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concept: lance watches as keith and plaxum heatedly discuss conspiracy theories from their respective planets. with dawning horror, he whispers, “oh no, i have a type” and then immediately collapses melodramatically into the waiting arms of an incredibly amused hunk, his (debatably) only non-conspiracy-theorist date.


hey you.

stop scrolling for a moment.

i just wanted to remind you:

  • you’re amazing
  • you’re wonderful
  • i’m proud of you
  • you deserve everything in the world and more
  • there’s nothing wrong with you
  • no matter what people say, you’re the best ever
  • i support you
  • you’re strong
  • you’re beautiful
  • nobody thinks you’re annoying
  • even on your worst days, you shine brighter than the stars
  • you’re needed on this earth
  • i’m sorry if you’re having a bad day, things can only go up
  • keep on keepin’ on
  • things will always get better
  • you’ve got this
  • take care of yourself because you deserve it
  • you’re unique
  • i’m here for you
  • nobody is better at being you than you are
  • i love you

that’s all.

you can continue scrolling now.

Please be patient with those who have anxiety

They say sorry a lot because they’re genuinely afraid they’ve insulted you somehow

They ask if they’re annoying because they genuinely think they’ve somehow annoyed you

They say things are ‘awkward’ because they can be uncomfortable in any situation, no matter who with, they don’t mean to personally hurt you

They cry because sometimes people and situations are too much, not because they’re looking for attention

They don’t text you a lot because they’re clingy, it’s because if you don’t reply, they think they’ve done something wrong

They can be set off by little things, so don’t say they’re overreacting when they panic

Please be patient with those who have anxiety

They only mean the best

Odd thoughts about sex I've had as each of the sides
  • Patton: *breaks apart from kissing someone in a game of spin the bottle* Holy fuck why do you taste like gingerbread? do you have gingerbread?? can I have some gingerbread???
  • Logan: Wouldn't it be easier to make a list of what you like (sexually) and just hand it over with all the other paperwork you fill out on the first date?
  • Virgil: I balance between thinking I might be asexual, and thinking I just have bad enough body issues that I'd get a panic attack if I ever held someone's hand.
  • Roman: Why are people so annoyed at having a crush? I get them in clumps, one day I'll be perfectly fine and then, -boom- I'm wanting to ballroom dance with 8 people simultaneously.

See the difference between women who perpetuate misogyny and men who do the same is that men benefit from misogyny and women do not. As if women who say sexist things are not also hurt by said sexist things. They are still victims of the system, they have been taught to believe that they are worth less than men and therefor their internalized misogyny will never be as horrid as misogynistic men. Stop saying that women are just as bad as men when it comes to misogyny. That is most definitely not the conversation we should be having.

Unpopular opinion: Saying “I don’t ship it but this is really cute” is very annoying and uncalled for. Just say that you like the art, regardless if you ship a certain pairing or not. Or just don’t say anything! You can like or reblog the post but I don’t think any artist is interested in you not liking the ship. If you don’t like or don’t ship a pairing then just don’t say it. Artists care more about your support and appreciation for their artwork rather than your shipping preferences.

popular text posts starters

  • “i cant wait to be a piece of shit w/ a bachelors degree.”
  • “no need to thank me. your credit card will do”
  • “im in no position to have high standards but it doesn’t stop me.”
  • “dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son”
  • “do you ever sit down to think about your life and realize you’re an unreliable narrator”
  • “i was born annoyed”
  • “why do pretty faces happen to bad people”
  • “the only thing that i can turn on is my laptop”
  • “if we date im literally stealing all of your sweatshirts and hoodies”
  • “why do we need to watch the sky to enjoy the stars when the ultimate star is me”
  • “they say the best things in life are free but that’s only true if u steal them”
  • “mornings are gross and i want no part in them”
  • “i love it when people try to hurt my feelings bc i don’t have any”
What the other characters think of Sebastian
  • Ciel: He's my butler, that's all, and nothing more than that! *Blushing*
  • Grell: My darling Bassy~!
  • Madam Red: Grope that ass, grope that ass, grope that ass
  • Alois: He's not Claude! Fuck Sebastian!
  • Claude: Stop telling your fangirls that I'm trying to copy you. It's annoying.

