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I’ve fallen into the RWBY Rock AU.

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episode two :: Yuri realizes, suddenly and terribly, he might be a little bit in love.  

Victor doesn’t even try to go to sleep.  He just lays in bed with his laptop, watching the thirty-seven takes of Yuuri trying to get “hi, I’m Yuuri Katsuki, and I’m the Bachelor” out of his mouth.

Don’t they know who I am?” Yuuri slurs on screen.  

Yuuri, you have to put the champagne bottle down, you have to pretend to be sober,” Phichit says off camera, all authority gone from his voice.  He’s trying not to laugh.

Phichit,” Yuuri says, and he takes a big swig from the bottle, bubbles pouring down both sides of his lips. “You can’t tell me what to do.  I’m Yuuri Katsuki, and I’m the motherfucking Bachelor.

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lads-laddylads,tumblr,com/post/142290253198/the-video-that-convinced-me-eleanor-wasnt-real Sonja have you seen this post?? I didn't see it until yesterday and i didnt think elounor was real before then, but this really solidified it for me. it's honestly so sad :(

yeah i’ve seen that before :( that and the video where harry’s playing football outside one of the venues and louis and eleanor stroll by and harry just … gives up and sits down.

and there’s a moment in this post too where eleanor kisses louis in the same car as harry and the look on harry’s face :/

and while we’re at let’s have these posts too

they had months to actually spend time together out of the public eye and without stupid media headlines. it was able to flourish without any scrutiny from anyone. which has been rare for taylor, the type of relationship that she needs tbh. now i’m sad in case she didn’t want it to get out just yet coz she was still enjoying the privacy

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Maya, is it normal for PR teams to adjust promo strategy based on the reaction an interview might generate? For example, if Harry's interview with Nick causes bad press for him (ie: The Sun) or in the general public, do they make adjustments for the next interview, or do they stay the course with the promo plan they have, regardless? I'm not saying they need to, I'm just curious about the process.

Oh, yes! Normally competent teams do that! You start with a plan, but you always register both the audience’s and the fandom’s reactions, so that you’re able to shift here and there, insist on certain points, clarify others, push the angle that seems to be more convenient. Sometimes artists change their own plans about singles, too, if the public is particularly enthusiastic about a song, just to say.
Then there are teams that have talented, charitable, genuinely good clients but decide to purposefully paint them as aggressive dudes or absent fathers. But that’s another story we unfortunately know too well.

Fandom: Power Rangers (2017)

Title: Breaking and Entering 

Characters: Kimberly Hart, Trini (Trimberly slanted)

Summary: It’s not entirely self-centered to seek comfort for yourself if you’re also checking up on someone else.

It was a thought that only had just now crossed her mind as Kimberly slid her fingers under the small crack between window and sill as she eased said window up. There was a fine line between breaking and entering and checking up on someone she cared about. Breaking and entering was more something along the lines of what a thief would do. Some random stranger would obviously cause harm. She wouldn’t.

Although, scaling the side of Trini’s house to the attic and quietly slipping inside of her room was, in fact, probably pretty illegal.

Considering that there had been no forewarning.

And now that she was inside of the room, plaster swept up into a corner, gaping holes staring back at her, she realized this was probably a bad way of checking up on someone in the middle of the night just because she couldn’t sleep.

The last time somebody had done this, it had been Rita.

That was only a week ago.

Trini still had the bruises on her neck.

Too late now, to rethink her decision.

Both feet were firmly planted on the floor.

It was kind of selfish, though, to barge into someone’s room with the pretense to check up on them.

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I have to laugh this am.  We were 100% correct. Will in Clovis, seen with Hannah.  Chris stans lose their minds and world order is restored.

But I will give Chris, he did surprise me with his party bus and entourage. Almost like he is trying to prove a point about partying with PR friends.  Equalizing the “crime” once again?  Hmmm…. I have to think maybe.

He certainly has earned spending some time with his friends as the tour winds down. I just find it amusing.

A little rambling on the workings of PR

I don’t usually post about things like this.  In my opinion, celebrity’s private lives and just that “private”, but there comes a point where a person gets tired of all the games…and especially of seeing people played.

 Do I think Sam/Cait are a couple?  I don’t know for sure, the only ones that do aren’t saying, but what I will say is that I think the two of them are a hell of a lot closer than normal co-stars.

