Isn’t Takoyaki the best?
A2. Europe. Italy. The streets are very pretty.
A3. I don’t have one. I don’t want to be together until we are old (I want to be) together with my beautiful wife in the future…
A4. TVXQ sunbaenim’s Begin. I always listen to it when I sleep.
A5. Yuta -> Doyoung: He sings well. I like his voice. Among the member, he is a person who is always stable. (well-controlled and organised) he is the mediator. He can talk about his personal opinions, but also care about his surroundings.
A6. Japanese fans, it’s Yuta! I am always, always thankful for your cheers!! Please continue to look after us!!

A1. Noodle soup (Udon)
A2. Italy
A3. Taeil
A4. NCT127 Switch
A5. Doyoung -> Jaehyun : I can’t choose one because he has so many charms. I just want to point out his ‘Reverse Charm’. He’s both manly and kind! The charm is coming from the gap.
A6. To my fans in Japan, I will cheer you up because your love and encouragement. 

A1. Water. I never get tired of drinking it.
A2. Neptune. I want to go to Neptune as the first person in the world
A3. Winwin.  He’s my friend. I don’t think I’ll get tired of him when we are together
A5. Jaehyun -> Winwin. Winwin’s is optimistic. He is very innocent but can also be serious at times.  And most of all, he is very, very, very cute. 
A6.  Everyone please love us 'limitlessly’  We (I) will always be grateful.

A1. Meat (chicken, beef)
A2. I want to go to New Zealand. I like everything about it.
A3. Friend. Jaehyun.
A4. NCT127 Limitless
A5. Winwin -> Mark: I really like his personality. He is always considerate and cute. He’s also good at dancing and rapping. He really, really has a lot of charms. Mark who has limitless charms.
A6. Please continue to cheer for us.

[ MARK ]
A1. Chicken. I can eat many different kinds of chicken.
A2. I would like to walk around the town I lived in Canada one more time.
A3. Winwin hyung. It’s interesting how there’s always a new feeling when being together with him.
A4. Justin Bieber - Love Yourself
A5. Mark -> Haechan: His legs are pretty. His energy is overflowing. He’s good at cooking. He’s not good at listening to me but he’s improving.  His character is completely different from mine so it’s interesting.
A6. To all our Japanese fans~!
This is our first visiting Sapporo. After being welcomed by our pretty Japanese fans, I like Japan even more! I would be very happy if we can visit Japan more frequently from now on. Please anticipate the next time we see each other!!

A1. kimchi
A2. Busan. I want to go to eat sashimi.
A3. Doyoung hyung
A4. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
A5. Haechan -> Taeil: He’s good at singing. He plays instruments well. He’s fun, kind, and good at sports.
A6. Everyone, I’m so happy!! Thank you!! 

Translation:  Teddy, Rini, Selin  Esmee, Em @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO) | Source: llla_ittt

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anonymous asked:

As someone who has knowledge in the current activities going about, I read you're definition of a fascist, which is plainly wrong about individualism. The anti-individualism is part of the Communist Karl Marx way. It's also, as you forgot to point out, totalitarian, same as communism. The united States is NOT a toltarian government, and that is the MAJOR requirement to be fascist. As well as the alt-right isn't commiting "purges" to beat up the left and torture as the left does.

This is amazing.

1) “ As someone who has knowledge in the current activities going about,”

What does that even mean?  Oh, you “have knowledge?”  So we’re supposed to defer to your authority on the subject, without any explanation of what “knowledge” you have?  WTF does “current activities going about” even mean or refer to???

2)  “ I read you’re definition of a fascist,” 

Oh, you’re (meaning “you are” as opposed to the possessive “your”) talking about our post yesterday that documented some of the aspects of fascism.  OK, we’re following you so far.

3)  “ which is plainly wrong about individualism.”


4)  “The anti-individualism is part of the Communist Karl Marx way.”

OK, here are some problems with the “knowledge” you “have:”

a) “ Fascism is therefore opposed to all individualistic abstractions based on eighteenth century materialism;” 
“Anti-individualistic, the Fascist conception of life stresses the importance of the State and accepts the individual only in so far as his interests coincide with those of the State, which stands for the conscience and the universal, will of man as a historic entity.”  
- Benito fucking Mussolini, “The Doctrine of Fascism.”  

Looks like the “knowledge” you “have” conflicts with fascism as described by Il Duce.

Other people who disagree with you about fascism & individualism: Italian historian Emilio Gentile; author and semiotician  Umberto Eco, international relations & geopolitics professor Dimitri Kitsikis; professor Karl Polanyi; historian George L. Mosse; political scientist Robert O. Paxton - suffice to say we could go on.  

But no, let’s not listen to historians, political scientists, and well-respected authors about the anti-individualist nature of fascism; let’s believe some anonymous rando on Tumblr who claims to “has knowledge in the current activities going about” instead.

b) We’re not going to argue about whether or not Marx was anti-individualist, but has it occured to you that more than one political system can be anti-individualist?  Apparently not.

5)  “It’s also, as you forgot to point out, totalitarian” 

We assumed that people would understand that a political system that brought about the ownership of government by one individual or a small group & organized mass murder equates to a totalitarian state.  Evidently we didn’t consider that people like yourself, who have “knowledge in the current activities” might nonetheless have difficulty making inferences on their own.

6)  “The united States is NOT a toltarian government, and that is the MAJOR requirement to be fascist.”

It’s “totalitarian.”  

Although we think it’s becoming a more-arguable point every single day (let us not forget the recent Day of Patriotic Devotion), we never referenced the United States in our post.   You are making a strawman argument and a piss-poor one at that.

7)  “ As well as the alt-right isn’t commiting “purges” to beat up the left and torture as the left does.”

Son, we never mentioned the so-called “alt-right” in our post.  You’re making your 2nd strawman argument in a five-sentence message.  GTFO with that shit.

Oh, actually, wait a second: so fascists aren’t committing purges?
You’re making that claim the same week that the Gestapo ICE arrested nearly 700 people in a nationwide series of raids?  

You’re making this claim two weeks after a Muslim woman was attacked at work by a raving Islamophobe

You’re making this claim less than three weeks after a fascist shot ten people in a mosque, killing six of them

You’re making this claim within a month of Donald Trump issuing an executive order barring immigrants, refugees, and even U.S. residents from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States

But you claim it’s “the left” that beats & tortures people, huh? 

Now please excuse us, we have to get back to our George Soros-funded torture chamber to beat & torture some fascists.

2D☆STAR Vol.6 - B-PROJECT Private Uncensored Special

B-Project, who while going through movie appearances, live concerts, in the middle of 6 consecutive new song releases, and always going through the pressure of work, talked about their private lives! Driving, drinking, and even their bedrooms!? We’ll reveal what they talked about! There’s no doubt that you’ll be knocked out from the difference in the smiles you see on TV ❤

Please consider supporting by buying the magazine!

