I can’t wait until I meet the woman who will be my wife.

I can’t wait to take her out on simple dates or just stay in and cuddle on the couch with her and watch movies until we fall asleep.

I can’t wait to let her lay her head in my lap and play with her hair, or to cook her whatever she wants to eat.

I can’t wait to just make her laugh, to hold her hand and just talk about everything and nothing with her. I can’t wait to just be with her.

I hope I meet her soon.

Golden Ghosts (20/20)

Summary: After months of planning and preparation, the five kings finally embark on their quest to the Nether to retrieve Geoff’s soul. At the same time, worlds are beginning to collide as Midas sets about his mission to return from the End.

A developing relationship promises peace between the kingdoms - but when old fears return to haunt them, it threatens to set the kings in conflict with each other once again.

Part 1  Part 19  AO3


Ray stepped through the portal into the Plains with practiced ease. His stomach no longer lurched at the transition - he moved as easily as if he was stepping into another room rather than travelling thousands of kilometres into an instant.

He emerged into the throne room of the Plains castle just as Gavin arrived through the Wild portal opposite him. Their eyes met as they appeared at the same time, and they shared a smile.

“Hey,” Ray called out, “I wondered when you were gonna come. You know what Geoff wants us here for?”

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I don’t know about this one

  • Knows the answer to any question you try to throw at him
  • “The library of congress has the worlds largest comic book collection.”
  • Wears glasses and looks so cute in them
  • Shy smiles
  • Is very comfortable with silence
  • Is reading a new book every time you see him
  • Works as a tutor
  • Knows literally everything but chooses what information to share
  • Barely ever speaks 
  • But when he does it’s always something profound 
  • Has his entire life plan 
  • And a backup plan 
  • Just in case
  • Is gonna be the one telling all the athletes what to do one day 
  • Contrary to popular belief, actually studies
  • Would ask before holding your hand
  • Or kissing you
  • Or doing anything involving entering your personal bubble
  • Would help you with your homework
  • Not necessarily because you needed help
  • But just because he wanted to be with you
  • And you wanted to be with him too
  • Would be pretty quiet
  • And sometimes awkward
  • But that smile
  • That smile lights up the whole entire world

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TBH the vast majority of people I've seen bring up Sarah Nyberg were partisan hacks that ranged from "reactionary anti-SJeW" to "actual fascist" who quite nakedly aren't bothered by pedophilia when it's not from someone who doesn't criticize their bullshit, so I'm automatically wary of people who try to bring her up now.

That’s a bad mentality to have tbh
Johnny Depp As Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow: Highlights Of A 33-Year career
Johnny Depp has given the world so much, not just with entertaining movies, but creative films that provoke thought.

’The Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands actor has been choosy about the films he made and avoided anything without great meaning.

Johnny Depp movies don’t moralize or push an agenda. What they do is encourage a free thinking process. Though Johnny has made many different types of movies, there is no universal mood to them or overarching statement. Characters like Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow capture the imagination in a powerful way. The films are strongly creative, open-ended and don’t wrap up a single opinion at the end.’


Despite health are being somewhat free (think check-ups and other minor, regular procedures), the bills were adding up for their eye-problem. It was hard to scrape the money together when both of them were freelancers.

Rent, groceries, diapers - all of that costed money, and now this. Luke was thinking of picking up another side job while Cordelia wanted to switch into something with a higher pay.

“We’ll figure something out.”

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Initiation Drabble

[  ☢ Drabble Prompt: Initiation ] 
[  ☢ for @axgmented ] [ and @shifi735 ]
[ This takes place directly after this drabble. ] 

[ Again, I’m sorry this took so long.  It’s such a milestone in Reno’s history that I wanted to make sure I didn’t it justice, which meant having time to concentrate.  I hope it was worth the wait.  I’d love to hear what ya’ll think, so feel free to send a replay, an ask or a message.  Thanks everyone! ]

He was ushered out of the bosses office, his hands still covered in blood, his body trembling from the excess adrenaline.  The poor boy was still in shock, his mind unable to yet process what had just happened, stuck in the survive and flight mode. Perhaps this is why the youth didn’t protest when he was scooped up and congratulated by the other gang members, why he mindlessly walked with them down the shabby, tattered hallway and out into the makeshift barracks.  Reno still clung to the briefcase that was no longer in his possession, his eyes glazed over as he stared off into nothingness.  

None of the boys noticed, nor did they care.  There was another member among their ranks, one who had already defied the odds by making it back.  It wasn’t about the person who accomplished said task, it was about the reason to celebrate.  An excuse for debauchery, a validation for the over indulgence of sin.  Reno, to them, was nothing more than convenience.

His head was still swimming, the cheers of excitement swirling in his ears adding to the whirlwind of raw emotion that overwhelmed his senses.  Shoved to sit in a chair, the focal point of the gathering social circle, his vision saturated with faces he had never seen before, Reno hardly noticed when a lit cigarette was shoved into his hand.  For several minutes, the still frightened boy held the smoldering stick, not sure what to do with it, never having smoked before in his life. The redhead had no desire to smoke either, his hand moving to place the tabacco on the ground and away from him. His hand was quickly lifted, shouts of encouragement echoing in his already ringing ears.  Reno pushed back, trying to refuse the gift, wanting nothing of it, but that answer was not acceptable, not in this crowd.  Shy and timid, not used to so many people, most of his energy diverted to allow his mind trying to cope with what he had just done, it was easy for the older boys raise the cigarette to the youths lips, making the redhead inhale his first drag.  

His lungs choked on the foreign substance, the smoke violently forced out his nose and mouth as he coughed, gasping for air.  His nostrils burned and tingled, making the tiny boys eyes water.  

