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Could you please do headcannons for the main three with a British s/o. Like she has a strong accent, says words differently, even swears differently and loves tea? I'm sorry if this is too weird!! If it's too odd then I don't mind you skipping over it!


  • loves teasing her about her thick accent by mimicking it badly on purpose
  • has grown more fond of tea through her: nowadays he only drinks Earl Grey with milk and a teaspoon of sugar in the mornings with his breakfast
  • gets really confused when she curses because the words sound like a whole new language: he thinks bollocks means ‘bull-ox’ and defines as ‘really angry’ because bulls get angry easily —> which leads to S/O taking the piss out of his non-British innocence <3
  • when travelling to London, Viktor behaves like the biggest tourist and buys all sort of merchandise


  • has mastered the art of Sunday roasts
  • loves her accent and finds it super sexy- he loves how confident it sounds
  • finds crumpets, scones, and shortbread absolutely delicious
  • he loves the idea of tea time: when S/O and him have some spare time, they makes sure to meet up with each other and have one together- which leads to fun conversations and bonding time


  • when S/O get’s “too British”, Yuri talks back in Russian for fun (and too low-key piss her off to hear her curse in British)
  • S/O introduced Yuri to British punk bands- guess who’s their biggest fan now?
  • finds her accent so cool: tries to pick up British pronunciation in order to learn some himself
  • He’s not a big fan of tea, but he does like crumpets!

Ship Tag ^_^ tagged by the @oh-beyond​ thanks!


1: Ship the person who tagged you.
2: Answer questions. 

3: Write down the groups you would like to get shipped with. 

4: Tag me back so I can ship you too.

I ship you with: Yixing because i feel like he’s really caring and easy-going and i feel like that would fit you. Someone who’d take his time and let you take his time, but also give you free space.


What is your chinese zodiac/animal?
Ox (i think)

What is your sun sign?

What is your height?
1,58 centimetres

Describe yourself briefly
White af, freckles, short, long hair that differs in colour from time to time, red atm, weirdly coloured eyes. Like golden brown/greenish with a dark line. Perfectly shaped lips (yep sorry I’m proud) and long eyelashes <3

Describe your fashion type:
Skinny jeans way to goooooooo, lop top sneakers or high heels, thigh boots tho damn, loose tops and sweaters, leather jacket, or large large jean jacket. Long winter coats with big scarfs, turtlenecks. minimalistic jewellery.

What are your hobbies?
Writing, gaming yep, only handheld consoles though, tumblr is like an extension of my soul. drawing, mainly calligraphy in my bullet journal.

Describe your personality:
I am…loud as fuck like istg i talk so fast you need to learn how to understand the bs i say. But then again if I’m content with you and shit and i love you i can also just sit with you and be quiet all day and enjoy your company. Ngl i have anxiety and some like idk depressive symptoms but i try to pull through. i can be a whiny person but i like to do it in a joking way, yells a lot, likes to talk things out. 

What do you like and dislike?
Likes: people being honest with me, soft things, rough deep-ish voices, blankets, hot chocolate, a good book, bright smiles, honesty, openness, 
Dislikes: lies, ignorance, being fucking two faced bitch, being too needy, ppl touching my knees, people i don’t like touching me in general, people who try to change me bye.

What kind of height do you prefer?
I’m short and i used to date a tall guy, so i don’t mind tall guys but my ideal height is definitely above mine and preferable under 180

Do you prefer innocent or sexy?
in the middle, i don’t like it when guys are too shy, but when they’re too in your face it isn’t nice though. I need someone who’s willing to push me a little, but i don’t want to feel…obligated. But i also don’t want to feel like i need to pull him into things all the time.

What do you like in a person?
Accepting me for who i am and being there for me when i need you and even when i don’t. 

What are some turn offs?
being too pushy, being too obsessively clean, and rlly weird kinky shit like bdsm or whatever, like nope, oh and people who smell. And like guys who don’t shave/trim their body hair. Like i don’t mind hair, i’m hairy as well, but pls don’t look like a bear. i can’t i find it … kind of unhygienic in a way.