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things ive noticed about the signs // harsh advice

aries: they’re just here for the fun of it. fucking hilarious, but usually in their own way, so they’re funny to just themselves and their close friends. wants to be more independent than they are. shitty drivers. dont have much of a filter. extremely adept at overcoming life’s bullshit, mainly because they do not have time for this. quick thinkers. // learn how to own up to the shitty things you do everyone is sick and tired of calling you out just apologize and be done with it

taurus: able to adapt to new environments. hard workers. good at everything they try. not always trusting of or open to new friends, but when they care about someone, steadfast doesn’t even begin to cover it. they aren’t going anywhere. // i swear to fucking christ if i catch you shit talking yourself one more time im gonna punch you in the throat(in a friendly loving way)

gemini: whether they’re an introvert or an extrovert, they know how to talk to people and make friends easily. 95% of people have a crush on them at some point solely for their magnetic personality. is a giant fucking loser but somehow pulls it off. makes good grilled cheese sandwiches. doesn’t really want to be the team leader, as they have a better view from the back, but they’re pretty good leaders. // if you make one more shitty pun im going to check you into a wall

cancer: fluid personality, often shifting quickly from sensitive to uncaring. they want to feel safe, whether this is emotionally, romantically, or financially. they love surprising people with gifts. they have a laugh that you can never forget. open about their feelings. if they love you, you will know. smarter than they’re given credit for. // for the last time, your day was not ruined because you stubbed your toe please calm down and quit crying

leo: they soak up all the attention within a 5 mile radius of wherever they happen to be standing. they want to succeed and be recognized for their achievements, but they would never think of dragging anyone down with them. positive and creative thinkers. persistent. weirdly flexible. natural leaders. when they speak, people listen, partially out of respect but also because leos are naturally likable. // QUIT YELLING AT PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THEIR BEST!!!step in someone else’s shoes for fucking once, goddamn

virgo: contrary to popular belief, not actually that excited about school. their room is generally a mess but like, theres one part of it that always has to be clean. they like to make friends, they like to be liked, but they know when thats not an option, and they will not hesitate to cut someone off to protect themselves. if you’re a virgo with a resting bitch face, i am so sorry and i understand. me too. // WHY DO U DO THAT THING WHERE U THINK UR BETTER THAN EVERYONE???U AINT BITCH THE FUCK

libra: ambitious. sometimes seen as shallow but theres often a lot more hidden under the surface. charming when they want to be. one of the funniest people you know, but you dont realize it until they’re mad at you. also, their anger is terrifying so watch your back. if they make a mistake, please just forgive them, because chances are they’re beating themselves up about it. like a lot. make great brownies. // YOU GET PISSY ABOUT THE LITTLEST THINGS. SHUT UP

scorpio: love making other people happy. sometimes manipulative, but a lot of times by accident. spend all of their energy worrying about others, but never themselves, and then some. loyal to the last breath. weirdly good at dancing. always a little bit confused about whats going on but pretends to know whats going on so they look smarter. compassionate. they love new beginnings, clean slates, and fresh starts. // stop dancing around what you wanna say and fuckin SAY IT

sagittarius: adventurous. just because they’re quiet doesn’t mean they’re shy. bad at listening to others sometimes, but they’re doing their best, really. curious. not bothered by a lot. probably would marry a good glass of chocolate milk. tries to be optimistic in most situations, but if they start crying just let them get it out okay they need a good solid cry rn. big hearts. sometimes nosey. want to make a difference in the world and to the people around them. // i have called your name three times you piece of shit PAY ATTENTION STOP ZONING OUT THIS IS IMPORTANT

capricorn: witty and self-depricating. loyal friends but bad at texting back. they dont shit talk people often, but when they do, its because that person is really, really awful. probably a fucking weeb. if they aren’t, then they’re a furry. if they aren’t either of those, then they’re lying. down to earth(literally, they’re an earth sign). they will kick your ass at cards against humanity. accept that they are funnier than you and move on. great hair. // you’re a passive aggressive little shit and you know it

aquarius: independent. talk when they’re nervous. excellent liars, but also brutally honest. alien fuckers. EXTREMELY perceptive, often seeing things you didn’t want them to, or that you thought you had hidden well. organized. probably runs an aesthetic blog. the only people that can lie to them are themselves. hate feeling dragged down by others. // QUIT FUCKING COMPLAINING ABOUT TINY SHIT LIKE PEOPLE NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH WHEN THE LIGHT TURNS GREEN!!!!SOME PEOPLE ARENT ALWAYS HAVING A GOOD DAY OKAY

pisces: resilient. always wants to stay busy. honestly some of the sweetest people ive ever met, occasionally a bit misunderstood. obsessive. emotional, which sometimes pulls them in confusing directions. determined to get what they want. the supportive friend that just needs a hug. whatever skills they have, they’re just naturally talented. tries to be mysterious, usually ends up tripping over their own feet. // you’re some of the worst procrastinators of all time get your shit together buddy

mermaid-of-the-valley  asked:

How do you think Bat and Super Dad react to their teenage sons "interacting"? "Clark, the no metas without express permission in Gotham rule is still in effect even for your family. So please tell Superboy to stop harassing my son." And for that matter how would Tim/Connor react? Especially if Jon realizes he's crushing and now has to go through the 5 stages of grief before he's willing to ask anyone for advice. Damian is, as always, adorably oblivious to most courting attempts.

Oh man, Bruce is probably so HECKIN’ MAD ABOUT IT. Shows up at Clark’s door like every other day. “Clark. He’s in Gotham again.” “Clark, he followed Damian back to the Cave again.” “CLARK. HE WAITED OUTSIDE MY SON’S WINDOW ALL NIGHT.” He gets so protective of his lil babie. Clark totally understands but also thinks it’s cute as heck like awww Bruce is a real person wow.

Conner and Tim just watch from afar with little knowing smiles, both happy for their little bros/to get those lil bros off their own backs and become someone else’s problem, but also knowing that the super dads are going to be ALL OVER THEM and they’re never going to get a moment of peace. ESPECIALLY if they’re in love haha.

And Damian is like. Just so oblivious, but recognizes that everyone around him knows something he doesn’t and it’s ANNOYING. GRAYSON STOP STARING AT ME LIKE THAT WHY ARE YOU SMILING SO MUCH I JUST SAID KENT WAS COMING OVER GOD. Also why did he buy me dinner the other night I have plenty of my own money, what gives.

Reunited again-m

Y/N sees Justin at the wedding but will she be able to keep her hands off him? mature, enjoy :)

“Y/N, you were the most beautiful women i’ve ever laid my eyes on and i promise to always remind you every time we spend together. You are my light, soul and forever my baby. I love you Y/N.”

The AWWS echoing the room in return, the audience totally smitten by Brad’s loving speech.

“Y/N, do you take this man to be your husband here’s standing before you, to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Your eyes have a hard time focusing on Brad’s face, splitting a glance at Justin, who was standing behind brad. Justin’s honey orbs were focused on you, his hand clutched together in front of him, his posture straight, not a slight feeling of being uncomfortable.

“Yes, i do.” your voice not quivering, which surprised you.

