think. black and white


<heavenly smells and crappy poloroids >

@journaling-junkie day 26 journaling challenge.

sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the challenges lately. just a lot of shit going on in life right now but mostly good too. But anyways here’s my journal entry for today. I ripped off the dramatic poem and collage I did before because I don’t like the way it looked. I’m going back to the simple style I started using when I first started this journal, which was just black and white but I think I will start adding a little color like I did today.

I hope you guys have a great day!

all the love,


*flower doodles were found on google. 


Damianos & Laurent,
The Power Couple,
Uniters of Kingdoms,

                                                T H E  K I N G S

Person: *says something vaguely nice to me*
Me: I’m in love with you.
Person: *says something in a neutral/indifferent tone to me*
Me: Geez…if you hate me so much why don’t you just tell me???