think of this as a christmas present :p

5$ Pet Portrait Commissions

I’m trying to save up some money for Christmas presents, let me know if you’d like one! You can choose either a head shot or a full body drawing! It will be paypal-only, for now. I’ll send finished drawings to you in a letter asap! 

Here’s some examples: Hirvi @megafaunaadventures  and Remus @thedutchsighthound

Also some people seem to think I can only draw sighthounds, but I can draw much more I promise! Any breeds are fine. I could attempt other species too. :P 

I could also put borders/color, etc around the drawing if you like!

Just message me if you want one, thanks!

This Life             [Connor Murphy]

summary: Y/N is a Rehab Center intern and becomes friends with Connor, when they reunite weeks later, it’s near Christmas and Y/N doesn’t seem too excited.

request: no

series: Dear Evan Hansen

A/N: fjsflksdjf it’s not really Alana’s number. don’t call it. please. p l e a s e

inspiration: MAYBE and THIS LIFE by Shane Dawson



Christmas, a time of year that no one really could complain about. Free presents, family, and friends, parties, who would complain? No one knew why, but you did. You didn’t like Christmas, and not in a way you’d think. 

You were poor in other’s eyes, your Dad didn’t have enough to pay for your school, either. He works as a janitor and gets an okay amount but a low amount of someone with a kid. You only got into school because of his job, because he didn’t want you to homeschool anymore. He wanted you to get out there, have someone to stand beside.

That person was Connor Murphy, someone you met at a Rehab Center, in which you were an intern. He was in for excessive outbursts and drug abuse. After being found in a parking lot, halfway dead, he was hospitalized before being sent to the Center. You became his friend in a way harder than anything, you both had the same sarcastic humor. The kids there were jerks, swearing at you, but he was quiet and would only speak in his mind.

He was a quiet but fiery type, almost like a first grader. He had that spark and would constantly make fun of or retort the assistance, including you. After a week of him being like this, you’d snapped back at him and it became a thing between you two. You’d get him books, shoelaces for makeshift voodoo dolls, and sometimes even strong coffee.

“Connor, you get out tomorrow,” you sat criss-cross in front of the boy who was reading his book, staring blankly with his eyes scanning left to right. He shrugged and you rolled your eyes, kicking his side with your foot. “Tomorrow, Connor. This is our last day together. What do you want me to get you before you go?”

“I don’t know. A book?”

“Connor, get the freak up and show me what you want at the library. I’ll pay for it, it’ll be your Christmas gift. I’m gonna miss my sweet little panther,” you pushed the side of his cheek and he waved you off, his nose crinkled up. You always thought he was a panther, a cat that would look so cute small, but he was big and irritated. Maybe that just meant you wanted him to be a bit more open. 

“I know, God,” he shut his book and dog-eared the page, something you’d get annoyed at, and set it aside. 

“You know God?” You stood up and he gave you a dirty look, holding back a snapped back reply. He rolled his eyes and shook his head while following after you. He knew you weren’t an adult, he knew you couldn’t act like one either, that’s what he liked about you. You were snappy and mean to adults when they’d call you “mature for your age”, which he did too. You both were mature, though you were young. 

You acted like a crabby grandma at times, he acted the same. But you weren’t exactly alike, you had the potential to become a hyper little toddler. It was weird, the way you acted around him, but he couldn’t complain. You were a good friend, so why would he?

“That joke is a Dad joke,” Connor pushed past you and walked to the library himself. His long legs carried him faster than you and you had to jog to catch up. He browsed the library and cringed at the titles, “How Not to Be Sad? Recovery Road? What the fuck is this shit?”

“What? Don’t like Rehab And How To Do It? It’s a big hit with the patients, you know?” You nudged his side and he shook his head, letting out a laugh that you don’t think anyone has heard besides you. He knelt down and could barely even reach the bottom shelf, which was filled with actual books and not pamphlets. “Need help there, big guy?”

Connor glared up and gave you a look, nodding. You smiled like an idiot and sat down, grabbing three books with both hands. You scooted away and handed them to him, watching as he read the titles carefully. The bottom shelf was where you stashed the good shit, ‘milk and honey’, The Shining, Coraline, all the good shit. 

“Can I have like, all of them?” Connor read the covers and noticed how they were almost in mint condition. You had a habit of keeping books clean, unlike your room and yourself in general. It was weird but useful, especially since you had a way of finding good books. “Wait, you have Amityville? Fuck yeah, man.”

Connor handed the books back to you and examined the Amityville Horror book, it was a book he’d been wanting forever. With it being close to Christmas, he wanted it even more. He looked up at you and watched as you got out your wallet, placing $20 in cash on the desk. You smiled at the assistant and walked back to him.