You straighten yourself as you prepare to have a super amazing night, planning on you to dance heaps with your girlfriends. Brad was drinking alot more than expected as he and the others were chugging down the vodka shots like water. You spot Justin sitting around the counter, sipping his drink slowly. You were actually surprised Justin would turn up at your wedding. Brad begged Justin to be one of his best mates as he knew you and Justin had been ‘bestfriends’ for 3 years. You and justin were best friends, best friends with benefits, best friends who couldn’t keep each other’s hands off. After getting into a serious relationship with Brad, you had to cut all sexual ties with Justin. But this didn’t help as Justin and Brad were step brothers, their parents recently got married, which meant whenever Brad was around, Justin was somewhere nearby. You had known Justin first, ever since you were 18, the years eventually went by, work was a handful and Justin was always there to lend a hand, if you knew what i meant. The relationship went up until you were 21, you realised your feelings had risen, you were scared but didn’t admit it. You and Justin fought many times while together but also had so many memories that you couldn’t forget. Brad was serious about getting together, he was mature as he was 5 years older than you and Justin. You couldn’t help but fall for Brad’s charm, despite this, you still hadn’t had a day where you didn’t think about Justin.

You send your thoughts aside as your strut up to him nervously, your hands becoming clammy.


Justin shifts his attention to the similar voice that he knew all too well. 

“Would you like a drink to celebrate your special day?” 

His voice laced with venom. You slightly ignore it. 

“I’m glad you came today,” you began to say.

“WHY did you invite me Y/N? I clearly told you to leave me out!” 

Justin harshly shouts at you, his voice loud and clearly angry but his face expressionless, to hide out what was really happening between you and Justin. 

You side glance around you, quickly averting your eyes to Brad, he seemed to not be noticed. 

“Justin, this hasn’t been easy for me either!” you seethe back.

“Oh really?” he scoffs, not believing you. 

“Yes! i’ve missed you too ok?” You whisper out, looking away from Justin’s stare. 

Justin swings his body to face the front, twisting in his chair, his face not longer facing you. You were slightly getting agitated at his immature actions. You drag him harshly by his forearm and drag him in the elevator.  


You forcefully drag him into the spare room upstairs. You mentally thank Brad for renting out the whole building. You slam the door close behind you, before you stare solely into Justin’s eyes, your eyes focusing hungrily at his presence.

You emotionally clash your lips into his, your mouths moving hungrily together, teeth clashing together. You pull away and gasp desperately for air as if you’ve held your breath underwater for an hour. You quickly pull at his blue tuxedo and clumsily pull at his tie, wanting to get the damn thing off.

“Here let me do it,” Justin places his hands gently on yours, you instantly slap them away. 

You were a panting mess, you were out of control, your mind wasn’t functioning at all. Justin’s tie was only slightly out of place, you had no idea how to undo a tie. You were too impatient to even care. 

Justin carries you by gripping your back thighs and places you gently flat on the bed, your black heels falling off in the process. 

“Just get in me. i miss you too much,” you say, not caring about anything but the pleasure Justin could give you.

You hadn’t even seen justin in months, despite having sex together. You grip justin’s legs together with your legs wrapping around them, trapping him. Justin stood at the end of the bed, watching your shaky movements. 

You begin to hungrily undo his belt and also had a hard time doing it, your hands were unsteady and almost trembling. Justin hands replaces yours and you sigh out and let him unbuckle it. He easily unbuckles it, yanking his boxers and dress pants down his knees in one go. Your eyes stare hungrily at his growing shaft. You bite your bottom lip as you see the sight not being able to resist but to reach out and grab him. Justin groans lowly at your hands being in contact with his sensitive member. 

“B-aby another time,” Justin declines, remembering Brad was downstairs, along with your whole family.

You nod as you realise you had a time limit. You lie flat, your hair falling effortlessly around your face. You raise your hips up and roll up your black dress at your hips, exposing your lace panties. You see justin eyeing your every move with hungry eyes. 

“What are you waiting for?” you raise your eyebrows at him.

Justin pushes you further up the bed, letting you sit your upper body against the bed frame before he crawls onto the bed. You stare down at him, curious to what he was doing. 

“I’ve missed you so much but i mostly miss how sweet you fucking taste.” 

Justin rips your flimsy fabric off, letting them fall on the spreadsheet, before gripping your thighs with his large hands and pulling your lower body up towards his hungry mouth. You squeak out as you feel your posture being ruined. 

Justin suddenly fully sucks on your clit, making you gasp out. You grasp onto his light locks, ruining his perfect styled hair. 

“Fuck, i miss this so much,” he mumbles lowly, the vibrations go start to your clit.

You continue to moan and pant as Justin continues to eat you up. You whine out as you feel your clit being sucked and abused at an intense pace, your orgasm approaching as you feel your lower stomach tighten. Justin starts rubbing with his thumb, the feeling in your lower stomach, so intense, you were gonna explode any second now. You flutter your eyes open to see justin staring back at you with a smirk plastered across his face. 

“Cumming already babygirl?” 

His lips were covered in your arousal, his chin dripping and the sides of his lips. You moan at the sight, reminding you of all the times he did this. You felt weak, you hips lifting off the bed as he started to rub the daylight out of you. You lay there, breathing heavily, weak from your amazing orgasm. 

Justin suddenly pushes your whole body, forcing you lie fully flat on the bed. He hovers over you and plunges his shaft into your core. You fell the whole of his rock hard shaft rubbing against your walls, making you moan out at the feeling. 


Justin curses as he slides into you, your walls closing around his member, the pleasure taking over his entire body making him fall into a hole and hitting his insides with a trembling shake. 

“this fucking pussy, always so tight for me.” 

You clench at his dirty words. Justin groans in response. The sweat starts to rise up your bodies as he begins to pace himself into you at a steady but slow pace, making sure he could feel all of you. 

“faster,” you pant out.

“You like it rough aye baby girl? i almost forgot how much you could take.” 

With that, Justin speeds up his pace, until he is leaving in and out of your in an inhuman pace. Justin groans out in pleasure as he buries his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling your sweet scent of perfume.  His supports himself with his elbows as he continues to grind into your core. 

“I’ve never stopped loving you. I fucking love you Y/N. I know you love me too.” 

He latches his teeth into your neck sucking harshly which makes you moan out in pleasure and pain. 

“I do love you. i’ve always have,” You pant out, the truth spilling from your lips. 

“Fuck. i’m there already. see what you do to me Y/N.” 

Justin pants continuously into your neck. You feel your own orgasm approaching as well. You reach down between the moving bodies and harshly rub against your bundle of nerves. Justin sees this action. With one elbow supporting himself, he reaches down to help you out. He rubs harsher, quicker, his two finger so fast that it makes you whine out, the sensitively from before making it more intense. 

“I almost forgot how much you love my fingers.” 

You feel your orgasm taking you by surprise, you shut your eyes as the pleasure washes over you. The feeling so intense, you weren’t able to let out a single noise as your lips are formed into a ‘o’. 

