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Excerpt: “Taehyung grins, bracing his arm on the table again and scooting closer. His knee brushes against your thigh under the table, and a ripple of tingles radiates from the spot. A thrum of energy spreads over your back and neck, an awareness prowling beneath your skin, stronger than pre-heat symptoms should be. Maybe it really was a mistake to come visit Taehyung with your heat next week.”  (Fox!Taehyung, Shifter!AU)

Genre: Romance, humor, fluff

Rating: pg17+ (dirty language, discussion of heat/mating, sexy thoughts, etc.)

Pairing: reader/Taehyung, [mentioned Minjoon]

Length: 7.2k

A/N: not associated with my other Taehyung fox fic

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“So what’s your plan for your heat this year?”

It takes a moment for the question to sink in before you scramble for the calendar by your bed. “Oh shit, I completely forgot. Fuck, what day is today? What month?”

Minji laughs and rolls onto her back, digging her toes into the carpet. “March 23rd. I kinda figured you’d forgotten, with midterms around the corner and all, but it’s probably time to start preparing for that too." 

"Damn it.” You stare hopelessly at the calendar on the wall. A week and a half. Barely ten days until your heat, and you hadn’t prepared in the slightest.

Heats are the worst part of being a shifter, in your opinion–humans didn’t realize how lucky they were, not to be trapped in a small room for seven to ten days, out of your mind with the need to fuck, sweaty and dirty and swimming in every hormone-driven fluids that your body could produce. You hate your heats. 

“I’m screwed,” you whine, dropping onto your bed and pressing your face into your pillow in misery. 

“Not yet, but you definitely could be,” Minji snickers, and you hear a rustle of fabric, the soft pad of foostepts, before a heavy weight drops onto your back, pushing a muffled grunt from your lungs. “Seriously, though, are you going to spend it alone again? Or are you finally going to find someone to share it with? At least it falls on spring break, like mine.”

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I couldn’t stop thinking about the post that @banavalope made about their interpretation on BOTW!Link, so I couldn’t pass up on drawing him. Their outfit/armor choice is just so nice? I admire the idea so much honestly.

i wanna talk about that one story from ed where he said that harry got him that giant lego set and they spent all night putting it together like imagining the two of them just sitting around reading the instructions and putting this giant lego together is too adorable my heart can’t take it


I watch it all fall apart
Heaven, help me

I’ve been told a lot that I deserve better, but what if I don’t want anyone else? What if I love you and don’t see why everyone thinks you’re not treating me like you should? I just want to be with you, only you.
—  L.N. 

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Hi hi, I just wanted to say that your art of Keith made me fall in love and I haven't even seen Voltron yet but just your rendition of him and the way you draw him and portray him made him my favourite, so thank you :) Stay awesome! ♥

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is pidge trans? im pretty sure the character still used he pronouns after telling the group about their past, but i think you called pidge your beautiful daughter. no offense just curious xx

What has been confirmed is that Pidge is a girl. After Pidge comes out to the group that she is a girl, they stop referring to her by male pronouns, unlike how they had before she came out.
In the fifth episode of the second season, “Eye of The Storm” Coran refers to the Paladins as “gentlemen” and then “gentlelady” referring to Pidge, (since Allura was not in the wormhole generator with them).
Lance- Wait, Coran! How dangerous is this?
Coran- Honestly, this is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen, or heard of, but since we’re probably going to die anyway, what the heck, let’s give it a shot! Good luck, gentlemen and gentlelady.
It’s been a pleasure.

* “This is the first incarnation of Pidge and the first full-time pilot of the Green Lion to be a girl. Lauren Montegomery was the one who insisted that Pidge should be a girl to show how a female character could occupy the space usually given to male characters with nothing in the story needing to change.”

A kiss never forgotten

*Chap 1: A drunken night*

*Chap 2: A blurred night*

*Chap 3: The bath house*

*Chap 4: A Thousand pieces*

*Chap 5: Heart beat*

*Chap 6: Surprise*

*Chap 7: Sunsets, trees and you*

*Chap 8: What now?*

*Chap 9: Healing the unfixable*

*Chap 10: So, this is it?*

*Chap 11: What now?*

*Chap 12: Kids and kisses*

Chap 13: Its time

Naruto was excited but hesitant towards today. He woke in the morning with a strange queasy feeling within his stomach. His hands clenched into a tight fist whilst his stomach convulsed in the strangest ways.

