think this is one of my favourites so far

Good evening, Sir Samuel, and may I say what a nice scarf you’re wearing. And Captain Carrot. Please sit down. We have a lot of business to finish.


Ok this is one of my favourite little lines in terms of Sam/Sybil.  Just that little throw-away comment pointing out he’s wearing the scarf.  And the fact that Sam is wearing the scarf is so important because

  1. It’s a terrible scarf. It was a supposed to be socks but Sybil messed up.  He’s wearing it anyway.
  2. It’s not even winter. I don’t think a season is specifically pointed out, but it’s certainly not winter given the lack of snow.  It’s probably far too warm to even need a scarf.  There is no reason for him to wear this ugly scarf and yet.
  3. Sam was in the bath when Sybil told him Vetinari wanted him right away.  That means that while rushing to get dressed to go present himself to the lord of the city, he went out of his way to specifically pick up an ugly scarf it’s too warm to wear.

And he went out of his way to wrap an ugly, probably knobbly and itchy scarf that was supposed to be a sock around his neck and then wear it to the palace all because doing so would make Sybil happy.  And he just loves Sybil so much.  


Favourite asian dramas’ OTPs: Wang So and Hae Soo

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

“The late King Taejo’s last words were that life is fleeting. It is all short and in vain. He said that life is so short. But I think that he was wrong. You and I are together like this, so how it could be in vain?” 

“If we had met in another world and another time I was thinking how great that would have been. If only that could be… I wouldn’t fear anything. I could freely… Truly, I could freely love you all I wanted.”

Hellooooo! Yeah I’m REALLY busy lately so it’s getting harder and harder to give me some time to finish some art 😞
BUT this is how my Rowan is looking like so far, I’ve started the painting! And of course still trying to find my favourite style… but it’s ok, I’m really liking this one. What do you guys think?


Some of the best covers of songs by The Beatles

I Want to Hold Your Hand - Al Green

I just recently discovered this cover and it’s absolutely beast; gets me dancing all the time. I love the original but this is the only time where I actually think a Beatles cover is better than the original (please don’t kill me). I think this is also far better than any of Al Green’s original songs. To me, this cover sounds so fun and natural, it causes such a strong feeling of excitement in me.

Yesterday - Marvin Gaye

This for a long time has been one of my favourite covers, Marvin Gaye could literally seduce any man or woman with his voice.

Let it Be - Ray Charles

Although, some people probably prefer Ray’s live studio version. I prefer this pre-recorded version of ‘Let it Be’ because although it’s studio recorded; there is just something about it that sounds so natural that you would easily mistaken it for a live cover.

Today 53 years ago President Kennedy was shoot. Killed by a man, no one ever knows. Was it Oswald? Or was it a group? No one knows.
I’ve watched plenty of documentations about JFK. And each one made me thinking. He was a good president, at least I think so. I know some really bad thinks happened during his time as president. The Bay of pigs, Cuba crisis and some other things. But he never gave up, he stand for the things he believed in. And that’s something good, in my opinion.
Today, 53 years ago, in Dallas his wife had to see something, no one should see. She saw the assassination of her husband.
I’ll never forget Jack and Jackie.

So rest in peace Mr. President
JFK 1917-1963

Oh & that picture at the top of this post, that’s by far my favourite picture of them!

I don’t want to be like, dramatic or something, but this was the best episode of Shadowhunters so far, and one of my all-time favourites.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I relate to Alec on his “I’m not experienced because no one came along that I liked enough to risk it” and the “please don’t treat me differently because of it” . It was the perfect discussion and the slow realization that even though being completely different they still care enough to give It a try.

I’m just having so many feelings y'all. So many.


One of my favourite scenes so far from World of Final Fantasy


Ahh, I had the best time at Supanova again this year! The most popular ones by far were the Dragon Age dolls and the Pokemon haha - I had a few new ones of both, so luckily there will be plenty of new stuff for me to post in the coming weeks while I add them to the shop and write up the patterns!

I think my favourite part about doing conventions is all of the awesome people you meet - including the ones pictured above, who bought tiny versions of their awesome cosplays (You look. so. good!) Aveline is @zaryanva, Merrill is @widowmakrs and Isabela is @dashurie

I managed to get Vaporeon and Jolteon finished in time, but just didn’t get the patterns written up - they’ll be out by this weekend! Thank-you so much to everyone who bought a doll and who came to say hello! 😘

a bunch of you who follow me have probably noticed that i’ve rediscovered drarry fic in the past month or so and it’s resulted in a lot of flailing and screaming and pure joy and happiness on my part. anyway! i’ve had a few people interested in a fic rec so here we go :)

azoth - eighth year, portrait!snape, amazing plot. 88k

right hand red - eighth year, muggle games, secret relationship. 73k

the light more beautiful - 6th year & post hogwarts, pining. warning: dub con in first chapter, potions mishap. 81k

helix - eighth year, tent, SOFT, SNAILS, SOLOMON. read it read it read it. 92k

the boy who only lived twice - unspeakable!harry, secret identity, rabbit. 54k

foundations!verse - healer!harry, hard to describe, just SO GOOD. reparations 87k, foundations 230k, plus drabbles. 

a convenient impracticality - fake relationship, pining, aaaahhhhhhh! 38k 

I think today’s episode is probably one of my favourites of volume 4 so far.