The clenching and rubbing, along with your shaking and pants, justin lets his load into you, unable to hold off any longer. He falls flat against your body, huffing and breathing heavily as he lays there for a moment. 

Your eyes are open wide as your realise what you had just done. You lay there, shook at ever as you felt the tears of shame and anger cover your sight. You were madly in love with Justin. You realise that now, you had always known but you were finally able to admit it. You gently wrap your arms around his neck, not wanting to let him go.

anonymous asked:

Why does Touka seem kinda off this chapter? Like she's exhibiting a gloomy air around her? It's really unsettling. Or is it just meee? Oh lordy.. Like Ken is all smiles and she's just blank and sorta indifferent/gloomy? Its sorta driving me crazy cause I don't know if should be all shippy/celebrating after she gave him the ring.

Is Touka upset that Kaneki didn’t proposed to her? 

Did Touka upset in the last page because Kaneki didn’t react the way she thought he would?

Touka could have given that ring to Kaneki any time but chooses to do so in the setting of a wedding. It seems like the context wasn’t just about giving Kaneki the memento but also setting up an unspoken promise between the two. So Touka confessed, made love with and gave a tacit engagement ring in the span of 5 chapters :O

The fact that we didn’t get to see Touka’s reaction at in the last of the chapter makes it suspicious about her intentions. 

Naw, I don’t think Touka is expecting a proposal just yet (that would be a little too fast even for these two). I think she’s a little sad that she can’t go see her best friend in person on one of the most important days of her life - she must be feeling like Shironeki did when he kept his distance from Touka and Hide.

She’s also more than a little pensive. We can tell from her thought bubble that she’s thinking about how Mutsuki led her to believe that Yoriko was dead. Because of that, the possibility of death is prevalent in her mind. The pain of ‘losing’ Yoriko still being fresh for her, she’s worried that Kaneki, now that they’ve become so much closer, will slide back into depression if anything happens to her. That’s why she gives Kaneki her parents’ ring - it comforted her when Kaneki first went away from her life, and she wants it to comfort him if she ever leaves his. So Kaneki’s words in response to that come across to her as a little morbid.

Seeing Kaneki smile unknowingly while he hangs what is essentially her memento around his neck deepens Touka’s unease about what might happen to her and how it might affect him. The shot of the centipede afterwards reflects this and likely confirms that things will take a turn for the worse, as the centipede is symbolic of Kaneki’s emotional and physical pain.

But that doesn’t mean that this turn will lead the way Touka thinks it will. If anything, Touka’s concern about how Kaneki will handle her death prefaces her taking herself out of danger when she (potentially) discovers that she’s pregnant. In that scenario, the centipede will refer to the loss of the child rather than Touka, and at that time, through a haze of pain Kaneki will look at the ring and treasure what he still has in the woman he loves.

Updated thoughts on upcoming OITNB Season5

As the dawn of the new season of OITNB slowly approaches I have some thoughts and theories that I wish to share with all of you. So far we don’t have a lot to go on. We have nothing. No teaser, no promos, nothing. They are really being tight lipped about this however every now and then we get a vague behind the scenes photo that doesn’t tell us shit about shit.  So based on what has come out what do we know so far?

1. Laura is directing a sex scene between her and Taylor an episode.

2. There’s an episode called “Tattoo You”

3. The episodes take place within a span of 3 days.

4. In BTS photos BlackCindy and Abdullah are wearing guards uniforms and Linda from purchasing is wearing a prison uniform. (hmm interesting)

So what can we deduce from this?

Obviously tensions are still going to be very high as its going to take place right where season 4 left off. Not only were the black girls pissed over Poussey’s death but they are now hysterical thanks to Caputo’s complete and utter stupidity for not only throwing Poussey under the bus and not naming her but making Bailey the victim. So who’s going to be the villains next season? MCC and Caputo.

In my opinion the inmates are taking over the prison. Black girls are taking charge. Judy King, Humps, Mchullough (cant spell her name), and Linda will be hostages.

Lets face it Daya is not pulling the trigger because if she was they would’ve shown it. The way I see it this situation is going to end in one of two ways. The first way being Gloria is either going to talk her down which will make Daya reconsider what she’s doing and in that split second of doubt Humps might lunge for the weapon and a scuffle might take place causing the gun to probably go off. Or the gun might not go off and Tasty might somehow get a hold of it.

The second way might seem a bit farfetched than the first. Piper steps in as the voice of reason. Talking to everyone very similar to the way she talked to Bailey so he wouldn’t go into C dorm while the black girls were grieving. She’ll try to calm things Humps will seize an opportunity to take the gun, a scuffle will take place, the gun goes off and hits Piper. Now the only reason I say this is a possibility  because 1.Piper can never stay out of other people’s business and 2. This supports the claim that Piper will suffer from a near death experience.

But again this is pretty farfetched and I want to say a 10 to 15 percent probability.

Now the question of flashbacks. OITNB is known for its backstory telling so will we get some backstories in season 5? Personally I think they should hold off on the backstories a bit because if this season takes place within a span of 3 days its going to be all about the prison riot and too many flashbacks would lose the intensity of what’s going on in the present time. If they’re going to do flashbacks they should be minimal and serve a purpose. Flashbacks that I expect we will see in the future if not this season: Piscatella, Frieda, Kakudio, and Sanky.

I also want to say I’m really happy with the choice of allowing the next season to take place over a span of three days because this allows Piper to be able to stick around for the next couple of seasons. I’ll be honest I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out how they’re going to stretch Piper’s time. Because she came in with only a year of prison time then she committed perjury when she lied on the witness stand so I don’t know if we’re counting that as more time or what. Time on this show is so hard to keep track of. And if you go by Daya’s pregnancy Piper has already been in there a little over 9 months.  But overall I think a 3 day period was a good choice because it allows Piper more time on the show. Since the show started with Piper I think it should end with Piper.

Moving on to our lovely Laura Prepon and Alex Vause Laura is directing episode 10 of season 5. Now the only speculation I can make about this is she’s directing an episode that’s moving towards the climax and conclusion of the season so I imagine this episode is going to be pretty important. You can’t tell me that with Laura directing this episode there isn’t gonna be any Vauseman action in this. Sex, flashback, whatever. We’re getting Vauseman goddammit. I also get the feeling that the episode that Laura is directing is going to tie into episode 12 “Tattoo You.”

With the announcement of Laura’s pregnancy I’m wondering what this means for Alex.  But as much as it pains me I feel like something is going to happen to Alex and I’m thinking maybe SHU or Max.

This is what I have so far. Hopefully we’ll get a teaser or something soon we’ll probably get something by late February early March. Here’s hoping.

How long do I think EXO would wait before proposing

Uhhhh this is something I often think about to be honest and my answers always change with time. So maybe if you ask me four weeks from now it will change, but I’ll tall you what I think right now. This is all my opinion and doesn’t mean it’s close to reality. I got help from my lovely Beshy @chantenyongs Xoxo, Ara~

Sehun: I think he would be the kind of boy that would ask you out one year after you two started dating. But… I mean I think that the relationship would have to be pretty serious, you know what I mean? Not just a dating/hanging out thing. Something really serious, something you would have talked since day one. So yeah, he might not wait too much before proposing, but he would definitely make sure the thing is serious and real.

