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Do you feel like acting sometimes is a little therapeutic?
I don’t see it as a therapy, no. I have therapy. It’s sometimes good to have therapy just to create a gateway to allow a character or situation in your head to release, you know, to get rid of it. But I wouldn’t say the process of acting is therapeutic for me. I think it’s just, I feel that’s when I’m happiest is, when I’m doing my thing, you know, acting and telling a story.

Enough- A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: Hey there guys. Here is a little thing I’m pulling from my archive of writings. I wrote this a while back for @princesse-de-ravenclaw and am finally getting around to posting it. Figured I’d get something out to you guys because it might be a while before I post any other work that has not been written yet. I’ll try my best but I make no promises, to which I’m sorry. I hope you don’t mind that it’s kinda short. Enjoy. 

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It’s The Same As Having Wings [Second Star To The Right, Part Three] [Harry Hook Imagine] [Request]

It’s The Same As Having Wings [Second Star To The Right, Part Three] [Final Part]

Harry Hook Imagine; Disney Descendants

Requested by @annabelle5724 

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“Now, think of the happiest things! It’s the same as having wings!” you said, looking up at Harry.

“Are sure about this?” he asked, looking at you.

“Do you have faith in me?” you asked.

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“Do you trust me?” you asked.

“Isn’t that the same thing?”


“Yes, I trust you!”

“And do you have pixie dust?”


“Then you can fly!” you grinned. “Now, come on. If you don’t believe, it’ll never happen. You’re the one who wanted this.”

Harry nodded. For the past thirty minutes, you had been trying to get him to fly. For some reason, he was scared.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

You laughed, “Harry… you’re jumping from my bed… which is like three feet off the floor…”

Harry looked at you like this was still the most dangerous thing in the world. He nodded after a moment. He jumped a few times before leaping. You laughed with happiness when he floated in the air… even if his eyes were closed.

“Harry, open your eyes!” you exclaimed, clapping excitedly. “You’re flying!”

Slowly, Harry opened his eyes. He looked down and began laughing loudly. You watched as he flew around the room. You had never seen his this happy before.

The door opened suddenly. Mal, Evie, Lonnie, Dizzy, Carlos, Jay, Gil, and Ben all appeared; they all stared at you and Harry.

“What is going on?” asked Dizzy, smiling at the flying teenager.

“Flying lessons,” answered Harry.

“You wanna try?” you asked, causing Dizzy to nod.

Soon she was flying as well, along with everyone else. You eventually joined when all of your friends were comfortable flying by themselves.

Let’s just say, that was how you all got detention when Fairy Godmother walked by.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: the writing on our skin

Title: the writing on our skin

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“I think sometimes, we just need to do the thing that makes us happiest. And maybe, more often than we think, that fate actually ends up being better than the one we thought we were destined to have.”

(A soulmate AU where each soulmate has one half of a quote that is important to their relationship.)
Words: 4578

My one fic for Think Outside the Love Square! This Soulmate AU is based on the rule that each soulmate has one half of a quote that is important to their relationship. I also decided to experiment a bit with the structure of this fic.. I hope it ends up making sense and causing the impact I had hoped, lmao. Otherwise, good attempt, I guess?

Just assume that even though these quotes are famous, that they’ve never heard of it before and can’t guess, haha.

Special thanks to @mahaliciously​ for helping me name Alya’s fox superhero name!


The marks appear halfway through the third trimester of her first year at Dupont. Alya had just gotten out of the shower when she spots it in her bathroom mirror. Etched into the skin beneath her right shoulder blade, the words follow a curved trail along her spine in tiny cursive. It takes the combined help of her Ladybug compact mirror, her camera phone, and a whole lot of squinting for her to finally make out what it says:

“while loving someone deeply gives you courage”

No capitalizations. No punctuation marks. No hint of whether the phrase begins or ends the rest of the sentence. It’s so different from the one written on her maman’s arm:

“like bread; remade all the time, made new ”

With a quote like that, she could have easily narrowed down the possibilities so that when she finally met Alya’s papa and fell in love, the words would obviously become the latter half of “love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone. it has to be made,” —

But it doesn’t matter anyways, because when Marinette calls her the next day to talk about Adrien, Alya decides not to think too much about soulmates just yet. She’s still young.

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I think the thing I’m happiest with about the movie is that they’re just adapting the first 3 volumes? One of the most iconic parts of the series (read: the most ‘badass’) is the emergence of White haired Kaneki. And the movie didn’t even try to rush to that and cherry pick the scenes with the highest impact? Bless them 

Peter Pan {Sentence Starters}

  • “Oh, we had such a wonderful time!”
  • “You mean more to me than anything in this whole world!”
  • “I hereby banish you forever.”
  • “Oh, a little persuasion might be in order.”
  • “Thank you, my dear, you’ve been most helpful.”
  • “Girls talk too much!”
  • “And just what do you think you are doing, ______?”
  • “You mean this is only a game?”
  • “This won’t do. What’s the matter with you?”
  • “A jealous female can be tricked into anything.”
  • “This time you’ve gone too far!”
  • “All this has happened before, and it will all happen again.”
  • “It’s just that I never thought about it before.”
  • “I have the strangest feeling that I’ve seen that _____ before.”
  • “Put her back, you blithering idiot!”
  • “You could show us the way? Why, I never thought of that.”
  • “Now, think of the happiest things.”
  • “I’ll get you for this, _____, if it’s the last thing I do!”
  • “Safe? Of course they’ll be safe. Why not?”
  • “But what’s this? Tears? Then it is true.”
  • “I came to listen to your stories.”
  • “This ain’t no place for a respectable pirate.”
  • “Goodness gracious, whatever shall we do?”

「光の部屋 ピカROOM」「Hikaru’s Room  PikaROOM」

duet, December ‘17

Mi-chamu from Miyagi Prefecture

You’ve spent almost half of your life with Yabu-kun. Have you ever had a fight? Also, what’s the happiest thing that’s happened in your time together with Yabu-kun? And lastly, please say something to Yabu-kun.

 We’ve never had a fight. Maybe we’ve had just one since JUMP was formed but, it’s so small it’s like “Was that even a fight?”. This is a conversation we have quite a lot but, when I see a difficult kanji I’ll mutter something like “I wonder if this is Chinese?”. Then Yabu says “All kanji come from China!” so then I reply “Shut up! Nerd!!”, something like that. But, because we often go out to eat together straight afterwards, neither of us think of it as a fight (lol). The happiest thing… What could it be. When we were talking lately, I heard Yabu mutter “I want a hand spinner”, the next day I gave him one as a present. A few days after that, we went to a ramen store with Dai-chan, Chinen and Manager-san. Then, after we left the store Yabu was like “Huh, huh…” and trying to find something. Everyone was thinking “Did you leave your phone or wallet at the store?”. He pulled the hand spinner I had given him out his pocket like “Ah- thank God! It’s here ♡”. Hearing him say that made me feel happy and warm and fuzzy inside (lol). I really love that side of Yabu. I worry because every now and then you stumble when you get up out of your chair, let’s make it to our 20 Year Anniversary together without injury! (lol)