What kind of fear would it be okay for them to have?
If he’s afraid of bugs WE HAVE A PROBLEMMMMM, and he can’t be afraid of mess either >.<

What would be an ideal date for you?
nothin involving dinner, idk like going to a park or a coffee shop or just chilling at someones house.

Ship me with only 1 from any of the following, giving a brief explanation why:
EXO (ot9), BTS, Monsta X

I tag: @xingtrash @nunchiwrites @bootyfulohsehun @melyyexo @xiubaek13 @yourseth @exosmutxoxo @white-in-angel @baekhyunsbabe @sweet-soo @for-the-love-of-lay

As he ran to the station, he was aware that he was sweating more than usual; that his heart was racing wildly; that his arms had been looking for something that he still refused to see.

Because if he accepted it, then things would change. The reason why food had suddenly lost its taste would be other than “I must be going down with something”. The slice of cake that had been kept in his fridge would no longer be guarded fiercely. If there was something there, then those sleepless nights that had no meaning would have one.

Everything would change.

One block away now, but his legs couldn’t run any faster. His mind was filled with ideas that he couldn’t put into words, and he felt like screaming. What exactly had happened? Why? Should he have told him to stay the night? Would it have been different if he had been by his side? Or had this just been a reminder of how powerless he actually was? As he ran into the station, he was stumped by a hot sensation crawling up his chest… Was it frustration? Was it anger? No. It was different. So many people… He was pushed around by the crowd and his eyes couldn’t find him…

“JIAN YI!” The name escaped his lips almost in a roar.

And from the stairs behind him came the reply.


Time stood still as the voices around him died down. His mind went blank, and his body turned around, drawn to that annoying high-pitched voice of his.

So annoying, and yet…

Ah, but his arms opened up to eagerly welcome that brat. For the first time since Jian Yi had started doing that, Zhan’s body was ready to receive him without stumbling, without hesitating. Their bodies collided and his arms, his hands, his fingers clung to that slender back.

When the world resumed its pace, they were still themselves. Two boys, and many promises to fulfill. That was how it had always been. And for Zhan, that would never change.


Another paragraph that becomes a little longer than that.;;; I really don’t know how Zhan Xixi will react. He could go the emotional route and embrace Yi (like when he sorta realized Jian Yi liked him) or he could blow up and go “IDIOT! WHAT THE CHICKEN BALLS D'YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” I also noticed lots of people think it could be a trap, but I don’t know… When he was about to get kidnapped it was just a mistake. So I don’t see who could benefit from that…;;; But then again, OX always has super-interesting-yet-weird plot twists. I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

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I'm positive that tianshan new year's art is them meeting each other after he tian sends mo guan shan his nudes. like, he wanted to apologise for the nudes and went straight to mo that night? mo still wears his jacket, so it make sense and the smile on his face,the way he looks at mo shows something. some thought it's the future them but I think it's them in their current time. I think ox skip this arc, because it's already morning in the recent chapter. noo..

Ooooh nice !!! I love it !!

(I think it was xmas art not new year’s. New Year’s was all for of them in one picture)

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Werewolf!Dean being the cutest lil pup with blond hair and big green eyes just like his momma. Werewolf!Dean quickly growing into his big frame, all lean limbs, sharp angles, and snippy moods as a teen. Werewolf!Dean gradually maturing, still remaining a little rough-edged, but a charmer when he wants to be. Werewolf!Dean being absolutely terrifying when provoked; all animalistic snarls, bared fangs, and towering strength.(1/?)

Werewolf!Dean being a fucking terror during battle, leaving nothing but shredded limbs and blood pools in his wake. Werewolf!Dean being a complete sap and a massive sweetheart when it comes to pups; gently playing with them and letting out mock-hurt growls and howls when they bite at him before scooping them up and pretending to eat them. Werewolf!Dean being all gruff and huffy when he’s caught being soft and mushy. (2/?)