Tao: I lowekey think he wouldn’t wait that much, probably not really the year. I don’t really know how he is in rl but he kinda looks like an impulsive kid? Like once he sets his mind into something, he won’t let it go. So if he’s into his girlfriend that much, he definitely wouldn’t be able to wait to make her completely his. 

Lay: I do think he would wait a while, two years… maybe more? Not because he doesn’t want to marry, I just think he would like to enjoy every second of your relationship and he would also want to to make sure it’s something you two want. I mean, he would try living together first, see how things go between you two, before proposing. He might want to marry you since day one but he is very considerate and would think about your decision and wishes too.

Luhan: This one is one of the thoughts I’m always changing, so I asked Liz for help. According to her Lu would propose after 3 to 5 years and maybe wait 3+ more years to actually marry. And I kinda think it makes sense. Like I think Lu can date a lot but once he settles in, he would definitely not let go. There’s no rush in marrying because he already knows that person will stay forever.

Kai: Puppy would ask the first day xD Nah just kidding. I do think Kai would wait quite a lot. Maybe not as much a Luhan but when it comes to big decisions and changes and plans, he definitely takes his time. So maybe after 3 year and wait 1 more year to marry. Yup, I think that would be it. 

Kyungsoo: Puppy would definitely wait a while. He’s probably one of the boys that would wait the most, just like Lu. Not because he doesn’t want to but as Kai, I do think he would thinking and plan until the last detail is perfectly covered. It’s also known that boy was hurt before and if he ever opens his heart again to someone he definitely won’t rush into it, he would take his time and also consider the other part’s feelings and wishes and that. He would also try to  get to know everything about you, every little thing and also show everything about him to you. Like have no secrets between you two. So yes, he could have a really long relationship, a very very long relationship before he asks the girl to marry. Probably she would ask first XD Nah just kidding. 

Kris: Welcome Kris ,Liz and I would like to welcome you to the club of the guys and long relationships. If there’s someone who would wait years and years, that’s Kris. I do think he would be a one girl and that’s it but even if he has been with the girl for seven years he would still wait until it fees right. I think this has a lot to do with his pats and how much he has been hurt and also after growing up and seeing how much his mom has gone through. So he would wait, wait and wait until he’s sure he has defeated his demons.

Xiumin: Minnie would be like in the middle, he wouldn’t rush it but also wouldn’t wait million of years. Something more normal like Kai or Lay. As long as you both are happy he’s okay. And if you or him want to get into the next level, he would talk it out first. Make sure it’s a decision you both are ready to make.

Baekhyun: I think Baek wouldn’t wait that much but probably wouldn’t rush it either. Maybe a year, a year and a half. If they both are perfectly compatible, if he is happy and so is her, if he sees a future, if he knows it’s love then why wait? He would probably pop the question between the 11th month to the 16th. 

Suho: ohhh Suho Suho. I think he would be like Sehun. He would wait like a year, maybe two. It all depends in the situation. Like if life’s pretty busy as it is right now or not. I do think he loves very deeply, like he’s really passionate so if one day the thought crosses his mind, I don’t think he would be able to let it go again, not until he finally buys the ring and asks the big question. 

Chen: I also think Chen wouldn’t take that long. He could be like Tao or like Sehun and Suho. So from the 6th month to the second year. Not because he is rushing it, not (I mean yes it sounds kinda fast) but I think that once he settles his mind there’s no way back. I do think that if he ever dates someone, it’ll be because “it’s the one” and since he already knows that and his mind is settle, then there’s no much thought to give, he’ll just ask.

Chanyeol: According to Liz, he’ll wait from 2 to 4 years. Won’t rush it but also won’t wait that much. He would be a great family man but he would also like to get to know you first, like everything about you, not just the things you see in dates. He would probably ask you to move in together first and once you two are sharing a bed, he would propose. Step by step, but not taking that long.

Reason totoko yowai is amazing:
1) she’s an idol??? Her voice is beautiful, her stage presence is stunning!!
2) she’s beautiful?? God she’s beautiful???
3) she’s honest!!
4) she’s a sweet girl y'all…..
5) her face is very squishy and kissable
6) she would give you a hug on a rough day
7) she just wants to be perfect,., Don’t We All
8) hey remember that manga chapter where she went to chibita’s and was down because her career wasn’t as successful as she wanted it to be and sometimes things don’t work out and also she is good friends with chibita. I think about this alot.
9) also she’s pals with the matsuno’s
10) I love her


I’ve created a TC Challenge for May! I tried to come up with fun new questions and on one day there’s also a task to do. I really hope you all like it!

Day 1 – Have you ever said something embarrassing to/in front of your TC?
Day 2 – When did your TC start teaching you? Does he/she  still teach you?
Day 3 – Do you know anything about your TC’s childhood/youth?
Day 4 – Describe your TC’s eyes.
Day 5 – What’s your favourite outfit on him/her?
Day 6 – How do you try to impress your TC?
Day 7 – Describe what you think your wedding would look like. What are you both wearing? Who’s invited? What’s for dinner?
Day 8 – Have you ever caught him/her staring at you? How did you react?
Day 9 – If you would buy your TC socks, what would your chosen ones look like?
Day 10 – If he/she visited your family for any reason and you’d have to cook, what would you cook?
Day 11 – If you lived together, would you rather have kids or pets with him/her?
Day 12 – What is your opinion on age gap relationships? Do you think a certain age gap isn’t good anymore?
Day 13 – What would you do if a friend told you she had a crush on your TC?
Day 14 – Do you know when your TC’s birthday is? How old is he/she?
Day 15 – What would you do if he/she found your blog, knew it was about him/her but he/she  was still trying to figure out whose blog it is?
Day 16 – If you were on a class trip with your TC and a friend of yours wasn’t feeling well in the middle of the night, would you be the one to knock on your TC’s door loudly and wake him/her? Would the sight of his/her sleepy face and pajamas be worth standing there in your own pajamas and with your sleepy face?
Day 17 – Can you remember what happened in the last dream you had about your TC?
Day 18 – Has your TC ever had a conversation about you with your parents? If yes, what did he/she say?
Day 19 – Think of a song that reminds you of your TC and tell us your favourite line from it.
Day 20 – What was the best mark you had in one of your TC’s tests? Did he/she say something to you about it/write something on it?
Day 21 – Have you ever stalked your TC online? If yes, what did you find? If no: do it and tell us what you find, it’s fun!
Day 22 – Does your TC come to school by car/tram/bus? Car: Do you know what car he has? Tram/bus: If you come by tram/bus as well, have you ever seen him at the station or on the vehicle? Did you talk to him?
Day 23 – Did your TC ever change something on his/her appearance or wear  something different that didn’t suit him/her?
Day 24 – Where do you think you’d live with him/her  and what would the interior look like?
Day 25 – Does your TC do any sports that you know of?
Day 26 – Does your TC bring coffee or tea to class? If yes, what does his/her cup look like? If no, do you think he/she is a coffee or a tea person?
Day 27 – 5 things that make him/her your ideal partner.
Day 28 – A song, film and book you would recommend to your TC.
Day 29 – What do you think about the TCC and how has it helped you?  Plus task: Send a TCer a message with what you love about them/their blog to make them smile.
Day 30 – A new language you would love to learn together with your TC.
Day 31 – What does your TC smell like?

