anyway stop judging LGBT people who play dream daddy and acting holier than though just because they’re fucking deprived and want representation like stop being ugly. you don’t wanna play it? GR8, good, awesome pick up your cookie at the door that’s your choice as a free thinking human but maybe let LGBT people play a fuckin video game

FT 545 spoilers

I m not angry or particularly sad about the absence of Jerza interaction. Maybe a little bit disappointed because I did want a kiss. But I’m really ok in general, probably because I have never has too much expectation.

It’s clear that CS got pardoned. Jellal’s free. I think this is what truly matters. This makes me really happy. And I believe there are hints that Erza and Jellal are seeing each other. I m fine with this open ending. To me it’s much better than seeing them having kids after timeskip.

this post is very Misandrist so don’t read it if you’re gonna get offended by that. i was thinking about this yesterday about how cishet male interest and entitlement in women can be so gross and slimy (to like, all women, but especially gay ones) and about how pretty much the only way for ME to not feel gross about it would be to take advantage of it in some shape or form. i mean! i DONT actively do that! i just sit there and feel gross and used. but like, my coworker said something yesterday about “entitled women” thinking they can get free drinks off of dudes without having to pay them back either in money or with affection/sex. and i did not feel sympathy for him whatsoever. the notion that a woman’s sexuality can be bought with a drink or a smile or a good pick-up line is fucking…… dumb. and men so often never pick up on signals and never understand when a woman is or isn’t interested and is left complaining about he doesn’t underSTAND women and doesn’t GET why they lead him on and HATES them for friendzoning him. so yeah, if i was faced with that, some ignorant dude not realising i wasn’t interested – sure i’d take his drinks? lesbians that strip for gross men and take money from gross men and just straight up exploit gross men. i’m with them y'know? i prioritise then i think they’re fucking awesome for being bad bitches like that in a society where they’re told they owe everything to men? they’re just doing that shit for themselves and it takes so much strength. anyway, so. what makes it difficult for me is when a genuinely nice dude is interested in me. that’s stomping down comp het with yr steel toe cap boots and putting on yr brave pants and not faking interest and just saying NAH mate without fearing the consequences. and those were my thoughts yesterday . what have yall been thinking about lately?

werewitchling  asked:

74 and jucy

“Hand over the girl!”
“That’s not gonna happen in your lifetime”

Fear impides her movements and concentration. It leaves her unable to think straight and free herself. It loads up Lucy’s veins with a heavy coldness, leaving her chest so tight she has to open her mouth in order to take a proper breath. Her mind is only half way twisted, the dark spots under her eyes telling him bits about what happened the time they were apart, and when she looks up to him, Jason knows she’s scared.

The laugh of the mad man only fuels his rage. It lingers in his ears the same way his insides burn at the sight of her bloody and sweaty, tied up in a chair.

“What happens Reddie? Cat got your tongue?” He speaks, taking a fist-ful of her hair and pulling, his sickly green eyes shining as she fights back a scream.

Jason knows what he’s after, and at this point, he doesn’t care anymore. He takes a step foward, dropping his knife and allowing his knees to bend over the weight of how much pain he had caused her by just being around.

Hand over the girl” He begs, tears blurring his vision under the helmet “She’s nothing, hand her over and I’ll give you what you want”

He watches as Lucy’s eyes widen in comprehension. She’s tired, bruised and half broken, but she manages to struggle in the chair, shaking her head frenetically.

The mad man giggles, clicking his tongue and moving his index finger in the air. He’s powerless. Jason flinches as Lucy closes her eyes at the pression of the gun barrel in her forehead.

“And that’s where you’re wrong little birdie. You’re trying to fool me and that’s not gonna happen in your lifetime

He pulls the trigger then and Jason screams, his hands turned into fist. A crazy laugh filling his ears and leaving him empty.

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Cartoon Characters who are 14 years old

It’s crazy how different being 14 is portrayed across cartoons. When I was 14 both my life and I were a mess. 

Steven Universe – Steven Universe 

Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz – Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Sam Manson, Danny Fenton,  and Tucker Foley – Danny Phantom 

Azula – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara – Avatar: The Last Airbender 

Yumi Ishiyama – Code Lyoko

Beast Boy….we think – Teen Titans 

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Is Kara in love with Mon-El?

So, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that she is not. And it’s not just wishful thinking and/or because I can’t stand him. There are actual clues in canon that show that Kara is not in love with her boyfriend. Here’s why:

Exhibit A

The way Kara acts around her love interests. She gets flustered, blushes a lot, acts awkward around them. 

around James:

around Adam:

around Mon-El: error 404 example not found. I can’t recall a single Karamel scene where Kara acts like this.

Bonus: around Lena:

Exhibit B

The trope that a love interest watches and looks at their crush dreamily as they leave.


I know that Mon-El looked at Kara like this at least once too, but I’m really not in the mood to gif him so I’m gonna skip that since that’s not the point of this post. The point is to show that Kara is not in love with Mon-El, not vice versa.

But another person also looked at her like this, and even received this look from Kara herself in the latest Supergirl episode…

Exhibit C

These are actual quotes that Kara said about/to Mon-El:

  • “You are so selfish!”
  • “You are still the same macho egotistical Daxamite!”
  • “It’s not just the jealousy. It’s the patronizing ego thing.”
  • “Well, the first bit about your infuriating male ego, that part I meant.”
  • “More like you’re an arrogant dude-bro.”
  • “I can handle Mxyzptlk, but it’s Mon-El who’s infuriating.”

She’s never said things like these to James, and definitely not as excessively as she’s complaining about Mon-El. On the contrary, she said “You make me better.”

Another bonus; things she said about/to Lena:

  • “Kara Danvers believes in you.”
  • “I believe in her.”
  • “You are too good and too smart to follow in her path.”
  • “Now you have someone that will stand up for you, always.”

Exhibit D

This is Kara’s reaction when Mon-El first tells her about his feelings for her:

Exhibit E

This is Kara’s reaction when Mon-El says “I love you” for the first time:

In conclusion: I honestly don’t believe for a second that Kara has feelings for Mon-El. The most logical explanation is that she felt obligated to give Mon-El a chance because that’s what everyone told her to do or that she felt lonely and Mon-El knew what it’s like to lose a planet.
We know how Kara behaves around the person she’s crushing on. There are patterns. And we can’t see any of these patterns when Kara is around Mon-El. Besides the occasional kiss and “I’m happy” she doesn’t show any signs of having feelings for him. They haven’t even gone on any dates, not counting the one she took him on to “save” Lena.

Meanwhile @ CatCo:

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Feel free to comment and/or add more.

things from the falsettos recording that touched my soul

- there’s this moment like during love is blind where marv pulls whizzer’s hair and That’s the beginning of the hair pulling kink
- the entirety of thrill of first love
- daddy’s kissing boys got the screentime it deserves
- trina has a star of david necklace and i adore it
- after trina and mendel get married she starts wearing a bracelet he wore at the beginning of the show
- after marv hits trina he says “oh no baby i wouldn’t…”
- during chess game there was this moment where marv is like isn’t this wonderful? and whiz tries to pull him closer and is like yes
- okay but jason hid behind mendel when marv hit trina
- jason’s face during the entirety of it killed me
- i cried when the lesbians came out
- cordelia did a little head bop during “and godchild of the lesbians from next door”
- after the second racquetball game charlotte muttered, “i’m gonna keep him here”

this is all i’m coherent enough to think of but feel free to add your own!!!!

Gay Date Ideas

Costs at least a little:
• the movies - horror movies & cuddle, empty movie & kiss, etc
• bowling
• zoo date
• coffee shop
• ice cream / fro yo
• restaurant dinner date
• Canoeing / kayaking (ex. there’s a place near my city called Fort Whyte you can do it, they have the boats)
• Attempt to learn how to rollerblade or skate together if only one of you knows how
• Go out to a group dinner w friends together
• Go to a cat cafe together & take pictures of her & the cats
• Hang out at a pool
• Go to an amusement park. Hug her and scream on roller coasters, share cotton candy, take scenic pictures of her & with her, kiss her on the top of the Ferris wheel 🎡
• Bake cookies together (free if you already have all of the ingredients)
• cafe
• aquarium
• go to a bookstore and pick out a book for each other that means something / represents something about the other person
• thrift shop & pick something out for each other that you think they’ll like

