think it's the olympics

Constellations Ch 9 Sneak Peek - NATS


katsuki_yu I see you’re enjoying being back in Thailand

phichit+chu it is time for REVENGE yuuri

phichit+chu there is a national title out there that is soon going to be mine

phichit+chu i am going to worlds next year even if i have to strangle saowaluk on the podium to do it

katsuki_yu lbr he’d probably let you

katsuki_yu honestly it’s sort of terrifying how much the kid idolises you

phichit+chu i KNOW

phichit+chu my very own kenjirou minami

katsuki_yu who?

phichit+chu the skater who kept staring at you at ur nats, kinda gave off a ‘notice me senpai’ vibe

katsuki_yu blond hair with a red streak?

phichit+chu thats the one

katsuki_yu he was sort of… intense

phichit+chu he was very intense and also very much in awe of the great yuuri katsuki and posted like 100 surreptitious selfies with u in the background to his instagram

phichit+chu after the awards ceremony he really wanted to go talk to u but he chickened out when he saw u glaring

katsuki_yu glaring? why was I glaring?

phichit+chu bc u couldnt see anything

katsuki_yu so you mean squinting

phichit+chu when half the skating world thinks ur fckin terrifying yuuri, its glaring

phichit+chu maybe u should consider contact lenses

katsuki_yu hahaha ask celestino to show you pictures of my eyes when I tried contact lenses for the first time

katsuki_yu we had to drop out of an ice show in japan and go to the hospital instead

phichit+chu ooooh stories from celestinos midlife crisis yes pls

katsuki_yu I wish you wouldn’t call it that

phichit+chu what would u call moving to a foreign country bare weeks after breaking up with your girlfriend to coach a skater u saw skate on an abandoned rink once

phichit+chu bc i would call it a textbook midlife crisis

katsuki_yu why am I friends with you

phichit+chu bc u were lowkey rude to me when we met and i decided to befriend u out of spite

phichit+chu sent katsuki_yu an image

phichit+chu saowaluk made me a banner

phichit+chu i kno ur thai is shitty so ill save us all a bit of embarrassment and tell u it means ‘welcome home and good luck’

katsuki_yu would you say the banner is better or worse than the voicemail last year?

phichit+chu better

phichit+chu so much better

phichit+chu i dont kno if u remember but it was literally 40 mins of him apologising and crying bc he was being sent to worlds instead of me

phichit+chu i mean fair to him i was ROBBED

phichit+chu but i did miss last year’s nationals so like

phichit+chu its not like it was his fault

katsuki_yu if it had been a year or two earlier they would have sent you regardless

phichit+chu ah yes the olympic effect

phichit+chu basically the driving force behind christophes entire career

katsuki_yu oh my god he did start off in the olympics really young didn’t he

phichit+chu sent katsuki_yu an image

phichit+chu foetus!chris for ur viewing pleasure

phichit+chu looking at him this young and innocent u just sort of wonder where it all went wrong

katsuki_yu idk but I’m like 90% sure its stéphane’s fault

phichit+chu u kno what that makes a disturbing amount of sense

i’ve been in this fandom for over 4 years and i think my favorite time in this fandom was the first night of the no control launch

One of the things that has really been interesting me lately is primordial deities, the personifications and the bodies themselves,  of the entire fabric of the universe. With the temple of witch gods.

I think its an interesting concept, because while the Olympic deities are the gods of the ruling world, and governor these primordial(and sometimes banished these beings) they themselves are not always the very thing its self. While Zeus is the sky god, he is not the sky. 

I think its an interesting concept for the witch to worship not the being governing these places, but the places themselves. I think there’s a different feel to them, and while I respect the deities powers over their domain, as a witch I wanna tap into the power of the body itself not the own governing.


2013 Japanese Nationals [x] vs. 2014 Sochi Olympics Team Event

Yuzuru Hanyu - Parisienne Walkways

I don’t know why but it really caught my attention how different his arm movements are after coming out of the spin. In his older performance, his movements are very fluid and full of emotion, where in the most recent one they’re almost casual.

I’ve loved watching how this short program has progressed and how comfortable he’s become with it. In general, he’s gotten unbelievably smooth and confident, and that makes it so enjoyable to watch because he makes it look so damn easy.

Olympics AU || Mynameisenjolras

Jehan’s greatest passions were poetry, music, ballet and figure-skating, and he counted himself lucky enough to be paid for executing the last one. He had started skating when he was six, after he’d seen Alain Javert win gold at the winter olympics. After that, Jehan had quickly climbed up the professional ladder: At age 11 he won the youth-nationals, at 14 he placed eighth in the youth-European Championships, where he could have won a medal, but got a knee injury. When he was sixteen, he made a comeback, suprising everybody when he placed second in the French National Championships, and the year after even more when he got in fourth in the World Championships.
Jehan knew that, technically, this could mean he’d be invited to the Olympics of 2014, but he didn’t count on it. There were skaters much better than him, who were less of a risk; after his knee injury and operation at 14, he still wore braces for them, and at times still had serious problems with them. So whwn he did get the invite to join the team as a soloist on the team event and to participate in the solo-event for men, he had screamed, called his coach, cried, called his father and had cried some more. He was going to the Olympics! He was going to dance with the legendary Enjolras, with all those others, and receive training from Javert, who had gotten him into this sport in the first place!

Just a week before they would leave for the opening ceremony, Jehan learnedwhat exactly was going on in Russia. He had been ignoring all the news in order to train before, but when he saw something about a gayrights activist being beaten to pulp trying to get justice for her murdered brother, Jehan did some research and he got absolutly pissed. He immediatly had a shitload of rainbowpatterned cockades made, all in secret.
On the night of the Opening Ceremony, and the entire French deligation stood waiting for their sign, Jehan pinned a cockade on his chest, and one in his hair, before he asked a giant Icehockey player to be lifted on his shoulders. (Jehan was by far the smallest male of France.) When he sat there, he called for some attention, and when some people were looking at him, the eightteen year old took a breath, and said: ‘I..Um, I had these made-’ He motioned to his cockade- 'Because um, I wanted to show support and protest a little bit… I can’t just sit around and watch what they are doing to my people. I..’ He bit on his lower lip, and took a moment before continuing: 'I have more, so.. I was hoping you’d want some too… So, anyone?’ He held up the plastic bag he’d managed to smuggle in, containing the cockades, hopefully looking at the French sporters.