He looked down to see Sasuke’s hands limp on his stomach, lying there lifeless as he slept. He was enormously tempted to kiss it awake but he didn’t want Sasuke to murder him, so he decided best not.

Today was the day. The day he was excited to get over and done with. Tonight, after work he was meeting with Sakura and Hinata to finally tell them about his relationship with Sasuke.

He wasn’t sure how they would take it, but it had been 3 months since the divorce and he didn’t want to stretch it out anymore. On top of that Kakashi was draining them of their money to keep his mouth shut, which was starting to have a heavy toll on Naruto’s bank account.

Naruto looked over to Sasuke slowly bent down and kissed his warm cheek, earning him a mumbled grunt. He slipped out of bed and headed for his daily morning shower.

As he walked down the grey corridor that lead him to his shower he started liking the colour of the blank grey walls. He wasn’t sure if the colour had grown on him or if it was due to him moving out next week with Sasuke which made him feel sad of letting go of this shitty apartment.

He entered the bathroom, hissing as his feet hit the cold tiled floors. He reached for the water tap turning it on, making sure that it was going to be blistering hot when he got in.  He turned around to find his towel whist simultaneously ripping off his clothes.

As he stepped into the shower he knew he was no longer alone.

“Sasuke, you do know I am not a private peep show?” “Well you certainly are a sight to look at.” Naruto chuckled lightly. He loved this. He loved waking up with Sasuke, talking to him in the morning, being with him through every mundane daily morning routine.

“Well are you going to just look at me you perv? Or are you coming in the shower?

“Tch, like you even need to ask.”


Naruto made two coffees to go, pouring 5 times the amount of sugar in one and leaving the other as bitter as possible. He handed Sasuke his dark coffee and grabbed the house keys and hurried his sleepy boyfriend out the door.

Sasuke had yet accustomed to Naruto’s morning time, but seeming as he refused to let Naruto go to work alone he had to face the pain of waking up before the sun rose.

It surprised Naruto how normal it felt to have Sasuke in his life, it felt more natural than anything else his ever done. The mundane task at home didn’t seem so boring anymore, going grocery shopping turned into balls of laughter and staying home on the weekends had become his most treasured past times.

Naruto was happy, after so many years he finally reached happiness. His heart had been filled with joy over the past few months, something it wasn’t very used to.

Naruto and Sasuke walked in silence, each blissfully happy in each other’s company. Naruto looked over to Sasuke never truly being satisfied with a glance, wishing he could stare for hours and get away with no one noticing.

He had never seen Sasuke so at ease before, he usually had a smirk on his face when they were together which made every part of Naruto warm up like he had just taken a sip of hot tea.

Naruto was not only glad for his own happiness but it brought him joy seeing Sasuke finally opening up, being kinder and happier instead of dark and moody all the time. Naruto started giggling to himself thinking about how much Sasuke has changed over the last few months.

“What are you laughing about dobe?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“What? Tell me, or I might have to chidori your ass.”

“Hm, I just think your becoming soft Uchiha I don’t think he have threatened to kill anyone in the last month.”


“Oh, I know you’re not.”

“Gross, get your head out of the gutters.”

Naruto and Sasuke spent the entire time laughing about Sasuke becoming soft. But in reality Naruto knew Sasuke was changing for the better and he was beyond happy that Sasuke also found his happy place.

Before Naruto and Sasuke reached the door that lead into the Hokage tower Naruto stopped.

This was the same place were Sasuke and himself confessed everything, that night was seared into Naruto’s brain. He remembered Sasuke standing where he was and himself at the door trying to convince himself to not be happy. He was thankful to that night, if it weren’t for 20 plus drinks he wouldn’t be standing here today looking at his boyfriend.

“Hey teme!”


“I love you.”

Sasuke was obviously trying to hide his smile. But the Sasuke who stood here today no longer needed a reason to suppress his feelings, so he decided to let it out.

Naruto was hit with a sight of pure perfection, Sasuke smiling amongst glistening stars which brightly sparkled around Sasuke, illuminating him against the rest of the world. He could never stop loving that man and no matter how long they were together he knew he would fall for that smile every time.


Naruto entered his office with Sasuke not far behind. It was strange that his happiness had flowed into work. He no longer found the long nights and the overbearing paper work so hard and the reason was walking in right now with the most beautiful smile he has ever seen.