• walk around a beautiful park talking & holding hands
• card & board games night
• the mall
• movie night at home
• cloud gazing / watch the sunset / star gazing & cuddle & chat ((stargayze, if you will))
• binge-watch Netflix and cuddle
• walk around parks AND play Pokemon go together (it’s no longer popular but you can still do it)
• sleepover & waking up/staying up to enjoy the sunrise together. Bonus points if you do so at a lake or if you find a bridge over a river to do to so
• drive down to the beach & spend a couple hours there just the two of you, swimming, photography, sand castles, etc
• Drive around town listening to music & talking
• Hang out at home, listen to music, make out, talk
• Go hiking together somewhere beautiful, or just for a walk
• Nap while spooning/cuddling
• Paint on each other’s backs/bodys
• Find a secluded nature spot & go on a picnic!
• If there’s a drive-in
• free day at the museum
• Go to an animal shelter that will let you & take pictures of her playing with a puppy or several
• Get a table at Olive Garden & chat & eat only the free unlimited soup, salad, & breadsticks. (If they would even give you any if you don’t order!)
• go to Pride together
• play loud music and dance and sing together
• serenade her
• run around the city (or bus, or drive, w/e) and practice photography using each other as subjects. Post the pictures
• paint together
• try to draw each other realistically
• walk your dog together
• blanket and/or pillow fort

Winnipeg Specific:
• hang out at the Forks, river trail if not flooded
• walk around Assiniboine Forest in the fall. Or summer
• Park ideas: Assiniboine Park, Vimy Ridge park, Grants old mill park that one
• Fort Whyte
• Assiniboia Downs (has a cost)

Stuff Maas has yet to explain gdi *SPOILERS*

- WHY NESTA PUSHES EVERYONE AWAY BUT ELAIN (before the damn Ravens rudely interrupted)

- If Lucien will find out he’s not a Vanserra but a whatever-Helion’s-last-name-is (how he will react, if he’s the heir to the day court, if feyre just guessed wrong and lucien was just the black sheep of the family)

- SPEAKING OF LAST NAMES DOES RHYSAND HAVE ONE PLEASE TELL ME (i bet if he did it would be so sexy)

- What happens to the Treaty

- What happens to Queen Vassa

- How Mor will tell her friends about her sexuality, especially to Azriel (AND WHO SHE’LL END UP WITH !! And how they’ll react, though, if we’re being honest they’ll probs be supportive af)

- WHEN RHYS AND FEYRE WILL HAVE THAT BEAUTIFUL SON (pregnant feyre would be my new aesthetic btw) AND HIS NAME

- RHYS AND FEYRE’S ~official~ WEDDING (bc let’s be real we didnt get enough of the last one bc they did it secretly)




- ok we all know nessian is endgame (if not i’ll throw a tantrum *cough* and a knife *cough*) but like what’s next are they gonna be back to their awk phase with thick ass sexual tension after he proclaimed his love for her with his ‘dying’ breath



That’s all i can think of and feel free to add on !!

Bath/Body Product Magic

This was just something i was thinking about, feel free to add your own

Body wash
Protection, shielding, removing negative energy from yourself, self love 
Face wash
Removing self hate, clearing up misconceptions, glamours
Removing malevolent magic, clearing up mental blocks, banishing
Shielding, beauty, glamours, persuasion
Bath bombs
Absorbing spells directly into skin, powerful burst of magic, divination
Glamours, AOE magic, beauty, big smelly shield
Soothing, smooth things over, emotional softness, self love
Bubble bath
Divination, banishing (when you pop the bubbles), shielding 


I think there’s something really freeing about improv, that it’s a collective, creative, in-the-moment piece. That’s really exciting and really frustrating, because it’s there and gone. There’s an amazing interaction with the audience that happens because they are very much another scene partner.

25 amazing places to go for meditation and magical workings!

• Go outside! Sit in your yard and soak in the sun or moonlight. Let your toes dig into the grass and explore the earth.

• You can always sit in your own room, but keep it clean and happy, that doesn’t mean out of sight out of mind!

• Go to a group meditation camp or room! These are closer than you think and are mostly free, you will be surprised!

• A community garden or greenhouse! This will help bring you closer to nature but not all communities have this!

• Go to a pond near you, here you can take a chance to jot down some local greenery and species around you, get familiar with your environment!

• Go to a local forest, these can be beautiful, and you will be surprised at how long you’ll spend inside!

• Go to a lake near you, thing is harder than a pond since they tend to be farther from most people but go if you get the chance!

• For y’all sea witches, go to the ocean!!! Beaches are amazing places to find altar equipment and too grow your roots into the earth and the water.

• In bed silly! This is a place that you’re comfortable and feel safe, it brings great energies into your work!

