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No One Like You by @myownsparknow  (myownspark) (19k)

Dear Niall,

I was glad to have the chance to talk with you again at the AHA conference. Your idea that the Musee D’Orsay Tomlinson painting is in fact not a self-portrait is an intriguing one, and I may have discovered something that will have a bearing on that theory.

Some background: as you may remember, I’ve been researching for a book I’m writing about Harry Styles. I’ve been in communication with Styles’ last living descendant, who is in possession of a trunk that her family believed to have belonged to Styles himself. It held some personal items she presumes to be his, including two unmounted paintings and a small collection of letters.

Upon spending the last few days in Provins studying these items, I believe there to be a connection between Tomlinson and Styles, and I would very much like your opinion.

Are you up for a trip to France?

Liam Payne

Where Liam and Niall are art historians discovering the truth about two nineteenth century painters on opposite sides of an artistic divide.

Walk That Mile by @daisyharry (purpledaisy) (141k)

Harry stares at him, the line of his jaw standing out scarily. “I wanted to get the most out of this trip so I planned it carefully.” His voice is low and steady and somehow that’s worse than when he was yelling. “So far, you’ve put your sticky fingers on everything I’ve tried to do.”

“Sticky fingers?” Louis repeats, offended. “Are you saying it’s my fault you got stung by a bee? Had you been alone you would have gotten halfway to the Dotty Diner and ran the car off the road because of an allergic reaction, so don’t go blaming me.”

“Polk-A-Dot Drive In,” Harry spits before getting out of the car. He slams the door shut with a deafening reverb and Louis rolls his eyes.
A Route 66 AU where falling in love was never part of the plan.

We’ll Never Be Lonely in the Dark by @becomeawendybird  (QuickedWeen) (6k)

Detective Louis Tomlinson keeps getting blocked when he tries to use his psychic gift to locate a missing child. One late night he manages to get through but instead of finding who he’s looking for he lands in the bedroom of a mysterious man.

Harry Styles, nursing student, baker, and all around exhausted medium, thinks he’s having the best sex dream he’s ever had when his fantasy man shows up in his subconscious. But is that really what’s going on?

We’re What’s Right In This World by @briannamarguerite  (BriaMaria) (48k)

“Why did you talk like that in Brighton? If you weren’t planning on ever telling me?” Louis asked. “Is it because you think you’re going to die?”

“It’s war, Lou,” Harry said finally.

The words were a knife slipped between his ribs. Everything hurt and he was bleeding. He shifted up, his palms cradling Harry’s jaw, his lips against his boy’s. Not kissing, just resting there, so Louis could feel him. “Promise you’ll come back to me.”

Harry’s hands smoothed down the sides of Louis’ body. “You know I can’t do that. I’ll never lie to you.”

“Promise me. We’re going to have our cottage. And our dogs. And our breakfast in the garden where nothing grows because of the wind from the sea. Promise me.”

“I won’t.” Stubborn as always, his boy. “I’ll promise you, I’ll love you all my life. I’ll promise you, you’ll never leave my thoughts. I’ll promise you, you’re my forever and my always. But promising you something I can’t cheapens the things I can.”
Or the World War II AU where Harry goes off to fight and all Louis wants to do is be the boy who brings him home.

Yellow by @13ways-of-looking  (13ways) (84k)

The city of Gotham turns blood red with a new, mysterious criminal element, a beautiful woman named the Blind Cupid.

She threatens to tear the fabric of the city apart, aided by her deadly protégé, the Cat.

Can Batman stop them?

Will he resist the bewitching allures of the Cat?

A Batman/ Catwoman AU

Poison Me With Love by @dimpled-halo  (dimpled_halo) (11k)

Gemma hums for a couple of seconds, and then, she gasps. “What if your flat is haunted?”

“Gemma, that’s not funny,” Harry says.

“No, I’m serious. I was just watching a show about it the other day. There’s, like, spirits and stuff that roam around different places. Maybe one of those spirits lives in your flat.” She says it like it’s such a common thing that Harry rolls his eyes. His sister would be watching shows like that, but Harry doesn’t appreciate that she’s telling him all this, not only because Harry is already spooked, but also because he lives alone in a flat that has weird things happening to him, and the last thing he needs is to be losing sleep over wondering if there’s some sort of spirit living in his home.
Or- There are strange things happening in Harry’s flat and he’s determined to figure out the cause.

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The high school tag. Has it been updated lately? On the Tumblr app here, it doesn’t show 😥

yeah you have to use a browser and go to our page to see

This Counts, Right? by we_are_the_story (1/1 | 2,480 | PG13)

Block-lettered versions of the first words your soulmate will say to you are outlined in black when you are born, or your soulmate is born, and are consequently filled in within a minute of the first meet.