cos like u know when ur shopping and u see some like kitchen appliance or piece of furniture and u think to yourself “oh well obviously i’m gonna need this for all those jams i’m gonna make in my kitchen, oH and look!!! a kettle !! now what would i do without this!” u know as tho your shopping for ur own apartment n u gotta like stop urself cos ur still a baby,, u know what i mean

OKAY SO we have a Dad Might protection squad, a Todoroki protection squad, and an Izuku protection squad……


it starts when the kids are in the dorm living room, resting after a long day of training and learning. someone brings up the topic of Bakugou’s kidnapping, and they just can’t believe that it actually happened in the first place. Bakugou is so scary and strong, after all

and Izuku hesitantly butts in, saying, “Well… that was the second time he was kidnapped by villains…”

to which the kids are all like WHAT?!?! 

“Ah, that one was my fault, really….” Izuku says, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously. so now the class is completely confused and they REALLY need some answers

as Izuku explains what happened with the Sludge villain (editing it quite a bit, especially the parts about himself and All Might), one or two of the kids suddenly remember that they had watched that story on the news last year

Izuku, still nervous, explains what Bakugou went through during that time. “It was awful. That villain would suffocate you by forcing it’s sludge into your nose and mouth until you couldn’t breathe. It was trying to turn you into a puppet, and you couldn’t fight back because it’s body wasn’t solid and anything you grabbed at would flow away. I only experienced it for a couple minutes, but from what I hear, Kacchan had to go through it for much, much longer.”

the kids silently reflect on this new fact, thoughtful expressions on all of their young faces. 

coincidentally, Bakugou walks in moments later to grab a snack from the kitchen. they watch as he walks over to the couches and scolds Kaminari for playing a video game instead of studying. 


the entire class watches as Bakugou angrily stomps away with his snack. the room stays silent. it’s Kirishima who speaks up first, voice as strong as his quirk.

“We won’t let it happen again.”

“Huh?” Izuku asks, a little slow on the uptake. 

“Bakugou getting kidnapped,” Kaminari clarifies, voice clear and steady. “We won’t let it happen again.”

“Yeah.” Kirishima replies.

As Izuku’s eyes scanned the room, he finds the rest of Class 1-A nodding in agreement, their faces determined and serious. he finds himself slowly smiling, and nodding himself.

Bakugou may be a jerk, but he’s their jerk. And no one was gonna take him away again.

(and, as they just saw, he’s much kinder then he lets on. even if he tries to cover it up with anger and bluster)

(If Bakugou ever notices that few of his classmates follow him around so he’s never completely alone, he doesn’t comment on it. Though a few of the kids swear they’ve heard him grumbling to himself about “Stupid, annoying fuckers thinking I can’t fucking protect myself… fuck them….. like seriously…”

He never tries to stop them.)

It Ain’t My Fault

Here is Part Two in “Record Year”

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 979
Warning: angst

The reader tries to stay away from Dean, but that seems to make the spell do something else to hurt her. Sam decides to help.

A/N: Please don’t post my writing on any other site without my permission.
A/N2: If you want tagged in Record Year or anything else, send me an ask.

           You were sitting against the headboard of the twin bed in the single motel room. You could barely move. Could barely think. You had had so little sleep that your eyes were blood shot. You knew your body was betraying you.

           You had sent Sam a text to tell him that the spell was doing things to you that you hadn’t expected. You told him that you felt annoyed by everything Dean did, but that being away from him was literally tearing you apart.

           Sam had sent a text back to let you know they were working on things to get you fixed. He asked if you wanted him to bring Dean to at least be in the same area as you to maybe help with the pain.

           So, that’s what you were trying. Dean was in the next room and you were sitting as close to him as you could without being annoyed at everything he did or said. It didn’t seem to be working though.

           “How are you feeling?” Sam asked, poking his head into the room.

           You shook your head, “It’s not working.”

           Sam sighed, “Maybe you actually have to be in the same room.”

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Once, when I was on the train in Japan going into Tokyo, a japanese business man was standing right in front of me, holding one of those rings that extends from the ceiling. he was probably on his way to work.
Suddenly I catch him looking at me, and particularily the buttons and little pins I´ve put on my jacket. That day I was wearing my pink/sparkly 6% DokiDoki “Kakumei”(revolution) pin. I looked down on myself and noticed, as he just kept throwing looks at me.

