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Sunday, 11 December 2016

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Make the Yuletide Gay

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by rosie_berber

Title is unapologetically juvenile because man oh man, when I hear Jensen Ackles plead with me in song to make the yuletide gay, I’m like, “challenge accepted.”

Actual summary: Who thinks that Team Free Will deserve a very merry Christmas? Your author does, most certainly. So come along as some of my favourite hunters spend the holiday together. Complete with scenes of Dean and Cas bickering as they shop together, Dean dressed as Santa, Castiel dressed up as an elf. The big Christmas dinner Dean always wanted. Chick flicks. Feelings. Lots of em. And smut, oh boy, lots of smut. Did I mention smut? Cause there be smut.

Also, lots of dick jokes. If you are the sort of person whose sense of humour tends towards the crude and the lewd, but also, you sort of love to bathe in fluffy feelings, why aren’t we already best friends? Because yeah, that’s me. Come hang out in my trashcan, it’s pretty great.

Words: 1025, Chapters: 1/6, Language: English

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rational-mastermind  asked:

Hey I've just been recently looking into this whole autism thing and I couldn't help but notice a similar theme going on with this rainbow infinite thing on a few blogs. Is that supposed to represent or something?

yeah, the rainbow infinity symbol is the symbol for neurodiversity! but I believe it was meant to represent the autism spectrum. It’s been a while since I read about this so I don’t remember the details. I personally use it as the autism symbol, but it can stand for all neurodiversity I think?

followers feel free to correct me or add info!

anonymous asked:

The nonverbal magic headcanon is a really cool one, but, respectully, it's comparing apples to oranges. Not only do we se American witches using verbal magic, you see at length in the HP books and in the later HP movies that British wizards are taught nonverbal spells, and a vast majority of the adults use nonverbal magic except when in teaching moments to the kids. Add to the fact that the European witch trials were longer lasting and way more bloody than the American ones… (cont)

I’m super well aware that you didn’t write that, but it’s something to think about! (and feel free not to publish this or even feel free to continue with that headcanon because I agree it’s cool though it’s not 10000% logical, but then again I’ve had headcanons that aren’t watertight before, too. Woo this sounds awful. I meant no disrespect, I swear.

hey there! nah it’s not rude and you’re certainly not awful or disrespectful. anyway, moving on. i, unfortunately, don’t remember any american wizard or witch using verbal magic besides the one scene where queenie is trying to open graves’ office at macusa. we could rationalise this off as queenie unable to do nonverbal magic as adeptly as most american wizards due to her legillemency skill. it’d be hard, at least i’d think so, to think of the spell while thoughts of others push and push and push at you. ( she’s skilled in that area. we see it in many instances. i wouldn’t put it past her to be too distracted by the thoughts to focus on nonverbal magic. )

and of course british wizards use nonverbal spells. there’s no dispute about that. later down in your education do you learn how to perform them. the point is, it’s more of a … requirement, if you will, for american wizards. i’m sure, due to the nature of american colonisation and the constant persecution of what muggles / no - majs would assume as witches. even in the 1920′s, evidenced by the barebone’s parade of a ‘’ second salem ‘’, there are those who can and will set out to damage wizardkind. teaching young american witches and wizards, at the first available chance, to do nonverbal spells is probably considered a norm. 

now, nonverbal magic is very very difficult to master. so, teaching young children must be difficult of itself. which is what leads me to assume ilvermony’s education standards were not only incredibly high, but that their education tactic were rigorous. could explain why there are so many powerful american wizards about.

now, about the whole european trials lasting longer and so forth. while that is valid, when has america ever taken that into consideration? america in its history is commonly isolated. america also learns from issues regarding europe. obviously, with their persecution lasting longer and deadlier, america began to put the reinforcement of nonverbal magic into place. something europe may or may not have done before or after.

thanks for sending this in though!

I like how bangtan just…grew steadily you know? they didnt have a bombastic hit debut from the beginning or from a known company, they didnt have a sudden publicity scandal or gimmick, they didnt have a super dooper hit song that blew the world apart, they just took their time and grew with their own pace and power. and that’s something I treasure so much, it’s something people cant take away.

i made a guide for the main cast’s skin tones. wasnt that hard to make tbh.