“You ready for tom-”

“Connor Murphy? Congratulations, your parents are here early,” the headmistress peered through the heavy doors and Connor hurriedly hid the book behind him. You felt upset, he was supposed to leave tomorrow. This wasn’t fair, you didn’t even get to say goodbye as Cynthia pulled Connor away.


“Hey, Y/N, I’m Alana. I’ll be your guide today, I know you just got here yesterday. How are you? Oh, what happened to your foot? You know, I fractured my ankle once, it took a long time to heal. I still ran for student council president though, I won. What about you? I bet you’d get it right away, I saw your writing the other day. It was pretty good. Did you know I used to write? Yeah, I was really good but I stopped because it took up a lot of my time,” Alana ran her mouth and you wanted nothing more than for her to shut it. You weren’t always this mean, but you didn’t need a girl like this in your ear all day. “What classes do you have?”

“Hopefully ones without you,” you made a right and lost her in the halls. You hobbled thanks to your cast, the one you got after accidentally dropping boiling water on your foot at the Recreational Center. You were just trying to make pasta and help, but I guess the Gods had other plans for you.

“Okay! Well, I’ll see you later! Call me if you need anything! My number is 312-479-4937!” 

You have no idea why she even assumed you had a phone, you were too poor to have one. You sighed and continued to hobble your way to your class. Crutches were a must, but you hated having to carry them around, so you came up with an “invention” of a sort.

They were crutches and they were strong, but they were foldable. You melted down some old crutches and added in bends and stuff since your Dad was much too poor to handle hospital bills. The Rehab Center offered to pay for the medical bills, which didn’t include crutches or a wheelchair. 

“Woah, holy shit, you’re tall,” you were stopped as someone blocked the doorway. The girl turned around and you realized, it was a boy. He looked familiar, maybe he was one of those random Rehab members. “Sorry, can you like, move over a bit.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Way too nice to be a patient. Maybe he was one of the assistants or volunteers? Who knew, he was pretty cute though. His hair was a bit too much, so was the dark makeup, but either way, he looked okay.

“Thanks,” you muttered awkwardly and tried to ignore his staring, which reminded you of someone you once knew. The Connor kid from like, a month ago. Maybe he had a doppelganger. 

“Hey, uh, you look like someone I know. Y/N?” The tall boy held onto your backpack and kept you from walking off. You froze and suddenly realized, taking another good look at him. “Holy shit.”

“Holy shit! Connor, God damn, looking like a goth right now! What happened to your hair? I thought it was like, orange-”

“Shut up! That’s a secret, dumb ass,” Connor punched your shoulder and you burst out into a laughing fit. He noticed how you’d gotten paler, most likely from all the Rehab Inside Jobs. You always picked to be inside, be it cleaning bedrooms or making food. “What happened to your foot? You get trampled by a bunch of kids or something?”

“Oh, get fucked, Connor. I burnt my foot on pasta,” You pointed to the bandage sticking out from your cast. He nodded slowly and opened his mouth to make a joke, but you flipped him off. “The reality sucks, huh? Like, it would’ve been cooler.”

“Haha, yeah, right,” Connor walked into the classroom and you followed after, trying to get away from the kids now crowding the halls. You two sat down near the far back and as the class began, you two began talking even more.

As you two started laughing, something that scared the others. After all, Connor never laughed. How could a new girl get the Babadook of a boy to laugh?

“Murphy, Y/L/N? Do you have something to tell the class?” Ms. McSwiss was always a bitch, Connor said. She would talk about herself more than physics or science. You nodded and stood up, walking to the front of the class. Connor watched and couldn’t stop himself from snorting, already knowing what you were going to do.

“So I’m sitting there, barbecue sauce on my titties.”

Connor covered his mouth and pursed his lips, trying not to laugh. This was the third time you’d said it since seeing him again, funny videos were your thing. You’d memorize scenes and re-do them all the time in the Center, even now. The teacher scoffed as the entire class erupted in laughter.

Thank God he was able to see you again, or else he would have spiraled down the same rabbit hole he did. There were no more drugs, alcohol, self-harm, it just seemed pointless when he could laugh his ass off with you.

It was great to have you back.


You sat at the edge of your porch, a fake present in your hands. You’d decorated the house with whatever leftover money you had, ready to show your Dad, but he’d canceled on you again. Today was Christmas Eve, the only day he’d have off, but he took the chance and took someone’s shift.

You flipped the Christmas card with polar bears on it through your fingers and sighed, tossing it into the snow. He wasn’t going to be here anytime soon. You fell back onto the wood, staring at the porch ceiling.

