10 Things you should know about her…

1. She is 100% valid. In any and all of her feelings. Regardless of if you understand these feelings, they are real. Make sure she knows that.

2. She may seem outgoing and down for anything. And she is. But sometimes when she looks at you, her eyes are screaming to be alone. Away from it all. Help be her escape. Don’t get angry at her for wanting to leave.

3. Some days, she won’t be able to look at herself. She will feel so disgusted, seeing her own reflection will be unbearable. Remind her she is beautiful. But understand some days she just won’t feel that way. That’s okay. Be there to support her anyway.

4. Sometimes the sadness is just too much. Sometimes she has to find a way to feel. Do not condemn her for this. Do not point it out. Do not become disappointed. Be gentle. Rinse away the crimson stains on her arms. Kiss her forehead and say, “we will try again tomorrow.”

5. Always encourage her to write. She is so passionate about it. And she’s so talented. The world deserves to read her words. Support her in this endeavor, no matter what.

6. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking she needs you. She doesn’t. She is strong. And she is capable of taking care of herself. You’re not a missing piece. You are a supporter. That is all. But open her door as often as she will let you.

7. Some days you won’t hear from her at all. Her heart is probably heavy. She is probably longing to feel something again or nothing at all. Don’t ask her if she’s mad at you because she’s probably numb. Text her and let her know you’re there if she needs a set of ears, a shoulder, a hand, or a spine if she feels like she can’t quite stand that day.

8. She will change the world one day. With her smile. Her writing. Her thoughts. And her passion. Theses are unparalleled by any other. Do not try and stifle her light to make room for your own. Encourage her radiance. Encourage her growth. She doesn’t need you to hold her hand as she rules this world, she only needs you behind her, ready for when days get rough.

9. There will be days she can’t sit still any longer. She will have to get away. Leave town. Go anywhere other than where she is in that moment. Let her. Go with her if she wants. Nourish her desire to travel. Experience it with her any chance you get. Do not, anchor her to one place. Her firefly heart will never be happy locked in a glass jar.

10. She just wants to be loved. Unconditionally. With no expectations for anything in return. She wants to feel as if she is full of light. Even on her darkest days, she wants to know that you still feel her warmth. Love her. While you have the chance. Love her completely…because you are the lucky one who can. So many want to, but she wants YOU to. So do it. You are lucky. Do not forget that.

—  A girl who won’t always be around.
Is that me?!... but how?... and when?

Time changes people… to such a high level… experience after another, person after another, we end up a new version of ourselves!
But why most of us have difficulties to accept it?!
We often look in the mirror of the past,remembering how we were and how different we’ve became! Wondering if that’s good or bad!
We ask how could we change without even noticing it… that’s the most tiring point!
Personally, the last 2 years of my life have changed me in a way 18 other years couldnt ! How strange!
I do regret the person i was, i do miss the few caracters of my personnality i thought i will never lose but i did,
But thinking abt it, changings are abt losing and gaining, its abt replacing, u cant lose a caracter without gaining a new one, and thats smthg cool abt changes!
Looking after the gained caracters, can lead us to 2 ways: even we get satisfyed about them and accept ourselves,
or finding some “bad” sides we caught accidentally while we were running in this adventure called life.
We shouldnt be afraid of correcting what we estimate “bad” for us, we should CHANGE it … yeh change it over again , why being afraid of “changing”?!
Why playing the victim of time while you can be the hero of yourself?!
your personnality flaws can disappear, you dont have to live with the wheight of “regretting the old you” when you can have “ a brand new satisfying you”!

I can see myself loving you for the rest of my life, and it scares me because you could either be a blessing or a lesson.

-but I’m hoping that you are a blessing. Please be my blessing.


How our wrong beliefs can stress us out

Often the thoughts we carry round in our head – and our basic beliefs about the way things should be – are actually a source of unnecessary stress. So, check out the beliefs that we have listed below and see if there’s something that applies to you:

1. Demand for Approval: This is the belief that others must always treat us well. We must have love or approval all the time, from every single person who matters to us, or else we feel we’re worthless and unloveable.

2. High Self Expectations: This is the belief that we must always succeed, and even excel, in everything we do – or it means that we’re a failure and we don’t have any value.

3. Dependency: This is the belief that we can’t cope on our own. We need to lean on others to help us all the time – and we can’t be independent and just make our own decisions.

4. Helplessness: This is the belief that the events in our past have determined our future and the goals that we can set. That is, we think we’re helpless victims – and that’s why we have these problems.

5. Emotional Control: This where we give control to other people, and say that they’re the ones who make us feel the way we do. If only they were different then we wouldn’t feel this way.

6. Personal Idealism: This is the belief that other people and the world must always be predictable, and fair and just.

7. Problem Avoidance: This is the belief that problems make life hard and should be avoided wherever possible. We don’t believe they central for developing new skills, resilience, perseverance and character.

8. We Must Be Free From Anxiety At All Times (Discomfort Anxiety): This is the belief that we can’t cope with feeling anxious, nervous, worried or uncomfortable. Instead, life should be stress free so I don’t have to have these feelings.

9. Perfectionism: This is the belief that there’s a perfect answer, or that there’s only one solution, to the problems I am facing. Hence, I’m frightened to act in case I make a mistake.

10. Over Caring: This is the belief that I must become upset and show that I care when others are upset – or it means that I am heartless and I lack compassion.