think postively


Okay this is it im sick of this.
I am sick of it. I dont care if I lose every follower I have.

Boys are amazing.
Boys are worthy of love.
Boys, you are a golden sunset against the black of night.
Boys are strong.
Boys are beautiful.
Boys are handsome.
Boys are pure.

Men are amazing.
Men are worthy of love.
You’re all amazing and I love you all.
Gay men are amazing.
Straight men are amazing.
Men of every sexual/romantic orientation are amazing.
Trans men are amazing.
Cis men are amazing.
Men of color are amazing.
Men are beautiful.
Men are strong.
Men are handsome.
Fucking stop the hate yo

Okay, you know what? Fuck all that shit about you needing to be healthy or self-confident or anything else to be happy with yourself. You are alive and we are all glad you’re here, no matter what you look like or what you think of yourself or what challenges you face. Whether you are sick or disabled or poor or depressed or otherwise struggling, you are alive, and that is all you need to be, and you deserve with every breath you take to love yourself and be loved by others. End of story. Just keep breathing, and know you are loved.

Many are so intimidated by their own strength. They convince themselves that speaking up and letting their voices be heard will create a storm that they will not be able to control. Create that storm, create the wild fire, let your power be known! Because the ones that have the ability to create strong forces with just words, are the ones that are capable of over powering anything that attacks back.

There are nights when I need you and hope you will come back. nights filled with so much hurt and pain wishing you were by my side. but there are also nights where I hate you and I hope to never see you, nights filled with anger as to why I was even with you. I recall all the good times and all the bad, I think of all the postives and all the negatives this relationship once had… but at the end of all those nights no matter if thoughts were good or bad, it is you. Always you that’s on my mind.