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“No, I didn’t. You know him better than anyone else ever has or ever will. You made him, you taught him to be all he is, and you know him down to his bones. You know how strong he is. You know how much he loves you. If I gave you anything, give me your faith now. Teach one thing to all your children. I have never told you anything more true than this. Believe this, if you believe nothing else. Raphael saved himself.

Me: God, multiplayer/competitive games are like, really fun. I wonder why I don’t play them so much?

Other players: *Use homophobic/transphobic/ableist slurs, call team mates useless even if they themself are bottom scoring, yell at everyone for playing wrong, gets mad even though its a casual/unranked match*

Me: Oh.

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because of your new obsession for the "I love you" meme: Wedge/Tycho, #25 In a blissful sigh as you fall asleep

(This is all @starfightercommand‘s fault, and my characterizations may actually come out of her headcanons as much as canon itself, but damn it, I love these two jerks.)

It’s not that kind of relationship. 

That’s what Wedge tells himself. They’re friends, they fly together, and sometimes when the wind’s blowing the right way, they fuck.

The problem is, Tycho’s as talented out of the cockpit as he is in it. And the bastard knows it. Wedge knows he’s not the only one who sometimes shares Tycho’s bed, and that’s fine, Wedge isn’t exactly celibate when Tycho’s not around either, but…

Wedge is thinking about him too much. Way too much.

It’s not that kind of relationship.

Neither one of them can have that type of relationship. They’re both damaged goods, and beyond that, the life they lead? If an average TIE pilot’s life-expectancy is measured in months, an X-wing pilot’s isn’t much better. And neither of them is an average X-wing pilot. Rogue Squadron doesn’t just risk death, they go out and kriffing look for it.

So that kind of relationship? Is just asking for trouble. And Wedge finds trouble often enough without asking for it. 

Going to bed with Tycho after their latest mission… okay so maybe that was asking for trouble. But the mission had been a roaring success, and everyone’s blood was up, and so when Tycho glanced at him sideways and gave him that little smirk, well… at least this time they managed to make it to someone’s quarters before the clothes started coming off.

Now, lying side by side, still panting, Wedge is faced with the sudden, unpleasant realization that he’s not interested in having any other lovers anymore. And that realization means he needs to get up out of this bed, right now

That’s when Tycho flops over onto his side and turns into a human rathtar: arms and legs hauling Wedge close like he’s some sort of child’s stuffed toy. A talisman against bad dreams. Wedge sighs. He’s not going anywhere now.

“All right?” Tycho asks, and Wedge can hear the encroaching sleep in his voice. 

“Yeah. Yeah, it’s fine. I’ll stay.” Tycho doesn’t ever exactly ask him to stay, not directly, but Wedge knows what he means anyway.

“Good.” Tycho turns and burrows his face into the pillows, his arm heavy and relaxed across Wedge’s chest. “Love you.” The words trail off into a faint snore.

Wedge freezes where he is, not sure he heard what he thought he heard. And not sure if Tycho realized what he was saying. 

It’s not that kind of relationship.

But Wedge winds up staring at Tycho’s ceiling for the next few hours anyway.

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okay i'm super scared that tony will die in the movie of infinity war. like super super scared. he's been such a rock for me and his character has helped me through so much and i would be devastated if he died. i didn't know who else to consult about this and yeah

I will be VERY UPSET if that happens and cry into all my Ironman plushies, but I think Marvel respects Ironman and his legacy way too much to do that, and RDJ would not. Stand. For. It. RDJ lives for Tony Stark and is committed to portraying him well (as evidenced by his nuanced suggestions for the character to the directors) and we all know Ironman is ultimately a story of redemption and inspiration 😢💖

I don’t want Peter Parker to lose another father figure like he lost Uncle Ben :’(

I know I would get flack for this but...

While everyone is hyped for The Ex, I’m actually worried about the episode.

What if Penny gets tired of Gumball’s crud, and then BREAKS UP with him?

And second, considering many people are gushing about the Roball interaction here, the show actually makes it canon?

Not that I’m against Roball or anything, but sinking a ship for raising one another? That’s not cool, y'know.

I’m sorry, but I keep thinking this way too much.

So I spent too much time thinking of the Branwen twins and...