Werewolf!Dean falling for human!Cas, the man with eyes bluer than the sky and hair the color of soot and a heart the size of the moon. Werewolf!Dean chasing human!Cas through fields and forests, tackling him and making Cas laugh, gasp, and, sometimes, groan loud and long. Werewolf!Dean finally biting Cas one full moon night and taking the man as his mate. Werewolf!Dean puffing out his chest at the sight of the mating bite over Cas’ neck every time he sees it. JUST WEREWOLF!DEAN (3/3)

OK THEN. First of BLESS YOU RIS YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO ME. But because I am such deancas trash. Let us add onto that

First time werewolf!Dean meets Cas, he falls in love before he even sees him. He scents him from across the room, and he just smells like earth/forest/safe/home. 

Werewolf!Dean being slightly nervous when he first tells Cas he’s a were. Werewolves are accepted in this society, but there is that casual speciesism that makes Dean’s hackles rise. Of course Cas is delighted. He is asks a million and one questions. Wants to know everything. 

Cas on the other hand, being nervous meeting the rest of the Winchesters, but as we all know Momma Winchester instantly loves Cas, and if Momma approves, the whole pack approves. 

When werewolf!Dean brings up the idea of the mating bite, he tries to give Cas a million times/ways to say no, he can still back out, you don’t have to stay with me Cas, I’m just a nobody. You can find a human out there. You don’t need to stay here with me.

Of course Cas just gently grabs Dean’s face an looks him in the eye and says in that gravelly deadpan voice, “Bite me” 

Definition of Cuddle Buddy - Calum Chambers

Originally posted by clarainthelibrary

This is part of the Definitions series. Each player submitted will have a definition and the story will be based around that definition. This is my first series but I hope you enjoy it.


Calum Chambers loved to cuddle. 

Maybe it was the fact that his girlfriend got tired really easily and he had adapted to being her pillow on the way back from games.

Maybe it was the fact that he was a cold person and he liked cuddling up to someone to get warmer.

Maybe it was the fact that his girlfriend was just super hot and he liked being attached to her all the time.

Either way, Calum Chambers was the definition of cuddle buddy. 

His king sized bed was practically made for cuddling. He had discovered this many times when he invited Jolie around for movie nights and it was close to midnight and he didn’t feel safe letting her catch a cab home so he invited her to stay over. That was his favourite night. Because that was the night he kissed her for the first time.

His entire life had changed since Jolie. His double bed no longer only had one pillow, it now had two, he no longer only had plain white cutlery, he now had mis-matched cutlery because it felt more homey. 

Calum Chambers had changed ever since Jolie had come around. He used to spend his weekends, when he didn’t have a game that it, on wild nights out with Alex and Carl. Now they were spent tangled in his girlfriend, pressing kisses on any bit of exposed skin they could find.

Believe it or not, his long gangly body was ideal for cuddling.

“Chambers!” Jolie squealed as her boyfriend entered their house. Calum pocketed his keys and embraced his girlfriend tightly. 

“Hiya little one.”

“How was training?”

“Ok I guess. I worked hard on my overlapping and my tracking back. I think me and Ox are really building up a strong partnership on the right.” He beamed. 

“That’s great Cal. Are you still up for dinner tonight?”

“I don’t know babe, my muscles really ache and we do have my family over this weekend so maybe we could go for a meal then?”

“That sounds good.” Jolie smiled.

Calum had the most easy-going girlfriend in the world. Some girls would flip shit if their plans got cancelled but Jolie knew that Calum’s job was emotionally and physically demanding and she wasn’t going to start a fight over plans that had already been rescheduled.

Calum walked into the kitchen, grabbing some water from the fridge as Jolie hoisted herself onto the kitchen counter.

“Any other plans for tonight then?” Jolie asked, swinging her legs as Calum sipped his water.n

“The usual?”

“So basically, you’re gonna trap me on your bed and force me to watch re-runs of How I Met Your Mother.”

“You love it. And you love cuddling me.” Calum said, standing between his girlfriend’s legs as Jolie ran her fingers through his hair.

“True. You’re my own little cuddle buddy.”

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bc ox has been developing their relationship for so long? I love both pairings (REALLY) but i can see why zhanyi would take priority to ox?? I would love to see ox expand on tianshan but its clear that zhanyi comes first. I mean, 19 days started off with zhanyi????

