(official) seventeen – ‘smile flower’ video teaser

Happy Birthday Kunimi!

We’ve wrapped up our second show.

Happy birthday, Kunimi-chan!!
I’m very happy I get to do this play on Kunimi-chan’s birthday.
All right, now let’s get excited for the evening performance too!!

Translated by @nimbus-cloud

einekleinemelodie  asked:

"You want me to do what?" For Gilmore and Vax please?

“You want me to do what?” Vax says incredulously, staring at the fuchsia fabric in the other man’s hands with wide eyes.

“Let me dress you up,” Gilmore repeats, dark eyes glimmering brightly. “I’ll put you in something lovely.”

Vax’s eyes drop down onto Gilmore’s own clothes, much lighter and more colorful than the dark feathers and leathers he wears. “Something like yours?”

“Like I said, it will be lovely.”

After a moment, Vax’s face slowly shifts into a small smile as he says, “But will it be glorious?”

Gilmore laughs, loud and booming and full of affection. “Why, my dear Vax’ildan! What a preposterous question! Of course it will be glorious; who do you take me for?”

With a ridiculous and melodramatic sigh, Vax takes a step forward with his arms open as if for an embrace. “Well, in that case, how can I say no? I’m at your mercy, Shaun.”

Gilmore laughs again, dropping the fabric off on the table at his side before closing the distance between them in two large steps, taking Vax’s face in his hands and pressing a kiss to his left cheek, his right cheek, then right on the tip of his nose. Vax snakes his hands up between them and hooks his fingers into the deep V of his lover’s shirt, pulling him down to kiss him full on the lips.

After a moment, Gilmore pulls away and detangles himself from Vax’s grasp (much to the rogue’s displeasure) before walking back over to the fabric he set down, looking it over with squinted gaze. He snaps his fingers and murmurs a few arcane words beneath his breath and the color shifts from fuchsia to more of an indigo.

When he turns back to look at Vax, the other man has one elegant eyebrow arched at him. Gilmore shrugs. “What? This is more your color.”

[Translation] Think Note Vol.41: Q & A

This Think Note is from last year’s MYOJO edition that came out in June. It’s a special edition where Yamada answers some fan questions about his private life and work. There are several previous untranslated Think Note so I’m planning to translate them one by one when I’m free. Don’t forget ask permission & give credit if reposting or retranslating to another blog/page. Enjoy this translation! 😁😁😁

“I’m always worried about the members. That’s why I’ve become who I am now.”

This month’s edition will be a special version! Yamada will answer questions (Q) from fans that have been selected through MYOJO’s official twitter. Yamada will also provide a lot of answers, as a gratitude from him towards his dear fans.

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