Since he started dating Sasuke he found he couldn’t get rid of him, nor did he want to. Sasuke spent most days helping Naruto if he didn’t have to be with his chunin team which Naruto never heard the end off.

Sasuke would constantly whine that he hated baby sitting and as much as Naruto tried to convince him that he was modelling the future generation, Sasuke still showed no sign of actually giving a crap.

Every other night Naruto would go spend time with his kids, he always had some crazy adventures planned for the evening and each night was a new night. Naruto didn’t let Sasuke off the hook for being literally one of the worst dads in existent, so Sakura was met with a big surprised when she saw Sasuke at her door after a night of Naruto pushing him to go. It seemed like everything was working out for the best with Naruto and Sasuke together.

Not only is Naruto getting his work done quicker and was ten times more productive at work with Sasuke around. He also spent more time with his children and was developing a tighter bond with both of them. Sasuke in the other hand was also improving in the father department, surprisingly going to see Sarada and Sakura more than once in a week now.

Naruto had been glowing in the past months and people started to notice his change of behaviour and nature. The village was more surprised to find out Sasuke had a heart and his change in nature was being well received by pretty much everyone besides close friends who were wildly suspicious about his calm and nearly gentle nature. The only one who wasn’t suspicious was Kakashi because he knew exactly why both of them where in such high spirits.


Naruto looked out his window, the day was beautiful, the sky crystal blue with a few scattered clouds. The streets where beginning to burst back to life with bakers and chefs starting up their ovens. A few ninja’s and early risers where wondering the streets greeting each other amongst the village.

Naruto felt a loving warm sensation caress him, weaving his arms around his lower stomach. A gentle kiss stroked his cheek.

“Sasuke you know Kakashi will be here in literally 2 minutes?”

“So? Torture him a little bit, why not?”

“Your evil, you know that?” Sasuke let out a deep chuckle.

Naruto turned around and kissed Sasuke deeply, bitting his lower lip to tease to tease him a little.

“Hey, calm down. Don’t tease me like that baka.”

“What you can’t handle me Uchiha?”

Sasuke let out a low growl. “I hate you.”

Naruto couldn’t handle how much he loved this man in every possible way. “I love you too.”

Naruto picked up Sasuke and lowered him onto the Hokage table. Steadily wrapping his hands around his darkened locks.

He brought Sasuke an inch away from his lips and whispered “I will never let you go again, you know that?”

“Hmph”, Sasuke grumbled in the midst of bighting back Naruto’s lips.

Naruto harshly pushed his lips onto Sasuke’s wanting to taste everything he could, he was started to lose control.

“Ahem…If I wanted a porno I would have stayed at home.”

Both Naruto and Sasuke let out a chuckle. They loved torturing Kakashi seeming as they were still paying him to keep his mouth shut. Recently they had been juicing the fact that Kakashi can’t tell and every morning they would purposely try and act raunchy to piss him off.

“Hey Kakashi, you’re so early, I was about to pound Uchiha hard on the table. Shame.”

Sasuke’s eyes widened looking at Naruto with confusion. “You where?”

“No Baka, unless you want me to?”

Kakashi walked towards them and slammed him palm on the table. “NO! I will kill you two.”

“Okay, okay sensei.” Naruto winked at Kakashi and let Sasuke get down from the table.

“Okay team, let’s get to it. We have a lot of work to do and me and Sasuke have to be out of here by 7.”

Kakashi raised a questioning eyebrow “what for?”

“Well let’s just say after tonight you can no longer bride us.”

“GOD DAMMIT! But there is a new book I want.”

Sasuke answered dryly “what a shame.”


The clock had seemed like it was going 5 times the speed, Naruto wanted time to rehearse what he was going to say to Hinata and Sakura, but before he knew it the clock was already reaching 7pm.

“Okay good job team! Let’s pack up or me and Sasuke are going to be late.”

Kakashi yawned and slowly started moving the packs of paper back to the table “but if you go, that means I won’t be able to bribe you anymore, so I am going to move slowly.”

Sasuke darkly chuckled, “oh Kakashi this is going to be fun, no more bribing bullshit.”

Naruto looked over to the two bickering children and questioned how both these men where over 12 years old.

Naruto made 5 clones which got the job done in 2 seconds, “you guys kept acting like children and weren’t actually doing anything about cleaning up, so I just did it for you.”

