thinking about how they started and where they are now

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*Hug* it just seems like he's pissy that feminism "doesn't think about him" even though it does. He seems to be thinking too much about where whatever started as to rather where it is now. Just remember that everyone's lives matter and that you are worth just as much as anyone else.

This is how I ended it. I just couldn’t fight I’m sick of having the same debate over and over it changes nothing I can’t keep doing this

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My sister and I have recently started talking about/realizing how our relationship with our mom regularly makes us feel anxious, ashamed, small. We've accepted for a long time that this is normal. But now we're at a point where we want to assert boundaries with her and are really afraid and unsure how to start. Do you have advice on how to take first steps? How to deal with someone who can be volatile, manipulative, mean, in a way that doesn't involve cutting her off entirely?

I JUUUUST made a video about this: 


(1) Don’t respond to messages immediately, respond after you’ve had some time to think and process. Even when things get out of hand. It is completely understandable for you to take the time u need. 

(2) Be honest with her. If something is hurtful, tell her. If she is hurtful too often for you to handle, it is okay to make the decision to only respond when she is not acting that way. 

(3) I am a fan of honest conversation and I think a lot of people in the world want to treat the people they love with support and respect. I think it’s okay to have a conversation where you explain to your mom that you aren’t feeling respected and supported from her and it would help you feel loved if she tried a little harder. It’s hard to hear, but having a relationship that involves a lot of love also involves a lot of listening and a lot of work. 

(4) Make sure you are talking about these feelings because they are valid and in my experience, no matter how valid the feelings, if I am not talking about it, I start to believe I am wrong and I deserve the way I am being treated. Find someone who makes you feel safe.

Thank you for sharing yourself and asking this Q 

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Also glad it's the crapfest AU ending that will be screened. Then can absolutely skip it live on the 5th b/c i'll know how gross it will be. Although according Adam it's only 95% done, that seems weird. They're filming 16 for goodness sake.

I wish I was excited about it. I. Can’t express enough now sad I am thinking about my previous levels of excitement for this show vs where I am at today. Like Season 5 was amazing and fun and I was so stoked and speculating all over the place and genuinely enjoying myself.

I started this season so hopeful. I was so pumped after the premiere.

I went into the hiatus with the assumption that the 2nd half would be better ala Operation Mongoose, he was hardly in the first half of that either, and I was like many assuming that they hadn’t intended for it to have the hiatus in the middle.

Since then though all the information that has come out about it just kind of points to more of the same. I always admit I could be wrong, happy to be so actually, but so far they haven’t given any indication it’s not going to be more than a few minutes of “Boozer” Hook played for laughs while we endure another hour of Regina centric nonsense.

The rest of it seems to be about Gideon and Rumple family drama with Emma’s struggle being used as the plot device for that. Like the only one who seems to film with her is Gideon.

So yeah. I dunno. It sucks being bummed about something you loved so much but everything that has come out has just further solidified that the last half of the show possibly forever, isn’t anything to get excited about.

I’m just kind of sad really.

Do you ever just cry

Thinking about when the show started, Yuuri’s anxiety was so bad, that when he was feeling scared or worried or upset in any way, that he shut out everyone who tried to help him for fear of them seeing his weaknesses. Even members of his family and his closest friends.

But after spending time with Victor, he began to open up more and more, to the point where he now seeks out others to comfort him in his times of despair rather than running from them.

It’s a testament to just how much he has developed over the course of the show, to see how while his anxiety isn’t gone completely, he has learned that it’s no longer something he has to deal with alone. 

🎶 Practice positivity 🎶

• You are improving, even if it doesn’t seem like that.

• As much as music can be stressful, think about why you started and how you love music.

• No matter where your musical ability is right now, you’re doing great, and you’ll do great.

• Remember, no one sounds perfect when they’re practicing.

• Music takes time- you are constantly learning and improving. Where you are right now is not an accurate indication of where you will be in a few years time.

• Sometimes you will have bad days, bad weeks, even bad months, but you just have to work through them as best as you can and things will get easier.

