think it's the olympics

i’ve been in this fandom for over 4 years and i think my favorite time in this fandom was the first night of the no control launch

One of the things that has really been interesting me lately is primordial deities, the personifications and the bodies themselves,  of the entire fabric of the universe. With the temple of witch gods.

I think its an interesting concept, because while the Olympic deities are the gods of the ruling world, and governor these primordial(and sometimes banished these beings) they themselves are not always the very thing its self. While Zeus is the sky god, he is not the sky. 

I think its an interesting concept for the witch to worship not the being governing these places, but the places themselves. I think there’s a different feel to them, and while I respect the deities powers over their domain, as a witch I wanna tap into the power of the body itself not the own governing.