Take a second and think about how good this episode was for Lexa

She and Clarke are finally treating each other nicely and even somehow flirting in their own way, she was able to make Roan feel human again, feel validated and not just a piece in the queen’s chess game. She was able to avenge Costia’s death… Just imagine Lexa holding a gift from Costia and talking to her, talking to her about how she misses her or talking to her about Clarke or how happy she is she finally could take the life from the one who took her lover’s. Imagine Lexa thanking Anya before she falls asleep, right after looking at Clarke’s eyes with the kindness they’ve been holding back for so long. This was an episode for Lexa and I loved every part of it.




Im so sure that Lydia died guys, she wasn’t just unconscious. We all saw the look in Scott’s face, he was there. He can listen to heartbeats, do you think that he would be so worried if he could hear her heartbeats? No, I dont think so either. So… she was dead, for seconds but. And how could we forget about what Deaton said?

 “Its not just someone to hold you under, it needs to be someone who can p u l l  you b a c k. Someone who has a strong connection to you, kind of a emotional tether. Lydia, you go with Stiles.” 

Lydia hold Stiles down, and Stiles pulled Lydia back. 

This is so beautiful guys. 

There are very few things I’m willing to say I’m “absolutely positively sure about” if I don’t know the parties involved directly, but Karlie Kloss not having a mean bone in her body is one of them. She was, I’m sure, contractually obligated to make that Yeezy post. So if you’re dragging her, please come fight me because if you think for one second she’d condone what Kanye said about Taylor (or any other woman) personally, I will snatch your weave so fast it’ll give you whiplash..

New series: Fix You


In this world, your soulmate is the one person you can’t lie to. Being a conartist meant you didn’t pursue love just in case you stumbled upon “the one”. Fate has a funny way of sneaking up on you, because one day whilst in your shop, two FBI agents stroll in. Problem: You can’t lie to the taller one. Looks like you found your mate. Second problem: he’s a complete lunatic. Talking about ghosts and monsters – you could hardly believe fate lined you up with this guy! But when you come face to face with a vampire, you’re finally swayed.

(I’m long winded, I’m not done summarizing it)

Just as the lore said, you and Sam clicked almost instantly. Head over heels in a thing resembling “love”. Just as you think your life could finally be ok – not perfect, but ok – you learn a startling fact about your boyfriend. He’s being held together by an angel, Ezekiel. If things weren’t bad enough, you can’t lie to him either. Nobody warned you that you could have two soulmates. 

Ok, done with my sloppy summary, this is a Samxreader  Ezekiel/Gadreelxreader soulmate AU YEAH IT’S COMPLICATED ISN’T IT?


anyone who thinks akf is a fucking publicity stunt needs to get away from hateful blogging for a second and just assess themselves and think about their feelings and motivations behind posting such cruel shit

like jared suffers from depression. hes admitted to it publicly and thats a damn hard thing to do, i can tell from personal experience. he lives his entire life in a spotlight with people watching his every move and i think its incredibly brave of him to speak up about depression and anxiety in a society that still stigmatizes both of those issues

he has raised so much money for awareness, con after con after con he takes time out of his busy schedule to talk one on one with fans who have been positively affected by his charity work. so few people are genuinely selfless and caring, and jared is definitely one of those people.

if you dont like him, fine. but if you shit on what hes done for people with depression and the incredible strength it takes to speak out about these things, then you need to re-evaluate yourself right now because what youre doing is hateful and disregarding of him as a person.

Love Letters

Summary: There is a white writing board on the refrigerator of Dan and Phil’s apartment. One day instead of a grocery list, Phil wrote Dan a letter. Following is there correspondence over the course of two weeks.

Dear Dan,

I love the left side of your face. I love that you speak up for me in public. I love the way that little spot near your dimple turns red when you’re passionate about something.

I love that everything has to be symmetrical for you to be happy. I love that you think deeply and seriously and complexly. I love that you can shift gears so quickly from that serious soul to a silly boy.

I love that you will defend Kanye to your death. I love your face when you win the seven second challenge. I love when you enunciate. I love when you mumble.

I love playing Mario kart and watching anime with you. I love watching your face light up when you talk about Kanye.

I love when we are alone and all I hear is silence and all I feel is comfort and all I know is love.


Dear Phil,

I love that you name every creature and plant you ever meet. I love how brave you are. I love your yellow and blue and green eyes.

I love the way you stick out your tongue when you laugh. I love how your eyes light up when you’re happy. I love that you steal my cereal.

I love it when you take pictures of me. I love that you don’t think I have a bad side. I love your doodles. I love your fantastic ideas.

I love your sense of optimism in the face of the world that tears everyone down. I love that I get to see the side of you that you show no one else.

I love watching your face light up when you talk about Buffy.

I love sitting in silence with you and knowing that you’re thinking of a crazy story or an invention and I’m just thinking about how much I love you.


Dear Dan,

I hate that you beat yourself up so much. I hate that you hurt so deeply and so easily. I hate that you worry so much about the state of the world that you lose sleep at night.

