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Stop blaming Ron for leaving; there was a greater and more complex plot in there!!!

I have been wondering about this for ages. I mean seriously, was there less (unreasonable)Ron bashing in the internet for JKR to have provided fodder for the bad-mouthers, really? Was he really so very insecure that he could not take the life of a runaway as easily as Harry or Hermione did? Was Ron really weaker than the two?

Being an ardent Ron lover, I absolutely refuse to believe any of those and the hundred other foul things people spew about him. But there had to be a justification, right? After all, JKR has literally filled the books with secret clues that still keep cropping up. So was there something that was missing, an underlying clue, a hint perhaps?

Being an author really makes you think of a variety of scenarios, and while I understood that to break the monotony of three teenagers out on the run and completely cut-off from the world, something huge was needed– there seemed to be more to it. 

Look at it this way, the taboo on Voldemort’s name had to be introduced(although Ron had guessed it way earlier), the radio had to be brought into the scene, extra wands were required because Harry’s faithful wand needed to be broken for him to get more curious about the Elder Wand if nothing else.

And one of the three had to go out into the world and come back. Neither Harry nor Hermione had a place they could go to- it left only Ron to help their creator with the plot lines of the story, not to forget, dooming him to years of bashing for that act.

But that is not all. There is a reason and a pattern- a pattern that links each and every Horcrux with the one destined to destroy it.

The story always maintained that Horcruxes were the most evil of all evil objects. And seen with Tom Riddle’s Diary, the soul inside a Horcrux has the power to think, decide and execute plans by clever manipulations. And, by every means, it tries to save itself. How else can one explain why the piece of soul inside the diary suddenly changed its goal from killing Muggleborns to targeting Harry specifically?

My theory is that each Horcrux pulled the person who posed the greatest threat to its existence and tried to kill or dangerously maim him(or her).

Sounds far fetched? Read on for the pointers that support the idea. 

  1.  First Tom Riddle’s Diary- destroyed by Harry- Effects Ginny the most who is going to be Harry’s better half. The 16-year-old Tom Riddles accepts that he was targeting Harry through Ginny. Strange isn’t it? Salazar Slytherin is so adamant about ridding the school of muggleborns that he creates a monster to get his dream fulfilled, Voldemort leaves behind his sixteen-year-old self to finish his noble ancestor’s dream and the soul simply changes the centuries old plan? No, it guides Harry to, what it hoped, was Harry’s death. Because Harry posed the greatest threat to its existence. And it would have been successful if not for Fawkes.  
  2. Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring- destroyed by Dumbledore- Voldemort places the Horcrux with the one Hallow, the Resurrection Stone, that appeals the most to Dumbledore. Had it been the locket that Dumbledore found in the Gaunt house, it would not have endangered his life or affected him like that at all. He would not have been poisoned and would have lived. Dumbledore tries but fails to retrieve any other Horcrux except the one he was destined to destroy, except the one that had the capacity to lure him to his death.
  3. Slytherin’s Locket- destroyed by Ron- Here comes the main part. Although all the three wear it, it affects Ron the most, drives his insecurities to such heights that he leave the hunt, abandons his friends. That in itself is a pointer of what the Locket was doing to him. Ron was the one who was the rock solid backbone of the trio, the Locket makes him behave like someone else altogether. Will it be too far fetched to assume that the locket knew that Ron was the one who had the power to finish it and so tortured him the most to send him away? What if sending Ron away and breaking him from the trio was the sole target of the Locket? From the moment they possess it, Ron’s problems begin, he gets splinched and we know from the book that it was bad. And when they finally get the weapon to finish it, Harry is unable to retrieve the sword. I think, Harry was not destined to finish the locket at all. Otherwise, how was it that Snape found out about their location, not during those five weeks when Ron was away, but precisely after Ron had returned?
  4. Hufflepuff’s cup- destroyed by Hermione- All the clues are right in front of us. Where was it hidden? In Bellatrix’s vault, the one witch who tortured Hermione and almost got her killed. She chose not Harry neither Ron but Hermione. Still a coincidence?
  5. Nagini- destroyed by Neville (okay this one is a little symbolic but still ) - Neville’s greatest fear was Snape, the Head of the House of Snakes(Slytherin). He literally gets most of his injuries the year Snape is the Headmaster, the year the school is under a snake (Voldemort).
  6. Ravenclaw's Diadem- destroyed by Crabbe(Malfoy n Goyle)- They had been literally outside this very room the whole of their sixth year. This room gets the Death Eaters into the school and sets the ball rolling. During the Battle of Hogwarts, they confront Harry here, although it could have been any place in the castle or the grounds. It could have happened when Harry was alone, but no. They wait till he enters the room where the Horcrux is hidden?  It is as if the Diadem literally pulls Crabbe to a place where he meets his death.
  7. And last but not the least- part inside Harry- destroyed by Voldemort- No questions here that Harry was the biggest trouble Voldemort ever had. Had he not been so paranoid about finishing Harry he might have actually lived because no one would find out about his Horcruxes in the first place! Harry is literally like a magnet pulling Voldemort to himself. In all the years since his first defeat, Voldemort manages to find a supporter in Quirrell but as his rotten luck would have it, it's the time Harry starts school. Had it been before, he might have actually managed to get a hand on the stone. The part inside Harry was literally pulling him to itself to finish him.