Qrow is an uncle, has horrible luck and a terrible relationship with his family. Raven was seen going into a portal, in which she disappeared.

Listen…RWBY Falls Crossover AU. Raven and Qrow can be the Stan Twins, Ruby and Yang as the Mystery Twins/Sisters. Weiss is Pacifica, Whitley is Gideon, Blake is Wendy(?)…Salem as Bill Cipher and her minions as the Henchmaniacs.

(Alternatively we can call it Remnant Falls…I dunno man I just sorta like the idea of a crossover and spent WAY too much time thinking of Grunkle Stan/Drunkle Qrow similarities…)

Anyway, the real villain of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was the government and no one can convince me otherwise. MACUSA:

  • fails to notice the Director of Magical Security and head of Magical Law Enforcement has been replaced by an international magical terrorist for several weeks at least, even though he is in constant contact with the highest ranking MACUSA officials, including President Picquery, even though he’s probably only using Polyjuice potion to achieve this, therefore having to be constantly doing out of character things, like drinking hourly from a hip flask while working, probably, and sentencing people to death without trials
  • fails to do anything, at least on screen, or exhibit any care that their Direct of Magical Security and head of Magical Law Enforcement is probably being Barty Crouched somewhere, with hair ripped out of his head and imperiused so that he can be imitated effectively, since for a replacement scheme to work, he needs to be alive, á la Goblet of Fire
  • stripped a competent auror of her position because she defended a magical child from abuse. They don’t know Credence is an obscurial, but he apparently stands out instantly as being from magical lineage, i.e. seeming to be a squib, meaning he isn’t a muggle/no-maj and therefore even with their effed up no-maj relation laws they could and should be protecting him and giving him a place in society. Also, Mary Lou Barebone is abusing all the children she’s adopted, and MACUSA knows and instead of helping, you know, protecting god damn orphan children, they demoted the one witch with any god damn integrity.
  • are actually protecting the Second Salemers, i.e. the people calling for witches to be burned at the stake again, which kind of threatens the statute of secrecy doesn’t it? Since people as high ranking as a presidential candidate’s brother believe them and their voices are being heard. But no, since an auror attempted to stop the abuse of a child, they are allowing these no-maj’s (and non-no-maj’s, since both Credence and Modesty at least seem to have some powers) threaten the international statute of secrecy. This at the same time as protecting the statute with stupid, small things like beast extermination and not allowing no-majs and wizards/witches to be friends or lovers, which is horrific. As other people have pointed out, what does this mean for no-maj/muggle born witches and wizards? Nonsense. But PIcquery is fine for wizards and witches to get drunk during prohibition, sure.
  • President Picquery refuses to listen to a competent ex-auror, who appears in front of her with a culprit already in custody, she does not even allow an explanation. Picquery later gets angry at Porpentina for not telling her what had happened sooner, when TIna appears in front of her with the same man and the same (looking) case. Yes, because that’s logical. Picquery is just in general a terrible leader and a terrible human being, which I’ve talked about before.
  • In a room with every magical world leader, none of them are willing to look at the evidence, or listen to the professional in the field, and admit that it is possible that magical children might be being abused to the point of becoming obscurials, even though, in at least America, they can’t keeps tabs on every magical child because they have no way to check on no-maj-born kids because of their effed up laws, and they refuse to help the no-maj-born kids they do know about, i.e. the Second Salemers. All these government leaders are so determined to not be wrong/scapegoat a beast that they put countless people’s lives in danger, including those of children. “There hasn’t been an obscurial in centuries.” “I literally saw one three months ago what the hell are you talking about!?”
  • actually behave worse than the darkest wizard who ever lived, at that point in history. They’re at least as bad as him, if in different ways. Graves/Grindelwald listens to people when they obviously have information, no matter their position. Is Grindelwald a monster? Heck yes, he manipulates and abuses a child (I’m counting Credence as a child, ok, he’s probably in his late teens, but considering he doesn’t seem to be able to escape his mother, even legally, I’d put him at 17, i.e. not an adult), he has killed and attacked countless people, he’s partially responsible for Ariana Dumbledore’s death, he wants to use an abused and tormented child for his own gain, he sentences Newt and Tina to death, he’s a horrible person and I’m not on his side, but neither am I on the side of MACUSA. Grindelwald doesn’t strike me as another Voldemort, i.e. pure evil, he seems more he like he knows exactly how to manipulate the discontent and downtrodden, and he wouldn’t gain this support for “the greater good” if the government weren’t failing so many wizards and witches already.
  • has a torture death chamber that they can apparently send people to without trial, which is just as bad as Azkaban. I don’t even need to go into why this is so horrible. Even if you support the death penalty (which I sure as hell don’t), you can’t support the chamber of showing you your worst and best memories as you slowly sink into a burning acidic fiery death pool. That’s inhuman.
  • also, despite a magizoologist, a competent ex-auror and ministry employee, and the Director of Magical Security and head of Magical Law Enforcement telling them not to do it, and showing that they knew how to help Credence, MACUSA still executed a child on President Picquery’s orders, and there are no repercussions for that. This is not even a mercy killing, because Credence has already proved that when treated with compassion, he is skilled enough to survive and prosper, even as an obscurial. (Is it possible he survived? Considering what Hayes has said and that little whisp at the end, yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that MACUSA tried to kill him.)
  • they were also entirely willing to let Newt try his Thunderbird Swooping Evil venom plan, even though Newt has only theorized about this, and never actually attempted it, and they have no idea what the side effects could be. To save themselves, they released an untested substance into New York’s water supply, and the water cycle in general, with no idea of how it would work. What memories will actually be lost? Will it be effective? What adverse effects might there be? How will wizards be immune, when it’s in the water supply? This was a bad plan, and MACUSA risked a lot letting it go forward.
  • Picquery at the end is just a bad leader. “We owe you everything- gtfo.” “We owe you a debt- obliviate your friend who had a massive hand in saving our necks and many, many lives.” “I just said it was ok to kill a child- do what I say.” She is a very, very bad leader, who canonically cares more about letting wizards drink than she does about the lives of no-majs, no-maj born and squib kids, children suffering abuse, her Director of Magical Security and head of Magical Law Enforcement probably being locked in a box somewhere, the truth, and whether someone can be saved or not. She is just another Fudge,  but ten times worse.