Christmas should be a time for family, for singing, dancing, fun, happiness. Why did Mom have to be a player? Why did she have to like alcohol, sex, everything wrong in the world? Why didn’t Dad find another woman, one better than her, who actually loved him? Why were you even alive?

You closed your eyes and tried to imagine what it would be like, what having a good family would be like. You’d hang lights, sing songs, give each other presents, waiting for Santa to hop down the chimney.

Maybe that’ll change, maybe you won’t be sad on Christmas. Maybe one day, you’ll have happy Holidays together, nothing to fear and nothing to be hung up on.

If you could just replace your family with anyone, anything, it’d be better. Anything for your Dad to be home, your Mom to not take your money, you to feel happy for once.


You kept your eyes closed, “How’d you find my house, Connor?” Connor sat beside you and picked up the card you’d dropped, reading it to himself. He sighed and shoved the card away, pulling you to sit up.

“You told me not to think about the bad things.”

“Everything’s bad,” you slumped back down comically, rolling to your side to stare at the snow falling from the sky. Connor scooted toward you and grabbed your shoulder, pulling you up to lean on him.

“Yeah, okay. Everything was bad for me, but you helped me. You taught me, that I’m a bad bitch and you can’t kill me. Your dad, my dad, they’re never home, but we can get by together. Let us both be bad bitches,” Connor patted the side of your head and you wanted to cry, but you laughed. Tears began to fall from your eyes, yet you kept laughing. Connor guided you into him and held you while you cried and laughed simultaneously, wrapping your arms around him.

“You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, it’s true,” you sang with a cracked voice and he laughed, rubbing your shoulder while you limply sang out jokes to keep yourself from breaking down.


This is my gift to @rhomilch~ Surprise!! I’m your Secret Santa this year :pp To think that I got you from all people, it’s surely D E S T I N Y *:・゚✧ ahah hope you like it ♥

I hope you had a magnificent and peaceful christmas surrounded by your dearest friends and family. Hope you got nice presents from Santa too :p
May your wishes for the upcoming year be granted and whatever brings you happines, may it be yours this season and through the whole year. Best wishes to you, dear! :)

B.A.P when they want to cuddle but you need to get ready for work

Yongguk: He knows you have to get up for work, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. “Come on, just five more minutes.” He knows you can’t say no to him.

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Himchan: He understands you’re busy, but he still pouts while following you around as you get ready, and acts as if you’ve just stolen his present on Christmas Day.

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Daehyun: “Where do you think you’re going~” He gets a little too playful by pinning you to the bed when you try to get up, and you both end up being late for work. imagine you’re Jongup

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Youngjae: He whines and whines about how you hardly get to spend any time together, until you finally give in and he gets what he wants. He’s only a little bit  sorry later when you’re running around frantically trying to get ready for work.

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Jongup: “It’s okay… I get it… you’re busy…” He guilt trips you into climbing back into bed for cuddles.

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Zelo: You’re not getting out of bed any time soon, that’s for sure. You’ve had to start setting your alarm fifteen minutes earlier to accommodate for his cuddles in the morning. “Are you awake?”

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arcanesciences  asked:

9, 11, 13 for Jonas?

13. What are your character’s sleeping habits? Heavy or light sleeper? Blanket stealer? One that always rolls onto the floor? Pushes their lover onto the floor?

jonas could fall asleep on pretty much any surface within like 5 minutes of laying on it and is sometimes found sleeping in the weirdest places like a damn cat or something. he’d probably be pretty motionless once he’s passed out and is a very heavy sleeper! he also drools in his sleep and makes goofy little whiny sounds.

09. Do they have a favorite season? What about a favorite holiday?

winter and fall! the colder months for sure. they live in california so it gets pretty hot in the summer time, and most of his clothes are long-sleeved. also likes being able to hide his freckles easier. as for holidays, theyre p hectic living in a house of foster kids and so for christmas everyone usually gets like one present each. i think he’d probably like christmas anyway just for all the decorations and lights and stuff, if he had to pick one.

11. What is something that would make your character fly into a rage?

jonas tends to bottle up his anger pretty well, and only gets really mad over repeated pestering. he grew up around a lot of younger foster kids (and his much more outgoing twin sister, sidney) so he has pretty good patience!

Dear Santa,

Instead of listing what I want for Christmas,and thinking about myself I’m gonna let you make your decision on what you want for Christmas.You’ve been working soo hard delivering presents but you never get anything in return.So I’m gonna give you two options…




Personally id rather reward you with …..


