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Being Draco's Girlfriend Involves...
  • Him being nice to me and only me
  • Walking around holding hands.
  • Quick kisses before classes.
  • Make out sessions when we can’t sleep.
  • Hugging each other all the time.
  • Sitting together in front of the Black Lake.
  • Taking baths together in the Monitor’s Bathroom.
  • I’m able to make him laugh.
  • Pansy trying to annoy me, but Draco sending her away.
  • “I love you. Always have, always will.”
  • Snape doesn’t sending us to detention when he catch us making out in the class room.
  • Comforting him after his father got in jail.
  • Everyone supports our relationship because they think I make Draco a better person.
  • Sitting on his lap and reading together.
  • Winning a silver ring as dating birthday gift.
  • Winning jewelry in general.
  • Him leaving open mouthed kisses on my shoulders and neck when we’re laying in bed.
  • Draco protecting me from everything and anything.
  • Fighting because his jealous of Harry or because I’m jealous of Pansy.
  • “I’m sorry for what I said.” “Me too. I hate when we argue.” “Come here, let me hug you.”
  • Tickle fight when no one is watching.
  • Him staring at me during class and then later needing help to study.
  • Passionate kisses when any of us is sad.
  • Being his happy memory to conjure a patronus.
  • Being called the Prince and Princess of Slytherin.
  • Breaking up with him when I find out he has became a Death Eater.
  • Narcissa and Lucius loving me.
  • Draco staying by my side in the Hogwarts Battle.
  • Passionate sex.
  • LOTS of teasing.
  • Giving him a lap dance as his birthday present.
  • Talking about our future.
  • “Can you imagine how our kids will look like?” “As their mother, I hope.”
  • Sneaking out our dorms to sleep together in the Common Room.
  • Me getting to sleep upon his chest, with his arms around me.
  • Him coming to be with me and my mother in Christmas.
  • She actually loving him because he offers his self to help with everything.
  • He calling me love, angel and princess.
  • Almost dying when Umbridge forbidden girls and boys to be close, and hiding to be able to kiss.
  • He being all bossy when he became a monitor, and taking advantage of that.
  • “What are you doing out of your dorm this late, Miss?” “I’m just reading Draco.” “That’s no excuse. I think I need to punish you for breaking the school rules, you know.”
  • He loving me more than anything and making sure I know that.
  • Me loving him more than anything and making sure he knows that.
  • Going to the astronomy tower at night to see the stars and date.
  • Draco scaring the hell out of any boy that looks to much at me.
  • Stopping him from being mean to the younger kids.
  • “Would you like someone to act like that with me?” “No.” “Then you better stop.”
  • Him asking me to marry him after Voldemort got killed.
  • “I know we’re young, but we’re not getting married, just engaged.” “Draco let me answer!" 
  • Kissing him when he shuts up and whispering "Yes” in to his ear.
Morning Shenanigans

Remus Lupin x Reader

Warnings: A sexual joke?

You woke up, wrapped in your favorite werewolf’s arms. Slowly, as to not wake him, you moved to face him. His snores were all that greeted you. Godric, sometimes you could swear that you felt the house shake.

You quietly enjoyed how calm Remus looked in his sleep. He wasn’t stressed or tired anymore. There was a hint of his mischievous youth that managed to pepper his features.

Still, this simple pleasure always had a short time frame. You nuzzled against him, noticing the small smile that he tried to suppress. With a grin you pressed kisses to the scar that ran across his lips.

He chuckled quietly, the arm he had around your waist pulled you closer. “That’s a lovely way to wake up,” he spoke, his voice thick with sleep.

“You have a lovely face to wake up to,” you shot back playfully. He ticked your sides, loving the sound of your laughter in the morning. “Stop it!” You giggled, pushing away from him.

You were struggling to catch your breath before he relented. “It wasn’t that bad,” he said before catching your lips in a quick kiss.

It was a quick compliance for you. The kiss was a slow burn that soon became a forest fire. It would have lasted for ages. That is if Remus’s stomach hadn’t growled loudly which caused you to pull away with laughter.

“Is that how you sweet talk me into making you breakfast?” You asked, amused.

“Depends. What are my chances of getting chocolate pancakes?”

“Dunno, you gotta make it worth my while.”

He thought for a second, “What if I promise to read you anything you wanted?”

“Seal the deal with a kiss, Lupin.”

He accepted the invitation happily. You moved away from him, attempting to start your mission of pancakes. He groaned in disappointment, torn between food and you.

“Take a shower, I’ll be done by the time you finished,” you promised, stretching.

“Are you sure? I can help you.”

“I can handle it. Enjoy your day off, love.”

You turned on your heel and made you way over to the kitchen. Flipping on the radio, you started to make breakfast. Every so often you would stop to have a little dance party. Soon there were two fresh stacks of chocolate pancakes on the counter.

“Those look delicious,” Remus said hugging you from behind.

“You think?”

“I think they’d taste better if you fed them to me,” he winked down at you, “Care to make that happen?”

You rolled your eyes, a smile playing on your lips, “Fine. Only because I think you’re kinda cute.”

He helped you sit on the counter, opening his mouth expectantly. You grabbed his plate and started to feed him. The feeling of forgetting something wouldn’t shake itself. It was important, it had to be. Nothing clicked until you looked into Remus’s eyes for a minute.

“It’s your birthday!” You looked at him shocked, “Why didn’t you tell me!”

He chuckled, “It wasn’t important.”

“Yes, it is,” you set his plate back on the counter, “It’s my favorite person’s day.” You hugged him close, kissing everywhere you could reach. “Happy birthday, Remus!”

“Thank you, sweetheart.” He pressed a kiss to your lips.

You let him kiss him like you as much as he wanted. When he finally pulled away, you jumped off the counter. “I can’t believe I forgot,” you grabbed his hand and started leading the way, “I’ve prepared since last month! And the day of- I’m a sucky person.”

When you got to the bed room you dropped to your knees. “I, uh, sweetheart, you don’t have to do that.”

“Do what?” You asked confused. It took a second to realize the situation. “Remus!” You hit his thigh, “I’m getting your gift.” A search under the bed later, you came back up with three packages.

“Thank you,” he smiled, sitting on the bed and pulling you onto his lap.

The first present had two sweaters, one was a complete new one and the other was the same one he had on sans the bleach stain you got on it. The next gift was books that he had all but drooled over the last time you had gone to the store. Finally, was the magical gift you had sent Sirius out for, you weren’t exactly sure what it did. All you knew is Sirius knew for certain Moony would love it.

“I love it all,” he pressed a kiss to your cheek, “Honestly love, you didn’t have to do all this.”

“It’s nothing major,” you shrugged, “I wanted to make you happy. Sorry, I forgot.”

“And yet you still made my day perfect.”

“The day just started Remus.”

“And I know it will be great because you’re apart of it.”

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Broken Laptops (Jughead Jones x Reader)

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Imagine: Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings: It’s super duper fluffy!!

She watched him from afar. He just looked so perfect. His grey beanie on his head, his concentrated expression while he sat in front of his laptop, his jeans jacket that hugged his body perfectly, his beautiful dark hair. Everything seemed just perfect to her.

But for him, she didn’t exist. She was just another soul between hundreds. She wasn’t extraordinary. She was a girl who liked to sit in the library and disappear in her own world. She was a girl who did anything to get to the college of her dreams.

Jughead Jones was the only thing that did stop her from thinking straight. She knew. She knew that Jughead didn’t live with his family. In fact she knew that he lives in school now.

Y/N’s family wasn’t perfect either. Some nights she would just sneak out and walk around Riverdale. When she saw him at night in the school building she knew. After she saw him at the Twilight Theater, she knew that he wasn’t living where he should live.

And now she was sitting in a booth at Pop’s. And so was Jughead. Jughead actually knew Y/N but she wasn’t anyone special to him. But he knew that she was incredibly smart. Jughead wasn’t a person who showed interest. He was just like a lock. If you didn’t have the key, in that case it would be his trust, he wouldn’t open up to you.

Y/N was done with her homework as she stood up. A rather new waiter was walking in her direction. But then he slipped and Y/N was walking next to Jughead’s booth. In that moment her drink fell on Jughead’s laptop.

Her eyes widened. “Oh my god!”, she said loudly as she took some tissues to help him. “I’m so so sorry! It’s just the waiter slipped and-”, before she could go on further, Jughead stopped her.

“It wasn’t your fault.”, he said and sighed. “Good thing that I save my stuff on a stick as well. But it looks like my laptop isn’t going to make it.”

Great. For the first time she was really talking to him and destroyed his most precious thing. What a great start. “I will buy you another one! I promise.. I’m so sorry.”, she apologized one more time.