• There is always time to get better. Whether you’re at the beginning of your musical journey, or the middle, there will always be time to improve.

• There is no level to reach that defines you as a good musician. Even the greatest musicians are constantly learning and improving. And the fact that you’re working hard at your music is part of what makes you a good musician.

• Music is not a race- you are only competing against yourself- and you’re winning! You don’t need to compare yourself to others.

• Sometimes things will happen- things that are out of your control and interfere with your playing. This are things you can’t stop from happening, the only thing you can do is accept them and work through them as best as you can. And that’s all anyone can ask of you.

• You have improved by so much since last year. You will have improved by so much next year.

• We all go through difficulties with music. You’re not alone. You will get through it.

• Although there will always be someone better than you, the thing that matters is that you’re improving.

• You have strengths in your playing, not just weaknesses.

• You are allowed to take care of yourself. Your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is more important than your music.

• Improvement in anything (but especially in music) takes time. When you want immediate results, it can be discouraging when you don’t get them instantaneously, but if you keep pushing on you will get there eventually.

• No matter where you are on your musical journey, your love of music is valid. You don’t have to be amazingly talented at something to have a passion for it.

• Where you are right now is fine.

And finally…

• You can do it!! Now go practice.

Okay so this ended up more like advice then positivity, but thinking this way about practice and music in general (especially when you’re stressed or feeling bad about your abilities) can be really helpful. Music is as much of a mental game as it is anything else, and I think it’s important to acknowledge that.


I was re-watching the previous episodes and i saw this……

so i was wondering….was he referring to the banquet here??

Yuuri was effortlessly dancing with everyone here and those moves definitely required a lot of stamina…so don’t you all think Victor was thinking about the banquet???

and then he even started pole dancing……half-naked….where did he even learn that?????

Seriously…….The end credits of episode 10 changed everything…suddenly everything makes more sense now…everything has a hidden meaning….God………..i really need to get over this episode….but how exactly am I supposed to do that?????????? It was so perfect…………


Ok so I was rewatching Yuri!!! On Ice again, and I noticed this in episode 4’s beach scene. I always wondered why they showed this, but after seeing episode 8, I think I understand. I think we all know now how YOI’s staff loves foreshadowing, which leads me to believe that this small part where they show footprints and paw prints next to each other is a foreshadowing of Makkachin’s death; or at the very least the unknown of what will happen to Makkachin. At the start of the shot they are both visible, but as the shot pans up, we see the footprints continue while the paw prints become lost in the sand. Of course, this could also be representation of Yuuri losing Viichan, but with what happened at the end of episode 8, I think the staff knew what they were doing to give us a warning or a clue as to what might very well happen. Just Something to think about.

Also, if you understand that cishet teens deserve access to comprehensive sex education because they deserve to have at least some of the scientific knowledge around what sex is and how to be safe about it should they choose it, but somehow don’t understand that yes, LGBT teens deserve the same thing and the same kinds of places where they can safely and freely express and discuss their sexualities with other people their own age I’ll give you two guesses at why- starts with “homo” and/or “trans” and ends in “phobia.” Of course this is uncomfortable to acknowledge- god help me, it’s so u comfortable to think of my siblings and younger cousins (some of whom are now teenagers) coming to me for information about safe sex or thinking about their own sexualities at all. But many of us realize we are LGBT before we turn 18, many of us act on our sexual desires before we turn 18, and so long as this is done safely between people of the same age group it’s okay! We have to have room for teenagers not to feel disgusting for having sexualities, especially for having sexualities that are already marginalized and considered disgusting.

So, I watched The OA back around Christmas and I’ve read a lot of reactions to it and something I’ve noticed is that while complaining about the mystery of the finale, not a single other person concluded a self fulfilling scenario. Everyone talks about how the shooting was a surprise or how they didn’t understand where it came from/that there was no build up to it and it made me wonder, did I rationalize the story of it to myself? Because here’s the thing: I think that Steve was the lynchpin of it all.

Now, bear with me.