• Surprisingly, airports and airplanes. These can teach you the art of calming yourself down!

• In the mountains! If you get a chance, spend some magical times in the highest points of our planet!

• In churches, temples, and sacred spaces. Need I say more?

• In a waiting room! This is perfect for meditation if you’re bored and have nothing to do!

• In a tree, (with caution)

• In a quiet house where there will be no distractions!

• In a corner, these are great because you can just stare and the wall and let your mind go blank. I’ve seen some interesting things…

• Go to a park! These are so calming and you can also meet new people if you’re lucky!

• On your work break!

• Meditate in your car! But don’t drift away, do not.

• Bookstores! Here you can read and soak in information, or just enjoy the quiet calm around you.

• Crystal shops! No more must be said.

• Museums are fantastic because of the cultural energy and strength that lies within them, just be sure to listen to the rules of said museum.

• Office lobbies are great!

• Yoga studios!


tips for new uni / college students

i’m just finishing up my first year this summer and i know lots of people are graduating and going into post secondary this semester, so here are my tips on your first year! (im in canada but these should probably be relevant for other countries? i think!) feel free to add your own! (spaces are for accessibility – sorry for the long ass post) 

  • you don’t need to ask to go to the bathroom, or to leave at all. if you’re anxious, or if you need a coffee, just quietly leave without disturbing the other students and come back when you’re ready. try not to leave in an important part of the lecture—you should preferably be doing everything you need to before/after class to avoid leaving and missing information, but this isn’t high school anymore and you can come and go as you wish. (note: if youre working in a lab make sure you follow your prof’s safety procedures around leaving to avoid bringing contaminants out of the lab with you, and do NOT leave in the middle of a test unless given explicit permission by the prof.)
  • i bought a binder for my first year and never used it. i took all my notes in a coil notebook, which is easier to keep track of, and put all handouts in the inside pocket/in a folder which was more than sufficient, since at my school most of the handouts are online anyways. if you’re more comfortable using a binder, definitely use one, but you’re probably better off using a notebook. 
  • you can bring your laptop/tablet to class to write your notes in 99% of classes. if you find typing easier than writing on paper with pen/pencil, then bring it with you - just make sure you have your charger/your laptop is charged, especially if it’s a long class. but try not to get distracted — you’re probably better off sticking to a notebook if you know you’re going to open facebook/tumblr instead of actually taking notes.
  • most professors i’ve taken still don’t appreciate texting in class. some of them don’t care, some will call you out on it. they understand if you have to quickly reply to your mom or something (or take a phone call outside of class) but if every time they look up you’re blatantly staring at your phone (or your crotch lol we all know the trying to hide ur phone under ur desk phone) they’ll probably be less inclined to help you later when you ask questions because you were too busy not paying attention 
  • write your name, phone number and school e-mail in the front of your notebook / on a label on your laptop. losing an entire semester’s worth of notes would be a NIGHTMARE and you want to make it as easy as possible for anyone who finds your stuff to return it to you. 
  • before you buy your textbook from your bookstore, check facebook to see if your school has a book exchange page and try to find someone you can buy it from second hand. it will be cheaper. 
  • if you can, buy your books used from the bookstore. renting is cheaper than buying — the buy back price at the end of the semester will be drastically reduced from what your purchased it at.
  • get familiar with the services at your school. check out the pride center and women’s center if you have one, join a club, and find a community. you’ll have a lot more fun at university if you find your niche and people who share your interests. they don’t have to be your lifetime best friends, but it’s nice to have a place to go and chat with an acquaintance during long breaks between classes.
  • use google docs or a similar cloud-based service. not having to haul your essays around on a USB is so much more convenient, and with your work stored in the cloud you won’t have any risk of it not saving or being corrupted. 
  • plagiarism is such a big no. your profs will remind you, but if you think you can get away with it, you can. plagiarism gives you what is essentially an academic criminal record and NO ONE in your faculty wants to deal with it, so just do your work okay?? trust me the consequences are way worse than just sitting down and writing the paper, no matter how awful it is
  • on the first day, if you HATE a class or the prof, drop it. add/drop deadlines are serious business 
  • if you have a few different choices for which prof to pick, check ratemyprofessor before choosing (but remember to take things with a grain of salt – they are reviews written by real people)

post-secondary is an amazing opportunity and as much as student loans and the emotional stress are hard, it can also be an incredible and fascinating experience. don’t worry too much about “finding your purpose” and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge your professors and teachers will present to you. good luck to all of you and i hope you have a wonderful time!! 


