think of the pokemon

(AU idea where Cory hadn’t chickened out at the beginning of the game, and Raven wakes up on the beach alone.)

A friend was reblogging some old stuff of mine and reminded me of this cat snake character I drew a pretty long time ago. I decided they would be fun to revamp and play around with!

I’m naming him Nyaga :3c

Want a pokemon egg?

Every person who reblogs this will have a Pokémon egg in their submissions and a Pokémon will hatch from the egg later.

The egg will be randomly hatched. It may be evolved, shiny, or even a legendary. (Only reblogs get eggs, not likes) ~~~~~~~~~ Update: Once this post hits 8000 reblogs it stops. At this point if it hits 8000 it will take me about 22-30ish weeks to finish because of work and college. I’m glad seeing people still love Pokemon. I thought I could keep up with you all. Yeah, nope, but it’s fun. 8000 reblogs though then please let this post die please. Since I’ve done it for a few and I’m stopping at 8000, if you want more than one egg please reblog and say so and you’ll be randomized with more than one egg. Thank you for reading this and I hope you all can continue to love Pokemon.

hopes for ultra sun/ultra moon
  • adjustable difficulties
  • new alola forms/ultra beasts
  • new megas? (wishful thinking)
  • better trainer customization clothes
  • no more festival plaza for the love of god just pretend that didnt happen and give us back the pss
  • actual trials for the steel/ice/fairy/dragon/flying etc z stones
  • more areas/islands to go to
  • actually getting to explore ultra space and find ultra beasts there
  • more signature z moves
  • alternate evolutions for the starters like how it was rumored before sun/moon came out

Pumpkin pie puppy

Tropes that are totally overused and cheesy that I can’t get enough of:

-everyone, even all the nameless crowd people, pulling together to overcome huge, seemingly impossible to fight threat, forgetting all their past conflicts to achieve one common goal while epic music plays in the background