Steve gets arguably more screentime and world building than the rest of the characters Prairie interacts with. Everything starts when Prairie first sees him messing around on a roof, and she SENSES something about him. She pursues HIM when seeking wifi. He’s the one she goes to to find people she can use in her “fight”.

He’s also shown to have a rage issue. Specifically, he gets jealous af and butt hurt over the possibility that his fuck buddy may be into another guy. There’s no explanation for why he singles out the guy that he does as the likely target of her affection, other than that he was the most gifted singer in the room. A singer who probably saw showchoir as an escape, as the most important thing in his life. And then Steve silences his voice and take away the nationals from him.

When I saw the shooter walking towards the cafeteria, I felt it in my gut. I knew who the kid was. Because often the kids that do those sorts of things are the ones who see no other option, they’ve been bullied to a point where that seems like the only response they can give. (Not something I am romanticizing or forgiving in any way.) And there’s only one known bully at that school.

And that’s why the finale of The OA fucked ME up. Because whether or not Prairie really was The OA, whether or not she had fantasized her NDEs and what went down with her imprisonment, she had rehabbed a bully and given him the tools to stop a monster of his own making. And somehow she had known it was necessary just from looking at him on a roof, late at night.

And that’s why when I watched the last episode, I laid awake in bed wondering what the hell I had just watched, because I no longer knew what was the real story I was supposed to have been watching.


So on holiday I was wasted (as per) and I’d gotten talking to this guy that was genuinely really sweet, and he noticed my scars and was being weirdly analytical about them and me and everything. Anyway, I ended up telling him about my ed, thinking I’d never see him again, right?
A few days after we come home he starts messaging me again saying he’d love to see me again and bla bla bla. Now naive me was here thinking “he was probably wasted too, no way does he remember what I said about having an ed” pfffhhhhhh…

I saw him last night for the first time since holiday with a couple friends, and we were (I was) wasted again and we were just chatting random shit& he was saying how nervous he was about asking me out to this place near to where he lives, because he wasn’t sure if I’d want to eat after or not. So he’d spent like days trying to decide if he should suggest we go out for lunch after or not just in consideration of the fact that I told him I may have an ed.

ITs not just me right, that’s kinda caring and thoughtful ??? eh idk, I just like that he wasn’t all like “you shouldn’t do that to yourself” or like “love your body how it is bla bla bla” but he just accepted it’s a part of who I am

idk but i’m kind of okay with no updates today? knowing what they are up to would be sweet, but i just trust that isak is taking perfect care of even right now and he’s being good to him and i know he managed to get through to him yesterday and made him understand that he wasn’t leaving? so i know that fear of losing him that even had has partially (if not completely) disappeared

i’ve spent the past week constantly wanting an update because i was worried about even and where he was and how he was and him thinking isak didn’t love him and isak thinking even didn’t love him. but friday and yesterday were the start of things slowly falling into place and getting better. so i like to think of today as quiet and pretty uneventful and that’s all i want really? 

I wanted to talk about how Clinton must feel right now. But then I realized that we all know how she feels.

We have all lost out on a promotion to a less qualified male counterpart.

We have all lost out on being selected for competitive teams to a less qualified white male colleague.

We have all sat there thinking “isn’t the world better than this?” as we mourned our loss.

We have all been exactly where Clinton is, and it must ache all the much more because she thought she could finally be the start of the end of it.

a tarot spread for busy motherfuckers

Draw three cards before your morning commute.

1. How the day will go.
2. Where you’ll find the energy to get all your shit done today.
3. How to relax or destress when the day is done.

Now snap a quick picture of the spread while thinking about what the first card means for your day. On the commute think about the second card and plan how to imbue that card’s energy into your actions. On your break at work, between classes, anywhere you can find a minute halfway through your day look back at the picture of your spread and start planning how you’ll use the third card’s advice to destress. Bam, the perfect tarot reading for a hectic day, broken into three different five minute or less increments.