 Do I think Sam/MM are a couple?   I don’t know that either, but I do know there’s something off about that relationship. I’m by way of being kind of an expert in body language and Sam is always too stiff and guarded in proximity to MM. Until I see Sam act and look at MM like he does Cait, then I’m far from convinced.

 Do I think there are PR games being played?   You better believe it!!  And I hate to tell you all this but the fans and even Sam are being played like a fiddle by a gal that doesn’t even know the proper attire for a birthday party.  

 So, what can we – as fans – do about it?

 Let me tell you a little story.  Once upon a time in the land of daytime TV there was a show called Days of Our Lives and a couple named EJ and Sami, dubbed with the portmanteau of “Ejami” by their fans.   Ejami had Sam/Cait level chemistry and the characters had danced around each other for 8 years, finally coming together in 2013.  Fans were happy and while Days was not the highest rated soap, it had the largest social media presence of all the soaps thanks to happy viewers who had and posted and tweeted and campaigned for years to get their couple together.    However, in 2014, their love story took a nose dive when EJ began a sexual relationship with a much younger girl to keep her from telling on Sami for murder.  At least that’s how it looked on the surface.

 The truth was, Days producer Ken Corday had concocted a rather devious plan.   In 2014, the Nielson ratings group began incorporating social medial statistics into their overall ratings and on January 13, 2014, Corday was scheduled to present these social media statistics to advertisers to help set the advertising rates for the upcoming year.   Days was already the highest rated soap in social media, but Corday was greedy, so on January 10, 2013, he had EJ fall into bed with a young blonde twit thinking that Ejami fans would react like always and blow up social media over the weekend with their displeasure, with making Days social media numbers even higher for the meeting on Monday.

 Thankfully though, this time the fanbase realized what Corday was up too and decided to take a different approach – they went silent.  From January 10, 2014 to January 13, 2014, Days of Our Lives went from being the highest rated soap on social media to not even ranking…something they have NEVER recovered from.    Simply from the actions or lack of actions by fans, Days slipped heavily in the overall ratings to the point of cancellation and in a last-ditch effort are now bringing back the two actors for an upcoming sweeps period to give fans what they should have given them in the first place!

 What’s my point in all this?   My point is that MM is taking PR lessons from Corday.   That picture she posted with the rainbow wasn’t some innocent thing, she KNEW using a rainbow would rile fans up.  You see in Hollywood, there’s one simple and very true rule “There’s no such thing as bad publicity!”  Every time you interact on MM’s Twitter or Instagram, whether to say yay or nay, whether you call her a saint or a slut -she benefits from it.  Every single time!   Don’t think social media is that important?   I have a friend that’s an actor – a relatively well-known soap opera actor at that -  who was just turned down for a role because his social media presence wasn’t that strong. No joke!

 Which brings me to ask if you’ve ever heard of a Q-score?   Quite simply a Q-score is a measurement of the familiarity and appeal of a brand, celebrity, company, or entertainment product.   Used to be, Q-scores were measured by a celebrity’s appearances on TV/film, talk shows and in entertainment magazines.  Nowadays, the score is figured almost solely from social medial statistics.  To put the score in perspective, right now Johnny Depp has the highest Q-score at 92. Trump’s Q-score is 98.  Sam and Cait’s Q-scores range from 38-42 which is a very respectable range for actors in their genre. The interesting thing is that this time last year, MM had a Q-score of 18, which has risen to over 30 as of today and why?  Because of Sam.   Here is a girl that has chased fame since she was 12 years old and she’s finally got her hands on something that can help her achieve that.  She’s going to continue to use him and us unless we do one thing.  

 Ignore her.

 Just like we did to Days of our Lives that fateful January.  Block little Miss M on every facet of social medial.  Don’t follow, don’t comment, pretend she doesn’t exist. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and MM has shown herself by her past behavior.  When she’s no longer getting any attention from being Sam’s perceived girlfriend, the truth will out and at the very least, she’ll stop posting those “in your face” pics of hers.            

 Sometimes the adage of “Ignore something and it will go away” just works.

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Lauren J. Brasil on Twitter
“VÍDEO | Lauren durante o #BeautyconNYC (via @katiedelikat)”

Let’s talk about this.

I understand how difficult was to her to have fans telling that she was bi and this really hurts me now that I’m thinking that she was so young when all these things happened. The point is… she’s asking in the video: “how you even see that?”… guess what: CAMREN! The fans saw C-A-M-R-E-N! The fans saw how you used to look at Camila…and how Camila used to look at you. And when you two started to deny it just get worst and worst. Every person with good sense of perception saw Camren happening right in front of their eyes. That’s why all your fans knew that you were at least bisexual…and also Camila.

