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I’ve seen the outrage over what Rick said over Reyna and kind of don’t understand it. I’m glad that he said that Reyna is someone that didn’t need anyone. Rick has done a great job showing representation for LGBTQ+ and diversity through his books for someone that isn’t . Just because one character isn’t what you wanted them to be doesn’t mean you hate on the author. Its not like he flat out said no to the idea that she was a lesbian/bi, he said “Reyna IS Reyna’s better half. Whoever else she has in her life, this is true. She doesn’t need anyone to complete her” and I  think that I great representation for people, such as myself, who think that begin with someone will make you happy. She was rejected twice and now she learn that she doesn’t need someone to be happy and is one the strongest characters in the series. She is strong and independent and begin in a relationship with someone isn’t biggest concern and i thing that’s great and that someone that I want to be. I’m glad that in literature that is something that is represented. I always saw her as this independent person and for a while I saw her being with someone like Thalia but it wasn’t something I really wanted. It’s Rick’s character and he can do what he wants. He said that he leaves that characters up for interpretation so you can think of Reyna how you want but for now Reyna doesn’t seen o be pair with anyone anytime soon. I’m just glad that I can relate and look up to a character like this. :)

if y’all have never pictured mutual pining klance breaking into song and singing to themselves ‘can’t fight this feeling anymore’ once they finally start to accept their crushes on each other then wyd?


Some DA2 things that I don’t like and am done working on. 

I always feel afraid to post wips or discarded illustrations, as I see very little artists do the same. I understand why: no one wants to admit defeat, especially when you’re admitting it in front of hundreds. At the same time, I don’t believe in promoting the idea that art is always easy.

Some drawings just don’t work out. I spent close to ten hours on the first one, and once it was finished I hated the result. The other two I worked on for a couple of hours and then lost all love for.

The more this happens, the more I realize it’s not a bad thing. Every hour I put into failed drawings is still an hour of drawing I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Every mistake I make is a mistake that I won’t make again.

It all comes back to the ideas of mileage and masterpieces, and how the two don’t always mean the same thing or lead to the same place. While there’s value in a finished piece, there’s even more value in the work it took to make that piece. If I can’t feel satisfied with the end result, I can at least be proud of myself for that.

Other ways TRR could have ended
  • rmb that diamond scene where that reporter noticed that the Beaumont family is poor? Maybe that could have reached the news (especially since i did not buy that scene) making the Beaumont family too controversial for Liam to pick without the queen trynna interject or something
  • Or maybe that money scene (that i also did not buy) comes back to haunt us? Maybe the brothers Beaumont are shady af (like drugs or something lol) and that reaches the news, and maybe cliff hanger then so that Liam isnt picking the snake in the green dress
  • Savannah comes back and calls the Prince her baby daddy
  • Maybe the traitor should have been revealed & cliff hanger on that  (looks like the queen was in on it tbh)
  • The prince picks MC, and they live happily ever after
  • The prince picks MC, who slips out the backdoor before anyone notices and runs away with Hana or Drake
  • The horse finally runs MC over and kills her

ok but im kinda just laughing bc we all thought this was a hack for the good first hour or so and then we kinda just went “….. nah taylor is extra as hell this is ts6″ but like……. if taylor actually does get hacked one day we’re gonna think it’s the next era and things will get really awk really fast

Take Care Of You (M)

Character / Genre / words: Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom ) x reader | Smut, Fluff | 2,736 words

➽ Warning: mature scene/graphic smut, language, the thirst is real

➽ a/n: inspired by his Instagram post which left me both bothered by the scene and also worried for his sake. Forgive my sins, I will bathe in holy water once this is out | dedicated to: @2seoke and @rapmonluv who both share the love I have for this man

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  • You: Dunkirk
  • Me, an intellectual: Gay boys in war

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You do an awful lot of judging other people for someone who worships racist white men and women.

this is wild and tbh I don’t know what it’s referring to and I lack the energy to care

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(Soulmate au where the first thing you thought about your soul mate is tattooed onto their chest) I just love imagining ones for Jaspvid because it's just such a fun concept

aojdfbnojafn on jasper’s just it just says “what a load of H O O E Y” and david wants to die everyday