Naruto raised his eyebrows in annoyance and folded his arms in the best father figure position possible.

“Okay Sasuke if you are done arguing with Kakashi we have somewhere to be.”


Kakashi laughed at Sasuke, whilst pulling out a book.

“I would kill you if it were up to me” Sasuke hissed back at Kakashi’s childish laughter.

“Okay, off we go. Bye Kakashi, oh and be here at 6 am to start the paper work as punishment for being mean to my boyfriend.”

“Hey! That’s not fair!”

“UH! Hokage orders.”

Sasuke was mildly amused by this whole scene, “Sasuke I will kick you in the face next time.”

“Come get me grandpa” Sasuke taunted back.

Naruto pushed Sasuke out and left Kakashi standing in the Hokage’s room threating to ninja kick the shit out of Sasuke. As Naruto closed the door he let out an irritated sigh.

“You two act like your 12, next time I’m going to kick the both of you.”

“Hah, like you can take me on.”

Naruto looked at Sasuke with a cheeky and challenging look, “next week? Training grounds, let’s do it.”

“Oh, it is on Uzumaki.”

“For now, let’s think about our plan of attack for this dinner.”

“Oh yer. What about I’m gay I have the hots for your ex-husband and we have been together for 3 months. Sound good?”

Naruto just let out a frustrated sigh, he knew this was going to be all on him. Passive and effective communication was something Sasuke never mastered and from that dismal answer he was still shit at it.

“You know what, let me do the talking.”

“Haha, sounds perfect.”

Sasuke stuck out his tongue cheekily at Naruto and then grabbed Naruto’s hand down the hallway. From today onwards they have no reason to hide their relationship and Sasuke was going to use this freedom to show the entire world Naruto was finally his.

“Teme are you going to hold my hand the whole way there?”


“Alrighty then, prepare for stares galore.”


Naruto’s premonition was correct, on their way to dinner everyone who saw Naruto and Sasuke holding hands had either started crying, screaming or their faces looked like they had unnaturally contorted to allow their jaws to fall to the ground.

Some people had enough courage to come up to both of them and ask what was going on, once they heard the news they congratulated both of them and gave Natuto a big hug.

No one came near Sasuke unless it was a slight tap of congratulations on the shoulder. Half the village was still scared of him and were still afraid of getting beaten up. Most of the village women and teens ended up crying over the fact Naruto was taken again, which Sasuke evilly snickered at.

Naruto let go of Sasuke’s hands as soon as the restaurant was in sight, “sorry teme, but I don’t think we should go in holding hands.”

“Tch, your right. Alright let’s do this.”

Naruto nodded his head looked at Sasuke lovingly and walked forward with his head held high.


Naruto and Sasuke where sitting on one side of the table whilst Hinata and Sakura were sitting on the other. They decided to not talk about anything serious until the meal was over and everyone had gone through at least 2 rounds of drinks.

Both Hinata and Sakura had confused and worried looks when Naruto said they had big news but they were going to wait till the end of the meal to tell them.

After everyone had finished there second round of drinks Sakura couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Okay, if you don’t tell us what this news is now I am going to explode, what the hell is happening?”

Naruto looked at Sasuke, steadied his breathe. He tried to calm his heart which was echoing in his ear drums.

“Well, um…”

Naruto struggled to express the words he was trying to say. He felt a loving hand wrap around his knee and saw Sasuke’s firm hand supporting his every breath.

“Well, this is going to be quite difficult to process and I really want you two to have an open mind.”

Both Sakura and Hinata nodded with worried creases covering their foreheads.

“Me and Sasuke are actually dating and we have been for a while now, we kind of feel in love. I know this might be strange, but both of us can’t stop the way we feel towards each other.”

Naruto took in another breath feeling is adams apple burn from the level of stress he felt.

“I Love him so much and I’m finally so happy, I just…”

“Please don’t hate us, we want all of us to be happy and ultimately I would love to join both of our families together so we can be happy all together.”

Naruto waited for something, anything. But the room was dead quiet, all that could be heard was the noise from the restaurant outside their private room. The hurrying feet of waitresses and the chatter and laughter from dinners echoed into their rooms.


Sakura had an astonished look on her face, tears started to fill her eyes.

“Wow! Guys, I am so happy for you.”

A huge wave of relief washed over Naruto’s shoulders. Sakura got up and went to hug Sasuke tightly.