#579: My favorite Jack quote of all time is when he said “things are gonna be alright, maybe not today but eventually.”  Because of how important I think that mindset is for mental health recovery. I was thinking about this in group after my last hospitalization. I have always dealt with mental health problems, but I didn’t start my recovery until 5 years ago. When I look back on where I was then compared to where I am now I’m glad that I’ve made it this far. Recovery is like cleaning up after a natural disaster. Things may never be the same, but you salvage what you can and move forward. Recovery is about getting help to get through the bad so things can be okay again. Things will be okay again, maybe not now but eventually.

(Photo credit goes to @idratherlivefreetofail)

I’m going through YOI withdrawal, and since I didn’t do this for eps 1 - 9, I figured I might as well fill my empty Wednesdays from now on doing this until I reach ep 9…so, without further ado:

Scenes I loved in episode 4 of Yuri on Ice…(aka the episode where finally, FINALLY, Victuuri became my OTP forever and ever)

Yeah, like I was ever going to NOT include this scene. At this point, I was starting to not really care if it was all just queerbaiting in the end because these moments were just too crazy sexy HOT. 

I just love how awkward and funny and again, crazy sexy HOT this is.

Their reactions never fail to make me laugh. Especially the old man. Why is he praying to them? Wait, now that I really think about, I guess he was right. Hell yeah, old man, you go and worship the sexiness of Victuuri!  

Loved the whole rejection sequence but this was especially sad cute.

You know, I initially misinterpreted this scene as Kubo-sensei’s way of letting us know nothing will become of this ship, that all that came before was indeed just fruitless fanservice, especially with the way that Yuuri so vehemently rejected the notion of Victor being his lover. HOWEVER, after going with them on their journey to the end and then coming back to revisit this scene with new eyes, I realized I had completely misunderstood Yuuri’s reaction the first time I watched it. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t WANT or DESIRE Victor that way, but more that he didn’t even DARE to imagine Victor in that manner because he was still trying to see Victor as something less than an idol, a god. But this moment was in a way the turning point for that, and I love this scene so much now as a result of it. 

And this is the moment I decided, I don’t even give two Fucks if all this is just queerbaiting: I love these two completely. Victuuri became my OTP right then and there. There is just something so sweet and endearing and REAL about Yuuri’s gesture. I just fell in love. Looking back now and in consideration of the beach scene above, I think this is also the moment Victor finally became all too human to Yuuri. The rift between the mere human and the god was sealed. 

I just love this moment. I’m not even sure why. 

I fell in love with the Yuri on Ice piece the first time I heard it. I am not even kidding when I say I feel like crying each time I listen to his theme because it is just so beautiful. In addition, every time I rewatch these sequence of scenes that the theme is playing over, which intercuts between the two Yuris practicing their programs while also exposing the worries and doubts that haunt them as athletes, my heart just clenches up with heavy emotion. It just slays me.

Beautiful ballerina Yurio slays me too. 

This moment broke my heart a little. 

Note: Strangely enough, after this episode, I actually took a break from watching YOI because I remembered thinking something along the lines of: “ok, I love them now. Thoroughly love them to bits and pieces. So in order to prepare myself from being heartbreakingly disappointed because I am 100% SURE Victuuri would never be canon, I’ll just wait until the show ends, find out just HOW big of a disappointment I am going to have to deal with–by, I don’t know, reading spoilers of the ending, I guess–and THEN I’ll come back and continue where I left off.” Look I’m not saying any of this makes any sense or SHOULD make any sense, but that’s the insanity I was functioning under.   So yeah, I stopped watching for like two weeks, and then when the day of episode 7 rolled around, I woke up that morning and decided on a whim to look up the YOI tag on Tumblr, and I think the first three posts I saw were just the words “VICTUURI IS CANON”, in large, bold print, and that was all it took. I realized it was time to catch the freak up. Thank God, I only saw the text and not the actual screenshot of what happened so I was able to enjoy everything with relatively unspoiled eyes. So basically, episodes 5 - 7, I actually watched them for the first time in one sitting. But to give them the proper respect that they deserve and for the sake of this trip down memory lane, I will still give them each their own week for the next 3 weeks. 