I hate that you take Internet comments so seriously. I hate that you’re afraid of so many things.

I hate that you think you have a bad side. I hate that you have to hide your family from the Internet. I hate that you always have to be the strong one in public.

I hate that the world can’t see you like I do. I hate what they’re missing.



Dear Phil,

I hate when people assume that you are simple. I hate when people steal your ideas. I hate that you don’t get the credit that you deserve.

I hate that the world doesn’t get to see the side of you that I do. I hate that you keep your emotions bottled up. I hate that people come up to you and scare you in public.

I hate that you don’t have as many followers as you deserve. I hate that people don’t see the amazing person that you really are.


Dear Dan,

I like almost everything about you. I like your brown hair, I like your dimple, I like your brown eyes, I like your beautiful smile, I like your amazing laugh. I like spending time with you, I like playing games with you, I like making videos with you. I like holding you. I like knowing that you are my best friend.

Love, Phil

Dear Phil,
I like your straight hair, I like your funny faces, I like your northern accent. I like that even though you have faced more loss in your life than I ever have, you gave me life with a smile and a joy that is contagious and that has saved me time and time again. I like you.

Love, Dan

Dear Dan,

You are out of cereal.

Love, Phil

So about a month ago I asked my friend to see deadpool with me because I really wanna see it but don’t wanna go alone and she told me she’ll see…and today at midnight she just texts ‘When does deadpool come out?’ like first of all its a Thursday night I believe she has classes every week day so why is she up at midnight and second of all shes awake at midnight and was thinking about a movie I asked her to see? I mean I did say it came out on Valentine wekend but

  • me one day:I'm a Cancer sun, Scorpio Moon, Capricorn Rising, ESTP, 7w6 4w5 9w8, tritype 749, Choleric, sx/sp/so, Green Lightsaber girl who was mistyped as INxx and ENTP because of my Ni-grip and enneagram disintegration. And you seem like a 4w3 5w4 8w7 ISFP mistyped as an ESFJ because like... the Fi is strong I don't make the rules I only enforce them.
  • me the next day:Oh, so you think I have a "type", do you motherfucker? Please. Acting like there's an objective answer to these subjective inconsistent models. Just let me have my fun and stop telling me there's already a set answer to how I think. You should know by now that the only certainty in life is that there are no certainties. Get up and leave my fucking house.

Talk about picking and choosing. When did Beyonce, Jay-Z, or ANYONE say that police brutality is the “only problem plaguing the Black community?” If you’d bother to listen to us for one fucking second, you would know this. 

Shedding light onto police brutality and systemic racism is valid, whether you think it is or not. Whether we talk solely about it or not. That being said, Jay-Z has worked throughout his whole career to help his communities is an indicator of that. Ever hear of the Shawn Carter Foundation? His efforts to put people into college? His aid during Hurricane Katrina? Aiding the global water crisis? Building trust funds for the children who lost their parents to police violence? Fighting against racism and anti-Semitism? Beyonce’s work with Haiti, charities in Houston, her charities to help children and widows of police officers and fire fighters, her work towards getting children the education and nutrition they need? 

Are you going to talk about them acknowledging those societal problems or you going to ignore all that for YOUR agenda? 

crow-with-glasses asked:

What do you call a Necromancer who goes to the gym to do power lifts? A dead lifter!

Ha! We do love a good pun around these parts!

More seriously, let’s talk about the typical necromancer for a second. You probably want to go up to 11 when throwing a necromancer in the mix, so we’ll start with the CR 17 Grand Necromancer from the NPC Codex.

This wizard has a great array of spells rife for success at commanding the undead for their evil and foul bidding. Looking over their stat block, you might think “Nope. No thanks. I’m not going to lift next them.” But let’s address how woefully unprepared for lifting they are currently, and how you can outshine even the spikiest, eerily magical, and diabolical foe.

Now, the obvious answer here would be “that Strength score isn’t going to net anything.” But here, we believe that your Strength can be improved with persistence and safe, regular practice. At an above average Dexterity, it’s totally possible that with time, they could be able to get 1.25-1.5x of their body weight off the ground. But, alas, everyone knows how expensive it is to get an at-home setup for your Secret Necromancer Lair, even off of toragslist. And face it, the prices of reagents just keep climbing, you’ve got new robes to buy, bejeweled headbands, and a general image to upkeep.

Assuming that this necromancer has actually devoted themselves to crafting a DIY all-black decor gains palace, I definitely worry about their pre workout and out of the gym regimen. Leaving for even the most trivial necromancer business without a Quest bar or some protein powder for on-the-go shakes is a beginner’s error. I’m really not sure that the average necromancer’s diet contains the right balance of macros to sustain the lifestyle laid before him in this joke.

It’s the reality we’re faced with the busy pace of overtaking heroes and small towns (or even average sized cities) with an army of undead is frankly more rewarding than telling your illusionist friend that you’ve joined the the ranks of folks who benchpress golems. It’s not that exciting when their response is a noncommittal “Cool story, there’s about 100 of me now, by the way. Try to find the one that cares.”