Naruto was trying to see Hinata behind Sakura who was coming closer for a hug. All he could see was her face completely red, her eyes swelling up. Her facial expression seemed like it had just seen death, she barely looked like she was breathing or blinking for the matter.

Hinata got up quickly, “if you please excuse me”.

Hinata ran out and slammed the door behind her. Naruto felt like the tightness come back to his chest and shoulders.

He looked at Sasuke who had a worried look glazed over his face.

“Should I?”

Naruto stood up “no let me.”

He felt a hot liquid fill his heart, he hadn’t felt this sensation in a while. This overbearing feeling of sadness and pain, he thought he wouldn’t have to face it again. As he walked out the door, he heard Sakura energetically talking to Sasuke about him, he wished it could have been this easy with Hinata.

In the back of his mind he knew it wasn’t going to be, Sakura has known for years Sasuke was gay, Hinata in the other hand had a husband who she assumed was straight till right now.

Naruto quickly ran out the restaurant, looking up and down the street. Tears now filling his eyes, muscles clenching harshly within his chest. His breathe was unsteady, his pulse unbalanced. “HINATA!!!!”

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Can you help me???? Like I'm 13 and I'm an aspiring writer but I just can't write long novels so I specialise in short, sad stories, but I tried posting one on my social media account and received some backlash so I took it down. Also, I have loads of ideas for a novel but I can never do it... should I keep writing? Also what I'm partially worried about is that my short, sad/sweet stories will be less well received than long, angst but happy ending fics...

Awww why did you receive backlash?? DEFINITELY keep writing! Different types of stories are for different people, just because some people don’t like that type of writing doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t! Write what you want to write and don’t give up!!! <3 <3 <3 

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Meebs I just CAN'T! The love is too strong! Honestly though...I have two younger siblings that mean more than the world to me and I do everything I can for them. Just being able to be with them is enough for me. The last update brought me to tears thinking of them. There's so much doubt being a big sister and caretaker, and hearing "you're a good sibling" is the best thing in the world especially in the midst of turmoil. Your comic is perfect Meebs, I love how you draw and write the bros

Awwwwww thank you! ^^

I’m so jealous you can actually feel that much love for your siblings - i sometimes wonder if something’s wrong with me…

But yes, love is strong, i want strong love…
Looking Back at Me - EmeraldSage - Hetalia: Axis Powers [Archive of Our Own]
Ludwig and Alfred sure as hell haven't had an easy journey walking their path, but why should that stop them?
By Organization for Transformative Works

Notes: Title comes from the lyrics of “Never Stop,” by SafetySuit, recommended to me by @usagi323, henceforth known as the Fluff Monster.

Regret comes from wishing that things had been done differently. Remorse implies a sense of guilt for the consequences of one’s actions.

I fully believe that Germany is the newly unified Germanic states that had once made up the Holy Roman Empire. He is, therefore, far older that America, even counting the years that America spent as a colony within the power of Great Britain.

Also, @gerame I hope this can cheer you up a bit!  GerAme fluff coming right up!

What I have so far.

I know you guys love cliffhangers lol

“What did you say?” Ivar inquired as he shifted in the tub. His eyes never leaving you. The blue in his eyes almost gone at just the thought of you being a virgin. “Come here” He commanded softly. Walking to him your knees began to shake. You had always thought Ivar was in his own way beautiful to have suffered all his life to be apart of this world. But you also knew how Viking men are especially the Ragnarsson men.
“Are you ok?” He asked as he looked into your eyes. You nodded in response. The words right there but nothing came out. He began getting out of the tub his body glistening as the beads of water ran off of him. He began drying off as he moved in front of the fireplace. Laying out firs he beckoned you “Join me?”
You voice returned for a moment.
“Please don’t hurt me Ivar I trust you” You have no idea where the words came from but they felt right. He took a deep breath and reached a hand out to you drawing you down to him.
“I can promise I won’t hurt you unless you ask me to.” He said as he pulled you into a kiss. His hand sliding to your lower back to pull you close and the other resting on the side of your neck.

something you can’t explain pt. 1

Genre: Angst??? / Fluff

Idol: Kim Seokjin / Rest of BTS later

Summary: some feelings you just can’t explain

a/n: ok so I really love this concept i’m going for and idk I’m just really excited because I feel i’m stepping out of my comfort zone of writing through this but idk jUST ENJOY BBS

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