I am sure he noticed that one in particular. And soon he just started smiling, real amused it seemed. He just looked into the air at nothing in particular and smiled. The kind of knowing smile, that seems very sly and secretive.
I wondered if he might think I didn´t understand what the pin said, being a foreigner and all, and I had half a mind to say something because I was a bit annoyed, but then I started thinking…

What kind of revolutinary thoughts was going through this japanese businessmans head right then? What secret, unspoken conspiracy had we just agreed upon? For all I knew, this could be the start of big changes. This could change everything. We never uttered a word to eachother, but soon I was smiling slyly too

Realizing that someone who was all friendly with you is actually homophobic and thinks you’re going to hell “”“for your sin of being gay”“” or whatever the fuck is actually really infuriating like how dare you smile at me and make polite conversation with me while condemning me to hell and telling me I have an obligation to be unhappy my whole life in the name of YOUR religion

Even if Sidon’s popularity reaches that disgusting Onceler/Sans capacity, see if I give a shit because from day one I HATED the sans/undertale craze that like 9/10 people were going through and for over a goddamn YEAR I was NEVER able to get to even 24 hours without someone thinking they just HAD to bring up that dumbass fat skeleton in his stupid ass hoodie doing nothing but standing around with his hands in his fucking pockets, and that annoying ass tall skeleton OHOHO I LIKE SPAGHETTI ITS SO FUNNY BECAUSE MY TARGET AUDIENCE IS FIVE YEAR OLDS, RIGHT??

I went over a goddamn year being forced through stupid conversations and stupid fan art and stupid text posts about stupid skeletons from a stupid game that was apparently SO AMAZKNGWOW IT HAS MUSIC GUYS OMG and every day just fucking sans sans sans sans sans sans sans sans sans ohhhhhhhhhh my god, if I had to deal with y'alls shit now you gotta deal with mine, see if I care if it becomes over done and annoying! If I had to suffer through all that shit for so goddamn long, you do too!

In my apartment, it’s quiet.

Too big for one person, but I have too much money and don’t do anything with it. A lavish penthouse was nothing. So why not buy a few luxury cars to fill the garage, real Italian leather couches to fill the living room where a staggering eighty-five inch TV screen decorates almost an entire wall?

The joke is, it rarely gets used. Not since Alex.

Not since her perfume still lines the hallways, still envelopes my sheets; and I’ve washed them plenty of times since we broke up to try to get the smell of her to dissipate. No such luck on that, however. I’m in hell whenever I go to sleep.

I suppose, all things considered, I deserve it.

I’d been so sure she was it for me. The second time around—god, yeah, I really felt like this time was it. Like she was it. In my head I would compare her to the sun and how I was lucky to catch even a few rays of her warm light. I hadn’t purchased a ring, but I’d thought about it, hadn’t I? Had gone shopping several times, but always hesitating. Always tucked my black card back into my wallet at the last second, unable to shake off the feeling that something wasn’t right. And I’d go home to her and kiss her and hold her and fuck her and swear that she was my whole life—

But I’d known what the issue had been. Miles. Julien’s cousin. We got on fine. I wasn’t the aggressive type, and the bloke had enough worries on his plate without me trying to be another one. But I could never really shake the suspicion. Alex, whose attention I craved more than anyone else’s, seemed to never be able to focus entirely on me. And yeah, I knew her history with the Kings. Miles’s best friend for most of their lives, how he’d been irrevocably in love with her sister, Ana, who had died from a very aggressive cancer. And I knew, too, about what had happened after. Julien had told me: drunk Miles and a heartbroken Alex, how he’d thought she looked so much like his dead fiancé.

The migraine that follows this thought is swift and furious. I go to the kitchen and raid the cabinet next to the refrigerator for pain relief medication. I find it right away and dry swallow three pills. Rub at my temples and then flex my fingers. Get a glass of room temperature water and gulp it down in several swallows, since anything colder only exacerbates the migraine.

Look at me. Still acting like I’m on shift at hospital. I know it can be annoying. But it never leaves me. It never goes away.