I set my alarm for 2am to try to get up to see the northern lights but must have incorporated the alarm into my dream, in which I saw the northern lights, so I’m calling it a win, especially because I wasn’t getting up early to catch a plane. That would have sucked.

Woke at 5:30 to go for a walk/stagger, which is the stage of running I am at on day two. Yesterday I managed six minutes out of an hour. This morning I did eight minutes in a half hour. All two minute intervals. Wow. I am tight. I am also sick to death of feeling like hammered dog shit, so…

See, I’ve been going on some dates and my body just no longer feels like a wonderland to me and I think I can maybe do at least a little something about that and turn up the volume on my inner well being and my booty at the same time. You know, in case…

A Rose By Any Other Name (Part Five)

ICYMI: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

Harry Styles AU

Warnings: Angst? Smut coming next chapter!

Harry woke up the next morning to the sound of whispering and the clang of plates. He feel asleep almost immediately after Fiona left him on the couch. He wasn’t really sure what that kiss meant. It seemed as if she was rejecting him when she said, “Gemma is my friend.” But then she kissed him with so much hunger he wasn’t quite sure anymore. He slowly opened his eyes and waited a little for them to adjust to the sun. When he looked over the top of the couch he could see Gemma’s blonde hair in a bun standing over the stove cooking something and Fiona was looking for something in the fridge. She was wearing a bath robe so he assumed she just got out of the shower. But then he noticed how short the robe was and how she was bending over in the fridge. If she just leaned over a little further than…

“Oi, mornin’ sunshine!” Gemma practically shouted over to him. It made Harry jump and his heart race, he was afraid he had been caught, but he was pretty sure Gemma would’ve said something else had she known. Harry just grunted in response. When Fiona turned around she was holding an apple. She smiled at him when she saw he was awake. He clumsily picked his shirt off the floor and pulled it on over his head. When he looked back over, Fiona was still looking at him this time with a smirk on her face. God, she could be so confusing.

Fiona took a bite of her apple as she excused herself to go get dressed until it was just Gemma and Harry in the kitchen.

“How are you?” He asked leaning his back against the kitchen counter and crossing his arms across his chest. He decided to rip off the band aid and jump right into the conversation he knew she didn’t want to have.

“’M good. I thought a lot last night and called Chris this morning, he’s gonna come over and we’re going to talk some things out.” She seemed like a completely different person than the one he saw last night.

“Let me know how it goes, my offer still stands you know.” He joked. She rolled her eyes and went back to her breakfast.

When Harry got home, Niall was in the kitchen with a big grin on his face and a coffee mug in his hand.

“The good ol’ walk o’ shame.” He whistled out into the apartment.

“Not what you think, Gemma came home early and made me sleep on the couch.” Harry replied as he took his shoes off and walked into the kitchen.

“Seriously? Dude that makes me feel so much better.” Harry turned to Niall questioningly.

“I thought you were out there getting lucky with the hot new roommate while I was home alone wanking, really hurts a guys ego y’know?” Harry couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but knowing Niall, he probably wasn’t.

“Oh fuck off.”  Harry pour some of the left over coffee from the coffee pot in to his favorite mug before walking out of the kitchen to sit on the couch in the living room. He debated whether or not to tell Niall what transpired with him and Fiona last night but he wasn’t completely sure himself. And he knew if he did say something Niall would only continue to make cheeky comments when he was around them. Harry pulled out his phone to check some social media accounts and keep himself preoccupied. He wanted so badly to text Fiona and see if they could talk, but he didn’t want to come off as desperate. He only then realized he didn’t even have her number and he wasn’t about to ask Gemma for it.

As the day went on, Fiona and Gemma left work at 5 and started making their way home. They were walking side by side in comfortable silence when Gemma’s phone rang.

“Hey babe,” She answered. Fiona could tell it was Chris on the other by the way Gemma was blushing. Fiona had only met Chris a couple of times and he seemed nice. When she finally got the whole story it turned out him and Gemma were both in the wrong about the fight. Fiona wasn’t exactly sure why it exploded into something so big, but she didn’t want to push it by asking.

She zoned out the rest of the way home. Gemma was chatting on her phone while Fiona walked quietly by her side.

Fiona had spent most of the work day thinking about Harry. She was beginning to like him, but she also didn’t want to anything to go wrong with Gemma. If they got into a fight they would still have their lease for another year. She didn’t want to move out and she couldn’t afford a place on her own.

She decided at noon that he wasn’t worth the risks. But by 5, she started questioning herself again. Maybe Gemma wouldn’t care? I mean, yeah, it would be weird if he was to stay the night but it’s the same for you when Chris stayed over. Fiona was so caught up in her own thoughts she didn’t even notice Gemma was off the phone.

“So, I know this is gonna make me sound like a bitch and the worst roommate ever but…” Gemma trailed off while playing with her hair, “do you think you could stay somewhere else tonight? I really want to work things out with Chris and I think we’ll only be able to talk if it’s just us.”

Fiona raised her eyebrows, “Talk? Is that what their calling it now a days?” Gemma bumped her with her elbow, but the look on her face told Fiona she was right.

“Ugh, fine. Go have sex and be with someone you love while I’m out here looking for a place to stay.” Fiona replied sarcastically.

She felt a big wet kiss on her cheek.

“I knew I made a good decision becoming your roommate.”

Fiona just rolled her eyes while also wracking her brain on friends she could call to crash on their couch. She didn’t know many people in the area. She didn’t want to tell Gemma that though because she loved seeing her roommate so happy again. Many of her friends moved away after college. She was worried a little but decided to text everyone she knew in the area.

Fiona hadn’t heard back from anyone by the time she got to the gym. She decided she would just work out for a bit, shower, and then maybe start to worry about where she was sleeping tonight.

She decided to start with cardio today as she got on the treadmill. She had only been running for a few minutes when she saw someone walking her way. She didn’t dare to make eye contact, because every time she did, she always had some creepy guy hitting on her. Usually Gemma was there to get her out of awkward situations but it was just her today. She stared intensely at the television set in front of her.

The person was still standing there so she decided her workout was done, turning off the machine and walking off to exchange a few words with the stranger. Except it wasn’t a stranger at all.

She took out her ear phones.

“Didn’t think ya heard me! I was callin’ your name but you were in such a trance I didn’t want ya to fall.” It was that Irish accent that she knew only vaguely.

“Hey, sorry I kind of have a habit of zoning out while running.” She stepped off the treadmill to talk to him.

