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i work at fastfood place and today i saw someone walk out of the restaurant with their tray and put the tray on the fucking ground outside. really puts your thinkin cap on

triggeredmedia strikes again

so i saw @axkaban say this the other day and was like. this is relevant to sO MANY OF MY INTERESTS and needed to draw it bc well. aceromanoffs

tryin new styles at the moment!

( redbubble


gonna flesh these out some other time but i wanted to do some character work for Carey Fangbattle bc i am gonna cosplay that lizard this year hell yea

im thinkin that the cap behind her horns is going to be feathered or something like that? i saw a tutorial on that years ago so im sure i can figure it out. honestly, costume wise, this shouldnt be too hard if i really put my mind to it. 

Chatfic: In Which Kaner has to leave his mob prince Johnny to protect his bb

(This is a mob!AU chatfic for IGAL-verse where Johnny’s the mob prince of Chicago and pregnant!Kaner flees into the night to protect his baby from Johnny’s dangerous lifestyle. You know the the quality to expect here: good for the id/soul, not so good for the logic processing centers.) This is over 10K and I’m mostly posting ‘cause Benny the stuffed alligator comes up HUGE in this one. 

And because I told the hockey gods that if the Hawks pulled it out last night, I would put some Sammy into the universe.

I stopped formatting this at a point because it is what it is. (You know how I like to set proper expectations in these parts, okay.) And yes, I did give Kaner two fake names ‘cause why not.

now I keep thinking about Tori’s mob au
but now with a Sam
and Patrick took his baby and fled
to keep him safe from Jonny’s mafia empire
and retaliatory forces
i would read a lot of that.
poor Jonnyyyyyy
his family is hiding from him
they fear him
he is the grumpiest mob boss.
well, at least Patrick isn’t like Olivia
who is faking her baby’s death (**this is a reference to a soap opera, just go with it)
he needs a Sam to make him remember that there are innocent things in the world
to get him away from Sonny’s rival mob boss, Julian
Patrick just flees into the night
this makes me sad and anxious
i do not like it when Patrick doesn’t love Jonny back
it hurts me
he loves Jonny desperately
he was with Jonny for years after all
one slip up with his birth control, and well
there they are
and it’s one thing to risk his own life
he’s been shot a couple times
but it’s another thing to risk his baby

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