Stiles doesn’t think, “You’re going down, 24,” can constitute as a friendly conversation, or a nice, normal beginning, but Stiles never really cared. And he got a lucky number out of it, so that should mean something, right? The only thing is that a number generally means a sport, and he and sports had always had a mutual hatred for one another. But Stiles would never let something as trivial as a disagreement get in the way of being a good friend, so when Scott joined the lacrosse team at school, Stiles did too, took 24 as his number and didn’t expect anything else.

But then it happened. And it was simultaneously worse and better than he could have ever expected.

Or: too many people are injured during a lacrosse game against their rival team and Stiles must step in, only to unexpectedly help ensure a win. Stiles still doesn’t really understand.

How to (not) Woo a Nerd by beatlesgrl (1/1 | 1,730 | PG13)

He can’t help it if he sounds pissed off all the time. His mom told him it was just the way his voice was, that there was nothing to be ashamed about, that the right people would know he was actually a sweetheart and love him. Problem was, Stiles Stilinski wasn’t one of those people.

Five Little Pumpkins by gremlins-came-and-got-me (Scared_Beings_in_the_Dark) (1/1 | 1,930 | G)

Distracted by a car turning onto their driveway, Derek didn’t notice Stiles sneaking up on him until he upended the cup of paint-water all over his head.

“Oops,” Stiles said, grinning smugly.

“That was not an ‘oops,’” Derek told him, stripping out of his soaked shirt and using it to mop at the mess in his hair.

The Kind of Eyes That Drive Wolves Mad by CosmoKid (1/1 | 4,875 | PG13)

Stiles is finally being invited to his first high school party alongside Scott. It would be cool if it wasn’t a Halloween party and if he hadn’t agreed that Lydia could choose his costume.

Granted, when he’d agreed to it, he had reason to. Lydia is good at costumes so his decision was a good decision.

Or it was until Lydia announced he would be going as Little Red Riding Hood two hours before the party starts so he has no choice but to either go as Little Red Riding Hood, go as Stiles Stilinski or not go. And this is his first ever high school party, he can’t not go and he is not going to be the spoilsport that doesn’t dress up, which is why he’s currently sat on some knackered sofa in a barn dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

Or in which Lydia dresses Stiles up as Little Red Riding Hood for a Halloween Party so he matches with Derek’s werewolf costume.

You think voters are ever going to figure out that there are only a few presidents who didn’t run on being an outsider who was going to shake up Washington? I’m not kidding, it’s astounding how many presidents went with this, it would probably be easier to name the ones who didn’t. Maybe voters will someday realize that the change they’re looking for can’t be accomplished by any one president.

@mellamew submitted:  Just a friendly meme for all to enjoy. c:

Edge emote was made by @redeyedryu <3

“oh, hun, this is too good.”  Stretch is doubled-over, his shoulders shaking with laughter.



Stretch gives his brother a thumbs up.  

Edge looks frazzled.  “I WILL NOT FORGET THIS!”

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I HAD NO IDEA YOU READ THE ARCANA CHRONICLES???? and by the gods - death or jack

Death. There is only Death (though I was largely unhappy with him and Evie in the last book and even unhappier with where I think it’s going @_@) 

Death is a cinnamon roll and I want to protect him everyone.  

also if you need explanation:  i think dark’s going to be completely blind with his rage, and the moment he sets his sights on a mark, he’s gonna think that it’s THE mark he’s after. since he is from a different universe at all.

meanwhile, asshole mark gets to run free while good mark suffers the consequences

like i said, we aren’t gonna give a shit if bad things happen to asshole mark. we will love dark for it, and that isn’t supposed to be, right? so! who knows what will happen.

Jackson: I actually just believe in myself. I don’t do anything to harm others. I don’t do anything bad. I’m just doing something I want to. I think I’m going the right way now. Even if it doesn’t work out, I wouldn’t regret it
MC: I hope u gain popularity…
Jackson: Not just popularity, As long as you know this person called Wang Jia Er. You don’t have to like me. It’s up to you.

Youku Live from LA ( daisyyfields)


I came across @snuffysbox ‘draw your otp’… templates? is that what they are? idk what they’re called exactly but I got the urge to do a few of them and thought it would also be a nice excuse to draw these two in my style some more. Cause I need practice. I did change the poses a tiny bit here and there, I hope that’s ok. 

First one is middle school. I’m thinking Helga needed to go to school for something important no matter what but she woke up pretty sick and either that makes her a little loopy that day or the medicine she quickly nabs some of makes her loopy and when she sees Arnold that happens^. He escorts her to the nurse’s office despite her complaints b/c girl needs to rest. 

Second one is college. Last one is married dorks.


Diosa: I couldn’t let you leave.

RJ: You curse at me, you slap me. You destroy my car. And you really think I’m going to stay?

Diosa whispers: I don’t know what I was thinking.

RJ: That’s not an excuse Diosa. You know my Dad? He told me you’d bring me nothing but harm. And I really didn’t want to believe him.

Diosa: I’ve told you- I hate you.

RJ snaps: Shut the f*ck up.  Shut the f*ck up because you’re pushing me to that edge you like to bring me to, Diosa. You don’t hate me. You hate that you love me. And for the longest I wanted to get to the bottom of why. And honestly? Even with all this? I still do. But I’m not going to. I can’t anymore. 

