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Man Face Monday - Practically Tuesday Edition

So sorry that your dose of face is super late today. A new fic has overtaken me today. I am trying to finish it, so less time for Man Face. Also, can you believe, this appears to be Man Face Monday #10? 

Let’s get started!

How’s this for clear-eyed up close and beautiful?

Ooh, intense. 

Pretty sighing man is so pretty. 

A bit of grainy. A bit of moody. 

Painterly Al-Sahim. He has a stunning profile, I think. 

Well, there we go. I hope you enjoyed. That is some face, I’ll tell ya. 

Gotta get back to my one-shot (a thank you to followers for helping me reach a milestone). I’m stuck for a title. Hope inspiration hits me tonight.

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OUR FIRST CONTESTANT IS DOCTOR WHO! Matt Smith accompanied by Karen Gillen in this spicy interpreted dance! Always remember kids, when in doubt, flail your arms and hope that no one is watching you.

OUR NEXT CONTESTANT IS SHERLOCK! Benedict Cumberbatch recreating the dance style formally known as The Creep! Its a shame Martin Freeman couldnt join, he was too busy being a hobbit.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST IS SUPERNATURAL! Jensen Ackles accompanied by Jared Padalecki in this saucy shimmy! Idk whats better, their dancing or Jensens face saying “Im going to seduce you with my sexy moves.”


#Doctor who



Goooood Morning my friends.

Hair update: I let it curl naturally and it’s a little poofy and curls under on the ends but I used my wand to tame it a bit and it worked out pretty well!

The high today is 82!! I knew I had to take advantage of that and wear a dress today.

Tried out a different breakfast again with an English muffin with some strawberry jam and vanilla Greek yogurt and banana. If I closed my eyes and think happy thoughts while eating the yogurt and banana it kinda tasted like banana pudding! I mean I liked it either way but I also love banana pudding so it’s a double win.

Kevin and I are going to do our first lifting session in the home gym tonight when I get off work! It’s unofficially named CrossFit Black Rain (combining our last names). We’re not a licensed gym so no one tell on us.

It’s gonna be a good day and a good week. I’m calling it now.

Also, any Boston folks who want to come take refuge in warm weather you are welcome to come visit! I heard y'all got more snow.

Arrow 5x06 Thoughts

Despite feeling awful all day yesterday and not looking forward to the episode at all, I found I really enjoyed it. And yesterday, I needed to enjoy something. It felt good. I love when Arrow surprises me and it sure as heck did yesterday. 