Just like Alex.

I lean against the counter. Let my thoughts run free for a moment. The more reasonable part of me thinks I was too quick to jump to conclusions. That I should have given her the chance to explain herself. That I should know her better. That she really did love me, and wanted a life with me. But then—ah, fuck, I don’t know. I asked her to stop. Stop commenting on his posts all the time. Too many people had texted me about it. Julien had even said something once. Miles dealt with her in the detached way he dealt with nearly everything and everyone that wasn’t his fiancé or his daughter or his career. I knew he didn’t provoke her, knew his feelings for her were nothing but brotherly, so what exactly was my issue?

Maybe I just didn’t want to commit. Maybe I knew I couldn’t give her what she deserved, and that was time and attention that I already didn’t have. It had thrown us out of balance. The life of a surgeon, especially one with a specialty, was very demanding. Left little time for things like romance and friends and any sort of relationship, really. It was easier for me to be by myself so that’s what I chose, what I’ve chosen again. Maybe it was easier for me to place the blame on someone else so I had, and in doing so had reacquainted myself with this quiet life, with sleepless nights, with holidays in a hospital emergency room, blood on my hands, some stranger’s open chest on the operating table.

How easy it was to replace that stranger with myself. 

Heart cut into, valves a surgical mess of my own doing. Her name on the wreck of my arteries, engraved in neat print along the scalpel used to cut me open. For being a heart surgeon, I didn’t know what to do with a broken heart. I didn’t know where to go from here. Hope everything still runs correctly when I put it all back together. One day at a time.

Number 1 Fan (Peter Parker) Part 2

Fandom: Marvel/Spiderman

Prompt/Summery: “You are freaking Spiderman!”

Warnings: panic attack and some fluff

(A/N): some of y'all requested for part 2 so here it is! also, I’m thinking about doing a tag list! if you want to be notified when I post a marvel, riverdale, teen wolf, etc. imagine, just dm me and I’ll put you on the tag list! also, request imagines! my ask box is open!!

(Part 1) 

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(Peter’s POV)

I could hardly sleep that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about me as Spiderman visiting (Y/N)! What am I going to say to her today at school? She is going to tell me about it, and I’m going to be a stuttering mess! 

My alarm goes off with the annoying beeping sound. I turn it off and look at my phone. I received a text from Ned saying we had an English test today that I obviously didn’t study for. I get out of bed to do my normal morning routine.

I was packing my backpack with the books and binders I needed for school when I heard a knock to at my door. It was Aunt May. She had opened the door. “Hey, have a good day at school, alright?” 

“O-okay,” I say while zipping up my backpack. 

I was about to exit out of my room when May leaned again the doorway to prevent me to leave. “What’s wrong?” she asks. “You’re stuttering. You stutter when you’re nervous,” she says. 

“Nothing! Everything is perfectly fine!” I say. 

May takes a few steps into my room. “Peter, you can tell me anything! Is it about a girl? ‘Cause you know, I can help you!” she smiles.

“No, Aunt May. It’s not about a girl,” I said. My face said otherwise. I could feel it going red. “Look, I need to get to school. I’ll see you later! Love you.” I quickly walk past her and leave the apartment. 

The trip to school took extra-long because I was rehearsing in my head what to say to (Y/N). Do I apologize first? Do I ask how she’s doing? I haven’t been the greatest talking to girl. Well, talking in general. I walked into school to see Ned waiting for me at the entrance. He starts babbling about the party and how Flash made everyone there chant ‘Penis Parker’, but I could care less about Flash. I was looking for (Y/N). “Peter! Are you even listening?” Ned asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

“I’m sorry, Ned. I have a lot on my mind right now,” I said opening my locker. 

Ned shakes his head, “English quiz?” 

“No. (Y/N),” I whispered. 

“Why are you thinking about her?” Ned wonders. 

I shut my locker and pulled Ned into an empty hallway. “Okay, you have to promise me not to freak out, okay?” I asked. Ned nods quickly. I sighed, “Alright, I might have visited (Y/N) as Spiderman last night. I knew that I ditched her at the party, so I thought it was a good idea to let her see Spiderman to cheer her up! I don’t know what I’m going to say to her when I see her!”

