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i’d just like to politely advice the white people in this fandom to be very, very careful about speaking over the people of color in this fandom who probably know more about what this situation could be/mean than you do. listen to them first before trying to validate your own theories. especially when they’re someone of the same ethnicity and/or faith as the character(s) you’re theorizing about. 


“But you’re also the most honest person that I’ve ever met.
And you’re strong
and smart… and funny,
and you’re confident and caring,
and you’re sexy…”


let me you in on a secret

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I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this but I think we might have missed a big connection between Isak and Yousef. 

Last season the name Isak and the numbers 21:21 were significant. Julie chose the name Isak for a reason. The birth of Issac is in the book of Genesis 21. The scene at 21:21 when Even kisses Isak in the pool is supposed to be representative of that. In this context, Julie had our focus on the bible and Christianity. It was fascinating to see a story about homosexuality put in the context of religion. Something many might say are two contrasting subjects put together to form a story. But it served as a connection to Isak & his mother.

Lets look at the name Yousef. (Yusuf in english is Joseph). Both Yousef and Isak (I’ll use the skam written names for better understanding) are represented in Islam as well as prophets and family. Isak is the father of (Jacob) who is the father of Yousef. Aka Isak is Yousef’s grandfather. 

Now lets look at the Quran verse which corresponds to the clip Yousef.

 Yousef (12:06) - Let me mention as well that Surah (chapter) 12 of the Quran is Yousef. 

And thus will your Lord choose you and teach you the interpretation of narratives and complete His favor upon you and upon the family of Jacob, as He completed it upon your fathers before, Abraham and Isaac. Indeed, your Lord is Knowing and Wise.

The verse which corresponds to today’s clip is 

Jeg Dømmer Ingen (19:42)

When he said to his father: “O my father! Why do you worship that which neither hears nor sees, nor can in anything avail you?

I’m not going to put my interpretations of these verses on here, I feel it is best for someone who is Muslim to do this. @evenandsana  and any other Muslims what do you think of this connection? I would really love to hear your thoughts.

I will only that add that now after learning Yousef is not Muslim, contrary to what Sana thought, we once again have two contrasting subjects kind of telling us this seasons story. A non-believer of Allah is (possibly) being connected to the Quran, similar to Isak, a believer in parallel universes and a homosexual, who was connected to the Bible. I think its still too early to tell completely understands Yousef’s connection but I don’t think Julie came up with the name Yousef randomly. 

Also Isak and Yousef were both born on the 21st, while Even was born on the 12th (Maybe Surah Yousef connection?). Yousef was born on September 21st which is also the start of the Islamic New Year for 2017 (my best friend who is Muslim pointed this out to me). His birthday might be a coincidence but you know Julie, so I thought I would put this symbolism as well incase someone finds the significance that might hold. 

Do we think the Yousef/Isak connection plays a role in Sana’s story and/or Even’s connection to all of this?

*disclaimer I’m just putting this information out there for discussion. I’m not saying this connection is a definite thing, just a possibility* 

My extra theory is under here 

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- for those who didn’t read books

In trailer for 2b. Does it looks like Alec has tears in his eyes? Because if yes, than I think that he is crying for someone very important for him *cough* Max *cough*

You pick a cause and serve it

You know, after all these years it’s Meg’s words that stick with me the most here. Even she figured out this much. There are certain things that simply define a character. For Dean, he is always gonna put Sam first, above even the world. And Sam, he’s gonna always try to make sure Dean finds some semblance of happiness in this world because goddammit, he’s sacrificed everything else for him. And Mary, well, she’s gonna do whatever she can to take Sam and Dean out of hunting. These things can never be changed. To do so would fundamentally undermine the characters, make them unrecognizable. Every action they do can be explained by looking at these primary causes that they all serve. Even when we don’t agree with their methods, we understand the causes they serve. We always know what we as an audience can expect to happen in the end.

There’s drama when those causes are questioned, but Supernatural always manages to never betray them, no matter the damage to others or the world. Cas follows this as well. He lives to give Dean peace. “I had to bring you a win.” Like every season before, Cas picked Dean’s peace as his cause. If Dean is dead, then Cas has failed himself and became useless in his proclaimed purpose. And it’s something Heaven doesn’t forgive him for, a point the show keeps reminding us of, but does little to reconcile. Every time Heaven gives him a choice, a path to follow to salvation, when that path conflicts with Dean’s happiness, Cas will never follow through.

In 12x19, Cas is given a way to reconcile Heaven’s wishes and Dean’s peace: simply kill the nephilim. Heaven would be happy and Dean doesn’t have to have the blood of a child on his hands. It’s a burden Cas will bear instead, except he doesn’t. It’s everything Cas wants in every way he doesn’t want it and he goes the other way. He goes against his cause. “I was so lost but no more,” Cas says as he is given a vision of the future we can’t see from a being we don’t understand. Has Cas been wrong this whole time? Or has he simply been lost in how to go about serving his cause? The show doesn’t clarify. And we are meant to wonder. Has Cas’ whole cause changed?

And that, friends, is a question you can raise for the audience, but you can not actually alter in the character’s core. If you do that then you completely lose your audience’s faith and love. It is the worst betrayal, from which there is no return. It would be as if back in 10x23 Dean actually kills Sam, after everything. If after everything, Cas doesn’t chose Dean’s peace over his own existence, then there’s simply no coming back from that.

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Referring to that earlier post. My Snape is 100% a classic rock kinda bloke. Some of the headcons I enjoy are the ones that make him out to be less 'sophisticated' than he tries to act on the surface.

Ah, me too - after all, the Snape who spits on the ground in Philosopher’s Stone is not the seemingly ‘grand’ wizard who is Head of Slytherin, and socialises with the likes of the Malfoys.

I like the idea that his mask occasionally slips, and his act falters.  It’s all the more delightful, as a headcanon, if nobody else notices.

But frankly also because every single headcanon of Snape brewing can only be improved by imagining this song playing loudly in the background:

Least, I think so.  :D