Diosa: Because of Margaux, because of your baby, because you don’t really care.

RJ: No, none of that. Because I’m opening my eyes to this fantasy I have about you. This fantasy everyone has about you. Wild child Diosa. Beautiful crazy Diosa who parties hard and drinks too much and drives too fast and smashes car windows and who lives to break hearts. That Lana Del Rey shit is cool in the movies and in songs. But in real life? It’s exhausting, it’s sad, it’s painful. It’s your real life and it’s going to end up killing you, Diosa. I can’t keep holding on to this fantasy, or reinforcing it with you. I love you too much for that.

Diosa desperate: Don’t leave. I swear something bad will happen if you leave, RJ. You HAVE to stay. You don’t understand, you have to stay-

RJ: I can’t. I’m not. I’m calling a cab and a tow truck. Trust me, you don’t want  me to stay, you don’t want the side of me that I’m holding back. I’ve worked too hard to keep my violence under control. Unlike you? I don’t embrace the dark side of me, I don’t give it life. I’m out.

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Jack is a big advocate for anti bullying and it must be such a big slap in the face for him to have his fans of all people bully his gf like tf are y’all doing??

EXACTLY? Do people honestly think he’s going to support them or like them for bullying his girlfriend? How dumb can someone be?

anonymous asked:

are you and Joey collabing on pieces? if you're not, do you think you too are going to??? :)c

Not directly, though I’m always happy when Joey composes an awesome piece inspired by a thing I did ;;;
Like, always so flattering!!! <3

When people ask why I train so hard they’re always surprised that it’s just for me. I’m not training to compete on stage. I’m not training to be more fit then the next person - I’m training because I love fitness. I️t makes me feel good!!! It’s my one time during the day to completely shut my mind off and not think; I just go into the gym knowing on this day and that I’m working on these muscles and go in there and allow myself to figure out my workouts as I’m there. That’s how I’ve come up with so many cool circuits because it’s my time to have fun doing what I love to do. I don’t want to talk when I’m working out - I just want to dance and vibe out to my music and train harder than I did yesterday. I use to feel so bad telling people hey I don’t really want to workout with you or hey can we save this conversation until after I finished lifting? But then it got to a point of me realizing why do I have to explain myself for something that makes me happy? I really enjoying being by myself during most of my workouts because the gym is my therapy - it’s how I release and detox from the world and it’s hard to do that when people are always there. Don’t feel bad for putting you first and doing what makes you feel good even if that means upsetting some other people! Go to the gym - train to be a beast and do it for YOU and not any other reason !!! 💖✨ _________________ 


#BodyByCookie x #SweetlyToned 

P.s. I’m going to try to get through as many emails as I can today!

! I love you guys ❤️

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why do you racebend characters? that's really offensive to the people who created them. they're not yours to change, plus you only do it to asian/white characters which sends the signal that their races are wrong. which is Not Good :///

Hey anon…of all of the possible deviations from the canon material/alternate universes that exist in fandom, if you go around thinking only the race bent/black ones are offensive to creators, I think that says more about what you believe is wrong. For example, I drew Gladio getting his bread buttered by Ignis waaaayyy before I drew them black. That hasn’t happened in any FFXV media or game updates, but I haven’t gotten any complaints about that ;) 

And I’ll say it again: one fan’s portrayal does not erase a character’s canon identity, nor is it an attempt to do so. Black folks cosplay Noctis because of their love of the character – they love the character so much that they want to be the character, to see themselves in the character – does that take away Noctis Lucis Caelum’s canon appearance? Does any fan art take away from it? 

LISTEN, AND WHILE WE’RE ON THE SUBJECT: Have you played the Comrades expansion yet, anon? It’s really fun and I’m enjoying it a lot but, spoiler alert, there are no afro-textured hairstyles in its (otherwise amazing) character creation mode**. I’ve seen people make avatars that are spitting images of themselves, it’s really gorgeous. That is not an option for me because I don’t have straight hair. It seems like such a small thing, but when you rarely see your features in canon material, what signal does that send? That is a consequence of the lack of black representation. 

This is not a critique of Final Fantasy alone. This is a much bigger thing. This is maybe the conversation we should be having? Asian/White identities will not be harmed/excluded from future Final Fantasy games because of one artist’s fan pieces. But what about the other identities that aren’t included in popular games like this to begin with? I’d never advocate getting rid of the identities that are present, but I always think there’s room for a little more inclusion. Maybe it’ll be a while before a FF adds a sista with box braids or a brotha with a perm to their roster…until then, that is what art is for! Dreaming of the possibilities…

**Like seriously, I can shift the horizontal alignment of my character’s jaw, BUT I CAN’T GIVE MY CHARACTER ANYTHING APPROACHING THICK HAIR, AND EVEN THE CORNROWS ARE STRAIGHT, HELP