Okay, so help me out here. I have a theory. I looked it up a while ago for reference on my moontoffee fic, and it said that Skywynne Butterfly is Moon’s mother. But in this picture, is shows Moon’s mother with purple hair and butterflies on her cheeks, not the hourglasses that Skywynne is shown with.

Looking at the Butterfly family tree, the only other person with butterflies on their cheeks is the first queen, Urania. On the family tree there is no woman who looks like this. She has no space in the family tree, no tapestry, and no name.

So who the fuck is the woman in the picture?

My theory is that the woman in that picture is not Moon’s original mother. There’s no evidence besides this one picture that she existed at all. So here’s my pitch. What if Toffee didn’t kill Moon’s mother? What if the entire notion is fake?

The queen in this photo has the mark of the original queen, and her skin tone and hair are completely different than Moon’s. It is possible that the memory of this woman and her death was planted, by either the monsters or someone in the council. Why?

To start a war.

Now seeing how it turned out for the monsters, with them losing the war, that doesn’t seem a smart decision, does it? So who was the only person, in the long run, that benefited from the entire ordeal?


Is it possible that she was more powerful than anyone realized, and that she could control outside forces from inside the crystal? She could have planted the memory of the queen and her death by Toffee’s hand into the minds of Mewni to start a war between monsters and mewmans.

Now I know what you’re thinking. She wouldn’t want war with monsters! She fell in love with a monster, right?

Considering that the monster in question is never brought up in the movie, and the fact that Eclipsa doesn’t seem that surprised by the fact that Moon’s mother, who has no other traces than Toffee killing her and one picture, is dead, it’s plausible that Eclipsa forged the whole thing. But why?

Because a war between INVINCIBLE MONSTERS, and a CHILD QUEEN, equals someone desperate enough to trust sympathy and help. On one condition. Eclipsa gets her freedom.

Though I normally don’t do theories, this caught my attention. The fact that the spell she gave Moon corrupted her skin like Eclipsa’s seems to be also comes into play. Eclipsa did that on purpose. If the people of Mewni saw that, what would they think of Moon?

I don’t believe Eclipsa just wants to buy her own candy. I think that when she’s free, she’ll use Moon’s corruption as a way to prove she’s unfit to rule Mewni. And what happens when Moon is seen as unfit?

Eclipsa gets her throne back.

By tricking everyone into thinking that Moon’s mother had been killed by a monster, she managed to not only start a war, but gain her freedom and put an end to Moon’s reign.

I know this was really long and convoluted, but again, I don’t normally do theories. Tell me what you think!

The Doctor’s personality types

So every once in a while I find myself trying to perfect my categorization of the Doctor’s different personality types. Because although my brain definitely groups them together in certain ways, it’s not quite sure why it does so. But now that we’ve seen Twelve’s arc, I think I’ve finally got it:

The Flippant Renegade

These Doctors don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. They live free and dress sloppy. If they play the fool, it’s as a protest to show how little respect they have for their enemies or the situation that they’re in. They do fight for things on occasion but oftentimes are more concerned with rebelling against. They’re the most anti-authoritarian Doctors and have the strongest individualist streaks.

The Devious Trickster

These Doctors are always working on multiple levels. They’re prone to clowning to keep their enemies off-base. They lie a lot and keep things close to the chest. There’s always a distance there. They’re also the most professorial, with the biggest interest in knowledge and teaching. While they have a strong sense of right and wrong, they’re very pragmatic about how they achieve their goals. These are the ones most capable of genocide.

The Arrogant Moralist

These Doctors think that they’re always right all the time. They have very high standards for everyone else. Anyone who falls below their standards they treat with disdain, but anyone who meets their standards, they adore. They’re the most self-impressed and also the most concerned with their own appearance and image. They tend the most toward hypocrisy.

The Humane Tourist

These Doctors aren’t looking for trouble. They’re not showy. They’re leisurely. Their dress is subdued but distinctive. They’re less concerned with morality and more concerned with mercy. They’re also the most interested in other people and their lives. They’re the most collaborative Doctors, oftentimes looking for input from others on how to proceed.

…You know, looking at it now, it’s entirely possible I may have just sorted them into Hogwarts houses, but I’m gonna try not to think about that too much.