“Dude, you are in one situation,” Ned says. 

“Thanks,” I roll my eyes.

“Look Pete, just apologize and maybe she’ll understand,” Ned says. I nod my head. The bell rings for first period to start. Ned and I walk to our class and the day began.


It was finally lunch time, and I had to talk to (Y/N). I grabbed my lunch and scanned the cafeteria for her. I spotted a table with one person sitting there. It was (Y/N). As I walk to her table, I take a deep breath. I reached to her table to see her sketching as always. I put my lunch tray in front of her and sit down. She looks up, her eyes wide. My heart dropped to my stomach. “U-uh, hi, Peter. Why are sitting here?” she asks while closing her sketch book. 

“I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I totally ditched you and that was a jerk move,” I say. 

She looks at her lap. “Did Spiderman make you say that?” she asks, her voice shaky.

“What? No! Why do you say that?” I question. 

“Well, Spiderman kind of showed up in my room yesterday. He showed me that you gave him my drawing. I was upset that you ditched and I told him that. He said he was going to talk to you or something,” she says. I nod slowly. I did say that didn’t I. 

I open my milk carton. “He didn’t have to make me apologize. I really feel bad to standing you up. Something came up suddenly and I had to leave. I’m so very sorry! I’ll make it up to you, okay?” I ask. 

She makes a face like she was thinking really hard about it, but a smile spreads across her face. “Okay, promise?” she says. 

“I promise!” I smile as well. “How was meeting Spiderman? He told me that he stopped by, but didn’t go into detail.” 

She shakes her head, “Amazing! He was so nice! His voice was a lot higher than I pictured. He sounded like a kid, but who cares. That means he could be our age possibly.” 

My heart flutters, “O-oh? That w-would be cool.” I took a bite of my apple. 

“I know right?! I wonder what he’s doing now,” she wonders. I smile at her amazement. She was so cute fan-girling like this. It showed her bubbly personality. She’s shy, yet once you get to know her, she opens up. She reminds me of a butterfly. When you look at her with her wings closed, she is to herself and shy. When you see her with her wings open, the color of her wings pop at you. She is different than the other butterflies. 

“Peter!” I hear with fingers snapping in front of my face. I jump to see (Y/N) laughing at me. “Are you okay?” 

“Yeah! I was just thinking about… uh… my English quiz at the end of the day,” I lie. 

She chuckles, “And you smile about that?” she asks. 

I gave her a puzzled look, “Huh?”

“Peter, you were smiling in your day dream. If I was thinking about an English quiz, I wouldn’t be smiling,” she says. 

The bell rings, signaling us to go to class. (Y/N) stands up and puts her backpack around her shoulders. “Wait!” I exclaim. “Do you want to hang out after school?” 

She nods her head, “I’d like that! Where?” she asks. 

“Meet me at the ice cream shop three blocks away from school,” I say throwing away my lunch that I hardly ate. 

She nods her head and waves goodbye, “See ya in Chem.” 

I watched her leave. The smile on my face wasn’t going to leave any time soon. Suddenly, I felt a punch to the shoulder; it was Flash. “Hey, Penis Parker! Saw you talking to a girl. Finally have the balls to talk to a girl! Nice job!” he laughs. I roll my eyes and walk away. 

He’s just jealous,’ I thought. I walked to Spanish with (Y/N) still on my mind.


I ran to the ice cream shop so I could be there before (Y/N) arrived. I had a (favorite flower) in my hand while waiting at the door for her. Suddenly, I heard screaming. There was Vulture, with (Y/N)! My heart pounded hard in my chest the sight of her struggling. I put the flower behind a flower pot next to the ice cream shop and ran to the nearest ally. I quickly changed into my Spiderman uniform. I had to save (Y/N)! I shoot my webs at my backpack behind a garbage box. 

“Come out Spiderman!” I heard Vulture shout. I climbed up the building to stand on the roof. He was holding her by her shirt. I could see tears running down her face. My heart broke at the sight of this. “Oh look, there he is. Spiderman. It’s payback!” 


Vulture let out an evil, “That’s where you are wrong! You have done everything. Now, I will take everything from you.” he says evilly. 