Firstly we were given an update on Oscar and Ozpin who has finally accepted what Ozpin’s been trying to tell him and begun his journey. What I liked about this was that Ozpin actually apologised and sounded as if he felt bad for what was happening. Don’t get me wrong I love Oz but so far this volume it’s been almost as if he hasn’t realised what the situation actually is or realised what this must be like for poor Oscar (someone hug the kid please). What also interested me was that when Oscar encounters Hazel at the train station Ozpin says he is ‘someone from my past’ indicating that Ozpin has met the guy before. To me this means that Salem’s faction is more than just a group of bad guys, they’re a group who have clearly been together for a long time which then makes me question whether they’ve always been ‘bad’ or if Ozpin has always been ‘good’?

Another reason I liked this episode was that Ruby opened up about her feelings regarding everything that’s happened to Jaune. I liked how this kinda mirrored that pep talk she gave Jaune in volume one when he didn’t feel like he should or could be JNPRs leader. Plus it was nice to hear him acknowledge that Pyrrha’s death was hard for Ruby too as well as Penny’s and the scattering of her team. It was just nice to hear this acknowledged and for Ruby to be comforted.

Finally, the biggest reason I adored this episode; Ren and Nora’s backstory. Honestly, little Ren was such a sweetheart and I’m pretty sure I almost cried. I love that we got to see just how far back Ren and Nora’s friendship goes and just how far they’ve come? Like Nora is a far cry from the scared little girl we saw. Also, Ren’s semblance is shown, and I could be interpreting this wrong, but it looks as if his semblance is essentially peace. Nora visibly calmed down when it was activated and fear and other negative emotions are what attract the grimm but once activated the grimm couldn’t tell they were there at all. Plus this really fits with Ren’s generally calm and peaceful personality. Also, that hand hold at the end was really sweet regardless of what you ship.


Pairing: Neal Caffrey x Reader

Word Count: 2,595 words

Theme Song: I Found - Amber Run (Such a great song!)

Request: Can you do like a really fluffy Neal imagine please? Like maybe where you think you’re not pretty enough or skinny enough for him and he admits he likes you and cuddles ensue… Love your blog and you!!!! Xx

A/N: Wow! I think this is my favourite one-shot out of all the one-shots/drabbles/prompts that I’ve written so far (which, granted, isn’t that many). I don’t know why but I totally put myself into this one and it came out great. My mind is so weird sometimes. I also recommend listening to the theme song while reading this because it’s what helped me write this. Thanks, and I hope it’s alright!

| x |

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The night was dark and blustery. Ice-like snow pellets whipped across the barren streets and tapped incessantly against the glass of the café window. With a sigh, you shuffled in the booth, hands tightening around your mug of tea.

You hated the cold. You hated the way it ripped at trees and left them bare; the way it bit at your skin, leaving behind cracks and imperfections. You already had enough imperfections to last you a lifetime — you didn’t need more.

Especially when you were dating Neal Caffrey — ex-con and freaking sex on legs.

Sighing again, you dropped your head and stared into your tea. The milk swirled and danced in the mug, resembling an evanescent nebula. You found some part of you wishing that you could be as beautiful as the stars — as pure as those balls of fire surrounded by an ever-changing canvas of obsidian.

Honestly, what did Neal see in you?

Your gaze slid down to your nails, your cracked nail polish reflecting your mood. Frowning, you released your mug to pick at them, only to stop when you heard another body slide into the booth opposite of you. Before you could look up, a piece of lemon loaf slid into view, cut into two even halves.

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time zones

in the morning, i’ll miss you.
not unlike now where lying
in my bed i think of you
in an airport. displaced.
passing from one point to the next.

so what, i’m thinking those words.
so what, i’m thinking “gone.”

the whole wide berth of your

a few hours ago it was like
you were still in my living room,
laughing as you made fuller
every space in my house.
your hand on my favourite
book & making me cry.

look at us: we’ve become
unstuck in time. jealous
machinations working in tandem
to bring you to some far off

& that word again, “gone,” which
means, “away,” meaning, “not where
you are.”

i get anguished. i imagine you
with the deer in my hometown,
how you hated it there & wanted
to leave years after i wanted to
leave it.

the time we spent in the real
city, walking down wellesley.
meeting up with our girl. your
arms swinging. too perfect a
moment it must not have

later, in the place i’m living now,
solitary lamp casting warm yellow
light on your face, your whole
intact body that slept safely
on my couch.

these three stages of my life
& you managed to occupy
all of them.

now, an airport. as though
the ghost of you is what’s

this place where everything went
wrong for you & yet i got to
touch you. my arms around
your arms.

i remember we kept saying,
“i can’t believe this is real,”
time going stuck & unstuck
again. it wasn’t real. it couldn’t
be. you smiled at me. i heard
your laugh in real time.