Zhanyi takes priority? When ? how? I think OX treats both tianshan and zhanyi equally. 

It’s not clear that zhanyi comes first, if it did, then we would see a plot that concentrates on their friendship and romantic development, instead this mafia plot has taken center stage. Old Xian created both ships. And He Tian was always meant to be with mo guan shan, not some love triangle shit. The problem is each chapter is very short and it’s not updated fast, so OX is has too cut our a lot of filler stuff and include the most important plot points. 

19 days started off with zhanyi, yeah, cool. And now tianshan and zhanyi exist so some people are going to like both or prefer one, or are indifferent. 

Dragon Ball theory

Gohan had this strange rage based power up when he was little.

No other saiyan in the series has exhibited this skill.

Where did Gohan get this ability from? It almost seems demonic…

Perhaps a little.

Chi-Chi might not be fully human, her father is Ox-King (Also called Gyumao or Demon king).

Look at the size of Ox-King, are you going to tell me he’s a simple human!?

I think Ox-King is half demon, which explains how he is king of a land that seems to worship demons, his title in Japanese means “Demon emperor” and yet he looks mostly human cept for his size.

Not to mention Ox-King doesn’t age like a normal human.

Ox-King’s age is never revealed in canon. BUT-he was training buddies with Grandpa Gohan when Grandpa Gohan was young. They trained under Master Roshi. 

Grandpa Gohan was like 80 when he died. 


He hasn’t changed anything by the time Buu saga hits in. Ox King doesn’t age like everyone else.

No freaking wonder Goku’s kids always seemed to have more potential than Vegeta’s, Goku’s kids also have some demon blood in there. 

i keep looking at the last panel, and i just cannot get over how young guan shan looks. like, i think the enormity of the decision he’s taking (or being made to take) is showed so clearly here (as well as in the image with his head in his hands). we’re being reminded that he is so young still, despite how ‘adult’ the context of this story has slowly become, and that guan shan shouldn’t have to be facing any of this.

he shouldn’t have to be making the decisions he’s having to. he shouldn’t have to throw his education away just to earn some money. he shouldn’t have to be manipulated and treated like he’s nothing - like he can be played with and used, and that he isn’t allowed to speak out about how unfair any of it is. 

i just think OX really got it in this last image - they showed the reality of it all, and the cruelty of it, and that, for a lot of kids, this is the kind of thing they’re having to do. and this, for most of them, will be their end. and it shouldn’t have to be like that, because they’re young and uncertain and facing things they’re too young to face and nothing about this is fair.

Kobayashi Maru

“A no-win situation caused by a set of rules that can only be won by changing the rules.”

Once, in her girlhood, Marie remembers her favorite teacher retiring. She remembers waiting for Death, sitting outside the hall of guillotines, waiting with Kamiko to present their newest soul collection. She remembers Miss Morningstar’s voice raising, livid and not at all like the good-natured mezzo she had when she taught.

“I will not lead these children to their graves!”

Marie remembers Kamiko staring down at her feet, wriggling her well-painted toes as they sat on the side and winced. Marie remembers how she was in the hospital for three weeks because of a Kishin Egg’s claws in her belly. Marie remembers Spirit, Sid, Stein holed up for days and days, waiting for diagnoses from doctors who looked at them on clean white cots and said nothing.

Marie remembers how Miss Morningstar, as spiky as her name and true to her weapon form, blunt as always and all hard edges, stormed from the Death room, her resignation papers in tow. As she left, Marie had looked up, her two, golden, glistening eyes watching her now former teacher leaving the DWMA, severed of connection, and when their gazes met, Miss Morningstar only spared her a sad smile.

Marie remembers being called into the Death room, her Lord in cheerful disposition she could only begin to see was artifice. Marie remembers getting up, sparing a single look at her teacher’s retreating back, and walking into a room of blades suspended above her head.

It is only later that she understands that she is teaching children to die.

And she sees that is what Miss Morningstar had meant from the very beginning. Because Marie thought being a teacher would be fun, but the situation is all wrong. She is a substitute, wearing a teacher’s clothing as she stands in front of the class where Stein should be and her borrowed students look back at her with wide, trusting eyes.