To me, that’s a really important part of our big Camren puzzle. That’s why she used to get mad when people called her bisexual… now we know that she took some time to accept herself… okay! So…what about Camila? Lauren wasn’t with Lucy and I’m 100% sure of it…because I’m drawing for 2 months a Camren timeline (the post is too long and is not ready yet) but I can advance something-> 2012, 2013, 2014 Lauren always called Lucy like best friend or sister and I’m pretty sure that Lauren and Lucy did not even saw each other in 2014 and I’m gonna tell you why I know that. I’ve been searching for information everywhere. In 2014 there are no NEW pictures of Lucy and Lauren on their social medias, just old pictures of them saying they miss each other. Plus… Lucy moved from Miami in 2013 and just saw Lauren in 2015 again.

Now that’s what I’ve been thinking…

Camila met Lauren in 2012 on X-Factor, they fell in love, they took to long to accept that. Lauren didn’t accept her sexuality, but still in love with Camila. They had problems with management when they started to date and we know they were toxic for each other… we heard it from Lauren talking about “No Way” that is clearly CAMREN!

I think they had something serious until Lucy get back in 2015 and Lauren maybe felt something… or wanted to try something she felt in the past (before she met Camila / maybe thinking that they were soulmates). That’s why I think LAUCY was not PR. I used to think that was, but I don’t think that anymore because Camila is not faking these feelings. Now we know that she was really sad.. and was not just because of her Fifth Harmony departure… I have Questions screams LOVE relationship and nothing more.

You don’t have to be too smart to see their timeline.

We just don’t understand YET who hurt whom… because Lauren seemed really hurt months ago too.

We’re fitting these pieces one by one.

Soon our puzzle will be complete!

I believe.

ps. the Timeline post is really too long… I don’t know if I’m capable of finishing it, but it’s in my draft…and I’m drawing with tiny little details.

Billy is too pure, but I’m 100% betting that he take two looks at Kimberly and Trini like few years later, after hanging out with the gang so much and fighting monsters in the distant future and???

just knew theyre meant for each other??? but wouldn’t say it because these two should talk to each other abt feelings kajsfdlkajfak hes v loyal ofc

jason will probably take a long time, until like maybe one night kimberly walked into his room to talk about her feelings abt trini and jason is like ‘???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O H!!!!!!!” and process to give dad wisdom advices for her alskjfakls

zack just take one fuckiong glance at trini who was looking at kimberly and just maybe whisper but sung at once, ‘you likkke her’ processed  to get hit on head by trini akjdfklajsfkjas

he also tried to wingman but trini just points at him with one finger and say, ‘do it and i will punch you and drop you into the deepest of that goddamn ocean.’ or something similar and he shut up since then. through the teasing never stopped. 

what kind of team on this planet actively try to distract fans from focusing on their client’s first solo song that has remixes out today people should listen to and buy, by releasing old stunt pics fans will hate so the song fails miserably like ??????????? if you think this is normal PR job for a client like i read in some posts the past week you really need to revaluate the whole situation or just open your eyes idk

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Do you mean you think Louis has another PR firm working for him (apart from SJPR)?

I do.  I have no idea who, but you don’t pull off all of this great work and then do something stupid like undermine a big PR article by handing unlicensed photos and key quotes to The fucking Sun the day before if you’re any good.

In Caged Heat, “[t]he ghouls were originally going to be a big-ass, Lovecraftian tentacle…In the first draft, Dean gets thrown into this underground pit where there’s just sand and a huge trough of water. He starts digging and finds a bone, and realizes he’s been thrown into a monster pen. Then this huge tentacle reached up and grabs him and sucks him under. Sam busts out with a fire axe and chops the tentacle off and pulls him out, but Dean’s leg’s all messed up. It was going to be this very bold step into the realm of monster, but it was just too expensive. In the [mid-season shooting] break, Bob Singer was less convinced than the rest of us, but Eric was like, ‘No, no, we can do it.’ So we thought, ‘Great!’ but so many other things on the episode were so ambitious that it became the thing that went away.” 

“Ghouls are good, but I think we will always miss the tentacle.”

—  Brett Matthews in Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 6. Titan Books, 2011: 59-60.