think like kate

You can hear it in the silence

Sometime in 8th year…

Harry isn’t exactly sure what to think at first.

There are glances across the room. Like nothing has changed. Like everything has changed.

It feels familiar and yet… new.

It confuses him.

It’s not like the hate is suddenly gone. Harry still feels it whenever he looks at him. But it’s different now.

He can’t really describe it. He has tried several times. Ron and Hermione have asked him about it. They’ve noticed something is “off”, as they call it.

“It’s not that we’re not glad you aren’t fighting anymore. There’s been enough fighting,” Hermione had said.

“Yeah, it’s just… weird, you know. Now you’re just staring at each other,” Ron  had added.

Harry sighs as he tries to remember what he told them. It was probably something vague. Because… what Ron and Hermione don’t know… Harry has been meeting him. At night. In secret. They would just sit together and talk. But, Harry supposes, not like other people would.

They each take turns talking, while the other listens. Just listens. There are no interruptions, no judgement. They just each let the other talk. It’s been weirdly therapeutic. And also soothing.

Yesterday was Harry’s turn and after talking about his godson and Quidditch and classes, he also recounted one of his nightmares. He never talks about them with anyone. He doesn’t want to hear what they mean or that maybe he should see a mind healer. He knows perfectly well what they mean. So, simply talking about it, having the opportunity to get it out in the open and out of his system… it’s freeing. Harry also never appreciated before, how much it means when somebody listens, really just listens to him. It is a whole new experience.

As Harry makes his way to the tower nobody wants to go to anymore, he wonders what he will talk about tonight. Sometimes he talks about his mother. Never about his father. Sometimes he doesn’t say anything at all and they just sit there in silence. At first, Harry thought this was a waste of time. But it was in that silence, he realized that something really is different between them. It’s as if something between them has… shifted.

So when Harry sees Draco enter the tower, his body doesn’t go rigid. It relaxes. When Draco sits down beside him and their fingers touch, Harry doesn’t pull away. He welcomes the warmth. When Draco doesn’t say anything, Harry isn’t annoyed. He understands.

It’s in that moment, as Draco lays his head on Harry’s shoulder and Harry puts an arm around his waist, that he knows. He never thought he could be this sure. But he is. He knows.

He’s in love.

And it makes him smile.

Like…I don’t really care if interviewers don’t outwardly ask or acknowledge Kate’s lesbianism during interviews because she’s a private person and that’s her prerogative. But for the love of god, can we stop having interviews where she’s asked about men in a sexual or even romantic context? Can we stop with the heterosexism that plagues so many of her encounters with these entertainment “journalists”? It’s so uncomfortable and while she handles it well, I can’t imagine she enjoys being put in that position. It’s honestly just disrespectful.

.::.tour de columbus.::.

I haven’t read Bombshells, and I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time to catch up on the 100 issues. But I fucking LOVE Bombshells Batwoman. She is so gorgeous! Also I tried the line-less coloring style again and tried to add some shading to it. I think it looks okay so I feel pretty meh about it. But the pose turned out how I wanted it to so that’s a win! Enjoy!

pdx to jfk chapter 3

I’m sorry this has taken me forever! I’m halfway through my second week of classes and damn I have written so many papers, finding time to write something non-academic was hard. but i did it!! here it is!! i hope you all enjoy 

Feyre Archeron is pretty sure there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to conduct with the authors whose books she edits. But when you take what should have been a normal flight to Paris and add a tuna sandwich, a red pen, and a smirking stranger, lines can get a little blurry.


the one where feyre accidentally trash talks a novel to its author and then they kinda fall in love

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gbbo forgotten bakes week spoilers:

wtf was this episode? regardless of who my favourites are/were, it is pretty shocking to see stacey and kate in the semi finals when people like julia, yan and liam are eliminated (honestly liam eliminated probably just coz one of his bakes was raw but stacey still here when she messed up countless times throughout the series and left parchment paper in her bake what even. kate’s clanger fell on the floor but was still served AND was also underbaked and i don’t recall an episode where she didn’t mess up whaaatttt).

and stacey star baker instead of steven like??????