Her job is to prepare them. Her job is to send them to their deaths.

As she stands before Class Crescent Moon, her singular eye, the other lost for the good of the world and the good of the DWMA and the good of the children who thank her in the streets, passes from child to child. Here, Ox with his lack of field experience, hiding behind textbooks and vocabulary. There, Kim, sharp, shielded, smiling thinly as she sits close to Jackie, the only person able to get close enough without being burned. Some of the children she knows only in passing, others, she knows all too well. Others, her eye lingers on.

Maka and Soul sit together, because they are partners, and Marie has read their file. They are partners and she has memorized their missions, the ones that were triumphant, the ones they failed. The ones where Soul lay, bedridden and bleeding, the ones where Maka, just a girl, poured her faith into him and was broken open because he was hurt.

Love in the DWMA was not sunflowers. It was not drinking coffee at a scratched up table with the TV running behind you. Love in the DWMA was throwing yourself before your partner to hide them from a world of sharp knives and angry eyes. Love was a fist that knocked on teeth that dared to insult the people you care for. Love was an angry glare, with two eyes, not one. Love was painful, love was watching the person you love doze on a hospital bed and leaving when the nurses changed the bandages.

So, Marie reads from the textbook. Marie reads Stein’s notes, the ones he made before his hands started shaking so bad, the pen would skitter over the page. Marie reads to the children as though she were giving a history lesson and not a blueprint for war.

She knows the apocalypse is looming. Knows the kids know. Patti who hides herself away in origami and Liz who hides herself away in her thinly veiled care know.. She knows Harvar keeps sneaking glances at Ox, thinking of situations, every impossible situation that could fall before them, trying to come up with an ending that does not pan out in a loss.

Marie is teaching children to die, so she says nothing when Soul and Maka hold hands beneath their desk, when they spare soft peeks at one another, fingers furled round each other, Maka’s soul calming even as she shakes when she reads about madness wavelengths and Stein’s notes on black blood. Marie looks at them and envisions a happy ending she hopes to Death that they get.

Marie ignores the rule book that explicitly states that no weapon-meister pair may have romantic or sexual relations.

Marie figures all is fair is in love. In war.

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Hey! I planned on drawing fan art of Oxy, today (since he's super cool) and wanted to know if you have updated his look at all ?? The most recent one i've found is from over nine months ago. :>

aaa sorry!! this is really sweet of you though oh gosh!! thank you for thinking about my lil ox!

this is her most current ref!


Two more screencaps of diary entries. 

The first one is about Mona. It talks about how Mona follows her and her friend like a puppy dog and that maybe if she beats her down enough, she’ll go crazy, do something stupid and get locked up. Goes on to talk about how she makes her vomit - not figuratively but actually physically sick to her stomach. 

The second is about Paige, or as Alison so affectionately referred to her as “Pig Skin”. This one was slightly harder to make out but she talks about how she was actually a little frightened and she doesn’t frighten easily. She says Paige must be out of her mind. I think, and this part is more assuming because you can’t exactly what she wrote since the book is held funny, but I think she’s also saying how she can’t compete physically with Paige. She also calls paige an ox? I think? 


I’m back from beautiful Rotterdam! Four days of awesome weather, people, food and culture. YAY!

Thanks a lot trutjesims, simsoes, curiousdutch and sims-everlasting for your fantastic travel advices! We couldn’t make everything because so many places are closed on Mondays but here are some pics (and since I’ve got tagged by lyrea for the aesthetic challenge, I’m just using these for it)

Hotel New York (that small one on the left) / Wilhelminapier (I think) / Ox at the Kunsthal (wonderful exhibitions, specifically one about Soviet design) / Ox with the obscene Santa Claus / vinyl shopping at Nieuwe Binnenweg / our hotel room / Museum Boijmans van Beuningen / mind-blowing Horst P. Horst exhibition at the Nederlands Fotomuseum (SO BRILLIANT!) / Markthal

I think besides all the museums we spent most of our time sitting in and mostly outside various cafés and restaurants. LOVED the cakes at Koekela!

New favourote Dutch word is Mobieltje. So cute!