“’M ‘ere with Harry.” Fiona’s heart jumped when she heard his name. Niall pointed to other side of the gym where Harry was indeed at. He was lifting weights when she made eye contact with him in the mirror that lined the wall in front of him. He looked away soon after. Strange, Fiona thought. She expected him to be the one to greet her right away not Niall.

She still hadn’t said anything so Niall kept talking, “Told me not to bother you, but that’s just rude, innit?”

“Yeah…” She agreed. Harry seemed fine this morning but now he was ignoring her? She really didn’t have the time or energy to deal with him if he was planning on being so dramatic.

“Are you staying for a while? Come join us! I’m a great spotter!” Niall said while he not so discreetly looked her up and down.

Across the gym Harry could see Niall was still chatting up Fiona. She didn’t look interested but he was also a little jealous. What was Niall saying to her? He wouldn’t say anything stupid, would he? What if he asked her out? Harry came to the gym to get his mind off of her, but he noticed her as soon as he walked in. He thought if he just stayed on one side until she left he wouldn’t have to confront her. But of course Niall spotted her and ran right over, ignoring Harry’s pleas to leave her alone.  Harry could see she was thinking hard while she was running and he was wondering if she was thinking about him. Probably not.

He lifted the weights one more time and placed them down. As much as he didn’t want to see her right now, he knew it would be rude not to at least say hello. Not to mention Gemma and his mother would have his ass if they knew he didn’t at least acknowledge her.

He grabbed the towel he bought with him and wiped his face before placing it on his shoulder and walked towards them.

When he finally reached Fiona and Niall, he offered them both a small smile. Niall gave him a strong pat on the shoulder, “There he is! He’s always such a downer at the gym, you should see him. Headphones in, all serious, never wants to chat.”

Harry just looked at Niall; he was embarrassed and starting to remember why he went to the gym by himself.

Fiona was chuckling when she looked down at her phone, Harry could tell she was trying to make some excuse in her head to leave.

“’ave to be somewhere?” Harry finally spoke.

“Uh, no actually. Trying to find a place to stay tonight, Gemma kind of kicked me out for the night.” She smiled but Harry could tell she was actually worried. When he looked to Niall he knew what was going to happen next, but before he could say anything, Niall was already asking, “You can stay with us! Right, Harry?” He looked over to Harry and then back to Fiona in a split second, “It’ll be fine!”

Niall seemed to answer for him. Fiona was looking at Harry waiting for him to take back the offer but this is what he wanted all morning; some alone time with her to talk things out.

“Yeah, it would be our pleasure.” Harry turned to Fiona and smiled. She was sweating and didn’t have any make up but still looked as beautiful as ever.

“Well I still have to shower so if you guys want to finish-“

“We have a shower! I was done anyway!” Niall interrupted her. Honestly, Harry thought he’d do a little more today but the thought of her naked in his shower made him want to end his work out now too.

Fiona followed the boys in her own car. She had never been to their apartment but it was a nice place, definitely a bachelor’s pad. There were beer bottles still on the coffee table, and it smelled of expensive cologne; they even had a Pulp Fiction poster on the wall.

“Showers through here; shampoo , soap and everything, s’all in there.”

“Thanks.” She shut the bathroom door behind her and locked it; she’d be lying if she’d say she didn’t want to ask Harry to join her. She usually would’ve made a comment just to see how he’d react, but not today. He seemed so stand offish at the gym she really didn’t want to push him.

While Fiona was in the shower Niall sat on his couch strumming his guitar. Harry was right next to him pretending to watch tv but all the time was thinking about how she was just in the other room, completely naked and in his shower. He really wished Niall had plans tonight.

“Did ya fuck her?” Niall asked as he was still playing a tune on his guitar. He didn’t even bother to look up at Harry but had a knowing smile on his face.

“What, no.” Harry was shocked he would even ask that.

“That bad was it?” Harry finally figured out why Niall asked her to stay over, he could tell there was tension between the two of you and he always loved a good laugh.

“No, it was-nothing, nothing happened.” Harry had to correct himself.

“What? Did she kick you out afterwards? Is that why you’re so butt hurt?” Niall was still sitting there laughing. Harry just threw a pillow at him.

It was quiet for a while until Niall finally asked,”What’s her tits look like?”

Harry reached over and punched him on the arm, but Niall was still sitting there laughing.

The bathroom door opened and Fiona stepped out. She was in her sweatpants and a white Pink Floyd tshirt, this one was smaller and tighter than her Rolling Stones shirt from yesterday, and he could definitely tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

By the way Niall was looking at her, he could tell too. She still had her bag in her hand as she walked out and placed it by the couch. She sat on the other end, away from both Niall and Harry. She just sat there watching whatever tv show was on. The two boys sat silently on the other end of the couch just staring at her. Fiona definitely noticed, but kept pretending to watch tv anyway.

Harry gave Niall a look that said, “Fuck off.” And at first Niall didn’t move, but then he seemed to finally give up when he stood up without a word and went to his room, shutting the door behind him.

It was now just Harry and Fiona, sitting at opposite ends of the couch. He wasn’t really sure what to say to start the conversation so he just went with, “Good shower, innit?”

Fiona looked at him like he had three heads.

“Very nice.” She smiled. She quickly added, “thanks for letting me stay here, I don’t know a lot of people in the area and I really didn’t want to spend money on a hotel room.”

Good, Harry thought, this way going somewhere.

“Can we talk?” Harry asked her finally.

She looked over his shoulder to Niall’s door. He had the same idea as her; Niall was definitely against the door trying to listen.

“We can talk in my room.” Fiona nodded her head and followed him off the couch and down the hall.

Part Six


Guess who got front row tickets to see Joe Hisaishi and his orchestra performing “Music from the Studio Ghibli films of Hayao Miyazaki” in Paris this summer?!!!

I have literally never been so excited in my entire life! I was scared that I would miss out and not get tickets at all, but to get front row… it’s… it’s just blown my mind! I’m still shaking just thinking about it. This is a bucket list type event!