The worst thing he did, happened. He dropped (Y/N) from his grasp. I sprinted and shot a web to the nearest building. Her screams became louder as I went closer to her. I finally grabbed her and landed on top of another building. I could hear her sobbing in my chest. I broke the web and held on to her tight. I looked around the sky to see Vulture left. “Hey, it’s okay! I got you.”

I picked her up and jumped to the ground. We were in an ally way. I put her on her feet. She was panicking. I pulled away from our embrace to see her hyperventilating. “Shh, you’re okay!” I said trying to calm her down. I then realized she was having a panic attack. I did what I had to do. 

I took off my mask, grabbed her face, and kissed her. She took a deep breath and kissed back. I pulled away slowly. She still had her eyes closed, but once they were open, she saw me. She gasped and backed away.  “You are freaking Spiderman!" I nodded my head. “Peter Parker, is Spiderman. Who knew?”

“Ned does,” I say. 

She chuckles and gives me a big hug. “Thank you so much! You saved my life! Also, how did you know how to stop my panic attack?” she questions while pulling away.

“I-I read once th-that holding your breath stops p-panic attacks,” I stutter. I felt my face get hot.

“Wow, you’re smart,” she whispers. 

I looked back and forth from her eyes to her lips. “Can I kiss you again?” I ask. 

She smiles, “Yes, Spiderman.” I smile back and kiss her sweetly. I take one hand and place it on her cheek with my other hand placed on her waist. I felt her grab my hair. I was in heaven. I could stay like this forever. Sadly, the kiss ended. I place my forehead against mine. 

“So, how about that ice cream?” 

half step and a tumble

Title: half step and a tumble
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4k
Summary: Dan doesn’t have a date, and Phil won’t answer his phone. [Read on AO3]
Notes: I started writing this last week when it looked like Dan was going to be in Seattle by himself overnight. Naturally, they screwed me by not even staying apart the full twenty four hours so this is reality based tour fic with a slight AU twist.

They don’t kiss goodbye.

They’ll only be apart for the day. Dan has a flight to catch to Seattle and a date with the Guild Wars offices, which he’s been gleeful about for weeks now. Phil’s staying behind and traveling the more scenic route with the bus so he can work on tour details that need to be finalized before the next round of ticket sales, which he feels decidedly less excitement for. He’s been good about it though, letting Dan ramble excitedly all he wanted and not complaining. (Much.)

They’ll only be apart a day. No time at all, really.

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Sometimes Rex really gets on my nerves

PSYCHE she’s perfect and could do no wrong. I love her more than anything and right now she’s giving me tiny little pigeon kisses. I’m literally never annoyed or mad at her and it’s so surreal. If I think about her I immediately smile.

I did Kankuro and Shikadai headcanons, now its time for Gaara and Shikadai headcanons.

- Gaara and Shikadai are playing shogi, and Shikadai is about to win so Gaara uses his sand to switch two chips while he isn’t looking. Of course Shikadai immediately notices when he looks at the board and Gaara can’t help cracking a smile when he gets called “uncle CHEATER" 
- Alternatively, Gaara and Shikadai team up to beat Shikamaru at shogi, with Shikadai sitting silently behind his father, mouthing to Gaara what move he should make next. They destroy Shikamaru and are smug about it for a week. 
- When Shikadai was a baby he could be entranced for hours by the shapes Gaara made with his sand. Whenever he wouldn’t stop crying, Temari would just hand him off to Gaara and say "here…do the sand castle thing”. 
- Gaara trying to tell him “interesting” stories about the history of Suna and Shikadai just like….falling asleep on top of him. 
- Gaara walking into his office one day to find Shikadai sitting in his chair with the entirely-too-large kazekage hat on his head. He thinks its probably the most amusing thing he’s seen all week. 
- While Kankuro and Temari are bickering as usual, Shikadai leans over to his uncle and whispers “have they always been this annoying?” Gaara, without missing a beat, replies “yes.”
- When Shikadai is old enough, they tell him Gaara’s story, shukaku and all. Shikadai is relatively unphased, and when questioned simply shrugs and says “You’re still my same old uncle, who I could cream at shogi anytime.” The world felt a little brighter for Gaara that day.