think you're ugly


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.


here’s some lockscreens i never posted bc i thought they looked ugly lol but ehhh someone might like em


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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okay calling all swtor artists!

i’m going to have a regular income again starting next month and i’ll be damned if i don’t finally commission some art for my swtor ocs like i’ve been planning ever since i started this game! so!

if you’re an artist who draws swtor ocs on commission and takes paypal maybe consider liking/reblogging this or sending me a link to your commission info or something something?

i’m hoping to commission at least a handful people bc i like diversity and there are so many beautiful art styles so

leave me your info maybe? \o/

(or if you know artists you want to recommend please let me know about them too or something!)

that’s all for now i think idk it’s been a long time since i commissioned someone lol i’ll probably reblog this a few times so people see it~

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Hey. I was just wondering if you could do an Dean x Reader where you are insecure about your body (everybody says you're too skinny but you feel fat) amd you think you're ugly. You have a sort of crush on Dean and one day he says he likes you but you don't believe him. So... he proves it to you. The rest is up to you! Thank you😊

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Reader x Dean

You stared at yourself in the mirror, hating what you saw. Everyone around you told you that you were too skinny, but you couldn’t see that. All you saw was the small food bump you had on your stomach or how your waist never seemed to look like the other girls online. 

Your eyes wandered from your waist to your face. Ugly. Hideous. Disgusting. You wondered how anyone could possibly find you attractive, or if anyone did find you attractive, specifically Dean. 

Ever since you met him on a hunt a few years back, you had fallen for the eldest Winchester. He always seemed to know how to cheer you up, and that smile, that smile. You wanted to be the perfect girl for him, but right now, it seemed impossible. 

“Y/N, do you want to grab some lu-” Dean barged in your room, only to find you inspecting yourself in the mirror. He looked at you in confusion. “Y/N?” 

“I’m not hungry,” You mumbled, trying to shove him out. He didn’t budge. “Just go.”

“No,” Dean crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m not leaving you alone so you can start judging yourself. I mean, not you, Y/N, you have nothing to judge.” 

“Nothing!” You practically laughed, looking at yourself in the mirror. “Can’t you see my belly bump, or my face. Surely, you can see my face.” 

“You know what I see when I look at you?” Dean asked, standing behind you. “I see a girl who has the most beautiful eyes and a killer smile. I see a girl who is breathtaking and who can always make me laugh. I see a girl who is the perfect weight. I see the girl that I am in love with.” 

You turned around in Dean’s arms. “You’re in love with me?”

“Have been since I first saw you.” He told you sincerely.

“Really?” You asked, as Dean wrapped his arms around you. 

Dean leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to your lips. Smiling, he rested his forehead on yours, “Really.”


I restored the Photo:)

                         ❤ Young Heinrich Himmler 

Photo by: kipomavr

Maybe all my restored photos are very illuminated, but is because my computer is dark because I pass all day in front of it and my eyes going to burn if i don’t make this darker. So, sorry if the picture look bad.


Guess my sign luv?

Sure thing darling ❤ Holy shit guuuurl ! You are GORGEOUS ?!😭😍😩 I thought that I was straight but you make me question that hmsgsjsmdg😩🔥🔥🔥🔥 Okay sorry let’s guess 😍❤️ I’d say Sagittarius or Gemini?? I just can’t decide if I think you’re incredibly hot or really cute And thank you for submitting a pic ❤
MBTI: Ugly Face
  • INFJ: We finally bought a replacement for that light. $400!!
  • ENTP: Nice.
  • INFJ: Yeah I know, it's such an ugly white thing.
  • ENTP: ...Can you donate $400 to my cause? To replace this ugly white thing? *gestures to face*
  • Cat: *meows loudly*
  • INFJ: HAHAHA the cat thinks you're uGLY
  • ENTP: how is it possible for you to be such an old soul and still have such a stupid sense of humor?
  • INFJ: shhhhhh you have to keep my secret

@taestory this is for u /)u(\

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The whole visuals > talent is something that, in my view, happened in season 1 too and in some groups and lot of times get on my nerves. Still, in this season I believe some of them that are in top11 are actually talented, the thing is...looots of trainees are so talented (I'm surprised everytime). In my case, I have chosen my faves (more than 11) based 1st in their talent but later in their personality and that's why I coincide with some of the general top, bc I can only know their (...)

+ (…) their personality if Mnet gives them time. I have some boys that grabbed my attention since day one like Kim Nam Hyung and Dong Su and Jinwoo and Jaehwan but that never get screen time. So I feel you, at the end my top 4 are Ong, Daniel, Jonghyun Jaehwan and Noh Taehyun bc I want to believe they at least will get to be in top11 (I know Taehyun will do it, he’s the Chungha of this season)

Ok I don’t know if something I said came off like the current top 11 is all popularity and not talent but that was not my intention lmao. I agree with your realistic top11 (taehyun really caught my attention to in his audition). In the end I want to believe that the public will see more than just what mnet shows and actually see the potential in the trainees like with Yeonjung last season who never got much attention until her amazing could not be overlooked in the performances and I think that happened already with a lot of trainees like woodam or jaehwan who did not have any screentime but they are so good that ppl end up noticing


//friendly reminder to everyone that I think you’re all strong and beautiful no matter the weight, body type, skin color, face shape, facial features, disability, sexuality, gender, disorder, religion, political ideals (except Nazis), and most importantly whatever pain you’re going through.//