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Next season I want them to do the “I say Vol and you say tron” chant again and do it properly this time. Because honestly it would be so fuckign cute to hear Lance starting it out and Keith just enthusiastically saying “-tron!” and I think about this a lot?

Western philosophers rated by fightability

Kant - You are in a town in Prussia. A frail looking man accosts you. He knows you know who he is. And he knows that you can see the glint in his eye that says the beating that he’s about to deliver unto you is going to be universalised. 8/10, it’s gonna get Copernican. 

Hume - A jovial looking Scottish man approaches. Despite his large frame and somewhat soft appearance you… you… uh, what? Is he here? Are you here? Is this, is this just a bundle of sense data? Somewhere, however in some small recess of your brain - if that’s a thing, you know he’s barrelling towards you at incredible speed. 9/10, this is going to hurt. Without doubt. 

Camus - You’re in a café. You think. It sounds like one, but all you can see is smoke and all you can smell is (other than smoke) deep thought. A man approaches. He smiles. Fighting you would be absurd, he explains, in beautiful floral French. You talk a while, about life, love, his work and honestly he just melts your heart. Fade to black. You awake the next morning refreshed and ready to continue fighting. 2/10, he left money on the sidetable. How rude. 

Sartre - You make your way onto a bustling Parisian street. You think. Again, it sounds like one but there’s a still strictly ludicrous amount of smoke. It parts like the red sea. A bespectacled man approaches. He looks at you, and you know that while this man may not know himself, he knows how to fight you. The smoke envelopes you once more. He’s coming. 9/10, hell is this fight in particular.

Žižek - You’re in a fast food restaurant car park in Slovenia, and so on. You are bizarrely aware of the nature of society as you sniff. You don’t have a cold. For some reason you keep thinking about batman. The Soviet national anthem begins to play as a bedraggled man emerges from a bin and lurches towards you and so on. 7/10, the ideology may be pure but this fight is going to get dirty.

Diogenes of Sinope - You’re in a barrel. Masturbating. You reckon you could get used to this. Maybe you’ll go and interrupt a lecture later. Suddenly, the barrel is rolling. Someone yells at you in the most vulgar greek to stop cramping his fucking style. Oh, right. You get up, out of the barrel and lock eyes with the also masturbating Diogenes. In his free hand he wields a plucked chicken like a flail. 9.5/10, behold, a boss battle.

The Trinity - The notion of disrupting a lecture still appeals, so you head down the road to the academy. Before you arrive, you are manhandled into an alley and out and up onto the acropolis. It seems all of Athens has assembled. As you are shoved into… a wrestling ring, the crowd begins to roar derision at you. From the opposite corner approaches a man they bill as the Macedonian Menace. Zeus alive, you already know that syllogistically he’s going to beat your ass. The crowd roars even louder for some reason, and a second man enters the ring. It’s Plato. He roars and cracks an amphora of oil over his head. The crowd goes ballistic. He screams something about the form of the ass whooping. You cower. As if that weren’t enough, a third much older and frailer man approaches, and the two assembled part deferentially. Hovering about a foot above the floor of the ring is Socrates. I was wrong, he says - but more as a thought in your head than a vocalisation, I know one thing. He pauses for effect. The crowd is still. You’re fucking dead. 30/10, good luck.

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What's so special about that song chorus? It's super catchy but I don't get it...

ooc:: No sweat anon! It’s sneaky enough to be put on the radio and no one really noticing if they know the title of the song. So the chorus part is

 ‘ Love Me, Hate Me, Say what you want about me - but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy.  Love Me, Hate Me, but can’t you see what I see? That all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy. ’ But if you think about sounding out that italicized part you get – 

F - U - C - K Me. Y’see why I think It’s fitting?

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There are three types of British boy: 1) All round "lad" who thinks they're really good looking when they're not and basically fucks anything with legs. Gets drunk and chants football chants on the way to the club. Thinks the number of girls he's slept with is an exact calculation of his masculinity. 2) nice boys who love their girlfriends dearly/really make an effort for the girl they like. They treat you nice and it often leaves us suspicious because there are so many No 1's around. Tbc...

3) the British boy that will like you for years and tell everyone that he likes you then when you confront him he flat out denies it then cries when he sees you with another boy. Usually your closest male friend and it’s like not awkward when the two of you hang out even tho you know he’s low key obsessed with you

I think I like the sound of number 2. I feel like that’s what Tom is, I mean, having a number 2 would be great.

I feel like I’m in Shrek. “Pick # 2 my Lord."😂

Wait for its CLOSE and HD QUALITY video!😍
➡ I’m still curious about THIS song. What'stitle and its singer. I keep thinking It sounds like JONGUP’s voice!😶
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Do u think it'd be possible to make iceberg slime that when you broke it underneath was butter slime bc I think that sounds really neat

Idk but that would be fantastic!! :O I’m not sure if butter slime hardens/dries out the same way as the fluffy slime that’s usually used for iceberg does, but it would be worth a shot!

(I might try it out myself actually, I still have that butter slime I made a while back lying around!)

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Hiya! Any tips on getting over the thought that the problems I struggle with are just stupid and small and meaningless and I should just get over them? I mean I know that those are the stuff that I need to work on in therapy but then I really don't want to admit to them in session as I just think I sound stupid.. Thank you for the blog!!

Hi there, your ask is basically the story of my therapy experience! I’m still working at not trivialising my problems because the truth is that others will always have it worse than me - but the other truth is that we are all individuals who struggle for different reasons, regardless of how ‘bad’ our situations are.

I’m not quite sure where this image came from, but I think it’s appropriate:

No problem is too insignificant because if it matters to you, it’s important to talk about. Sometimes that conversation consists of a friend giving you a reality check - turns out you were right, it’s actually not a massive deal, yay! - but other times you’ve learnt to manage so well that you’ve become immune to the weight of the problem. Either way, it’s okay to voice your concerns because you deserve to be heard just like anyone else.

Also, thank you for saying thank you! Best wishes xo


Merry Christmas (And happy holidays!) to the RT community! This was just a little project I was working on to avoid studying for finals so I hope you enjoy it! 


build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco

  • Lúcio:  What’s wrong?
  • D.Va: Nothing, it’s just adults are boring, and I hate them. And I don’t want to buy all this stupid, boring, adult stuff and become boring adults.
  • Lúcio:  Hey, listen to me. Yes, we’re gonna get a dish rack and shower curtains and a cutting board. But if you think for one second I’m not also gonna get that marshmallow shooter, so that I can shoot you in the face with marshmallows when you’re asleep, then you’re the dumbest woman I know.
  • D.Va: You’re gonna make me cry.
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Ignis: *trying to cover a laugh* Excuse me.
Noctis: *resigned*
Goddamn it.