But! With persistence, the right tools, even your wizard can boast a tank top emblazoned with this amazing pun on it in the gym.

(Wherein I answer the first part of @legendofzeldamajorass‘s question, sort of answer the second, and promise try to do a better job about fleshing out my comments at some point soonish when I’m not swamped with work.)

This is in response to Slash Shipping, Pseudo-Progressivism, and Reinforcing Patriarchal Standards in Fandom

First things first: Girls and people perceived to be girls are spoonfed some seriously toxic thoughts about what it means to be a girl and what femininity as a construct is from the moment that they’re born.

Think back to high school, if you weren’t a teenage girl, you were around them. How many of them were super nice to one another across the board? When you exist in a society that has made an industry out telling women they’re not good enough and never will be, you wind up with some pretty twisted views of what you’re supposed to be like.

One of the pushbacks I keep seeing to my post on slash shipping and pseudo-progressiveness is that people like you and like others assume that women aren’t capable of actively expressing internalized misogyny and that we shouldn’t confront the fact that it’s something that’s so very present in fandom spaces.

I was a teenage girl once. I was also a teenage slash shipper and have been a slash shipper for the past 13+ years. And I save everything. So I can go back and look at the slashfic I wrote and read back then and see very vividly the internalized misogyny that was present in my erasure of female characters or how I used them as villains more often than not. And I can also see the evolution of my writing as I turned my academic research towards queer history and gender studies.

And I’m still evolving! Because people talked to me, they called me out and they called fandom out. And I learned just as much from them as I did my textbooks.

So why should we you know… not talk about the fact that internalized misogyny (and internalized racism) is something that our fellow female fans need to grow out of because it definitely informs the way that a majority of them tend to gravitate towards the white dude ships when they ship slash.

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Boyfriend Material- Seokjin

Originally posted by vminv

  • Congratulations! You are the only person in the world he finds prettier than his own reflection.
  • Breakfast in bed.
  • Snapchats of every meal he devours.
  • Never having leftovers.
  • Mario everything all the time.
  • Playing on your D.S. with him.
  • You can land a plane on this dude’s shoulders so let’s just think about that for a second.
  • His squeaky laugh.
  • He knows how to clean up after himself.
  • Becoming the step mom to 6 very rowdy and crazy children.
  • Those children somehow getting your number.
  • Your phone needs charged constantly because when they are awake you are awake.
  • Who is your boyfriend again?
  • “I didn’t block your number, Jimin. You must have messed up your phone somehow.”
  • Back hugs and neck kisses.

Just a thought..

We pass hundreds, if not thousands of different faces a day as we go about our daily lives. We pass, look and sometimes think. But then, the next second their faces and whatever passing thoughts you had about them are gone. What if life was different. What if we heard everyone’s stories, what if we heard everyone’s problems. Would that change anything? Would the passing thoughts that once lasted for a minute, last with you for a lifetime? 

It’s strange how growing up we we’re always told not to talk to strangers. But what if these you could help these strangers, and what if these strangers could help you?

- Tanis. House of Hippies

I think we were doomed from the first seconds when I laid eyes on you. Breaking away from another raging storm and drowning in another sea. I’ve written these stories before, I’ve died in these novels every time. I’m sorry, my favorite line. Your smile, time has a tag. Eyes that peeked into me and saw no reason to search. A maze lost within itself. The end is near, but we’re drenched, my dear. I think we’re doomed-

but you already knew, I love you.

—  I was going to write about you, but I wrote about her.

I grew up catholic and I carry two things with me, an abundance of guilt and lent.

Lent has become our second attempt at already forgotten new year’s resolutions. Which, if you think about it, it’s much easier to tackle something for 40 days than a whole year. Far less daunting. I have friends who are giving up processed cheese or carbs. We all see friends say their temporary facebook good-byes, which if you’re replacing that with a focus on the here and now, it’s probably good. The same could be said for cheese product over a nice slice of gouda or a donut and oatmeal, though my diet always has room for donuts and oatmeal. But, most of my friends, and I am confident saying this because I am close to these people, aren’t doing it for a religious reason.

Lent has become fairly mainstream and secularized. But if it helps us make better choices and focus on being better people, what’s wrong with that? But most of the time, it’s thought of in terms of taking away. Giving up. No one has asked me what I am giving up for Lent for a while now. And I haven’t given thought to giving up anything in an equally long time. It’s just nothing something I do. But this year, I wanted to do something different. I want to add to…make life better. For friends and strangers. Since Lent started yesterday and I sort of just thought of this now, I am stretching it for yesterday. I got cupcakes yesterday for today’s run. So, we’re counting that.

40 random acts of kindness, some anonymous and some not. The reason I am saying this here, now, is not to pat myself on the back but to hold myself accountable. Today I found a random wish list on Amazon and a bought them a book they recently added. Since this is on the fly, I really don’t have many other ideas but I’ll figure some things out (and I am open to suggestions if anyone has any).