After all you do deserve a gift.So drop down my Chimney and see what I have install for you

Sincerly, Lani❤

P.S.Dont tell Mrs Claus shhh..

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anonymous asked:

I need an AU where the Curtis' adopted Johnny, and like, didn't die?

Aww this is such a pure and adorable idea!! <3

- Okay so Imma say this happens when Johnny’s like,,,, 14 or 15 instead of 16 as he is in the book
- Johnny already spent a LOT of time at the Curtis household because he’s gr8 friends with Pony but also his parents are the fucking sweetest people ever to him
- They’ve always treated him like their own son and he loves them so much
- One time he got beat up p bad by his parents
- The Curtis family was piiiiissed
- Curtis Mom called authorities and such and eventually was able to become at least a temporary legal guardian to Johnny, along with Curtis Dad
- At first Johnny doesn’t know what to think but he is rly rly thankful
- Soda lets Johnny share the bed with Pony because he knows they’re close
- Soda and Darry just find somewhere else, they can live
- They know Johnny’ll probably need to spend time with Pony to help adjust and such
- At first it’s a bit awkward for them but they quickly get used to it and Love platonic cuddling
- The rest of the family and gang find it adorable af tbh
- Johnny’s life greatly improves and his grades increase
- His health does, too
- He p much never sleeps in the lot, he gets hurt a lot less, he’s happier, he eats more, he’s sick less, he gets more help and people to talk to when he needs it, he feels really safe, his anxiety decreases, etc,
- After a while the Government™ thinks it’s p obvious that Johnny is much better off with the Curtis family and they officially adopt him
- The gang is so happy for them all!!
- They do everything in their power to make Johnny happy and welcome and know that they Love Him
- He gets nice birthday parties, lots of presents for Christmas, new clean clothes, lots of hugs, LOTS of candy at Halloween, stuff like that
- Even when the family is low on money, they do their best to at least get him something
- Sometimes Johnny and the Curtis fam even kind of forget they aren’t related
- When Pony and Johnny graduate high school, the fam is so happy and throws the biggest party for them with like every friend of theirs ever
- In general the entire family is super happy and pure and everyone loves Johnny and he loves everyone and GoD I LOVE THIS


anonymous asked:

Christmas is the season for getting cucked. You get to watch others open presents while you get none.

I just like Christmas for the holiday events in video games and in shows/YouTube videos :p I don’t think of it as the holiday or even as my birthday, just a great reason for events :^)

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anonymous asked:

Sfw, 24, Soudam.

soudam + 24. “what do you think you’re doing?”

“What?” says Kazuichi, squatting down by the Christmas tree.

Gundam presses fingers against his temples. “Last year, you forged them bumper cars, and now…”

Cham-P flies his plane between them before performing a loop-the-loop. The other hamsters whirl around the living room with Cham-P, wearing the pilot goggles and miniature hats that came with the present.

Kazuichi stands up and waves a hand.

“Look at the furballs!” He wipes his finger against the underside of his nose. “They love ‘em!”

Gundam hunches his shoulders. “Remind me why I’m courting you…”

However, the hamsters squeak happily, so Gundam can’t stay mad.

Ladynoir snow angels, adrinette christmas caroling, marichat gift exchange on her balcony, ladrien all bundled up for a stroll :) 

for @franticyogurt

so p much the backstory is adrien’s having a bad day so ladybug tries to cheer him up or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I wrote this whole post about my birthday and then tumblr bombed out. This site has been so glitchy lately. Anyway it was nice, really wet due to torrential rain, and ended with a toddler meltdown in an Italian restaurant. Note to self: don’t let your toddler play with the awesome train set in Readings Kids if you have plans within the hour because coaxing them away from it will result in a scream loud enough to be heard right down Lygon Street. Happy Birthday to meee.

P.S. it freaks me out how much he looks like I did at 2 years old. I had the photo albums out the other day and we were all gasping like WHATTTT, genes are so crazy. I see Jon features as well though. My hair was never that blonde, I was a lot shorter, and personality-wise Leon’s much more chilled out than I was, which is something he’s inherited from his mellow as dad. I think he’s inherited my love of politics too because he calls Christmas presents “presidents” and whenever he sees Trump on TV he screams “dats Donal Tump!” ;-)

 random things i have to be happy about lately:

  • strawberries and cream P: and summer fruit in general
  • finding the right christmas present for my dad
  • doing menu planning for christmas with my mum because my brother and his gf are coming to stay
  • the days are hot enough now that i can wear yoga pants all day
  • walking into the gym and feeling the air conditioning
  • when i touch my cat’s head and he immediately starts purring and staring up at me with love in his eyes
  • i made really good blueberry muffins
  • a band i like released a new ep and i love it
  • there’s going to be a new female holmes and watson series, and i swoon a little every time i watch the trailer