Cheers erupted from around the room, a sea of hands extending towards the ceiling moving in a wave about the room.  The older boys smiled at the young redhead, patting him on the back, urging him to repeat the gesture.  Reno tried to say no, but again, the rolled paper was placed between his lips.  He sucked down again, this time only sputtering slightly, his body already becoming used to the poison it was being forced to endure.  Maybe if he smoked just one they would leave him be.  Maybe if he smoked two they would leave him alone.  

Reno’s luck wasn’t so great.

After the second toke, the oldest of the members clasped an arm about the youths shoulders, raising a bottle in the air as he shouted excitedly to the crowd, the returning roar washing over the small boy as his squinted his eyes tightly closed.  Maybe he wished hard enough they would go away.  Maybe if he indulged them, after a short while, he would be left to himself.  He just wanted them to go away.  He didn’t want any of this.  

Suddenly a wetness touched Reno’s lips, a bitter taste saturating his tongue, the foul flavor permeating his mouth.  Unable to control his reaction, the redhead spit the liquid out, his body trying to expel the putrid substance as quickly as possible.  Laughter filled the room his time causing an immense heat to rise to the youth’s cheeks.  From the sidelines, another face tried to be helpful, secretly mimicking to take a drag from the cigarette before taking another sip.  Confused, unable to comprehend what was happening, the absent minded boy did as instructed, taking his third drag from the cigarette before taking a drink from the bottle that found its way into his hands.  The ash that coated his tongue helped to deaden the horrific taste of the pungent drink, but it was not enough to make him want to continue.  

Reno, however, wouldn’t have a choice in the matter.  

Riding the wave of over indulgence, wanting to rile up the crowd, not caring about the innocence he was robbing from the small redhead, the ring leader tipped the bottom of the bottle upwards, forcing the intoxicant to rush into Reno’s mouth.  The boy coughed and sputtered, but most the liquid making it down his throat while the rest ended up on his shirt.  

The room erupted into gale of encouragement, the redhead unable to hear his own thoughts from the bellowing crys that engulfed him.  

All he wanted was to go home, but yet another bottle appeared in his hand and another cigarette rested between his fingers.  Faces turned into smears.  Smears turned into shadows, and the shadows lead him into the darkness, further and further into the impenetrable recesses until the youth lost his way, no longer able to find his way back.  Did he even want to go back? Could he ever go back?  The redhead didn’t want to think of the answer, so he sought refuge.  In this newly discovered darkness Reno found seclusion, a comforting sanctuary, a reprieve from the drowning emotions that flooded his mind.  It didn’t seem so bad here.

Reality danced in and out view for the redhead, the boy finding himself lead to another room, the door shut and locked behind him.  He clung to the bottle in his hand, his nervous lips pinching the cigarette tightly in his mouth as his eyes made contact with the other occupant of the room, a young woman, twice his age, who wore only a loose silk robe.  She smiled at the redhead, gently leading him over to the bed, whispering soothing words to help him relax, confiding in him that it would all be ok, that she would do all the work.  

Reno had no clue what was about to happen, too young to fully understand until it was too late, but in that one night he lost it all.  

His innocence.

His purity.

His soul.  

…and there was no coming back.

tips for writing bilingual characters
  • there are different types of bilinguals
    • the All Around: speaks, reads, and writes both languages pretty well
    • the Conversational: one language is stronger than the other; can speak the other language a lot better than they read/write it (a lot of kids of immigrants are this type)
    • the High Schooler: understands what’s being said to them in the other language, can’t really speak it
  • don’t have your characters randomly drop words from their other language mid-sentence around people who don’t speak it lol
    • languages are a mindset thing. like personally if i’m around english-speakers, i’m speaking english and i don’t really switch to my other language (which is portuguese)
    • so like if you’re writing a bilingual character who speaks spanish and have them say something like “hey chad let’s go to the biblioteca” to an english speaker i’ll probably spend 5 minutes laughing and then close your story lmao
  • exception: the character is speaking in their weaker language and forgot a word (”where are the…? uh… llaves…. keys! keys, where are they?”)
  • otherwise really the only time your character should be randomly switching languages mid-sentence is if they’re talking to another bilingual
  • like i don’t speak spanish but i’ve legit never heard a spanish speaker say “ay dios mio” to gringos lmao
  • conversations between two bilingual people can take a few different forms:
    • Pick One: they pick one language and kinda stick with it for the whole conversation (a conversation i might have with my portuguese-speaking mom: ”you okay?” “yeah, i’m good. how’re you?” “i’m fine, but your dad-”)
    • Back-and-Forth: someone says something in one language, the other person replies in the other (”tudo bem?” “yeah, i’m good. how’re you?” “tou bem, mas o seu pai-”)
    • Combo: they speak a combo of the two languages, a popular example being spanglish, though basically every bilingual has their own combo language (”tudo bem?” “sim, tou bem. how’re you?” “i’m fine, mas o seu pai-”)
  • when in doubt: just ask a bilingual to look at your stuff and tell you if anything sounds weird

Chanyeol + Instruments ♬     ♪  (requested by @queenhyo)

Victuuri Week ☆ 

Day 1AU: Other Sports/Careers

Flower shop AU because I couldn’t stop imagining Victor working in a small shop near Yuri’s university, and he’s happy working with all the flowers and seeing the customers pleased with the bouquets he makes. One day Yuri listens to his friend Pichit and decides to go buy a few flowers to give a cozy touch to his flat… and he can’t help but being awed by the beautiful angel that greets him by the door. After that day, Yuri decides that his flat looks a lot better with the flowers and becomes a regular customer.


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.