“Wishes are an illusion that only prevent us from dealing with the suffering that comes to us all.”


“Wow, we are one fucked up family.”


‘I would enjoy a cinnamon muffin at our earliest convenience.”

“Setsuna, your devotion to a theme is truly inspiring.”

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It’s probably been pointed out before but the heartbreak in Carol’s eyes here really strikes me. Because it’s the same heartbreak that appeared in her eyes here,

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when she looked at Daryl, realizing that she just couldn’t be around him because with him, she had to be herself. Because she couldn’t wear that mask she felt she needed. She looked at him with that identical heartbreak that showed when Ezekiel told her she was walking away from love, and she virtually admitted it. She looked at Daryl with that same expression, and then she walked away.

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I don’t think this is a coincidence at all.

Because when Ezekiel observes that Carol is walking away from love, that hurts her.

Because it’s absolutely true.

Just a few episodes before that, we saw her literally walking away from Daryl, which, for Carol, is the equivalent of walking away from love.

That is why her expression turned to heartbreak and anguish. Because Ezekiel struck a nerve, and I’m one hundred percent certain that Carol thought of Daryl when Ezekiel said, “I hope that’s not what you’re walking away from”.

Carol did walk away from Daryl - and he is all those things Ezekiel mentioned; hope, grace, heroism, and love. That’s what Daryl is to Carol.

He is that kind of love, for her.

To me, this scene solidifies that Carol does think of Daryl that way. Even though he wasn’t mentioned, because Gimple likes his subtle parallels and easter eggs, it’s just too fitting to be a coincidence.

so like the joke with Yuri On Ice is that with every episode, it gets gayer

this episode, yuuri bought two wedding rings and he and victor are engaged and we found out that victor was drawn to yuuri after just falling in love with him after a wild night of dancing and dropped everything for the chance to go coach him and get closer to him


how the fuck can it get gayer

My favourite part of episode 10 was finding out that Yuri was never actually isolated from the rest of the skaters like he made us think he was.

We thought he was an outcast and failure among the other skaters and never put himself out there but clearly this wasn’t true. Yuri had surprised everyone at that party by not only putting himself out there but by bringing others with him.

He got Chris and Yurio, his two main rivals for both the Grand Prix and for Victor’s attention, to have a dance off with him and be just as crazy if not more crazy then he was and he got his idol Victor to dance with him.

It’s so important to know that all these skaters actually do care about Yuri and probably have for a while and it’s so refreshing to see them all coming together and having a good time.

Despite the competition they’ve developed friendships with each and will probably continue to be friends long after the Grand Prix is over. I’m just so happy to see that Yuri was never really alone and that they all care for each other.


okay but in the new episode am i the only one not following this part?? who else loved yuri?? who else lived for yuri???