Christmas present for @lyricallyundead!! Who has to listen to all my sad headcanons and try not to cry. I hope feel better this year and that you don’t have as much of a struggle and that you can be happier! And I hope this makes up for all the sads too!!

heh-901  asked:

Hi,i want to tell my parents i want an stand to "P" device and a binder for christmas but im too shy to tell them if they arent talking about my transness and i dont want to write it on that christmas gift letter, and i dont know like what is my chest size and what are the safer brands, and will it be ok if i want a white/beige one because white clothes can get TRANSparent (bad pun drum plays), ok thats all, oh and they give us the presents one day before,thanks

I think you should bring up the fact you want a binder on its own first. (And use your own money and a prepaid card to buy a STP because I think it’s difficult for parents to understand why you’d need/want one of those)
The reputable brands of binders: GC2b, Underworks, FLAVNT (check out our FAQ for more information)
Each website has their own size guide, so check those out too -Matt

Quick Christmas Mod Pasta!

Mod Pasta specifically here taking 10 Christmas-themed Villain requests! Villain AU, normal villains, Yakuza, any character with a hint of malice.

Please specify the type of headcanons/scenario that you want. I’m taking 10 requests only, so get what you want in before I’m done! Don’t just say “Christmas Headcanons for ___, ___ and ___,” please specify if it’s Christmas shopping, opening presents, a date in the snow/town plaza, maybe some NSFW, etc.

Let’s get into the Murderous - I mean - Holiday spirit!

P.S. This is ONLY for Mod Pasta

-Mod Pasta 🍜 🍝

ilia-braginski  asked:

Santa, jolly, snow, tinsel for the Christmas ask thing🎄👍🏻

Festive Asks for the Festive Season

Santa: When did you find out that Santa wasn’t real?

I don’t remember the age, but I was still a kid. Probably about 10? I found my Christmas presents I had asked for on my list. My parents think I still believe in Santa, and I kinda want to wait until they’re ready to tell me the truth?

I don’t know how much things will change once they find out I know, and I guess I’m not doing anymore harm by pretending I still think he’s real than they did pretending he was? I don’t know, I’m conflicted on the matter. :P

Jolly: What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

EVERYTHING, lmao. I love the decorations, the music, the presents, and just the atmosphere in general. It’s probably my favorite time of the year.

Snow: Do you have snow where you live?

Very, very rarely. We almost had snow last night but it wound up not being quite cold enough and it was all to the north of us. >:c Last time I remember having a decent amount of snow was back in 2014 I think.

Tinsel: What’s your earliest Christmas memory?

I’m not sure because I don’t remember the exact ages of all of my memories, but I’ll tell you some I remember from when I was definitely very young. I remember getting a whole set of Backyardigans stuffed animals for Christmas one year, and I also remember getting a Leappad and a Barbie doll one year.

I obviously got other presents too but those were the ones I remember the most clearly. I was anywhere from 4-8 when this stuff happened, I just don’t remember the exact age.

I also remember being very young and getting wrapped presents from my Aunt and Uncle that would stay under the tree until Christmas eve, and I would always, without fail, rip a hole into them to try and see what was inside. I’d try to be sneaky about it but I just kept ripping bigger holes lmAO.

fiehelps  asked:

Eliza and Bailey for the Christmas meme! (though some questions will be a bit weird lol)


-Who wraps presents horribly and has to get help from the other: Bailey, definitely! He never felt any real reason to like… add that into his code or anything because he didn’t think about it, and Eliza’s his go to for all things girly anyway. 

-Who excitedly wakes up their partner on Christmas morning: Honestly Bailey, he can’t open presents until everyone at the Golden Trio family Christmas celebration is awake and he wants to see what new games and stuff he got. 

-Who holds the mistletoe over the both of their heads: Bailey would be holding mistletoe over his own head because he’s a weird lil horndog and Eliza would be the one trying to save the poor girls of Walt from her yucky friend :-p 

-Who sets up the christmas lights and who holds the ladder: Eliza! She seems like she’d be able to boss Bailey around and make him do the grunt work :-p

-Who gets angry at little kids and tells them Santa isn’t real: Neither! Although I feel like they both have tempers, I just can’t see them being around little kids and spilling the secret. Bailey might just… blab it without thinking because he censors himself less, though. 

-Who bails the other out of mall jail for telling kids Santa isn’t real: Bailey would end up in mall jail just because he’s clumsy and probably like, knocked over Santa’s whole tree or something. Thank God for Eliza!