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I heard you take prompts? How about one where Red and Green start their journeys in Pallet and New Bark (who lives where is up to you) and they meet up together at the Indigo League steps? So both of them wonder what now, and then decide to just take them on together since there's no rules against it?

Green huffed through his nose as he popped his back. The Victory road? More like the zubat road because he swore he could still feel waste dripping down his shirt. 

The thought brought a shudder to Green and he shook his head. It would all be worth it, however. 

Green looked up at the imposing building that had finally peeked out from him, glaring at him with nothing but a challenge. 

“You ready to do this, Eevee?” Green asked, clutching that first pokeball Elm had gifted him tight in his hand. Squaring his shoulders, Green moved to take a single step forwards. 

Before he could, however, someone collided with his back. 

Green stumbled, but caught himself easily. His nose scrunched up.

Yep. There was still zubat waste dripping down his back. Lovely. 

Green whipped around on his toes, gritting his teeth and sending a poisonous glare of his own at the kid who had decidedly crashed into him at the start of the greatest moment of his entire life. 

“Hey!” he called out. “What the hell was that for?”

The kid who had just ran from the Victory Road stared up at him with intelligent, almost haunting red eyes. A shiver wracked Green, for what reason he didn’t know, and he found himself almost unable to tear his eyes away from the shorter kids’. 

The kid continued to stare up at him. Slowly he rose his hand and signed… something. 

Green blinked, but recognized what he was doing right away. “Um, I don’t know sign language.” 

The kid dropped his hands and a frown marred his face. He shrugged with one shoulder and continued to stare up at Green with huge eyes. 

Green stared back, making sure not to squirm in the awkward silence. “Hey, just watch out where you’re going next time, yeah?”

The kid grinned and nodded before holding out his hand. 

That gesture Green did recognize as he gripped the hand and shook. “My name’s Green!” he said. “I would ask for your name, but-” 

The kid pointed at the red part of his hat before Green could finish. 

Green blinked. “Um. Red? Is that your name? Red?”

Red nodded, another smile stretching his lips. 

“Heh. That’s not too bad. So I guess you’re here like me to challenge the League, aren’t ya?” 

Red nodded once and turned to showcase the six pokeballs strapped to his belt. 

Green nodded. “Nice nice.” Green let his voice die as he turned to look back up the steps of the League. Despite the company, the building was as imposing as ever; Green felt as if he were being crushed under the mere presence.

A nervous energy tittered inside him, causing him to shake, yet at the same time, his stomach brewed with a churning storm.

Green turned and glanced at Red, who was also staring up those grand steps. 

Green bit his bottom lip. He had never quite felt like this before; so nervous and yet ready. Unsure, but also certain of what he was about to accomplish.

Because he knew he would accomplish what he came to do. 

Still, no matter the calming words Green repeated in his head, he couldn’t quite stop his hands from shaking. Nor could he stop glancing at Red- with his messy hair and pale skin and wide, almost innocent eyes. 

“Hey, you wanna take em on together?” Green asked suddenly turning to Red. 

Red jumped and stared at him in shock, tilting his head to the side. He rose his hand to sign, but paused, and instead pointed at Green then to himself. He shot Green another questioning look. 

Green looked away. “It was just an idea! But yeah. Together. I mean. They got lots of rules but I never heard of rules of us not being able to take em on at the same time. You know? So… what’d ya say? Wanna?”

Green held out his hand towards Red, his stomach somehow churning even more. A drop of sweat traced down his cheek.

Red stared at his hand, but a new smile returned to his face. Nodding once, Red clasped Green’s hand in his own. 

Green grinned brightly and his hands stopped shaking. 



“I think it was a complete mystery about when we joined the Doctor and what they had done beforehand. I mean, in those days…its less of a mystery now because he has a place that he came from. In those days nobody knew where he came from. Nobody knew whether he should have been on the TARDIS. Nobody knew whether he’d stolen it, whether he’d simply started off many many years ago and had forgotten how to work half of it. How long had they been travelling? Who knows?” - Verity Lambert

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I was just wondering. Will you be drawing more Ezio/Rosa in the future? Your art is OMEGA awesome.