Ron does not leave because he is weak, he leaves because that is how the Horcrux can hurt him most, taking him away from his best friend, away from the girl he loves.

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Song Leader making executive decisions

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Relationship headcanons for Shuu, Yomo ,Uta and Tatara :)

My first HC response, here goes~ ))

Shuu Tsukiyama:

  • If he doesn’t have at least one flower for his S/O every day, he’s got a beautifully arranged bouquet arranged to go to their house that weekend.
  • French isn’t something new but he’ll say the sweetest things to his S/O and then repeat what his said, just translated.
  • He always has something that belongs to his S/O whether it is a bracelet or some particle of clothing. Their scent usually calms him down…of course, it depends on the item of choice he’s got on him.
  • Shuu loves to cuddle and would lovingly squeeze his S/O, occasionally trembling because he can’t express the happiness and love he has for them enough.


  • He’s the type to smile gently and stare at his S/O while they go about their day. He loves watching them have fun and just be themselves.
  • While cuddling, he likes to have his S/O’s head over his heart and likes to ghost his fingers along their arm and occasionally down to their waist.
  • Yomo is up for just about anything his S/O wants to do because he loves to see them happy and will jump at every opportunity. Yes, even if it means dressing up in a floofy (yes I said floofy) and sparkly dress while balancing their birthday cake on his head.
  • Sure he’s quiet and pretty reserved so Yomo saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t happen often. However, when it does happen, he seriously means it with all his heart.


  • No matter what, he is always teasing his S/O one way or another whether it is adorable PDA or something more private and far spicier.
  • If his S/O has long hair, he likes to play with it and run his hands through the pretty tresses. There are times where he gets carried away and gives his S/O weird hairstyles.
  • He likes it when his S/O comes to him for problems because they spend time together thinking, planning, and executing ideas to fix the situation.
  • Uta likes when his S/O watches him work on masks and will even ask for opinions on some of the designs.


  • If he is to ever give his S/O a gift, it had to be absolutely perfect in his eyes. The reason being is his taste for precision. If he doesn’t like it, he feels as though his S/O won’t like it either.
  • He likes it when his S/O is by his side or at least in his line of sight. It’s not because he doesn’t trust them. He’s just low key worried about them and wants to protect them Ghoul or Human, he will protect his lovely S/O proudly.
  • Cuddling is a very strange thing to do for him. He’s very stiff but he tries his best for his S/O. However, to make up for the awkwardness, Tatara tends to be very warm.
  • Like Yomo, Tatara doesn’t really say the magically three words very often at all. In fact, he says it less than Yomo. So when this albino ghoul tells his S/O “I love you”, they better damn believe it and relish the time he says it because it comes out of his mouth once in a blue moon!

I hope these are to your liking! I had fun making this c: ))

What to wear to a gangbang.