“I don’t think that you can afford a laptop unless your last name is Blossom.”, he said and looked at her. “I think I can get it repaired. No worries.”, he assured her that it was okay. “Y/N, right?”

“That’s me. Jughead Jones.”, she smiled at him. “Can I at least buy you a milkshake?”

Jughead smiled at her. “Well I can’t say no to an offer like that, can I?”, he told her.

The next few weeks they ended up talking to each other a lot more. He didn’t know that there was so much more to Y/N than just that smart girl who was the perfect student.

She was a person who was understanding, a little shy and a really good listener. Something about her fascinated Jughead. So he decided write about her. On paper of course. He didn’t know what he wrote. He just wrote the things he noticed about her down. Her actions, her flaws, her attitude. About how she laughed about his jokes. About how she was a really genuine and nice person.

Y/N took a job. She worked after school and sometimes on weekends. She knew that Jughead’s passion was writing and she took his passion away by destroying his laptop. Also: he was really nice to her and they did spend time together a lot. She wanted to give him something back. She also felt guilty about breaking his laptop.

One day they decided to go to the football pitch and lay down on the grass. They watched the stars who were shining brightly that night.

“Talk about yourself, Jughead. You never do that.”, Y/N asked.

“How about you tell me what you know about me already. I find that more interesting.”, his gaze was on the stars while Y/N’s gaze was on him.

“Well.. I know that you are a very creative person.. you’re also a realist and see things different than others. You are generally different than others. But in a good way.”, she stopped and took a slow breath. “Also.. I think that you don’t have a good connection to your family.”

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Jughead stopped for a moment and then turned his head to her. “How do you know that?”

“My parents fight a lot.. and sometimes I just sneak out to get away. To get away from them shouting at each other. And one night I saw you at the Twilight Theater and at school.. why don’t you live with your parents?”

“My parents don’t live together anymore. My family is broken and I can’t keep living with my father. He doesn’t care about me or his family. He is drunk all the time. And I just couldn’t live there.”, he told her. For the first time he opened up to her. “My life might not be perfect. But I write my thought down. It helps me not to go insane.”, he sighs. “It’s the only thing in my life that will always stay the same.”

It felt good to talk about that. Sometimes even his laptop couldn’t take that pain away. Y/N moved closer to him. Jughead slowly put his arm under her. Now her head was laying on his chest. She could hear his heartbeat which was beating pretty fast. They lay there in the middle of the night on a football field and talking about their problems.

Y/N talked about how she expects a divorce any minute. It didn’t seem like the situation would get better. And Jughead listened to every word she said to him. Suddenly he wanted so comfort her. He wanted to be there for her. Because she was in a similar situation as him.

After that night they spent a lot of time together in school too. Y/N became Jughead’s getaway. Whenever he needed someone to talk, she was the first person he would talk to. The thought of her not being in his life, pained him. He didn’t want to imagine that. In such a short time, she became a big part in his life.

Jughead was working with Betty on the murder case as Y/N walked in with a bag. “Hey, how’s the work going?”, she asked them and smiled.

“Good.”, Betty answered. She saw that Y/N possibly wanted to talk to Jughead. “Uh.. I have cheer practice! I’ll see you guys around!”, she said and left.

Y/N sat down next to Jughead. “So.. 2 months ago, I broke your laptop. So.. I worked.”, she started.

But before she could go on, Jughead interrupted her. “If this is what I think it is, then I want to ask you one thing: Why? You didn’t have to do this, Y/N.” No one did something like that for him.

“I felt guilty. And I care about you and I know that you really need this laptop. Here is a complete new one. See it as a present from me, Juggie. As an early birthday gift.”

He pulled her close to him and hugged her tightly. “Thank you.. but my birthday is in 8 months.”

She pulled away and looked deep in his eyes. “I don’t care. I want you to have it. And every time you use this, think of me.”, she said and smiled at him.

A week later, Y/N saw Jughead sitting at Pop’s in his usual place. “Hey, Juggie.”, she said and sat down.

“Could you please stay here, I’m going to get us some drinks okay?”, he said and Y/N nodded.

As she saw his laptop background her eyes went wide. It wasn’t just a normal picture. It was a picture of her. A picture of her smiling. But she didn’t look in the camera. She seemed distracted. That must be the moment where he took that picture. But why would she be his background picture?

Jughead noticed that she stared at his laptop. “Uh.”, he said with his drink in his hands.

“It’s okay.. you don’t have to explain. I told you that you should think of me while using this laptop. And that is the best way, right?”

Another night, another night on the football field. The same position as always. Her head on his chest. Her calm breathing was present and so was Jughead’s heartbeat that only Y/N could hear.

Y/N hand reached out for Jughead’s. Jughead sat up and looked at her. “You look so pretty like this. Let me take a picture.”, he said and took a picture. Another inspiration to write about her.

“Really?”, she smiled and held his hand tighter.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I know, Y/N.”, he said. “Really. You are.”

Y/N sat up too and stared at Jughead and moved a little bit closer to him. “Why do you say that?”, she whispered.

“I don’t know. But there is something about you. I don’t know what.. but it’s just there. And I feel so much better with you. Thank you for being in my life.”

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And just like that, Y/N pressed her lips on his. She pulled him close. Both of her hands were on his cheeks. Jughead also pulled her close to him. He pulled away. “Why?”

“It’s my way of saying thank you. I’m glad that I destroyed your laptop. I’m glad that I could spend time with you. I..”, she couldn’t finish that sentence. It was hard for her to express love. She never felt that way with a boy before. And now Jughead was there.

“I’m also glad that you did that, Y/N. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here right now. And.. I.. I love you. That’s what you wanted to say, right?”

She nodded and kissed him again. “Yeah. I love you too, Juggie. I love you with everything I have. That might not be much.. but-”

“That’s everything I need. You being here with me is more than enough.”

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Was last night real? I’ve been a Green Day fan since I was seven years old and heard the song ‘Waiting’. Instantly they became my favorite band. When American Idiot came out and I saw the video for 'Holiday’ was when I knew I wanted to play guitar. That moment I saw Billie Joe on the roof of the convertible was probably the moment. Every time I listen to the song I’ll even do the same gestures he does 😜 I first picked up a guitar in seventh grade. A cheap acoustic. The first song I learned was 'Good Riddance’. I didn’t even know how the strum properly. I starting taking lessons a year later and joined a small band my music shop put together. We only played Christmas shows. The band fell apart. I stopped playing for a while until my old teacher set up an open mic at a bar. I have an anxiety disorder and it was incredibly hard to get up there the first few times even though he was playing with me. I thank him now for that push. Ever since I heard Green Day it was my dream to play with them. I learned 'Jesus of Suburbia’ for that reason. For years I would have that dream and wake up knowing that it would never come true. After 14 years of being a fan there was hardly a chance I’d even see them live. My father was not the best. I actually don’t even talk to him. Green Day was the one constant thing I had growing up. Their music has taught me so much and helped me many times. I might not have had a father but I had them. Billie had became my father figure. The person I looked up to most in the world. So when I got my ticket last December for the pit I couldn’t believe it. I drove six hours for my birthday and camped out overnight to be barrier at the show. Instantly when Billie Mike and Tre walked on stage I just stared in shock and in tears. I was finally seeing them. During the second song I had a chance to point out a pin I was wearing that said it was my 21st birthday to Mike which he saw. This tour they were pulling people on for 'Knowledge’ which I was aware of so when they started playing not even asking for anyone yet I was jumping so much trying to get their attention. Once it was time for Billie to choose he went to the other side of the stage and it seemed like he was going to pull up some guy. Last minute though he walks up to me and says “you can play it? You sure? And it’s your 21st birthday?! Get up here.” I don’t even process it but the next second security is pulling me on stage and I cower in the corner until Billie holds out his arms for me. Seeing them was enough but being able to hug the man who has been through so much with me? There was no feeling like it. I played to the best of my ability. I didn’t let my anxiety stop me. I didn’t notice the people. It felt like a dream again…. was it? I think that’s why I wasn’t nervous. Because I had done it so many times and I knew it wasn’t real. It flies by and next Billie is taking a photo with me and giving me a guitar. I’m speechless. I scream, cry, jump and dance the rest of the show them still looking at me at some points. Yesterday was…a dream? I’m still not sure. The photos and videos say it’s real but right now I still don’t think I’ve processed it. I left the venue of 16,000 with people stopping to hug me and say happy birthday. Some even took photos with me. Being able to be so close to the band that has literally raised me? Words will never be enough to describe it. But Green Day I owe to you everything. All the choices in life that have brought me to where I am today can be traced back to you. Thank you from the bottom of my fucked up little heart. Rage and love. Rhianna

Soft Derek, Warm Stiles, No One is a Little Ball of Fur

Hey guys! I was planning on posting this on my birthday (yesterday) but ran out of time to finish it. So here it is today! I really hope you guys like it. Please leave positive/constructive feedback. Happy birthday/Memorial Day to everyone! <3

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When Stiles got his job at Espress Hangar, the new space-themed café, the pack was immediately on board.