An extract from the Novel “Renaissance” by Oliver Bowden.

“Ezio and Rosa had grown closer, but a fierce rivalry still existed between them. Now she was healed, she wanted to prove herself, and one morning she came to his rooms and said, ‘Listen Ezio, I think you need a re-tune. I want to see if you’re still as good as you became when Franco and I first trained you. So – how about a race?’ 

‘A race?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Where?’

 ‘From here to the Punta della Dogana. Starting now!’ 

And she leapt out of the window before Ezio could react. He watched her as she scampered over the red rooftops and seemed almost to dance across the canals that separated the buildings. 

At last they arrived, neck-and-neck, on the rooftop of the wooden building that stood on the spit of land at the end of the Dorsoduro, overlooking St Mark’s Canal and the lagoon. Across the water stood the low buildings of the monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore, and opposite, the shimmering pink stone edifice which was the Palazzo Ducale. 

‘Looks like I won,’ said Ezio. 

She frowned. ‘Nonsense. Anyway, even by saying that, you show yourself to be no gentleman and certainly no Venetian. But what can one expect of a Florentine?’ 

She paused. ‘In any case you are a liar. I won.’ 

Ezio shrugged and smiled. ‘Whatever you say, carissima.’

‘Then, to the victor, the spoils,’ she said, pulling his head down to hers and kissing him passionately upon the lips. 

Her body, now, was soft and warm, and infinitely yielding.” 

I hope you like it, my dear Anon. 

The truth is I never used to drink coffee and now it’s become so engrained into my identity I’ve almost forgotten where it started.

May, when my heart had been tugged through broken tv and the person watching the program was there to view my limbs being pulled out of the static. 

You appear and we make instant coffee in a cramped hotel room. I think this is when we bonded over styrofoam cups and deep brown eyes and eyelash curlers and I think about how when I saw you again I thought you had grown into yourself more than when we met.

And from then on it’s always us and coffee cups. Every single morning across the table or tangled on the couch or at 10 pm under gazebo lights. Decaf, black, coconut creamers, lattes, cold brew, every single caffeinated beverage you can dream up we would always have together.  

Every sip I take now always tastes bitter, no matter how much cream or sugar I add I cannot help but find you in the bottom of the mug staring back at me. So I don’t finish mine in the mornings. It’s not the same without you. It’s not the same if I’m not bouncing like a little kid on your bottom bunk telling you there’s coffee in the kitchen and you pull me into your blankets like it’s your safety net, like I’m your safety net, asking for five more minutes. Everything smells like sunrise and softness.

So now I drink coffee alone. I wake up alone. Everything smells like dust and I get out of bed easily because it’s colder without you. Sometimes I think I was suppose to spend every morning with you. Sometimes I think this and then I remember you don’t remember the things I do.

And I pour the rest down the drain.

—  caffeine is an addiction you know

So over the last 12 years, I’ve written almost 1.5 million words of fanfic. That’s a lot of fanfic. And I’ve enjoyed almost every moment of it. 

I started with Harry Potter fanfic, writing about Snape and Tonks, two established characters. Then I moved over to video game fanfic, where I discovered how much fun it is to write about the player character. Sonya and Bethroot and Wynneth, etc. These were original characters, but they were defined by the parameters given to them in the game. 

And now something different is going on in my head.

Over the last few weeks, an original character, not part of any game or any media at all has started burrowing in my brain. She’s in her early thirties, an mechanical engineer by trade, with bleach blonde hair. She roots for the Mets and is unapologetic about her Bronx accent. She watches makeup tutorials on youtube and likes to check out thrift stores when she has a chance. 

She is a villain right now, I’ve no doubt about that. But if given the chance, I’m absolutely positive she could be a hero. 

I’ve thought about writing original fiction on and off for a few years now. I’ve brainstormed and made outlines, but nothing I’ve come up with has captured my imagination like this woman has. 

I don’t even know her name yet, but I feel like I know her. And I desperately want to discover her story.