Originally posted by olivergifs

  • Oliver shooting at tennis balls will never not be hot. The call back to s1 was very welcome. 
  • In fact I find myself really enjoying all these little homages to s1 (and s2, to some degree). We don’t need the 100th ep to do that (though I’m sure it will), this whole season is doing that. 
  • I’m not going to suggest there’s no flaws. There are. Women have a very thin voice on this show. 
  • Especially now with Laurel gone (it hurt me to type that but the fact is, Laurel took a lot of the narrative and without her… all we’ve had is Oliver)
  • (Don’t get me wrong, I like Oliver and it’s his show. I get it.)
  • (Stephen must be fucking thrilled that he doesn’t have to share the narrative anymore) (i’m sorry that was mean) (but true)
  • (At the same time I would have liked that narrative hole to be filled with Thea and Felicity’s perspective.)
  • What helps (a little) is that I’ve accepted what Arrow is and how it probably won’t give me what I want. Not ALL the things I want. 
  • I want Felicity to have a fleshed out perspective. HAHA tough shit. Not gonna get it. Closest we got was 3x05, with a little bit in 4x11 and 4x06 and just a smidge in 2x14. Not enough. Not nearly enough. I’d like to think we’ll get a 3x05 again but I’m not holding my breath. Not this season at least. 
  • I am enjoying Thea’s arc so far this season but I would like to see more of her perspective on things, see what her life is really like now and what she’s thinking and feeling and all that stuff. OH WELL.
  • SO glad we saw more of Evelyn this episode. Again, not nearly enough, but it’s something. Better than what was before. So I’ll take it as a win. 
  • I could write a whole post about my frustrations with Arrow’s treatment of female characters. BUT THIS IS NOT THAT POST. So I’m moving on.
  • Remember the tennis balls? That was awesome. Wish he’d been shirtless though. 
  • Thea and Lance’s obvious disgust about Oliver dating Susan Williams gives me LIIIIIFE. That is basically the show channeling the audience and I love it. They’re saying “this is gross, we know it.”
  • That doesn’t mean I don’t think he will date her. But praise god it looks like its gonna be SUPER BRIEF. I was expecting it this episode, but got a reprieve so that really limits her time to be a thorn in my side. GOOD NEWS.
  • Oliver’s continued insistence the whole episode that Susan wasn’t his girlfriend added 5 years to my life. 
  • Related: the boyfriend/girlfriend jabbing between Oliver and Felicity was delightful and also unequivocal proof that these two are so not okay with moving on, just in case anyone wasn’t clear on that.
  • Felicity telling Billy she works for the Green Arrow was good for her character and REVEALING for his. 
  • Listen, we all know Quentin isn’t Prometheus. But someone is setting him up. Someone wants to cast suspicion on him and Oliver and Felicity were very right at the end of the episode, it is someone within the SCPD. 
  • Now, I feel like it’s Billy. Yes, I think he could also just be working for the real Prometheus, giving him access to the SCPD lockup, etc. But I have my reasons for specifically thinking it’s him. 
  • I don’t want to discuss that theory though. It’s kind of out there and if it is true, I think it should probably be a surprise. If I see other people start posting about it though, I’ll throw in my own two cents. 
  • This would mean Billy is using Felicity. Even if he’s just working for Prometheus. This opens up a huge number of delightful story possibilities. This also ties Felicity very intrinsically to the action that will play out in the last half of the season. 
  • It’s almost reminiscent of 2x23 and how deeply Felicity was tied to that. Which, if I’m right, is also a beautiful homage. BLESS. 
  • Does this mean 5x23 will see another “do you understand” moment? Perhaps with an “I still love you” instead? <grabby hands.gif>
  • ANYHOW. Back to my episode specific thoughts. 
  • Rory remains my favorite newbie. But Evelyn has raised in the ranks. So right now it’s Rory > Evelyn > Curtis > Wild Dog. I should take wagers. 
  • I love the parachute arrow. 
  • Thea and Quentin are amazing and tonight pretty much confirmed that she will be the one who believes Quentin is not Prometheus and who sticks by him through this. BLESS. 
  • Felicity was gorgeous the whole ep but my favorite was the concert look at the end. THAT IS MY GIRL (which is also what Oliver thought too).
  • Tyler Ritter reminds me so much of his father that it’s almost eerie. The “Ted” comparisons were real last night, folks. 
  • Think of everything the EPs said… we’ll want to pull for him (yeah pull for him to DIE), he’s nothing like Ray or Oliver (snort), he’s a straight shooter (real good shot with that throwing star! 10/10!). GOD they’re such trolls. 
  • Dolph Lundgren was really cool. I kept muttering “i must break you” the whole time he was in the flashback scene.

Wow, I really prattled on. I could probably do another 2000 words easy. Last night got me jazzed. I’m really excited to see what comes next now. 

When I was a kid, we didn’t even have cable; we had ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and then maybe one of those weird, independent channels that only showed Colummbo reruns. But you know what, it was great, because as kids especially, we’d talk on the playground the next day about the episodes that we all saw last night, and they became folk tales, because we knew we’d never see them again. And let me tell you, folklore is a great home for The Six Million Dollar Man.

When I was a kid, we only had one channel, and all it was was a duck falling asleep. That’s it, and then it was be commercials, and back to the duck on Channel Only, We’d watch it again, and we’d talk about it every day. Like, “what do you think the duck will do tonight?” “Probably fall asleep.” “Yeah, that duck.” That was a great channel, I loved that show.

When I was a kid, we didn’t have any channels at all for our televisions. Oh, we had televisions, my dad made sure we had the first one on the block; it it cost three million dollars and no channels or screen. Still, we stared into it every night, and Mom was like, “get away from there, it’s gonna hurt your eyes,” and we were all, “Mom, it’s an empty box, it’s fine.” People who couldn’t afford an empty television box would go downtown and stare at nothing through a window of the shop that sold hollow television cabinets. We’d talk about it the next day: “did you catch the void last night? Yeah, it was a great void.”

Back when I was a kid, we didn’t have televisions. We’d just stop and stare into the middle distance, slack jawed, for hours at a time. Next day, we were all, “Hey, how was your spell of psychological dissociation, it was a great!” And we’d high five.

See, when I was a kid, it wasn’t like today: there were no TVs or cable channels or other people. We were all part of the subatomic singularity. And the next day there would be no next day because time did not yet exist, and all was nothing and nothing was everything. It was great.The cable’s pretty good, too.

—  John Moe, witsradio (ep. 65)