“Oh thank God!” Erica pulls him into a suffocating hug. “I had their Strawberry Starship drink the other day and I think I’m addicted, but they’re like five dollars a cup. Thanks, Stiles.”

“Um, what? Why are you thanking me?” Stiles asks warily.

Scott comes out from behind him with one of his tooth-rottingly sweet smiles and replies, “For all the free drinks you’ll give us,” like it’s obvious. Stiles frowns.

The thing is, it is kind of obvious. Stiles was planning on sneaking a few drinks for them here and there when they came to visit him. But now that they expect him to, he’s starting to reconsider.

“Guys, come on, this is Stiles’ job. You can’t take advantage of him like that,” interrupts Derek. Stiles grins at him and, you know what, maybe he will save a drink for him.

“But where’s the fun in that?” Jackson smirks.

If Stiles has any say in it, Jackson is going on the Do Not Serve list at the first opportunity.


After Stiles’ third morning rush that day, he can finally breathe during the lull that follows. He’s survived his first week at Espress Hangar, a feat much larger than he originally thought. Turns out waking up for work every morning at four o’clock is not as easy as staying up until four o’clock on Wikipedia.

Stiles is wiping down the counters and humming California Gurls to himself when the bell above the door chimes and Derek walks in. The next notes of the song get stuck in his throat and he freezes. Stiles shouldn’t be surprised, really. The rest of the pack have already been by to visit him, even Jackson. Of course, Scott was the only person Stiles ended up giving a free drink to, much to their disappointment.

Derek swaggers up to the counter Stiles is stationed behind, because that’s the only way Derek apparently knows how to walk. He’s wearing a maroon knitted sweater today that looks unfairly cozy. Stiles slaps his own hand down from reaching out and touching the fabric because that would be weird. Although slapping yourself might be weirder. Oh well.

“Hey,” says Derek wryly. A small smirk is tugging at his lips from witnessing Stiles’ hand malfunction. Stiles sighs at Derek’s voice. It’s soft and small, a low rumble of a voice Stiles has been hearing more and more when he talks with Derek.

“Hey,” Stiles says back, his own grin a little dopey. Yeah, Stiles has tried getting rid of his crush on Derek, multiple times, but after three years of cringing and stuttering, he’s come to terms that whatever he feels for Derek is here to stay.

Danny coughs behind Stiles and, oh yeah, he doesn’t work here alone. Oops. Derek ducks his head to hide his smile and Stiles feels a blush work its into his cheeks.

“What can we do for you today?” asks Danny. Stiles glares at him because that’s his job. Granted, he wasn’t doing it but…semantics.

Derek glances at Stiles again before murmuring, “Strawberry smoothie, please.”

“What?” Danny leans closer to Derek to hear him better but Stiles is already putting the order into his register.

“He said strawberry smoothie. You wanted that large, right big guy?” Derek nods minutely. “Did you want to add anything to that? Espresso shot? Any extra flavors? Bubbles? Fruit?”

Derek considers the list of syrup flavors on the board behind Stiles and Danny. Stiles takes the opportunity to take in his alpha. There are bruises under his eyes, but they seem lighter than the last time Stiles saw Derek. The last few weeks has had him more tired than usual. Though, Stiles supposes, having a coven of vampires trying to take over his territory probably isn’t the most relaxing environment.

“Um. Could I have bananas and lavender bubbles added to it?” At first he looks a bit sheepish when he asks, the tips of his ears turning slightly red. He quickly covers it up by sending a glare Stiles’ way, like he’s expecting to be laughed at. As much as Stiles loves to irritate Derek, it’s no fun if Derek can actually be hurt by it.

“Yeah buddy, of course.” Derek pays and Stiles gets started making the drink, glancing at Derek between each motion like he might disappear as soon as Stiles stops looking. 

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Birthday Boy ( 2k celebration)

Request: @kindnesswins   Do 44 with Steve!!! Like in a cute apartment(not in the tower with everyone)! Pretty please 💕💕💕💕 love ya lots

@opaque-daydream   I would really like to see the Drabble “you didn’t do the dishes, I’m not doing you” with Steve as I have found myself uttering that a time or to. Please 😊

Prompt44)  “ You didn’t do the dishes, I’m not doing you.”

Words: 1196

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy, a lot of teasing and a little bit of smut 

@amrita31199 thank you for beta this for me 

“Wake up, sleepy head.” You hear someone saying from afar away “No, I am so comfortable in here and I am tired… let me sleep, Steve.” You feel him kissing your back, making you moan his name.

“Look ,she is alive.” Your boyfriend says at you, sitting by your side on the bed, you cuddle by his side not wanting to get up “Just because your birthday was this week doesn’t mean that you can be an ass.”

He ignores your comment kissing you “Do you want to go for a run with me?” You shake your head no, you don’t think you can feel your legs right now “No, I am tired and it is your fault.”

“How is this my fault?” He asks kissing your neck, that bastard knew exactly what he was doing to you “You were the one that was saying, baby, it is my birthday come on you can take one more. You should be carrying me around today, not trying to take me out on runs.”

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Lesson number 2 - Kol Mikaelson Smut

Word count - 1259

Part 1

Ever since Y/N’s birthday, she has been avoiding Kol. Although, Kol said that he would teach her more things the next day, she was scared to see him. Matter of fact, she hadn’t saw any of the Mikaelsons as she had been going out every night, coming back in the early hours of the morning and when she woke, everyone was out. She had been out, enjoying her new freedom. She hadn’t even spoke to Marcel, her twin brother. As soon as her kiss with Kol ended, she went for a shower to think about things and when she came back out, he had disappeared. 

Y/N had just gotten out of the shower once again, and found a note on her bedside table. Before even reading it, she just assumed it wad from Klaus as this was his thing with Y/N, leaving notes on her bedside table when he couldn’t speak to her face to face. Although, when she opened it and began to read, she realised it was from Kol.

Y/N, meet me in the fields at moon rise,


As she looked out the window, she realised there was little time until moon rise and she wanted so bad to know what Kol wanted. So she immediately grabbed her coat, and started to walk towards the fields where Kol was waiting for her.

Once she got to the gate of the fields, she saw Kol sitting in front of a tree, looking around for her. When he caught sight of Y/N, he stood up and started to walk over to her, although because of his vampire speed, it did not take him long to reach her. 

“I did not think you would see the note in time” Kol laughed, while leaning in to hug Y/N but she denied it which earned a confused look from Kol.

“Why did you want to see my first, before we hug or anything” Y/N declared. She wanted to know what this all was about before any kind of human contact because she was afraid of what the hug would lead to, considering what happened on her birthday.

“I haven’t saw you since your birthday party and i assumed you were avoiding me but now i am aware that you are not” Kol smiled once again. With this, he earned a hug from Y/N.

After talking about random things for the next few hours, Kol decided it was time to go home as they had planned a big day the next. It was time for lesson 2.

Once Kol and Y/N got back home, they sat on a chair each and Kol started to explain what Lesson 2 would entail. 

“The next step after a first kiss, is a first orgasm” Kol said, which immediately caused Y/N to spit out her drink. “Well that was a weird reaction” Kol laughed. “Don’t worry love. You’ll love it” And with a wink, Kol was gone. 

It was a few hours later when Kol finally entered Y/N’s room, much to her confusion. She didn’t think it would be happening this soon. She wasn’t scared, she was worried about the aftermath of this whole situation. Would they still be able to be friends? Would either one of them develop feelings for each other? There were so many different outcomes of this which worried Y/N.

He walked into her room, with a massive smirk on his face, only wearing his boxers. 

“You ready for this Darling?” Kol questionned and all Y/N could respond with, is a smile and a small nod of her head. “I’m not going to expect you to do anything for me. Right now i just want you to lie back and relax. I’ll take care of you”

Kol then lay on the bed, next to Y/N while holding himself up with his elbows. He then leaned in to kiss her and Y/N responded o the kiss by burying her hands in her hair. This lead to Kol rolling on top of her, moving his hands down to her hips. Kol then moved away from the kiss, and moved on to Y/N’s neck, gently sucking and biting. This caused Y/N to moan, which surprised her. His hands then continued to move down her his, until they reached the top of her thigh. While still kissing her neck, he moved his hands in between her thighs, just above her core. Y/N then pulled her hands out of Kol’s hair to lift his chin up to her lips.

“Just feeling your hands near there is heaven” She whispered, while pulling away from the kiss. 