There is a certain level of decorum and thought that should accompany every instance of life. While it certainly isn’t akin to the pomp and circumstance of trying or celebratory events, the course of your life is dictated by how well you encounter, adapt and execute in everyday interactions. Think of it as social respiration; an evolutionary response concocted through generations of half-apes fumbling through life.

You open doors for people. You say “Bless you” after someone sneezes. You decide when to text your crush back, or what questions you should ask in an interview. It’s all mundane and it’s all very reactionary; the sum of everything that has led up to that point.

But what do you wear to a gangbang?

The dynamic of a gangbang is somewhat odd. Here you have a group of (more than three, presumably) men standing shoulder-to-shoulder, awaiting the exact same fate. In terms of output, each man is expected to bring the same return on investment. And while a slower climb to maturation is generally appreciated, one falling stock will immediately be replaced by another on the rise. In short, each man is a commodity, cog in an assembly line.

So what does one do to stand out from that kind of marginalization? How does one move to the front of the line? After all, in times of all-else-equal, it pays to be the pace car.

A gangbang really starts in the closet. Because the woman of the evening is bound to be unimpressed by anything other than measurables, the only people left in the room to affect are other dudes. To stand out you must be equal parts confident and informed, while also appealing to some primal instinct of domination.

Let’s face it, only Patrick Bateman would wear a tie to an organized sex party. The amount of time and effort required to hone a polished, affluent look will certainly be greeted with grunts of disapproval. Best case scenario you’re a coked-out banker ready to disappoint. Worst case scenario you’re a confused dandy bound for a late boxcar in this train of masculinity. Ties are for weddings, funerals and hostile takeovers, not for flesh Jenga.

So it’s open-necked to be sure. Excellent. Progress. Button-down or spread collar is taster’s choice, but no collar-stays (there will be enough hard things in the room already). And don’t iron your shirt. You have better things to do than to worry about what dudes in this room think of your uptown drycleaner. Plus, these clothes are all a formality anyway. It’s who you are and what you can do that will snag you the first at-bat.

But should you wear a jacket? Ideally. A jacket shows some outward respect for the event, if not towards the young lady conductor. A standalone, wrinkly button-down is the mark of a slob. However, a wrinkly button-down paired with a lived-in sport coat? That’s what Berlusconi would wear. That’s where polish and comfort meet; an apex of confidence.

It should have texture and depth, a sample of what’s to come, without being too formal or imposing. No brass and navy at this shin-dig. You need a professorial tweed or slept-in linen blend, its soft silhouette, round edges and airy sensibility a beacon of aplomb. Perhaps you came from a lecture? Perhaps you fell asleep in your jacket during a late flight from Mykonos, half-drunk and borderline harassing the cute flight attendant on your private jet. The mystery is really the key here – even if you know nothing more than anyone else in the room, they have to all think you do.

Cotton is made for gangbangs. Machine washable, clingy and prone to exaggeration, it was no doubt Caligula’s toga material of choice. A pair of well-worn jeans would be nice. Perhaps some too-shabby-to-wear-to-the-office chinos? It doesn’t matter, really. You’re too comfortable in your own skin to be bothered with details in all of this. Just walking in your attire already has the edge on the rest of the room. All to do now is speak softly and carry a big stick.

But wait, one last crucial element – the shoes. All this thinking, planning and execution means nothing if you show up in a pair of Aldos. Act like you’ve been there before. These other assholes all showed up with square toes and cemented soles. But not you. You’re wearing shoes best-classified as art, yet treated like a three week-old edition of The Times. Worn suede and marred stacked leather completing the look of a man whose experience is only bested by his ability.

You’ll make small talk, your charm and assured superiority framed perfectly by a wardrobe acquired or commissioned with care, and maintained with a stifling sense of indifference. You have a few beers, each drink stoking the flames of a fire on the brink of slopover. Your dash and demeanor a siren song for the Madame of the evening. And then when the curtain drops you’re front-and-center. Head of the pack. Man of the hour.

If we’re all getting fucked, why not be the best-dressed one in the room?