think it's pretty safe to assume so!!

so I was watching the first episode of Voltron again, and I started thinking about Galra Keith and how it might be possible, and then it hit me. The red lion was on a Galra ship, right? 

We already know that Zarkon is/was the black paladin, but we don’t know is what happened to the other paladins. The paladins are always communicating and they don’t have any secrets, so it’s pretty safe to assume that Zarkon’s ideas about becoming the mega-asshole that he is now were never really hidden. And since I’m sure the black lion wouldn’t let someone evil be its pilot, especially since it’s the leader, he must have had good intentions in the beginning, thinking he was doing the best for (presumably) the Galra(? or maybe some other reason, either way). Although, there must have been a point where the other paladins decided to do something about the conflict in their team (because obviously Alfor was against him, I’m sure some of the paladins were as well), because Zarkon was forced to leave (since the black lion is in the castle once all of our paladins get there).

BUT, I’m digressing

The Galra had the red lion at the start of the show, and I don’t think they took it by force. My theory is that the red paladin must have agreed with Zarkon, to an extent. Maybe they were a Galra as well, maybe they were a human. But either way, the red paladin took their lion and followed Zarkon, which is what prompted King Alfor to hide the other lions, knowing the three out of five paladins is not enough to win a fight. And if the red paladin went with Zarkon, (assuming they’re human), perhaps they fell in love with one of the Galra soldiers and made lil baby Keith, but babies and Zarkon don’t mix so they had to leave Keith on earth, to live life free and as far away from all of the violence and war that Zarkon was causing.

Now this theory doesn’t really changed much if the originally red paladin was a Galra, but if they were, maybe they changed their mind about working beside Zarkon and fled to earth (where they fell in love with a human and had baby Keith).

Either way, I know it’s not a foolproof idea or anything, but I have never personally been interested in Galra Keith, and this idea changed e v e r y t h i n g 

I just watched Gem Hunt, and man, Pearl was especially adorable in this episode. She was so playful and happy, more than what she usually is,  and it made me happy, too.

And I just love the bond she has with Connie. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that it’s the first real bond she’s forming with a human (other than Steven), and it’s so sweet, the way she cares about her and respects her abilities.

What a good Pearl is Happy™ episode. Bring me more of those, please.

everyones talking about when we see pink diamonds (rose quartz’s) pearl but honestly i dont think rose quartz ever had her own pearl.

rose doesnt seem the type at all to own a pearl, seeing as theyre just seen as pretty accessories to show class. rose, seeing all life as precious and special, wouldnt want to own a gem as an accessory.

so if we’re sticking with the theory that pearl was originally made for white diamond (forehead gem, all white on homeworld in the answer, etc), and that she is defective (oval gem instead of circular, referred to as defective by jasper, etc.), i think its safe to assume that she would be cast aside by white diamond, or even before being given to white diamond.

being an elite, white diamond wouldnt want a defective pearl.

rose quartz, believing all life is worth saving, likely saved pearl from being broken, as it can be assumed defective gems are ‘dealt with’.

so if rose quartz actually is pink diamond, i dont think we will ever see ‘pink pearl’, simply because i dont think she ever existed, and that our pearl was the only pearl rose ever ‘had’.