“Just wait until i start” Kol winked which caused Y/N to giggle.

His hands then moved from her thighs, to start slowly pulling of her nightdress. Once she was only in her bra and panties. his mouth made its way down her body, not leaving a single part of her stomach untouched. A few seconds later and his mouth was now where his hands were placed a little earlier. 

Y/N could feel herself getting wetter by the second. She loved this feeling and secretly wished it would never stop. She had little idea what was to come. One second later, Kol ripped her panties off her and threw them across the room. Leaving her in just her bra, exposed to him almost completely. 

Another second later and Kol’s tongue licked a strip up her sensitive spot.  Y/N felt like she was in heaven. Nothing she had ever felt before, felt the same as Kol’s tongue working it’s magic. 

“Just relax, darling. Let it all go and relax” Kol whispered in Y/N’s ear as he replaced his tongue with his fingers. With every second, Y/N got closer and closer to the release that she needed. The release that she had been waiting for, for years. Kol then began to kiss down her jaw to her neck, making Y/N moan out even louder than before. She was in ecstasy, with the feeling of his mouth on her neck and the feeling of his fingers making figure eights on her clit.

As Kol made his way down to her stomach with his mouth, he slowly added a finger inside of Y/N. This caused Y/N to arch her back and moan out in pleasure. His fingers started to pump in and out at an agonisingly slow pace. His mouth then started to get closer and closer to his fingers. At this point, Y/N was a moaning mess and Kol loved it. He loved the effect he could have on her and he loved the fact that he was the reason for her pleasure. He also loved the fact that everyone else after, would have to compete with him. 

As his fingers started to pump faster, his tongue started to suck on her clit, causing Y/N to feel a knot in her stomach. A new feeling although she knew what it meant. 

“Ke-keep going” She managed to come out with in between her moans. 

Kol then continued to pick up the pace, never taking his eyes off her face. Y/N then found her hands in with Kol’s hair once again as her orgasm started to tear through her body. Her moans were not able to be held in as she lost full control, feeling pleasure like never before. 

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As Kol came up, he stared at Y/N, taking in her beauty like he had never saw her before. After a while, he finally spoke. “Find me when you’re ready for lesson 3″ and with that, he was gone. 

50 Things I'm Convinced Tay & Joe Do

Guys, this little idea has been on my mind since a while now. Of course, this is fiction. Don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy ;) 


1. Joe picking up on Taylor’s 13- related habit by requesting exactly thirteen kisses before going to sleep each night.

2. Taylor having Joe’s contact in her phone under “Bubba” 

3. Joe always talking in a thick southern accent while ordering take out for the two, of course just to annoy her.

4. Taylor responding to him “You are so disrespectful, oh my god.” while secretly thinking that it is, in fact, pretty funny when he talks that way & receiving an “I’m just embracing your roots, love.” as a cocky answer from her boyfriend.

5. Taylor requesting 2am tea sessions whenever one of them can’t sleep. “Who’s the Brit here now, huh?” he’d say with a proud smile while competitively adding a spoon of milk to his tea before sitting down next to her on the sofa and being surrounded by the smell of her favorite sandalwood candle.

6. Joe showing her his favorite London Café on a rainy and cold Thursday morning in November, that is just quiet enough for the two to catch a quick coffee at 7 in the morning before having breakfast back at home. “I love it here, so cute” she’d smile and look around the place while holding onto his hand and waiting for their order to be ready. “Yeah, love it too.” he’d answer, “Except for the enormous amount of American tourists. s’ a bit annoying.” he’d tease and make her roll her eyes while trying to hide a laugh.

7. Taylor grabbing his hand nervously each time before leaving the car with him while wearing enormously big hoodies and whispering “m’ so sorry“ in advance while receiving a gentle smile with a low “stop apologizing“ from him.

8. Joe playing with the ends of her hair while sitting next to her on the plane and listening to her talk.

9. Joe’s lips always trying to find their way onto her forehead underneath her bangs to give her a short forehead kiss before resting his chin on her head while Taylor tries to take a power nap in the car.

10. Joe asking Tay to pronounce “Worcestershire“ over and over again because she says it in such a weird way and it makes him smile.

11. They both read in bed before falling asleep and sometimes, Joe would sink his book a bit, turn his head to Taylor and read a passage aloud while showing off his acting skills, which always makes her listen and looking at him absolutely mesmerized.

12. Joe watching a documentary about Roger Moore with Taylor’s family on Thanksgiving and murmuring a casual “Me too apparently“ out loud when the narrator says that Roger Moore had a thing for older women.

13. Her entre family would laugh at his remark while Taylor just punches him with a grin on her face.

14. Taylor journals every night.

15. Taylor hearing Joe practice for some of his auditions in the living room when every now and then he aggressively yells “Jesus Christ Fuck Me.“ through the entire house after messing up a line which always makes her giggle wherever she is.

16. Joe always admiring how professional Taylor is when it comes to answering important phone calls that are work- related while baking cookies in a cat onesie and looking like the princess of kittytown herself.

17. Tay always telling Joe that dark hot chocolate is her favorite, but admitting a few months later that she was just trying to make herself believe so, to finally develop healthier habits.

18. Taylor calling him “Joseph Matthew“ whenever she’s mad. 

19. Joe playing with the J necklace he gave her while launching on the sofa with her and listening to her talk about her week.

20. Taylor having a photo of Joe and Olivia as a lock screen on her iPhone.

21. Joe standing in the kitchen each morning, leaning against the counter while waiting for coffee to be ready, being absolutely grumpy because “s’ just too early.“ and scrolling through his phone until Tay comes downstairs and kisses his puffy and sleepy eyes one time before making breakfast.

22. Joe whispering “get back here“ and pulling her close to him, after feeling Tay change her sleep position in the middle of the night.

23. Joe laying on the side and cupping her bare boob with one hand while falling asleep and responding a sleepy “for safety reasons“ which makes her giggle once more before falling asleep.

24. Tay plucking his eyebrows every three months and being annoyed even before she starts because he’s been whining about how much he hates the whole procedure for the entire week.

25. Taylor annoyingly mumbling a “you can do it, buddy.“ while taking a quick break from plucking his eyebrows and watching Joe covers his eyes and groan in pain like a baby.

26. Joe kissing her temple, whispering “I love you so much“ in her ear before kissing her neck right underneath her ear each time they say goodbye.

35. Joe having the hardest time with Austin at first because he’s just so protective of his sister after everything she went through in her last relationships.

28. Joe wandering around her kitchen in his boxers while Tay is on her laptop and glancing at her for a second before seeing that she’s about to read the headline of some negative news story involving them. He’d then walk up to her, place his big hands on her shoulders and kiss her cheek slowly. She’d immediately smile as he whispers “don’t read it“ before distracting her with a kiss on her neck once more.

29. Joe mumbling a gentle “Oh baby..“ after feeling Tay press her cold feet between his warm legs in bed.

30. Joe kissing her naked tummy at least ten times after hearing Tay complain that she has gained weight.

31. Joe waking Taylor up after she has had a horrible nightmare and pulling her closer to him immediately while mumbling “s’ just a dream. I’m here, baby. I’m here.“

32. Taylor sometimes being super lost in her own thoughts and doubting everything about her life. “Do you sometimes feel weird about dating me?“ she’d ask after being quiet for a while and removing her eye make up in front of the mirror. Joe would walk up behind her and answer “Yeah, especially when you have more nicknames for your cats than for me.“

33. Taylor laughing at his remark and Joe getting more serious. He’d step up to her, pull her closer and smile at her make up free face in the bathroom mirror “Stop these silly thoughts. I love you. And I’m happy. And as long as you are happy with me too, I’ll stick around ’til you get sick and tired of me, baby.“

34. “Such an incredibly good guy, Taylor“ is what Scott says to his daughter in the car after meeting Joe for the first time.

35. Austin adding Joe into the family group on iMessage and Taylor telling him that this move has been an official declaration of love by her brother.

36. Taylor standing half naked in the doorframe and holding up two outfits before visiting his parents for dinner „Which one does not say ‘Hi-I’m-Taylor-I-Have-Grammys-At-Home‘?“

37. Joe telling her all about his first girlfriend while sitting outside her Rhode Island home in thick sweaters, blankets and with two glasses of wine in their hands. It’s the middle of the night in December and while talking about all the reasons why it never worked out with his Ex, he tells her in a very serious tone that this, right here, with her, is everything he’ll ever want and need.

38. Taylor and Joe constantly fighting about him leaving the milk outside the fridge and her picking a fight whenever she can’t find the milk in the fridge.

39. Joe watching Taylor paint her nails with a fascinated look on his face while sitting in bed next to her and watching TV. 

40. Joe having to tell Taylor the story of how his parents fell in love over and over again when she can’t sleep because of jet lag.

