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Hey, so. I was reading through your blog and saw your post about thinking you're bisexual, and I wanted to say to me it sounds like you just haven't met the right guy. We have a mutual convention coming up soon and I'm curious: if I asked you to get drinks with me (off anon, of course), would you? Because I think I could be that guy. I like anime, I cosplay... and I have a great body if I do say so myself. ;) So, whadd'ya say?

i swear i grow gayer by the day

(plea full view this drawing is big as balls)

obligatory Hogwarts!AU for the Inquisition babes uwu

I decided to keep their races, since I just couldn’t for the life of me picture Bull without his horns so yeah… also you’ll notice some of them look different from what they look in-game, namely Bull, Dorian and Blackwall, because since in a Hogwarts AU they’d be much younger than what they are in-game it just wouldn’t do to have a 17 year old Blackwall walking around with a full beard, same with Dorian, and Bull would probably only get his scars much later (maybe he ends up working with dragons after graduating and loses his eye that way :3)


“We are all what our pasts have made us,” Catarina said. “The accumulation of thousands of daily choices. We can change ourselves, but never erase what we’ve been.” She held up a finger to silence him, as if she knew he was about to argue. “Forgetting those choices doesn’t unmake them, Daylighter. You’d do well to remember that.”


Selena Gomez | Street Style


Miranda Kerr + Street style is life

remember when you pulled
my ribs out from my chest
and made walking sticks
out of them? i do, i do.

the last time i saw you i said
yes, this is the last time. i
said no more, no more. you
will not plunder my body apart
like sunken treasure anymore.

it’s like — i tried running
from the flames, i really did.
it’s just hard to run when
you don’t really want to. it’s
just hard to run when you
love the person who started
the fire. i loved you, i did.

we were happy, once. happy
like hearts fluttering, like
butterfly kisses, like glasses
clinking together in the
dusk, sunsets passing us by
daily. i was happy then.
i keep finding my way back
to that happiness. i forget
sometimes that it just
doesn’t exist anymore.

here’s the dream where you
always find your way back
to me. here’s the dream where
i always find my way back to you.

—  Darshana Suresh, week 13 of 52 - “Quicksand

I saw this eren/jean comic on my dash this morning and I couldn’t resist

It starts with a bouquet of flowers.

Eren goes to pick up the paper off the stoop when he sees them: yellow and a little bit premature, wrapped hastily in Christmas wrapping paper and held together by a goddamn bread tie. The stems are still wet as he picks them up, looking left and down his old street. It’s still early, the sky tinted that bruised purple right before the sun breaks the horizon. Armin’s grandfather is the only sign of life at the house across the street, waving hello around his cup of tea like he does every morning. Eren returns the greeting lazily, tucking the paper under his arm and heading back to the house.

Inside, he unwinds the bread tie (honestly, who thought to give a person flowers like this?) to put them in a vase of water when a card falls out and flutters to the ground.

I fucking hate you


What the fuck.

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MonsterFalls: Vices and Virtues

I think of elaborate ideas in my head while bored at work/walking the dog/taking a shower/sitting around and I had some for MonsterFalls so here ya go.

So just think if all the different transformations represent the different virtues each character needs to learn to break the curse:

  • Dipper [cervitaur]: Humility - Courage. He needs to learn the difference between arrogance and confidence, and lose his pride and paranoia to gain a wider, healthier perspective of himself and others.
  • Mabel [mermaid]: Patience. Learning to take the time to think before acting, and allowing things to come without rushing or obsessively pursuing.
  • Stan [gargoyle]: Charity. Learning to give more than he gets, to do more for others outside of himself, to lose his selfishness and let go of his greed.
  • Bill [lolhuman]: Kindness - Sympathy. Bill learns not to be an ass, basically.
  • Wendy [werewolf]: Diligence. Needs to learn to leave her lazy days behind her and find the value in perseverance and hard work. 
  • Soos [clay golem]: Temperance. learning self control and to pace himself, understanding better moderation. Having better judgement in situations where others are involved.
  • Robbie [zombie]: Chastity. Letting go of temptations, false loves, and harmful pursuit and learns how to be honest with himself and others. Can learn to love without smothering or lusting over the other half of the equation.

It hurts so good too that everyone’s monsters perfectly reflect what sort of “lesson” that needs to be learned. For example, Soos being a clay golem is perfect for gaining temperance because he is so strong and breaks everything and is too loud and he has to control all that to go back to normal. The enchanted river is almost eerily accurate in what its unsuspecting victims transform into, hmmhmm.