Also managed to get a ticket for my friend Justin (a.k.a. Ghibli_Collector). We’ve been friends for about 5 years now online and talk nearly every day (mostly about Ghibli), but this will be the first time we will meet in person.

anonymous asked:

hi! :) since your requests are open, can you do a gangster/fighter!au for shownu? i actually had this idea of him being an underground boxer or with a gang after seeing his outfits for fighter era, hehe

yes!! I was just thinking about this the other day, bless you little angel i got you


  • So Shownu and the rest of Monsta x have been labelled as the school badboys, every girl wants them, every guy wants to be them (remember when fanfics used to call them kingkas because i do)
  • rumours have been spread around over the past couple years that they’re involved in gang activity but no one’s been able to prove it
  • Shownu is the ‘silent leader’ type and hangs in the back but the others respect and listen to him when he sets them straight
  • the rest of the boys are pretty rowdy and mess around, usually Wonho is the voice of authority because Shownu doesn’t really like having to act like their dad
  • to some extent they are involved in …. illegal activities
  • Shownu is involved in underground fight clubs (among other things we’ll cover a little later)
  • he used to do it for fun, when he was having trouble at home and needed a way to vent all of his frustration and anger (plus he was making money so win/win)
  • he stopped after a few months because people were getting suspicious when he was showing up to school repeatedly with cuts and bruises
  • but recently he’s been fighting for a different reason
  • you
  • so basically, he’s had a giant crush on you for like almost 2 years and he’s always been too scared to do anything about it
  • your family is struggling and you work nights at the convenience store that CONVENIENTLY happens to be right by his house
  • the guys always hang out at his place and he always volunteers himself to go get snacks etc just so he can see you for a couple of minutes and interact with you for all of five seconds
  • like we’ve all seen how cute and flustered Shownu gets when he’s shy
  • that would be him with you, to the point that he goes bright red and can barely speak to you so he just grins and leaves asap
  • (you think it’s adorable and can’t understand why people are so scared of this dude because ?? he’s so precious, and always asks about your day)
  • also the thing about Shownu is that because he’s more of the quiet observant type, he sees a lot more than anyone would think
  • so he knows that your family doesn’t have a lot of money and that’s why you work there
  • he wanted to help you but he didn’t know how at first, you wouldn’t even take a $5 tip one of the first nights he stopped by to get snacks
  • Changkyun is another observant type and Shownu confides in him about his feelings and the problem he was having
  • he suggested to maybe drop the money anonymously? so tries that…
  • and wow he really did not expect you to take the money to the principle and tell him that someone just left an envelope of cash in your locker…
  • so they try again a couple of days later after writing an anonymous note to go along with it, to explain what it was for and to make it slightly less weird (but still hella weird)
  • you tell yourself you’ll accept the money only because you were REALLY struggling and needed to get the loan sharks off your back
  • he’s such a little dork he’d totally spy on you before class and make sure you took the money, and his heart would race as the corners of your mouth upturn into a small smile

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Haikyuu!! chapter 87 & 88 TsukiYama & Tsukishima bros ramblings

This is a really long post that comes down to the conclusion of exactly how long Kei and Yamaguchi have been friends so just press J now and scroll back up a bit don’t want to read it all.


Tsukishima Akiteru is about 6,5 years older than Kei, and since Akiteru’s birthday is in March, he is 7 years ahead of Kei in school.

This means that in chapter 88, when Akiteru starts high school, Kei is in his third year of elementary school (age 8-9)

I think this is the panel where the time skip between then and Akiteru’s 3rd year takes place, because when Kei says this:

He’s in this classroom:

Which could be year 3 class 5, or more likely year 5 class 3, but since Akiteru is in his 3rd year of high school, Kei is definitely in year 5 of elementary.

When Yamaguchi is being bullied, the bullies say this about Kei:

Which leads me to think that this event also takes place when Kei is in year 5. Of course, he could have been in class 3 in other years too, but Yamaguchi says “thanks for the other day” when he meets Kei again:

Thus, I think the bullying took place at the start of the school year (they’re classmates, as you can see in the earlier picture, so Yamaguchi would have known Kei’s face during the bullying if they’d been classmates for longer).

This also makes sense because when Kei asks Yamaguchi to come to Akiteru’s match with him, it’s the Interhigh prelims, which take place in early June. If the bullying hadn’t taken place in the beginning of the year, Kei and Yamaguchi wouldn’t have known each other well enough for Kei to invite him to come with.

In the 5th year of elementary school, students are usually 10 years old and turn 11. Since both Kei’s and Yamaguchi’s birthdays take place AFTER summer, these cuties are both still 10 here:

Skipping forward, when they go to Karasuno, Yamaguchi and Kei have been friends for 5 years already (and likely went to the same middle school. Otherwise they’d have been friends for 2 years in elementary and would then have met again in high school, which doesn’t feel like it fits the closeness between them at Karasuno.)

Bundle of Joy - Minghao Fluff

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Request: Hi I love your writing! Can I request a Minghao scenario where he and his wife (the reader) become new parents and adjust to life with their newborn baby? I love fluff! Thank youuuu

Word Count: 1230

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Minghao of SEVENTEEN

Summary: It was a big shock when you and Minghao announced that you were going to get married. It was an even bigger shock when you announced that you would be welcoming your first child into your family, but neither of you had expected a newborn to be such a big addition to your lives.

A/N: Hey guys, I want to do some BTS imagines so maybe send in a request for your bias in BTS. It’s not that I am sick of writing for SEVENTEEN, I just really enjoy writing about more than the same 5 people. Also, I am not even joking but pretty much every request I have is for Minghao and Jun… coughlovechinalinecough.

 “Well, Mrs. Xu, I think you are ready to go home with your little boy today. Would you like us to bring (B/N) here so you can hold him while your husband finishes the last of the paperwork for the hospital?”

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Blackpink| First date

Requested by Anon.

Since you didn’t said that it should be a reaction, I mady a preference since I thought it would fit better. I hope thats okay. 


  • i think our Jisoo would be the type for a home date
  • she would text you last minute, asking you if you would have time this evening
  • she would open the door, wearing a pyjama
  • “come in, I already ordered the pizza and popcorn is ready too”
  • she would suggest a horror movie
  • you would watch for 10 minutes
  • “c-can we please watch a comedy”
  • “don’t say your scared jisooo~
  • “m-me? scared? dont be ridiculous? i just dont think you can watch something this brutal..”
  • “I’ll give you brutal you little chicken”
  • and the cliché pillow fight would start
  • it would be a sleepless night filled with fun and laughter
  • (not that kind of fun you little pervy)
  • (also ignore the third person in this gif)

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  • ok, I think Jennie would be that kind of person who invites you to a little café at the edge of the town
  • she would greet you with a warm smile while asking you how your day was
  • you would talk  about everything under the sun
  • you would listen to each other carefully
  • a lots of sneaking looks
  • both of you would realise that that you had a lot of things in common
  • both of you would totally lose the track of time 
  • like you met at 1 pm and watched at the clock over the entrance at 5 pm
  • you would leave the café 5 min before closing
  • you would make an appointment for the next tomorrow, same time, same place

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  • I think shes totally the type for a romantic date for two
  • a picnic at a small lake or at the park
  • she would bring the sandwiches plus her guitar and you would bring the cupcakes
  • you would talk a little before both of you would fall in an comfortable silence while enjoying the warm summer day
  • “chaeyoung?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “ could you sing for me?”
  • “really? I mean yeah, of course”
  • she would sing for you, red cheeks and smiling lips

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  • lisa,oh lisa
  • I think she would like something thrilling
  • like a amusement park
  • she would meet you at he entrance, greeting you with a wide smile on her face
  • first stop would be cotton candy booth
  • second stop the rollercoaster
  • the highlight would be the ferris wheel
  • your first time alone
  • you would talk about your life
  • when the wheel stopped at the highest point, both of you would admire the view
  • lisa would admire you too
  • a honest and lovely smile would form on her face while she watched you enjoing the night
  • would maybe kiss your cheek at the end of the night

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