41. Andrea calling Joe “Honey“ whenever they’re saying hello with a warm hug.

42. Joe crawling into bed to Tay whenever he just came home from a few days of work and laying on top of her while bombarding her with kisses on the cheek. “What are you doing?“ she’d laugh, not able to move anymore and Joe just mumbling “so kissable, these cheeks“ in between his kisses.

43. Tay and Joe deciding to take random road trips whenever they have a free weekend in London. Joe driving her to the most boring and rural areas of the country to distract her from everything, while always having a car of security people right behind them.

44. Joe turning up the radio as soon as IDWLF is played on the radio singing ridiculously loud while Taylor almost dies from laughing because his high- pitched version of “baby baby, I feel crazy“ is beyond what her ears can take.

45. Taylor writing him poetry and giving it to him as a handwritten letter for his birthday.

46. Joe pulling her into a super long hug after having a bad day “Thanks for keeping up with my shit. And for loving me.“ he’d whisper even though the pleasure is all hers.

47. Joe rubbing circles on her tummy when she’s on her period and whispering a low “Just think of all the cute babies I’ll put in you someday“ to make her feel better about her cramps and getting a tired smile followed by a little kiss from her in return.

48. Tay running her hands through his blonde hair for more than five minutes while laying in bed, still being a bit tipsy from a night out with her friends “You’re so pretty. Do you know that? So handsome. Gosh.“ she’d squeak before falling asleep.

49. Joe walking up to her and saying a super serious “God. You’re so gorgeous, baby.“ that is absolutely out of context before kissing her when he knows she’s had a bad day and wears nothing but PJ’s and glasses and complains about the red pimple on her chin.

50. Joe inspiring Taylor for a song after responding to her with „It’s okay to want some alone time. We’ll be together anyway. So take your time, baby. I’m always here. No need to be worried about me leaving or anythin“ after having a serious talk about Taylor’s fear of entering a new relationship and getting emotionally involved which, up until now, always included a ton of pain at the very end.   But this time …I know I’m gonna be with you, so I take my time.


Hey buddy!!!! @taylorswift my sparkly eyeliner & I are saying hi today ✨👋🏼 I thought you would appreciate all the glitter and the fact that I did it IN THE CAR today!!! I am of course wearing my REP shirt and am taking a quick stop at the mall from my sisters band competition today! I’ve already heard and danced to shake it off and today could not be better because it’s also MY MOMS BIRTHDAY!!! I have been up and out and representing you all day long! I love you & I’m thinking about you a lot! (and jamming to your playlist) I hope to hug & see you soon!!! 🖤🖤🖤💫 OKAY AND MY MOM JUST FOUND ME A SPARKLY SNAKE RING AND IS BUYING IT FOR ME FOR HER BIRTHDAY, YOU WOULD LOVE IT, IM SO HAPPY!


Happy Birthday @sincerelydayyy !!!!!  Here’s a little bit of corny fluff to, hopefully, brighten your day. Thanking @mizjoely for betaing this. It’s not season four compliant. Hugs & Love (it’s G rated!) ~Lil~

“I believe that I’m… ill,” Sherlock said as he sat across from his best friend.

“Ill? As in…?” the doctor responded.

“As in sickness, John. You’re a doctor. This shouldn’t be a difficult concept to grasp!”

Calling on his reserve of ‘Sherlock patience’, John said, “I need to know your symptoms. And frankly, I don’t mind helping out but if you really think you’re ill, you should see someone else. It’s inappropriate for me to be your GP.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“No, it’s not. Patching you up after a case is one thing, but being your regular physician is something else entirely,” John explained.

Sherlock sighed. “Never mind.”

“No, tell me what’s wrong. Maybe I can help or send you to someone who can.”

The detective stood up and paced across the room. “I’m not fond of doctors.”

John raised an eyebrow which Sherlock saw when he turned around.

“Oh not you, you’re fine. And Molly. But she’s different, I suppose her patients are already dead. But I do like her. Doctors in general… I’ve no use for whatsoever.”

John took in Sherlock’s appearance: he was disheveled, perspiring and had a slight tremor in his hands. “Okay, I’ll admit that you do look a little ill. What are your symptoms?”

Sherlock nodded and sat back down. “Sometimes I get a flushed feeling, for no reason at all. Heart palpitations, sweaty palms, dry mouth and an odd tightening in my chest.” He looked almost frightened. “I Googled them… I have a heart condition, don’t I?”

John tried to put together everything his friend had just told him and come up with at least a general idea of what could be ailing the detective. However only one thing came to mind. “Is there any pattern to the symptoms?”

Sherlock shook his head. “No. Sometimes it happens at home or at Barts. It’s happened at Molly’s several times. And once while we were at dinner.”

“You went to dinner with Molly?”

“After we finished the Michaelson case. You were celebrating your anniversary,” he said the last word with disdain. “She was hungry.” He rolled his eyes. “So, what do you think?”

John was still having a hard time believing his ears, so he continued his query. “Do you have any of these problems when you’re running around chasing suspects?” he asked even though he hadn’t noticed anything himself.


“This is happening when you’re at rest?”

Sherlock nodded, looking anxious. “What John? What’s wrong with me?”

“Calm down first of all and answer this: does it only happen when you’re around Molly?”

A look of concentration on his face, Sherlock appeared to be searching his mind. Then he stopped and looked up at John. “I’m… not sure.”

Well that seems unlikely, John thought. “Think really hard, Sherlock. Is Molly always around when you feel like this?”

Once again Sherlock seemed to focus, even closing his eyes. He needs his bloody mind palace to help him figure out that he fancies a girl, John mused.

Finally, after some time, he focused on John once again. “Yes. She seems to be a factor… most of the time.” His last words came out slowly.

John leaned forward. “Okay, so what do you think that means?”

Sherlock drew his hands together underneath his chin. John had seen this at least a hundred times… this was it, he was about to figure out his feelings for Molly Hooper!

“I’m allergic to Molly’s perfume,” he said smugly. “I knew it! She changed it last month and even though I told her I liked it, which I do - it’s soft and understated…”

“NO!” John closed his eyes and drew a deep breath. “You’re not allergic to… Sherlock you like Molly.”

The detective gave John his classic you’re an idiot look and said, “Of course I do, John. Everyone likes Molly. She’s kind and generous, intelligent and hardworking. She’s incredibly forgiving and quite possibly the most patient woman I’ve ever known.” He stood up and paced across the room. “She’s loyal and trustworthy and… her eyes… they’re not brown exactly.” He turned to face John but was focused on some point across the room. “They’ve got golden flecks in them, if you look closely…” Suddenly he put his hand to his chest. “Oh my God… I’m in love with her!”

John jumped up. “Bingo… wait, love?” He didn’t think the stubborn git would get that far in their first conversation.

“Yes, John. Of course… It’s so obvious now,” he said, a look of awe on his face.

“Well, yes. Everyone else figured it out ages ago.”


“Yeah, there’s actually a pool.” He thought for a moment. “Damnit. I wasn’t even close.”

“What’s wrong with you people?” Sherlock asked. “You were betting about… What date did you have?”

John looked a bit sheepish. “I thought it would take at least another year.”

Sherlock shook his head the disappeared to his room for fifteen minutes. John used the time to send some text messages, letting the losers know what had just happened. He’d tell Mary in person. Looking up, he saw his best friend grabbing his Belstaff and heading for the door. “Going to Molly’s?” he asked.

“Yes,” he answered tersely as he walked out the door.

John followed. “I already told everyone who won the pool,” he said when they got to the foot of the stairs.

Sherlock whipped around. “You told everyone! Everyone?” He glared down at the shorter man.

“No - no I didn’t mean everyone. I misspoke. I’m telling Mary myself and…”

And?” Sherlock demanded.

“And… Molly’ll know soon enough.”

“Molly was in the pool?!”

“Yes. She must have noticed the symptoms of your ‘illness’ increasing in severity, because just the other day she changed her slot to this week.” Sherlock looked confused. “See, the pool is divided into weekly interv…”

“I don’t care about that, you idiot!” he barked as he stormed out the door.

“Right.” John followed.

“She won? Molly won the pool?”

“Yeah. Anderson didn’t think it was fair to let her in. Said she had an unfair advantage.”

“He’s right, of course. Her advantage is that she’s intelligent!” He held up his hand to stop a cab.

“Are you angry with her?” John asked.

“No. Why would I be mad at Molly?”

“Oh, good.”

“But there will be no betting on any other aspects of our relationship, understand?” Sherlock said as a cab pulled up.

John nodded his head, making a mental note to tell everyone to be careful about the ‘when will Sherlock propose?’ pool he had been planning once this one was over. “Of course, of course.”