TL;DR: MACUSA, President Picquery and global magical goverments as a whole are portrayed as villains in this film, and it’s very easy to imagine how Grindelwald found support when the international situation is so critical; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a few steps away from advocating the murder of the bourgeoisie and I entirely support this reading.


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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Oh we don’t need the world, because me and you are the world
we don’t need the world, because me and you are the world
The sound of something that lets us go
We don’t have money but we own everything

You make me drive myself up
There’s nothing that can drive me down
You make everything blow up in a boil
There’s no one else I’d rather do this with 

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Even though Harry is my favorite actor from the cast, I think his acting is a little over the top in the sneak peek from next episode. I mean I know Magnus is dramatic, but he is sort of coming across as a caricature of who Magnus actually is in that scene.

You know, it’s interesting you point this out because I personally don’t believe this is a misstep on Harry’s part; I think this is a deliberate choice in terms of how Magnus behaves with various people. The reason I say this is because I’ve noticed it’s been a very consistent trait Harry has given Magnus when he’s around those he doesn’t fully trust or know.

I think in S1 and throughout most of 2x01, we see him largely around Alec, someone he’s willing to be more genuine with (Clary, too). But watch him in 1x04 (with Elias where he twirls like 3x in the scene, but also when he’s flirting with Alec while Jace is watching – when he flips that table with his foot, please), 1x07 where Jace and Luke are both present (Jace’s presence is usually the main factor because Magnus isn’t especially fond of Jace), 1x12 during the Institute meeting and when they’re going to find Ragnor (again, Jace (and Hodge) are present). Even the way he approaches Jace and Clary in 1x12 after the kiss is over, there’s a swagger you don’t see when his focus had been Alec.

You’re right, it’s an exaggeration and it’s not representative of who Magnus actually is. But I think that’s the point: it’s a deliberate front he puts up, a way of deflecting people from seeing the real him. Magnus does not like to be seen as who he really is. He’s an extremely guarded individual, and the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the gestures, even his speech patterns – that’s all there to shield him. The real Magnus is a privilege reserved for the rare few who have managed to sneak their way into his heart. At the time of that scene, Simon isn’t one of those people.