“Good.” Sherlock straightened his coat and asked, “Now, do I still look ill?”

John shook his head. “You’re fine. Don’t throw up on her.” He smiled.

Sherlock actually looked slightly concerned before he turned and climbed into the cab.

“Lovesick fool,” John mumbled as he walked toward the Tube.

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Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen
Word count : 1,710
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 13 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

The first few days of Jared not seeing you at work, he accepted that. He didn’t expect you to to be around him much for a while after what had happened. When it started to hit a week of him not seeing you at work, or anywhere else, he started to wonder. “Jen?”

“Yeah?” Jensen turned from the screen he was re-watching the last scene they shot on.

“Have you seen Y/N?”

Jensen thought for a second. “No, haven’t heard from her since River’s birthday. Why? You haven’t either?”

Jared shook his head. “Not since…”

“Since Gen took you back?” Jared nodded. Jensen knew everything that happened. “I’m sure she’s around. Probably just keeping some distance for a bit. Give her time.”

“Yeah..” Jared nodded. “Yeah, maybe we just need time..” He scanned the area hoping to get a glimpse of you hurrying off somewhere at least.

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Chibs’ Birthday

A @samperv challenge: Its Chibs’ birthday.

“Good morning handsome,” you smiled as you walked into the bedroom you shared with your old man. He stretched, groaning as he sat up and smiled at you.

“G’mornin’ love,” Chibs mumbled back to you, pulling you down onto the bed with him and kissing you, “You know what today is…” he trailed off, his hands wrapping around your back and dipping into your pajama bottoms.

“Mhmm,” you cooed, sitting up, “but I have something else for you, something better,” you grinned.

Chibs’ eyebrows raised, “I dunno if there’s anything better than this,” he spoke, patting your butt, causing you to chuckle.

“Just get dressed and meet me downstairs, birthday boy,” you winked, getting up from the bed and walking out of the room.

You had a big day planned for your old man; a scavenger hunt that went all around Charming and ended with his birthday gift, something you’d been saving up for since you got married to the Scotsman three and a half years ago. Quietly, you stuck the envelope with the first clue on the front door and snuck out to your car, quietly backing out of the driveway and heading to TM where you would patiently wait until Filip ended his hunt.

“Love, I’m thinking of calling Tig and having him handle things today so we can stay home and…” Chibs paused as he reached the bottom of the stairs, not seeing you in the living room or kitchen, “…(Y/N)?” he called but received no response. He called to you one more time before he walked past the front door, noticing the envelope taped to it and he smirked, pulling it off and opening it to reveal a short letter you had typed for him.

Happy Birthday, sweetie!
I have a big surprise for you today! But first, I need you to stop by the place we first met and pick up another envelope. Love you!

“Shite,” Chibs breathed, “It must be a good gift if she’s testing me,” he chuckled, grabbing his wallet and keys off the counter and heading out the door.
First stop, the Diner on Main Street.

Chibs backed his bike against the curb and stepped off his bike, pulling his helmet off and setting it on the seat. He slicked his hair back with both hands and eyed the storefront before him.

“Mornin’,” a voice pulled Chibs’ gaze away from the restaurant and he turned to see one of the waitresses approaching him, “(Y/N) said you’d be coming by this morning and asked me to give you this,” she shrugged, holding out a white envelope for him to take.

“Thanks, darlin’,” Chibs winked, grasping the clue as the small woman turned to walk back inside.

Chibs pulled the letter out and read it.

You got the first clue! Only a few more before you get your gift…
The next place I need you to go is where we went after the diner closed on the first night we met.
Have fun, babe!

Chibs stuck the clue in his vest and mounted his bike. He knew where the next clue was.

“Man I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to get here,” Tig smirked as he met Chibs in his driveway.

“Aye, the lass is testing my memory. She sent me to the diner because its where we first met, now here to your house because we came back here after the diner with you and Venus that night,” Chibs held his hand out to Tig, waiting for the envelope. Tig placed it, torn open, in his brother’s palm and Chibs looked at him with his eyebrows furrowed.

“I got curious, man. She wouldn’t tell me what it said so I looked. I couldn’t help myself,” Tig chuckled, “And if you don’t know where to go next, I can help ya.”
Chibs huffed shaking his head in mock-disgust, “Thanks Tiggy.”

“You bet brother.”

Chibs walked back to his bike and sat on the seat to read the clue.

If my guess is correct, you’ll be the second person to read this clue. I know Tig won’t be able to resist reading it. I guess I can’t be too upset with him, if it wasn’t for him and my best friend, Venus, I would’ve never met you!
The last clue is where the spent the night after our first date.
You’re so close!

“Jesus Christ,” Chibs groaned, “Really, (Y/N)?” he muttered to himself as he shoved the paper in his vest and started his bike.

He never really had a reason to come here, unless he was being forced of course, but leave it to his wife to make him go to the police station as part of his birthday.

“Hey Filip,” Deputy Eglee smiled as he stepped in the front door.
“Good morning, officer,” Chibs forced a smile as he approached her, “You wouldn’t happen to have something for me from (Y/N), would you?”

“Actually, I don’t, but I think I overheard Lyla Winston in the waiting area saying she was expecting you to come by” she smiled, patting him on the arm, “Have a good day.”
“You too,” he spoke as he approached the waiting room to see Lyla sitting there.

“Hey!” Lyla beamed as he walked up. She stood, giving him a firm hug and patting his back, “Happy Birthday,” she whispered.
“Thanks sweetheart,” he responded, stepping back and looking at her, “I assume ye have something for me?” he asked.

“I sure do!” she pulled an envelope from her purse and handed it over to him, “I’ll see you later,” she smiled sweetly as he nodded to her and they both walked out of the police station.


Who would’ve thought that having sex outside the clubhouse after our first date was illegal? Haha…
If I’m honest, I think Althea just hated seeing us together. That’s probably why we spent the night in the drunk tank. Those were good times…

Alright I think you’re ready for your gift, love. 
It’s waiting for you where we got married!

See you soon

Chibs chuckled as he pulled up at the clubhouse. Lyla had managed to beat him somehow, crossing the parking lot in front of him as he backed his bike up to park.

He stepped into the clubhouse to find all his brothers, their women, and his woman, waiting for him.

“Happy Birthday!” everyone shouted as he walked inside.

You were smiling from ear to ear when you stepped forward, flinging your arms around him and pulling him into a hug.

“Hey darlin’,” he mumbled as he pressed his lips against your ear, kissing you there before pulling you back and placing a gentle kiss on your lips, “You sent your Old Man all over Charming this morning,” he smiled, holding your waist.

You flashed a huge smile as you nodded, “I sure did, but I think you’ll say it was definitely worth it in just a minute.”

Happy stepped forward handing him a beer as you took his hand and pulled him back out of the clubhouse door and towards the garage.

“My gift is in the garage?” he asked as everyone walked towards one of the four large bay doors.

You smiled sweetly as you stopped, releasing his hand, “Wait here,” you ordered, walking forward and knocking on the garage door before returning to his side.

“Love, what are you–?” he began asking, but his question was cut short when the door started rolling up and his attention focused back in front of him. When it was fully opened, one of the TM  mechanics stepped aside to reveal his present, and Chibs’ draw dropped.

Inside the garage was a brand new bike.

A 2016 Dyna Wide Glide with wrapped exhaust, SoA decals on the tank, and a custom hand-tooled leather seat with the St. Andrew’s cross stitched in.

“Holy shite, (Y/N).” he gasped.

“Do you like it?” you asked, beaming up at him as he stared at you in awe.

“Like it? I love it, baby!” He pulled you to him and kissed you deeply, amongst a chorus of hoops and hollers from his friends, “Thank you, (Y/N).” He spoke sincerely.

“Come on! Test out the new ride!” Tig yelled, and the rest of the party agreed, clapping and cheering. 

“What do ya say, love? Wanna test it out with me?” Chibs grinned, squeezing your hand.
“You bet I do!” You chuckled, following him to his new bike.

pinky promise

request: can you write something about Harry’s girlfriend throwing him a surprise 23rd birthday party with all his friends and he gets v drunk and just loves her a lot

no warnings.

“Love, do we have to go out tonight? I just want to stay home with you.” I smiled when I felt Harry’s arms go around my waist, pulling me to his chest.

“We already made reservations.” I turned in his arms, “Don’t be so lame, it’s gonna be fun, I promise. Besides, you won’t get to see your family next week since we’re flying back to L.A. and you know they want to see you for your birthday.“

"You’re right.” He kissed me briefly on the mouth, “Come on then.” He said, tugging me by the hand.

I smiled to myself as we left his flat, knowing that he had absolutely no clue what was waiting for him at the restaurant.

“What are you so happy about today?” Harry asked as we got out of the car.

I shrugged, “There’s lots to be happy about. Like how my boyfriend is the best guy in the world.”

He narrowed his eyes, “Stop being so corny you’re making me uncomfortable.” I laughed and he pulled me in his arms, kissing me again, “I feel the same way about you, you know.” He said tucking a hair behind my ear.

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Ciao Adios

Summary: You’re tired of Tom’s game and it’s time to say goodbye to your relationship after you had given him multiple chances.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Cheating, cursing

Word Count: 1,093

A/N: I was inspired by Anne-Marie’s song “Ciao Adios”. I also don’t condone cheating. It’s wrong, really wrong. Just thought this would be fun.

You had been suspicious of Tom for a few months now. There were nights where he’ll creep in at 4 a.m., nights where he didn’t come home and times you had no idea where he was. You tried to find a rational explanation, but the only one was that he was cheating on you.

You were sat on a barstool in the apartment you shared with Tom, drinking tea and reading a book. That’s when you heard the jingle of Tom’s keys. He walked in, throwing his keys on the kitchen counter. Your eyes shot up to him as your sipped your tea. You looked at him and titled your head as you noticed a smudge of red lipstick on his shirt collar. You sighed. You knew it was time to confront him.

“So where were you?” You asked.

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Dating Tyler Down would include


• You getting to know each other when you catch him photographing you outside your house.
• Him getting all nervous because he know how it ended last time he got caught.
• “Sorry, you just look so - so pretty. I’ll delete them.”
• You not really caring, because you think he’s super cute.
• “Come in, it’s freezing out here!”
• You comforting him when he gets hated on or abused by his classmates.
• You spraining your wrist while punching Montgomery after he pushed Tyler into his locker.
• You getting hate for dating him, and him feeling guilty for that.
• You not caring at all, because being with him is worth it.
• All your friends asking why you were bothering to be with a freak like him, and you getting pissed off by him being called that.
• “You either accept him, or lose me as a friend.
• Him making a photo album of pictures he took of you, and giving it to you for your birthday.
• You playing with his hair 24/7, and him low key loving it.
• “When did you even take this?”
• You not knowing of the tapes, and him trying his best to hide them from you.
• Courtney finding out, and telling you about them just to ruin things for Tyler.
• “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I didn’t want you to think of me as a freak.”
• Hugging him tight while whispering, “I would never!”
• Him not being able to imagine a future without you.
• “Her love saved me.”

Imagine giving Chris his birthday presents.

A/N: Part 4 😊 How cute is he in that gif though. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C/Part 3)

You and Dodger woke before Chris did on his birthday. Both of you snuck out of the bed and headed downstairs so you could start on breakfast as well as get his presents in order. You didn’t lie when you said you got him things he’d like and use, like baseball caps, plaid shirts, and socks. You did, but you also got him more than just things. You’d made him something a lot like the notebook; a montage filled with videos and photos of the two of you from the moment you met until now. The entire soundtrack for the montage consisted of Ed Sheeran- ‘Thinking Out Loud’, 'Photograph’, 'Kiss Me’, and 'Perfect’- because his songs always cleverly depicted your relationship with Chris. You smiled every time you listened to Ed Sheeran now, because you still couldn’t believe he was going to be singing at your wedding. Yeah, nothing you’d done or could’ve done for Chris on any of his birthdays was ever going to top what he did for you on your twentieth.

“Something smells good,” you heard Chris’ voice and footsteps as he entered the kitchen. He scratched Dodger’s head as he passed him, walking over to you to hug you from behind as you finished serving up a feast; bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, sausages- the works. “Morning, beautiful.” He kissed your lips when you turned in his arms, humming, “mm mm. Happy birthday to me,” he mumbled against your lips.

“Happy birthday, indeed,” you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Do you want gifts first, or after breakfast?” You asked and he smirked, which gave you the answer you wanted. “Gifts first it is,” you giggled, removing your arms from his neck and taking his hand so you could pull him over to the couch. “Close your eyes,” you instructed as you dragged him along, beckoning Dodger along too. “Okay, now sit.”

“Are you talking to me, or Dodger?”

“Both.” You giggled and pushed him back by the shoulders, watching slight panic wash over his face as he fell back; relief replaced it when he landed on the couch. You sat down on the coffee table in front of him, right next to the gifts. “Okay…” You’d lined up the gifts up, starting from: a gift you’d bought for Dodger to give to Chris, a gag gift from yourself, to the practical items, to the montage- which was set and ready to go on your iPad. “You can open now.” You said and Chris did as he was told, raising an eyebrow at the bone themed wrapping paper. “Dodger picked it out,” you stifled your laughter when Chris snickered.

“Thanks, bud,” Chris looked over at Dodger and nodded at his oblivious pal. “It’s a fantastic wrapping paper,” he continued praising Dodger, trying not to smile when he heard you giggling. “You made a great choice,” he said with heavy emphasis on the word 'great’. “I wonder what it is,” he started tearing into the wrapping, laughing when he revealed a tube of tennis balls. He shook his head at you with a great big grin on his face, making you laugh. “I see he decided to get something practical too, something we can share.”

“You know Dodger, he’s a very 'sharing-is-caring’ kinda dog.” Chris chuckled and put the tube to the side, holding out his hand for his next gift. “Okay, this one’s from me.” You bit back your smile as you passed him your gag gift. “I think you’re going to love it, it’s definitely going to be something you use everyday.”

“Awesome,” he smiled as he opened the gift, revealing what appeared to be his NASA cap. “Uh…” He turned it to face you and quirked his right brow, “I already have one of these.” You tried not to laugh as you nodded; you’d actually just wrapped his old NASA cap to see if he’d notice. “Well, it is one of my favorite caps so…I guess- thank you?” He chuckled when he took a closer look, “you could’ve found a newer one to buy, this one looks like it’s been worn out.”

“That’s 'cause it’s second hand,” you told him, covering your mouth with your hand to hide your smile. “It actually belongs to a very talented Bostonian actor, I’d consider it a collectible.” It was that moment when Chris realized what you’d done; he burst into laughter- full body laughter, leaning back against the couch and pressing one hand against his stomach as the other covered his mouth. “It was very hard to come by, so I hope you appreciate it.” You laughed along with him, patting his knee with your hand.

“That’s fucking gold,” he choked on his laughter, wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes. “Tell you what, the next time- try and see if you can score me Chris Evans’ favorite sunglasses. I think I could really use it to go with this hat,” he winked and you giggled. “Your brother said you loved rewrapping things around the house to give as gifts when you were a kid, I can imagine how much fun christmases and birthdays were around your house.”

“Oh, they were plenty fun,” you nodded, laughing. “I was so good at giving gifts, everyone always really enjoyed their gifts from me. It’s like they just knew they were going to need it.” Chris buried his face in his hands as he continued to laugh uncontrollably. “I know,” you smiled as he dropped his hands, “I’m adorable.”

“Yes you are,” he grabbed your wrist and gently tugged at you, gesturing you off the table and onto his lap. You did as he orchestrated, taking the actual gifts in your hands to give to him as you sat in his lap; gifts you’d actually bought. “You really don’t need to buy me things, Y/N.” He told you as he unwrapped. “I don’t need things when I’ve got you, you’re everything.”

“Yeah, I know.” You kissed his cheek and he smiled as he pulled out the blue and green plaid shirts you’d bought him. “But you could use some new stuff in your wardrobe,” you said and he hummed in agreement. He unveiled a pair of black Mickey Mouse socks, chuckling, then grinned at the personalized Patriots cap you’d bought him; on the back it had 'Evans’ embroidered in white. “I know I’m not Ilaria, but I’d like to think I’ve got enough style to buy you some clothes.”

“You’re kidding, right?” He put the items aside and tightened his arms around your waist. “You have incredible style. Even Ilaria said so, she said she might just quit when we get married because my wife should be taking over her job of dressing Chris Evans.”

“You’re a sweetheart.” You pressed another kiss to his cheek before you reached forward to grab your iPad. “Here you go,” you passed him the iPad with the montage pulled up and ready to play. “This is your last gift for today. Well-” you whispered into his ear, making him laugh softly through his nose, “excluding the bedroom stuff.”

“Nice to know that Victoria Secret bag you hid in the back of the closet is actually for me,” he winked and you scrunched your nose at him. “Okay, what’s this?” He quizzed, then answered his own question when he saw the title of the montage: 'Our Almost Three Years’. “Are you serious, Y/N? You know Dad said my teeth can’t handle anymore of your sweetness,” he joked and you chuckled, leaning your head against his. “Should I grab a tissue box?”

“I’d say no, but we both know you’re a bit of a cryer.” You teased and he chuckled, nodding. “Don’t worry about tissues, what’s a fiancée for if you can’t use her shoulder to cry on.” He smiled and kissed your cheek before pressing the play button. “I love you, Chris,” you whispered as Ed Sheeran’s voice starting singing 'Thinking Out Loud’ and the first photograph you ever took together slid onto the screen. You and Chris smiled in reminiscent; it was at the airport just as you were both leaving Starbucks for the boarding gate. “Even more so today than the first day we met.”

“Me too, sweetheart.” His arm tightened around you, holding you close to him as you both continued to take a stroll down memory lane. It was nice to relive all your best moments together, to see all the old photos you’d taken throughout your time together as well as rewatch all the old videos you’d filmed of each other. You could really see when the two of you fell in-love, when the friendly smiles turned into longing gazes. Chris was incredibly thankful to see a collation of all those moments, he could’ve watched that video forever. “Me too,” he repeated, sighing with absolute satisfaction.

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Part 5A

Constellations~Remus Lupin One-shot

A/N: Annnnnddddd I am officially 15 and have achieved my goal of spending most of my  birthday in bed. This is my present to myself. Also Y/S means Your Zodiac Sign. Gif’s not mine.

Summary: You have kept your birth date a secret from all your friends until your boyfriend, Remus questions it after learning your zodiac sign.

Pairing: Young!Remus Lupin x reader

Word Count: 1841

Warnings: I think there’s a swear word in here somewhere, Dysfunctional family, fluff


Originally posted by sppaceprincess

Nobody knew when my birthday was. Not Lily, not Alice, not even the marauders, who felt it was their personal duty to take care of after my home life crumbled. I didn’t want special treatment, I didn’t need gifts,  I didn’t want to have memories of previous, awful birthdays brought back to me. I treated my birthday like any other day, so naturally I didn’t tell anyone. If the marauders knew, I would be getting  a party in the common room, complete with decorations, presents and alcohol (Sirius’ addition to the mix). I didn’t want that though, so my birthday remained a secret, even to Remus who was my boyfriend. Until sixth year.

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Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Pairing: Grayson Dolan x Reader

Word Count: 752 words.

Warnings: None.

Summary: Basically it’s your birthday and Grayson and Ethan has a lot of surprises for you. 
A/N It’s my birthday. I turn 18 today and I just had this idea inside my head that I had to write. 

Originally posted by dolanslife

“Babe, what are you doing?” you ask watching your half-naked boyfriend walking around in the apartment. 

“Nothing,” he says, “I didn’t know you were up. Happy birthday.” He hugs you tightly placing a kiss on the top of your head. 

“Thank you,” you say hiding your face in the crook of his neck. He’s so nice and warm, it makes you want to cuddle up in bed. But you know Grayson has some stuff planned for you to do so you start getting ready. When you get out of the shower, Grayson has somehow managed to make a massive breakfast table put together. There are fresh berries, waffles, toasts and loads of fruits. 

“This looks amazing. Did you do it yourself?” you ask with a smile. 

“I had a little help,” he admits wrapping his arms around you from behind. A knock on the door interrupts your little moment and you walk over to open. 

“Delivery,” someone says but all you see are a massive bucket of your favourite flowers. Ethan pops his head out from behind the flowers making you laugh. 

“Happy birthday!” he exclaims hugging you. Hugging him back you notice the massive teddy behind him.

“Is that for me?” you ask with a grin. Ethan nods and you attack the bear. “I love it!” It’s so big and fluffy and it’s all you’ve ever wanted. 

“Holy shit, E. I didn’t think it would be that big!” Grayson says laughing. You hug it tightly and press it through the door. Immediately you head to the bedroom so you can put it on the bed where it belongs. 

“I think I’ll call it Alfred,” you tell them as you eat breakfast. Grayson and Ethan just laugh. 

“You’re 18 now. Aren’t you supposed to be an adult?” You shake your head laughing. You’ll never grow up entirely. Sometimes a childish view on life is needed. After breakfast, you clean up and Grayson and Ethan blindfold you before taking you to the car. 

“Can I really not see where we’re going?” you complain. It’s pitch dark whenever you open your eyes because of the blindfold. 

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if you knew where we’re going!” Grayson laughs intertwining his fingers with yours. 

“I sure hope it’s Ethan that’s driving.” Grayson laughs even harder at that. At takes two hours to drive there but you’re so happy when they take the blindfold off. 

“Are you doing this as well?” you ask Grayson looking a bit concerned. You know he doesn’t like heights. 

“Of course! We’re all doing it.” You look up at the tower where people are currently jumping out. It’s a bungee jump place and you’re so excited. Ethan goes first because you want to see it before actually doing it. Then you go and it’s the best feeling ever. 

“Good luck,” you whisper placing a light kiss on Grayson’s lips before he jumps. You can tell he loved it when he comes back up. After that, you drive for another hour before you can take the blindfold off.  

“You’re kidding! Are we actually doing this?” you ask looking at the two tall men. They give you both their most handsome smile before you head inside. 

“I’m such a big fan of your art, Romeo,” you say a bit awestruck. You’ve had this tattoo in your head for two years now and you’re actually getting it done now. You start talking about what design you want and where you want it. After two hours it’s all done and you couldn’t be happier. 

“Thank you so much!” you say hugging them both. After that, you head to your favourite restaurant for dinner. 

“This has been the most amazing day ever,” you say hugging them both again once you’re back at the apartment. Ethan wishes you a happy birthday one last time before he heads off to sleep. You and Grayson stay up a while longer. 

“Thank you for today,” you say with a yawn growing more and more tired by the second. 

“You’re welcome. It’s my way of thanking you for being the best girlfriend a guy could ask for,” he says with a smile wrapping his arms around you. 

“I am pretty great, aren’t I?” you laugh and Grayson starts tickling you. 

“Stop! Please, stop. I surrender,” you say laughing. He throws you over his shoulder and carries you to bed. Once all cuddled up under the duvet you feel your eyelids get heavier. 

“I love you, Grayson.” 

“I love you, too.”

Accidental Love (Earth-2 Harrison Wells Imagine)

A/N: I know, it’s been so long. Life kind of got away from me. My son had his birthday party this last Saturday, our car has been in the shop since last week, and I’ve been working on getting everything ready to start online classes. That being said though here is at least something for you all! I hope you like it. Based on this request:

wennbergbabe asked: Imagine having a kid with Eowells and when 5 year old Derek meets E2 Harry or HR wells he thinks it’s his dad and hugs him. Leaving you to explain to Harry/HR about why the boy thinks he’s his father and why the boy looks exactly like him. Afterwords Harry/HR is always very nice to your boy and eventually falls for you.

“Daddy!” your son shouts upon entering the cortex and before you can stop him he is running straight for Harrison Wells from earth-2.

To his credit Harry doesn’t shrink away  when the five year old attachs himself to  the older man’s legs.

“I’m sorry Harry,” you say as you aproace the bewildered scientist. “I told him before we got here that just because you looked like his father it didn’t mean that you were.”

“It’s fine,” he replies before picking up the young boy. “My name is Harry,” he  informs your son who stares at him with wide blue eyes.

“Not daddy?” Derek questions.

“No I’m not’” he replies.

Derek’s blue eyes well up  with tears. “I’m sorry,”  he says to his father’s doppler ganger.

“No, don’t be sorry,” he told the little boy. “I should be the one apologizing,  I never  introduced myself, I’m Harrison Wells from earth-2.”

“I’m Derek Wells, from here,” your son replies his tears slowly starting to dry up.

Harry sets him down. “It’s very nice to meet you, I’ll see you again some time, okay?”

Derek nods his really fast before grabbing a hold of your hand so you can lead him out of the cortex.

After their first meeting Harry and Derek grow closer every time you bring him in. Which ends up being more often then not especially since your babysitter ends up quiting on you.

You and Harry also start getting closer. He routinely asks about Derek and about how your day goes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when he asks you out on a date. A date that goes surprisingly smoothly. 

After the first date there are more dates, some with just the two of you, and some with both Jesse an Derek who get along like a house on fire. Especially when Jesse uses her super speed to impress the five year old.

It takes almost a year for Harry to admit his feelings for you and for you to admit your feelings for him.

Birthday Girl

Chris Evans/Reader 

A/N: so this is my first request, it’s for the lovely, @captainhallow  I hope you enjoy it Madi! Sorry if it’s kind of all over the place

Request: hi! It’s my birthday, so i was wondering if you’d do a fluffy birthday/easter fic with Chris Evans? Thanks <3        

Originally posted by capsteverogers-things

“Wake up, wake up!” Chris says cheerily while shaking me awake.

“Already?” I whine while rolling to face him. “What time is it?”

“Time for you to get ready, birthday girl. I’m going to go make you breakfast” He tells me with a peck on the cheek. 

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